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Neptune was the first planet discovered by prediction rather than by observation. It came from an analysis of the variation of Uranus from its predicted orbit. Like our namesake, we at Neptune believe that we should always be focussing on the future by interpreting the current trends in the creative industries to fuel our research. As our business revolves around the future, we believe helping companies to develop environmentally sustainable

practices and outcomes is a vital step towards a competitive advantage in tomorrow’s market. We are an organisation that is socially and environmentally responsible, we embrace creativity and diversity with the objective to give brands a deeper and more visionary outlook on their market and consumers. As a consultancy we target our trends at the lifestyle, hospitality and events market such as hotels, bars cafes and spas. We feel

that all our trends are transferable to these industries. Neptune is the home of experienced creative minds that can help your company to develop a commercially viable, ‘eco-friendly’ marketing strategy. Neptune’s key belief that by helping to make companies that we work with more environmentally consciences will help them to ultimately achieve a more rounded and sustainable campaign, that results in longevity. 3

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executive summary As a brand the Soho House group is well known by influential people worldwide and highly regarded as the place be seen. In keeping with the ethos and aesthetic of Soho House we have chosen to create a discrete and sophisticated advertising campaign. With the expansion of the Soho House group over the next few years we have decided to focus on promoting the new openings. With Soho House being such a renowned location for creatives and other influential people we are aiming to create a campaign that focuses on publicising the opening of the new houses to these people. We chose to focus on the opening of Barcelona House in late 2014, the city of Barcelona was in keeping with Neptune’s ethos, being one of the worlds most eco friendly cities. And therefore our knowledge and predicted trend would fit perfectly with this opening. We propose to create an eco-friendly graffiti campaign. With the main focus on commissioning local Barcelona graffiti artists to decorate the city with eco friendly graffiti art. We noticed that Barcelona embraces graffiti as artwork as opposed to vandalism and with Soho House being a hub and support network for many

creatives; we feel that the collaboration would be perfect for the brand. We would commission six local artists to create work in their style, whilst incorporating the Soho House logo. They would use a variety of eco friendly graffiti methods including moss graffiti and clean graffiti. These artworks would appear around the city in the months leading up to the opening of Barcelona House, creating a strong hype around the opening. We will be aware of placing the graffiti in relevant locations such as near creative industry places of work and leisure. Along with this eco-graffiti campaign we aim to have a strong presence on Soho House’s social media networks. Allowing for the opening campaign to be accessed and viewed worldwide by creative people.

We would also aim for a ‘Barcelona takeover’ of a section within the Soho House magazine, House. This would create awareness for people who are already members of Soho House allowing the exclusive inside view of the campaign and new opening that their membership status would allow. We feel that this campaign showcases the Soho House group in a very positive and exciting way, plainly demonstrating their connection with the creative industry. It also allows for the new opening to be participated with and viewed worldwide. With current members and possible new members all being included on various platforms.

A twitter campaign, which people in Barcelona, will be encouraged to photograph the graffiti and tweet it to the twitter page @barcelonahouse. After tweeting their image they will be replied to with a link and password that will take them to a mini website that outlines the campaign, with more information on the artists involved, membership and the opening itself.


soho house

When working with the Soho House Group Neptune felt it was important to make an advertising campaign that would be discrete to members of the public who were unaware of the Soho house group but eye-catching and exciting to people who could be possible new members. Soho House is a company that rarely advertise and when they do they are careful to place the advertising in key locations. Such as having there magazine ‘House’ placed in selected Virgin Atlantic airport lounges. Another key point to their advertising is the different ways they aim to portray themselves. The open Soho House website, which anyone can access, portrays the more corporate side of 6

the brand, with information about each House, memberships and bookings. In contrast to this the private members website is much more creative and playful. Appealing to the possible creative industry members they are aiming to attract. Along with this online presence through their websites, Soho House also has a strong social media presence that would be perfect to follow along side any possible advertising campaign. The Soho House twitter has over 30,000 followers and tweets regularly about upcoming events and competitions running with their members. Alongside their main twitter account each house has its own twitter account by

which they can post tweets that are more relevant to their area and house. They also have a smart phone app for the magazine that can be accessed only by there members. One of Soho houses main methods of promotions is through holding events and being associated with the right people. The after party for the Brit awards is always held at Soho House. Giving Soho house an amazing platform for promotions as the party is featured throughout relevant publications, with perfect celebrity endorsement. They also hold many more low-key events such as film and art events that would attract any possible member to want to be

soho house

involved. They also, support War Child the charity, and put on fundraising events such as their house festival.

