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Production Phases- Front Cover

To start off my front cover of my magazine, I added my masthead which I designed/ gained from Da Font. I wanted the font for the masthead to have loud and “in your face� connotations so that it fitted with the house style of the whole magazine. Moreover, I also wanted it to directly relate to my target audience, which I believe it does, especially with the added exclamation mark.

Next, I added the artist logo, again which I got off Da Font and saved to my area. The artist logo can be seen throughout the magazine so that the audience can relate and remember the artist through how her logo looks, as this makes it more easily remembered. Also, I added the start of the cover lines, which are in the same font as the artist logo so that the page flows from one to the other.

Here, I’ve finished the cover line for the front cover by adding the word “skin.� By having this word in a different font it makes it stand out and therefore adds importance to it- which the reader will notice. Furthermore, I also added scribbles underneath the word in purple and green. This is because it adds a rawness to the font cover, emphasises the word even more and by having them coloured green and purple it again reinforces the house style for my magazine and uses the complimentary colours I wished for.

Next, I added more scribbles- black and coloured- to the underneath of my masthead. This is so that, again, there is a flow between the different aspects of the magazine and also because of the house style I have chosen. Moreover, I added to the front of the magazine that it was a first edition, which again would attract my target audience as it’s unique among all the others already on the market. Also, I continued the complimentary colours on this section.

To continue, I coloured part of the background of the magazine to add a different texture to it and then also added an image. I opened the image in a separate window and used curves to edit it as to the style I wanted it to be. I wanted the image to have a harsh element, almost like an acid effect as to correctly target my audience with the attitude and appearance they would expect.

Next, I used a brush shaped as a lightning bolt, which I downloaded from PS Brushes, to again add texture and flare and stick to the stereotype of my target audience- alternative. By this I mean a feel of rawness and attitude throughout the

magazine. This attitude is again emphasised by the underlying white lines which add a sense of free-hand, uniqueness to the front cover.

I then added further green and purple scribbles to the lightning bolts as to again reinforce the house style and connotations that follow and moreover to make the each individual lightning bolt stand out and be noticed.

However, when I came to finalise my front cover I didn’t like the layout of the cover lines, so as you can see I have changed them to a different position (top left corner) and changed the font so that it fitted with the masthead better. Also,

I added the price, website, and issue date to the top right corner in the same font as the cover lines so that each side of the page flows more smoothly from one to another. I chose to keep the artist logo how it was as this was a specific logo for her as an artist and would be recognised throughout the magazine as being this style, font and size.

front cover  

front cover of mag