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O sing unto the Lord a new song: Sing unto the Lord, all the earth. Sing unto the Lord, bless His name; Shew forth His salvation from day to day. Declare His glory among the heathen, His wonders among all people. Psalm 96:1-3

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Congratulations Kali Rose on your Number 1 Charting Song

“Jesus On The Jukebox” November, 2016 Christian Servant Magazine’s Country For The Good Life Top 100

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on your Number 1 Charting Song,

“Good News Travels Fast” December, 2016 Christian Servant Magazine’s “Country For The Good Life” Top 100

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God and Government by Jimmy R. Price

This year has been one of the craziest that I can remember to say the least. The presidential race was the most unusual one in modern times. Many people have become very displeased and even fed up with our government and the way that our so-called leaders have been conducting themselves. It seems that our nation has been swiftly moving away from God, His laws and His principles. This raises some very good questions about our responsibilities to God and to government, also what role each should have in the way our country moves forward with the new administration. For Christian Americans, we have a great example taught to us by Jesus Himself. In Matthew 22:21 he said, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” Even though in this particular case He was addressing the paying of taxes, the truth He was teaching applies to other areas of life as well. We have a responsibility to Government, but an even greater one to God! We must remember: Government is Not God! Some things we need to consider as Christians: I. Our responsibility to Government “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” The Bible teaches that we should do these: Obey the laws of our government and our country. Pay taxes to the government to support it. Pray for our leaders to carry out their duties. We must remember that God ordained government for our good and that it has a necessary purpose for the better of a nation of people. II. Our responsibility to God “and unto God the things that are God’s.” We must also Obey God’s laws. His laws are given to use for our good and we should love, respect and keep them to please Him. We must also Honor God in all that we do and show Him the respect that He deserves. Whenever His law and man’s law conflict, we must obey God! In my opinion, we have a serious problem in our country today! We have “rendered unto Caesar…..the things that are God’s.” We have allowed the government to take control of things that belong to God. One example of this is in the area of LIFE. God is the Creator and giver of life, but we have allowed our government (the Supreme Court) to decide that an unborn baby is not really a life and that a mom has the right to end that life if she wants to. This is murder and no one has the right to give or take life except God. Another example is in the area of MARRIAGE. God is the author of marriage!!! Jesus said, “In the beginning God made them male and female; for this cause, a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife.” Our government (Supreme Court) decided that marriage must be “redefined” so that men could marry men and women could marry women. God does not accept his decision, and we shouldn’t accept it either. Our government has even gone so far as to tell us that we must be willing to accept a person’s “gender” as being whichever that person decides that they want it to be. However God, not government, determines the gender of a person even before they are born, as He has a divine purpose for each human being including their gender. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 6

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Because of these and other examples of getting things backwards, we now as a nation are facing a crisis in the direction that we are headed in. Here are some of the critical issues: Religious Liberty - Race Relations - Radical Islam - Free Speech 2nd Amendment - Liberal Biased News Media - Uncontrolled Debt - Illegal Immigration - Supreme Court - Unbelievable Corruption - Arrogant Leaders. It is time for Christians to stand up and take back these things from the government, and give them back to God! Psalm 33:12 says, “Blessed in the nation whose God is the Lord…” The government is only a tool to be used by God to accomplish His will for His people. What we really need to give back to God is our hearts. II Chronicles 7:14 says, “If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face; and then turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, I will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Government is necessary and it has an important purpose, but God is our only hope! So as Jesus said, ”render unto God the things that are God’s.”

America – bless God!

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What Is Success? by Roger Barkley, Jr.

Some say the success of a person is measured by their bank account. Some say the car they drive, the clothes they wear, the house in which they live or the status in their community. I recently was made aware of some things that I count as success. It is a great thing as a Christian Artist to be on the charts to hopefully reach different areas for your ministry or let new people hear the message God gave you in song. The list of awards and nominations can make you feel that you have achieved greatness. Some may say that is a success and though I will agree it is a great thing, I feel there is a greater success. I was told that there were children listening to my music on their PlayStation. Every large white van he thinks is our ministry van. My niece would not go to sleep without my cd playing in her room. My nephew knows every word to my songs. My daughters and wife see that there is a need for help in this world so they are pursuing their degree in Christian Counseling. Chambers of Commerce are allowing Gospel Music to be performed in a secular event. Seeing your son and daughter-in-law make sure a child is cared for and not lost in the system. Seeing your niece come to know the Lord in one of your concerts. Accomplishing being married to a Proverbs 31 Woman for so many years without messing things up. Being able to perform with some of the people you used to listen to on the radio when you were a kid. Being named to board of directors, church boards, etc. all of these things are great accomplishments to which there is no doubt and by no means are small tasks. They are also things that could and have not been accomplished by one’s self. If not for the direction and power of the Holy Spirit, a praying wife, caring mom and dad, loving family and friends, none of this list would be achievable. To me there are three major successes that go hand in hand. I Know Jesus. That in itself is an understatement since all of hell actually knows who he is. We must not know him in name only but know him as a best friend. Know him not only as a savior, but as Lord and a leader of your life. Someone you talk to all of the time. Not just when you have a wish list or a gimme list. Not just run to when you have a problem and then when things are fine never hear from again until the next crisis as some bad weather friends we all know. He Knows Me. It is not like that phone call where you have to give your name because they do not know your voice. When I call out He knows my voice. Just like any parent, in a crowd of people you can hear your child cry out over the top of all the noise when something is wrong. He knows my thoughts. He knows the situations I am going through and is there for me when no one else is. He loves me so much he gave his life for me. Since He knows me he will say “Enter in though good and faithful servant.” To me that tops any and all Earthly success that I ever accomplish here. That’s why I do what I do, why I go where I go, why I sing what I sing, tell what I tell. Jesus Christ is the saving power this world needs today and forever. These three things are the greatest successes a person can have.

So…. What is your success? Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 8

The Greatest Gift Of All by Tina Wakefield It’s that time of year again when gifts have been given and received a time when many are thrilled with delight while some are overcome by disappointed. Expectations of a gift can cause many to measure their happiness by the cost of such items and their disappointment by comparison to another’s gift. Funny how we can rate someone’s love for us by the cost of a gift isn’t it? What do you think of when I say blessings or gifts? “Boy they are really blessed!” Do you think of money or some item they have just received or purchased? Most people think of “things “when we talk of being blessed or receiving a gift. Blessings come in many different forms but most people think it is in the form of money. Sometimes money is not a blessing, neither are possessions- sometimes they change people- for the worse. Have you ever known someone who received a great monetary gift or expensive item? At times they live their life focused on protecting the gift never reaping the joy in the gift. They hide the money to protect it from a thief, they lock up the costly item to prevent theft and it being broken, never able to fully enjoy it’s comfort or beauty. This type of gift becomes a burden instead of a gift of enjoyment. Do we ever really stop to think that a “Gift” cost someone something whether it be money to purchase it with, or skill and time to create the gift, everything has a price. I challenge each one of us to take account of the value we place on the gifts we receive. Is it the price tag, the name brand, or the prestige that we value, or the time and love spent in searching for just the right item that meets their need? I wrote a song many years ago entitled “The Greatest Gift of All”. When you think of your gifts this year, let the words of this song guide the way we value the gifts we receive. “ The greatest gift of all was sent from above, the greatest gift of all came wrapped in swaddling cloth. Oh the Father sent the greatest gift of all. You may wrap your little dolls, your toy trains and racing cars. But the gifts around the tree remind you and me, that the Father up above He wrapped the greatest gift of love, when He sent his only Son for you and me. There’s a cross upon my tree to remind you and me, that Christmas, really isn’t free. For it came with a price when it cost my Savior’s life, when He died upon the cross for you and me!” During our time of celebrations, and gift giving this year, let’s remember the monetary value of something does not hold the “true value” of the gift. The true value of a gift is in the sacrifice of the giver of the gift. I choose to live life everyday as a gift from my Heavenly Father, and honor each day as so. When our feet touch the floor, and we breathe that first morning breath, we have just received the ultimate giftone more day of life.

You can purchase Tina’s music on her website!

You can also visit Tina at:

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From the Desk of Dr. Terry D. Davis by Terry Davis “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” John C Maxwell

Anyone out there choosing to be a failure? Did anyone get up one day and say, “My goal today is to fail!” No! Everyone wants to be a success! Who doesn’t desire success? Yet most of the people you know will never achieve success. They will dream about it, talk about, but most will never possess it. That is sad. “Why is that,” you ask? Because most people don’t understand success. It isn’t the lottery. You don’t stop at the convenience store and buy a ticket and then wait for success to strike. It isn’t a place you find when you reach some magical time of life. Success is not a destination thing-it is a Daily Thing! The only way to achieve real success is to do it ONE DAY AT A TIME! The truth about success. To be successful you don’t need to be lucky or rich or connected, but you do need to do this: ● You are what you do daily ● You first form your habits; then your habits form you. ● It is just as easy to form habits of success as it is to form habits of failure. Every day you live you are in the process of becoming. Whether you are becoming better or worse depends on what you give yourself to.

Let’s look at “The Seven Steps to Success” as outlined by John Maxwell. ● Make a commitment to grow daily. ● Value the process more than events. ● Don’t wait for inspiration. ● Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity. ● Dream big. ● Plan your priorities. ● Give up to go up.

Philippians 4:13-I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (KJV) Proverbs 16:3-Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. (ESV) King Solomon said it best, “Our work is meaningless unless it is to do good.” Ecclesiastes 3:12-13. Let’s use our success to be socially responsible and we will live much more meaningful lives. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 10

PRESS RELEASE Heaven's Country and Kids Care Ministries raises over $1,700.00 in toys and cash for Gatlinburg. On Monday, November 28, Gatlinburg, TN faced devastation as a fire tore into their city. Buildings were burned, families were displaced, lives were lost. Heaven's Country started a Go Fund Me campaign for the families of Gatlinburg, raising over $700.00 and donating over $1,000.00 worth of toys for the children. "The idea started when Cherie McIlvain called me and pitched it to me," says Marty Smith, owner and morning host of Heaven's Country. "She said that sometimes the kids are overlooked. We went on the air and raised over $700.00 in just two days!" It was a team effort that included a lot of the Heaven's Country staff. Bob Etzel set up the Go Fund me page so people could donate. Cherie and Cheyenne McIlvain started collecting donations for toys near their Texas home and on the way up to Gatlinburg, TN. Glorya Wilson of King Country radio went with them. They left on a Sunday night and spent two days ministering to people and passing out toys to the children. Says Marty, "What an honor to be able to raise the money that we did and the toys that we were able to give away and do this for the wonderful people in Gatlinburg. We are honored to be a part of it. It's also great to see so many Christian Country artists get involved and help out as well". If you would like to do donate, you can still do so at: Thank you, Marty Smith, Morning Host, Heaven's Country! Take It From The Top! 719-216-9370 Host of Today's Cross Country, The Truth Is In The Music! 719-216-9370 We want to thank all the DJ's and fans for supporting our ministry and blessing us with the #1 song titled

"Let Me Live" in Christian Servant Magazine’s "Country For The Good Life" Top 100 chart for January 2017 and #1 in Power Source Magazine’s Christian Country Top 100 for November 2016.

