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Oper ational Issues:

Securi ty of Information: Security of information is important as it to make sure that your information is secure even down to passwords for example logging on to your till with your log in number and password. This also relates back to data protection act as Dorothy Perkins have to make sure your information they have about you is safe and secure if not then they are not abiding the law.



Back up: Back up is that Dorothy Perkins or any other organisation has back up of your information, such as your personal information. It is very important because if they lose your information and have not backed it up then therefore all your information has been lost. So by making sure they have backed up on their main computers then if they misplace your information they have it backed up or if any disaster happens they have the files stored safely.

Heal th and Safe ty: Health and safety is also another important operational issue as it is important when colleagues in Dorothy Perkins such as working in the office department have to make sure when using a computer that have regular breaks, don’t work for more than 8 hours on the computer as it is bad health and safety. To not sit too close to the screen, have proper chairs to support your back and posture. To also make sure that all cables are tucked away safely when working in Dorothy Perkins. Organisational Policies: Organisational policies is a set of rules, principles and guidelines which is implemented by the organisation, For example at Dorothy Perkins there is a policy that employees can not have any food or drink behind the till due to health and safety and also it is not professional. Which therefore employees have to abide them. Any rules Dorothy Perkins have you have to abide them such as, treat customers equally and fairly, have training of using tills before you can use them and also to book your holiday 4 weeks in advance. Business Continuance Plan : Any business should have a continuance plan so if anything is to go wrong they have a backup plan, a plan b. So for example in Dorothy Perkins if information was lost or destroyed on the main computer then they would have another main computer with a different server with the work which was lost on the other main computer so therefore they have a plan b, as the information was backed up on another server. Cos ts- A dditional resources needed Cos ts and Sophis tication: Every business has costs as they have backup plans as Dorothy Perkins have to pay for their plan b so for example their software for their computers and their servers. This would be an additional resource as it is needed for their

plan b. As there new technology progressing they will have to train their staff to use different equipment which would also cost money. So the new training can be difficult for some employees which would increase sophistication in Dorothy Perkins.

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operational issues

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