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Congratulations Steve Warren on your #1 charting song

Just A Touch Christian Servant Magazine’s Country For The Good Life Top 100 May, 2017

You can purchase Steve’s music on his website at:

Steve Warren is a full time pastor as well as evangelist / gospel singer. If you would like to join him in service, you are welcome to do so at Faith Chapel Ministries. Faith Chapel Ministries is located at Cornerstone Middle School, 371 1st Ave. South, Baxter, TN 38544. Service Times: Sunday Morning Worship at 10:30 a.m. • Wednesday Evening Worship @ 6:30 p.m. Rev. Steve Warren may be contacted at: 403 Davidson Ave., Cookeville, TN 38501 | Home: 931-526-4256 | Office: 931-520-7100 Email: Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 2

You can purchase Tom’s latest release at: You can also visit Tom on Facebook, and be sure to check out his videos on You Tube. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 3

You can visit Roger and purchase his music on his website at: Also visit and contact him here:

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Tommy Smith

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If you have enjoyed our publication, won’t you consider a tax deductible sponsorship role by supporting the continuation of the quarterly published Christian Servant Magazine? Your sponsorship will be acknowledged in the publication. Contact Tommy Smith at: or call him at: (903) 566-3347 for more details. God Bless You!

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Way Out West by Terry & Debra Luna

Visalia, CA - We had a toe-tapping, hand-clapping, everybody-get-excited, wonderful time at the Great Western Fan Festival 2017 held in Visalia, CA from May 4 through 6! Although primarily a Southern Gospel event there was plenty of good ole Gospel Music including Country Gospel, Bluegrass, Jazz Gospel and everything in between!

This year marked the 20th Anniversary of the Great Western Fan Festival; evening concerts featured The Hoppers, Triumphant, Legacy 5 and among others the Bluegrass Band, Southern Raised. This was our first time to hear this up and coming family band. Siblings Lindsay, Sarah, Emily Grace and Matthew brought the house down with several selections from their brand new project, “Another World,” just released on StowTown Records. “This group is trained in classical music but raised in the bluegrass soaked Ozark Mountains. They have created a Southern Raised trademark sound where classical meets bluegrass and city streets meets country roads. SR has morphed a progressive sound that spans Christian Country/ Bluegrass, Celtic and Classical. They’re talented, they’re energetic, they’re Southern Raised.” (Excerpt from their website We heard Beethoven’s 5th like never played before and Bluegrass sung in perfect family harmony; the single “Another World” was a crowd favorite. GWFF provides a venue for many national gospel artists but also provides an avenue for many regional artists on various stages throughout the event. One highlight event is that every afternoon the Main Stage is shared with the Best of the West Showcase. This provides an opportunity for all West Coast artists to ‘sing the glory down’. Terry & Debra Luna had the privilege to join Rev. Billy Brisendine (The Regents) on stage during the Best of the West Showcase on Saturday, May 6. Reservations are now being accepted for the Great Western Fan Festival 2018. Visit the website at: to order your tickets today. Hope to see you there! Happy Trails…… Terry & Debra Luna

Production, Recording, Distribution, Compilations, Radio Promotion We are accepting tracks for our next compilation NOW! CALL US TODAY! (903) 566-3347 We at Canyon Creek Records, Inc. and The Christian Servant Publishing Company, BMI, strive to help artists that believe with all their hearts that GOD has called them to use their talents for HIS glory. If being a Christian artist is your heart’s desire, then contact us at (903) 566-3347, or e-mail us at Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 6

Getting to Know Me by Richard Mabry Well growing up in Houston Texas I became fascinated with drugs. I found myself selling and using hard drugs almost every day. I fell away from my Pentecostal teaching and my walk with the Lord. Not the fault of my parents but all me. I became a very large drug dealer and user. One day a friend of mine that was working with me got high called his mom on mother’s day and shot himself while she was listening on the phone. At that time I knew this was not good, I now know it was God tugging at my heart. Well He got me through that time and I grew a little closer but was still far away for I picked up drinking then. I met my wife in 1988 and we both would drink and smoke a little marijuana. One night after our marriage she was watching an evangelist on TV and she asked Jesus into her heart. She was so excited because she had been battling depression and felt it completely removed and felt new. She was so excited she almost could not wait to tell me. When she told what God had done for her I became angry and told her NOT to ever talk to me about it and she was to NEVER go to a Pentecostal church. Well, talk about conviction, she went outside and set on our picnic table weeping and asking her new Father what had she done wrong, she said it felt as if God sat right beside her and said “ Leave Richard alone, I am doing a work in his life.” Well, when she did what God asked of her He got a hold of me and in her words, “ I could not get him in church now I can’t get him out of our church or anybody else’s.” Yes I ask Jesus into my heart and I have not looked back since. He has used me to be a large promoter and manager of some great Country Gospel artists and has blessed me with the ability and equipment to set sound production for some named Gospel venue’s and artists. In April of 2016 my precious wife who lead me to the Lord with her obedience to Jesus went home and was made new in His presence. Because of my walk with Jesus I am good today knowing one day we will meet again. Yes, I am blessed, I will continue to work for our Lord, but know that God never left me, I left Him. He showed me and he can show you, just listen. The artists I promote and manage share the same vision that all we want is for whoever hear’s our songs, they will hear Jesus and know He is their Lord as well. Yes, I strayed from God but He never left me. He was walking beside me the whole time. I just needed to listen to His call. If you do not know our Lord and Savior, and want that assurance that my wife had and I have, that when you close your eyes for that final time, call me I’ll share His love with you. May God Bless you and May God Bless America. Richard Mabry Director for “I Love America Revival Tour” Deuteronomy 31:8 903.262.8280

Visit the “I Love America Revival Tour” on Facebook!

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…the way I see it by John Penney The Christian Outlaw God gave me much more than I deserved when He let me have the very best ……. I live in the house with four women. Sometimes it is a house filled with laughter. At other times it is a house filled with sadness. Once or twice I admit, it has been a house filled with anger. But the one thing I am most proud of is the fact that it has always been filled with love. No matter how hard the times get, no matter no money, no extra stuff, not much going on, some money, or whatever, I can always know that I will be loved. One of the small joys I will share with you is that whenever I picture one of my girls in my mind, it makes me smile, wherever I may be. At times it can be quite emotional. Caitlin Brooke is the baby and I suspect she will find a way to take over the universe. When she was a small child she could do most anything without attracting a lot of attention to herself. If one of her toys broke, she wouldn`t come running to Daddy crying. If she ran to me at all it was because she needed a tool of some kind to fix it. She always knew where all of the stuff you could not find was located. She didn`t talk much until she started school, she could talk just fine, but her older sister did most of the talking for Caitlin. She never had to communicate; Carla Lynn took care of all that. Carla Lynn, the middle child, the one who seems to get it from both ends with her sisters. Carla is our miracle child. She was a tenth pregnancy baby [or more?]. We went to a specialist because we did not seem to be able to have any more children, then when Carlene became pregnant we would lose the baby at eleven or twelve weeks. This went on for several years before a friend of ours recommended a Chinese doctor at the Medical Center named Dr. T. J. Lin to Carlene and we made the appointment to see him. To make a long story short, he was wonderful! Carla was born and when WMAZ-TV filmed the show “Macon Medical Center Miracles”, Dr. Lin chose Carla and Carlene as his “Miracle Story”. Carla is very outgoing and smart. She may be in Politics one day. Candace Suzanne is the oldest she is the sparkplug and the one who pushes the envelope. She has her own ideas and she will get herself in the right position to achieve whatever her agenda will be. She is nine years older than Carla and I am to blame for her curiosity about life and never meeting a stranger. Candace has red hair from Vera [Carlene`s Mom] and her negotiating skills from Noel [my Mom]. Candace may never be the Governor but she will be the one telling him what to do. My wife Carlene is all of the wonderful good that is in my daughters, I love her unconditionally. I love these girls beyond all understanding……….I thank my Jesus for them. That`s the way I see it…… John Penney The Christian Outlaw

