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Congratulations Melanie Walker on your #1 Charting Song,

Pass Me Not

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I heard at an early age that the human is of the greater intelligence and when I reflect on my own life and look at the world, I have to question that. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid we can be. I believe we need to correct that thinking and make it; humans depending on GOD can be superior over other creatures. We get so caught up in ourselves making decisions based on our desires and then we get to live through the storms. Years ago during my rodeo career I had a traveling partner and if you rodeoed you know how important they are. We helped each other, supported each other and was even proud when they knocked us out of the money. We probably knew more about each other than our Mamma’s did. We shared tips and the tricks to ride the bulls we had been on, giving each other an advantage. We just wanted to be successful. Following those stock contractors you would learn how those bulls bucked and figure them out. We even had a notebook to keep up with them. We were studies. During our travels, one bull in particular kept standing out. They called him “Widowmaker”, seems like he belonged to Mr. Curtis Malone, anyway, the bull had earned his name with his reputation, (just like we do). My buddy and I had agreed we were not getting on this bull, the odds of winning were not good, but the chance of gettin’ hurt bad, was high. Sometimes we need to weigh the outcome before we just jump on. But we are HUMAN, we have goals and desires and all that nasty stuff that takes our mindset to another level, you know; six foot tall and bullet proof. Anyway we were in Mexia, Texas at the last rodeo of the season and I was $15.00 away from going to the finals. We made our way to pay our entry fees and find out what we had drawn, yep I drawed ole Widowmaker. Course my buddy said well I guess you can set this one out. The words penetrated through my human mind and all the stuff came at me you know, I am going to the finals, this bull may have wiped out everybody else, but not me, it’s just 8 seconds, it won’t hurt nothing, I know we have an agreement, but this is ME we are talking about. After a pretty long discussion about our deal, I proceeded to prepare myself to conquer “Widowmaker”. Ain’t much as exciting as to be on the back of the bucking chutes, gates slamming, bulls snortin’, banging horns on the chutes and the smell of the dirt and rosin, boy was I pumped. I dropped my rope, my buddy wouldn’t pull my rope, we had a deal, somebody grabbed the tail and tugged til it was good. My heart was thumpin’ and I nodded my head, Ole Widowmaker did just what I remembered, went two jumps out, turned to the left and cranked it, I am hunkered down for all it was worth, waiting for the whistle, then I realized this ole bull ain’t that bad, so I thought I need $15.00. I pulled a leg out, went to spurring, money chops and then it happened. That bull blowed my other foot out, snatched me down, thumped me on the face and then catapulted me through the air, like Don Gay says that bull used me like a yard dart. First thing that hit the ground was my head, next thing Widowmaker followed his reputation. He pitched a tent on me and camped for awhile, hooking me, stomping me, tossing me around like a rag doll. The bullfighters finally dragged me out to safety and I’m beat up pretty bad, still have neck problems. My buddy comes to me and asked if I was ok, I am a bullrider, sure I’m ok. Then he said we had a deal, that’s what you get when you break the deal. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 6

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GOD made a deal with us a long time ago. It still stands, it is still available to all who accept JESUS as their Savior. He gives us all the tools and guidance we need to get through the storms we create, whatever we face. James 1 verse 5 says: If any of you lack wisdom, he should ask GOD, WHO GIVES GENEROUSLY to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. But when he asks he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That man should not think he will receive anything from the LORD; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does. If I would have kept the deal me and my traveling buddy made many years ago maybe I wouldn’t have pain and stiffness in my neck. But I learned sumpin’; don’t make a deal if you’re not gonna hold up your part. Lean on the LORD in all things. He said He would take care us. We have to flush out the fleshly desires and let the HOLY SPIRIT live in us. When our thoughts, our desires and our prayers are HIS, it is a done deal!!!

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Late Saturday afternoon the two Mary’s made a visit to the sepulcher where the body of Jesus was laid. Though they knew not what was to come, they remained loyal to him. They could be faithful even in the darkness. In two or three brief statements, Matthew tells us what occurred on early Sunday morning. “And behold, there was a great earthquake; for an angel of the Lord descended from Heaven, and came and rolled away the stone, and sat upon it. His appearance was as lightning, and his raiment white as snow; and for fear of him the watchers did quake and became as dead men.” As the angels announced the appearance of Jesus in the flesh at the time of His birth, it is fitting that an angel should minister at His resurrection from the dead. Before daylight Jesus was brought forth from the tomb by the power of God. The guard and others were to come to the tomb at sunrise or afterwards only to find it empty. EMPTY! Jesus had been resurrected! The resurrection is the most important and amazing of all His miracles. Important as were all His other supernatural works, this stands forth as one of the greatest significances. Frankly, Jesus staked everything on this! He said on several occasions that no sign should be given except this. If he did not rise again, He had failed; it was complete defeat and repudiation. If He did triumph over death, then He was all that He claimed to be. He and all His claims were vindicated. Most important to you and me, without the resurrection, we would not gain salvation. Without the resurrection, we would not receive forgiveness!

Tell me not in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream! For the soul is dead that slumbers And things are not what they seem. Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to dust returnest Was not spoken of the soul. “A Psalm of Life” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 8

David Lemons

Radio, be sure to listen to David Lemons brand new release to radio "You Never Change". David sings this song with tremendous feeling and you'll find yourself walking around singing the song in your head over and over again. David House did an excellent job of writing the song. Look for the release of "You Never Change" on Canyon Creek Records Compilation Volume 39. Pastors and Music Ministers if you are planning to have Spring or Summer concerts you might consider booking David and his band. They do Country Gospel mixed with a little Praise & Worship. You can contact David Lemons by going to his website or email him at: You may also talk to David in person by calling, 903-268-4930 or 903-268-4931. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 9

…the way I see it by John Penney The Christian Outlaw You know, as a songwriter I naturally try to put everything in the context of music. Well, I messed around and plumb forgot about trying to write something that would be interesting and also maybe would inspire someone to start thinking about Jesus and the amazing things that He did for us. He died for us. Just think about that for a minute my friends. Jesus gave up His life for me and for all of us. I sometimes wonder at the thought of Jesus dying on that Cross and I have tried to put myself in that time and place. Because it was real folks, a time just like we have right here today. The sky was blue, it was hot or cold, it was dusty and dirty on that hill and I imagine a lot of people were coming and going. What about the Soldiers who were there and can you see the ones who truly loved Jesus and how they knelt and prayed and cried. Just close your eyes and think back to that awful time. I had this song come to me about a Soldier and how the death of Jesus touched him in the way that only Jesus could do. I want to share the lyrics with you.

“ Soldier Of The Cross” When the tears fell at the Cross, I was there We all had heard the stories, about this man from Galilee, Surrounded by sinners who claimed His love had set them free We laughed and made fun of this King of all the Jews, Then we nailed him to the Cross, where He died for me and you I was a Soldier of the Cross, I didn`t know what I had done, I gambled for His clothes but it was my soul that Jesus won I watched as His loved ones knelt and prayed that day, And I wondered how this broken man could have the strength to say Father forgive them for they know not what they do, When the tears fell at the Cross, I was there A Roman Soldier saved by grace when Jesus died that day When the tears fell at the Cross, I was there My Soldiers spear was the one that pierced His side that day When Jesus died and lived again, His love was born in me Please remember this, “ When Jesus died and lived again, His love was born in me” That`s the way I see it…… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 10

The Carpenter and The Lady by Tommy Smith

The article you are about to read is not only about the relationship that female Christian singer Julie Reese has with her husband Brandon, who she will tell you quickly is one of the best carpenters in Texas, it is also about another Carpenter that she shares a very special relationship with. His name is Jesus. This young lady says though she loves her husband and family with all her heart, when it comes to who is the number one carpenter in her life she doesn’t hesitate to say Jesus. Brandon and Julie are blessed with three outstanding children. The oldest is Caden a fifteen-year-old son that loves to play Guitar. Next in line is Jaycie their ten-year-old daughter who plays Mandolin and Ukulele. Last but not least is their youngest son Brody who is five. Julie said he is destined to be both a singer and a drummer. Looks like the Reese’s have the makings of a great family band. Julie’s latest release “Don’t Hate The Sinner” came in at number #16 in Christian Servant Magazine’s “Country For The Good Life” Top 100 for April 2017. This is a song that Julie wrote and the message is one that I believe was truly given to her by Christ. Jesus said none are without sin. Jesus teaches us all to hate the sin but love and forgive the sinner. He also taught we will be forgiven of our sins, the way we forgive others. Julie knows what it means to pay your dues. She spent years chasing after that Neon rainbow in the Country music field. Those of us that have followed that same path know what a long, winding, disappointing hard road it is to follow. She worked for one of the biggest Broadcasting companies in America, Clear Channel Radio and let me tell you media has no mercy on it’s employees. I look for Julie’s Christian Music career to climb to the very top of the ladder. She is an excellent singer, an extremely anointed songwriter and is willing to work hard and go wherever the Lord leads her. I recently talked to Julie, who by the way is known as the lady in her house, and she told me that she fills content to be a good wife, a godly mother, and to be able to be used by Christ to convey His never ending love for mankind through her music. I think I would be correct in saying that the Lady Loves the Carpenter and the Carpenter loves her. You may contact Carpenter and The Lady Music Company at: 254-291-4596 or follow Julie Reese on Facebook. You can also purchase her music at cdbaby.

