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Growing Women God’s Way by encouraging and equipping them to impact the world for Christ

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Correspondence and Questions should be directed to: LeadHer Ministry 3763 N. Highway H Springfield, MO 65803 USA Web: Email: LeadHer Local chapters are free to join and open to all women (high School freshman age and above). Our chapters meet twice a month to discuss a different biblically based topic and learn how to apply it to their lives and their communities. Learn more at

Š 2014 LeadHer Ministry

A Love Letter


from our Founder and Executive Director

will never forget the day God planted the vision of LeadHer in my heart. I was away for a weekend, attending a large women’s conference. On the final day of the event I stood, surrounded by thousands of women, worshiping together, when a difficult realization suddenly hit me…I had to go home. For me, this meant returning to face a new life as a single mother with three children under the age of five. I was uncertain about what my future held and I was afraid I did not have the strength to face it alone. Faith has always been a part of my life. I grew up in the church, giving my life to Jesus at Vacation Bible School when I was seven years old. However, my faith up until this point in my life had been shallow and selfserving. In many ways, my divorce forced me out of the baby pool of being a “church girl” and forced me into the deep end of learning to be a “Godly woman.” I was not sure how to make this transition. That day as I looked around the auditorium full of women from all ages and stages of life, I felt a deep craving in my spirit to go deeper in my faith, my understanding of the Bible, and my ability to apply it to my life. I felt a longing to seek out mentors and listen to other women share their wisdom and experiences with me. I longed for a group to provide me with these things that I could plug into on a regular basis in my community. I wanted more than I could get at a weekend event once or twice a year. On the drive home, I began to pray that God would somehow make this vision a reality in the world for women somehow through someone. It was a long road from that day to the day when I finally realized I was that someone. I was the person He had entrusted the vision with and He was asking me to help him fulfill. I struggled because I felt unqualified and unworthy for this work. Yet, God assured me He did not call me because I was qualified, however, He would qualify me because I was called. In the last three years, God has led amazing women in and out of this journey to help build LeadHer. Each has been instrumental in helping to make God’s vision of encouraging and equipping women of the world through Local Chapters now a reality not just in my area… but all around the world. I hope as you read the stories, testimonies, and ways God is calling us to work that you will be prayerful about how God may be inviting you to be involved in this powerful movement He has started in the 3 women of the world!

LeadHer Local

We help women discover the truth about themselves, and then develop that skill each month through discussion in our local chapters and topical teaching videos.

LeadHer Local unites women of different ages, stages, and church affiliations together through local chapters in their communities. These chapters use God’s word as the foundation to challenge each woman to see the influence and impact that she is able to make in the world around her as a LeadHer. All Women- All walks of Life Picture women in their fifties and sixties gathered around tables with teenagers as they discuss the LeadHer topic of the month. No matter what the topic is — forgiveness, time management, how to handle conflict— both generations find that they grow when they listen and learn from one another. Imagine a young mother walking into a LeadHer meeting, tired and worn from a long week. You can see the joy as she receives a hug from a woman whose youngest son just left for college. The older mom encourages the new mom that though the days seem hard, they go by quickly and need to be treasured. Think about a corporate CEO sitting at a table with a retired school teacher, a stay-at-


home mom, and a recovering alcoholic all discussing the topic of patience and finding out that they have much more in common than they would have ever imagined. As they begin to find shared hurts and struggles, they are able to share ideas and experiences with one another. Afterwards, they pray for each woman’s ability to be more patient in her daily personal situations. The titles may be different and the roles may be different… but often the struggles are the same.

Bring a Chapter to your Church or Community! Checklist to start a chapter: — Find a Co-Coordinator to lead with you — Fill out your applications — Ask people to submit references — Complete our online Jump Start training program. Jump Start guides you through the details of setting up your chapter– from finding a meeting location to securing your local sponsors. We help you every step of the way.

All LeadHers We once asked a group of 100 women how many saw themselves as a leader. Only 33% of them said that they did. Sadly, everyone of those women were making a difference in the lives of others around them somehow. Some were teachers, mothers, wives, friends, sisters, aunts, volunteers, business owners, mentors, and church leaders. Everyday, each woman was impacting and influencing someone. All 100 should have said, “I am a leader.” We want to help them all become a LeadHer!

