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THE BIKEBLE for Sydney bicycle lovers

editor’s words First of all, I hope you will enjoy reading the BIKEBLE first issue. As a new cyclist to Sydney I discover something new everytime I ride, no matter how little they are. Riding my bike and communting to places are one of my comforts to stress, the breeze, the speed, the feeling of interacting with places I ride pass, and of course the amazing scenery of my cycling journey. There are only too many amazing experience and recommendations I would like to share with all of you in this magazine, read it ! read it read it! Don’t miss out on all the amazing things cycling bring you !




the beauty of sydney through cyclists’ eyes

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inner city cycling map



THE BEAUTY OF SYDNEY THROUGH CYCLISTS’ EYES. When was the last time you accidently walked into a hidden lane and realise how did you not know such beautiful place exist in your suburb? Like a child found how about a secret playroom in their house?



ike riding increases your physical activity level, burns calories and builds muscle. It’s not surprising that people who ride daily live significantly longer than those who don’t. In fact, a regular bike rider can be expected to be as fit as a person 10 years younger.Overweight and obese Australian adults cost the Australian economy $21 billion in direct health care and direct non-health care costs, plus an additional $35.6 billion in government subsidies, according to a study published in the Medical Journal of Australia.

It’s convenient…for everyone. Over short distances a bicycle can often be a quicker transport option than a car. And parking is a breeze.Traffic levels are forecast to rise 23 per cent over the next 15 years. More than half of all car trips are less than 5km – that’s a 15 minute trip on a bicycle. In Sydney, congestion is expected to cost wwthe community $7.5 billion each year. Every extra bike means less car traffic, more seats on public transport and a quicker journey for everyone. You’ll see your city with new eyes…and you’ll be making it more liveable for all. Riding a bike is a great way to get to know your neighbourhood. You see places you never knew were just a couple of blocks away. And riding a bike can be very social, if you want it to be.

Every time you ride your bike you return around 40cents to the community in health benefits. More people riding bikes will mean less demand on our hospitals and doctors, and more money in the public purse.



Corner of Crown Street and Foveaux Street


We all want to live in a city that is easy to get around, friendly and has clean air. The more people who start riding on an everyday basis, the quicker we’ll start to make Sydney the sort of city we’re happy to live in and leave for future generations. You’ll save money…and you’ll be helping the economy at the same time. On average, it costs morWe than $6,000 a year to run a car in Sydney. The cost of keeping your bicycle maintained (and the occasional extra cupcake banana) is a fraction of this expense.Every dollar you save is one more available for other purchases or savings. That’s good news for workers, businesses and the economy.More people on bikes also means less stress on expensive infrastructure. The difference in weight can add years to roads and bridges – saving the community millions.



Collins lane




ne of the nicest things about a New York City summer is the ease with which one can dash about town on a bicycle. Dedicated bike lanes, street signage and even traffic lights seem more and more to be designed with a two-wheeled commuter in mind. With the launch of the new Citi Bike share programme in late May it seemed this fair city shifted its gears toward a democratic bicycle future. Organisers say that riders logged more than a million miles during the programme’s first month. Now hordes of people – otherwise usually on foot – are taking to the streets, paths and greenways of Manhattan and Brooklyn on flashy new bikes. At every intersection hipsters, business people and fleets of German tourists wait for the lights to change. If they pedal too soon it could mean certain death from a distracted lorry driver; if they pedal too late those behind them in the queue might grow angry, setting off a chorus of bike bells.

It is at these intersections where the truest of paradoxes rears its head. New York and its fast, impatient temper must come to terms with slow-minded, unpractised cyclists as they traverse some of the most treacherous roads in North America on brand new bicycles. On a recent ride from the Lower East Side to Midtown I was stuck behind a few Citi Bike riders. They didn’t seem to understand the basic rules of passing and lane sharing. What’s more, they thought it appropriate to ring their bike bells as if merely to say, “Hey, I’m riding a bike!” Most of the chimes had little to do with impending danger or making sure an unaware pedestrian or cyclist knew he or she might be on a collision course. My fear is simple: if you ring that bell too much it might end up meaning that no one will take you seriously. It’s a bit like the boy who cried wolf. While Citi Bike has made bikes accessible to everyone, the concepts of bike safety and etiquette still seem to be less


democratically distributed. But I fear a baseline level of bicycle knowledge has yet to be imparted on many of the newcomers. The numbers don’t lie. A recent survey of areas where Citi Bike kiosks are located found that in the past few months traffic police issued 7 per cent more bike tickets in Manhattan and a whopping 81 per cent more in Brooklyn compared to the same period last year. While the police commissioner simply cites “increased volume”, it’s clear that more people need to better understand what their responsibilities are on the bike path.