NOW #48 on Country For the Good Life Top 100 and Cashbox Magazine Country Christian charts!

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Resurrection Power by Jimmy R. Price Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God. I am a born-again believer and I love the teachings of the Bible concerning Him. His miraculous virgin birth. His wonderful teachings. His awesome miracles. His sinless, perfect life. His shed blood and death on the cross. While each and every one of these are extremely important to the life of each of us as a believer, none of them compare to the power of Jesus’ resurrection! The Apostle Paul declared the Gospel (good news) by stating in Romans 10:9 – “That if thou shalt confess with they mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” However, in Paul’s day, there were some who doubted or even did not believe in the resurrection at all. He addressed this in his letter to the church in Corinth. 1 Corinthians 15:12 says, “Now if Christ be preached that He rose from the dead, how say some among you that there is no resurrection of the dead?” The scenario that Paul then presented to the believers there was designed to get them to think about how important the resurrection is. He presented a list of things to consider. What if there was no resurrection? Vs. 13 – “….then Christ is not risen.” If Christ is not risen, then that would mean that He is dead and He couldn’t be our Savior! Only a living Savior can forgive us our sins and give us new life in Him! Vs. 14 – “If Christ be not risen…” “then our preaching is vain (useless), “and your faith is also vain (useless).” The resurrection gives hope to our preaching, substance and evidence to our faith! Vs. 15 – “We are found false witnesses of God.” As believers, our lives are a testimony to the power of the resurrection of Christ! Vs. 17 – “Ye are yet in your sins.” What a horrible thought to have to come to grips with! Unforgiven? Vs. 18 – “They also which are fallen asleep in Christ are perished.” How terrible to think the grave is all that there is for our loved ones! Vs. 19 – “We are of all men most miserable.” “If in this life only we have hope in Christ.” How hopeless and helpless we would all be here on this earth without the resurrection! BUT…. Vs. 20 – “But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the first fruits of them that slept!” Brothers and Sisters – Thanks Be to God! The Resurrection is TRUE! Christ is RISEN from the Dead! Our Preaching in Not in Vain! Our Faith is Not in Vain! We are Not False Witnesses! We are Not Yet in Our Sins! Those Who Die in Christ are Not Perished! We are Not Most Miserable! Paul concludes by saying, “O death, where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory?” “The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Cor. 15:55-57) We too, some day shall be raised! We will be changed. We will be made like Him. Incorruptible, Immortal! That’s Resurrection Power! This is why we celebrate! He’s Alive…. Forever more!

Happy Easter!! Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 12

"Just A Thought" with Gayla Earlene Visit Gayla Earlene at

Let Jesus Out? In my Sunday school classes as a child, the story and pictures at Easter time of the empty tomb, with the stone rolled away, was always my favorite. It was and still is THE most miraculous & amazing event! The story (fact) never gets old. But have you ever wondered or been asked, why did they roll away the stone? So Jesus could get out? Oh no, Jesus in His resurrected body did not require an open door. The stone was rolled away for us. It was opened so man could look in and see the proof that Jesus was not there. Now we as Christians today weren't present on that glorious day to see with our eyes, but through faith and the living Word of God, we have no doubts and know this to be truth. In the book of John 20:19 as the disciples were hiding out behind locked doors in fear of the Jews, on that day Jesus appeared, and standing in their midst he said, "Peace be with you". I would imagine they were awestruck, thankful and relieved to see their risen Savior. The empty tomb still stands, as evidence to all that Jesus is not dead, that the bonds of death could not hold. Folks, we serve a risen Savior and HE IS ALIVE today!!! Happy Easter!

Jimmy R. Price

DJ's thank you for playing my New release "IF" on Canyon Creek Records Compilation volume 39. Most of all a heart full of gratitude, and love goes out to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, not only for giving me the talent to write and sing songs of praise, but for the sacrifice Christ made on the cross to see that all of us could receive the promise of mercy and forgiveness of our sins. When people that I meet for the first time ask what kind of songs do I write? I simply say, “Love songs for Jesus”. Because He Lives, Happy Easter! ~Jimmy R. Price

Thank you radio for playing and charting "I Won't Take Less Than Your Love" at # 36 in April’s 2017 "Country For The Good Life" Top 100 in Christian Servant Magazine. We would also like to thank all our friends and fans for your Prayers. Doris is holding up well as she battles cancer but we know God still heals so please keep praying. God Bless! Visit our Music Page to hear samples and to order your copy today!

Congratulations Doris Merritt 2016 ICGMA Female Vocalist of the Year!

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SONG TITLE Without You All The Way Fearfully, Wonderfully Made Help Me Father I Praise You In The First Place If This Is All There Is Ten Shiny Pennies Let’s All Go Down To The River Just A Touch Heaven Knows Pass Me Not When God Speaks King Of My Heart Lay It Down Only Jesus Sunday Shoes It’s All Good Make It To The Mountain This Ain’t No House Of The Blues Nobody Sang Amazing Grace American Pride Forever In The End Just Want To Thank You Run Back Home

ARTIST Tim Livingston Chuck Hancock Mary James Gene Watson Greg McDougal Kristi Miller Arkin Terrell Judy Bailey Tim Atwood & Mandy Barnett Steve Warren Tom Dolan Melanie Walker Dean Gayla Earlene Branded Rene’ Jones Chris Golden Danny Ray Harris Cindy Hughlett Allen Frizzell

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Dan Duncan


Mike Leichner Lonnie King

48 49

Russ Nottingham


SONG TITLE Good Ole Days Let Me Live I’m Gonna Be There Black Sheep Don’t Hate The Sinner Gravy Hammer Down I Enter In Old Mustang He Knows The Way Home Can Anybody Hear Me Jesus Is Coming I’m Redeemed Road To Success Good News Travels Fast You Are The Rock If The Statue Of Liberty Could Cry Heaven Is Real Hard Been There Too Mansion On The Hilltop When My Streets Turn To Gold Why’d You Take Her Rest There’s Something About That Name

ARTIST Roger Barkley Joy Roberts Matt Carroll & Family Tommy Horton Julie Reese Bruce Hedrick Jerry Branscomb Pamela Wiebe Johnny Rowlett Marla Ratliff Jo Fox John Petrovich Terry Collins Jimmy R. Price Shenandoah Tamatha Hurst James Payne The Cupps Miles Pike Del Way Melinda McFarlin The Ishmaels Nate Fortner Peter Christie Ron Hemphill

Sandie Dickey

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SONG TITLE I Ride For The Brand The Old Red White And Blue Where’s The Family Do Yourself A Favor Super Man I Want To Thank You Lord Everybody Needs A Little Love Brand New Man He Was Standing Think About The Cross Dusty Road Rise & Shine That Old Country Church Sold Why Should I Worry The Creek I Won’t Take Less Than Your Love Freedom Once Again Unanswered Prayers I’m Bound For That City If I Fall All I Am Old House Thank You Jesus God Crush

February, 2017 ARTIST Heart To Heart Ron Hughes Mike Manuel Terry & Debra Luna Stephen Rew

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SONG TITLE Ten Thousand Angels Cried Again Free A Little Song Comin’ On Stand Up Like Every Day Is A Sunday

Jamie Lynn Flanakin


Terry & Teresa Baker


Where He Needs Me

Curtis Dykes Wade Phillips Jeremy Duggins Jayne Carter Brooks Crossing

82 83 84 85

He Will Carry You Please Help Me Jesus The Anchor Holds A Good Song


Thank God For Kids

Dale Friedrich Red Letter Band Tina Wakefield The Reed Brothers Mike & Doris Merritt Micki Farington Gina White Shirley Carter Mary Fay Jackson Robert Stowell The Parish Family Gerald Smith Heart To Heart

He’s Still Making Miracles 88 This Old Church 89 Lord You Are Worthy 90 I’m Home 91 He’ll Never Leave Me 92 Home 93 Guiding Light 94 Heaven Bound Up There On The 95 Mountain Wouldn’t You Do That 96 For Me 97 He’s Coming Back 98 Rank Stranger 99 Magnificent Miracles What A Wonderful 100 World 87

ARTIST Gena Roberts Hamilton Crimson Ridge Tanita Kuykendall Chuck Day Shenandoah Mikayla Lynn & Isaac Cole Victory Express Terry Davis Myra Rolen Sunday Drive Chris Golden with William Lee & Elizabeth Golden Brent Mann Freddie Hart Jamie Coulter Epp Mevin Walls Psalm 100 The Roarks Wyatt Nations Margie Singleton Rick Hoiberg ft. The McDougal Kids True Heart Debbie Bennett Connie Hall Trinity Wennerstrom Michael Knight