houses opening in Mumbai, Chicago, Istanbul and Barcelona to follow. We have decided to focus on the opening of the BarceNeptune feels that Soho lona House as we feel that House is a brand that is the creativity of the city of already very well established Barcelona fits so perfectly among the creative induswith the Soho House brand tries. With membership and Neptune’s beliefs and being highly sought after and would be ideal and interestrequested. ing to promote. It is also the nearest house to the flagThis is why with the anship London houses and nouncement of the expancould be seen as any Soho sion of Soho House opening House London members five new worldwide locaperfect get away location. tions; we felt this would be the perfect place for a new advertising campaign, with many new members and clients needed to fill the new spaces. The first of the new houses has just opened in Toronto with planned 7

customer profile

When creating our advertising campaign we had to be aware of appealing to both new and existing members of other houses. Soho House aims for its clientele to be people within the creative industries, and the individual venues are an exclusive place to meet, network and stay. The new opening of this Barcelona House will attract potential new members, so we have chosen the placements of the eco-graffiti very carefully to attract the right clientele. The Soho House group is strongly renowned by creatives globally and we aim for our target audience in Barcelona to reflect our ethos. The eco-friendly graffiti will be 8

placed around the workplaces of creative industries in the city, aiming for it to be found by the right customer. Neptune has attempted to also keep our campaign appealing to Soho Houses current customer. The current customer and target market is ideally the young or established professional within the creative industry. These customers are who are currently making up the majority of the people who use Soho Houses facilities. From research Neptune found that some of the industries that use Soho House are film, media, music, arts and fashion; we have decided to target locations in which these industries are based around

Barcelona. Soho House also appeals to graduates from these industries and therefore we have chosen to advertise at universities in order to capture this new audience. The fact that memberships are more reasonably priced for the younger market demonstrates that Soho House are aiming at the younger creative and understand the importance of appealing to up and coming professionals. We feel that our discrete and creative concept allows publicity to both new and existing customers and we feel that it would be successful in targeting relevant people, as this is a very important factor.


Budget Given: £40,000 Graffiti costs: Reverse/Clean Graffiti: Stencil 1m x 1m - £100. 20 Stencil Impressions would cost just £400 30 Impressions - £500 50 - £800 100 - £1400

Ecos Atmosphere Purifying Paint - coverage 60m²/5L per coat Colours - £112.36 White - £107.93 Moss Graffiti – Main Ingredients

Eco Paint:

Water Retention Gel ( – 200g - £8.15 Buttermilk (frontiercoop. com) 450g - £13.00

Ecos Super Chalky Wall paint – coverage 50m²/5L per coat

Magazine Printing: Recycled paper – per 100 £10

Colours - £45.43 White - £40.06

Graffiti Artists costs: Free membership/£1500 9


Barcelona seemed like the most obvious choice for Neptune to promote as the city links very clearly with our sustainable living trend and it’s creative routes provides ample opportunity for scope with our advertising campaign. Barcelona was a finalist for the Green Capital Award in October 2012, being one of the most walk able cities in Europe and having over 156km of bike lanes. And, even if walking isn’t for you, there variety of eco friendly transport


methods, such as electric trams and hydrogen buses, which are still very much in keeping with the eco friendly way of living within the city. The forward thinking city has also placed solar panels on the majority of its new builds within the past few years. It will be hosting the International Conference on Sustainable Building in 2014, drawing the world’s attentions to the cities new sustainable concepts. Barcelona is also very well

known for its beautiful architecture. Barcelona also is renowned for its creativity, with the work of Gaudi creating and influencing the face of this beautiful city. Neptune feels that with Soho House’s strong ties to the creative industries it was important to take Barcelona’s creatives into considerations when creating out campaign to make sure it was contemporary and relevant.


Casa Camper is a quirky boutique hotel opened by the eponymous, eco-friendly shoe line. The hotel claims to be the first in the world to install solar panels for heating water and to offer a water-recycling system in every room. It also supplies hammocks and free bikes for guests. Be sure to notice the cheeky signs placed throughout: Use the Stairs, Recycle, Stop Smoking, Slow Down, Conserve Water, Use Condoms, and Just Go for a Walk. For those who prefer a more plush setting, Neri Hotel & Restaurante is a restored eighteenth-century palace that retains period décor, including a lounge/library overlooking the Gothic Quarter—but the solar panels on the roof are quite modern.


