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2013 - 4 FH-DCE Newsletter

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all From Ulf and Peter

Ulf Jensen FH-DCE Newsletter December 2013

Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe 12/31/2013

Update from your Secretary Old dog barks at things they do not understand

Dear FH-DCE friends To be the secretary of the FH-DCE is a privilege and I can hardly think of a better and more rewarding work. I meet exiting and interesting persons and am surrounded by ever so good friends all over the world. As you heard during this year President meeting our treasurer, and my good friend, Peter is going to retire himself and has asked us to find a replacement for him until 2014 President Meeting in Warszawa. Those who are interested in the work as treasurer can write Peter and ask for more information but I can also tell you just now about the work the treasurer and the secretary do together. Already when I took this task as secretary I made clear that we are not working as individuals but as a team, a secretariat. A treasurer do the work that treasurers normally do, just as I do mine, but we also have a frequent open dialog over phone or by Skype and until now we have always managed to do a good work with a smile on our faces. The treasurer is also just like the secretary much involved with the planning of the president meetings and also the Super Rally and be prepared to go on trips all over Europe some times a year. Your payment and reward will be your own satisfaction to do a good work for your 35.000 friends in the FH-DCE community. But the most important thing is that you are a positive person who is well familiar to the biker world and is happy to meet and talk to many fine people. And with this I wish you and your families a happy New Year and all the best for the coming year.


FH-DCE Newsletter December 2013

Hello Federation Friends, At the last presidents meeting I made the decision to stop in the end of 2015. The last PM for me as treasurer will be 2015 in Vianen organised by H-D C Centrum. After 18 years I think it’s enough. I started in 1997 at the PM in Calafell organised by the H-DC Catalunya and you can say “now the circle is round”. You have to vote for the following up treasure at the PM at Warszawa 2014, so we have the time to work together with the next treasurer then he will be well informed and everything can continue. It was an interesting start together with Jan Setz as Secretary and our task was to bring more structure in the FH-DCE and give it a status as a legal body in Europe. We did get help form H-D C s’Hertogenbosch and from H-D C France and finally in the year 2000 we signed all together the juridical agreement. Also the contract with Harley-Davidson was signed in that year and as I mentioned it was a very interesting time. And hereby you see that the work of the treasurer is not only counting the money. It is working together for the FH-DCE. From 2002 Ulf is the secretary, and it is a pleasure to work with him (and that is what I shall miss). We found out that email is not always the best communication so we are regular on Skype or phone and we meet each other at the preparation of the SR and the PM and we make extra time for us to talk and discuss about the FH-DCE. It is really fun to do the work and we learn a lot from it. And one of the most important rules is to keep it as simple as possible. Sometimes I believe we forgot this rule and we are drifting away from the basic. We must not fall like the politicians into a trap because of some words. We must stay by the basic, we are Bikers and riding a fantastic Bike, and at the PM we are together to make plans for our clubs and to meet friends. Not for playing with words. We must keep it simple. That is how I think about the FH-DCE. So the FH-DCE is in the need of a new treasurer and what kind of profile must he have, well again, keep it simple. As you could read, it is mostly working together so you have to be enthusiastic and understand that you must be able to look at problems from different angles. The bookkeeping you can learn and there are programs that help you. Working for the FH-DCE is working with friends all over Europe.

FH-DCE Newsletter December 2013

As FH-DCE office we meet the organizers of the PM and the SR and that’s a privilege. It is always a pleasure to work with them and meet them in their private situation. You learn much about habits from their country. To be clear - there is no salary, no payment at all. Only the expense that is made will be paid. It is a volunteer job and the reward is friendship and good feelings. You may bring your partner to the PM so she, or he, knows why you put so much time in the FH-DCE because that’s the only way to make to clear for him or her that it is all about friendship. So if someone has interest in the job let us know. You find the email and phone number to me and Ulf at the end of this newsletter. And don´t be afraid to ask questions.