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"All The Way" by Chuck Hancock went "all the way" to the top of the charts. #1 in Christian Voice Magazine and #2 in Cashbox and Christian Servant Magazine. Chuck has just released "Mustard Seed Faith" On Canyon Creek Records Volume 39 and it is destined to go to the top of the charts just like the last eight or nine other songs he has released through the years. There is a reason for Chucks success. First of all Chuck is a giver; he loves to help others. He loves to glorify God in the messages of the songs he writes. When you give it all to God and Chuck does expect to be at the top of all that you do. God blesses those who are giving Him all the praise and glory when using their gifts. Chuck wanted all of you to know how much he appreciated all of his friends and fans for nominating him in the categories of Favorite Country Gospel Soloist for the 2017 Gospel Music FanFair and also for the nomination of Favorite Song Of The Year, "All The Way" 2017 Gospel Music FanFair. Remember if you want to do great things in life, all it takes is a little "Mustard Seed Faith". Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 16

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SONG TITLE Help Me Heaven Knows Father I Praise You This Ain’t No House Of The Blues Pass Me Not Just A Touch Let’s All Go Down To The River Good Ole Days Without You Just Want To Thank You If This Is All There Is King Of My Heart Only Jesus When God Speaks All The Way Ten Shiny Pennies Lay It Down In The First Place Forever In The End I’m Gonna Be There If The Statue Of Liberty Could Cry Run Back Home He Was Standing Like Every Day Is A Sunday Fearfully, Wonderfully Made

ARTIST Gene Watson Tom Dolan Greg McDougal

# 26 27 28

Allen Frizzell


Melanie Walker Steve Warren Tim Atwood & Mandy Barnett Roger Barkley Tim Livingston

30 31 32 33 34 35

Russ Nottingham Arkin Terrell Gayla Earlene Rene’ Jones Dean Chuck Hancock Judy Bailey Branded Kristi Miller Lonnie King Matt Carroll & Family James Payne Sandie Dickey Wade Phillips Shenandoah Mary James

36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

SONG TITLE Don’t Hate The Sinner It’s All Good Black Sheep Make It To The Mountain The Creek Hammer Down Heaven Is Real American Pride Why’d You Take Her Nobody Sang Amazing Grace I Want To Thank You Lord Gravy Think About The Cross There’s Something About That Name He Knows The Way Home When My Streets Turn To Gold Do Yourself A Favor Rest Rise & Shine The Old Red White And Blue Old Mustang All I Am I Enter In Can Anybody Hear Me Hard

ARTIST Julie Reese Danny Ray Harris Tommy Horton Cindy Hughlett The Reed Brothers Jerry Branscomb The Cupps Mike Leichner Nate Fortner Dan Duncan Jamie Lynn Flanakin Bruce Hedrick Jeremy Duggins Ron Hemphill Marla Ratliff The Ishmaels Terry & Debra Luna Peter Christie Brooks Crossing Ron Hughes Johnny Rowlett Robert Stowell Pamela Wiebe Jo Fox Miles Pike

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SONG TITLE Mansion On The Hilltop I’m Redeemed I Won’t Take Less Than Your Love Brand New Man Dusty Road I Ride For The Brand


Thank God For Kids

58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65

Where’s The Family Why Should I Worry Unanswered Prayers Please Help Me Jesus He’s Coming Back A Good Son Been There Too Thank You Jesus Everybody Needs A Little Love Road To Success Sold Jesus Is Coming Well Worn The Church Pew Freedom Once Again You Are The Rock What’s A Valley That Old Country Church


66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75

March, 2017

ARTIST Melinda McFarlin Terry Collins


SONG TITLE Rank Stranger I’m Bound For That City Free Ten Thousand Angels Cried Again I’m Gonna Meet Jesus What A Wonderful World A Little Song Comin’ On Magnificent Miracles


Where He Needs Me

Jimmy R. Price Red Letter Band John Petrovich Lisa Daggs Cliff Waddell Micki Farington Tamatha Hurst Kali Rose

85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98

God Crush This Old Church Lord You Are Worthy If I Fall He Will Carry You Super Man Heaven Bound The Anchor Holds I’m Home Gotta Lot To Do God’s Not Me Old School No Matter I’m Lost

Dale Friedrich


Best Friends

Mike & Doris Merritt Curtis Dykes Jayne Carter Heart To Heart Chris Golden w/ William Lee & Elizabeth Golden Mike Manuel Tina Wakefield Gina White Terry Davis Debbie Bennett Sunday Drive Del Way Gerald Smith Terry & Teresa Baker

# 76 77 78 79 80 81 82

100 Wayfaring Stranger

ARTIST Connie Hall Shirley Carter Crimson Ridge Gena Roberts Hamilton Cody McCarver Michael Knight Tanita Kuykendall Trinity Wennerstrom Mikayla Lynn & Isaac Cole Heart To Heart Freddie Hart Jamie Coulter Mary Fay Jackson Victory Express Stephen Rew Margie Singleton Myra Rolen Epp Mevin Walls Lizzie G Bryan Carroll Jim Sheldon Isaac Cole Tina Wakefield Doyle Lawson & Quick Silver Cathy Guffey

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Marli Humphrey

This young lady has all the makings of a mega Country Gospel Music Star. I first heard her sing at the 2016 International Country Gospel Music Association’s Award Show in West Plains, Mo. I was backstage talking to some of the other artists when my ears caught the sound of a very unique voice that was so bluesy and so strong that I had to make my way to the side of the stage to see just who that sound was coming from. I would not have thought that such a deep powerful voice could be coming out of a young lady that was only fifteen-years old. I haven’t heard a voice that strong and able to hit such low notes with such excellent tone quality since the first time I heard Cher sing on television in the 60’s. Marli has just turned sixteen and has a brand new release to radio titled “More Daddy’s Like Andy”. This is an outstanding faith based family song. Marli is multi talented and has been entering beauty pageants since she was a very young girl in Texas. She has vocally performed at festivals, talent shows and local country music events for most of her young life. That has given her the ability to perform in front of audiences like a pro with such ease. I can tell you once you meet and hear her you will be a fan. She has truly made a new fan out of me. Radio, if you haven’t received “More Daddy’s Like Andy” be sure to contact PowerSource out of Nashville and ask them to send you a copy. You may also contact Marli Humphrey by emailing her at Look for her on Facebook at Marli Humphrey Music or learn more about Marli on her website This young lady has it all, a great voice an outstanding personality, but most importantly a love bigger than Texas for Jesus. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 19

April, 2017 #







Pass Me Not

Melanie Walker


Father I Praise You

Greg McDougal


Heaven Knows

Tom Dolan


Just A Touch

Steve Warren

26 27 28 29

Jerry Branscomb Jeremy Duggins Terry & Debra Luna Shenandoah

5 6

Let’s All Go Down To The River Good Ole Days

Tim Atwood & Mandy Barnett Roger Barkley


Help Me

Gene Watson


Allen Frizzell


This Ain’t No House Of The Blues King Of My Heart


If This Is All There Is

Arkin Terrell


Only Jesus

Rene’ Jones


Run Back Home

Sandie Dickey


Lay It Down



He Was Standing

Wade Phillips


Forever In The End

Lonnie King


Don’t Hate The Sinner

Julie Reese


When God Speaks



All The Way

Chuck Hancock


I’m Gonna Be There

Matt Carroll & Family


Heaven Is Real

The Cupps


In The First Place

Kristi Miller


Black Sheep

Tommy Horton


Jamie Lynn Flanakin


I Want To Thank You Lord The Creek

45 46 47

Hammer Down Think About The Cross Do Yourself A Favor Like Every Day Is A Sunday Just Want To Thank You Ten Shiny Pennies Why’d You Take Her Make It To The Mountain There’s Something About That Name Rise & Shine I Won’t Take Less Than Your Love Well Worn Please Help Me Jesus It’s All Good Rest The Old Red White And Blue Why Should I Worry A Good Song Fearfully, Wonderfully Made The Church Pew Unanswered Prayers Thank God For Kids


Without You

Tim Livingston 48 49 50

He’s Coming Back Dusty Road Brand New Man

Gayla Earlene

The Reed Brothers

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Russ Nottingham Judy Bailey Nate Fortner Cindy Hughlett Ron Hemphill Brooks Crossing Mike & Doris Merritt Lisa Daggs Terry Davis Danny Ray Harris Peter Christie Ron Hughes Tina Wakefield Sunday Drive Mary James Cliff Waddell Gina White Chris Golden w/ William Lee & Elizabeth Golden Debbie Bennett Jayne Carter Curtis Dykes