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#94 by Mike Merritt

Seems like folks that grew up in the country were more in tune with nature. I had cousins that were city folks and they just didn’t know some of things about life that we did. Being in the country around livestock and working the land some of life’s most important lessons are learned. We didn’t have TV, malls, and concrete swimming pools, more like starlite nights, chasing lightning bugs, country general store and a creek to swim in. Being around livestock taught me so much about life. I think everybody should train a young horse or two before they have children. Sure enough teaches you how to go about handling different attitudes and situations. Handling cattle can teach you how to read people, teach you what they are thinking about doing and which direction they are headed. One important lesson for me personally was livestock will survive. Weather, climate, location, none of this will keep them from striving to survive. I remember a bunch of heifers that I raised a few years ago for replacement cows, you either do that or buy more cows if you are gonna stay in the business. Raising heifers is pretty demanding and expensive so you invest a lot of time and money. These heifers were really doing good until one day I went to check ‘em and they had escaped through the fence and into the big pasture, with the BULL!!!!. My heart sank, I knew what was gonna happen, my heifers days of growing and maturing were over. They were 9 months away from becoming a mother cow, not good. I gathered up horses and started penning the cattle. Luckily enough all the cows, bulls, and my heifers were penned. After separating the cattle I had my heifers back safe. As the days turned into weeks, then months, I noticed one of my heifers, #94 was showing signs of being bred, I just couldn’t believe it, all that hard work and plans. Now #94 was gonna have trouble. One day like every other one, I went to check cattle and # 94 had a newborn calf !! I was excited and saddened at the same time, you see #94 will always have a little bit tougher life than her sisters, she had to grow up real fast. With her young age, she is still a small cow. She has a calf every year just like clock work, she stays fat and healthy no matter what. # 94 is a survivor and don’t blame anybody. She is one of the top producers in this herd and you don’t mess with her baby, as far as that goes, don’t mess with any of the babies. She will come to you in a hurry!!!!!! We make mistakes in life, especially when we are young. Choices come with conditions, sometimes we deal with the consequences of our decisions for a lifetime, but when we make up our minds to survive, we can. So many people live in the past, feeling sorry for themselves and blaming somebody else for their problems, they never become the person GOD purposed them to be. You see GOD knows all about us, He made us, He watches us, He loves us. GOD forgives, restores, and will groom us into the person He intended. We make choices, GOD makes changes. Are you gonna be a #94, or will you be a zero? Jesus said “I come to bring a long, abundant life.” Give our junk to GOD and He will turn it into blessings. Mike Merritt Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 9

Movers and Shakers of the Country Gospel Industry When the vision of forming and distributing a new Christian Music Magazine came about we had to ask ourselves, “Do we really need another one? If so what would be it’s main purpose?” The answer in our hearts was to let the nonChristian world know that Christ loves them and shed HIS blood on the cross as an atonement for their sins. The best way we knew how to do this was to feature those who spend their life as Servants for Christ. It may be by the written Word, through Country Gospel Music, or featuring articles about the many men and women who serve Christ each week through their Radio or Television ministry. That is why we named the magazine “Christian Servant Magazine”. Our Movers And Shakers article features such Christian Servants each edition. We inform you about their ministry, where and how you can get in touch with them. To those trying to serve God with your talents I would advise you to reach out to these servants. They are willing to help you on your journey in anyway they can. This edition features radio personality J. R. Pitsenbargar with WVBD 100.7 FM West Virginia. We also feature a new Internet Radio Station “Small Gifts Broadcast Network” Owners, Cindy Hughlett and Mark Carman. You can listen by going to So let’s get started with our first Servant.

J. R. Pitsenbarger WVBD 100.7 Radio Personality In 1986, John “J.R.” Pitsenbarger started in radio at the young age of 16 when his parents had to sign for him to work and take a position that became open at the local radio station, WCWV 92.9FM in Summersville, WV. His parents thought this would be a passing phase but that was not the case. J.R. spent 26 years at that station going from part time DJ to programming the award winning, full time format of Christian Country, Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Gospel from 2006-2012. J.R. also worked for 6 months for the internet radio station ICR (Inspirational Country Radio) as an on-air personality while at WCWV. While working part and full time at WCWV, J.R. graduated from Glenville State College with a 4-year degree in Social Studies and a 2-year degree in Math and Science. When the station management wanted to change formats back to Pop, J.R. resigned and took a position with Summit Media WV and has been working for them on WVBD 100.7FM Fayetteville, West Virginia since late 2012. With over 31 years in radio he has worked with many formats but his love and heart has always been in gospel and positive music. Currently, J.R. is hosting a Positive Country, Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Gospel request program called “Sunday Evenings with J.R.” aired on 100.7FM, and also streaming live on the internet and helping with other air shifts for the Summit Media WV company as needed. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 10

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Mixed in his blood, along with radio, is J.R.’s other love…farming. J.R. keeps his 160-year-old family farm and cattle operation running. His love for farming goes beyond his own farm though, with him holding the position of President of the Farm Bureau of his county and Vice President of the West Virginia Farm Bureau along with being elected to the office of serving on the local Conservation District and working part time for the USDA’s Agriculture Statistics Service as an Enumerator. Also involving his two favorite pastimes, J.R. is a contributor to a few music and agricultural publications. J.R. is a nationally nominated and award winner over the past 31 years of multiple awards. J.R. stated, “If it wasn’t for my family and all of their support, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love to do. God has always taken care of me. Every time I have faced changes in my life, personally or professionally, he has had something better on the other side. If you know Him you have the assurance that there is something better on the other side.” Award Info: 1993 and 2012 Top 10 Singing News Fan Award DJ in Southern Gospel 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Inspirational Country Music Radio Station of the year where J.R. was Music Program Director 2011 Inspirational Country Music Radio Personality of the Year 2012 CGM DJ of the Year 2012 ICGMA Radio DJ of the Year 2012 King Country Agape Fest DJ of the Year Multiple nominations and awards over the years.

Smallest Gifts Radio Ministry It is with great pleasure that I inform you about two of the most dedicated “Christian Servants” that I have the pleasure of calling friends. Cindy Hughlett and Mark Carman are dedicated to helping others who are in real need of not only spiritual advice but monetary help as well. They are constantly offering their time to do benefits and raise money in anyway they can to be able to follow God’s commandment “feed his sheep” and take care of the poor. To truly be a Servant for Christ you must have His heart. That is a heart of love for all. This they have. Mark and Cindy are helping to build Christian churches in countries that do not have the resources to do so on their own. They are both outstanding Christian recording artists and use funds that come in for their music to invest in these projects. Now they will be doing the same with their newly formed Internet 24/7 Christian music radio station titled Smallest Gifts Broadcast Network. They feature a huge variety of Christian music. I have collected information from Mark and Cindy in their own words about their ministry. After reading this I think you too may want to partner up with them as they do the work of Christ. Blessings, Tommy Smith

Cindy Hughlett Music Ministry originated in 2005 as a 501c3 ministry organization with a vision to impact the world through music. Cindy met Grammy Nominated and Award Winning producer, Mark Carman in 2012 at a music awards event. Mark was involved in building churches and orphanages around the world. The “Working On A Building” project through ICM (International Cooperating Ministries) featured a collection of songs provided by top artists such as; Trace Adkins, Alan Jackson, T Graham Brown, Marty Raybon, Jimmy Fortune, George Jones, Glen Campbell, Jason Crabb, Aaron Tippin and Buddy Jewell. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 11

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Mark invited Cindy to join ICM as an Emissary Artist and together, they have raised the funds to build several churches and orphanages in various parts of the world. Working together, Mark and Cindy realized that God was at work putting together a partnership to carry on the ministry after the physical structure, bricks and mortar phase is complete. The vision is to not only impact the local communities with building the facility, but to continue with the personal engagement and organization needs of those being impacted. From thence came the birth of Smallest Gifts Ministries. Smallest Gifts was developed in 2014 with a passion and vision to reach the smallest and often forgotten parts for the world where no other organizations are active. Partnering with an artist and utilizing the artist's musical gifts, Smallest Gifts embraces the opportunity to utilize the "Widow’s Mite" contribution to make an eternal difference for the Kingdom, one life at a time. Thru the Smallest Gifts of the many, great things for the Kingdom can be accomplished and now with our 2017 newly formed radio station we look forward to even bigger and better opportunities to help others and spread the Salvation message to anyone who will receive it, via the World Wide Web. You can tune into the station on the net by going to

Jimmy R. Price

DJ's thank you for playing my New release "IF" on Canyon Creek Records Compilation volume 39. Most of all a heart full of gratitude, and love goes out to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, not only for giving me the talent to write and sing songs of praise, but for the sacrifice Christ made on the cross to see that all of us could receive the promise of mercy and forgiveness of our sins. When people that I meet for the first time ask what kind of songs do I write? I simply say, “Love songs for Jesus�. ~Jimmy R. Price Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 12

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SONG TITLE Just A Touch Heaven Knows Good Ole Days Let’s All Go Down To The River Father I Praise You Lay It Down Don’t Hate The Sinner If This Is All There Is Why Should I Worry Only Jesus He Was Standing Help Me What’s A Valley Like Every Day Is A Sunday I Want To Thank You Lord King Of My Heart I’m Gonna Be There The Creek Pass Me Not Run Back Home Black Sheep Think About The Cross Well Worn This Ain’t No House Of The Blues Do Yourself A Favor

