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Spread Your Wings And Fly To Your Highest Potential On Soaring Above Stress By Christina Kunkle, CTA Certified Life and Wellness Coach, R.N.


erhaps this is one of those I-can’t-take-one-moreday-of-this days: too much to do in too little time with too few hands for far too long without being able to catch a break.

Maybe you’ve noticed your spirits sinking more under the weight of unrealistic expectations, pressures and responsibilities, but aren’t sure how to get free from what feels like quicksand in your soul. Believe me, I get it. A few years ago, I fell into despair from living a life of “shoulds.” I spent time, energy and money earning my nursing degree and

invested almost 20 years in the profession. I had good friends, did my job well, yet left most shifts feeling depleted and disheartened. “What’s wrong with me?” I kept thinking. “I’m fully vested, have job security and am making a good living … I should be happy!” I was overwhelmed, overstressed and over it, but I didn’t want to fail. Unfortunately, I know what happens when you tell yourself “toughen up and stick it out” for too long. Stress headaches. Chronic fatigue. Anxiety. Depression. Self-doubt. Burn out. But there’s a silver lining. I’ve been there and done that, so you don’t have to.



Summer 2016

Summer 2016


I used to think once you made a decision, you should stand by it, doing whatever it takes to make it work. But now I know three very important things:

1 You can be called to service for a season, and not necessarily a lifetime.

2 Nothing that happens is ever wasted, because our

experiences help us grow and discover our purpose.

3 There’s a big difference between just making a good living and creating a great life.

I believe that we best teach others the lessons we need to learn ourselves. That’s why it’s now my mission as a resilience coach to teach as many women as I possibly can how to soar above stress instead of burning out like I did. No matter your role — whether a nurse, mother, teacher, caregiver, attorney, business owner, or CEO of your household — life is too short to live depleted. You were not born to live with the pain of a sinking spirit, you were born to soar. In the face of stress, use these proactive tips to rise up, spread your wings and fly toward your highest potential. Own It. You are in charge on this one. It’s in your control. You get to define for yourself what will make you happy — not your friends, not your family or latest trends. Take-Action Tip: State “I take full accountability for my own happiness and fulfillment” out loud when you are tempted to blame others or complain about the circumstances you’re in.

 ake Up. Now’s the time, so no more waiting. If you think you W have forever to get around to that thing you want to do, think again. Take nothing for granted, and live now because this moment is the only one you can do anything about. Take-Action Tip: If today was your last day, what would you wish you had done with your life? Write it all out in a bucket list, then share it with someone close to you. Ask them to hold you accountable for crossing something off of your list on a regular basis, and celebrate each and every step along your path of progress.  eFrame Perfection. Unrealistic expectations will sabotage R us every time. So will guilt over past mistakes, regret about missed opportunities and comparing your worst to everyone else’s best. Take-Action Tip: When you catch yourself thinking things like, “If I can’t do it perfect, why try at all,” “I missed my chance to develop my talent,” or “Other people are better or more skilled than me, so I have nothing special to offer,” Stop. Breathe. Then flip the thought to one more empowering such as, “It’s never too late to learn new things” or “No one can fulfill my mission better than I can.” Leverage Your Struggles. There’s nothing in your past that you can’t use to move forward. Every experience you’ve had, especially the challenges and struggles, can help you become clear about why you’re here and how you’re meant to serve. With this resilient mindset, we don’t just survive in spite of setbacks, but we intentionally thrive because of them.

Take-Action Tip: If there was a higher purpose for the tough times you’ve been through, what would it be? Are you being called to offer wisdom and guidance to those going through similar challenges? What’s one step you could take to begin doing that? Sharing your story could have a powerful impact on others. L  et Your Heart Speak. Learn to say yes to what your heart really wants. Is there anything in your life where you have that “gut instinct” about what to do next? Moments of intuition are blessings about the directions we need to take in our lives, but we can miss the quiet whispers of spirit unless we make an intentional effort to be mindful and listen. Take-Action Tip: Set your timer for 5 minutes. Go to a quiet place. Close your eyes, and place your left hand over your heart. Take a few deep breaths, and say the following out loud: “What do you really, really, really want me to know?” Give yourself space to just listen. Repeat the question if you get distracted. You’ll continue to receive answers, so pay attention to flashes of insight, creative ideas and inspirations, as well as things that you hear and see. Trust that these answers are authentic and a reflection of your true calling. Our soul is always calling us to grow and expand into a better version of ourselves. Be patient, knowing it’s OK to not have it all figured out. Have faith that the path to your purpose will become clear. The world can be happier and healthier because of the contribution you are here to make. The possibilities are endless as to how your gifts

could bless others. Whether it’s taking up a creative hobby, volunteering for a cause you’re committed to, writing a book, or mastering a soul-centered project, my greatest wish is that you follow your heart and claim your true calling with no excuses or apologies. Christina Kunkle, RN and CTA Certified Life and Wellness Coach, is founder of Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching, LLC, creator of the “Synergy Success Circle” and “SOAR,” a heart-centered leadership development program. She helps busy professionals prevent burnout by promoting bounce-back resilience to stay focused, positive and excited about the challenges of work and life. To learn more, visit her website at or call 540-746-5206.

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Come Clean. Be honest with yourself and others about what you feel passionate about and what you don’t. Take-Action Tip: Does something you’re involved with feel like an obligation? Let go of any attachment to what you think your ideal life should look like, and release unnecessary roles and responsibilities that are draining you dry.


Summer 2016

Summer 2016


Spread Your Wings and Fly to Your Highest Potential  

Written by Christina Kunkle, CTA Certified Life and Wellness Coach, R.N. Bloom Summer 2017 Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching, LLC

Spread Your Wings and Fly to Your Highest Potential  

Written by Christina Kunkle, CTA Certified Life and Wellness Coach, R.N. Bloom Summer 2017 Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching, LLC