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American Pride

Mike Leichner


Been There Too

Del Way



I’m Gonna Meet Jesus

Cody McCarver


Jesus Is Coming

John Petrovich



What’s A Valley

Kali Rose


Everybody Needs A Little Love I’m Lost

Terry & Teresa Baker


Nobody Sang Amazing Dan Duncan Grace If The Statue Of Liberty James Payne Could Cry I Ride For The Brand Heart To Heart


Rank Stranger

Connie Hall


Road To Success

Jimmy R. Price


Where’s The Family

Mike Manuel


I’m Home

Epp Mevin Walls


The Ishmaels


Thank You Jesus

Gerald Smith


I’m Redeemed

Terry Collins


When My Streets Turn To Gold Old Mustang


Dale Friedrich


Can Anybody Hear Me

Jo Fox



Red Letter Band


That Old Country Church You Are The Rock


A Little Song Comin’ On I Enter In

Tanita Kuykendall


Best Friends


Super Man

Doyle Lawson & Quick Silver Stephen Rew

Michael Knight


God Crush

Heart To Heart


He Will Carry You

Victory Express


This Old Church

Freddie Hart


The Anchor Holds

Myra Rolen


What A Wonderful World He Knows The Way Home Gravy


Wayfaring Stranger

Cathy Guffey


Gotta Lot To Do

Lizzie G


Come On Back

Mercy Mountain Boys


All I Am

Robert Stowell


He’s Alive

Walt Mills


Old School

Jim Sheldon


More About Jesus

Eternal Vision


No Matter

Isaac Cole


Good God

Gena Roberts Hamilton



Miles Pike



Crimson Ridge


Shirley Carter


I’m Bound For That City Magnificent Miracles


God’s Not Me

Bryan Carroll


63 64 65

Johnny Rowlett

Pamela Wiebe

Marla Ratliff Bruce Hedrick

Trinity Wennerstrom


When He Was On The Cross 99 More Daddy’s Like Andy 100 What you Gonna Do Church

Tina Wakefield

Tamatha Hurst

Gary R. Smith Marli Humphrey Micki Farington

Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 21

I Love America Revival Tour

In June 2014 Russ Jackson a very close friend and church member came to me and said that God had laid on his heart that we needed to go out into our country and spread the Word that we need righteous votes to bring our country back to God. Well, we prayed and approached Casey Rivers and shared the vision Russ had and ask if he would lend his talent and help us spread the word and he agreed. In or around July of 2014 my wife and I hosted a youth party at our home inviting Emily Attebery (our videographer), Casey Rivers and Dr. Philip Attebery to have a meeting at the same time for the I Love America Revival Tour. We shared Russ’s vision and then ALL went and prayed about what God would have us do. We came back together in about two weeks and Dr. Attebery told us that he wanted to be part of this tour, but God had laid on his heart that righteous votes were not what we needed, we needed righteous voters. If the worst of us stumbled into the voting booth, they could vote the same way as we would or a pastor would, but would still live a harmful life for not knowing Jesus as their Lord and Savior, so from this came Proverbs 14:34 “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people”, our theme verse. This started a revival tour seeking the lost as well as the saved to search their hearts and to know there is still Love and Hope through Jesus Christ for ourselves as well as our country. We kicked off the Tour January 2015 and have witnessed to 1000’s spreading God’s Word in song, comedy and a message of hope and Love.

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Since January 2015 our “I Love America Revival Tour” team has grown to 15-25 folks that travel with us to each meeting including artists such as Jamie Lynn Flanakin, Casey Rivers, Mike Breitling and Wade Phillips (who wrote our theme song “Stand Together”). With preaching from Dr. Philip Attebery (Dean of Jacksonville, Texas Seminary), Bertram Cooper ( Director of Community Seed’s Ministry in Lone Oak, Texas) our humor from Russ Jackson ( who while in the military was one of the Guard’s at the Arlington Cemetery and God gave this vision to), and Rusty Mitchum ( with Lindale, Texas News and Times Paper, as the “Wait-a-Minute Man”). God has opened doors that only He could and we continue on. If interested in bringing us to your church or community, give me a call or look us up on and our YouTube link at

May God Bless you and May God Bless America. Richard Mabry, Director of “I Love America Revival Tour” 903.262.8280

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Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 25

"Texas Music Makers" We're Planting Goodness, Harvesting Fruit and Sowing Seeds of Love Through Christian Music by Royel Clark

Howdy Doody Friends! So, you may ask yourself “are we through yet” after being in the ministry for MANY MANY years! You’ve ministered here and there and yonder and everywhere in between. You’ve seen lives changed and hearts healed. You’ve prayed for many folks and prayed with many. You’ve prayed over, through and out of many places and situations over the years! You say you have just about done it all. Are you tired yet? Has your get up and go gone out of service? In other words….ARE YOU THROUGH YET? Remember, let your heart answer that question NOT your mind or body. I have gone through some ups and downs in my ministry. I’ve been out of money, without transportation, had health interruptions just to name a few. Still, I press on. Sometimes I feel like I’ve had enough. I recently experienced another mountain that has kept me clinging to the hem of His garment. In fact you can call me Mr. Cling. I do more clinging than singing a lot of the time. Hey, forget the bling. I wouldn’t know how to act if I had all that bling the world flashes these days. Scripture says…“become blameless and pure, without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe" (Phil 2:15 NIV). Another scripture says…“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16). It’s your inner light that truly makes the difference. Speaking of “inside out”, when the Lord gave me a second chance at love, it opened up my heart and my eyes to a wonderful world of beauty. Finding love for the second time is rare. However, God knows my heart better than I do. He taught me how to see love on the inside. It’s a heart thing. Oh…we were talking about the “tired” thing, sorry. Well, everytime I think I’ve had all I can take, God miraculously opens a door, rings the phone, sends an email, sends a letter, sends money. He just chooses a vessel to send the blessings our way. THANK YOU LORD JESUS! Being a faith based ministry requires a lot of prayer, lots of patience and extra strength. Well, I’m not through yet! I have exercised my faith more than ever. In fact, me and God have this ongoing conversation about trusting and obeying. God has always provided and as long as we do what we should, act right and be good, then we will never be without. I am finding that the more we trust God, the more we are blessed. I hope and pray that you will cling to the promises of God. Hold on to your faith and remember…it’s not over until God says it’s over! In this issue we are featuring the talented TRINITY WENNERSTROM, soon to be 12 years old, singing sensation from Kemp, Texas. I know from first hand experience that this young lady is touching lives, changing hearts and planting the love of Jesus in song all over the country. Each time we get into the studio to record, she amazes us all with her voice! Here is an interview with Trinity you’ll find interesting and pleasing to the heart. How old will you be this March? 12 years old How old were you when you first sang or performed in public? 7 years old How do your parents play a role in your ministry? My parents support me by booking events and taking me to all the events and ministry opportunities that God provides. They also take me to guitar lessons. We often joke around at my house saying my mom's my bus driver and my dad is my security guard, only because my dad is a police officer, for real. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 26

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What gives you your motivation to sing? God gave me a gift, so I plan to serve him by singing as long as He continues to open doors for me. I have seen so many people touched through my music. It's really amazing to watch God take something you do and use it to encourage or change someone. How do you manage your schooling and concert touring? I had to start home schooling a year and a half ago to balance school and touring. There wasn't any other way. But now that I am home schooled, I am able to take my school work on the road with me. It doesn't make school any easier, it just helps keep me from missing too much school. What words of hope/help/encouragement and/or suggestions can you give to our young 10/11/12 year old readers and future recording artists? God gives us all gifts, gifts that He wants us to use to serve Him. You don't have to be an adult to use your gift. God uses kids and adults both. We all have a purpose, and God has great plans for all of us! It's up to you to use your gift to serve God. It's not always easy, and often takes a lot of hard work and dedication. But God also rewards us for serving Him. I have met so many people, made lots of new friends, get to travel, and see lots of neat places that I don't think I would have seen otherwise. I am definitely blessed and you can be too! Can you share with us your feelings/emotions/thoughts when you sing? Most of the time, I think about the song I'm singing, how it makes me feel or the message I'm trying to get others to hear. Then, once I start singing I get wrapped up in worship and praise, and it's like it's just me and God. Do you get nervous before going on stage? I used to when I was 7, but not anymore. I know that every time I'm able to sing, there's a chance that someone may be there that needs something. It always feels good to help people. Do you get nervous while you’re singing? Not unless I forget the words to the song I'm singing. Even when I forget the words I'm singing, I've learned to just make it up, and keep going. Most people won't realize it unless they really know the song or you make it obvious that you messed up. What are your plans/vision and desire for the future regarding your ministry? I hope to continue to do well, and eventually do full-time ministry. How many CD's do you have out? 3 CD’s Accomplishments: 2015 Top 5 Rising Star Nominee, 2015 SGMA Youth Vocalist of the year, 2015 Top 5 Diamond Award Sonrise Artist of the year Nominee, 2016 SGMA Musician of the year, 2016 Top 10 ICMA Youth in Music Nominee, 2016 GMAA Song of the Year Nominee, 2016 GMAA Special Ministry Award Nominee, 2016 Crimson Award Christian Country Youth Vocalist of the Year, 2016 NAICMA Youth Traditional Vocalist of the year, 2016 NAICMA Song of the year Contact info: Mary Wennerstrom - Trinity Wennerstrom Booking 903-603-4422 Please like my Facebook page: Trinity is a sweetheart, on fire for Christ and filled with “Pure Inner-tainment” for the heart! I have been on stage many times with her and I know you will be blest when you see her and hear her in action! PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to have an interview OR your ministry in the “Texas Music Makers” column, please contact me. Til’ next time…This is Royel Clark - Email:



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Songs released in 2016

Terry Davis Voted Male Vocalist of The Year at the 60th 2016 International Country Gospel Music Awards.

