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ROOUNION duncan college lookbook 16-17


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Welcome to the State of the Roonion! The Roonion, the loved Duncan tradition, is back and better than ever! This is a summary of all the amazing things that Duncan has accomplished over the past year. We have seen so much change and growth over the past year that it is difficult to pick only a few highlights. This year we have seen an unprecedented amount of student initiatives take place from the creation of the movie room to the Duncan Sunfest concert. We have seen great triumphs from winning the float competition and being one step closer on the path to the President’s Cup. As this year comes to a close, I want to thank you all for the ideas, enthusiasm, and inspiration for this past year and the many years to come! #SESF, Isabel Alison

Duncan College President 2017-18

executive council ‘16-’17 From left to right: TOP: Jackson Stiles (Secretary), Akshaya Santhanaraj (Treasurer), Evi Liu (Treasurer), Greg Van Kirk (Legislative VP), Juliette Turner-Jones (SA Senator), Christina Tan (Secretary) BOT: Jacob Behling (VP), Jessica Hartz (VP), Isabel Alison (President), Aaron Shaw (CJ)


he 2016-2017 academic year started off strong with a spirited and informative GlO-Week, put together by Bradley Hamilton, Crystal Lin, and Jeremy Reiskind. Duncan’s veteran adult team enjoyed greeting (and reassuring!) the parents of new students before turning their focus to the A-Team Olympics, which included everything from dart guns to funny skits. The positive momentum continued throughout the semester with impressive new student engagement and solid leadership from returning Duncaroos.

The presidential election in the fall created many opportunities for students to connect with one another in conversation. Some students took official roles as campaign volunteers while others had informal chats in the commons during meals. So the college masters found this an ideal year to launch “This Month; Duncan Reads,” or TM;DR for short. In this program we select one long-form article per month for the entire Duncan community to read, associates included. This happened in casual conversation and also at our once-a-month Saturday night Dinner Dialogues. Article topics ran from politics to Uber to the criminal justice system, and we were sometimes joined by special guests such as Provost Marie Lynn Miranda and Dean John Hutchinson and Paula Hutchinson. On November 8, many Duncaroos gathered at the college masters’ home to watch the presidential returns come in and enjoy Torchy’s Tacos. Jen and Noe, our Head Resident Fellows, provided a welcoming space for election debriefing a few days later. When students returned for the spring semester, there was increased interest in improving and updating some of Duncan’s physical spaces. Students took the lead in creating a media room for movie viewing, and also in painting the study rooms to be a warmer place to spend hours cramming for chemistry exams. Resident Associate Maggie, who is an interior designer by day, helped with the aesthetics.

This was not the only building project at Duncan this spring. Senior Drew Petty once again led our float team entry for the Beer Bike parade. The hamster wheel-like design and incredible artwork impressed not only the students and adult team, but also won over the stonefaced judges who (finally!) awarded Duncan first place. Of course, these are just some of the larger, note-worthy events that happened over the last year. But many of our memories were made in the more mundane events that happened weekly. We enjoyed coffee and tea from the ever-expanding collection of mugs brought by students who have been abroad. C-Money managed not to get hurt while playing basketball with Duncaroos. Students enjoyed caring conversation (and puppy dog snuggles!) at Rich and Lauren’s study breaks, delicious cinnamon rolls with Maggie and Bojan, and the peace and quiet of Shut Up and Write! with Jen and Noe. Each respective class gathered for tastings at Caleb and Brandy’s, and just about everyone grabbed candy and a hug from Ms. Woods on their way through the mailroom. As the year draws to a close, we bid farewell to Rich and Lauren, who were an integral part of the Duncan familia in their short time here. And we give a warm welcome to Courtney and Myron who are already becoming a regular presence at our college. Finally, we also will say “keep in touch” to the Duncan Class of 2017. It never seems to get easier to say goodbye to the graduating seniors, but we also look forward to seeing the impact you leave on the world as you take your Rice degree beyond the hedges. Somos equipo! Somos familia!



