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Welcome to our year in review We wanted to celebrate all the service we were able to be a part of and how God worked through us this year. If you are interested in joining us at the beach to serve surfers, support surf events and surf organizations, contact us at To find out what we have going on log onto our website at

We had been praying for people and communities that we wanted to see be impacted by Christ through Christina Surfers. The community we prayed for was Ft. pierce and as the summer neared we felt that we were being called to spur this chapter creation along by showing those at Ft. Pierce what we were all about. We chose to take the warm summer months and the attraction of low tide to step up, set up and serve. We had a great turnout and every month that we met there we had a larger turnout than the previous month. At the end of the summer we continued to receive email asking if we were meeting at Ft. Pierce and when we would start up again. In October we were notified that there was a group very interested in starting a Ft Pierce Chapter and we are currently in communication with them.

This past has been another great year. We have been blessed with opportunities to:   

share the Gospel with over 200 surfers at Mama G’s paddle out serve over 1000 surfers at the NSSA East Coast Surfing Championships provide manpower, lunch and the gospel of John to over 1000 surfers during the Quiksilver King of the Peak

If it were not for the support of people such as yourself and the on hand assistance we would never be able to be a light at the beach the way we are. We are called to be light and salt and we have seen that light reflected and that salt changing lives.

Year In Review  

A year in revies for Christian Sufers Sebastian Inlet. Follow our year and service in the surf community. Reaching lost surfers for the Glo...

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