# 1 in Country For The Good Life Top 100 February 2016 and #1 in Cashbox Magazine Country Christian Top 100 February 2016

Terry Davis with Ronnie Weiss #9 in Country For The Good Life and #9 in Cashbox Magazine Country Christian Top 100 November 2016 To contact Terry… email: or text: 903-520-6120

Terry Davis has a new release to radio titled "Please Help Me Jesus" on Canyon Creek Records volume #38 charting at #38 in Country For The Good Life Top 100 for April, 2017.

Finding God’s Will by Tina Wakefield

I hear many Christians today on social media and church groups discussing the will of God for their life. Most seem to think that God’s will is some great mystery that requires a scholar to uncover this mysterious answer. A true child of God needs to look no further than Matthew Chapter 6 where Jesus himself taught us how to find and pray God’s will for our lives. Verse 9: After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. The answer for every Christian lies within the words, “Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.” To find the answer ask yourself, “What’s in operation in Heaven, and what is not?” Look back to the description of the Garden of Eden- obviously this was God’s will for everyone on earth. In this perfect place everyone and everything lived together in perfect peace and love, no sickness, no sorrow, no worry, no death, no trouble of any kind for His children. We should be very aware that Adam and Eve’s act of disobedience to God’s instruction altered the ability of His will to be ours at that moment. With their disregard for God’s instruction, they introduced sin, sorrow, and death, worry, among other sinful aspects into God’s perfect will. It was not until the Son of God entered the world to destroy the works of Satan that God’s will became possible again for the child of God.

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Most do not take the time to realize when Jesus hung upon the cross there was a great battle that ragedthe struggle to bridge the gap back to the Father in heaven. John 3:8 “ For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil.” Through all the pain and suffering that Christ endured on the cross- You and I were His focus. Upon His beaten and broken body hung every sin, every sickness, and every shameful act you and I could imagine in our lifetime. With every drop of His precious blood that fell, God’s will for you and I became a very real possibility again. The cross was not the greatest tragedy that ever occurred- but the greatest act of love this world will ever know. God through His son Jesus broke the chains of sin and death that once held this world captive. When you get dressed for Easter service this year in your very best attire, remember God’s son was dressed in all that God could not bare to see- the sins and sickness of this present world. Christ wore every unimaginable disgrace upon His body until the battle ended and victory won bringing God’s will to earth again- Where the Timbers Crossed. God’s will is not a great mystery but can be summed up by John 3:16 “ For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” As you read this today, God’s will is to introduce you to His son Jesus Christ as your savior so you too may live with the comfort of eternal life, love, joy and peace through God your Father. Take a moment and meet Him in a time of prayer today- He longs to hear from you.

You can purchase Tina’s music on her website!

You can also visit Tina at:

Production, Recording, Distribution, Compilations, Radio Promotion We are accepting tracks for our next compilation NOW! CALL US TODAY! (903) 566-3347 We at Canyon Creek Records, Inc. and The Christian Servant Publishing Company, BMI, strive to help artists that believe with all their hearts that GOD has called them to use their talents for HIS glory. If being a Christian artist is your heart’s desire, then contact us at (903) 566-3347, or e-mail us at Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 29

NO FLYING CATERPILLAR by Pastor Dr. Doug DeRamus You can visit Doug DeRamus at:

A spiritual regulator is one who checks everything they hear to see if it lines up with everything they believe. Basically, what one believes is an accumulation of things they have heard from people they have trusted throughout their lives. We often think of repentance as a time when we get on our knees and show remorse for wrong doing. While that would no doubt help many people if they would repent and change their direction in life, still they might fall short of that accomplishment if they don’t come to true repentance. True repentance is not a time when an individual means it more than the previous time when seemingly the repenting didn’t stick. True repentance is a “thought change.” Thought changes are difficult to make because they are fixed mind sets based in trust. To have a “thought change” one feels like they are violating a trust. What if I told you that George Washington was not the first President of the United States? You might flat out argue because you know what you know. This new country was actually formed on March 1, 1781 with the adoption of The Articles of Confederation. This document was actually proposed on June 11, 1776, but not agreed upon by Congress until November 15, 1777. George Washington served two terms as U.S. President, from 1789 to 1797. Where are the missing 8 years from 1781-1789? George Washington was definitely not the first President of the United States. He was the first President of the United States under the Constitution we follow today. John Hanson was the first President of the United States in Congress Assembled and served from November 5, 1781 to November 4, 1782. And the first seven Presidents are forgotten in history. Six other presidents were elected after him John Hanson - Elias Boudinot (1783), Thomas Mifflin (1784), Richard Henry Lee (1785), Nathan Gorman (1786), Arthur St. Clair (1787), and Cyrus Griffin (1788) - all prior to Washington taking office. Why don't we ever hear about the first seven Presidents of the United States? It's quite simple - The Articles of Confederation didn't work well. President Hanson also established the first Treasury Department, the first Secretary of War, and the first Foreign Affairs Department. Lastly, he declared that the fourth Thursday of every November was to be Thanksgiving Day, which is still true today. NOW, after reading the information above, one is faced with either rejecting it or receiving it. If you trust me, you more than likely will receive it. However, if you don’t believe it and refuse to accept this information just because you have never heard it before, you have no right to believe it is false without doing your own research. You are faced with “true repentance” or “no repentance.” You must change your mind or keep the old mind set. Many believers are just panning the stream for the gold of the Kingdom and accepting only that which washes out. Jesus blessed the bread and broke the bread. When you partake of the broken bread, broken for you, the blessing is yours. When a minister of the Gospel opens the word of God and expounds on it, a blessing is produced in the lives of the ones that repents and receive it. John the Baptist came along preaching “repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matt. 3:2).” Jesus picked up the same message and preached, “repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matt. 4:17)”. The word “repent” in the Greek is “metanoeo”. The meaning, “to think differently, reconsider.” Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 30

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We have mind regulations from time to time that need to be removed or adjusted in order to move forward. All our moving forward in life violates something of yesterday. If you don't move forward, you become ineffective, unsuccessful, unproductive, futile and fruitless. Moving forward brings a sense of leaving something behind and often you are. Like the children of Israel leaving Egypt behind for the wilderness and then leaving the wilderness behind for the Promise Land. It is very much like the caterpillar leaving the protection of a silky cocoon because it was transformed into a butterfly. The things you learn in life along the way are like a cocoon that protects you in the process of progress. They are to give way in time of true transformation. So, even if the caterpillar has infections or damages in the body parts like eyes, lips, legs, wings and so on, it won’t be the same when it is transformed into a butterfly. All other organs except the breathing tube will be new and healthy. Transformation requires a change of thinking. It is not a flying caterpillar. A caterpillar has to digest its own body before promoting itself into a beautiful butterfly. For flying is different than crawling.

Featuring Gene Crain on Steel Guitar

LATEST RELEASE! from Gayla Earlene My prayer is that as you listen to this album, you will feel the presence of God and realize that there is nothing this world can offer that can compare to the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your heart through Christ.” Includes both the break out hit, “A Miracle On His Mind” and the chart climbing release, “King Of My Heart”. You can preview and purchase this CD on Gayla’s website at:

“……If I am to see a change in this world, it must begin with me……..” by Marty Smith

I had lunch with my Pastor the other day. As we were talking, I brought up some issues I was struggling with. His advice to me was, “Ask God to change you, not the ones around you, not the circumstances, ask Him to change you”. It took awhile for me to digest that information. And then it hit me, he’s right. If I want change, it should start with me. I’m guilty of looking at other people and praying, “Lord, change them and things will be better”. My prayer should be, “Lord, change me”. I have plenty of faults. More than I care to admit. But if I really want to see change, not only in this industry but in this world, I have to be willing to allow the Lord to change me. I once read a post on Facebook about revival. The writer was so excited, proclaiming, “Revival is coming”! But if I’m not willing to change, how can there be a revival? It has to start with me. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 31