Barcelona is one of the most walkable cities in Europe, so

it’s easy to get around with nary a drop of gasoline. For a pedestrian introduction to the city’s boho charm, stroll under canopies of trees, starting from the ocean-view end of Las Ramblas (above), a street where artisans sell their wares and mimes entertain passersby, and then head up to Antoni Gaudí’s great, unfinished Sagrada Família basilica. Afterwards, catch the sunset at his nearby psychedelic hilltop garden of mosaics, Parque Güell (below left). (Gaudí was a big fan of preserving natural light in his structures because of its positive effect on the spirit.) Or traverse the city by bicycle. Barcelona’s spacious avenues allow an extensive system of bike lanes to accommodate Bicing, a public bike-sharing system started last year. It’s currently only available for residents, but you can rent your own bike for around 25€ a day from Bike Rental Barcelona. Too weary for biking or walking? Hydrogen buses are on the way. After successful trial runs, the city plans to expand its hydrogen fleet. (For now, you can take an ordinary public bus for 1.25€.)


The city has a hopping market scene with plenty of food vendors to inspire its nouveau Mediterranean cuisine. The Mercado de la Boqueria (above), which opened in 1840, is the city’s oldest market; its 250 stalls offer a wide array of produce, meats, and fish. You can also grab a bite or a beer at one of the ten restaurants in-

side. Fresh, organic foods can also be found across town at the new Mercat de Santa Caterina, which features an undulating roof of colorful tile and wood designed by the city’s hottest architects. Barcelona is reputed to have more than half of Spain’s vegetarian restaurants, too. One of the most popular, La Báscula, is a hippie-chic, co-op café located around the corner from the Museu Picasso. Order an organic caña (beer) and check out the progressive flyers in the front hall as you wait for your table. For a trendy take on the ovo-lacto-veggie menu (there are vegan options as well), head to Sesamo in the Raval eighborhood, where you can listen to ambient music while sipping natural fruit juice.


Barcelona’s city dwellers are both stylish and eco conscious to the max. Visit La Manual Alpargatera for a pair of traditional Catalonian espadrilles made with natural vegetable-fiber (hemp, jute, esparto grass) soles and cotton or linen uppers. They’re heavenly for both street and beach walking. Or take home a cool messenger bag from Demano (the name means handmade, see below). The patchwork pop art design is comprised of recycled materials like PVC polyester from banners promoting cultural events. Everyone in Barcelona—where refashioned design is called “trashion”—has one. One person’s trashion is another person’s killer souvenir.

With its rehabilitated gothic buildings, hydrogen bus pilot program, and liberal use of solar power, Barcelona is one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world—and one of the most stylish. The approximately 113,000-square-foot solar panel located on the Forum Esplanade is the perfect symbol of the city’s unique blend of aesthetics and sustainability: The architectural jaw-dropper supplies enough electricity for the public utility system to reduce carbon emissions by 440 tons per year. Check out what else Spain’s natural sweetheart by the sea has to offer.

eco-friendly barcelona



sustainable living During recent years the world has been shaken by many extreme weather events, such a drought and flooding, this year continual US saw its hottest summer for 142 years. The weather is becoming wilder and more variable as well as getting hotter. Many scientists are asking if climate change is to blame for these devastating disasters and freak incidents. Over the past century the earth’s surface temperature has increased by 0.8 C on average and our everyday actions are impacting on this extreme weather. We all know that are travel methods are a key impacts on our changing environment, with some parts of the earth showing the highest levels of carbon dioxide ever seen. We can now all see the tremendous effects, with a recent poll showing that 82% of people have reported personally experiencing extreme weather (New Scientist, 2012). Along with oil running out, this is pushing people to think about using new more sustainable ways of live. Over 40% of household waste was recycled in England in the years