Joy Roberts, Cotton Roberts, and granddaughter, Micah McCarley wish each and everyone of you a Very Blessed New Year.

God is Good. Visit Joy on the web at: where you can also purchase her music. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 11

WHERE ARE YOU PITCHING YOUR TENT? by Pastor Dr. Doug DeRamus You can visit Doug DeRamus at:

2 Cor 5:1-4 (NIV) (1) Now we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands. (2) Meanwhile we groan, longing to be clothed with our heavenly dwelling, (3) because when we are clothed, we will not be found naked. (4) For while we are in this tent, we groan and are burdened, because we do not wish to be unclothed but to be clothed with our heavenly dwelling, so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life. In this passage of scripture in 2 Corinthians from the New International Version, your BODY is spoken of as a "tent". In the King James Version, it uses the term "tabernacle". So, you can say that "your body is a tent". A "tent" speaks of a temporary dwelling place. Gen 12:8 - And he (Abram) removed from thence unto a mountain on the east of Bethel, and pitched his tent, having Bethel on the west, and Hai on the east: and there he builded an altar unto the Lord, and called upon the name of the Lord. KJV Abram Pitched His Tent: Somewhere between Bethel and Hai Abraham pitched his tent. Somewhere between Bethel and Hai Abram settled down to live temporary as he made his decisions in life. Bethel means "House of God" and Hai means "heap of ruins". Before him lay the "House of God" and behind him lay a "heap of ruins". Just remember, every time you have a thought about going back to where God has already delivered you from, there is nothing there but a "heap of ruins". So, we ask the question, where are you pitching your tent? God has a thousand ways to bless you. The question is, which way are you looking? Your willingness to change is what will set you apart from the others. Switch your mind to expectation. What you're hungry for, fills you. What Side of the Cloud Are You Living On? Exod. 14:19-20 (19) Then the angel of God, who had been traveling in front of Israel's army, withdrew and went behind them. The pillar of cloud also moved from in front and stood behind them, (20) coming between the armies of Egypt and Israel. Throughout the night the cloud brought darkness to the one side and light to the other side; so neither went near the other all night long. (NIV) WHICH SIDE OF THE CLOUD HAVE YOU PITCHED YOUR TENT ON? The manifest Presence of Jehovah gave Israel "light by night". The land of milk and honey called them onward and the forecast was a land overflowing with abundance. The back side of the cloud was a place of darkness, and it represented their past. The backside of the cloud pointed back to Egypt, pointed back to bondage. WHICH SIDE OF THE CLOUD ARE YOU LIVING ON? Where, are you pitching your tent? Acts 2:26 - Therefore did my heart rejoice, and my tongue was glad; moreover also my flesh shall rest in hope: KJV Acts 2:26 (THE MESSAGE Bible) - I'm glad from the inside out, ecstatic; I've pitched my tent in the land of hope. Continued on next page‌ Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 12

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LAND OF HOPE: These words from Acts 2:26 in The Message Bible are spoken by David from Psalm 16 and quoted by Peter on the day of Pentecost. Hope is to the soul what breath is to the body, restorative and life-giving. You can let your circumstance determine where you dwell, or you can choose to pitch your tent in such a place and such a way that every morning the first reality you see is the face of God and a brighter future. David expressed his experience this way, "I saw God before me at all time. Nothing can shake me; He's right by my side. I'm glad from the inside out, ecstatic; I've pitched my tent in the land of hope." Acts 2:25-26 (The Message) The dilemma of most believers, is their lack of knowing scriptures and in whom they choose to believe while in their ignorance. Never use your ignorance to gage truth. Don’t be blowing smoke up the chimney without a fire. Learn to listen beyond the moment. My right standing with God is not volatile. It is an unearned gift based on His performance not mine. True understanding of right standing gives you strength to stand right. He, who did absolutely nothing wrong, was made to be sin for me. So, that I who did absolutely nothing right could be made righteous, absolutely. A man that won't believe the truth, will believe a lie. Rejecting the truth opens the door to receiving a lie and rejecting ANY truth opens the door to receiving ANY lie. What you close your mind to, you close your heart as well. We need to know when and what to close. Ignorance will cause you to receive poison from someone you trust and distrust someone who has the antidote. Refuse to allow small thinkers to define who you are and what your called by God to do! If you allow others to define you, they will limit the unlimited God that lives inside of you! Don’t allow people to pull you into their pointlessness and uselessness. The enemy fights what he fears most about you! Never allow the enemy to outwit you by causing you to focus on your weakness instead of your strengths! The difference between an open mind and a closed mind is receiving. Learn to be a receiver. Everything relevant to your success is in front of you. Going forward keeps you from living in past glories. All past glories, point you backwards to bondage. Go forward, plant a tree, time will produce a shade. There needs to be new training in hearing His voice. He speaks now, in relationship to the new knowledge from a voice of possessing your inheritance not from a wilderness wandering. Begin to hear His voice from the completed work where He is the Amen and not from promise of the coming Amen. Hear His voice from the promise land side and not the wilderness side. Hearing His voice produced faith. Where you hear His voice from, produces faith for what that position holds. Wilderness for one of these days and the Promise Land for the now. Never see your promised land as your enemy. Never fear that which is already defeated. Don't throw rocks at people because they have a good report. Ps 91:12 (1) He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. (2) I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. (KJV) The secret place of the Most High is a great place to "PITCH YOUR TENT". There is a secret place where HIS presence is in manifestation. Where have you pitched your tent? Under the shadow of the Almighty, and the words God has promised? Or under the negative atmosphere and spirit that dominates our nation? There is no answer in talking about a problem, the answer is to talk above it. Dwelling in the “Secret Place of the Most High”, is keeping your mind attached to Him. There is a secret place, where HIS presence is in manifestation. ARE YOU WILLING TO RE-LOCATE? FROM WHERE YOU ARE, TO WHERE HE IS. HE JUST GAVE ME A PLACE TO PITCH MY TENT. Where Are You Pitching Your Tent? Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 13


My dad died of a heart attack in 1970 when he was only 51 years old. I, his oldest son, faced the same end in 1995 at age 51, but God spared me for reasons I do not know. Instead of death, His gift to me was a message that I was told to share at some point. I believe now is the time. In 1995, I was the executive editor of the Corpus Christi (Texas) Caller-Times, one of the state’s best daily newspapers. I was proud of the staff, which was made up of many good, strong Christian journalists and colleagues who had not yet found the Lord but were of high moral character. We strove to be fair, accurate and balanced in our work. Every day, I lifted up our efforts to God, asking him to bless and prosper our work for His glory. We were, as the Latin name of our city proclaimed, the Body of Christ, and we sought to honor that name with dedication in coverage to justice and mercy through hard, honest work. For me, it was a demanding, virtual 24/7 commitment, which too often meant that I would foolishly place work first and family second. One afternoon, I paid a near-fatal price. I was at my desk, and as I hurriedly prepared for a news meeting after a quick, heavy lunch, my heart fluttered wildly for a second. Odd, I thought, but I wrote it off as stress-induced, nothing more. Then the fluttering occurred again but stronger. Then again and again, in an accelerating rhythmic cycle that intensified. I felt as though I had a hawk flapping around in my chest. I was not in pain, but I decided I should go home, lie down and collect myself. When I arrived, my wife took one look at my ashen face and drove me straight to a nearby hospital’s emergency room. A rough-talking but kindly RN examined me. “Your husband’s having a heart attack,” she told my wife bluntly as an orderly came to wheel me on a gurney into a treatment area where other nurses and physicians already were gathering to care for me. As they worked quickly and efficiently, an indescribable sense of peace swept over me – a quality of calmness and serenity I’d never known and have not known since. A physician had sat down to the right of my gurney, viewing the screen of what appeared to be an EKG machine to which I’d been tethered. Suddenly, as he studied the readings, he leaned toward the screen and blurted: “What’s this? What’s this?” Just then, I was engulfed by perfect peace, perfect stillness. And I began to simply float out of my body. I didn’t get far. Two unseen hands gently stopped me and held me in place. Oddly, those hands seemed familiar. I flashed back to a highway accident in August 1971 when I collided head-on with a bridge as an eastbound log truck I was passing veered left, forcing me out of my lane. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 14

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An instant before I crashed into the bridge, I felt a hand on my left shoulder, forcing me down quickly but gently across the front seat. My car slammed into the bridge, flipped, spun and rolled for what seemed like forever. When it came to rest, I had not one scratch or broken bone. Then I flashed back to an incident in Galveston when I was 12. My brother, cousin and I were playing on inflated rafts in unusually heavy Gulf of Mexico surf. Seemingly from out of nowhere, a giant, thundering wave rolled over me, knocking me off of the raft and spinning me head over heels beneath the surface. I came up for a breath just as another huge, roaring wave piled into me, forcing me back under. I was in deep water and was not strong enough to swim against the current or the waves and was being pulled farther out as one breaker after another pummeled me. But then I felt hands on each side of me and someone holding me up as a baby would be held and walking me toward the beach where my father stood with my brother and cousin, who had been knocked from their rafts but had managed to get back to shore. I remember being sat down, glancing up at my rescuer and looking into the deep blue eyes of a man with short blond hair who was leaning over me and smiling silently, then he was gone. On that ER gurney, I believe, angelic hands had once again carried out God’s will and saved me. But this time, “he” spoke to me – softly with calm, measured words. “There is not enough humility in the world,” he said. “But there will be, because there has to be, because you cannot love without humility. Go tell this.” Continued on next page…

“Don’t Hate The Sinner” one of this year’s best songs by

Julie Reese This is one of the best written songs I have heard in a long time. The message comes straight from the heart of Jesus. Julie not only wrote the song but also did a great job as the lead vocal on the cut. I also would like to give credit to Barry Wayne at Gene Breeden Studio in Nashville for the awesome job he and the musicians did on arranging the song. DJ’s, Julie has been an artist for years in the secular music field. She and her husband are very dedicated to serving Christ. “Don’t Hate The Sinner” is just one of the many anointed songs she will be releasing to radio in the years to come. As of January 2017 “Don’t Hate The Sinner” is already at # 37 in Christian Servant Magazines “Country For The Good Life “ Top 100 and # 37 in Cashbox Magazines “Country Christian” top 100. The song can be purchased at cdbaby or you can contact her on Facebook. Contact Carpenter & The Lady Music Company for bookings (254) 291-4596. This New year of 2017, do as Christ commanded “love one another.”

Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 15

Wyatt and Cassie Nations Working hard to lead this nation back to God. When Jesus set out to pick His disciples He knew just what He was looking for. Many would have questioned why He would pick a fisherman, a tax collector and even the teenager Mark. The answer is always the same for anyone He calls. They will answer the calling with “yes Lord” and do whatever it takes to spread the Good News no matter what the hardship or cost may be. That is why I know that Wyatt and Cassie have been truly called by God. They have been faithful to go were He sends them. Cassie and Wyatt are a great ministry team. They are currently ministering for Men and Women’s conferences, Churches, large or small and special events of any kind. They are out to lead the lost to Christ. Wyatt’s latest release to radio has been on the charts for months. It’s just like the Duracell bunny that just won’t quit running. The song is titled “ charted at # 39 in Christian Servant Magazines “Country For The Good Life” top 100 and # 39 in Cashbox Magazines “Country Christian” top 100. Wyatt’s new release to radio will be in March is a strong message song for all of us here in 2017. I’ve heard the song and it is great. America. If you don’t own one of Wyatt’s CD’s you’re missing a blessing. You can order or from cdbaby, itunes, or If you would like to book the Nations for a special event or Church service you may reach them at (806)729-0751, or go to their Facebook page. Continued from previous page.

Tell this? Me? I’m no preacher, I thought. Who am I to say such things? I’m not even a good Christian. I’m shy. Why me? Who would I tell? When? Why? No answers came except for a sense that I would know when and with whom to share the message. I knew the verse from James, “Humble yourselves before the Lord,” and Jesus’ words in John, “As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” But some sort of new perspective was banging around in my heart and mind. Something like: Love requires humility? The depth of our crucified Jesus’ humility is tied to the depth of his love for us. The world is not humble, so the world does not love, but that needs to change, because we are made in the image of God, and God is love, so we are made to love. What if we refuse? Then I heard the physician at my right call out: “Clot buster! Now!” I was injected with a drug that quickly dissolved a clot that would have killed me as surely as the clot that killed my dad. Part of my heart muscle had died, I learned, but not enough to disable me. By the grace of God and the love and prayers of my family, I recovered after weeks of therapy, rest and other treatment. Until now, I’ve shared the ER experience only with family and a few friends, but over the past months, those words have rung in my heart with growing urgency. When Tommy Smith invited me to write an article for his ministry’s Christian Servant magazine, I felt God was telling me that it was time to share the ER story, for someone somewhere, because time is short. Continued on next page…

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As we can gather from today’s news, America is in serious confusion and moral decline. We see our beloved country’s culture, society and political system sinking into unparalleled self-obsession and perversion in rejection of Jesus Christ our Savior, His sacred Word and his church – all mocked and discarded as incorrect relics of archaic superstition. Radical Islamic violence commits unspeakable horrors around the world and is out to destroy Christianity. Technological advances in particular create new and more powerful tools for evil’s use. The prospects of nuclear war involving Russia, Iran and North Korea are being taken seriously. Persecution of Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere is at an all-time high. And there are so many other developments that challenge Christians. This is fallen human nature running amok in league with the devil. While there certainly has never been enough humility among humankind, there also has never been a lack of it to the extent we’re seeing today. The Gospel and the love it proclaims are lost on the expanding secular world. I believe God and his messengers are warning us that if it doesn’t stop, if arrogant hearts grow much more profane and unrepentant, dire consequences will follow. I believe, as do many of us, that a great chastisement is near. But, praise God, so is our Lord Jesus Christ – the King of Love and victor over the world, sin and death. He alone has bought our salvation with His suffering and most precious blood shed once for all on the cross in atonement for our sins and in which is written the new covenant between God and His children. Try as they may, the gates of hell will not prevail against Him. It’s time indeed to share that message given to me: “There is not enough humility in the world. But there will be, because there has to be, because you cannot love without humility.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. Freelance writer David House is a semi-retired journalist. He and his wife, Andra, reside in North Richland Hills, Texas. He is the cousin of gospel music songwriter and recording artist Chuck Hancock.

Exploring the country music career of the late Texas songwriter, Jewell House who wrote with Hank Williams, Webb Pierce, Red Sovine, and other artists. Contact David House at Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 17

November, 2016








Jesus On The Jukebox

Kali Rose


Good News Travels Fast



Road To Success

Jimmy R. Price


Let Me Live

Joy Roberts


American Pride

Mike Leichner


Take Me Home




Miles Pike


Sunday Shoes


I’m Still Here Gravy


All The Way

Chuck Hancock


He Knows The Way Home Marla Ratliff


It’s All Good

Danny Ray Harris


In The First Place

Kristi Miller


Help Me

Gene Watson


Jesus Take A Hold

Tina Wakefield


King Of My Heart

Gayla Earlene


I Enter In

Pamela Wiebe



David House Tim Atwood & Mandy Barnett Mike & Doris Merritt



Happy Anniversary Honey Let’s All Go Down To The River God Is Good Fearfully, Wonderfully Made Make It To The Mountain


Pass Me Not

Melanie Walker


If This Is All There Is

Arkin Terrell

Ten Shiny Pennies Where’s The Family The Anchor Holds You Are The Rock Forever In The End Only Jesus Father I Praise You Mansion Over The Hilltop I’ll Make The Most Of It Dying Again Nobody Sang Amazing Grace Old House Get Saved Old Mustang That Old Country Church Who Loves Me More If The Statue Of Liberty Could Cry Stand Up This Ain’t No House Of The Blues Jesus Is Coming If There’s A Rocking Chair In Heaven Been There Too Can Anybody Hear Me I’m Redeemed Heaven Knows

Judy Bailey Mike Manuel Myra Rolen Tamatha Hurst Lonnie King Rene’ Jones Greg McDougal Melinda McFarlin Reed Brothers Cassidy Taylor


Chris Golden Terry Davis & Ronnie Weiss Bruce Hedrick

26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

20 21 22

Mary James Cindy Hughlett

36 37 38 39 40 41 42

45 46 47 48 49 50

Dan Duncan The Parish Family McKay Project Johnny Rowlett Dale Friedrich Jamie Lynn Flanakin James Payne Chuck Day Allen Frizzell John Petrovich Sunday Drive Del Way Jo Fox Terry Collins Tom Dolan

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SONG TITLE Ten Thousand Angels Cried Again Take Jesus Fishing Guiding Light This Old Church Until You I’m Bound For That City Just Want To Thank You He’s Still Making Miracles When My Streets Turn To Gold I’m Gonna Be There Heaven Bound Lord I Stand Up With You Oh What He Did For You And Me Wildfire Without You Don’t Hate The Sinner The Old Red White And Blue I Know He Will Carry You If I Fall Thank You Jesus All I Am Shuffling The Dishes Good Ole Days Run Back Home

ARTIST Gena Roberts Hamilton Mark Carman Wyatt Nations Freddie Hart Creed Warner Shirley Carter Russ Nottingham Brent Mann The Ishmaels Matt Carroll & Family Margie Singleton Bill Beaty Lawana Blevins Ben Anderson Tim Livingston Julie Reese Ron Hughes Terry & Debra Luna Victory Express Mary Fay Jackson Gerald Smith Robert Stowell Anita Stahl Roger Barkley Sandy Dickey



76 77 78 79

Heaven Is Real He’ll Never Leave Me Black Sheep I’m The One


The Cupps Psalm 100 Tommy Horton Shellem Cline Stonewall Jackson & 80 Jesus Is My Lifeline Donnie Richmond 81 Coming Out Of The Valley Eddie Gordon 82 I’m Home Epp Mevin Walls 83 Walk This Jesus Way Dennis Thompson 84 Pray For The Angels Loretta Hummel 85 When God Speaks Dean 86 Where He Needs Me Mikayla Lynn & Isaac Cole 87 Follow Me Potters Clay If I Could Have One More 88 Marvin Morrow Tomorrow Jimmy Fortune & The 89 I Believe Whites 90 From The 3rd Day On Debbie Bennett Wouldn’t You Do That For 91 True Heart Me 92 Just A Touch Steve Warren 93 Home The Roarks 94 Dirty Kid Meadow Lane Why’d You Take Her From 95 Nate Fortner Me 96 Just The Way I Am Gina Marie 97 Lord You Are Worthy Jamie Coulter Everybody Needs A Little 98 Terry & Teresa Baker Love 99 Free Crimson Ridge 100 Hammer Down Jerry Branscomb

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December, 2016 #






1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Shenandoah Mike Leichner Joy Roberts Arkin Terrell Chris Golden Judy Bailey Tim Livingston Chuck Hancock Danny Ray Harris Gene Watson Kristi Miller Marla Ratliff Kali Rose Greg McDougal Gayla Earlene Bruce Hedrick Cindy Hughlett Tim Atwood & Mandy Barnett Jimmy R. Price

26 27


I’m Still Here

23 24 25

Pass Me Not Hard Forever In The End

Happy Anniversary Honey Only Jesus Nobody Sang Amazing Grace God Is Good If The Statue Of Liberty Could Cry I’m Redeemed You Are The Rock This Ain’t No House Of The Blues Jesus Is Coming Where’s The Family I’ll Make The Most Of It Mansion Over The Hilltop Been There Too Old Mustang The Anchor Holds Take Me Home Just A Touch I’m Gonna Be There Can Anybody Hear Me Heaven Knows Run Back Home When God Speaks Good Ole Days Stand Up Guiding Light

David House Rene’ Jones


Good News Travels Fast American Pride Let Me Live If This Is All There Is Sunday Shoes Ten Shiny Pennies Without You All The Way It’s All Good Help Me In The First Place He Knows The Way Home Jesus On The Jukebox Father I Praise You King Of My Heart Gravy Make It To The Mountain Let’s All Go Down To The River Road To Success Fearfully, Wonderfully Made I Enter In

18 19 20

Mary James Pamela Wiebe Terry Davis & Ronnie Weiss Melanie Walker Miles Pike Lonnie King

