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The National Institute for Direct Instruction’s publication division–NIFDI Press–is dedicated to publishing high quality works that support the development of effective implementations of Direct Instruction programs. The press publishes manuals and books designed to help a variety of audience purposes: •

teachers, coaches, and administrators implementing DI programs in their schools;

parents preparing or supporting their children in academic success;

researchers in search of theoretical and empirical studies regarding the development, efficacy and implementation of DI.

The Press also distributes titles previously available through the Association for Direct Instruction (ADI) including Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, Teaching Needy Kids, and Theory of Instruction. You can order through our website at, by calling 877.485.1973 or via the order form in the back of this catalog.

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The Science and Success of Engelmann’s Direct Instruction Edited by Jean Stockard For almost a half-century, Siegfried Engelmann has shown how all children can learn if they are taught effectively. The Direct Instruction (DI) curricular programs he developed reflect the most effective and thoroughly field tested instructional materials in the world. They build on sound theoretical understandings of how effective instruction and learning occur, they involve painstaking attention to each detailed step of the instructional process, and they have been validated with rigorous tests of their efficacy. Engelmann’s work has transformed the instructional experience of thousands of students and has led to noted improvements in school behavioral climates and instructional practices. The Science and Success of Engelmann’s Direct Instruction is a tribute to the legacy and genius of Siegfried Engelmann and his decades of work in developing the Direct Instruction curricular programs. The authors of the chapters in this book represent several generations and multiple disciplines, bringing a variety of perspectives to their analyses of Engelmann’s career and impact. Part I of the book documents the extensive research embodied in the development of DI programs, the research that confirms their effectiveness, and the rejection of the work by the education establishment. Part II examines the legacy of his work, including the guidance it gives for transforming schools into effective learning centers for all children and the ways in which it has influenced the tradition of behavioral management in schools. The book ends with a look to the future, the potential for wider acceptance of Engelmann’s contributions, and the hope for truly solving the problems of achievement in America’s schools. This indepth survey of DI’s history and impact belongs in the collection of all educational researchers, teachers college libraries, and interested administrators. List Price $24.95 Copyright 2014 276 pages Paperback ISBN 9781939851000

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Academic Core, Level A By Gary Davis in writing. Many units include reference charts, maps, or displays. This material is on a PowerPoint display contained on a CD. (For teachers who do not have access to the equipment necessary to use the PowerPoint displays, a separate display booklet of blackline masters is included with the material.) Most units stand alone; however, some units depend upon information from earlier ones. This overlap of information requires the teacher to either follow the exact sequence of each level or to make sure the students know the prerequisite information. The program includes evaluation material to ensure students have mastered the material and rewards for students as they progress through the program.

Academic Core is a highly structured three-level program (A through C; Levels B and C forthcoming) developed by the National Institute for Direct Instruction to teach students important science facts and information. The program ensures mastery of sophisticated information and includes a built-in reward system to motivate and reinforce students. Measurement, time, the solar system, rocks, body systems, and United States geography are just a few of the units included. It is intended for students in grades 2 and above. Each lesson is designed to be presented to the entire class, but can also be presented to small groups and should take approximately 20 minutes to teach. Academic Core is primarily a verbal program directed by the teacher. The teacher presents lessons from a script and students respond verbally. Once brought to verbal mastery, students respond to questions 4  NIFDI Press •

Level A includes 11 units comprised of 4 to 24 lessons each. The following topics are covered: • Measurement of Length • Vertebrates • Temperature • Phases of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas • Life Cycles • Time: Calendar • Measurement of Length: Conversions • Arthropods • Measurement of Weight • Solar System • Body: Skeleton List Price $129.00 Copyright 2014 284 pages Binder with CD ISBN 9781939851017


Research on DI: 25 Years Beyond DISTAR

Rubric for Identifying Authentic DI Programs

By Gary L. Adams and Siegfried Engelmann

By Siegfried Engelmann and Geoff Colvin

This book presents a description of Direct Instruction and a meta-analysis of research on DI. The term “Direct Instruction” refers to instructional programs developed by Siegfried Engelmann and his colleagues, including DISTAR (Direct instruction System for Teaching Arithmetic and Reading) and DISTAR Language (Direct Instruction System for Teaching and Remediation).

Rubric for Identifying Authentic Direct Instruction Programs is co-authored by the creator of Direct Instruction, Zig Engelmann, and educational consultant Geoff Colvin. It articulates and illustrates most of the major principles followed in the development of Direct Instruction programs.