Peter Bruel, FH-DCE treasurer

A trip to the 2013 President meeting

Myself, Roger, club chairman and his good lady Fiona flew into Barcelona for the 2013 Presidents meeting from a cold and wet northern England [nothing new there then]. Sue our club secretary flew in from southern England. We arrived Friday, midafternoon and made our way to the Hotel. We were made very welcome by all the Catalunya boys and girls and there hospitality during in whole weekend was 2nd to none. After registration we made our way to our hotel which was about 400 meters from the presidents meeting. Friday night was spent socializing at a Harley shop with free beer and burgers, I had planned to have an early night as I had been on the road from 4am the previous night but the best laid plans of men and mice as the saying goes, I ended back at our hotel at Stupid o’clock i.e. about 3am.

FH-DCE Newsletter December 2013

Sat morning came around far too quick but after a good breakfast it was over to the Presidents meeting nice and early so we could lay out our some flyers for our International rally in 2014[check Fed page for more info]. The meeting was well attended and very well run and finished just before 5pm.I'am sure Ulf will be giving out a full report on the meeting. The post Presidents party was extremely good with 2 great bands playing till the early hours. The real highlight of the night was seeing our Touring secretary [yes that shy and reserved chap called Wurzell] get down on one knee and propose to his lovely girlfriend I’m really pleased to report that she said yes. I’ve known Wurzell for more years that I care to remember, he’s a really nice and genuine guy with a great passion for our club as well as the federation wish them both all best for the future and I’m sure they will very happy [Mia's lovely] A big thanks to the Catalunya boys and girls for organizing the sparkling wine to celebrate the happy couple’s engagement. We partied the night away till the early hours,,i ended up walking back to our hotel with the t'Centrum boys and girls. Sunday Roger, Fiona and myself had all day to spare as our flight was not till 7pm so we spent a pleasant day sightseeing in Barcelona finishing off down by the beach were I got run over by a bicycle on the promenade, it could happen to me. One of the strangest things for me, was to see people in Barcelona walking around with jackets on, it was about 22C most of the weekend so for us north Europeans it was like mid-summer. Epilog as they say in the old American TV shows A great Presidents meeting, well run, with great hospitality. Thank you H-D C Catalunya

Regards Hippy Chris President HDRCGB

FH-DCE Newsletter December 2013

Dealers & H-D Workshops in Europe Many of you or your members do not know that H-DC Breda is continuously updating their book of dealers and H-D workshops in Europe. They are doing a great work here and I suggest you to share it with all your club members. By clicking on the H-DC Breda logo you will be able to read and download a pdf file then you easy can save in your phone, or whatever you are using.

The reading figures of the FedMag are extremely low and the magazine was never considered to be a hit among the federation members. There were also nearly no interest in sending stories and pictures to publish. So the question is must we continue? We thought the FedMag could be a contribution to the FHDCE club members to know more about the Federation and what the triangle is standing for. But reading the figures it seems that there is no interest, or are we not triggering you in the right way. Maybe one of you has ideas and if so let us know. Otherwise it is better to stop and perhaps the future will bring a new interest and the FedMag can be activated again.

Please click on the link to SurveyMonkey to give us your opinion.

FH-DCE Newsletter December 2013

Super Rally Pins I received a letter from a member in Amsterdam who is looking for two Super Rally pins. Can you help him out? Please write me if you can. Hi Ulf Still in search for two pins. Don’t know why but both are from Germany the 1978 from KÜln and the other one from 1982 Frankfurt. Do you have contacts, who might have one or both of them, and is willing to part from them??? Than finally my collection is complete from 74 till now

CsK, Amsterdam

Let me be the first one to give you really good and exiting news. After long negotiations with Harley-Davidson Inc. in Milwaukee I have managed to convince the amicable Bill Davidson, the great-grandson of company co-founder, William A. Davidson, a good friend of mine and of the FH-DCE, to join us at the 2014 Super Rally in Tallinn. Accomplished by Nigel Villiers they will stay from Friday to Sunday and then continue down to the European HOG rally in Croatia. It is strange how history is repeating itself as the one and only time that anybody from the Davidson family visited a super rally in the past was at the Swedish Super Rally 1997 where I was president and Pelle was the Super Rally General. Just as Pelle will be 2014 in Estonia. Did I say I am glad!!!