DUNCAN SUNFEST Despite rain and re-scheduling, Mike Hua and Evan Flack (pictured) put on the Duncan Sunfest, a now two-year concert on the sundeck. The concert featured Pickleback, Where’s Joe?, and Steve Cox’s Beard, all student-run and student-made bands.

NEW STUDENT COMMITTEE MOVIE ROOM The New Student Committee (NSC), led by Meredith McCain, Jackson Stiles, and Christina Tan with the help of Ethan Jahn, over this past year has completed an initiative that the college has talked about for a few years, creating a movie room. After multiple conversations with H&D and the Improvements Committee, it was decided to split the Green Room in half to create the movie room. The movie room will feature plush comfy chairs, a projector, and a popcorn machine to provide a great space for future Duncaroos to watch movies!

DUNCAN DARLINGS DINNER An initiative started by Cassy Gibson and Juliette TurnerJones, the Duncan Darlings Dinner provides a space for the women of Duncan to share ideas and come together as a community.



thanks for the great year, Rich and Lauren!

A little over a year ago, we were introduced to an amazing couple that would change Duncan and our hearts forever. Rich and Lauren have been an amazing addition to the A-team and Duncan community. With their creative study breaks, warm energy, and constant smiles they really made many amazing connections with so many Duncaroos in a short amount of time. As they move on to their next adventure in Richmond, Virginia, we are sending all our love with them. We will miss you so much, Rich and Lauren! (And don’t worry we’re going to miss you too, Elaine!)

welcome, Courtney, Myron, & Leroy! This year Duncan welcomed Courtney Stefancyk and Myron Clemence to our A-team as our 3rd floor RAs! Courtney is the Social Sciences Coordinator and Gateway Program Administrator while Myron is a NASA Flight Controller for the International Space Station. (Talk about some interesting jobs!) They say their love is “a tale as old as time” and liken themselves to Beauty and the Beast. And not to be forgotten is their three-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Leroy! Leroy loves to play fetch and chase squirrels. You can even follow him on instagram @TinyLeroy. He’s quite the handsome devil. Welcome to Duncan Courtney, Myron, and Leroy! We can’t wait to see all the amazing things you will bring to our community!

MASTER’S DISCRETIONARY FUND As part of a campus-wide effort to bring larger support to low income students, this year Duncan created the Master’s Discretionary Fund. In short, the fund is a way to help students deal with small expenses related to college life (i.e. Beer Bike Shirts, Esperanza tickets). The office of the Dean of Undergraduates piloted similar programs across all eleven colleges.

QUARTERMASTER To help Duncan solve its “where did all our stuff go problem,” the Quartermaster position was born! The Quartermaster is responsible for all the public spaces, furniture, and items that don’t necessarily have an explicit owner. We hope to see many great things from our new Quartermasters, Peter Kulma and Sean Olsen!





Men’s Basketball - 3rd Women’s Basketball - 1st Floor Hockey - 1st Freshman Flag Football - 2nd Men’s Flag Football - 3rd Men’s Swim - 3rd Co-ed Tennis - 3rd Men’s Volleyball - 3rd Women’s Volleyball - 1st

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race to the moon



1st place and Willy Revolution Award winner!





& college nights

spring assoc AWARD WINNERS Drayton Thomas Spirit Award: Louis Cole, Colin Feng, Katherine Zoellmer, Emily Jacobson Charles W. Duncan Initiative Award: Jonathan Parts Edelweiss: Kevin Zhang Unsung Hero: Cole Crawford, Aitash Deepak Master Award: David Doucet, Bradley Hamilton, Jeremy Reiskind, Sophie D’amico Freshman Award: Christina Tan Senior Award: Vera Ranneft, Drew Petty James Ragan Service Award: Ryan Pappal Jeremy Reiskind Sportsmanship Award: Jeremy Reiskind

ciates night

THANKS FOR AN INCREDIBLE YEAR! content by isabel alison (‘18), design by christina tan (‘20). photos from duncan history

State of the Roounion 2016-2017  
State of the Roounion 2016-2017