2010/11 compared to 11% in 2000/01 (New Scientist, 2012). Not only are people trying by adjusting their home lives, but also so are many large manufactures. Currently the US is fuelling the rise in renewable energy, with many rules being enforced to support renewable and sustainable development. Most American gas is already mixed with 10% ethanol to reduce pollution, by making combustion more complete. Keeping on this theme one of the main trend drivers is the fuel company BP who have released an alternative energy diversion, starting with solar power they have now moved onto looking into wind power and bio fuels. However, none of these things are yet to be perfected and people are looking to the future for more reliable answers with less negative effects. Elias Siores from the Institute of Materials Research is working on developing a renewable energy generator for all seasons, as there are many flaws with weather related renewables. It is only in

its testing stages at the moment and can only produce enough energy to charge a mobile phone. Siores is also looking into creating energy generating clothing as his next project. Many others are working to improve our situation; Philippe Starck has designed a luxury bathroom tap that uses 3.5 litres per minute, without the user noticing, compared with an average tap that uses 7. With Global Warming and lack of non-renewable resources people are already taking steps to improve our future. By 2015 these realities will be too serious to ignore and we will all have to adapt to improve our situation. Brands will also need to keep themselves environmentally friendly to make themselves more appealing and desirable to the customer. A recent example of this is Chanel’s SS13 show with Wind Turbines lining the catwalk, although Lagerfeld stated being green wasn’t his starting point, this still stirred up quite a storm on twitter.



After our trends of Underwater Evolution and Sustainable Living being selected, we at Neptune started to research different types of environmentally friendly advertising. We focused our research around street advertising, with the idea to commission local graffiti artists in Barcelona to create their own take on the Soho House Barcelona logo. Clean graffiti, also known as ‘reverse graffiti’ is exactly as it sounds. Using a high power washer, the artist can decide what pattern to create by simply cleaning away the dirt to create artwork. This process is fast and can be of high impact when created in the right places. A ‘Big Brother’ eye was etched into a road sign in Leeds by world famous street artist 14

Moose. This is particularly inspiring as it was just the logo of the Channel 4 show, which people would see and wonder what it meant until they recognised it on television, almost subliminal messaging. Unlike conventional latex paints, natural paint is made with abundantly available materials such as clay, chalk and earth. It is also bio-degradable and micro porous meaning it

allows the surface to ‘breathe’. Natural paints can be more expensive than conventional paints but the benefits are obvious. Chalk advertising is a straight forward process using a chalk spray which is 100% non-toxic. Stencils are applied to the floor and the chalk spray is applied. They can last up to three months and will not wear away with traffic, weather or foot-


fall. They are becoming more and more popular, with recent customers including H&M, Lynx and Ikea. H&M’s chalk advertisement caught our attention because a H&M logo was sprayed onto the street of Seattle, US, along with ‘Opens September 12th, University Village’. This idea created excitement about the new opening by a temporary eye catching piece which is similar to something we want to create. Moss graffiti is a very interesting and innovative type of graffiti. It is entirely eco-friendly and is very simple to create; all you need is moss, water and buttermilk. The mixture

is painted onto a wood or concrete area and the moss grows to the outline that is created. Moss graffiti is becoming popular around the world and many artists are using it to create eye catching pieces around cities. Designer Anna Garforth has produced typography in moss, as well as leaves. We at Neptune have chosen to

use moss graffiti as our type of advertising because of its environmentally friendly connotations. Another factor is that it can be easily applied in any design that the commissioned graffiti artists choose. The moss will disappear over time which is another reason for our choice, as it will create mystery and excitement in a subtle way around the opening of Barcelona House. 15


Company University

Company Advertising Agency

Company Film Production

The UB is considered the best University in Spain (The Times Higher Education Supplement). Hosting a wide range of courses, including many creative degrees; the campus plays host to a large representation of students from all around the world, making it perfect publicity for not only the new House in Barcelona, but all Soho house buildings world wide.

One of the largest advertising agencies in the country. Philosophy of global communication with a team dedicated to finding new ways if innovative communication. As an international business they could use Soho House for communication purposes; meeting with new clients worldwide.

SP is formed of three departments: creative factory, production service and action shooting. Made up by a group of creatives, art directors, writers, web designers, online strategists, producers, directors, DOP’s, editors and a wide team of experienced professionals. They have worked with companies such as Playstation and have worked on films such as Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Location Location Location Gran Via de Les Corts Cat- Via Augusta, 281, 08017, Bar- C/Tamant, 169 4.1, 08015, alanes, 58508007, Barcelona celona Spain. Barcelona Spain. Spain.



