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Research- college magazine A famous, well-known magazine:

They contain the same masthead throughout each issue so that the target audience can recognise each magazine as it is issued and also to shown continuity within the actual magazine- again this helps it gather a reputation and stay noticeable to the specific target market. Also, they have the main story as the main focus of the magazine- giving it the most page space, brightest/largest text and offering a photograph to do with the lead article. This lets the audience know what is occurring in this issue and gives them a direct approach as to if it is any interest to them. NME also like to section their magazines, or the vast majority, into thirds- this being a stereotypical convention for a magazine. The magazine also has a colour scheme which is follows issue to issue. These colours are mainly red, yellow, black and white. By them using two brighter colours against two which are not as bright it makes the brighter colour stand out from the magazine; they attract attention and make the magazine easily recognised to the eye. One way in which it would appeal to students is that it is music magazine- something which every student or teenager is into, be it rock, punk, indie or garage. Moreover, when the magazine features celebrities, this again attracts the younger audience as most of them have an interest in their lifestyle; many students

would dream to be one of them so they choose to read about themas to get as close as possible to being one of them. Examples of college magazines:

College magazine have a specific target audience which each magazine will try to attract in offering them what they expect to see/read. Some of these conventions for what they wish to be offered are: advice on how to be successful, information about the college featured, in college activities, out of college activities, news that’s occurred and parties. From the above magazines, it can be seen that they are quite simple, plain, and easy to understand. This may be because they are an official college magazine- having been created by the college itself and need to therefore show sophistication as to attract those who want to work hard and achieve well. These magazines have been designed like this because they want to attract a certain class, stereotype and type of person- these people being a different audience to my magazine. My magazine has more of an edge in comparison to these magazines, showing that my target audience should fit into that category. Also, I choose to include a music vibe within my magazine, shown through the layout, colour scheme, and overall style of the magazine. This is why I have chosen to also analyse a well-known music magazine so that conventions of this magazine can be seen in mine- or one’s that have my own personal style. I have chose to create a college

magazine which features both the ideal criteria which is expected of a college magazine, but this hints of a music magazine withinshowing a complexity and uniqueness within my magazine.


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