FH-DCE Newsletter December 2013

INTERNATIONAL Rally H-DIC 20° ANNIVERSARY 20.12.22.Giune 2014 Sabaudia (Lt) I wish send to all of you Members of our Fantastic “FH-DCE FAMILY” my thoughts that along these years and that have given me the strength for planning this 20th H-DIC Anniversary. 20th H-DIC International Rally, with free admittance and camping for all participants, will represent a fundamental momentum for all H-DIC Members and for the Big “FAMILY“represented by FH-DCE, because it underlines to the Italian and European Bikers’ world, the values like Brotherhood, Friendship, Respect and mutual Esteem (B.F.R.E.) that for us older Bikers, and myself in particular have lived, trying to transfer these values to the younger bikers.

FH-DCE Newsletter December 2013

Our current society doesn’t help us to understand these values that I’m sure would let us live better, but really it puts in evidence the arrogance and no-respect of others and also for the animal world. H-DIC along past years has become more tight internally, strengthening our structures and values, and in this way building a stronger and homogeneous “FAMILY”, showing that: “NEVER CUT THINGS THAT CAN BE RESOLVED”

(B.F.R.E.), Wise Man FH-DCE, Pres. H-DIC

1st ever Euro run. Our 1st Euro run was to fellow Federation club member’s t'Centrum International Rally at Maarsenveen Plassen, near Utrecht in the Netherlands last September. The idea behind the Euro run was 3 fold 1 to support a fellow Fed club who themselves are great supporters of HDRCGB Rallies and secondly to help bring members of our club closer together, thirdly to encourage some of our members who have never been abroad before on their bikes to give it a go . Well what can i say it was a great success, according to big Andre we had about 300 members at the rally. We came from all corners of the UK via ferry ports, Ijmuiden Europort, Hook van Holland as well as via the tunnel at Dover. FH-DCE Newsletter December 2013

The rally was as usual fantastic and great value with a superb breakfast on sat and Sunday. The weather was not too bad a little rain Friday but sat and Sunday was warm. The bands were excellent as usual with the main band being a U2 tribute band, although I’m personally not that familiar with U2 those that are fans tell me they were very good. tT'Centrum is always a great rally to visit if you like looking at Harleys[don’t we all ]espeacially the old one's with plenty of 45's Pans shovels knuckles to been seen. The party Friday and sat night was as usual really good with a nice laid back attitude which we all really like. HDRCGB got biggest club turnout so I go dragged up to the front of the stage to been given loads of bottles alcohol [it tasted like schnapps and medicine]and it was very nice, to give out to our members with loads of little glasses to drink from. A great time was had by all and the feedback from our club members was that our 1st Euro run was a great success. Our Euro run 2014 is to Freewheeling Kempen in Belgium another Fed club that we have close ties with ,,so keep an eye out for us, we Brits are easy to spot, we only talk English and go around most of the time saying ”How much" I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the t'Centrum boys and girls for making us feel so welcome.

Regards Hippy Chris President HDRCGB

FH-DCE Newsletter December 2013

Thank you all new friends for a great time in Barcelona

Yiannis Christodoulakis, H-DC Cyprus

FH-DCE Newsletter December 2013

And finally a last word from your Secretary 2014 – Still another year with NO CLUB POLITICS.. NO ATTITUDE.. NO PROBLEM.. ONLY PARTIES!! (Old Caledonia saying)

Ulf Jensen, Federation Secretary Stora Köpinge byväg 94 S-270 22 Köpingebro, SWEDEN Phone: +46 (0)709 611 148 Email: Homepage

Peter Bruel, Federation Treasurer Overakkerstraat 14 4833 XN Breda, Holland Phone: +31 (0)76 5614708 Email:

Wise man – Small Club Name René Wansink from Giovanni Christiani from "Broos" Breusegem H-DC Netherland H-D Italian Club from 2-stroke Spaghetti Harley Riders, Netherland Email Wise man – Large Club


Cash control member Jeroen Emke From H-DC Eagle


Wise Man – Middle Club

Cash control member Yves Goris from H-DC Free Wheeling Kempen, Belgium

Do not forget to check into the FH-DCE homepage now and then.

Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe

FH-DCE Newsletter December 2013

A Happy New year to all FH-DCE members from Ulf and Peter. Do not forget to share this newsletter with your club members

FH-DCE Newsletter December 2013

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