ARTIST Steve Warren Tom Dolan Roger Barkley Tim Atwood & Mandy Barnett Greg McDougal Branded Julie Reese Arkin Terrell Tina Wakefield Rene’ Jones Wade Phillips Gene Watson Kali Rose Shenandoah Jamie Lynn Flanakin Gayla Earlene Matt Carroll & Family The Reed Brothers Melanie Walker Sandie Dickey Tommy Horton Jeremy Duggins Lisa Daggs Allen Frizzell Terry & Debra Luna




26 27 28 29 30 31

When God Speaks The Church Pew Forever In The End Please Help Me Jesus Heaven Is Real In The First Place I Won’t Take Less Than Your Love There’s Something About That Name Just Want To Thank You Rise & Shine All The Way I’m Gonna Meet Jesus Hammer Down Ten Shiny Pennies Unanswered Prayers A Good Song He’s Coming Back Have You Made Up Your Mind The Old Red White And Blue Why’d You Take Her It’s All Good Rest Brand New Man God’s Not Me When My Streets Turn To Gold

Dean Cliff Waddell Lonnie King Terry Davis The Cupps Kristi Miller

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Mike & Doris Merritt Ron Hemphill Russ Nottingham Brooks Crossing Chuck Hancock Cody McCarver Jerry Branscomb Judy Bailey Gina White Sunday Drive Debbie Bennett Brad Mount Ron Hughes Nate Fortner Danny Ray Harris Peter Christie Curtis Dykes Bryan Carroll The Ishmaels

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May, 2017 #





Gotta Lot To Do

Lizzie G



More About My Lord

Eternal Vision


Old School

Jim Sheldon


What A Wonderful World Michael Knight


Rank Stranger

Connie Hall


Dusty Road

Jayne Carter

77 78 79 80 81


Nobody Sang Amazing Grace

Dan Duncan




Red Letter Band


I Ride For The Brand

Heart To Heart


American Pride

Mike Leichner

83 84 85


If The Statue Of Liberty Could Cry

James Payne



No Matter

Isaac Cole


Old Mustang

Johnny Rowlett

87 88


What you Gonna Do Church

Micki Farington


Where’s The Family

Mike Manuel


A Little Song Comin’ On

Tanita Kuykendall


Come On Back

Mercy Mountain Boys



Bruce Hedrick





Crimson Ridge

93 94

When He Was On The Cross On The Sunny Banks He’s Alive Jesus Is Coming More Daddy’s Like Andy Mustard Seed Faith Everybody Needs A Little Love Get Out Of The Boat Good God Wayfaring Stranger Thank God I’m A Changed Man Believe What You Say If When The Sun Of Life Goes Down Keep On The Sunnyside Daily Bread No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus Super Man The Morning After

One Wave At A Time

Cash Creek


Heaven Above


He Will Carry You

Victory Express


Been There Too


Magnificent Miracles


Don’t Unpack Your Bags


Best Friends

89 90 91 92

Headed For Higher Ground Getting Back To Our Trinity Wennerstrom 97 Roots Miles Pike If That Mountain Don’t Doyle Lawson & Quick 98 Move Silver 99 You Never Change 100 From A Bottle To A Bible Del Way


ARTIST Gary R. Smith Chris Golden Walt Mills John Petrovich Marli Humphrey Chuck Hancock Terry & Teresa Baker Mark Carman Gena Roberts Hamilton Cindy Hughlett Darlene Jennusa w/ Larry Granger Cassidy Huckabay Jimmy R. Price Waymasters Marla Ratliff Tony Stampley Joy Roberts Stephen Rew Johnny Jones Kevin Rowe & Prodigal Sons Tim Livingston Wyatt Nations Les Taylor David Lemons Herman Trulove

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Some talk about going into full time ministry to reach those who are not covered by the blood. Most are not willing to sacrifice all they have. That is the risk we all will take when answering the Kevin Rowe, his wife Angela, and his band Prodigal Sons took that leap of at the first of the year and it has not been easy. They no sooner got started than their bus broke down to the tune of $15,000.00 in repairs. Personal bills and putting food on the table became a struggle. The , the bus is back on the road and they haven’t missed a meal. That is living on friends and God has blessed. Kevin and the band are leading hundreds to . In time they will lead thousands getting them ready for Heaven Above. By the way that is the title of their latest release to radio . The song is receiving tremendous airplay and great reviews from Country Gospel radio and fans. Pastors you should pray about bringing Kevin and his band to your church or any other event you might be having. They will be a blessing not only in song but the written You can contact Kevin Rowe and Prodigal Sons by calling (940) 229-9957 or contact Kevin on Facebook. KRPS • 1100 Tillery Road • Perrin, Tx. 76486 • 940-229-9957 • • Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 15

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SONG TITLE Heaven Knows Good Ole Days Don’t Hate The Sinner He Was Standing Why Should I Worry If This Is All There Is Only Jesus Let’s All Go Down To The River Like Every Day Is A Sunday Lay It Down What’s A Valley The Creek I Want To Thank You Lord Just A Touch Father I Praise You Well Worn Black Sheep King Of My Heart Think About The Cross Do Yourself A Favor I Won’t Take Less Than Your Love The Church Pew I’m Gonna Be There Help Me A Good Song

ARTIST Tom Dolan Roger Barkley Julie Reese Wade Phillips Tina Wakefield Arkin Terrell Rene’ Jones Tim Atwood & Mandy Barnett Shenandoah Branded Kali Rose The Reed Brothers Jamie Lynn Flanakin Steve Warren Greg McDougal Lisa Daggs Tommy Horton Gayla Earlene Jeremy Duggins Terry & Debra Luna Mike & Doris Merritt Cliff Waddell Matt Carroll & Family Gene Watson Sunday Drive

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SONG TITLE Forever In The End Run Back Home Please Help Me Jesus In The First Place On The Sunny Banks Pass Me Not This Ain’t No House Of The Blues He’s Coming Back When God Speaks I’m Gonna Meet Jesus Just Want To Thank You Unanswered Prayers The Old Red White And Blue Mustard Seed Faith Headed For Higher Ground Rise & Shine Don’t Unpack Your Bags More About My Lord Old School Keep On The Sunnyside God’s Not Me Brand New Man If Wayfaring Stranger Hammer Down

ARTIST Lonnie King Sandie Dickey Terry Davis Kristi Miller Chris Golden Melanie Walker Allen Frizzell Debbie Bennett Dean Cody McCarver Russ Nottingham Gina White Ron Hughes Chuck Hancock Tim Livingston Brooks Crossing Miles Pike Eternal Vision Jim Sheldon Marla Ratliff Bryan Carroll Curtis Dykes Jimmy R. Price Cindy Hughlett Jerry Branscomb

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SONG TITLE What A Wonderful World Ten Shiny Pennies Believe What You Say Come On Back No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus More Daddy’s Like Andy One Wave At A Time Heaven Is Real When The Sun Of Life Goes Down No Matter Gotta Lot To Do Good God He’s Alive Rank Stranger Rest What You Gonna Do Church


Heaven Above

68 69 70

Where’s The Family Get Out Of The Boat Why’d You Take Her Getting Back To Our Roots Dusty Road When My Streets Turn To Gold The Morning After Nobody Sang Amazing Grace

71 72 73 74 75

ARTIST Michael Knight Judy Bailey Cassidy Huckabay Mercy Mountain Boys Joy Roberts Marli Humphrey Cash Creek The Cupps Waymasters

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SONG TITLE Thank God I’m A Changed Man When He Was On The Cross I Ride For The Brand He Will Carry You If The Statue Of Liberty Could Cry Best Friends

Daily Bread American Pride Isaac Cole Everybody Needs A Little Lizzie G 84 Love Gena Roberts Hamilton If That Mountain Don’t 85 Walt Mills Move Connie Hall 86 Gravy Peter Christie 87 You Never Change 88 Been There Too Micki Farington 89 Old Mustang Kevin Rowe & Prodigal 90 From A Bottle To A Bible Sons Have You Made Up Your Mike Manuel 91 Mind Mark Carman 92 Jesus Is A Coming Nate Fortner 93 Sold Wyatt Nations with 94 Magnificent Miracles Cassie 95 Here I Stand Jayne Carter 96 Chain Breaker The Ishmaels The Dress In The 97 Window Johnny Jones Sittin’ Around My 98 Dan Duncan Father’s Knee 99 God Is Real 100 Meet Me There

ARTIST Darlene Jennusa w/ Larry Granger Gary R. Smith Heart To Heart Victory Express James Payne Doyle Lawson & Quick Silver Tony Stampley Mike Leichner Terry & Teresa Baker Les Taylor Bruce Hedrick David Lemons Del Way Johnny Rowlett Herman Trulove Brad Mount John Petrovich Red Letter Band Trinity Wennerstrom Caleb Howard Crimson Ridge Steve Warren Mountain Joy Jan Harbuck The Steele’s