28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

Dan Duncan Mike & Doris Merritt James Payne Terry Collins Tamatha Hurst Allen Frizzell John Petrovich Mike Manuel Reed Brothers Melinda McFarlin Del Way Johnny Rowlett Myra Rolen Waymasters Steve Warren Matt Carroll & Family Joe Fox Tom Dolan Sandy Dickey Dean Roger Barkley Chuck Day Wyatt Nations

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51 52 53

I’m Bound For That City Just Want To Thank You That Old Country Church If There’s A Rocking Chair In Heaven Don’t Hate The Sinner When My Streets Turn To Gold Old House Wildfire This Old Church The Old Red White And Blue He’s Still Making Miracles Ten Thousand Angels Cried Again

Shirley Carter Russ Nottingham Dale Friedrich


Lord You Are Worthy


Jesus Is My Lifeline

Jamie Coulter Stonewall Jackson & Donnie Richmond Crimson Ridge Psalm 100 Terry & Debra Luna Debbie Bennett Jerry Branscomb

54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63

Where He Needs Me

64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75

If I Fall Heaven Bound Dying Again Jesus Take A Hold Who Loves Me More Heaven Is Real Shuffling The Dishes He Will Carry You Black Sheep All I Am I’m The One Get Saved

Sunday Drive Julie Reese The Ishmaels The Parish Family Ben Anderson Freddie Hart Ron Hughes Brent Mann Gena Roberts Hamilton Mikayla Lynn & Isaac Cole Mary Fay Jackson Margie Singleton Cassidy Taylor Tina Wakefield Jamie Lynn Flanakin The Cupps Anita Stahl Victory Express Tommy Horton Robert Stowell Shellem Cline McKay Project

78 79 80 81 82

Free He’ll Never Leave Me I Know From The 3rd Day On Hammer Down Wouldn’t You Do That For 83 Me Everybody Needs A Little 84 Love 85 Pray For The Angels 86 Home If I Could Have One More 87 Tomorrow 88 God Crush 89 I’m Home 90 Take Jesus Fishing 91 Thank You Jesus 92 Dusty Road There’s Something About 93 That Name 94 I Ride For The Brand Up There On The 95 Mountain 96 A Little Song Comin’ On 97 Super Man 98 Brand New Man 99 Freedom Once Again 100 Sold

True Heart Terry & Teresa Baker Loretta Hummel The Roarks Marvin Morrow Heart To Heart Epp Mevin Walls Mark Carman Gerald Smith Jayne Carter Ron Hemphill Heart To Heart Rick Hoiberg ft. The McDougal Kids Tanita Kuykendall Stephen Rew Curtis Dykes Micki Farington Red Letter Band

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SONG TITLE Let Me Live Without You If This Is All There Is Sunday Shoes Ten Shiny Pennies All The Way American Pride Help Me In The First Place It’s All Good King Of My Heart Father I Praise You Make It To The Mountain Fearfully, Wonderfully Made Let’s All Go Down To The River Only Jesus Just A Touch Pass Me Not Nobody Sang Amazing Grace When God Speaks Good News Travels Fast Run Back Home Road To Success Forever In The End He Knows The Way Home

ARTIST Joy Roberts Tim Livingston Arkin Terrell Chris Golden Judy Bailey Chuck Hancock Mike Leichner Gene Watson Kristi Miller Danny Ray Harris Gayla Earlene Greg McDougal Cindy Hughlett Mary James Tim Atwood & Mandy Barnett Rene’ Jones Steve Warren Melanie Walker Dan Duncan Dean Shenandoah Sandie Dickey Jimmy R. Price Lonnie King Marla Ratliff

# 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

SONG TITLE I’m Redeemed Good Ole Days I’m Gonna Be There Hammer Down Gravy This Ain’t No House Of The Blues Jesus Is Coming Hard Can Anybody Hear Me If The Statue Of Liberty Could Cry Don’t Hate The Sinner Heaven Knows Mansion Over The Hilltop

ARTIST Terry Collins Roger Barkley Matt Carroll & Family Jerry Branscomb Bruce Hedrick Allen Frizzell John Petrovich Miles Pike Jo Fox James Payne

Julie Reese Tom Dolan Melinda McFarlin Terry Davis & Ronnie I’m Still Here Weiss Been There Too Del Way Where’s The Family Mike Manuel Happy Anniversary Honey David House You Are The Rock Tamatha Hurst I’ll Make The Most Of It Reed Brothers Old Mustang Johnny Rowlett When My Streets Turn To The Ishmaels Gold Black Sheep Tommy Horton God Is Good Mike & Doris Merritt Wildfire Ben Anderson

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SONG TITLE Heaven Is Real I’m Bound For That City The Old Red White And Blue If I Fall He’s Still Making Miracles Stand Up He Will Carry You Free Guiding Light There’s Something About That Name Sold I Ride For The Brand That Old Country Church This Old Church Old House Ten Thousand Angels Cried Again Shuffling The Dishes Heaven Bound Jesus On The Jukebox Brand New Man Where He Needs Me Lord You Are Worthy A Little Song Comin’ On All I Am

ARTIST The Cupps Shirley Carter Ron Hughes Mary Fay Jackson Brent Mann Chuck Day Victory Express Crimson Ridge Wyatt Nations Ron Hemphill Red Letter Band Heart To Heart Dale Friedrich Freddie Hart The Parish Family Gena Roberts Hamilton Anita Stahl Margie Singleton Kali Rose Curtis Dykes Mikayla Lynn & Isaac Cole Jamie Coulter Tanita Kuykendall Robert Stowell

# 77

SONG TITLE Thank You Jesus Everybody Needs A Little 78 Love 79 Dying Again 80 Dusty Road 81 Freedom Once Again 82 I’m Home 83 He’ll Never Leave Me Wouldn’t You Do That For 84 Me 85 God Crush 86 Home Up There On The 87 Mountain 88 The Anchor Holds 89 Pray For The Angels 90 Why’d You Take Her 91 Lay It Down 92 Do Yourself A Favor 93 A Good Song 94 Unanswered Prayers 95 Think About The Cross 96 He Was Standing 97 Rest 98 Why Should I Worry 99 I Want To Thank You Lord 100 Rise & Shine

ARTIST Gerald Smith Terry & Teresa Baker Cassidy Taylor Jayne Carter Micki Farington Epp Mevin Walls Psalm 100 True Heart Heart To Heart The Roarks Rick Hoiberg ft. The McDougal Kids Myra Rolen Loretta Hummel Nate Fortner Branded Terry & Debra Luna Sunday Drive Gina White Jeremy Duggins Wade Phillips Peter Christie Tina Wakefield Jamie Lynn Flanakin Brooks Crossing

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Words by Mike Merritt

Sticks and stones might break my bones but WORDS can never hurt me. I really don’t know where that came from, but that person must have lived in a cave, alone!! GOD spoke all things into existence, all things that go on then and now are result of speaking words. Jesus spoke to the deaf and the dead for giving them life and hearing, released disease and demons with words. Words we speak today will come to life tomorrow. Words reveal our hearts, relate what we desire, communicate to others what our needs are. We have heard words all our lives, some good and some bad. Parents, teachers, bosses, somebody is always giving us words. It’s up to us as to what we do with the words we hear. I have used stock dogs and horses to get the job done, gatherin’ cattle over the years and words are important. My wife got me a new pup about 3 years ago to replace my old dog. Even in his puppy stage, I used words mostly for training him for his job. “Hag” is a good looking, sometimes over aggressive feller’ and now and then he misunderstands the words I speak to him. This week we were penning cattle and I asked “Hag” to get up front to slow down an ole roguey cow. Either he disagreed with me or he didn’t hear me!! Anyway he blasted off behind that ole cow, took ahold of her back end and she nailed him purty hard. He came back walking kinda sideways, legs crossing each other and I thought for sure he was gone. After all the dust settled and a little time, ole Hag was ok. Next day me and “Hag” was feeding cattle and a few head was moving towards the hay trap so I hollered at “Hag” to get up front and he heard me, turning the cattle direction and keeping ‘em outta the hay trap. Life is made up of days like this, sometimes we listen and may disagree, sometimes we don’t listen at all and do just what we want. And that can result into a big kick in the head. GOD’S word is as powerful today as it was the first day and we have the offer from GOD to accept and use His word in our lives everyday. I just see some people that hear the word but are skeptical about using it in their lives even to the point of talking negative about their life situations. My ole granpap always said “ if you say it, you will live it.” I read somewhere this quote, “fearful words will destroy you, faithful words will put you over. That ole devil don’t want us to believe that we can have the power of the Holy Spirit in us, that the “WORD” is not for us to speak and expect results. When he comes at you, rebuke him in the name of Jesus and see what happens. Jesus said in Mark 11:23 Have faith in GOD. I tell you the truth you can say to this mountain may you be lifted up and thrown into the sea and it will happen. I tell you, you can pray for anything and it will happen. But you must believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart. We can’t think like GOD, but we can obey and follow His word, then maybe we wouldn’t keep getting kicked in the head cause we ain’t listening. Do you have mountains in your life? Speak the words of GOD and watch Him work!! GOD Bless, Mike Merritt Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 24

"Just A Thought" with Gayla Earlene Visit Gayla Earlene at

Joy In The World??? Can you truly have joy in the world with Satan’s fiery darts of evil, hate and sin coming at you from all directions? It seems utterly impossible, but I tell you today there is good news! The Holy Bible, the true Living Word of God tells us in Galatians 5:22 that joy is a supernatural manifestation of Christ’s life in us. It is up to us although, to be filled with the Spirit, to embrace the Spirit’s work in every situation. In every moment of your life and especially in difficult times, God wants to release His joy in our lives. But how do we receive this manifestation of joy? Through the action of faith!! Our responsibility is to act on what God has promised to provide. We need to act joyfully giving testimony (both verbally and nonverbally) that God is good, God is in control, and God will bring good out of every situation for His glory (Romans 8:28). This kind of joy is through & through. Even when we experience the worst grief imaginable, we can have joy because we know it’s our right to rejoice. Glory to God in the highest!!

WADE PHILLIPS The Wade Phillips family is so thankful to God for the abundant blessings they received in 2016. They are also thankful for the many blessings they have already received for 2017. Wade says, “It is a dream come true that my songs would reach out and touch lives for Christ. This would not be possible if not for the great response and help from the media.”

A great big thank you goes out to all the radio stations and DJ's for the super air-play they are getting on the new release…

"He Was Standing"

May all of you have a blessed healthy, wonderful New Year. You can visit Wade on Facebook, or take a listen to his music on iTunes!