REDFERN So, Citi Bike, I ask because I care: might there be a better way to show this city how to get moving? Let’s keep the bikes but what about a few fun billboards with easy-to-follow steps toward a safer ride? That way we can all ride more safely and happily. Forget maps and phrasebooks. The most important survival skill in Tokyo is the ability to dodge cyclists flying along the pavement on their beloved bicycles. Tokyo has long been a city for cyclists. From salarymen to baby-juggling housewives, residents frequently shun punctual but packed trains in favour of the freedom of cycling.

Midtown I was stuck behind a few Citi Bike riders. They didn’t seem to understand the basic rules of passing and lane sharing. What’s more, they thought it appropriate to ring their bike bells as if merely to say, “Hey, I’m riding a bike!” Most of the chimes had little to do with impending danger or making sure an unaware pedestrian or cyclist knew he or she might be on a collision course. My fear is simple: if you ring that bell too much it might end up meaning that no one will take you seriously. It’s a bit like the boy who cried wolf. While Citi Bike has made bikes accessible to everyone, the concepts of bike safety and etiquette still seem to be less democratically distributed. Don’t get me wrong: I think bikes for all is a great idea but I fear a baseline level of bicycle knowledge has yet to be imparted on many of the newcomers.

But the passion for bicycles is hitting new heights thanks to bicycle rental initiatives combined with a creative project set to transform the capital into the template of a modern cycling metropolis. On a recent ride from the Lower East Side to


wells STREET

CORner of bourke street and cleveland steet


BOURKE STREET Your Guide To Summer time Bike Rides

cornor of trulow street & bourke street Road racing has an incredibly rich history. This narrative has been well documented (and embellished) from day dot and out of it has come fascinating legends and folklore that continue to capture my imagination. Who could forget the tales of Tom Simpson’s tragic death atop Mont Ventoux in the 1967 Tour de France, the story of Fiorenzo Magni riding stage 13 of the 1956 Giro with a broken collarbone, chewing on an inner tube tied to his handlebars for leverage, or Andy Hampsten epic ride through the ice and snow on stage 14 of the 1988 Giro to become the first non-European to win the race. Every day history is being written right before our eyes. Chris Froome’s dominant win of the Tour de France all the way down to Taylor Phinney’s nail-biting win at the Tour of Poland.


More than any other sport road racing is the perfect vehicle for great stories. At its heart road racing is an adventure — a journey from point A to point B in which anything can and will happen. The ups and downs — physical, emotional and topographical — the heroes and villains, the underdogs, the triumph over adversity, the mystique, the drama, the scenery, the elements, the legends and the myths. Few sports are able to turn inanimate objects and geographical features into the stuff of legends, but in road racing this is a defining feature of the sport. The 21 switchbacks of Alpe d’Huez, the moonscape of Mont Ventoux, the cobbles of the Arenberg Forest, the shower block at the Roubaix velodrome, the Muur, the Champs Elysees, to name just a few. And of course the allure of road racing extends well beyond the road.




GEAR UP! YOUR WAY ♼ Now are you excited and pumped that you want to get on the road and discover all these amazing things already? Here are some cooliest bike stores in Sydney for you to check out! Gear up your way, make your journey even more remarkable and special.



Rapha 4, 410 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 (02) 9380 9717

It’s Class, it’s Style. Located in the heart of Surry Hills, the Rapha Cycle Club Sydney is perched on the edge of the CBD on the ever popular Crown Street. The first permanent location for Rapha in Australia and a home for the sport of road racing – serving the finest coffee, food and screening the world’s greatest races. Open from pre-dawn for the first shot of espresso through to late evening. Rapha is proud to announce that the Rapha Cycle Club Sydney is now open.Serving the finest espresso and showing racing from the world’s greatest races on three large screen TVs, the Rapha Cycle Club Sydney is the ideal meeting place for road riders and a luxury start or finish to any ride.

