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CHRISTIE MPAKA – 1616897 - FT4101


On this project, we have been told to create a story that represented our first week at university. The idea is to use Instagram as platform which is the social media considered as one of the most popular and most used. Through it, you can show to your followers what you do on your daily day. Plus, all our selfies, landscapes, outfits, architecture or many other subjects can be modified with different filters. Since Instagram has been updated, we can also create a story, which is a mix of pictures and short videos. Instagram has become one of the best plateform to show your creativy. By using it, you can definitely develop your creativity skills. For our story, we decided to take pictures and to record videos. We thought that having this mix could be more appealing. Basically, we took several pictures : entrance, student card, Costa coffee, lecture theatre, student tote bag and the East building. We also recorded some moments such as the tablet collection at the library, a student reading the module guide, all of this by using atypical angles of recording.



FOLLOW ME @CHRISTIEMPAKA 1st day at uni. I can't believe that I'm finally here ! #Imadeit #FashionMarketingStudent

Just got my student card. It's official ! Costa is definitely going to be my second home #muchneeded #coffee

1st lecture :Employability

USERNAME : ChristieMpaka NB OF PUBLICATIONS: 120 FOLLOWERS: 1247 BIO : A Swiss girl in London.

See you tomorrow and for the next 3 years Let's get the student life started



CHRISTIE MPAKA - 1616897 - FT4101



This week, we tried to think about 5 cases study in order to find a macro trend. Trying to be a trend forecaster consists to spend a lot of time in research which can be found on different sources such on internet, on TV, on social media, on a specific culture or simply on streets. Consequently, my group and me decided to focus on recent event covered by media that has caused a lot of reactions and also well known other issues that provoked debates. Through our research, we found out that all those issues had an impact on the population in question. They all encountered a moral pain. Firstly, we decided to research the issue of Brexit which happened recently in Great Britain. Secondly, we wanted to focus on the animal testing/animals exploitation. Then, we chose to talk about Black Lives Matter movement because of the death of several afro american people since 2013. We also wanted to talk about the LGBT community and finally about women's exploitation in poor countries. Finally, after several discussions, we came up with one concept that covered all the cases founded. Freedom seemed to be the exact trend because on the research we realized that the victims concerned needed it because they felt either oppressed, discrimated, maltreated, deprived of human rights or unfree... So basically, we decided to choose 4 pictures that represented each cases. Some pictures come from Google image and some other from Pinterest. As Pinterest suggests the possibility of creating a moodboard, it has been useful in focusing on the visual.

Roles : Christie & Aidora : Images researcher & moodboard maker Emmanuel : Finder of 1 subject Roxanne : -



CHRISTIE MPAKA – 1616897 – FT4101



This project consisted to improve our previous research which was to create a trend moodboard. Basically by moving on this new step, we decided to take away some elements and focused on only two. Then, we chose to discuss about two points for each cases. Firstly, we kept Black Lives Matter movement and and secondly LGBT. We decided to keep them because they were the most representable of our trend “freedom” and the most recent in term of events. Basically, Black Lives Matter Movement has been present in London and this summer 2016, news said « Up to 400 people joined this evening’s surprise march, chanting “no justice, no peace, no racist police.. » (Mark Chandler, 2016) The same for LGBT movement as the Gay pride happens every years. From this, we decided to talk first about the music videos such as the one from John Legend called “Love me now” and the coming out of a celebrity as a transgender. Then, we wanted to have a talk about the police brutality and the power of some black celibrities who can spread messages to the world such as Beyonce and Jesse Williams.

This project was mainly to think further about the trend. Consequently, we had to think about key facts or some ideas to be remembered. For example, we imagine that tomorrow should be better thant the present and this is what the civilization should be inspired. We also think that everybody is a human being and have the right to love who they want to love. Then, we agreed that in 2016, living in a modern and democratic society, discrimination towards LGBT or people of colour should not exist. For this presentation, we tried to concentrate on the new moodboard. We have been working on the visual by using a tone that covered all the pictures, which are from Pinterest. We've chosen nude colors and added new key words : Unapologetically black, unprisoned, identity, justice and coming out. Roles

: Christie & Aidora : Maker of the powerpoint, reseachers Roxanne & Emmanuel : Reseachers of their parts..

Source: Chandler, M. (2016 ) EveningStandard. Available at : http:// (Accessed: 8 January 2017).


Unapologetically black Unprisoned Identity Justice Coming out

Source : Pinterest


CHRISTIE MPAKA – 161687 - FT4101




During this workshop, we've been able to understand how to express our creativity through styling. This styling session was not about trying to be trendy but more about what you can do with a piece of garment. There are a lot of elements such as the design, the shape and the texture that bring a particular importance. This session encouraged us to try out some styling techniques.

S T Y L I N G /1

We decided to layer two different sizes of denim jacket by superposing them on each other. We used the long jacket as a dress in order to create an unconventional outfit. We did not button the jacket as it's supposed to be and we've noticed that it had created a special and original effect at the bottom. Then, we folded the front of the long jacket in order to show the stripes which were inside. The fact of folding the jacket added more character to the model who seems to be careless or even rebellious. We also deciced to keep her hair straight which goes well with the longline jacket. Then, in another environment, we wanted the model has a pony tail to add more character on the look. We also thought that the styling session had to be done outside. Basically the background plays a huge role as well and brings character. We found a place with red walls and machines with gratings that look industrial and it definitely matched with the ambiance that we wanted to have for the styling. Furthermore, the pictures have been taken on a low angle. The photographer had to bend down sometimes even near to the model's feet. This angle is good because the viewer focuses more on the main subject. It's also good if you want to play with the background. It allows you to first concentrate on the model and secondly to have a look on what is around. The photographer also centered the model which gives a good balance with all the elements.



Model : Angeli Stylists : Christie & Evelina Directors : Christie & Evelina Photographer : Christie Style : Edgy


S T Y L I N G 2 Another photoshoot has been done in the class room. The model has a girly look which has been simple to create. Basically, we took a jumper and and a top in a baby pink colour. We used the top as a skirt and and tied the sleeves at the front. To finish, we also added an accessory in a african way on the model's head. She has a pony tail which perfectly matches with the theme as we decided to not make something sophisticated, glamour or chic.


STYLING2 Model : Angeli Stylists: Christie & Evelina Directors: Christie & Evelina Photographer: Christie



1- Instagram 2- Working trend moodboard 3- Trend powerpoint presentation 4- Styling project

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