Congratulations Mr. Tommy Horton The real deal in Country Gospel

Tommy doesn’t release to radio often but when he does he becomes one of the most played artists in the industry. He always has a great song and it doesn’t matter whether it’s uptempo or a very slow ballad. He will either make you happy or he will touch your heart in such a way that if you did not know Jesus already you will give your life to Him right then and there. Tommy is a great vocalist that knows how to tell the story in a song. Black Sheep by Tommy Horton is now # 22 in the charts and still climbing. You would do well by inviting Tommy to come to your Church or special events. You may contact him at:


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As Christians, we’re so busy looking at other people’s faults. We’re quick to judge, quick to condemn, but slow to forgive. If I am to see a change in this world, it must begin with me. I must be willing to allow God to change me. Will it hurt? I’m sure it will be painful in some areas in my life. But how can I grow if I’m not willing to allow God to shape me? I cannot grow if I stay complacent. I cannot grow by avoiding God. I cannot grow if I am not willing to let Him have complete control of my life. If I am not willing to grow, there is no way I can have revival. Do you really want to see a change in this world? Then let it begin with you. Allow God to shape you, mold you, change you. As the Lord starts chipping away at the rough edges in your life it will be painful. But when the finished product is there for all the world to see, that may be just what we need for a true revival. Marty Smith is the morning host of Heaven’s Country ( and host of the internationally syndicated radio show, “Today’s Cross Country ( You can email him at:

Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 32

by Roger Barkley, Jr. Every other Saturday in Frankfort, Kentucky a group of ladies meet at Leestown Gospel Church Fellowship Hall. Measures of Hope is a non-profit group of believers that make handmade prayer shawls, baby blankets, NIC Unit crocheted hats among other things they are continually making. These items have been shipped around the world and have reached hundreds of people. There is nothing miraculous about the reach with the modern mail system. What is miraculous, however, is each item is prayed over as it is made and before it goes out. These items go out to people that are hurting or going through difficult times. All of the items donated, are made for free of donated materials or bought from donations from the members or even from people seeing the work being done and wanting to help in some way. A few years ago Dianna Barkley had a vision of giving some homemade hats to underdeveloped infants in the NIC Units to help keep them warm. Then the Special Olympic Team asked for scarves. As the crocheting grew to more than just a handful of people, they decided to start meeting more on a regular basis. As they gather to meet you can hear laughter and see the comradery of the group. Some knit, some crochet, some cannot do either but are trying to learn. Some try their hand at tying the fleece baby blankets. With each meeting they ask for the latest updates for any of the prayer concerns from the last meetings, and any other requests that anyone has. A devotion is shared with an inspirational story or a story of someone that has been touched by a gift from this group. These few ladies range in ages from mid-twenties to over fifty but there is no age limit. There also are no men in the group. As a matter of fact, one of the members who has since passed away was a man that made handmade lap and baby quilts. This group comes from all walks of life. There are homemakers, students, state workers, college administrators, and administrative assistants. A definite cross section of working America. When asked what this group means to each of these ladies, I get a definite feel of togetherness and a single goal in mind. This goal of course is to help others in need and reach out to the hurting that are going through a rough time in life whether from sickness, death, or a major problem it seems they cannot handle on their own. Continued on next page‌ Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 33

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They share these stories of encouragement with each other that have been sent back from individuals and families. Beth has been attending for three and a half years. She shares that she enjoys spending time with the ladies and working with the community. Also that she learns more about the Bible every time she attends. “There was a lady at work” she shares “that had a grandson in NICU. The baby was born prematurely and only weighed two pounds. We gave her a couple of hats and a baby blanket. She thanked me quite often for getting them for the family. She also kept me informed of what God was doing for the family not only for the baby, which was doing so much better, but also bringing these gifts to them had helped to bring God into the parents lives, as He had not been there before.” She continued to say that she hopes this group continues its work for a long time. She would miss the work they do and meeting with the ladies there. Debbie who has been attending for three years says she is amazed that some of the items made have ended up around the world. There are items in Scotland, Africa, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, & Australia. She believes they are making a difference in the lives of the people they are giving these items to and maybe brightening their day. She feels blessed to be a part of such an interesting and hard-working group of ladies and is now getting her daughter involved in making some of the fleece baby blankets. Dawn who is new to the group had received a prayer shawl two years ago while going through a rough time in her life. She thinks it is a “great program for God”. She is now trying to see how she can get involved and maybe learn how to crochet or maybe make some type of item that can be used for one of the outreaches they do. Sandy, who along with Dianna and Chelsea has been there since the first meeting, is an inspiration to me personally. She lost part of her leg from diabetes. She even has a name for prosthetic. She does not let it get her down and uses it as a conversation starter. She would be the first to say that she does not feel like an inspiration yet I have seen her deliver these blankets, hats and scarves and make these cancer patients smile as they lay in pain. Alicia, Sandy’s daughter, has been attending for about four years. She was given blankets and hats when her son Everett was in the NICU and was overwhelmed. She now finds this a great place to get together with a great group of ladies and give back to the community. Ellen has attended for three years. To her this is a time of coming together with caring and loving women who find joy in doing God’s work and helping people. A blanket was donated to a friend who was losing her unborn baby. Ellen said, “The pain cannot be taken away fully but it gave her comfort to know that we were praying for her and her child. The tears on her face when we gave her the blanket said she knew she wasn’t alone in her time of need.” Chelsea, who is the youngest of the group, simply amazes me with her speed of her crocheting needle. Even without looking as she is talking to me and to the others in the group, she continues to work on her latest creation. She confides that she had given a blanket to a young couple having a hard time having a baby. “They had many losses already. I sent the blanket to them through their aunt. They were two weeks along without knowing it. She covers herself with the blanket all through the pregnancy. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy that is now nearly two years old. I was told that the baby still covers up with that blanket. I know that is the faith of the prayers and it is not a magic blanket. I just made a blanket for them because I felt God telling me they needed one and they needed comfort. I believe God moved on that child’s life.” Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 34

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Chelsea continues to say “When I started the blanket for her no one even knew she was pregnant. Sometimes God lays something on your heart and if you follow, He gets to show off and show how amazing He is”. She reiterates that she believes that it is the faith and prayers that go into the making of the blankets and other items that give the recipients real comfort in knowing that there are people that truly care and are praying for them. Dianna is the leader but never wants any recognition. She wants no fanfare or spotlight for what she is doing. When she had the vision to start this venture she did not really know what to expect. The requests started coming in and she knew she was going to have to have help. She opened up the fellowship hall of Leestown Gospel Church and invited anyone that wanted to help. As the group grew it seemed the requests did too. “I love being able to text or call one of the group and say that I need a certain thing made out of a certain color and it is not long before we have it done.” These women come from different denominational backgrounds and different walks of life. They see the hurting people and want to help. Involvement in local charities and communities include Relay for Life (in three different counties), Kentucky Special Olympics, Downtown Frankfort Celebrations, Stamping Out Hunger and the list is growing. Measures of Hope is reaching people and encouraging those who need it. They rely on donations of its members or others that see the need of what they are doing. Their website is not yet set up to take monetary donations but mailing donations are accepted. Visit them at:

Matt Carroll Music

Southern & Country Gospel Music Ministry

Christian Servant Magazine is proud to introduce

Matt Carroll & Family to the Country Gospel music industry.

HE HAS RISEN! Matt Carroll & Family

This family music group is so talented and so dedicated to serving Christ with their talent that you just can’t help but fall in love with the family ministry. Their first single release to radio titled “I’m Gonna Be There” is climbing up the charts fast at #19 in Country For The Good Life Top 100 and Cashbox magazine Top 100 charts for April 2017. Though it is truly Country Gospel, a large percentage of the Southern Gospel market is playing the release also. Check out their great musical style yourself by going to their website: You can also view their videos at the same time. You may reach the Carroll family by calling or texting them at Matt’s cell 660-676-0590 or Debbie’s cell 660-651-9987. We look for very exciting things to happen for the family’s ministry not only inServant 2017 but for many years to come. Christian Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 35

COUNTRY GOSPEL MUSIC Terry Davis Terry has lived in Texas for years now but being born and raised in Alabama it is only natural that he loves that Alabama Muscle Shoals music sound. A sound so famous it has produced some of the worlds most successful Pop, Southern Rock, Blues and Gospel groups. You can really hear that sound in Terry’s new radio release “Please Help Me Jesus”. The song has only been out to radio for a few months and is already charting at # 38 In Christian Servant Magazine “Country For The Good Life” Top 100. Terry has had one Top 10 song after another with several making it to #1. I credit this to Terry’s ability to sing and write a song from the heart. He also has a way of getting you to listen to every word of the story. Terry has that special gift to do this with every song he writes and releases. “Please Help Me Jesus” is so soulful; you can feel the pain the person is going through that is asking for help. That is the making of a great Gospel song. I believe Terry has landed another hit with “Please Help Me Jesus”. By the way the sound that made Muscle Shoals was simply a sound that was honest and real, not loaded up with digital effects that made a weak player sound good. They used talented musicians on their tracks and outstanding vocalists that could make you feel what they sang. A great Gospel song should be able to accomplish three things. One, if it’s up tempo the lyrics and the melody should make you happy and lift your spirit up, after all Christ came to free us from the bondage of sin. That is something to be happy about. Two, a Gospel ballad should reach way down into ones soul and lead them to the grace and mercy of Christ. Three, the song must be something that you the artist really feels good about releasing. If a producers gives you a song to cut because it’s catchy or cute and has a couple of good hook lines and you don’t feel it, most likely the listener will not feel it either, so don’t cut it. Why waste your money and time. Terry Davis lives by that philosophy so do other greats in the music industry.