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A big thank you to radio for playing and charting Cassidy Huckabay’s latest release “Believe What You Say” at # 42 for July 2017 in “Christian Servant Magazine’s, “Country For The Good Life” Top 100, and # 42 in Cashbox Magazine’s Country Christian Top 100 for July 2017. The song has only been out for a few months, released to radio on Canyon Creek Records Compilation Volume 39 and promoted by Brad Wilson Promotions out of Los Angeles California. DJ’s if you would like to interview Cassidy or get a copy of her full project you can contact Brad Wilson by going to If you would like to have Cassidy sing at your church or special event you can reach her by calling 1-580-682-0798 or visit her website: at or chat with her on Facebook and Twitter. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 18

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SONG TITLE Good Ole Days Don’t Hate The Sinner Why Should I Worry If This Is All There Is A Good Song The Creek Let’s All Go Down To The River He Was Standing Lay It Down What’s A Valley I Want To Thank You Lord Well Worn I Won’t Take Less Than Your Love Like Every Day Is A Sunday Only Jesus Black Sheep Please Help Me Jesus Do Yourself A Favor The Church Pew On The Sunny Banks Don’t Unpack Your Bags Think About The Cross Mustard Seed Faith More About My Lord Heaven Knows

ARTIST Roger Barkley Julie Reese Tina Wakefield Arkin Terrell Sunday Drive The Reed Brothers Tim Atwood & Mandy Barnett Wade Phillips Branded Kali Rose

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Lisa Daggs

31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38

Mike & Doris Merritt



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Jamie Lynn Flanakin

Rene’ Jones Tommy Horton Terry Davis Terry & Debra Luna Cliff Waddell Chris Golden Miles Pike Jeremy Duggins Chuck Hancock Eternal Vision Tom Dolan

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SONG TITLE In The First Place He’s Coming Back Rise & Shine If Headed For Higher Ground Wayfaring Stranger God’s Not Me Help Me I’m Gonna Meet Jesus Unanswered Prayers Come On Back Keep On The Sunnyside More Daddy’s Like Andy No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus I’m Gonna Be There Father I Praise You Believe What You Say If That Mountain Don’t Move Good God King Of My Heart Brand New Man Run Back Home

ARTIST Kristi Miller Debbie Bennett Brooks Crossing Jimmy R. Price Tim Livingston Cindy Hughlett Bryan Carroll Gene Watson Cody McCarver Gina White Mercy Mountain Boys Marla Ratliff Marli Humphrey Joy Roberts Matt Carroll & Family Greg McDougal Cassidy Huckabay Les Taylor

Gena Roberts Hamilton Gayla Earlene Curtis Dykes Sandie Dickey Kevin Rowe & Prodigal Heaven Above Sons What A Wonderful World Michael Knight One Wave At A Time Cash Creek

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SONG TITLE When The Sun Of Life Goes Down Forever In The End This Ain’t No House Of The Blues The Old Red White And Blue He’s Alive Get Out Of The Boat Getting Back To Our Roots Ten Shiny Pennies Thank God I’m A Changed Man Hammer Down Pass Me Not The Morning After You Never Change Old School Heaven Is Real Here I Stand Daily Bread The Dress In The Window Nobody Sang Amazing Grace When God Speaks If The Statue Of Liberty Could Cry From A Bottle To A Bible Rest Meet Me There Dusty Road

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SONG TITLE God Is Real Where’s The Family Why’d You Take Her I Ride For The Brand Chain Breaker Magnificent Miracles He Will Carry You Sittin’ Around My 83 Father’s Knee What You Gonna Do 84 Church Have You Made Up Your 85 Mind When My Streets Turn 86 To Gold 87 Been There Too 88 American Pride 89 Sold 90 Jesus Is A Coming Everybody Needs A Little 91 Love 92 I’m There 93 Angels By Another Name 94 Wingin’ It 95 Fourth Man Walking 96 Praise You 97 Follow Your Heart Home 98 God’s Country Watching Demons 99 Scatter 100 For You And Me

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God uses the “Overcomers” that is why he uses

Arkin Terrell by Tommy Smith

The first time I heard an Arkin Terrell song, I thought to myself, “If everyone could hear this man sing and hear the heart that he puts into a Christian song, all who heard would come to know Christ”. About a year later as God would have it, I received a call from his producer Stafond Seago of Silver Creek Records Nashville, TN. wanting to know if I would like to promote Arkins newest release to radio on Canyon Creek Records Compilation. He sent me the song “If That Is All There Is.” I knew it was a Country Gospel hit. When I started gathering information about Arkin I soon found out life had not always been a bed of roses for him. He, like so many others, had to sit and watch the two people he loved the most, his Mom and Dad, argue and fuss so much that they finally had to divorce. It broke his heart. He loved them both so much. Arkin’s Aunt and Uncle stepped up to help out, as well as his Grandparents, to make sure that they would be there not just to see him through the times of hurt and confusion but also be with him during the good times. Arkin talks of his mother taking him to church on a regular basis. His Grandfather was the pastor of the church they attended. He fell in love with those anointed Gospel hymns the choir sang. It didn’t take him long to realize God had given him the gift of music and it burned in his soul. He eventually started singing specials at his Grandfather’s church and today he is the music minister and praise leader for the church. It is his Grandfather’s dream that Arkin will be the pastor of that church someday. One thing Arkin will tell you is, that the man he loved the most in his life was a carpenter by trade. His name was Jesus, and like his mentor, Arkin became a carpenter as well. He has a wife and family to support. Singing for Christ is not always lucrative money wise but so rewarding soul wise. Continued on next page…

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So many young men and women in America have turned to drugs, alcohol or sitting behind prison bars somewhere because they could not cope with the hardship that life brings when you come from a dysfunctional family. They use their past as an excuse to justify doing things wrong and having no conscience when hurting others. Then there are those like Arkin, who have taken the hurt, pain, and heartache, and use it as a gift to teach others not to let your past control you, but let the Holy Spirit guide your life down a pathway of joy, love, and peace. They are always ready to help and love someone who is hurting just like they once hurt. That is what overcomers do. When you can overcome your problems in life you make a strong statement “Satan you lose, God is the Winner”. Be an “Overcomer” and get “One Step Closer” to God. That’s what Arkin Terrell did and he has never looked back. The project “One Step Closer” by Arkin has some of the greatest Country Gospel music mixed with Praise that you’ll find today. You can hear these songs on ReverbNation, iTunes or on his website: & you can reach him for bookings by calling (601) 441-3328 also check him out on Facebook.

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The beautiful, talented

Cassidy Huckabay by Tommy Smith

What do you do when you have it all? You get out there and do it. That is just what Cassidy Huckabay has done. This beautiful young twenty-one year old Country Gospel singer, songwriter is on her way to having her third top charting song. The first release to radio was “You Are Love” then followed by her second release “Dying Again”. Her new release “Believe What You Say” is a true story about a street person that she stopped to talk with as she was shopping one day. This one has the makings of a #1 song. Jim Whitaker another great songwriter introduced Cassidy to me and was instrumental in producing Cassidy’s first project. Both artists are from Snyder, Oklahoma and both are great songwriters. Todd and Deatra Huckabay, Cassidy’s parents are strong Christians and love the fact that Cassidy uses her talent to glorify Christ in the songs she writes. They are supportive of Cassidy’s music career and behind her all the way. Like all young singers Cassidy loves all kinds of music and does it all. Her new project “Chapters” is loaded with fun to listen to songs like “Heard It Through The Grapevine” a soul song originally cut by Marvin Gaye. Cassidy gave it a little Country flavor and did it in her own style without losing the soul of the original. It is awesome. The whole project is great and very entertaining. You can order Cassidy’s music on Itunes. You can visit with Cassidy on Facebook or email her at:

Marli Humphrey

A big congratulations goes out to for being one of the Top 10 2017 nominees. Her latest release to radio has climbed to #56 in June’s Christian Servant Magazine “Country For The Good Life” Top 100 chart. Go to her website: to hear her music or visit with her on Facebook at Marli Humphrey Music.

Matt Carroll and family

would like to thank each and everyone that voted Matt as one of the Top 10 nominee’s for the 2017 . They feel very blessed. They would also like to thank radio for making their first release such a huge success.

