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Student Flights in Bali During Holidays There are few destinations in the world that young Australians love more than Bali, Indonesia. Bali is only five hours away from Australia, which is why a lot of students in the Land Down Under opt to come to this beautiful tropical paradise during the holidays. That is why there are lots of student flights Bali Holiday Packages and young people shouldn't miss out on these great deals. Bali is a wonderful place to spend your holidays in because it's small so you could drive around within a day and take in almost all of the scenic spots. It also has several beautiful beaches for you to lounge around and many other resorts for you to check out. One more thing that makes Bali great is the number of exciting activities that you could partake in when you're vacationing here. But the best thing about spending holidays in Bali is that the place is very cheap and you could stay there for a week without having to break the bank for your expenses. As mentioned earlier there are several student flights in Bali during holidays and the best time to come here are from the months of October up to May, excluding Christmas day and the New Year of course. Also, accommodations during these times are cheap so you're sure to get the best deals if you plan on coming here between October and May. If you want to make reservations for hotel accommodations you should ask for an all inclusive price because some of the resorts charge 24% service tax, which might derail your budget unduly. Don't worry about transportation because getting around Bali on public transportation is quite cheap. Dining in Bali is also cheap, especially if you choose to eat where the locals frequently dine in instead of eating at the resorts. You would only have to spend a dollar or two for a meal that is sure to keep you full in between meals. And since you're at the prime of your life, it wouldn't come as a surprise that you would want to experience the night life here and party a bit. The best place to party in Bali would be at Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is peppered with bars, clubs and restaurants and it is quite famous around the world for its partying experience. The partying here often starts late around 12AM to 1AM, so make sure you had enough sleep prior to your partying event. So if you want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest and party with all the other party animals then you should check out Kuta Beach during your stay here in Bali. If you're up for something other than just partying then you might want to visit Ubud where local craftsmen produce jewelry, paintings, wood carvings, ceramics and clothes at affordable prices. There are so many things to do and places to visit in Bali and if you're just a student and you're on a tight budget then you should check out the student flights in Bali during holidays. About The Publisher: Book your next Bali Holiday Online, compare the packages and cheap specials offered at Bali Holiday Packages Online. And what’s better about these holiday packages is that you could get lots of bonuses that you won’t usually find when you plan a vacation on your own.

Student Flights in Bali During Holidays  

Bali Holiday Packages for every budget. Find the best Bali has to offer with one of our Bali Holiday Packages. Packages to Bali that include...

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