Rapha’s partnership with Team Sky, at the highest level of the sport, is an incredible opportunity and the best possible endorsement of the quality and performance of Rapha products. Team Sky’s pioneering approach is renowned for never compromising on any detail of preparation and equipment and, as such, fits perfectly with Rapha’s ambitions to continue delivering the finest cycling apparel in the world. Working with the complete team of riders, directors and staff of Team Sky will enable Rapha to develop products to an even higher standard, both on and off the bike. Doing so will help us connect with even more fans of the sport. Rapha are proud and excited to be an official partner of Team Sky.


Rapha Cap

The quintessential performance cycling cap. This classically styled cap is made from water resistant cotton. Highly breathable, it is finished with anti-bacterial tape.

Summer Embrocation

Embrocation for milder riding conditions. With a fragrance inspired by the plants and herbs of Mont Ventoux, the embrocation also includes mica for a radiant sheen.

Brief caseLuxury

briefcase based on those used by pro team managers and directeurs sportifs. The bag is constructed from a hard-wearing Cordura速 fabric and has a water-resistant coating.

Windproof Shirt

A lightweight weatherproof shirt designed as an outer layer for city riding in warmer months or as a mid-layer when the weather turns colder.


Clarence St Cyclery 104 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia P: (02) 9295 0000 F: (02) 9295 0001 E:

The Green among the building jungle. Clarence Street Cyclery was founded in 1975 by Tony and Christine Cook and is still owned and operated by the Cook family. The cyclery prides its self on great customer service, outstanding warranty and quality products. We have along association with Trek Bicycles and are the largest retailer in Australia of all their products.

For almost 40 years, Clarence St Cyclery has been a meeting point and destination for the international cycling community. A generous hall-like volume is much more than a retail space; it is a communal area for the cycling public. The store displays over 150 bikes allowing every customer the ability to find a bike suited to their needs.

The shop space shows off the charming characteristics of this rare late Victorian warehouse (circa 1880’s). One of the standout features of the space is the cast iron columns stamped with the emblem of the Phoenix Foundry and predate the building by decades. The stores design does much to tie in the links of the shops history while at the same time providing a wonderful space to display the most modern bicycle technology.

Architecturally, the fit-out is sensitive, sustainable and innovative. Enormous Australian hardwood windows create vignettes from the street that engage passers-by with hints of what lies inside.The restored loading dock opens the store to a forgotten cobblestone lane at the rear of the store. The cast iron columns, silky brickwork and overhead timber joists are warm and enduring.


CSC are proud to offer Australia’s best bicycle workshop, professional mechanics, State of the art workshop facilities and environmentally friendly waste removal so you can be assured that your bike will receive the very best service. At Clarence St Cyclery, we are proud to offer Australia’s best bicycle workshop, professional mechanics, State of the art workshop facilities and environmentally friendly waste removal.


Papillionaire Cyclery 11 AlbionWay, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia P: (02) 9295 0000 F: (02) 9295 0001

Narnia hidden in an old paint factory. Papillionaire is an Australian owned and operated bicycle company, designing contemporary and affordable Dutch style bikes. Papillionaire Bicycles is an Australian owned and operated company started by brother and sister, Nicola and Alan, in 2009.

for the most practical and affordable bicycle accessories to complete your ride. We bring European style commuters to the streets of Australia. We ship our bicycles and accessories all over Australia- straight to your door. Papillionaire’s head office and flagship store is in Melbourne, Australia. We also have stores in Sydney and New York and test ride and purchase facilities in Brisbane and Singapore. Papillionaire has several dealers across Australia and the USA. To find your closest test ride location see our list of stores and dealers.

At Papillionaire, our philosophy is that riding your bike is a part of every day life - something that can be done in your jeans, suit, dress or thongs. We believe riding should be easy and fun and of course you should look good at the same time. That’s why we’ve created bikes that not only look great, but will last a lifetime. We’ve searched the globe






Traverse the city streets in style. Design that finds harmony of form and function, the Papillionaire Sommer is a smooth, easy-riding experience. With an upright sitting positioning and swooping step-through frame, the Sommer draws on both modern and classic design.