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COUNTRY GOSPEL MUSIC There is only one

Miles Pike Thank God for him. I love this guy. He has such a good soul. This man is a mess, he will keep you laughing all the time and then turn around and bring a tear to your eye when he sings a love song for Jesus. I’ve been releasing his songs to radio for the last seven or eight years. Every song we have released for him has become one of the most played songs in the industry. He is very much admired and looked up to by his peers. The man is so talented. Miles has a five octave vocal range and can knock you out with a performance when he chooses to use it, yet he knows how to sing a song honestly and simply to touch your heart. Miles is excellent at delivering the story of a song without over singing the song. He will, in concert from time to time, use all five octaves and that is when, as an artist, you pray you are not going to be the following act. His latest release to radio is called “Don’t Unpack Your Bags”. This song has the potential of being the biggest song of the year. It is a song of truth and though it has a humorous side to it, it also makes a strong point about the watered down, keep up with the Jones’s kind of church of today. Miles is one of the most booked Christian music acts in the business. For the last four years or so he starts the year off by having at least 200 dates booked and then usually wraps it up with at least twenty more. He and his family live their life for Christ. Although Miles is legally blind, this does not hold him back, nor is he angry about it. He keeps on praising God and telling everyone he meets what a wonderful Father he is. Miles has lived his entire life trying to follow Gods word and in turn God has really blessed Miles with his wife Martha. Not only is she beautiful and sweet but very intelligent. Martha does most of the bookings, she teaches piano when they are off the road and believe me she keeps Miles straight. That is a full time job in itself. I attended their wedding and was surprised when the preacher said “Now you may kiss your bride” but before Miles did, the preacher explained that throughout their entire dating period they had never kissed. They both wanted to stay pure in Christ and save their first kiss for their wedding. Now that is love in its purest form. To learn more about Martha and Miles go to their website or his Facebook page Miles Pike Music. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 24

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The Super Talented

Miss Kristi Miller Our Country Gospel industry is blessed to have young new artists like Kristi Miller as a part of our Christian Music Ministry. This young lady is a great singer, songwriter, and actress. She is also CEO of a Christian Newspaper distributed throughout many counties in Kentucky. Kristi is from Berea, Kentucky. She and her band perform nearly every weekend playing not only music about Christ, but good Positive Country. Kristi can play many different acoustic string instruments such as Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro and Guitar. She has a singing style that fits anyone’s taste. Being raised in the Bluegrass state of Kentucky she takes that style and mixes it with Country and Rock and has developed her own very unique style of music. This is a young lady that is determined to reach the top of the ladder with her music, without compromising her love for God. She knows what it means to pay your dues and is not a quitter. Kristi is single but does entertain the idea of someday getting married to Mr. Right and raising a family. Kristi is currently touring with one of the best Christian entertainers and songwriters in America, Aaron Wilburn. Their Tour is covering many states and if you get a chance to make one of their concerts I would advise you to bring your family and friends. All will be blessed. Kristi’s radio release “In The First Place” has been on the charts for almost a year now. The song has made it into the Top 5 in many of the Christian charts. She is currently releasing to radio a song titled “I Always Meant It”. This one is destined to make it to the top. She wrote the song and I tell you it will touch your heart.

You can listen and purchase any of Kristi’s music on CD Baby. You can also reach her on Facebook or email Kristi at

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Thank you radio for playing and charting "I Won't Take Less Than Your Love" at # 13 in July’s 2017 "Country For The Good Life" Top 100 in Christian Servant Magazine. We would also like to thank all our friends and fans for your Prayers. Doris is holding up well as she battles cancer but we know God still heals so please keep praying. God Bless! Visit our Music Page to hear samples and to order your copy today!

Congratulations Doris Merritt 2016 ICGMA Female Vocalist of the Year! Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 25

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It is better to give than to receive, so lives

Jamie Lynn Flanakin When writing about a Christian music artist one of the things that always comes to my mind is if they practice what they sing about. One of my favorite songs tells it like it is “I’d Rather See A Sermon” by Bruce Carroll. I have been following Jamie’s music career for quite a few years now and one thing I can tell you is she truly walks the walk and doesn’t just talk the talk. She is working nearly every weekend doing a benefit to help raise money for someone or a charity organization that is in need. So many artists that get into the Christian Music field promise God if He would just use them they would honor and glorify His name. There is not a better way to honor God than to be apart of helping those who cannot help themselves. When their songs start getting played and then start climbing high in the charts, all of a sudden they are “Stars” at least in their own minds. Soon they quit their job and start traveling from one city to another only to find out they’re spending more money than they are bringing in and soon they are having to ask for financial help. Artists, keep your job. You can book jobs in your area at first and then build up to the traveling when you get a firm foundation in the industry. Do God’s work by volunteering your talent and time to help others in your community. Jamie Lynn has a great job where they love her and are proud of her because of her giving spirit. Brookshire’s Grocery Company is one of the largest employers in East Texas. They have plenty to give and they do. They realize that Jamie and her husband, Richard, have a family they’ve been raising and now will be putting their daughter through College. They have little to give, but give they do. They can see Jesus in her. Jamie has had three releases to radio in three years. Every one has made it to the top of the national charts. She is very proud of that but she does not let it go to her head. She always says it’s not her that should receive the glory but God. She is sincere about that. This young lady is a great example of what our Christian Music Ministry should be about. I would encourage you to go to Jamie Lynn Flanakin Music Facebook or CD Baby and order her CD Titled “OH MY GOD” Jamie Lynn Flanakin. This would be a great way to bless her as she blesses others.

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I have had the pleasure to work with Debbie on stage many times over the last 15 yrs. or so. She is an outstanding singer and her love for Christ shows in every note and every word that comes out of her mouth. She is one of my wife Anna’s favorite female vocalists. I think after you read the testimony Debbie has shared with us it will be obvious why she loves singing and sharing God’s love through her music. Her testimony will bring hope to those of you that are facing serious health problems. Read and be blessed. ~Tommy Smith

Miracles still happen just ask

Debbie Bennett I was baptized on July the 11th 1976. I had wonderful loving parents who made sure us kids where in church every time the doors open. I began to feel God’s calling on my life at a very early age. I knew he had special plans for me. Yet time and time again I’ve been struck with tragedy. In 1981, I was in a serious car wreck. My left lung was punctured and collapsed. My left leg from the ankle up had to be rebuilt and the Doctors said I would have a steel frame on it for life. God knew better the lung healed and the steel rod came out within five months of the accident. Satan you lost I thought, God has a special plan for me. Soon my family and I started a Christian singing group called the “Gospel Sounds”. I loved singing for God. Once again Satan attacked in 1994. I was diagnosed with Leukemia. My family, church family and entire community started praying that God would heal we knew and had faith that he could. More blood work was taken before we started the procedure of bone marrow testing. The results on the blood work came back the second time as negative. No sign of Leukemia. Once again God had blessed and healed. In 1995 I lost my mother. God had called her home. She was my best friend and I felt lost without her. I made her a promise that I would take care of my dad before she went and then she asked me to sing at her funeral. That day was the hardest, and longest day of my life. I helped take care of my dad as I promised and we became very close. As I look back now I feel so thankful for the time God allowed me to share with him. He later had a massive stroke and never recovered. I did have a chance to ask him if he knew he was saved? He squeezed my hand as a tear fell from his eyes and I knew he was saying yes. That gave me the peace I needed to let him go to be with my mom and the Lord. Now I know that many of you that are reading this may think well this is just life. You are right. For me it has been a life full of miracles. You see once again I had to fight another battle, Cancer. Once again because of the prayers of faithful friends and a loving God who is still in the miracle business I have been healed. I am thankful for the gift of music and vocal talent he gave me at a very young age. I use it ever chance I get as a ministry to glorify and honor His name. He has fought battle after battle for me and I’m not ashamed to tell the world He is my King. If you want miracles in your life make Him yours. ~Debbie You can visit Debbie on her website at: or visit her on Facebook.

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"Just A Thought" with Gayla Earlene Visit Gayla Earlene at

My Grandpa White My Grandpa White, whom I called "Daddyhoney", was a wonderful dirt farmer who truly inspired my life. Many times as a child my grandma, whom I called "Bommie", my Momma and me would go to the fields where Daddyhoney was working and take a picnic lunch. He always broke into a huge smile when he saw us coming and then he'd stop the popping sound of the old red International tractor, he'd climb down wearing his Big Smith overalls and always give me a great big bear hug. We would sit under a shade tree, enjoy our lunch, the smell of the fresh plowed ground and the sounds of the outdoors. Daddyhoney talked about how a goooood soaking rain from our good Lord would certainly be welcomed. How well he knew that without the Lord there would be no harvest! You know, you may have never thought of it this way, but we as Christians are all farmers. We sow seeds every day and make the choice whether to sow seeds of love and life, or seeds of sin and strife. In thinking back about how hard my Daddyhoney worked preparing the fields and planting the soy bean seed so as to reap a good harvest, I'm reminded of Galatians 6:9 from the Word of God which reads: "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. WOW, What a great promise!! Now, in retrospect, if my Daddyhoney would have straddled the fence simply looking at one field and then the other, yet did nothing, he would gather nothing. Nothing but maybe a sore backside, lol!! What about you, what about me? Let us spiritually put on our Big Smith overalls, get down off the fence, and go sow the seeds of the love of Jesus Christ into the entire world!! We are the sower, HE is the grower, praise the name of the Lord!!