Chapters in the book include: • Teaching: The Roots of Direct Instruction Features of DI • Instructional Programs • Myths about Direct Instruction • Background for the DI Meta-Analysis • Results of the DI Meta-Analysis • Project Follow Through • Additional Documentation Appendices contain a list of Direct Instruction Programs and a list of Direct Instruction articles by category. List Price $29.95 Copyright 1996
 146 pages Paperback ISBN 0675210143

This information is useful for the following reasons: 1. It permits a critic to look at material and judge whether it is true Direct Instruction or some form of imitation that does not adhere to the full set of axioms that characterize true DI. 2. It shows the level of detail associated with what students are told, how they are tested, what kind of practice is provided, and how the material is reviewed and expanded from one lesson to the next. List Price $15.00 Copyright 2006 109 pages Paperback ISBN None

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Teaching Needy Kids in our Backward System By Siegfried Engelmann Teaching Needy Kids in Our Backward System documents the often outrageous experiences of a man some consider the most important educator ever, Siegfried (Zig) Engelmann. Through a tapestry of vignettes that start in the 60s and continue through 2006, Professor Engelmann describes the battles he has fought to provide effective instruction for at-risk kids, particularly children of poverty. The most incredible of Engelmann’s battles occurred in Project Follow Through, the largest and most definitive educational experiment ever conducted, involving 180 communities and over 200,000 at-risk children in grades kindergarten through 3. To discover which approach was most effective, Follow Through installed and tested 22 models of teaching disadvantaged children, from 1968 to 1977. The models covered the spectrum of approaches that are in schools today, from the discovery-oriented approaches to those based on behavioral principles of reinforcement. The evaluation measured the children’s achievements in reading, math, language, and spelling. The study was also designed to discover which models were superior in teaching basic skills and which excelled in teaching higher order thinking skills, also which models had kids with the strongest sense of personal responsibility and which kids had the highest self images. The results astounded educators and made a mockery of their predictions. There were not various winners, but only one winner, and that one excelled in every category measured. The winning model was designed by Zig Engelmann and his colleagues– Direct Instruction. Why haven’t you heard about Follow Through, Direct Instruction, or Zig Engelmann? Because Follow Through outcomes were never disseminated, never made public, and never used to influence educational decision making. Why would the Feds spend half a billion to fund Follow Through and never disseminate the results? Read the book and discover the astonishing truths. List Price $32.00 Copyright 2007
 380 pages Hardback ISBN 9781880183007 6  NIFDI Press •

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons By Siegfried Engelmann, Phyllis Haddox and Elaine Bruner Is your child halfway through first grade and still unable to read? Is your preschooler bored with coloring and ready for reading? Do you want to help your child read, but are afraid you’ll do something wrong? SRA’s DISTAR is the most successful beginning reading program available to schools across the country. Research has proven that children taught by the DISTAR method outperform their peers who receive instruction from other programs. Now, for the first time, this program has been adapted for parent and child to use at home. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is a complete, step-by-step program that shows parents simply and clearly how to teach their children to read. Twenty minutes a day is all you need, and within 100 teaching days, your child will be reading on a solid second-grade reading level. It’s a sensible, easy-to-follow, and enjoyable way to help your child gain the essential skills of reading. Everything you need is here–no paste, no scissors, no flash cards, no complicated directions–just you and your child learning together. One hundred lessons, fully illustrated and color-coded for clarity, give your child the basic and more advanced skills needed to become a good reader. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons will bring you and your child closer together, while giving your child the reading

skills needed now, for a better chance at tomorrow. List Price $22.00 Copyright 1986
 395 pages Paperback ISBN 9780671631987

Theory of Instruction

By Siegfried Engelmann and Douglas Carnine In the book Theory of instruction: Principles and Applications, Siegfried Engelmann and co-author Douglas Carnine describe the theory underlying the development of Direct Instruction curriculums. Engelmann and Carnine not only spell out in detail the scientific and logical basis on which their theory is based, but provide a multitude of in-depth descriptions and guidelines for applying this theory to a wide range of curricula. This book will help the reader understand why the Direct Instruction programs authored by Engelmann and his colleagues have proven uniquely effective with students from all social and economic backgrounds, and how the guidelines based on the theory can be applied to a wide range of instructional challenges– from designing curricula for disadvantaged preschoolers to teaching algebraic concepts to older students. List Price $40.00 Copyright 1991
 385 pages Hardback ISBN 1880183803
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War Against the Schools’ Academic Child Abuse By Siegfried Engelmann Educational fads come and go in the United States, yet countless numbers of children do not succeed in school. The costs to these children, their families, their communities, and the country are enormous. In this book Engelmann examines the root of the problem. With painstaking detail he shows how the fault lies with the educational system and all of its players: educational publishers, boards of education, teacher training institutions, school administrators, and funding agencies. Professor Siegfried Engelmann has, indeed, declared war upon educational practices that literally constitute child abuse. In this penetrating examination of our public schools, Professor Engelmann vividly explains how irresponsible practices have contributed to the paralysis of our school systems and injury to countless school children for decades. In an age demanding intellectual proficiency, the cost to those children–and our nation–is incalculable. Read War Against the Schools’ Academic Child Abuse and join Professor Engelmann in his campaign to protect the future of our children. List Price $17.95 Copyright 1992 215 pages Paperback ISBN 0894202871