Company Publishing

Company Architecture and Interior

Company Co-working Space

Le Cool is an independent publishing company based in Barcelona. Publishes and weekly online magazine concerning events and places within European cites, as well as looking at film and art. They also produce a collection of ‘weird and wonderful’ guidebooks for five European cities including Barcelona. They are well known for working closely with local designers and creatives.

Hop! Design is a studio based company focusing on architecture, interior and design and products. The studio is home to a team of varied creatives, from architects and decorators to graphic designers and photographers.

Co-working space for creatives in central Barcelona. Created with the aim of providing design space at affordable prices for entrepreneurs, self-employed people or freelancers to work and meet with clients. Also offers meeting and training rooms rental.

Location Location Location Plazuela Montcada, 3, 080003, C/Antic de Sant Joan, 13, C/Balmes n 167, 3rd 2nd, Barcelona, Province of Barce- 08003, Barcelona, Spain. 08008, Barcelona, Spain. lona, Spain.




meaning fish in Spanish, began graffiti painting in 1999, living up to his tag by inco-operating fish into most of his graffiti designs. Pez is another graffiti artist Soho House have decided to collaborate with. With his canvas

based on industrial walls and abandonded buildings he says he ‘paints with the world.’ Pez and his infectious smiling fish are now a well-known celebrity in Barcelona. his signature work has become a ‘smiling fish’. He expressed his interest

in underwater life by creating an entire room painted like it was under the sea in a recent exhibition.

I love store shutters and rubbish walls at the center of the city. I’m looking for places that my pieces will remain for the longest time possible.

- Graffiti Artist Pez Pescao 18


That’s why I love the idea of someone happening to discover my work. That’s how mysteries can be created and why I always try to play with the enviornment.

- Graffiti Artist Mesa


born street artist Manuel Mesa Delgado is one of the first of six artists we’re collaborating with to comission a design where they incorperate the Soho House logo within their own work around the streets of Barcelona, using moss graffiti, clean graffiti and bio-degradable paint. Mesa is one of the few artists amongst us who sees spaces in a different way than most do, he has a fondness of hidden places such as

a broken-down truck or a littered car park. He has the ability to take something abandonded and forgotten and turn it into a canvas for his ‘realism’ graffiti. Mesa’s philosophy of art is similiar to the philosophy of the message for the release of Soho House Barcelona. This is a chance for local graffiti artists to showcase and promote their work and Soho House, and also to spread the

message for the new opening whilst keeping it’s exclusivity. His work is very detailed and involves faces and people, so would be interesting to see how he will interpret the logo.




If globalization is characterized by disjointed flows that generate acute problems (...) a positive force that encourages emancipatory politics Zosen is originally from Argen- work consists of abstract symbols of globalization is the role tina and his reputation in Europe and characters that communicate of imagination in social life. is growing. He lives and works with the city, sometimes without permission. work is bright and eye catching. He has collaborated with other graffiti artists often showing he is open to different ideas, which is ideal for Soho House looking to collaborate with such like-minded people.

- Graffiti Artist Zosen


in Barcelona but has also created street art in London and Paris. He was a keen skateboarder while growing up, which shaped his interest in graffiti. Later in life his art work was heavily influenced by punk culture. Zosen’s 20

tv boy Salvatore Benintende, whose

artist name is TVBOY is an Italian artist and currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. TVBOY began creating graffiti and street art when he was 16 and went on to graduate in Industrial Design. He has since had shows in several galleries around Europe, been involved with street events and even collaborated with international brands such as Mini, Nike and Nescafe. TVBOY now runs a design studio in Barcelona, which deals with graphic design, illustration and licensing of art related merchandise. TV Boy can be beneficial to the campaign because he is an exciting artist and he has previously used wheatpaste for projects which is environmentally friendlier than spray cans, showing that he is eco conscious.



this is the writing and art of our time

- Graffiti Artist TV Boy



artist we’ve decided as ideal to collaborate with is 22 year old painter, illustrator and graffit artist Aryz. Originally based in Barcelona, his huge scale wonders can also be found around the world from New

York to Germany. He manages to transform grey industrial walls outside the city into works of art. He works mainly with spray paint and rollers, and creates varied and colourful figures such as skulls, animals, humans and still

life. Soho House decided to collaborate with Aryz because of his ability to create such intricately detailed and stunning works on large canvas’with no need of a stencil, so he is ideal for our chalk graffiti method.