Featuring Gene Crain on Steel Guitar

LATEST RELEASE! from Gayla Earlene My prayer is that as you listen to this album, you will feel the presence of God and realize that there is nothing this world can offer that can compare to the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your heart through Christ.” Includes both the break out hit, “A Miracle On His Mind” and the chart climbing release, “King Of My Heart”. You can preview and purchase this CD on Gayla’s website at:

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THE BEGINNING: THE WORD by Pastor Dr. Doug DeRamus You can visit Doug DeRamus at:

Heb. 4:12 - For the word of God is quick (alive), and powerful, (means it is working and especially skilled in producing.) and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. KJV Gen. 1:1-3 (1) In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth. (2) And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. (3) And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. When you understand that "God is Light" then you understand that "Light is a display of God". When God said, "let there be Light, God was saying, "let there be God". God is everywhere, so there is NO place where God IS NOT. Even darkness has to declare His Presence. (4) And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. (5) And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. KJV Even in the night, God has given light. Even in a DARK moment, God has given LIGHT. God said, "Let there be light!" With that command, a universe of raging infernos called stars came into existence, and have been twinkling and creating music ever since. There are billions of billions of stars in the visible universe. More specifically, astronomers estimate that their number is equal to one sextillion (21 zeros) 1,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000. Is this an uncountable number? That is the number that can be seen through the telescopes! Ps. 147:4 we read that "GOD telleth the number of the stars; HE calleth them all by their names." THINK HE KNOWS YOU AND I BY NAME AS WELL.


As you probably can guess, our Sun is an average star. Stars can be bigger than the Sun, and stars can be smaller. Let's take a look at the size of stars. The biggest star in the Universe is thought to be the monster VY Canis Majoris. This red hypergiant star is thought to be 1,800 times the size of the Sun. This star would almost touch the orbit of Saturn if it were in our Solar System. JUST ONE OF THOSE SMALL WONDERS! John 8:12 -Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. KJV 1 John 4:17 - Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world. KJV It is not how far your light can shine out that is the most important thing. The most important thing is not covering the light with a "bushel of flesh".

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TRUST by Terry Davis

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 ESV. When I was afraid, I put my trust in you, In God, whose word I praise, In God I trust; I shall not be afraid, what can flesh do to me? Psalms 56:3-4 ESV. When I was a boy, I grew up working with my father, in the family business. My father always said, “You can’t trust anyone.” I like how Ronald Regan put it, “Trust, but verify.” The scriptures tell us in Jeremiah 17:5 NKJV, Cursed is the one who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength. The only one we can truly trust is our savior Jesus Christ! Psalms 118:8 NKJV says, It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. The words translated “trust” in the bible literally mean, bold, confident, sure security or action based on that security. The only sure thing we have, the only sure security we have, is that based on our salvation through Jesus Christ! One of the first scriptures I learned as a child is found in John 10:27-30 KJV, My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: and I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my father’s hand. My father and I are one. Trusting God is what we do because of the faith we have been given. Trusting is believing in the promises of God. In all circumstances, even in love where the evidence seems to be the contrary. Hebrews 11 talks about faith, which is accepting and believing the truth that God reveals about Himself, supremely in the person of his son, the practical consequence of faith in God is trust, which we prove by living out our full acceptance of God’s promises day by day. It is by this trust that we are promised peace: you will keep in peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3.

Trust and Obey When we were with the Lord in the light of his word. What a glory he sheds on our way! While we do His good will, He abides with us still, and which all who will trust and obey. Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. Not a burden we bear, not a sorrow we share, but our toil he doth richly repay, not a grief or a loss, not a frown or a curse, but is blessed if we trust and obey. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 32

"Texas Music Makers" We're Planting Goodness, Harvesting Fruit and Sowing Seeds of Love Through Christian Music by Royel Clark

Howdy Doody Y’all, “The greatest of these is Love” was taken from God’s word in 1st Corinthians 13. If you have a family then you probably know a bit about love. There’s pet lovers, music lovers, chocolate lovers, but the family love is a bond that’s not easily broken. We need faith. We need hope in our lives but LOVE seems to have the biggest impact. LOVE offers a firmer faith and heavenly hope together as one. Do not confuse loving yourself to loving others. YES…we have to know and love ourselves in order to help and offer love to others. A big ego, over confidence and self-sought glory is not the kind of self-love that will bring you happiness and rewards. Music has such a strong impact on our lives that it can change a person’s situation very quickly! Before accepting Jesus into my heart, I used to write songs about drinking, cheating and crying in my beer. I was feeding the flames of pain and hurt and there wasn’t any way to get out. Let me tell you that I was blest big-time in 1987 when I got throat cancer and God took away my ability to talk and sing. ALL that “ME” stuff I was in almost killed me! It took me a year after my throat surgery to figure out and understand just what happened to me. ALL my tears, my fears and my jeers toward others and God finally wore me down. One night in the middle of my blame game I heard GOD SPEAK TO ME! As I cried out to HIM asking “WHY…WHY ME”, I heard HIS sweet voice say…Royel, I gave you almost 23 years to train you and teach you all the sweet sounds of music that roam around in your head and your heart. Now do what you know and know what you do for ME for all the remaining days of your life! WOW….God’s voice is sooo beautiful. I made a choice back in 1988 to live for Christ. What a difference HE made in my life. If you want to know more about Christ, call me anytime! Let’s SING ABOUT HIM, SHOUT TO HIM, And SERVE HIM WITH GLADNESS AND THANKSGIVING! I am excited to share with you the life and story behind the man who IS a walking talking miracle. Samuel Bushnell has Cerebral Palsy. However, he has a heart of gold he is sharing with others on the radio, on stage and around the world! Here is my interview with Samuel. Were you born with Cerebral Palsy? Yes…the doctors speculated that I would never walk but at 4 years old I took my first steps on crutches. From the age of 3 to the age of 14, I under went over 21 surgeries and physical therapy mostly during summer vacations after school was out. How have you overcome obvious obstacles growing up? By finding my own path, my own pace and my own way. I may walk and talk a bit different but I’m pressing on today through Christ. How are you able to sing and focus on God through your handicap? For a long time I always asked God WHY! Growing up a lot of times I questioned God. WHY did I have this handicap? Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 33

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But as I grew up I began to understand what God’s plan for me was…It’s to encourage others. I look for him to heal me here on earth but if he waits to heal me in heaven then it’s ok with me. If I can show others that I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me…they will know that it’s NOT “I” but Christ who lives in me. I just say it’s God! Do you recall the first time in Church or elsewhere that you sang in public and where? Yes I recall my first time that I sang. Emma Tucker Dixson was just starting a singing at Brotherly Love Ministries and she was looking for singers to fill a show that was taking place. I told her I would sing if she wanted me to and she said yes so my first song I ever sang was “My Rifle, My Pony and Me”, an ole Don Williams tune. You have been married for several years. To whom and does she help your singing ministry? I have been married for 16 wonderful years to my wonderful wife Hollie. I think I would have to say she does a lot more for me and the ministry than people see. She lines up all the singings for me, along with the radio show that we both are involved in she does the playlist for each show. We are both actively involved with running the sound at New Life Baptist Church which is our home Church in Crandall, Texas. On top of that she’s my greatest supporter and I’m so proud to have her as my best friend and wife. I’ve seen you endure many challenges, how are you able to keep such a positive attitude? Life is a challenge. I take it one day at a time. Sometime I simply take one step at a time. I often say… “What’s life without a challenge AMEN!” How do you give hope and strength to those around you? I try to just be a friend and just be who I am and not someone I’m not. Hey, I’m a simple saved country boy. Singing for the Lord and longing for the day when I can run down the streets in Heaven…healed forever! Do you have words of encouragement to share with others with handicaps in the music industry? Be who you are cause God Created you just as you are. You’ve heard it said that “Sometimes you’re the only bible people will see”. Let God shine through you. If you are living with a handicap remember…real love comes from your heart so share with everyone you meet. How many CD’s do you have recorded? I have a total of nine (9) CD’s. Eight Gospel and one country. Other than singing, do you have any other avenues of ministry that you share with others? The Lord has blessed Hollie and me with a great radio ministry with the Rainbow Buddy Country Gospel Hour. PLUS I help out my buddy Tim Smith co-hosting a monthly singing at Pleasant Oaks Baptist Church. The Lord has us actively working at New Life Baptist which is our home Church . How can folks contact you for bookings? Call Hollie @ 972-802-9878 OR 214-923-5892, eMail: or visit us at PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to have an interview OR your ministry in the “Texas Music Makers” column, please contact me. Til’ next time… or eMail: or call: 214-923-5892 Reach me on these media networks:

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“You guys take care of each other.” by Marty Smith

My dad just went back to the operating room for bypass heart surgery. My dad, the leader of our family, a man of God whom I love and respect so much, is heading for surgery. The last thing he said to us before he left for surgery was, “You guys take care of each other”. All of us brothers and sisters looked at each other with instructions from our father and knew that he was right, as a family, we must take care of each other. We must look out for each other. In times when it gets tough, we are to lift each other up. We are to carry one another if need be. My dad is a wise man. His instructions reminded me of my Heavenly Father. We are instructed to, “Love one another as I have loved you”. We are to look out for each other. We are instructed to do so. It’s not a suggestion, it’s a command. There are times when we will find ourselves in situations that we cannot go through alone. Those are the times when we need to swallow our pride and reach out to someone. It’s okay to ask for help. From the other end of that spectrum, we need to be more aware of our surroundings. We need to be more aware of our brothers and sisters who may be hurting. We must take care of each other. We must look out for each other. Do you see someone who is struggling? Is there someone who feels they just can’t take it anymore? Reach out and help them. My earthly father is very wise. He took that advice from God’s Word and gave it to us. He reminded us that we really do need to take care and look out for each other. Marty Smith is the morning host of Heaven’s Country ( and host of the internationally syndicated radio show, “Today’s Cross Country ( You can email him at:

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Declaration of Dependence by Jimmy R. Price On July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia, PA., our nation declared its “independence” from the State of Great Britain. In a document known as the “Declaration of Independence,” our founding fathers declared our “dependence” on the Most High Power. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…” The foundation for this Declaration is very evident! The “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” “Creator,” “Providence,” “Supreme Judge” and the “Protection of Divine Providence” are included in this document that make it perfectly clear who our dependence on must be! Psalm 33:12 declares, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…” Truly God has blessed the USA throughout our history and has made us a great nation. But Psalm 9:17 also declares, “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forgot God.” Sadly, I’m afraid that many today, including those in government and judges appointed for life, have forgotten God, His Commandments and the History of our forefather’s declaration of our “dependence” on Him! At the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. we read: “God who gave us life gave us Liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.” Abraham Lincoln declared, “It is the duty of nations, as well as of men, to own their dependence upon the over ruling power of God and to recognize the sublime truth announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord.” John Adams wrote his wife a letter commenting on Independence Day (July 4th): “It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty.” Patrick Henry said, “This great nation was founded not by religionist, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason alone, people of other faiths have been afforded freedom of worship here.” Only in Jesus are we free indeed! While it is true that God has continued to bless America in so many ways, I believe it is also true that as a nation we have also been moving in a direction away from God. As a result, we are destroying many of the rights and privileges that were “endowed by our Creator.” Ungodly actions are the norm now instead of the exception. Violence, rioting, rebellion, abortions and sexual immorality are so common that hardly any one notices. We have a national news media system whose agenda is to slant everything and outright lie to promote their left-wing socialist ways. Is our nation’s God the Lord? Or is America’s god: power, popularity, politics, possessions and performance? What we need: Peace, Praise, Prayer, Preaching, Purpose, Passion for Christ, Promote the Gospel! It is time for the people of God to turn back to Him and “Declare our Dependence” on Him through His Son Jesus Christ! Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 36

Dumpster Diving Christians by Tina Wakefield Strange title for an article I know! Profound words that were echoed in my spirit as I knelt in prayer one night! You see just because we are Christians does not mean we “have it all together!” Even though our spirit has been born again- our minds have not, and Satan knows he can inject into this area of our life to distract, disrupt, and discourage us. Well I had obviously woken up that morning “on the wrong side of the bed” so to speak and when prayer time came, it took a few minutes to get myself straightened out to even talk with God. I stated, “ Father, if you’ll give me a minute I apologize, and I’ll get myself straightened out to have prayer time.” You see all day I had been rethinking situations in my life that aggravated me, times things didn’t work out, and people who had disappointed me- all things that were in the past and supposedly “Forgotten!” We all from time to time have a pity party because we are human and the natural mind doesn’t forget like God does. Satan uses this tactic of bringing up trash because he can get our minds reeling by dragging up old feelings of hurt, anger and resentment, and before long we are reliving something that happened 10 or 20 years ago. This strategy, once we recognize it can be put down by telling Satan these things are behind me, forgiven and forgotten by God and I refuse to think on them any longer. The Lord spoke to me and I heard these words, “ Stop Dumpster Diving!” I thought for a moment what in the world was this I was hearing in my prayer time? I asked the Lord, “What do You Mean?” I heard this in my spirit –“ You are digging in the trash of things past that have already been dealt with and thrown out! You through out these thoughts of anger, disappointment, and hurt when you gave them to Me- now stop Dumpster Diving in the trash!” Wow! He also gave me a scripture we would all do well to put into practice because we have all experienced hurt in our lives and disappointment from those we work with and those we share our lives with. Continued on next page… Songs released in 2016

Terry Davis Voted Male Vocalist of The Year at the 60th 2016 International Country Gospel Music Awards.

# 1 in Country For The Good Life Top 100 February 2016 and #1 in Cashbox Magazine Country Christian Top 100 February 2016 Terry Davis with Ronnie Weiss #9 in Country For The Good Life and #9 in Cashbox Magazine Country Christian Top 100 November 2016 To contact Terry… email: or text: 903-520-6120

Terry Davis has a new release to radio titled "Please Help Me Jesus" on Canyon Creek Records volume #38 charting at #17 in Country For The Good Life Top 100 for July, 2017. May God Bless You All! Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 37

Continued from previous page.

Philippians 3:12 Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus. Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. We would all do well to stay out of our personal dumpsters where the trash of life is stored. I am so glad that once we confess our sins and wrongs to our Heavenly Father, He throws them into that wonderful dumpster that retains nothing casting our sins as far as the East is from the West never to be remembered again. Oh how wonderful our lives would be if we could cast all wrongs into a dumpster like this. I did receive some instruction on where to spend my thinking time- instead of in the trash of my dumpster, God reminded me that Philippians 4:8 says “ Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Let us not fool ourselves we all practice “Dumpster Diving” in that what might have been, what should have could have been- but God has instructed us to forget what is behind us- it cannot be changed! Press forward thinking on the “what can be” when we let God lead and guide our thoughts and desires. Remember – everyone has a trash can or a dumpster, we threw those things out because they were rotten, dirty and broken, leave them in the trash and press on.

You can purchase Tina’s music on her website!

You can also visit Tina at:

Ricky Russ & Brother “Howdy” 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM Monday – Friday Brad Wilson 12:00 Noon – 4:00 PM Monday – Friday Cassie G 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Monday – Friday

Artists, get your music to Ricky Russ - (325) 677-8890 -

Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 38

The Water Bill by Roger Barkley, Jr.

We all look for a refreshing from time to time. As warmer weather approaches, we can be sure we will see reports of dry and dusty droughts. The account of a parched cracked earth will make headlines in the coming weeks. Just as the blazing heat can wreak havoc on a body and dry out the essential nutrients, the world too can take its toll on your spiritual body. How then, and where then shall we drink to quench this thirst that seems to be across this land? A thirstiness for something that can satisfy a longing in the depth of one’s very soul. I have shared before with some about the natural occurring springs on the farm of my childhood. On those hot summer days of hauling hay, chopping tobacco patches or merely just playing as a child, I can still remember that on the hottest muggiest of July and August Kentucky days, the water which flowed from those springs was ice cold. The spring seemed to be an eternal fountain with an endless supply of refreshing. When we were sweating, toiling, working as hard as we possibly could, just the comfort in knowing the fountain of refreshing was right around the corner from me would keep me going a few more minutes. As we’d gather around the side of that old hill where the spring flowed clear, we would choose that spot as a natural picnic area, break room, board room, and all around meeting place where all the world’s problems would be solved over fresh cool water and whatever had been packed for our power lunch that morning. No matter the blistering heat, the cool water was there to rejuvenate us. It was always a pleasure to show someone new to the spring. There were two springs that proceeded out of the same hill and the same outlet. One was the cool clear great tasting water. The other was bitter Sulphur water. If you have never experienced the taste and smell of Sulphur water, I encourage you to drive by a sewage plant and inhale deeply and you will come close. Both water streams looked the same. Both were clear but when you can have the best why would you settle for less? If you knew the difference, why would you want something that can leave a sour taste and smell in everything you do? Paul writes that he strived toward the mark Philippians 3:14 and even he ended up doing the things he tried not to do and tried not to do the things he ended up doing anyway. Romans 7 But it did not stop him from striving to get to his destination and perhaps being the best and most successful Evangelist ever recorded throughout history. This is because of his choice between the springs. Even though he was “Religious” the first part of his life, he was religiously wrong in his thought and heart process. Once he met the correct and refreshing Spring, he no longer had that sour taste in his mouth. He no longer had that stench about him of death. He had the refreshing spirit in him that no man could take away. No matter what he had to go through, no matter what the world put in his way, no matter what tragedy struck, no matter what government official tried to end his life, he knew his true refreshing was inside him and a boost right around the corner. All because he chose the right side of the stream. Ask yourself as you drink today. Are you drinking from the right stream? How full is your glass? Where are you getting it filled? Is your cup dirty? How long has it been since you talked to the one who controls the flow of the stream? The one question that gets most people in trouble in churches today…..have you paid the water bill? Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 39