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2017 by Marty Smith

Can you believe we're starting a brand new year? It's hard to believe, I know. We will have a new President of the United States on January 20, 2017. Change is good. In 2017, expect change. Especially as a Christian. We cannot stay in the same place. If we do, we become complacent. We can't grow. God allows us to go through things to grow us. It's not always easy, nor is it fun. Think back in your life to a time where life was the roughest it could possibly be for you. You hated it, didn't you? I know I did! But, as I look back on some of the most very difficult times in my life, I can see God's Hand in my life. I can now say I'm thankful to have gone through those times, although while going through those trials I hated every minute of it! But, it was through those times that I seemed to grow the most, that I drew closer to my Father in Heaven. As I mentioned earlier, we cannot stay in the same place. We must keep moving forward in order to grow. If we stay in the same place, we become complacent, our lives grow dull. This next year that faces us will pose some great challenges for us all. But keep this in mind; during the toughest times in your life is when we grow the most. Make a commitment this year to be the best you can be. And whatever you do, do it all for the Glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31). As an artist, commit to putting out even better music than you did last year. As a record company, commit to bringing radio the best music available. As a DJ, commit to making your sound better on the air than it was last year. Commit to growing your ministry for the Glory of God. Pray for wisdom and discernment, for without Christ, we can do nothing (John 15:5). Our one goal in life should be to live for Jesus Christ, nothing else matters. Are we doing that today? Are we putting him above everything else that we do? Are we sharing Jesus Christ with the world? We are facing a new year with new challenges. But, we're also facing a new year with more opportunities to live for Christ. And that, is an incredible blessing! Thank you, Marty Smith Marty Smith is the morning host of Heaven’s Country ( and host of the internationally syndicated radio show, “Today’s Cross Country ( You can email him at:

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Jimmy and Gina


We want to thank all the DJ's and radio stations for playing and charting our last release "Sweet By & By". What a blessing it was to our ministry. We believe you will enjoy our new release now out to radio "Unanswered Prayers". This song truly has a message that most of us can relate to. May God bless you with good health and prosperity in this New Year of 2017.

Production, Recording, Distribution, Compilations, Radio Promotion We are accepting tracks for our next compilation NOW! CALL US TODAY! (903) 566-3347 We at Canyon Creek Records, Inc. and The Christian Servant Publishing Company, BMI, strive to help artists that believe with all their hearts that GOD has called them to use their talents for HIS glory. If being a Christian artist is your heart’s desire, then contact us at (903) 566-3347, or e-mail us at

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MICHAEL KNIGHT "Lives His Life the Country Way!" by Tommy Smith

From the Piney Woods of East Texas, artist Michael Knight is well known for his incredible and unique reverberating vocals in both his Traditional Country and Country Gospel performances and recordings. Raised in the small town of Rusk, Texas, Michael's musical development began at the age of 15 by learning to play both fiddle and guitar. Taught by the man who raised him, Alvin Murray. They performed many gigs together. It didn’t take long for Michael to realize that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He enjoyed performing and making people happy. He knew he had been blessed with the gift to do so. Michael first recorded in Nashville. Soon he released his first record, titled "Last Story" on the A side of a 45 RPM record and on the B side the song "Texas". For all you young ones who don’t know we used to release a record to radio having only two songs. The song we chose to promote first to radio was called the A side, the song on the flipside of the 45 was called the B side. Later in the mid 80s Michael released several singles nationally on CBT Records including "Country Way", "Say It Isn't So", and "Who You Gonna Be Tonight?" Each song found it’s way to being played in high rotation at hundreds of Country radio stations. They also charted Top 10 on most of the independent Country charts in America. Michael toured and performed with many of the great Country Music stars like Joe Stampley, Moe Bandy, Gary Stewart, Dan Seals, David Houston, Johnny Rodriguez, Mel McDaniel, Gene Watson, Dwight Yoakum, Restless Heart, Mark Chesnut, Randy Travis, and Claude Gray to mention a few. Michael recently appeared in the movie "Nail 32" performing his self penned song, "Country Way." Several more of Michael's recordings were used in the movies soundtrack. Even after having all that success Michael still felt like something was missing in his life. He started calling out to God asking him what was wrong. God said “Michael you have some forgiving to do.” You see Michaels Mom had given him up as a small boy and sent him and his brother to live in a foster home. It was Alvin Murray who became his foster parent and his mentor. Michael had hard feelings toward his mother for leaving him. Soon Michael received a visit from the Holy Spirit who filled his soul with the love of God. He knew it was time to let go of the hate and start forgiving. Michael later found his Mom after being separated from her for many years. He told her that he had carried hard feelings against her all of his life for running off and leaving him and his brother. He wanted her to know that he now holds nothing against her, and he forgave her. She had waited for years to hear those words but thought she never would. She knew the hurt she had caused by leaving Michael and his brother. She too, in the years that they were separated, had been touched by the Holy Spirit & became a born again Christian. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 28

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She is now part of the Knight’s family and spends a lot of time with the family and grandkids. Michael said it is like the heaviest burden in the world had been lifted off of him the moment he said those words “I forgive”. He not only had his mother back but also had a great new relationship with Christ. From that day on he decided he would sing and use his God given talent to glorify God and seek the lost. In 2015, Michael Knight's first Gospel CD album titled "Livin' The Good Life" was released to the public and not only has blessed a lot of folks, but has also enjoyed considerable sales. His latest Gospel song released to radio on Canyon Creek Records comp # 38 “What A Wonderful World” is off of his newest CD by the same name titled "What A Wonderful World”. It’s also available for sale. Michael is a regular attraction at many of the Cowboy Churches, both in the local area and out of state. Frequently performing at numerous charitable events in the East Texas area, Michael takes pride in aiding those in need of help. Michael currently lives in a small rural community between his hometown of Rusk, TX and Jacksonville, TX with his wonderful wife, Rhonda. Between recording sessions and performances, living here allows Michael a great amount of solitude and most certainly fits with his theme of "living his life not only in a Godly way but a country way"!! If you would like to invite Michael to your Church or benefit to sing and give testimony on what it means to forgive and work for Christ, then you may contact him at (903) 714-5277 or (903) 714-8484. Email: Website:

Stephen Kimball's Faithwriters Profile Wishing All A Blessed New Year! Thank you DJ’s and Fans for requesting, playing and listening!

Article Source:

Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 29

COUNTRY GOSPEL MUSIC Rene’ Jones Rene’ Jones has an excellent Country Gospel song out to radio and it is getting a lot of spins. The song I feel is one of the best he’s ever done. It is no secret that I am a Rene’ Jones fan. When you hear “Only Jesus” I think you will agree the song is anointed. In my book Rene’ and his beautiful wife Edie are one of Christian Country music’s finest couples. ”Only Jesus” is currently at # 27 in December’s Christian Servant Magazine “Country For The Good Life” Top 100 chart. There is a line that grabs me every time I hear the song. “Who else would still love you after you slapped them in the face over and over again? Only Jesus.” How many of us have done that from time to time. I have to say that this song speaks to me because it reminds me of my walk with Jesus. Only Jesus would care for a wretch like me. Great song, great artist performing it.

Wade Phillips Our Country Gospel music genre has another new male vocalist added to its roster. His name is Wade Phillips. You talk about a great vocalist and songwriter. His first new release to radio is awesome. The song is titled “He Was Standing”. If we keep getting artists and songs with this kind of quality, our industry can’t help but become the most listened to Christian music in the world. When you hear “He Was Standing” I think you will agree this one will head to the top of the charts. Wades new album is titled “Can You Hear Me”. Every song on this CD is great and very well produced. You can contact Wade by calling, (979) 587-0905. Continued on next page…

Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 30

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Judy Bailey Judy’s current release “Ten Shiny Pennies” has moved up to # 6 in December’s 2016 “Country For The Good Life” Top 100 featured in Christian Servant Magazine. Born in Kentucky in a very large family she would tell you looking back her family was poor though they never knew it. They had Jesus and he provided their needs. They were rich with family love. Though she still writes Country songs for major Country recording artists, she will tell you nothing makes her happier than to use her talent for praising God and all His glory. “Ten Shiny Pennies” is a Canyon Creek Records compilation release on Volume 37. Judy has had a huge career in Country music but you never know it by talking to her. She is just a humble, down to earth country girl from Kentucky and proud of it. We love her here at Canyon Creek Records. We are positive once you meet her you will too.

The Reed Brothers The Reed Brothers are one of the best examples that I can use to prove that if you make it all about Jesus, He in turn exalt your ministry. The Word tells us that we should be humble and not brag on our self. I don’t know what part of that scripture some Christian Country artists don’t understand. Every time you get on the web you will see some of our artists say over and over again, “look at me, look at me”. Very few say look at Christ and make Him your King. Not so with the Reed Brothers. When you talk to them the first thing they will say is “Praise God, He has been so good to us”. We are working and ministering harder than we ever thought we would. If he tells us to go here or there we never say, “what will this journey cost us Lord?” We just obey and go. He always provides our needs. Friends that is what I call walking in faith. The Reed Brothers have a new release out for 2017 called “The Creek” I think radio will agree this is the best release they have put out so far. When I told the group I personally thought it was their best release so far, they simply replied “It is not us it is Jesus”. He provided the song. We just prayed before we recorded it and gave it our best. We hope it blesses folks. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 31

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Jamie Lynn Flanakin Jamie Lynn just can’t seem to do any wrong when it comes to picking and performing a great Country Gospel song. The first time I heard Jamie live I knew she was one of God’s chosen. Her first two releases out to radio have charted in the Top twenty. Her new release for 2017 to radio “I Want To Thank You Lord” is getting great reviews from DJ’s from all over the world. Jamie is just another example of when God calls you into ministry He doesn’t make mistakes. When you answer yes to His calling all doors will open up for you. His will, will be done. I have known Jamie for about six years now and I can tell you she has a giving heart. If there is a need to raise money for someone who is sick, maybe lost his or her home to a fire, or whatever the need might be, she will be there using her God given talent to help raise the funds needed. Jamie and others like her inspire me to stay in this music field. Jamie Lynn’s “I Want To Thank You Lord” is on Canyon Creek Records Compilation Volume 38. DJ Marty Smith of “Today’s Cross Country” Internet radio show said “This one should go all the way to the Top for Jamie. What a great song, I love it”.