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Conceptual Learning By Siegfried Engelmann Siegfried Engelmann knows how to teach things to children and believes that doing so is a most urgent and important undertaking. Engelmann knows, as does every parent, that there are many times in children’s lives when they things they need to learn should be taught directly and efficiently. Children might eventually discover for themselves, on an incidental learning basis, the rules for crossing streets safely. But we realize that this matter is too critical to be left to children’s own learning style and time. It might come too late or, perhaps, never. Engelmann believes that learning to think, reason, solve problems, and use language effectively is also highly urgent and that it is the business of teachers to efficiently and effectively manipulate the environment so that children are taught these things. This monograph is Engelmann’s answer to how a master teacher derives effective teaching procedures. The monograph is not easy reading, nor could it be. This book is an effort to simplify and highlight some of the main steps involved in a teacher’s determination of how to teach. The monograph is organized into three parts. Chapters I­–V describe the derivation of concept teaching procedures; Chapter VI presents the teaching of problem solving as an extension of the basic concept teaching procedures presented in the first section; Chapter VII describes the systematic teaching of persistence, positive self-image, acceptable classroom behavior and a liking for school learning. List Price $9.95 Copyright 1969; Reprinted 2010 102 pages Paperback
 ASIN B0006C733Y
 Note: This book is Volume 11 of the Dimensions in Early Learning Series.

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COACHING SERIES A Direct Instruction implementation is a systemic change in the way teachers instruct students. Teachers need to learn a new set of teaching behaviors that involve presenting from a script, pacing a lesson appropriately, correcting students, teaching students to mastery, reinforcing students, and accelerating students. Professional development and support is a vital component of a successful Direct Instruction implementation. The coach is key to effective staff development. Coaches share responsibility for students being successful by assisting the teacher to achieve a classroom environment where all students are learning. The National Institute for Direct Instruction’s Coaching Series provides a well-developed coaching model that achieves the following goals: • Focuses on the student • Trains teachers to achieve student mastery • Monitors student mastery • Makes the rate and quality of mastery visible • Provides schedules and procedures to enable all qualified teachers to achieve mastery • Celebrates student academic achievement LEVEL A: Designed for initial training of new coaches with a focus on developing skills in analyzing student performance through written records. The Level A manual focuses on teaching coaches how to ensure that basic structural elements are in place in the school and to monitor student performance by reviewing written records. Coaches develop skills in identifying problems based on a review of lesson progress data, student mastery data, and independent work scores. Coaches also learn how to work with teachers to solve problems and follow up after solutions are implemented. As part of the Level A manual, coaches learn the components of how to effectively lead a rehearsal session with a small group of teachers. Key aspects of the structural components of the implementation including materials, physical arrangements in the classroom, scheduling, grouping and placement are addressed. LEVEL B: A continuation of coaching skills with an emphasis on analyzing student performance through direct observation and increasing delivery skills by planning and facilitating inservices. Level B expands the skills learned in Level A and develops the coaching skills needed to observe in classrooms and interact with teachers. Training sessions include classroom observations and possible demonstrations of effective teaching. Additionally, the manual provides information and structure for coaches to provide inservice sessions based on needs observed in the classroom.

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DATA ANALYSIS MANUAL: Created for whole-staff trainings to develop a common vocabulary and skills in analyzing student performance through written records. The Data Analysis Manual is a spin-off from the Coaches A manual. It is used to provide coaches and staff with a common vocabulary and the hands-on experience needed to examine student performance by looking at written records. The focus of the manual is on analyzing student performance data to identify problems. Participants learn to analyze lesson progress charts, student mastery test data, and independent work scores. The Data Analysis Manual, like Level A, provides key questions to guide staff and coaches in practical analysis of the implementation. In addition, the manual provides a series of key questions regarding the review of written records including lesson progress data, mastery test data, and independent work scores. COACHING APPENDICES: Reference document for use in conjunction with the training series for coaches. The Coaching Appendices Booklet is a reference manual for use in coordination with the training series for coaches. It contains a 15-page Program Reference Chart that describes the critical components of each of the Direct Instruction programs. The booklet also includes the following practical resources for use in the school: • Correction Procedures for Verbal Tasks • Part-firming Paradigm • Individual Turns • Conducting Teacher-Directed Workchecks • Interacting with Peers During Training Sessions • Five-minute Observations • Show-off Lessons • Individual Reading Rate and Accuracy Checkouts • Expected Lesson Progress • Monitoring Students During Independent Work • Planning Inservice Sessions with Small Groups of Teachers