A combination of clean lines and stylish curvature. No longer must the racers amongst us hem their pant legs in socks. The Papillionare Classic sports traditional handlebars for a natural gripping position, and a deep frame and optional toe clips for more aggressive riding.

With a lower top tube than the Classic frame and a slightly more raised top tube than the Sommer, the Mixte is the perfect combination of a men’s and women’s frame. This ingenious design retains the easy mounting and dismounting of a step through frame whilst maintaing a super strong frame & slightly elevated handlebars for upright riding.

This limited edition bike is the ultimate classic style racer. Rediscover the joy of riding with traditional Sturmey Archer gears. You may never go back...This model is custom built to order so we do not offer shipping. It can be picked up from our Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane outlets only.


KING St Cyclery King Street Cyclery @ Newtown 404 King St Newtown (02) 9517 1655

Where you can gear up all at once. King Street Cyclery was started in 1979 as a small bike shop at the top end of King St Newtown. Back then only a handful of cycling enthusiasts were game enough to ride the heavily polluted streets of Sydney. Times have changed!! Now the cycling community has grown leaps and bounds with the full support of Councils, State and Federal Governments, Cycling organisations, plus many other stakeholders in cycling. Are you one of them? From simple beginnings our philsophy was to provide the cyclists with all products, not just the latest expensive gadgets. We have all the parts including those small parts that most shops don’t stock but you need.

In 1985 our premises were deemed too small and so the big move was onto 404 King Street. The store is about 10 times bigger than the original. A full service workshop facility was installed and greatly improved our ability to service & repair bicycles. As we push headlong into a new era, many of our customers want the convenience of shopping at home. No Problem. Our online store offers you all the delights that we have offered over the years. Small parts...we have them on line. If not in stock just call or send us an email and we’ll do our darnest to get you the hassle.



Atelier de Velo 156 Clarence St Sydney NSW 2000 (02) 9045 1204

French two wheels soak in some Mecca Goodness. No-one loves Clover Moore’s bike lanes as much as we do, but even so, cycling in the CBD can still be a pain in your pedal-pushing gluteus. You need to be fluent at hurling urban-dictionary expletives at aggro cab drivers, adept at slaloming around clueless pedestrians in your path (brain-sucked into a digital devise, no doubt), and prepared to get pissed on by God at any moment he chooses.

most cycle-friendly avenue, Clarence Street, turn down that obscure lane next to No. 156, and pull up for a killer cup of Mecca espresso in a back-alley respite from the city buzz. Atelier, French for ‘workshop’, is the love child of veterans from that other CBD bike destination, Clarence Street Cyclery: a partnering of ex-store manager (and professional mountain biking photographer) Michael Shaw and marketing manager Chris Herron. They’ve also absconded with head mechanic Julian Pellegrini. “He’s one of the best bike mechanics in Australia,” Shaw tells us.

But we salute those of you doing your part to combat global warming and freeing up an extra parking space for some suit’s luxury Hummer. So pat yourself on your lycra-clad back and treat yourself: commute to the city’s



Espresso Bar Mon to Fri 7.30am–4pm Sat 8am–4pm

Bike Shop

Mon to Wed, Fri 8am–6pm Thurs 8am–8pm Sat 9am–4pm


STALLION BIKES Corner of Regent and Wells st, Redfern 2016 0415 321 158

Beauty inside a rebel. Stallion Bikes offer a bicycle restoration and design service. Our bicycles ride like new and provide the street with a little bit of eye sugar. We have a range of beautifully restored bikes ready to go. Alternatively we take orders from clients looking for something in particular and we also restore that beloved bicycle you already have.

your steed wont let you down. We tailor each Stallion to the customers needs, ensuring that we develop a sustainable and durable product. We’re so confident in our specialised knowledge and years of experience, that we offer a 1 year warranty with every full Stallion restoration. We also sell a range of parts and accessories (vintage and new) to suit the modern cyclist, from pannier bags to odd sized tyres to bells and even lights.

Specialties -Customised design. Childrens classics. Retro vintage rides. Single Speed and Geared Road Bikes. BMX and Scooters. We like to do things the old fashioned way here at Stallion Bikes. Our quality of workmanship stands second to none, so that when you sit in the saddle, you know



Now Go see the things you have been missing out with your Bikeble, use it for your next adventure Tins xx

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THE BIKEBLE for Sydney bicycle lovers



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