Connie Hall This veteran female vocalist has released what I call a real deal Country Gospel song. When I say the real deal I’m talking about the way that Maybell Carter and the Carter family would have produced and performed a song. First a great song is needed like “Rank Stranger”. This song has been recorded by the greats in the music industry. Artists like, Al Brumley, Bob Dylan, The Stanley Brothers, the Osborne Brothers and the list goes on and on. Connie Hall is a good example of when God calls you into the ministry, He calls those who He knows will serve Him faithfully, and she does. As I said at the start of this article she is a veteran in the music field and still has one of the best female vocals you will ever hear. The song is simple, yet her outstanding vocals along with some of the best clean guitar picking that I’ve heard in a long time, makes it a very playable song for radio. There is still a huge audience out there that loves traditional Country and Country Gospel music. DJ’s, please give it a spin. This lady is truly anointed and called by God. Look for “Rank Stranger” on Canyon Creek records Compilation Volume 38.

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Gina White Gina White and her husband Jimmy have been a favorite of DJ’s and Country Gospel music fans for years. They had to drop out of releasing songs to radio for about four years or longer because Jimmy had open-heart surgery that did not go well. He is truly a walking, talking miracle. Jimmy became an ordained Full Gospel minister and has worked as assistant pastor for several churches while Gina has led the praise and worship service. They were finally able to release to radio with a remake of the classic song “Sweet By And By”. It has made all four charts in this industry and after twelve months, is still charting high in The Christian Voice Magazine’s “Country Gospel Top 100”. They now have a brand new release to radio of Gina’s titled “Unanswered Prayers”. Yes, she boldly covered the Garth Brooks version by putting a female take on the song. I’ve got to tell you she did an outstanding job. I have been playing it on the nine radio stations that I am on and have had great positive responses from my listeners. They love it. I think you will too. A personal note from the editor: There are so many more songs and artists that I would like to write about. I will have to wait until the next issue. This I’ve noticed about 2016, I have been in this field for nearly eighteen years now, not only as an artist but also a DJ, and record Label owner of Canyon Creek Records. This past year has produced some of the best cut songs that I have seen in this industry. Power Source, Gospel Jukebox, Double EE, Hope Street, Millennium, Canyon Creek and so many more Comps have been working hard to see that this music gets out to Radio. Pray for all these companies and others, that God will financially bless them so that they may continue to promote this outstanding music to Radio and other media. Wishing everyone a very blessed and prosperous New Year from the staff of Christian Servant Magazine.

“Detour” #1 single & “God Is Good” # 3 single on the “Cash Box Christian Country Charts”! “With a combination of cowboy music, country and western, a touch of “swing” and a taste of “new bluegrass”, the new CD from Mike and Doris Merritt brings a message to spur you on when you come to those “detours” on life’s road.” Visit our Music Page to hear samples and to order your copy today!

Congratulations Doris Merritt 2016 ICGMA Female Vocalist the Year! Christianof Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 33

My family and I would like to wish each and every one of you a very blessed New Year. We are so thankful to all of you for making it possible for our music ministry to reach the entire world through radio and video media. 2016 has been a wonderful year for us visiting with so many of you. We praise God for the opportunity to serve Christ with the musical gifts that He has blessed us with. DJ’s and radio stations thank you for playing our first release “Jesus Is Coming”. Who knows, he just might come in this New Year of 2017. Until He does we will work hard to introduce Him to those who have not yet come to know Him. Please visit our website to sample or purchase our music. You can also view our “Jesus Is Coming” video on To contact us (281) 265-4161 or Have a healthy and prosperous New Year, ~John Petrovich and family

Find us on the web at: or

Featuring Gene Crain on Steel Guitar

LATEST RELEASE! from Gayla Earlene My prayer is that as you listen to this album, you will feel the presence of God and realize that there is nothing this world can offer that can compare to the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your heart through Christ.” Includes both the break out hit, “A Miracle On His Mind” and the chart climbing release, “King Of My Heart”. You can preview and purchase this CD on Gayla’s website at: Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 34

…the way I see it by John Penney The Christian Outlaw As this New Year begins I wish for certain things and as usual I have resolutions that I fully intend to try and keep this coming year. It seems like I start the New Year off with a bang every time and then it kind of fizzles out by mid-year. You know what they say about good intentions, lol. But as I get a little older I do realize that I really should work harder to do better each year not just as a New Year`s resolution only. What I need to do is strive to be a little bit better today than I was yesterday and continue to do it each and every day. That way maybe I can help someone while I am also helping myself as we struggle through this thing called life. Every day that we have here on this Earth is a day that was given to us by our Creator and I am sure that God is watching everything that we say and do so I am going to try and use this New Year to be just a bit more of a Christian than I have been in previous years. I know that we all fall short at times of what God wants us to be but if we start off this New Year with the spirit of love and kindness to each other that was shown to us by His son Jesus then we can make a difference in the coming New Year. Just imagine for a moment if you will, what would this old world be like if we all just took the time to smile and say hello to each other whenever we had the chance instead of always being in such a hurry to get what we want or where we are going. It just might change the world, think about it. What if we took the time to tell someone about the love of Christ or shared the story of the birth of Jesus ? This alone could impact a life and that life could impact another life and so on and on ….see what I mean ? It does seem like a very simple thing to do. So, with this New Year would you make this small resolution, make each day a better day than the day before.

And tell somebody about Jesus… and smile. Happy New Year ! That’s how I see it… ~John Penney The Christian Outlaw Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 35

Way Out West by Terry & Debra Luna

Bakersfield Country Music Awards – Lifetime Achievement Award Bakersfield, CA - The 10th Anniversary of the Bakersfield Country Music Awards Show was recently held at the Kern County Basque Club on November 6, 2016. The Awards show is held each year to recognize artists, past and present, who have dedicated themselves to presenting a type of Country Music originating in the Bakersfield, California area. The Awards were originated by Terry Keplinger as a way to honor these artists. Honorees this year included longtime bandleader of Merle Haggard’s band, the Strangers, legendary steel guitarist Norm Hamlet, the Lighthouse Boys and several others. Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Red Simpson, The Smokin’ Armadillos, Mayf Nutter and many others have been recognized in the past for their significant contributions to Bakersfield Country Music. 2016 marked only the third time that a Country Gospel artist was honored; this year’s recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award was The Lighthouse Boys from Bakersfield, California. Upon receiving the award, Bill Underwood, one of the founding members of The Lighthouse Boys, said they were deeply honored, especially in light of the fact that so few Country Gospel artists have received the award. The Lighthouse Boys have been ministering for 42 years, have recorded several projects, one of which was recorded at Buck Owens’ Bakersfield studio and featured Owens’ band The Buckaroos as instrumentalists. In response to the popularity of The Oak Ridge Boys in the 80’s, and their close resemblance to The Oaks’ harmonies and style, a major Country Music record label approached The Lighthouse Boys to sign a contract; but as Underwood recognized “whatever talent I have, I’ll use for Him,” and they decided to continue serving the Lord through their ministry and did not accept the contract offer. The group was started by brothers Mark and Bill Underwood after their mother encouraged them to sing in church. Other members include Randy Ivie, Steve Johnson, Jimmy Woods, son of legendary Country Music artist, “Bill Woods from Bakersfield,” Joseph Underwood, Tommy Smith and Stephen Underwood. They continue to minister with a strong commitment to a call that was given to them over 40 years ago. Success to the Lighthouse Boys means knowing that they are in God’s will, using the gifts that He has given to them for His purpose. For the Lighthouse Boys, their purpose is all about the ministry. Congratulations to The Lighthouse Boys for their Lifetime Achievement award, for representing Country Gospel Music in Bakersfield and throughout the country.

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On another note, Happy Birthday to Mr. Freddie Hart, the legendary Country/Country Gospel singer-songwriter who celebrated his 90th Birthday on December 21 with family in Burbank, California! Until next time, Happy Trails and Happy New Year from Way Out West!

Country Music Legend, Gene Watson Releases Country Gospel Single by Chip Bricker

I have to brag just for a bit. For the past 8 yrs, I have had the pleasure and the privilege to work for one of the last great country music legends, Gene Watson. With 7 number 1’s and 74 charting single releases, Gene has had a career in the music business spanning some 54 years. He is old-school and dedicated to the style of music and sound that garnered all those hits in the 70s and 80s, like, “Love In The Hot Afternoon”, “14 Karat Mind”, “Got No Reason Now For Going Home”, and “Farewell Party”, just to name a few. He gives all the credit for his success to his fans. He says, “ I gave them what they wanted and they’ve stayed with me for 54 years”. It’s not that he doesn’t like today’s country music. (he’s not a huge fan for the most part), but he likes songs that tell a story that paints a picture or “has meat to it” as Gene puts it. He likes singers that can sing and tug at your heart strings when they present their craft. Gene says, “I want the fans to feel what I am singing”. From these thoughts and ideas, I have learned much about the music business. This past summer, while he was working on his latest album titled, “Real Country Music”, he asked me what I thought about him putting a gospel song on the album with all the country songs. I said I thought that it was a great idea. Gene has released one gospel album in his career and it was several years ago while he was with Step One Records. Gene was raised singing in church with the family and is one of the finer harmony singers I’ve run across. I told him I thought his fans would really appreciate a gospel song or two maybe even a whole album of good gospel songs. The next thing I knew he was listening to a song written by Larry Gatlin entitled “Help Me”. He asked me what I thought about the song. I just said wow. The demo was by Gatlin and was great. He then informed me that Elvis did the original first release to radio of this song. To which I added, “you’re gonna cover an Elvis song?” That started a whole other conversation with me looking like the idiot. He placed the song on the album with a fantastic arrangement done by Dirk Johnson (Nashville producer and former piano player for Kenny Hinson and the Hinsons). The release of the album was different from those that I had witnessed in the past. Gene had not had a successful radio release from an album in 20 years. So a single was selected for country radio and released nationwide. To our surprise the 2nd week out, it went number 1 in the country division of A number 1 country download when most of your fans are considered to be over 60 is quite remarkable. The album has held its ground all year peeking at number 47 on the billboard album charts back at the end of the summer. After all this, I asked him what his plan was for the gospel song “Help Me”. He said, “What do you think we need to do?” I said, “Let’s send it out to radio and see how the folks like it”. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 37

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He agreed and asked me to get with management and see what we could make happen. He said, “ This is new ground for me, I’ve never released a gospel song to radio before”. I said, “Well, it’s about time then.” Country gospel was the chosen format and with the help of some very kind and professional folks with Canyon Creek Records, it was done. Gene was quiet about the release at first, then some strange things began to happen. His phone began to ring with DJ’s wanting to talk to him about his new gospel single, “Help Me”. Gene Watson and Chip Bricker