Available titles: Coaching Manual Level A


Coaching Manual Level B


Data Analysis Manual


Coaching Appendices Levels A & B


Coaching Set (Includes Level A, B & Appendices)

$60.00 Spring/Summer 2014   11

SENTENCE COPYING SERIES The Sentence Copying program, developed at the National Institute for Direct Instruction, is a supplemental handwriting program to accompany SRA’s Reading Mastery program (Classic or Rainbow editions). The sentence copying sheets correlate with Reading Mastery’s sequence of skill development but do not employ its orthography. Instead, they provide handwriting practice of letter forms more commonly taught in typical elementary classrooms. Students in Reading Mastery I must reach at least lesson #60 before starting the NIFDI Sentence Copying Program. Sentence copying sheets may be presented after reading lessons of equal or higher numbers. (Example: sentence copying sheet #74 may be presented after reading lesson #74, 85, or 91, but not after lesson #72 of the correlating program book.) For schools using the Fast Cycle version of Reading Mastery, the lesson conversions are available in a table at the front of each book. The table shows teachers which sheets to present at various points in the Fast Cycle program.

Available titles: Sentence Copying RM I – Block Style


Sentence Copying RM II – Block Style


Sentence Copying RM I – Slant Style


Sentence Copying RM II – Slant Style


Block Style Set – Sentence Copying RM I & II $39.95 Slant Style Set – Sentence Copying RM I & II $39.95 Set of All 4 RM Sentence Copying Programs $75.00

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Reading Mastery Setup and Training Series This 12-disc set produced by Emmy, Dupont and Peabody Award-winning documentary producer Jon Palfreman is designed to help teachers understand the rationale underlying the development of the beginning levels of the Reading Mastery program and provide training in using these levels. The first disc describes the elements of the program that have led to Reading Mastery’s effectiveness in providing reading success to students. The next disc describes and provides in-class demonstrations of how to establish a classroom environment to support small-group reading instruction. The rest of the series shows how to teach critical exercises in the program. The training discs first model the pronunciation of sounds and blending skills the teacher will present in early lessons. The remaining discs are organized to be used throughout the school year to help teachers prepare for upcoming lessons and include information on: • Path to Literacy • Why is Reading so Hard? � Customer favorite • Anatomy of a Reading Classroom • Practicing Sounds • Sounds Review and Blending • Signaling and Following Scripts • Correction Procedures • Sample Workbook and Storybook Formats List Price $150.00 DVD

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Reading Mastery Format Practice Series This series is designed for use with practitioners in learning and practicing key skills necessary for effectively and efficiently presenting the first three levels of the Reading Mastery program. Following an introduction of the history, research and philosophy behind DI, Dr. Phyllis Haddox, a highly experienced teacher and trainer, presents in-depth explanations and demonstrations of how to teach the critical exercises in Reading Mastery I, II and III. The discs are organized by lesson range so that they can be used at appropriate times during the school year. The discs are very detailed and provide information that can help teachers provide success to all of their students. A good deal of emphasis is placed not only on how to present content, but also on how to correct student errors and teach to mastery. The information in these videos will be particularly beneficial to school and district level coaches and trainers. Topics covered in this series include: • Placing Students • Scheduling and Mastery Teaching • Creating a Positive Learning Environment • Blending Sounds • Using Signals • Providing Corrections • Conducting Workbook Activities • Incorporating Learning Games • Giving Individual Turns • And More! List Price $99.00 (Price reduced!) DVD

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Research on DI: 25 Years Beyond DISTAR (p. 5)

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Rubric for Identifying Authentic DI Programs (p. 5)

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Sentence Copying RM II – Slant Style (p. 12)

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Block Style Set – Sentence Copying RM I & II (p. 12)

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Slant Style Set – Sentence Copying RM I & II (p. 12)

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Set of All 4 RM Sentence Copying Programs (p. 12)

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Teaching Needy Kids in our Backward System (p. 6)

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Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (p. 7)

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