Tina Wakefield Since I’m on the subject about Alabama vocalists it gives me a great opportunity to tell you about a very soulful preachers daughter by the name of Tina Wakefield. This Alabama girl has it all. She is a great Christian songwriter, outstanding female vocalist who can sing any style of Christian music whether Country Gospel, Southern Gospel, Black Gospel, Adult Contemporary and last but not least the most down home Bluegrass Gospel known to man. I have been thinking about driving down to Alabama and finding one of those swampy rivers and leaning down to take a big drink of it’s water. There’s got to be something in that water that produces such great artists including the most loved Country singer in America ever, “Hank Williams”. Once again Hank was a singer who sang with so much soul that you could feel it deep within yours.

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Tina is also a great columnist for many magazines as well as Christian Servant Magazine. Her ability to write about others in this industry or articles that will enlighten and teach us about biblical prophecy is something she does with ease. Being raised in a preachers family has given her the knowledge and the opportunity to speak and teach at many Women’s Conferences. This young lady will let Christ use her in anyway He sees fit. Be listening for Tina’s new release to radio “Why Should I Worry.” Even though she didn’t write this one she sings it like she did and the message is really one that is needed for the times we live in.

Jimmy R. Price One of the most laid back, smoothest voices in this industry is a fellow I’m proud to call my friend. He’s a Louisiana boy by the name of Jimmy R. Price. When the Bible speaks about being a light for Christ, it must have been referring to Jimmy. This preacher, singer, songwriter is one in a million. His love for Christ glows so much you would have to be blind not to be able see it. His song writing is excellent and his vocal talent is superb. It must be very obvious that I think he is one of the greats in Country Gospel music. Jimmy is the pastor of a small country Baptist church in Louisiana. I’ve heard Jimmy sing live many times over the years but last year was the first time that I had an opportunity to hear him preach. The man is definitely one of the best preachers you’ll ever hear. His messages don’t stray from the Word of God. Jimmy says he really doesn’t think of himself as a preacher but a teacher of the Word. That reminds me of Christ. He too was called teacher and taught the Word. He knew it well, after all He is the Word. Jimmy has a brand new release to radio that God has given him and it is awesome. “IF” is the title of the song. The message is strong. It is truth.

Gayla Earlene Gayla and husband Gene Crain have done it once again. Landed another Country Gospel song into the top 10 on the charts. I’ve known them for about nineteen years now and they have released one song after another to radio and at least ninety-eight percent of their releases have made number one. There is only one reason for this kind of success; they are extremely gifted with talent. Gayla is not only an outstanding vocalist but also a tremendous songwriter and Gene is one of the best Steel players and session leaders you will find anywhere. It is not luck that has put them at the top of the ladder time after time, just good old hard work and perseverance. When they walk out on stage to perform or in a recording studio to cut a new project they are going to give it everything they have. They are “Pros”. Then there is their faithfulness to Christ. They know without Him they would be nothing. After all he gave them their gifts in the first place and they always give Him credit for that. They, like so many of us, have had their valleys but they’ve never given up. I’m sure they have wanted to at times but like a lot of us would not want to let Christ down. You see they know they were chosen to serve Him and serve Him they do. They have made Him King of their hearts. Check out their latest release to radio “King Of My Heart” it explains it all. You can contact the Crains by going to: Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 37

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Terry and Debra Luna Terry and Debra are one of the best duos in the Country Gospel music industry. They don’t have to take back seat to anyone. Terry has a well trained Baritone voice and can sing Country the way it should be sung “Country”. Debra has a rich mellow sound and whether she takes the lead or harmonizes with Terry she is a huge plus to their performance. I’m positive God made them for each other. Both are great songwriters, both are great Christian artists. The thing that impresses me the most about them is, not only does their love for Christ shine brightly, but also you can feel the love they have for their friends, and fellow artists. I don’t think there is a jealous bone in either of them. Always a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts as they watch others perform. I love being around them every chance I get. I always feel so blessed that Christ puts artists like Terry and Debra Luna in my path to work with. They, like others I work with, make me shine because they shine. To me these two are not just music clients they are family. Their latest release to radio “Do Yourself A Favor” is a real winner. It has climbed to # 28 in the Christian Servant Magazines “Country For The Good Life” Top 100 in just a few months. Do yourself a favor and go to their website: and purchase a CD, you will love it!

Corey Lee Barker Songwriter extraordinaire – You can be the greatest singer, have the best musicians in the world on your project, but without an outstanding song you have nothing. Though radio might play the song it will be just another go in one ear and out the other ear song. The music industry has been full of those kinds of songs for the last twenty or so years. I have a deep respect for a songwriter who is not trying to write a song every hour of the day but tries to lay down on paper a song that comes from the soul. One that stands out and tells a great story and tells it in a very simple uncomplicated way. Too many songwriters, especially those in today’s Country Gospel music field, will try to write an entire book in a three-minute song. Wrong!!! Then there are those songwriters that will get with three other writers and start kicking around lines to each other and low and behold a song is born. What happened to the days of writing a song that was actually inspired by God if you are in the Christian music field? Saying all that leads me to tell you about Corey Lee Barker songwriter extraordinaire. Corey has written over 500 songs that have been released by many of the greats. Not only in the Christian Music industry but also the secular music industry. Artists like Daryle Singletary, Vince Gill, Cledus Judd, Jamie O’Neal, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Johnny Lee, T. G. Sheppard, Bill Anderson, Joey Hyde, Jason Jones, Cash Creek, Lucas Hodge, Barry Michael and so many others over the years. Did I mention songwriter extraordinaire? Well if that’s not proof, how about being nominated for songwriter of the year by these great organizations, “Tennessee Songwriters Association”, “The North American Country Music Association” and last but not least “The Inspirational Country Music Association”. There is a lot of difference in writing a Country song verses a Christian Song. You can work with two or three other songwriters when writing a Country song and create a huge hit. You work at writing something catchy, always keeping in mind it has to have a good hook line. When writing a good Christian song it has to have a strong inspired message. It requires a melody that will either lift your spirit up when you’re feeling down or touch you heart with an emotion that could be felt with sadness often followed by gladness. You may say that those two don’t go together. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 38

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Think about this. Most of us when we read of the Crucifixion of Christ our hearts are torn, to know that man could do such a thing. When we read the rest of the story our hearts are filled with joy because after three days in the tomb Christ arose from the grave and proclaimed “All that believe in Him shall never die but have everlasting life with the Father in Heaven”. I would like to end this article with some strong advice. Go to and purchase Corey’s book “Hit Happens” if you are an aspiring writer. Learn the dos and don’ts from a writer that can help you get it right and help you accomplish your dreams. If you’re looking for a great song to include on your next project contact Corey at: 615-248-8105 Ext. 225.

God Loves Texas Especially Texas Country Gospel singers like

Wade Phillips by Tommy Smith

Texas is known for doing things in a big way and is famous for the plentiful amount of crude oil and natural gas that is produced from its soil each year. Just like its bountiful energy resources Texas also produces the best singers, songwriters, and musicians that the world has ever known. That’s not just Texas brag but a Texas fact. Singers like Ray Price, George Strait, Hank Thompson, Billy Walker, Bob Wills, Tex Ritter, Miranda Lambert, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Janice Joplin, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Kelly Clarkson and the list goes on and on. Just Goggle it and you’ll see for yourself. No brag, just Texas fact. A name I feel sure that will be added to that list is Country Gospel singer and guitar picker Wade Phillips, a man with a voice as big as Texas. Wade grew up a typical Country boy from Madisonville, Texas. He recalls as a kid loving to play baseball, hunting and fishing, but most of all he loved his two-toned blue 1981 Dodge one-ton pickup. Now that’s Country. Continued on next page…

Ricky Russ & Brother “Howdy” 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM Monday – Friday Brad Wilson 12:00 Noon – 4:00 PM Monday – Friday Cassie G 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Monday – Friday

Artists, get your music to Ricky Russ - (325) 677-8890 - Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 39

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Wade said some of his friends and he were a little rowdy sometimes, driving around drinking a few beers, smoking cigarettes, dipping snuff that sort of stuff but never in any real bad trouble. The Town square in Madisonville is where all the young people hung around at night. It was there that Wade and some of his friends were parked listening to Country music that he met his wife to be, Tonya. After they got married she told him that she loved that old blue truck because it reminded her of his blue eyes. Later, followed Nick, their son and Wade was a family man. Wade did a little singing at Karaoke clubs and eventually started a band named Wade Phillips and Bad Habit Band. It didn’t take long that they were touring and opening for acts like Toby Keith. Then Wade realized this might not be the life for him. He was missing his wife and son. He wanted to be there to watch his son grow up. He also recalls not being saved at the time and the stint on the road had caused some problems between he and his wife. God put a good friend into Wade and Tonya’s life and he invited them to Madisonville Christian Fellowship. Wade realized he had not been living for Christ but he’d been living for himself. Through prayer Wade and Tonya began to feel a change in their life. They got involved in youth ministry. He surrendered totally to Christ and a few years later became pastor of that church. God took Wades gift as a talented vocalist and songwriter, and put it to work. Wade’s Country Gospel CD “Can You Hear Me” produced his first release to radio titled “He Was Standing”. As of April 2017 the song has already charted in Cashbox Magazines Country Christian Top 100 at #14 and also at #14 in Christian Servant Magazines “Country For The Good Life” Top 100. Wade has a powerful voice and sings the cuts on this project with heart and conviction. He truly has a voice and style as big as Texas and Texans love his Country Gospel style. You can contact Wade at: 979-587-0905 or visit him on Facebook. You can also listen to his music on iTunes!