REACHING THE UNCHURCHED THROUGH FILMS by Brad Wilson I’ve been reporting and giving updates through these articles on our new film “THE MEANEST MAN IN TEXAS.” The true story of Clyde Thomson. What a blessing this journey has been so far! The film has been making the film festival circuit across the country and out of 20 nominations to date, its won 11 so far. In May of this year I was so blessed to attend the International Christian Back in Hollywood from Orlando, Brad Film Festival in Orlando, Florida to represent the film. To be honest I Wilson presents Mateus Ward with his Best Actor in a Feature Film Award from the was a bit surprised the festival accepted the film into competition. Not International Christian Film Festival. only did they accept it but we won the Best Feature Film Award! Mateus Brad Wilson Ward our lead actor in the film won his 2nd Best Actor in a Feature Film Award. The first was in the New York City Film Festival prior to the ICFF. I was surprised because I really didn’t know…and still don’t…how the “Christian Community” in general will accept the film. The fact that the ICFF did accept it shows me a lot about their heart and how they see the opportunity to really go out into the world and preach the gospel…in an entertaining way that does not “preach to the choir.” When I accepted the award I said in my acceptance speech that “This is not a pretty film. Neither is life at times. But its real life and shows what God can do to the most hardened with no hope whatsoever.” This film is a great example of what I as a film maker want to keep producing. It’s a wonderful story of grace and redemption although the first half seems about as far from that as possible. I wondered about this as I sat in the room when the film was “screened” for the festival attendees. I was sure any minute people would start walking out. It’s pretty rough at first. Not only did they not walk out, but at the end it sparked incredible dialogue. Mateus Ward as “THE MEANEST MAN IN TEXAS” After every screening around the country, entire audiences have stayed after to discuss the film at length, and are especially receptive to the themes, messages and questions it presents. So…I say all of that to say this…During the three day festival I was privileged to see some of the new Christian films that will be coming out soon. I was EXTREEMLY impressed with many, especially the quality and how these “faith based” films are getting so good now as opposed to some of the “cheesy” ones in the past. Thank God we are getting some film makers now who want to do their best and then some in doing films for the Kingdom. HOWEVER most of the ones I saw ended up “preaching to the choir.” Someone who I admire greatly told me once there are people out there who will only see those kind of films and they have to continue to be made. I totally “get it” and have made those movies and probably will again. But what if we can go past that audience? What if we can reach the unchurched? The people who are hurting and don’t get the good news message on a regular basis and show them that it all boils down to just Jesus. It doesn’t matter how low or what horrible things one may have done. There is a big thing called “grace” and if I as a film maker can help those people get on track, or back on track for some without being too heavy with the message, then I feel I’m answering my personal calling in films. I’m excited to see others who are being called into this arena with the same passion. Maybe you too, no matter what your ministry…music…the mission field… no matter what, will also think out of the box a bit and use your ministry A scene from “THE MEANEST MAN IN to help reach the unchurched as well. TEXAS” Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 40

“Branded” “Laying It Down” by Chip Bricker

As a musician /producer, you run across musician/artists that have a pretty picture but not much else to go with it. In knowing Branded for some 17 years now, I can tell you that they are the real deal. They have been ministering full time in this genre for over 18 years now and I don’t think there are any other groups out there that can compare to their longevity or their ministry. Since 1999, Branded has set the standard for excellence in Inspirational Country Music. Their unique style and tight harmonies have defined the genre of Christian Country earning them the title of Duo of The Year for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2012 along with 2008 Song of the Year. Paul Staggs and Robert Welch have taken their music beyond the boundaries of Gospel music to take their entertaining style to the world! Branded continues their style of excellence in their field with ten studio CD's and numerous charting singles. While I have been blessed to have played on and/or produced several of their albums and award winning songs, none have challenged me as much musically and spiritually as their latest, “Back To Basics”. The initial phone call from the guys was not a usual “Hey we need to come in the studio and start a new project”. It was more of, “We have what we think is a great idea and we need it to be different”. Which made my mind begin to really wonder. I asked the guys what made them want to embark on this type of project and they stated that so much of the music and production in our genre today is a bit overdone and watered down that they wanted a more clear and defined message from the project. After hearing a live version of their first single from this album “Lay it Down” I agreed that the message needed to be at the forefront and not covered with tons of instrumentation and an acre of background vocals. “Keep the main thing the main thing”. The guys had selected some 60s and 70s Christian contemporary songs from that time period and wanted to take them from the pop realm and make them more acoustic/folk. They had also written some songs including “Lay it Down” which they believed would be better done in the acoustic style. After a couple of days of listening and selecting songs the production began. Needless to say, keeping it all acoustic and without using keyboards and drums was new to this cowboy. Never the less a few weeks later the project came through with flying colors with all acoustical instrumentation, including a Cajon for the drums. “Lay It Down” had a special meaning of its own and as a song, it took on its own persona. The message was so profound and after finding out that it was a true story, I knew we could not mess this up. Paul and Robert thought this was the signature song of the project, and it was. It speaks of addiction battles that we all face in some way in our lives and gives us the answers as to how and deal with them. After utilizing our entire staff and my main engineer, Frank Pryor, for a day, the guys were happy and agreed we had achieved our goal. Continued on next page…

Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2017 - Page 41

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Paul and Robert took an mp3 of the single song and began to send it to a few select DJ friends of theirs in the industry. Without intending for the song to be released as a single, these DJs began to share the song with others in their field and before long the song was being shared around the nation and overseas. The song began to show up in 5 different charts. Not bad for not being released as a single. When I talked to Paul and Robert about the success of their non official release their response was simple, “It’s a basic song with a basic message of laying it all down before Christ, no matter what your situation and turning it all over to him”. Just proof from some very in-tune veterans of the industry, that if you “Lay It Down” before God and allow him to work, He will deal with your issues. To find out more about Branded, log onto their website at (Chip Bricker has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Baylor University and a Masters in Consumer Behavior. Chip has also played for many music stars and produced or played on more than 20 #1 singles as well as more than 100 charting Singles in various genres of music, and is the Music Director and Tour manager for country legend, Gene Watson.) Contact:

Country Gospel Christian Country Radio Guide Country Music For The Good Life! Music for your listening pleasure! with Ricky Russ, Abilene, Texas - 24/7 with Joe Brashier South Bend, Indiana - 24/7 with Hunter Logan Jennings, LA. - 24/7 with Marty Smith - 24/7 Owner: Mike Carr Sundays 10:00 am CST with Tommy Smith San Antonio, Hondo, Texas with Jim Foster Columbus, GA - 24/7 with Tim Livingston Dayton, Ohio - 24/7 Sundays 8:00 am CST with Tommy Smith Tyler, Texas Jerome, Idaho 2 PM Sunday Mountain Time Country For The Good Life with Gene & Micki Farington Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. - 24/7 Camp Meeting Radio Cookeville, TN SGBN Radio 24/7 Praise Radio w/ Bryon Fester Spruce Grove, Alberta - 24/7 with Billy R. Douglas Livermore, KY - 24/7 Riding Point Radio - Leighton Nunn 24/7

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Joy Roberts’ new release is a message of love and hope. Joy sings this song with such conviction and reminds us that we are all very loved by Jesus. He is there for us in our darkest hours. He is the best friend we could ever have. To all of the radio stations and DJ's that have supported Joy's music ministry for years now she wants you to know how blessed and grateful she feels that you have done so. You can find the song on Canyon Creek Records Compilation Volume 39. You can get full projects and interviews by contacting Brad Wilson at or visit Joy Roberts on Facebook.

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