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Mythology and tales are a great source of inspiration for me. Working with mixed media and materials that can evoke a sense of the past, as I have for the Hades and Persephone pieces. Inspired by Anselm Kiefer’s atmospheric images, working with simple materials such as rubbish bins and newspaper, my work evolves around the notion of the past and the present and how popular culture has prevailed in our aesthetics. Figures from popular fairytales like the seven dwarves have formed the basis of some of my observational studies and work in progress that I am developing on the concept of pop culture and image and word association. Politics and history give me an interesting context within which I place my pieces and I am always intrigued to see how an image or structure changes depending on the setting it is seen. Contrasting elements such as the past and present, the inside and outside are reoccurring in my work. How the biological forms that we have inside us can be viewed as dream like landscapes in contrast to what one sees from the outside. In relation to this idea I have been looking at the interior of the female body, as a space, influenced by the lyrics of a popular song “Your Body is Like a Wonderland�. The concept of the hollowness of the figure and how it can be viewed as an interior, filled with material delights, which are appealing to the opposite sex, to me is very interesting. In general I enjoy using a range of materials and combining them in order to develop my three dimensional work more and layer the materials accordingly, so as to create images that are more complicated and have more significance than can be seen at first sight.

Fairy Castle Height:50cm, Width: 65cm, Depth: 35cm approximately Cardboard, oil pastels on card Through my research in fairy tales and gothic architecture, I looked at how an old structure such as a castle, a recognisable symbol of fairy tales, the home of many characters, can be portrayed in a mythical setting, the completely unrealistic expectations and imagery that such a symbolic place conjures. I find the connotations and symbolisms that fairy tales have interesting and relevant to the psychological profile of many women even today, as the female characters are always shown as these beautiful fairies, with no real purpose, apart from waiting for the prince to save them, but deserve to live in a glorious and unreal situations.

It All Starts With The Best Intentions Cardboard, fabric, acetate, pencil, pastel on cardboard, 100x60x35cm approximately

Preliminary Studies Mixed media on paper, A4 workbook pages

What if you could Fly? Papier-mache on glass, 150x100x20cm approximately Influenced by the Greek myth of Icarus, this piece is about the narcisistic nature of people who believe that they can achieve anything through their own image, when in fact the reality is that image can trap you in and confine you in front of a mirror.

A4 workbook pages Pen and watercolour pencils on paper

Trapped? Pen and ink on paper, 60x80cm each

Trees Observational Studies, pencil on paper 40x50cm, 30x40cm What Lies Beneath? Watercolour pencils, inks on watercolour paper, 50x70cm each

Persephone Dress Cotton fabrics, silk, plastic paints, plastic bags, newspaper, PVA glue, lifesize. Inspired by the myth of Persephone and Hades, this dress shows the in-between stage Persephone was in, in a more contemporary version of it. The book signifies the long hostory behond the myth and how Perspehone is more a figure out of a tale, rather than an actual female with a face. She is immortalised through what she did, not what she looked like.

Your Body is a Wonderland Plaster gauge, fabrics, inks, acrylic paints, lifesize Inspired by a song, this piece looks at how the female figure is sometimes viewed as a wonderful and mysterious place, with hidden secrets.

Wonderland Inks on paper, 70160cm