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Managing Water  Locally:  The  role   of  community  based  ins9tu9ons  in   the  management  of  water   resources     St  John  Day  &  Vincent  Casey  

Oxford  University  Water  Security  Conference   17th  April  2012  

Water security  threatened   Improved  water  sources:   Dependent  on  groundwater   •       Handpumps   •       Motorised  boreholes   •       Spring  fed  schemes     MANAGEMENT  &  FINANCIAL  FACTORS     POOR  SITING,  DESIGN,  CONSTRUCTION   PROBLEM  WITH  THE  RESOURCE  


Community Water  Security:  threats  to   water  resources   •     Increasing  populaLon   •     Changes  in  land  use   Environmental  degradaLon       Changes  in  climate     Complex  linkages   Impacts  not  intuiLve   Limited  informaLon  CC   models   Neglect  of  hydrological   monitoring    

IWRM Outcomes   IWRM  is  well  intenLoned  but….   •  May  be  overwhelming  for  governments  with   limited  capacity   •  Rural  communiLes  may  remain  on  the   periphery  of  assistance   •  On  going  service  delivery  approaches  oRen   neglects  consideraLon  for  water  resources   •  AlternaLve  opLons  for  water  resources   management  needs  to  be  considered  for   poorer  countries  

Managing water  locally  requires  …   •  RecogniLon  of  customary  pracLces  and  collecLve   acLon   •  Key  interest  groups  –  local  leaders  or  champions     •  Assessments  of  water  demands   •  Mapping  of  boundaries   •  Monitoring  water  resources   •  OperaLng  principles     •  ConLnued  external  support  

Future challenges   •  Designing  alternaLve  approaches  that   recognises  constraints  in  poorer  countries   •  SupporLng  government  insLtuLons  to  build   experience  in  assessing  water  availability   •  Linking  community  based  approaches  to   naLonal  water  security   •  Linking  the  outcomes  of  local  or  community   based  monitoring  to  naLonal  policy    

AFRICA : The management of water resources  

St John Day (Adam Smith International) and Vincent Casey (WaterAid) - Managing water locally: the role of community based institutions in t...