This lead to the single being placed on a Word compilation disk distributed by Curb to Christian book stores all over the nation as well as a slot on the Cracker Barrel shelves. Now you can find Gene’s Gospel song and an album of Gene’s biggest country hits on the Cracker Barrel shelves as well. As we released the gospel song to radio and began playing it in our live shows, Country’s Family Reunion asked Gene to sing a gospel song on their “Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting” TV show and DVD series. He sang “Help Me” with the Gatlin Brothers doing the background vocals. Gene then sang the song on the Grand Ole Opry one night and received a standing ovation. The response from the fans, radio, and industry folks has been amazing. The song is now in 7 different charts representing country gospel, Christian country, southern gospel, and traditional country music ranging from #60 in one chart right up to #3 in other. Gene said just this past weekend, “ I never thought I’d see the day when my fans would rally around a gospel song like they have this one. I’m blessed to be able to return to doing some music from my roots, and having my fans and new fans all like it.” Gene is quick to give God the credit for his success, his ability to still be able to sing songs in the same key he recorded them, and for healing him from Cancer 15 years ago. He told me this past week that they already had 4 more country gospel songs on the shelf and are planning on finishing a full length country gospel album early next spring. I think that is gonna be a great thing for country gospel radio and it’s fans. For me, it’s some more songs the band and I get to learn and are able to bless folks with in our shows on a weekly basis. I guess when you are a country legend, like Gene, finding a new niche that’s always been a part of you life, is pretty great. I’m thankful to be able to personally witness it. Thanks and God Bless, Chip Bricker (Chip Bricker has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Baylor University and a Masters in Consumer Behavior. Chip has also played for many music stars and produced or played on more than 20 #1 singles as well as more than 100 charting Singles in various genres of music. Contact:

You can find more info on Gene Watson on his website at: or visit:

Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 38

"Texas Music Makers" “We're Planting Goodness, Harvesting Fruit and Sowing Seeds of Love Through Christian Music." by Royel Clark

Well Howdy Doody Folks! Welcome to the newest addition to the Christian Servant Magazine….“Texas Music Makers” This is Royel Clark and I will be bringing news, information and interviews with singers, songwriters and those that are affluent in Christian country music right from the heart of Texas to you!! For those of you that I have not met yet…I’ll start by giving you a brief synopsis of my role in the music industry. I was saved in 1988 during my battle with throat cancer and I have been sold out for Christ ever since! I was a rock & roller in the 60’s. I was turned on to country music in 1971 and became the executive producer and a staff songwriter for Tony-Rock and Marta…two independent national record companies for 16 years. Then I was born into the family of God in January of ’88. I produced and hosted the “Songwriter’s Corner” television show in Dallas and Houston from 1984 to 2001. I left the secular music business in ’89 to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been an independent Christian music producer since then and I currently own and operate Anjel Music Studios based in Mesquite, Texas. With over 1,300 projects produced and a catalog of 1,200 original songs logged in behind me…I am continuing to march on for Christ by helping others in the Christian music industry. I am producer and host of the long running Texas Gospel Jamboree Radio Show currently in it’s 11th year of syndication across the nation. I also produce the “Oldies But Goodies” radio show and the “Rainbowbuddy Country Gospel Hour” radio show. So, as you can tell my passion is obvious… It’s creating and developing music for the ONE who created it all…GOD!! I am excited to be a part of the family here at the Christian Servant Magazine. In this edition I am featuring the beautiful, sweet and talented HEATHER GRIFFIN. Born in Wichita Falls, Texas and currently resides in Mansfield, Texas since 1982. This young lady IS a true miracle of God! I recently visited with Heather and asked her some relevant ministry questions starting with her Mom & Dad’s influence… How did your parents play a role in molding your ministry? My parents were actually evangelizing when I was born. We traveled doing revivals a lot in Oklahoma and Texas. Dad after a few years felt the call to Pastor a Church. My parents were ordained in the Church of God denomination, so as you can see I was raised in the ministry scene all my life. My family sang as a family also. Dad would play the guitar and Mom would play the piano, and my sister and I would sing along with them. We lost dad to brain cancer in 2003 which I guess you can say started my solo ministry. Being in a Pastors family limited my ministry more to our home church where I was Praise & Worship Leader and also a Sunday School Teacher. God started opening doors after dads death and I became a part of the SGMA of Texas (Southern Gospel Music Association) in 2007. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 39

Songs released in 2016

Terry Davis Voted Male Vocalist of The Year at the 60th 2016 International Country Gospel Music Awards.

# 1 in Country For The Good Life Top 100 February 2016 and #1 in Cashbox Magazine Country Christian Top 100 February 2016

Terry Davis with Ronnie Weiss #9 in Country For The Good Life and #9 in Cashbox Magazine Country Christian Top 100 November 2016 To contact Terry‌ email: or text: 903-520-6120

From Terry Davis and Family: A great big thank you for making the Year 2016 such a successful year for our ministry. It is our prayer that each and every one of you have abundant joy, hope, and peace promised to you by the Holy Spirit in this New Year of 2017. May God bless you all.

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Can you please describe your handicap? I was diagnosed with a bacterial abscess inside the spinal cord in 1980 at the age of 5, which left me a paraplegic. The paralysis is chest level and doctors said singing would be a challenge because it did affect the lungs, but God changed all of that. I AM A MIRACLE!!! What the devil meant for bad, God turned it around and made it good. Has your handicap held you back from your calling/desire to sing? No it hasn't. Matter of fact, I believe that God has used my handicap as a testimony of his healing and his faithfulness. What words of hope/help/encouragement and/or suggestions can you give to our readers who may OR may NOT be handicapped? Just know that we serve a God of the "possible" and not the "impossible". I should not even be alive today. I am a miracle and here by the grace of God!!! Can you describe your feelings/emotions/thoughts when you sing? I love singing for the Lord. I believe music can touch hearts in ways that maybe words or actions cannot. I always try and sing songs that I can relate to. Dealing with my disability, I try and sing songs of Victory and how God can help us overcome. What are your plans/vision and desire for the future regarding your ministry? To let others who maybe feel that they are facing a hopeless situation know that there is HOPE!!!!!! That God is still the same yesterday, today and forever, and what He's done for me, He can do for others. Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised!!!

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How many CD's do you have out? I currently have 4 CD's out and available through me at the contact info enclosed. Accomplishments: 2006: Mansfield Hometown Idol 2007: Nominee SGMA Female Soloist of the Year 2008: SGMA Female Soloist of the Year 2012: Female Vocalist of the Year with the SGMA of Texas Heather says, “My ministry is a ministry of "JOY" and I would love to come and minister at your church, senior luncheon, ladies retreat, revival, concert series, etc. You can contact me at: 817-988-4109 or email me at: Also, My web address is” You can also reach Heather through Heather has ministered with me in song on many occasions over the past 7 years. She has never failed to exalt the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. She IS the whole package when it comes to proclaiming Christ. She goes straight for the heart with every word she speaks. Every song she sings and with every move in her mobile chair she will have you praising God almighty right there beside her! PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to have an interview OR your ministry in the “Texas Music Makers” column, please contact me. Til’ next time…This is Royel Clark Web: Email: Phone: 214-923-5892 Reach me on these media networks:

Matt Carroll Music

Southern & Country Gospel Music Ministry

Christian Servant Magazine is proud to introduce

Matt Carroll & Family to the Country Gospel music industry. This family music group is so talented and so dedicated to serving Christ with their talent that you just can’t help but fall in love with the family ministry. Their first single release to radio titled “I’m Gonna Be There” is climbing up the charts fast at # 29 in Country For The Good Life Top 100 and Cashbox magazine Top 100 charts for January 2017. Though it is truly Country Gospel, a large percentage of the Southern Gospel market is playing the release also. Check out their great musical style yourself by going to their website: You can also view their videos at the same time. You may reach the Carroll family by calling or texting them at Matt’s cell 660-676-0590 or Debbie’s cell 660-651-9987.

from Matt Carroll & Family

We look for very exciting things to happen for the family’s ministry notChristian only inServant 2017 but for many years to come. Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 41

“THREE BLIND SAINTS” by Brad Wilson Visit Brad Wilson and Higher Purpose Entertainment at:

A few years ago I had the honor of producing a film in Kansas City in association with Pastor Steve Gray and the congregation of World Revival Church. The film “Three Blind Saints” (“My Three Saints”) is a Christian comedy! Imagine that! Christians actually laugh!! Three childhood friends, Sam (Richard Speight, Jr., TV's Supernatural, Justified, and Band of Brothers), Jamal (Elijah Rock), and Frankie (Stelio Savante) have schemed since they were kids to make it big. While cruising in Sam's beat up "classic" convertible on a road trip they find themselves in the small town of Rocky Road. Rocky Road is run by Rusty Pickens (Barry Corbin, No Country for Old Men, Lonesome Dove) who has pretty much everybody in his back pocket, and after finding themselves in a spot of trouble with the local police, Sam and friends dig themselves deeper and deeper into trouble. After claiming to have been 'saved' while in jail, the troublesome trio lands in the hands of the corrupt Rusty who puts them to work as new ministers in the church and it's up to them to convince Rusty and the residents of Rocky Road that they are indeed the real deal! Soon though, it becomes clear to the newly appointed 'ministers' that Rusty doesn't have the good people's interests at heart and is using Sam and his pals to do his dirty work. It's up to the guys to rise to the occasion and to prove to themselves (and maybe the big guy upstairs too) that they have what it takes to do the right thing in this hilarious fish-out-of-water tale!