Style is the limit.

- Graffiti Artist Aryz 22

mina hamada

Mina Hamada is original-

ly from New Orleans in the United States, but grew up in Japan. She only began creating street art when she moved to Barcelona in 2010 as she was immediately inspired by the already colourful and decorated streets. Mina’s talents do not stop at graffiti; she makes

books, small illustrations and even writes stories. Mina huge array of talents, can see her using her illustration skills to be different to all the others. Her abstract work would be perfectly translated into the proposed bio-degradable paint method. 23


M Hamada,

As part of our campaign we have created a Twitter account to promote and connect to future as well as current members of Soho House. Although Barcelona House won’t be in any mainstream media during 2014 we’ve decided to incor24

porate our trend of Sustainable Living with eco-friendly art culminating in a discreet Twitter campaign. It will include us working with 6 graffiti artists from around Barcelona The artists will be allowed complete freedom to produce their own designs

with our proposed mediums of graffiti; moss, reverse/ clean graffiti and bio-degradable paint etc. although they will be including the Barcelona House logo somewhere within their designs.


The graffiti will be designed in various locations that hold host to particular creative industries. However none of the chosen locations will be announced. We will then be asking our followers to find the graffiti and tweet a photo to @

SBarcelonaHouse, which will then be replied to with a tweet back containing direct link with login details to an exclusive website created for Barcelona House, this holds information about Barcelona House, what is good to do around Barce-

lona, eco friendly ways of getting around Barcelona, how to become a member and more information on the campaign.



To promote our campaign further, we at Neptune have decided to feature Barcelona House in a section of the quad annual Soho House magazine called ‘House’. House magazine is an online magazine that the public can access. Only a few hundred copies are printed and placed in all of the Houses, Cowshed Spas and Virgin Atlantic Lounges.

members are just as important. This is why we have decided to feature Soho House Barcelona in House magazine to reach out to and inform the current members of the Houses. It will be an extra promotional platform that can be accessed worldwide by members and non-members alike.

The section will include all the relevant information Although Neptune realise it is about Soho House Barcelona, highly important to gain new a summary of the on-going members for the Houses, we campaign, profiles on the six also realise that the current commissioned graffiti artists 26

and ‘new Barcelona House members’. It will also include a guide of ‘eco-friendly’ places to go around the city that would interest the creative Soho House customer. The places are also all a short walk from the Soho House Barcelona site. This should help to inspire current members to come to the new house by presenting them with interesting locations for visiting, along with other facts about Barcelona and its creative network. Virgin Atlantic lounges are


all over the globe, including London, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Johannesburg. They are open to Upper Class passengers and Flying Club Gold members only. Members of the Flying Gold Club can earn air miles when they fly with Virgin and its sister companies, meaning frequent travellers will be in the lounges. On their website they state that the Clubhouses ‘feel like a private members club’. This shows that Virgin Lounges customers will often be part of members clubs, meaning House magazine is something

they would be interested in. Interestingly, Gatwick and Heathrow Virgin lounges have Cowshed Spas. The Soho House group also have Cowshed spas in a few of their houses, including Shoreditch, Berlin and New York, with plans to open one in Miami. This would be another factor making Virgin lounges similar to a Soho House as the ‘House’ magazine can be found here.

ble paper, tying in with the Sustainable living trend and promoting this to its readers. Readers will also then possibly be drawn to this section due to the different texture of the paper. Neptune believe House magazine is the perfect platform for the new Soho House Barcelona, it targets all the right people in the right places and reaches out to the Soho House customer.

The edition of House magazine will be printed on recycled and fully recycla27

augmented reality app

Barcelona House is due to open in late 2014 and Neptune as a company are always looking for new ways to push their promotion in a futuristic way. Barcelona as a city is very forward thinking, with strong advances in eco-technology and we feel that Neptune can add to this progressive society with part of our advertising campaign. Which we feel ties in with our previous trend ‘Body Archtecture’. We feel that society is always looking for new ways of interacting and viewing the world around them. This is especially true for the creative community that Soho House is aiming their brand at. Due to this we feel that the upcoming releases and existing ‘augmented reality app’ would be a perfect future progression for this advertising campaign. 28

