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I soared in the sky, Under an angel’s golden wings, To find the things I’ve lost, Leaving me broken, Cocooned in memories.



Poetry in Business™ Cookie Edition: Poems and Assorted Recipes


A New Way of Language Learning

— Lovelyn Andrade from ‘The Sanctuary’ (Wisdom Cookie)

The Sweet Tooth Zimtkugerl (Sweet Cookie)

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The Alchemist Butterfinger (Fortune Cookie)

12 14

The Sanctuary Mohntaler (Wisdom Cookie)

16 18

Beauty in a Beast Mürbe Kekse (Tough Cookie)

20 22

The Treasurer of Past Schokobusserl (Sentimental Cookie)

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The Blackjack Rumschnitten (Hipster Cookie)

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Find your secret place!

I am searching, For a secret place, Hidden in the sky. For in that secret place, I know I will find, Faces I could only recall, When I dream. In one of my dreams, I have seen a secret place, Hidden in the sky. I roamed above the clouds, I flew with an angel. In that secret place, I found a beloved, Who once said goodbye, Without promise of return.

An angel shaped delight. I know that there is a secret place, Hidden in the sky, Where my memories are alive, But I must remain behind, For I haven’t made enough memories, Here, in this place, Below the sky, Where stars shine down at night.

I soared in the sky, Under an angel’s golden wings, To find the things I’ve lost, Leaving me broken, Cocooned in memories. In that secret place, I asked someone wise, Why was I left behind, To suffer and mourn?

Wisdom Cookie



by Lovelyn Andrade for TalkShop.cc read by Lovelyn Andrade, music by Cagri Beklen edited by Lukas Wiltschko


I have searched For a secret place, Hidden in the sky. An angel with golden wings, Showed me the light, In order to find my way, When the ray of dusk, Steals my sight. Christmas candles are lit, Christmas carols are sang, Christmas gifts are opened, There is one Christmas cookie left, 17

Lights of life, and food of memory...

The Wisdom Cookie Recipe by Gabi Weichselbaum for TalkShop.cc


MOHNTALER Ingredients:


60g ground poppy seeds 125g butter, softened 80g caster sugar 1 egg 170g plain flour 1 TBS corn-starch ½ TBS baking powder chocolate for melting (dark chocolate)

60g Mohn gemahlen 125g Butter weich 80g Puderzucker 1 Ei 170g Mehl 1 EL Stärke ½ TL Backpulver Kuvertüre (dunkel)



Mix all ingredients and get your hands in to press the dough together. Put small piles of dough (1 TBS) onto a non-sticking baking tray. Heat the oven to 200°C/fan and bake for 8-10 minutes. Let the biscuits cool down and spread chocolate icing over one half.

Alle Zutaten zu einem Teig verrühren, mit einem TL kleine Häufchen auf ein mit Backpaper belegtes Blech setzen und im vorgeheizten Ofen bei 200 Grad ca. 8-10 Minuten backen. Ausgekühlt mit Kuvertüre verzieren.


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