“EVERY Woman has the potential to be a LeadHer because EVERY woman influences or impacts someone each day. A LeadHer sees that impact and chooses to be intentional about using it to impact the world around her for Christ. “ ~ Christie Love, LeadHer Founder


LeadHer Stories

In November 2011, I was on a journey in my spiritual life where I had decided I was going to say yes to whatever God called me to do. As a recently widowed, now single mom of two young children, caring for my elderly parents, and working in full-time vocational ministry, I seemed like the least likely candidate to add "LeadHer Local Chapter Coordinator" to my already very full plate. Not to mention, I have had zero experience with women’s ministry. However, the Holy Spirit had other plans and I began to take those first baby steps of obedience. God equips those He calls, and His first provision came in also calling a good friend to join me as co-coordinator. While we recognized our God is big, our faith was small. When we were preparing for our chapter launch, we hoped five women would join us. However, the God who does immeasurably more than we expect brought us more than 20 women during those first several weeks. LeadHer Seattle recently celebrated our one year chapter anniversary by hosting a night of praise in a local coffee shop, and we have had the opportunity to speak into the lives of almost 50 different women. Because we said yes to God and went outside our comfort zones, we have been blessed to see women enter into an authentic and safe community with other women where each one of us is challenged to see how we can continue to say yes as we have an impact where He has uniquely placed each one of us. — Katie Goldsmith Seattle, WA LeadHer Co-Coordinator


Have you ever been happy but not really happy? I was sad, mostly lonely. If I were diagnosing myself online it would either be pancreatic cancer, birth control symptoms or depression. Whatever. Fresh from the big city, I had few contacts and no social life when I moved back home. Work, the local grocer and church were my only stops. Boring. LeadHer, introduced to me at the church I grew up in in Alabama, was the answer to my prayer for friends and fellowship. Here, I learned joy is a choice, something one must decide to walk in. Changed my entire way of thinking. Things started picking up and blessings came down in the form of a promotion and new freelance opportunities and... more moments of joy, actual organic joy. I have new relationships with people I've known for years, developed unexpected friendships and found women that celebrate and support me. But LeadHer isn't a book club. Not just fun and foolery. In this sisterhood, we are growing in God. That's one of the best things about LeadHer. We are all everyday women dealing with kids, school, spouses, singleness and not wanting to eat less sweets and our foundation is Him. I love this organization and know it's something women worldwide need... sisters in Christ. — Erika Whitby LeadHer Opelika, AL Member



Bahamas * Colombia * Mexico* Kenya

Dominican Republic * Haiti * Togo Each month, LeadHer is blessed with the opportunity to send our lessons to women in seven other countries around the world. The lessons challenge women to go deeper in their faith with God, while also sharing the love of Jesus with women who have yet to accept Him as their Lord and Savior. In 2013, we were excited to send five LeadHers to the Dominican Republic for LeadHer’s first mission trip! From June 24 to July 1, we saw many responses to the hopeful messages of passion and purity shared by our team. Forty-two made professions of faith in Christ as their Savior; 76 made commitments to purity; 95 ladies expressed an interest in joining a women’s Bible study, and LeadHer planted eight new local chapters to speak love and truth into their lives. We were also blessed with a beautiful testimony from a Kenyan coordinator in January 2014: “Greetings from Kenya, it is a blessing to have people who can create time to


change the lives of others. The lessons we have received from you have been of great value to us. You may think you are just sending lessons to women somewhere, but the truth is, the contents of these lessons remain in us. We Listen, Learn, and Live THE LESSON. Last year, I was able to share the lessons with more than 1,000 women who are divided into 15 groups from 15 different churches here in Kenya.” Visit to learn more about how LeadHer is Growing Women God’s Way Worldwide.

