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Buffalo State College ​In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Worldview of the believers. Speech by Mr. Raefipour Shiraz (January 21st, 2016) I'm going to tell you something that will send a shiver down your spine. It's also very necessary for you to know. 70 to 80 percent of the world's oil is in the hands of shias. Let me repeat, 70 to 80 percent of the world's oil is in the hands of not just muslims, but shia muslims. Meaning it's reserves are in areas in which shia muslims reside. It's as if from 1400 years ago, a hand controlled the shias making them settle in oil rich areas. Saudi Arabia which is known as an oil rich nation, has its oil reserves on its east side by the coast of the Persian gulf where everyone residing there are shia. It also has some land in its south where 4-imami shias reside. They're not twelver shias but nonetheless, they're still shias. But the majority of shias reside in its east. Then also, Iran is shia and Iraq is shia. Isn't it strange? There's only 300 million shias in the world. 300 million out of 7 billion, meaning 3% of the world's population has control over 70 to 80 percent of its oil. Is that even normal? This is reality my friend. Here's the strait of Hormuz, here's Saudi arabia's oil, here's Iran's oil, and here's Iraq's oil. All this oil has to get passed this strait in order to be exported to other nations. There are 14 points on Earth that are very important and strategic. Two of those points are in the hands of Iran. Meaning 1% of the world's population is in control of 1/7th of the strategic points on the Earth! What's the other one? These 3 islands. Lesser Tunb, Greater Tunb and Abu Musa islands. Now do you understand why the UAE wants these islands so bad? Because they're so important. Why else do you think it doesn't call them Farsi islands, Siri islands, Kish, Qeshm etc. So why are these islands so important? Because they are the deep points of the Persian gulf where ships can pass. The rest of the Persian gulf has an average depth of only 40 meters causing ships to get caught on the sea floor. When going through the strait of Hormuz, ships can only go by Iran's side because it's deep enough for ships to pass. It takes nothing for Iran to simply close the strait of Hormuz. Pay great attention, what I'm telling you is fundamental to our national security (as Iranians) They(Zionists) said "what should we do that will cripple Iran? Let's make it so there wouldn't be a need for Iran's oil nor a need for the strait of Hormuz to be open. So, that means we cannot buy Iran's oil. We must save so we wouldn't require as much oil." The US who threw away its extra production of wheat into the ocean to keep the price high, said "I will cut down my production of wheat and I'll stop throwing it away into the ocean. Instead I'll grow corn in its replacement. However I will not consume the corn, instead I'll refine it into ethanol Then use that corn ethanol for fuel instead of gasoline." decreasing oil and gasoline consumption. Thay did it ! Next I will tell Saudi Arabia to increase its oil production. Since Saudi Arabia increased its oil production, its oil wells leaked a lot, giving them a sensation of "God bless America, we're about to take out Iran." So that solves that. Back to the strait of Hormuz, The Saudis were originally supposed to export their oil through the Persian Gulf. But now they would have to find other ways. The americans built them an oil pipeline reaching through the middle of Saudi Arabia and below Mecca, all the way to the Red Sea Meaning even if the strait of Hormuz is closed, they can still export their oil through this method. They also drew another pipeline reaching towards the UAE and one towards Oman. So even if Iran closes the strait of Hormuz, they can still export their oil through these means. Now it was God's turn. God pulled off a play that left the US jaw dropped and chasing its own tail. Again, a mysterious hand came along and arranged the shias. In Yemen, where the shias weren't even considered them, they started a revolution. Now what is the flag of the Islamic republic of Iran? Green, white and red. "God is the greatest" written 22 times and in the middle it says "Allah" and "There is no God but Allah" at the same time while also representing a red tulip. And what's their flag? Right at the top, it says "God is the greatest" then "down with the United States" then "Down with the Israel" then "curse the Jews" and lastly "Islam will be victorious." Their leader is just an ordinary man helping them endure Saudi Arabia's attacks. The poorest Arab country in the world is Yemen and the wealthiest is Saudi Arabia. Now what's Yemen's geography? These areas that are to its east are desert and very flat. Place an egg here, you'll be able to see it from a kilometer away. This side however is mountainous. Where are the shias