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Do you ever wish transferring knowledge or training was more interesting?

Do you find yourself wondering if individuals walked away understanding the information you’ve presented?

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Do you rely on traditional approaches to training because you’re unfamiliar that there are other, more effective ways to transfer knowledge?

Have you ever lost control of a room and didn’t know how to gain it back?

Are you confident that you can transfer information to various learning styles if they’re all in one room? Do you feel that you’re trying to convince your participants to be interested in what you’re saying?

Do you know the different approaches to one-on-one versus group training?

Have you ever had a difficult participant that affects your ability to impart knowledge to others?

Why should I take this class? As leaders of the future, the ability to efficiently transfer information to people will directly contribute to the success and growth of any company and any career. Did you know that there are strategic ways to get adults to believe and retain what you’re saying? Do you know how to effectively train a room full of people with various learning styles? Trainer Transformation is a three-day interactive session that will guide you through the latest techniques in training, transferring knowledge, and tactics to make you capable and successful when imparting knowledge to others. Are you confident that your participants are absorbing what you’re saying as a trainer? How do you know? How skilled are you in developing training? How many techniques do you have up your sleeve to make training interactive and stimulating? Over three days, you’ll transform from someone who can explain information, to an influential force in communication and knowledge transfer.

Still not convinced?

Don’t take our word for it! Hear from some of our past participants: “This is honestly the best training I have been to. My attention span is that of a goldfish, and I did not find myself drifting like I normally do.” “Learning about the ways people learn and taking those into consideration when providing trainings [was the best part of the session]. Also, learning the different activities to aid in the learning process was great as well.” “You completely changed my approach to training. I’ve never thought of looking at it this way.” “I loved how welcoming and accepting you were.” “I like the immediate feedback to improve skills. It was very beneficial and confidence boosting.” “I am developing content and delivering it from an entirely different perspective after your session. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this.”

What Will I Learn?

Pass the Torch

Learning Labrynth

Knowledge transfer is more than talking at someone, we want your participants to walk away confidently holding that torch. We teach you how to approach, explain, and validate learning from the new employee (deer in the headlights) to the know-it-all who falls asleep in every session.

Various learning styles, attention spans, attitudes, and interests are like an obstacle course when trying to get a message to sink in with adults. After the three days, you’ll be at the finish line doing the Olympic stance with a gold medal in your hand.

Adding to Your Toolbelt It’s time to break up with boring and leave dreadful behind. From hundreds of activities to key presentation tricks, you’ll leave with a plethora of resources to make any subject entertaining and interactive. Whether in one-on-one or large group settings.

How Do I Register? To sign up for this session, please contact Christina Labadie at to reserve your spot. We limit the space in our trainer transformation sessions to 15-24 participants to maximize learning and practice time. If you don’t get into this session, please let us know and we’ll make sure you’re included in the next session in your area.

March 10, 11 & 12 Executive Inn Oakland, CA 510.536.6633

$1,080 per person All sessions include: Meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks) Workbooks Trainer Essentials Kit

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