2014 LeadHer Theme As LeadHers, we have each been called to serve God in a way only we can serve. Our passions and gifts are crucial pieces of this calling, but so many shy away from the life uniquely created for them. The struggle is often not in our willingness to serve, but in how to do it. We allow our fears, our routines, our uncertainties and our busyness to stand in the way of God’s unique purpose for our lives. We often settle for a good enough life when God has called us to a great life. However, LeadHers are not settling in 2014. We have realized that we are called to action and we are enlisting in training to prepare for the callings and purposes He has given us. We are bowing our heads and digging deep, gaining strength and wisdom to grow and conquer the tasks He has laid before us. This year, LeadHers are focusing on getting themselves in shape to serve as they prepare themselves for big decisions that will lead to radical transformations in their lives spiritually, physically, mentally, financially and Christie Love, Founder relationally. Our verse, Hebrews 12:10-11 MSG reads, “For our earthly fathers disciplined us for a few years, doing the best they knew how. But God’s discipline is always good for us, so that we might share in his holiness. No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening-- it’s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.” As we dive into 2014, we are excited to challenge women to practice discipline, to build endurance, to release the fears and burdens holding them back and to recognize those around them that have been called to fight with them. It will not be an easy year; however, we anticipate a year full of growth as LeadHers all over the world get themselves in shape to fulfill God’s callings and 9 purposes.

impact hundreds of lives around her through direct and indirect influence. There are several ways you can give a gift to support our ministry and sow seeds of growth and development in LeadHers all around the world: 

Support LeadHer LeadHer Local Chapters do not charge

Become a regular monthly donor by giving a gift of any size to our ministry on a monthly basis. You can sign up to be a monthly giver at our website

membership fees. Not a dime stands between a member and her ability to hear  Give a one time gift of any size to our the truth of who she is in Christ, and ministry. You can give this gift online access the teaching and training she needs or by mail. You can mail your gift to: to develop as a leader to impact the world LeadHer around her. This allows us to minister to 3763 N. Hwy H. Springfield, MO 65803 ALL women — not just those that can afford it.  Help Plant New Chapters so we can grow more LeadHers! “I am so thankful these chapters are free Each new chapter costs $2,000 to start in because on my budget I would not have a community. We ask local coordinators been able to attend otherwise.” to raise half of the expense in their ~ LeadHer Member community by securing four local sponsors each giving $250. We are able to keep our chapters free for women to join because of our sponsors The other half comes from a matching and supporters. These people and organi- $1,000 gift from a 26:12 Council member. zations understand that making a gift to These individuals are passionate about LeadHer is making an investment in the seeing women grown and equipped as life of a woman in the world. They know Godly leaders through new LeadHer Local that there is no limit to the return on that chapters and are willing to sow seeds of investment because of the immeasurable support into our ministry. ripple effect that occurs when a woman’s life is changed and her heart is challenged. To learn more about any of these ways One woman literally has the that you can support our ministry visit opportunity to touch and


Three years ago, my life changed forever. I was living my fairytale. Married to my high school sweetheart, raising my daughters as a stay-at-home mom; we were living the dream. That all came crashing down when my husband of 12 years asked me for a divorce and moved out of state. So I went from stay-at-home mom to full-time single mom. My life came crashing down around me. From that point forward, my life took some sharp turns and jagged corners but I leaned on God and knew He had a purpose and plan for my life. About a year later, I learned about LeadHer. I joined as a Director and Co-Coordinator of my LeadHer Local Chapter and finally found my passion in life! I started coordinating LeadHer’s conferences across the U.S. and internationally. The teachings we discussed every month as a chapter were deepening my faith in ways I never knew existed. I was being challenged in ways I never had before. LeadHer changed my life! I went from not knowing what my purpose was to knowing exactly what God called me to do. Within a year of working with LeadHer, God called me to

start my own ministry, SingleMomzRock, which is a local outreach for single moms. If I had not been pruned by LeadHer to be the woman God made me to be, I never would have had the courage to step out in faith and build this ministry. Because of LeadHer, God is now using me to change the lives of single moms in the Springfield, MO area. I also support LeadHer as a monthly supporter. This is not always easy being a single mom, and struggling like anyone else, but I believe in this ministry so much that I make sure that I do what I can to support them how I can. LeadHer is changing lives through their monthly teachings. They can only do this with support from you and me. I would encourage you to look at your budget, take out the frappes/lattes and decide to spend at least $10 a month towards changing a woman’s life. You never know whose life will be touched because of your generosity. Just like mine was… — Janelle Reed LeadHer Supporter


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