exactly? In these areas, where its really hard to capture. Because a single sniper can take out an entire battalion. They got stuck (Saudis and Americans) Now why is this place even important? The same reason why the strait of Hormuz was very important. The strait you see here is called Bab al-Mandab strait. In my opinion, it is 4 to 5 times more important than the strait of Hormuz. Why? Because this connects two worlds together. The east and the west. When a ship that's coming from China or India, (the big economic powers), wants to go to Europe is not retarded to have come and go around the south american continent to reach its destination, Instead they go through the Bab al-Mandab Strait right beside Yemen. What's on the other side? Djibouti whom

many of you make fun of, which is very wrong. And what our politicians did here was very wrong. Djibouti is very important, they have the other side of this strait! The strait of Bab al-Mandab is tighter than the strait of Hormuz. You look at it and it's just a tiny country but an important one So anyway, this ship needs to go through this strait. And now the European has business with China. Its ship would also needs to pass this strait. If this strait closes which can easily be done, what would happen? The ship coming from Europe would have to leave the Mediterranean sea through the strait of Gibraltar out to the Atlantic ocean then make its way south around the west coast of Africa then around South Africa headed north-west dodging pirates until it finally reaches its destination. The poor guy would be at sea for a year. In such case, would they be able to compete in trades with countries that have much less transportaion costs? No Can you do it with land trade routes? No because here's Iran, in the middle we have a sea and above that we have Russia. It's been really well arranged by God Let's sprinkle some 4 imami shias here, and some twelver shias there (people laughing...) Even an atheist or an alien can recognize this. Look at this from space. Just really well arranged by God. Why else do you think when we(Iran) and Saudi Arabia started bickering a little, the Chinese president has been going left to right between Saudi Arabia and Iran hoping nothing happens. Or the foreign minister of Germany that goes to Iran then to Saudi Arabia then the Munich security conference hoping nothing breaks out because they'll be screwed for it. We(shias) who only had 2 strategic points of the Earth, got the 3rd one then and also even more interesting, the 4th one too. What's the 4th one? As you can see. the Red sea is like a long tube. One side is the Suez canal and the other, the strait of Bab al-Mandab. No matter if you close one end of a tube or both, nothing can pass by. This tube that we call the Red sea, whether you close the strait of Bab al-Mandab or the Suez canal, nothing can pass through. Meaning we practically have the 4th one too. So one country has influence over 4 of 14 strategic points of the World which these 4 are the most important ones. these 4 point are not equal to the rest (but nore important) 48% of the world's oil passes the Bab al-Mandab strait. The island you can see right now is called Mayoom or Perim island. They say, "whoever controls this island, controls half of the world's oil." The vicious queen of England, Elizabeth I held her wedding on this Island. She came all the way to this island to show the world that this island belongs to Britain. Now do you understand why these guys(Saudis) want Aden so bad? Aden is here, they want to capture Aden then move up along the coast and capture that entire area from these shias who have the same motives as us. And by the way, not all of them are shias They're also sunnis too who align with Iran against Saudi Arabia. Also we have a bunch of forces who have the same motives as us that aren't too powerful militaristically but they can make a great difference. Have you seen the bear with its massive size? Its afraid of bees. No animals want to get head on with a bear, not even a lion. Because a bear's claws and strikes are very powerful. But a bee can come along and sting the tip of the nose of a bear, causing it to get screwed over. Hezbollah to them is like a bee that has engaged in battle with a militaristically powerful bear, like Israel. Again, here we one of God's plays. So these Zionists came along and occupied Palestine. How did they do it? First they bought 2% of the land then 3% was granted to them by England since they controlled Palestine at the time and the rest they took over militaristically They claim they bought Palestine but the lying Zionists only actually bought 2% And Britain had no right to give them the other 3% Fine. Have the 3% but now what the hell are you doing controlling over 70% of Palestine?! Now where's Lebanon? This small country to the north, even smaller than Palestine. A very strange and interesting nation. Most of its