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Dumping Your Math Phobia Recovering from your traumatizing experience with mathematics is not the easiest thing to accomplish. The weight of your previous failures will bring you down and often slow you to a halt; nevertheless, the difficulty of making improvements should never hinder you from undertaking this journey. Most of the time, the problem does not lie in your intellect but rather in your faulty practices. You treat mathematics as though it is like any other subject; hence you find it difficult to wrap your comprehension around it and master it. The primary step to recovery is through acknowledging that nobody is born a math genius. Even the smartest person had to exert effort to be able to manipulate numbers and use them accordingly. This means that it is never too late for you to get the math grades you have always been dreaming of. With hard work and perseverance, you will surely achieve your goals. What Goals? You can’t possibly achieve something that you’ve never determined. In order for you to achieve your goals, you have to set those goals first. Doing so will give you a clear destination in mind and help you sharpen your focus whenever it dwindles. Why are you so intent on getting better grades? Are you hoping you get into a prestige university? Is math the only subject you receive failing marks at? Will your improvement in math nudge your parents towards buying you that new iPhone? Regardless of how silly your motivations may be, jot them down and keep them within sight. Your journey will be long and tiring – you’ll need to be reminded of your goals as often as possible for you to keep on trudging forward. Revert to the Basics Mathematics is an accumulative knowledge. You can’t grasp the entirety of Lesson 11 without understanding Lesson 2. If you are struggling with the advanced forms of geometry, perhaps you should bring out your algebra book again and review it. If you still find algebra confusing, you have to look back farther and assess your basic math skills. It is only normal for students to wrestle with the foundations of math on a regular basis. Don’t frustrate yourself with the belief that you are taking too long to perfect them. Remember that math is not something you memorize; the only way to be good at it is through continual practice. Otherwise, you’ll be at risk of forgetting everything you have studied. Resort to Other Methods Another culprit to your bad relationship with mathematics may be the strict and traditional environment in which your learning has been confined to. Refrain from stifling your learning style with the opinion of your teachers and classmates. Be brave enough to pursue math in your own pace and your own means. A good way to begin is to take online math lessons. You’ll be startled at the efficiency of turning to the worldwide web for further math resources. Professional math organizations have joined the trend of

online education and launched their own virtual counterparts to cater to more students. Rummage websites and study demo math tutorials to find the one that suits your preferred approach to math. Just because you’re not ten years old anymore doesn’t mean you have no right to learn numbers the fun way. Some websites present their lessons through games and interactive problem solving. Continue to refer to illustrations if you want to; colours and pictures trigger the creative side of our brain which consequently leads to better retention of information. Opt to learn math online easily to gain better appreciation of its role in our lives. It will also aid you in removing your prejudices against math and shed positive light unto it. Getting superior math grades doesn’t have to be as painful as it used to be. Do you have additional tips to share? Go ahead and leave a comment. Better still, send this article to your friends and family members to let them know that math is something they can overcome.

Dumping your math phobia  
Dumping your math phobia  

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