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David Nieper The current brand British fashion house David Nieper, comprises of womenswear, nightwear and lingerie.

David Nieper The development I have developed the David Nieper logo into something that is eye catching but will still appeal to the current consumer and is still related and recognisable for the brand. I used the current typography trend, ‘flat design’ to influence my own creation. This trend emphasises simplicity and minimalism, making it easy to read, yet it can be made visually interesting if designed in the right way.

The inspiration for my photoshoot is fashion icon Iris Apfel, with her printed clothes and statment jewellery.

The concept of my photoshoot involves a single British woman going on a cruise, and possibly meeting new people. (Whether they be male or female). The storyline running through this shoot shows the woman turning up on her own, then leaving with they friends she has met. The woman’s carefree nature allows her personality to come through, and her clothes need to match this. The photoshoot will feature designs by Leisa Hughes, a Fashion Knitwear BA (Hons) student at Nottingham Trent University.

Daytime Excursions

Glamorous Eveningwear

I have decided that for my promotional campaign, I will encorporate the cruise and fashion together by hosting a David Nieper fashion show on the ship. Each woman travelling alone will be personally invited, with a personalised invitation specifically addressed to them. From this fashion show, they will have a chance to buy clothes from off the rail immediately. By doing this they will be able to wear the designs on the ship, aiding them with their confidence.

Throughout the cruise, David Nieper associates will be around, judging the women wearing the clothes. The woman who the judges deem to have the best overall David Nieper brand spirit will win a competition of a free hamper of clothes and a discounted Royal Caribbean cruise.

David nieper  
David nieper