citizens reside outside the country. Lebanon has nothing, no oil, no gas, just nothing Where does it get its money from? Its citizens who work outside the country bring their money back to Lebanon And all around it, everybody is sunni. Then all the sudden, a group of shias popup in southern Lebanon. Listen carefully to this part. When? 1400 years ago. They send Abu Dhar to the Levant, purposely sending to a place where people curse the Ahlulbayt Abu Dhar goes along and spreads the word of the Ahlulbayt creating the ground works that form into Hezbollah 1400 years later Don't mess with God, some of his plans take 1400 years long, longer than you'll ever live. The shias who were in the south kept striking Israel with rockets, screwing them over like a bee stinging a bear. I told you the history of the past 15 years with great detail that you probably haven't heard before. In 2001, they captured your east, in 2003, they captured your west. Turkey? American. Azerbaijan? American. Turkmenistan? American. Afghanistan they already controlled, Pakistan? American. The tiny mini arab countries in your south? American. Iraq they already had, meaning all around Iran was surrounded. They had planned this. 2001 Afghanistan, 2003 Iraq until it finally comes and captures Iran itself. They had solves the oil issue, the strait of Hormuz meaning only one thing left. Lebanon's Hezbollah for 2006 so they can come for Iran in 2007. In 2006, they got screwed over. 4th or 5th most powerful army of the world was defeated by the army of God. They battled for 33 days, Hezbollah only had 48 martyrs. A great performance America yelling "I've gotten Iran surrounded! Hurry up and get moving quick!" Israel responding "I can't! I'm stuck here" Israel screwing up there and America not being able to keep ground in Iraq and Syria lost its position. Now suddenly Iran controlled both. They realized that Iran that previously just controlled Iran now

controlled Iraq, Syria and Lebanon right above Israel. The US and Israel panicked. The puppet king Abdullah of Jordan teaches these guys, "we lost to faithfull militia groups so we must create our own faithful militia groups to fight back." Whom? ISIS ! It's the only possible method. didn't Iran reach us through Iraq and Syria? So we must create a country between Iraq and Syria, preventing Iran reach." Exactly in the land where ISIS controls. Moshe Ya'alon, Israel's defence minister comes along in the herzliya conference and says "Iran has a wrist that has caught us by our neck. We must break this. In 2006 we were unsuccessful because the wrist received blood through the arm (Syria), we owe Sayed Hasan Nasrollah everything This time we will cut the hand by the arm the wrist also will fall then go for the body." They had solved the oil issue, the strait of Hormuz but God in the recent months put forth Yemen for them. Saudi Arabia went wild after this. Just look what they're doing to Yemen. Here's a map of Yemen. The areas that are red are controlled by al-Qaeda which are mostly desert. The areas in black are controlled by the Saudi regime and the forces of Mansur Hadi. And the areas in green are in the hands of Ansarullah forces. Look how God has screwed them over. Now what happened? In the last second, Russia has also joined our side. When Vladimir Putin came to Iran with a Quran, do you know what that meant? It means that out of all the muslim countries, We agree with Iran's reading of Quran. Not the Turkey who strikes from the back or Saudi Arabia who goes wild and kills people in the masses in Yemen. He went from the airport right to the Imam Khamenei's residence He also gifted our president a shield. What does that mean? It means resistance. These gifts have a lot of meaning behind them in international relationships. Again, these guys have solved the oil issue, they have solved the strait of Hormuz issue, what they are trying to solve now is resistance! whether it be in Yemen, Syria or Lebanon. Forgetting about resistance means dropping your sword in battle. Was Saddam not their own guy? Was Hosni Mubarak not their own guy? Was Bin Ali not their own guy? Was Gaddafi not their own guy? They don't show mercy to their own puppets so forget about me and you. You see more strengthened the takfiris against us, the expression of the Leader became more harshly against Israel. Israel, the bastard, rabid dog and impure state. These words have only been used to describe Israel. Back then we didn't have a Hezbollah, now we do. If the rabid dog attacks us, we won't fight the dog, we'll go for its owner. Today they hope that we fall apart from the inside. They've caused muslims to turn on other muslims. This is how they plan to win. Pinocchio, was a piece of wood, after 80 episodes turned into a human. It awakened and realized that the cat and the fox are liars. But there are some people that even after 80 years, don't wake up. Alfred University, Alfred.