The Augmented Reality Apps aim to enhance a person’s current perception of reality, making the world more interactive for the viewer. A key example of the future of augmented reality is the Google augmented reality glasses, officially named ‘project glass’. However these glasses are not yet available to the public but are in the testing stages. An example of an app that has been released is the Acrossair browser. This app allows the customer to access local data companies and big name brands all in augmented reality view. Creating this app would create a perfect platform to interact with the members; giving them advice on travelling in Barcelona by leaving pins on relevant creative places. We would also allow for the members themselves to leave pins

around the city. Creating a way for members to network and even promote themselves to other members within the city. We would aim to give possible members within Barcelona an exclusive free download of the app. Allowing them to feel welcomed and excluded into the Soho House brand and also allowing them to put there pins down to promote themselves and their favourite places in the city to existing visiting members. Not only being beneficial to the Soho Houses members in Barcelona but also the existing members who will be able to download the app when arriving at Barcelona House. They will be able to gain access to the pins that the creative Barcelona residence have already put down; creating a personal city guide from Soho house members.


Neptune feels this campaign concept is effective as it can be translated to other future Soho House openings. We also feel that the promotion of the houses can be taken to the next level and expanded with an opening party or a members event. As Soho House has a strong connection with Virgin Atlantic, with the House magazine being present and featured in many of their airport lounges. A collaboration could be created, by which many important and influential Soho House members from around the world could be flown over to experience the new opening. This would keep the strong bond between Soho House and its members whilst creating public-

ity through word of mouth from some of the most significant members. With Soho opening new Houses in four other locations worldwide over the next two years we feel that promotion of these houses in creative and experimental ways would be just as important. However, we must be conscious to tailor each campaign to the city, as this is something that Soho House excels at.

focus on luxury, we would look into focusing a film or fashion festival event. With the Bollywood a-list being offered a free membership in return for their attendance.

Neptune feels that with the opening of Mumbai House we would look into promoting mainly to Bollywood actors and actresses. With Mumbai having many Bollywood studios and a strong




Neptune feels that our proposal would be fitting for Soho House because the promotion would be in keeping with the Soho House’s existing discreet marketing strategies. Alongside this, the idea is something that is original enough to hold the attention of people who see it and it hasn’t been done before by the brand. We have our trend of Sustainable Living prevalent throughout the proposal, with the artists using an assortment of eco-friendly graffiti. We feel this has a positive impact and will reflect Soho House as a brand. Environmentally friendly design would attract many new members in the correct industries that Soho House is aiming at. This is especially fitting in a city such as Barcelona, with a strong regard and devotion to sustainable ways of life and as a city that openly embraces graffiti as art as opposed to vandalism. Promotion will be placed in areas that are deemed relevant to the target audience.

The placement of graffiti in creative areas of the city allows for the right clients and prospective members to be targeted. It also clearly demonstrates one of the key ideas of Soho House that it is a place for creatives to meet, network and stay. With the use of the twitter campaign, people will be intrigued by the graffiti that is appearing around Barcelona with the handle ‘@barcelonahouse’ underneath and the Barcelona House logo incorporated within the design. Persuading the desired creative industry members to travel to places of other creative industries, instantly establishing a feeling of community between these people, which is key to Soho House’s morals and beliefs. As the graffiti is created by local artists, this represents Soho House in extremely positive way, showing that they have the ability to nurture and support young, rel-

evant talent within Barcelona. This collaboration could also inspire the aspiring creatives to become associated with Barcelona House, creating a whole new target audience for possible membership such as graduates. Overall, we feel that this campaign would be beneficial to Soho House as it demonstrates positive association with sustainable living and the support of local artists, alongside generating awareness of the opening in a subtle manner. Therefore making sure that the relevant people in Barcelona are excited and interested in opening of the House. It allows a platform for a wide range of relevant people in Barcelona to gain membership along with worldwide publicity for the brand though the use of the twitter campaign, magazine and app allowing for members around the world to be involved in this exciting and creative advertising campaign.



bibliography index.html,zosen/Interesting


Integrated Producer| Sibel Ekemen Art Director| Emma Lydon Copywriter| Leah Kavanagh Strategist| Ellen Robinson Creative Director| Christie Wilson Neptune HQ Office: Floor 2 Google Campus 4-5 BONHILL STREET LONDON EC2A 4BX

Soho House Marketing Report  

Marketing Report/ Proposal created for client Soho House

Soho House Marketing Report  

Marketing Report/ Proposal created for client Soho House