Brad Wilson being interviewed on “press day” from the set of “Three Blind Saints” in Lees Summit, MO

Brad Wilson and legendary actress Irma P. Hall on the set of “Three Blind Saints”

If you are looking for a film the entire family can see that is great fun with a terrific Kingdom message you don’t want to miss this one. You can download the film at Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 42

Movers and Shakers of the Country Gospel Industry I would like to introduce to you Ray Sargent. Ray is another D J committed to playing Good Country Gospel and Southern Gospel music. He has an excellent program. Artists, please make sure that he receives your music. Over and over again I keep hearing from artists that they do not know who is playing our style of music or where their music is being played. Each time we put out a new copy of our magazine, we always make sure we have at least two articles about the DJ’s and the radio networks they are on. If you’re smart you will take advantage of this and get to know each one of them. Every DJ I write about loves Jesus and they love playing music about Him. They are in the blessing business. I think you will enjoy reading about Ray and his testimony. Now lets turn it over to Ray. ~Tommy Smith

Ray Sargent - Calgary Alberta Canada I have become convinced over the years that there is a DNA in certain people called “radio.” For me it manifested when I was a child – I always wanted to be on the radio. High school courses and later broadcasting school propelled me toward my dream. In 1972 I had my first gospel music radio show – one hour on Saturday morning on an AM station in Vancouver B.C. Later I moved to Alberta but the condition stayed with me and I continued to have hourly shows. This came to a supposed end in 1983 when I went into full time pastoral / church planting ministry. Continued on next page…

Happy New Year to our sisters and brothers in Christ. is the newest radio release out for 2017 by Jamie Lynn Flanakin. Marty Smith with “Today’s Cross Country Radio show” said, “I have loved everything Jamie Lynn has released but this one really knocks me out. What a message and great arrangement this song has.” It reminds us of how thankful we should be for the blessings God has given to all of us. Jamie Lynn’s release in 2016 of “Who Loves Me More” climbed up to # 12 in the Christian Servant Magazine “Country For The Good Life” Top 100 chart and Cashbox magazine Country Christian Top 100. She is very grateful to all the fans and DJ’s for the awesome support she has received from all of them this year. You can contact Jamie Lynn @ 318–355-7178 or go to her facebook page.

May your New Year be filled with blessings From Jamie Lynn Flanakin & Family

Psalm 100 Thank all of you for blessing us this year with your love and friendship. What an honor it is for us to serve Christ. 2016 has been a fruitful year for our ministry. First with our 2016 release to radio “He’ll Never Leave Me” charting at #11 in Christian Servant Magazine “Country For The Good Life” Top 100 chart and # 11 in Cashbox magazine “Country Christian” Top 100. Then we were overwhelmed with all of you casting your votes for us to receive the ICGMA 2016 Joe Paul Nichols Lifetime Achievement Award. God is good. We love you all. Have a healthy and prosperous New Year. To contact Psalm 100 go to their website: Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 43

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Thank you! Thank you to all the radio stations and fans for playing and requesting my new release… ALL THE WAY The song is charted in Christian Voice Magazine November 2016 at #1, # 6 in Christian Servant Country For The Good Life Top 100 and #6 Cashbox magazine Country Christian Top 100. And many thanks to the ICGMA for honoring me with the 2016 Album of the Year award for the album Crossover. Chuck Hancock and family wish blessings for all this New Year of 2017. I will praise thee, O Lord, among the people: and I will sing praises unto thee among the nations. For thy mercy is great above the heavens: and thy truth reacheth unto the clouds. Psalm 108 Verses 3-4

In 2007, 24 years later, I found myself as the pastor of a church in a small town in Saskatchewan. While there an old friend was stepping down from his two-hour Sunday morning southern gospel music show on the local country station. January 2007, I went on the air in that Sunday morning time slot, with my new show called Sunday Side Up. Two years later I retired and left that community. But as they say “the show must go on.” I began to produce the show from home and even to this day I send it to them. One day a gentleman at an internet radio station asked me if I’d produce a syndicated version of the show for his station. That set the wheels in motion. I soon had 6 stations spanning across Canada and into 3 US states. A station in Texas wanted an all country show, rather than the mix of southern, country and bluegrass that I was producing. Thus, began the one hour program called All Country Sunday Side Up. It went into syndication and spread. Next, I was thinking about all that beautiful easy listening music that was available in those three genres. That was the impetus for my third show called Embers Of The Day. Embers, also one hour long, has become very popular and some stations air it seven nights a week using archives. These three shows keep me busy 25 – 30 hours per week. Each week I also update the website with play lists and on site players for all three shows. When I retired from my pastoral ministry the Lord said I would have a world-wide ministry. Now 10 years later I’m airing on around 110 stations and in 6 countries. With internet stations my shows are heard “world wide”. Moreover, I’m having that childhood dream come true, showing that that “radio” bug is still alive and strong in me. Drop by my site when you have a moment and give the shows a listen at:

Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 44

Movers and Shakers of the Country Gospel Industry

Great things come from Texas as do BIG Miracles! DJ Micah McCarley is living proof .

I would like to take this time to prove to all that God is still in the miracle business. The young lady I am writing this story about is truly a walking, talking real live miracle. She is just one of the many children born into this world that defy the reasoning of pro-choice backers, that suggests it would be better to abort a child than to let it be born with less than normal mental or physical conditions. This young lady, Micah McCarley, was born on April 11, 1994 with half of her brain missing. When her first blood tests came back they found out that she only had 12,000 platelets in her blood instead of the minimum amount of 150,000. That prompted the doctors to do further testing on her. They found out then that the right side of her brain was missing. They also found a fluid Cyst on that side. The plan of action was to insert a shunt into her head with a tiny tube to drain the fluid into her abdominal area. First, however, they had to get the blood platelets built up to 150,000 before doing so. She had ten blood transfusions before she was five weeks old. Eventually they were able to do the surgery. At the age of five, she started having severe headaches. The doctors ran all kinds of tests at that time, and found she was producing too much spinal fluid. They put a Lumbar shunt in her lower back to drain the fluid. Through the years she has had bad bouts of seizures as well as being diagnosed with Autism. It seemed like this young lady would never have a normal life. God knew better. He had great plans for Micah. How blessed all of us are because of those plans. Micah is the granddaughter of award winning Country Gospel female vocalist Joy Roberts. Joy and Cotton Roberts have been serving Christ for a long time and they were determined to see that Micah would have a meaningful and fruitful life through Christ Jesus. Their prayers were answered. Though Micah is missing part of her brain she is as smart as they come. She is not only a Christian music DJ, she is a walking, talking spokesman for Christ. This girl can work social media on the Internet faster than Donald Trump can “Tweet” it. Her computer skills are phenomenal. Her personality is beautiful and as Christ-like as you can get. Everyone that meets her gets a blessing. I feel proud that she calls me her friend. We both share the same love for “Mexican food”. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 45

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All of us in The Country Gospel music field love Micah. That is why in the year 2016 we voted her recipient of the ICGMA “Bob Wilson Radio Personality Award” and the ICM “Radio Personality Award”. Micah truly has a dynamite personality. If you or anyone you know is thinking about having an abortion because their Doctors have said that their unborn child will not be able to live a normal life, please think about this. That child may have some health issues but one thing you can be sure of, if they turn out to be anything like Micah, they will be born with the spirit and soul to bring great amounts of love and joy to those around them. God’s love is all that we really need for a beautiful life and these children are filled with plenty of that!

A Little Boy's Exciting Miracle by BILL HUNT For weeks, God the Father listened to the earnest, relentless prayers of seven-year-old Brian. I heard him pray for six to eight weeks every breakfast, every lunch, and every dinner, and of course, every evening prayers in the living room with his sisters. "And God, I want a bicycle. Please, God, give me a bicycle." "Daddy, I'm going to win that bicycle!" my son repeated over and over again at home. He seemed to have persistent faith. I was the one who wasn't so sure. As I drove the family station wagon into town one day, Brian spoke to me with heart touching trust. "Daddy, will God give me the bicycle I keep praying for?" I choked. "Brian, I know this. God hears your prayer, and he knows exactly what you want. He knows how to answer your prayer. You can trust him." "Well then," said little Brian, "I'm going to keep praying for that bicycle 'cause I really want it!" When the day of the fair came, my wife, Mary, made sure I'd take Brian and his older sister, Monica. We climbed half way up the steep grandstand steps to select our rather hard seats to perch on. What daddies do for their kids! The time came. The master of ceremonies in tall stove-pipe top hat conducted the raffle drawing for the "Silver Streak" bicycle. Sitting next to Brian, I watched my son's face and his continued exuberant expressions. The MC called the first number, 187, but no child was present to win. He called the second number, 324, but still no answer came from the audience. The third number, 753, brought the same results. The announcer took off his tall hat and wiped his forehead. He changed tactics and started calling the ticket numbers in groups over the blaring loud speakers. 17, 648, 429! 518, 921, 36! As the numbers came, little Brian could not contain his emotions, nor his faith. He stood to his feet and began praying in a rather loud voice. "Father God, that's my bicycle! Thank you, Jesus, for my bicycle!" With determination he prayed louder as the MC called out the numbers. Some 500 people around us must have heard Brian's voice. They grew very quiet, listening to this little boy in T-shirt and torn blue jeans. He jumped up and down in excited prayer. Something arrested me from stopping or containing his enthusiasm. More numbers were called: 66, 743, 317, 29, 436, 822! "God, that bicycle is mine," Brian persisted. "I believe it, that bicycle is mine." I could feel the crowd around me holding its breath for Brian. It was better than church! He continued to pray aloud as the numbers were called off. 785, 325, 239, 84, 526, 028! How can a little boy jump up and down and pray out loud at the same time? I felt people around him join in supportive prayer. Tears came to my eyes. I joined in the quiet prayer and could not believe God would not act in his behalf. ("O ye of little faith.") Some seventy-five numbers had been called with no other child present to win. The MC was visibly discouraged. Then it came! 77! Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition I, 2017 - Page 46

Little Brian tore down those steep bleacher steps like he was flying! I gasped and grabbed at him for his safety, but he was gone! "He's already down there!" noted Monica. Brian jumped on the bike and peddled it rapidly in figure eight formations in front of the whole grandstand. He actually took over the show! The crowd, all five thousand, laughed and let out a long cheer and a loud applause. "I wonder what the numerical odds are of this little boy winning this bicycle after so many names were called?" asked the MC over the loud speaker. As a Daddy, I could hardly breathe! My eyes flowed with tears. I watched God specifically answer a little boy's faith!

"I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" (Matt. 18:3 NIV). Bill Hunt dedicated his marriage to discovering God's 100 million miracles in life. As a Christian Writer, administrator, and career educator, he writes true miracle stories and Christian teachings on FaithWriters and Article Source:

Jimmy R. Price

A big ole Louisianan thank you to the DJ's and Fans for making it possible for "Road To Success" to chart in the Christian Servant Magazine "Country For The Good Life" Top 100 from Oct, 2016 thru Jan, 2017. Most of all a heart full of gratitude, and love goes out to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, not only for giving me the talent to write and sing songs of praise, but for the sacrifice Christ made on the cross to see that all of us could receive the promise of mercy and forgiveness of our sins. When people that I meet for the first time ask what kind of songs do I write? I simply say, “Love songs for Jesus”. Wishing You All A Very Blessed New Year! ~Jimmy R. Price

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