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Your Body is a Wonderland Plaster gauge, fabrics, inks, acrylic paints, lifesize Inspired by a song, this piece looks at how the female figure is sometimes viewed as a wonderful and mysterious place, with hidden secrets.

A4 Workbook pages Mixed media on paper

Observational drawing Inks on paper, A4 workbook page

Observational studies of dwarves Pencil on paper, 50x70cm each

Persephone Dress Cotton fabrics, silk, plastic paints, plastic bags, newspaper, PVA glue, lifesize. Inspired by the myth of Persephone and Hades, this dress shows the in-between stage Persephone was in, in a more contemporary version of it. The book signifies the long hostory behond the myth and how Perspehone is more a figure out of a tale, rather than an actual female with a face. She is immortalised through what she did, not what she looked like.

Persephone and Hades, Gouache and pastel on paper, 60x80cm each

What if you could Fly? Papier-mache on glass, 150x100x20cm approximately Influenced by the Greek myth of Icarus, this piece is about the narcisistic nature of people who believe that they can achieve anything through their own image, when in fact the reality is that image can trap you in and confine you in front of a mirror.

A4 workbook pages Pen and watercolour pencils on paper

Trapped? Pen and ink on paper, 60x80cm each

Wonderland Inks on paper, 70160cm

A4 Workbook pages, preliminary studies Mixed media on paper

What Lies Beneath? Watercolour pencils, inks on watercolour paper, 50x70cm each

Room of Quiet Observational study, charcoal on paper, 60x80cm

Testing the Waters Gouache on paper, 40x60cm

It All Starts With The Best Intentions Exterior View

It All Starts With The Best Intentions Cardboard, fabric, acetate, pencil, pastel on cardboard, 100x60x35cm approximately

Trees Observational Studies, pencil on paper 40x50cm, 30x40cm

Preliminary Studies Mixed media on paper, A4 workbook pages

Observational study of tree Pencil on paper, 30x40cm

Preliminary Study for Persephone Chalk pastels, inks on paper, 35x50cm

Observational Study of tree Pencil on paper, 35x45cm

Explosive? Papier-mache, fabric, 35x85x11cm approximately The Myth Papier-mache, fabric, book, 45x100x20cm approximately

Insect People collage, felt tip pens, inks on watercolour paper, 50x70cm each

Art Portfolio Christina Bailan