Congratulate Lonnie on having his new song "Forever In The End" at #15 in the chart. Also make note that he is getting married to his lovely bride to be, Edith Alexander on April 22, 2017. Best wishes to the happy couple!

Judy Bailey

Judy’s latest release “Ten Shiny Pennies” has a powerful message and Judy delivers that song with conviction. Released to radio on Canyon Creek Records Volume 37. Her new song is now at #31 and had topped the charts at #5 Jan. 2017. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 40

The Ministry is 360 Degrees by Brad Wilson

A few years ago I produced a film called “SET APART.” It was filmed in Los Angeles and Speerfish, South Dakota. The film starred the legendary Richard Roundtree, John Schneider, and my dear friend Jennifer O’Neill. It was a wonderful film released by Provident Entertainment. I’m happy to say the film won the Dove Family Seal of Approval as well as other awards. It’s never easy producing a film and at times this one was extra hard. However, something very special happened on the last day of filming that I want to share with you. I hope anyone in the public eye will listen close. One of the sweetest and most talented people I’ve ever met was a guy by the name of George Flynn. George was from Colorado and wrote the beautiful screenplay for the film. George went to be with the Lord a few years back but I will never forget him. He was for sure one of God’s blessings to anyone he met. George shared this story with me. On the last day of filming no less than 10 individual crew members came up to him and asked if he had a Bible he could give them! That’s amazing on many levels. Although crew people are some of the hardest working people on the planet and wonderfully nice, not all are Believer’s. Some are hard as nails in some way but always nice and giving. I was completely taken aback when George shared this story with me and of course very, very moved. That’s when it hit me….listen close here….the ministry is not all IN FRONT of the camera…The ministry is also in behind the camera! Many of you may already know this but for me on that day it was an eye opener that made so much sense. Although that film and others I’ve done have been faith based, people were also watching us as producers and filmmakers seeing how we act. I’ve thought about that day a lot, especially when I’m producing a film. Eventually things catch up with you and if you are a good person the word spreads. I know that as a fact. So if you are in front of the camera acting…if you are on stage singing…if you are in a recording studio making magic…as long as you are in the public eye and are a Believer don’t just believe “on stage.” Let everyone around you see first-hand that you are truly a good person who loves the Lord. We talk the talk, now let everyone see us walk the walk. This was such a huge revelation to me. Especially living in Hollywood as I do it’s a great opportunity I pray, for others to see Jesus in me. Let the world see Him in you!

Visit Brad Wilson and Higher Purpose Entertainment at:

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Way Out West by Terry & Debra Luna

It’s no secret that the West Coast has been drenched with rain and snowpack this season. However, with the recent years of drought the rain is a welcome sight to all residents. Recently, we had the opportunity to drive through the Coastal Mountain range and see the difference in the landscape from just a few months ago. It’s amazing to see how water can change everything. The once barren mountainside is now vibrant and green; the trees are now standing taller and wider as the first signs of spring begin to appear on the tree limbs as tiny buds of white, pink and purple emerge on every branch. Water symbolizes Gods Word throughout the Bible and in Hosea the rains are a sign of the presence of God. We all know how important water is to us as human beings, we must have water to sustain life. People can live a long time without food, but not without water. Did you know that the word ‘water’ is mentioned 722 times in the Bible, that’s more than the word faith, hope or love? The living water is essential for eternal life. The Psalmist David writes of being thirsty and in a barren land. And, John writes, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.” John 7:37. Billy Graham preached a sermon a few years ago, “Thirsty for the Water of Life”, stating “Jesus is the Living Water. This is what people need, whether they are in Africa or India or China or the United States. We all need the spiritual water only Jesus can give. The Bible says that we are prisoners of ‘the pit wherein is no water’(Zachariah 9:11). Think of that-prisoners in a pit with no water. Every person can have everlasting life by drinking at the well of Jesus.” Remember the hymn, “Springs of Living Water”, by John Peterson? “I thirsted in the barren land of sin and shame, And nothing satisfying there I found; But to the blessed cross of Christ one day I came, Where springs of living water did abound. Drinking at the springs of living water, Happy now am I, My soul they satisfy Drinking at the springs of living water O wonderful and bountiful supply!” As spring time approaches and the raindrops descend from heaven we pray that the living water, (the Holy Spirit) who dwells in believers, will flow out of our hearts redeemed by God so that we may in turn bless those around us! Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 42

Grand Ole Opry Pianist of 38 Yrs, Tim Atwood Teams with Mandy Barnett For New Country Gospel Release by Chip Bricker

When I first started backing some artists that appeared on the Grand Ole Opry, I was a punk kid scared out of my mind to be on the stage of the Opry. I remember my first appearance there. I didn’t know how the piano bench raised up or down and definitely didn’t know how the piano monitoring system worked which just made it that much more scary. A few minutes before I was to go on, a nice gentleman asked if I needed some help with the logistics of the piano stuff, being my first time on the opry. I said that I was scared to death and any help would be appreciated. The gentleman introduced himself. He said, “I’m Tim Atwood, staff piano player here at the Opry, I’ll be glad to show you how this stuff works.” He showed me the workings of the system and also calmed me down, and made me feel at home. I had made a friend, and so had he. Many years later I heard about Tim leaving the Opry and starting a solo venture. I knew of his many piano talents and had heard him sing. I said this would be a great act for country gospel music. I didn’t hear anything for a while. Then I got a call from Greg Irvin, with I2I records, asking me about Tim Atwood. I told him Tim was a great talent and had many national connections from his years on the Opry. Greg let me know he was thinking of doing a gospel album with Tim.. I told him that if he got the right guest artists, it could be a smash. Greg told me that that was the plan and asked if I would be interested in helping to do some marketing and promotions for the project. I told him it would be an honor. The album, “That Old Time Religion,” happened and was phenomenal, with classic country stars all over it. Singing with Tim on the project were legends Jeannie Seely, Jan Howard, TG Sheppard, Kelly Lang, The Tennessee River Boys, and Bobby Bare. One song stuck out as I listened. An up-tempo groovy arrangement of “Let’s All Go Down To the River”, sung with Mandy Barnett. After consulting several industry personnel, it was decided to release that as the first single from the album. Since then, the single has steadily climbed the charts and fans continue to request it. I recently had a chance to ask Tim about this particular duet with Mandy, and his new gospel album. How did you come up with the idea of a Duet with Mandy Barnett? I first met Mandy Barnett when she was thirteen years old. Even then, I knew she was something special. Grand Ole Opry Dancer Melvin Sloan knew Mandy had a once in a lifetime voice, and he wanted to see how Mandy sounded with a band, so he took Mandy to a gig I was playing and asked if she could get up and sing a couple of songs. Mandy blew everyone away that night with those spot on, powerhouse vocals coming out of such a little girl...and she's been blowing audiences away with her talent ever since.

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To have Mandy sing a duet with me almost 30 years later is a dream come true. It never ceases to amaze me how God places certain people in our lives at just the right time. When Mandy needed somewhere to sing as a young teen, I was there for her. When I needed a duet partner for Let's All Go Down To The River, she was there for me. Mandy and I have been friends for years. Mandy's like my kid sister. What got you started in Gospel Music? I grew up playing gospel music in little, country churches from the age of thirteen. I played piano with The Harris Family out of Peoria, Illinois, and occasionally sat in with Southern Gospel Hall of Fame members The Florida Boys of which my Uncle Tommy Atwood was the tenor singer at the time. When I was sixteen I first heard the song Let's All Go Down To The River written by Earl “Peanut” Montgomery and Sue Richards, and I fell in love with those lyrics. In my mind I could see this man walking on the water, washing people's sins away. If I had been there that day, I would have run down to that river. A few months later I was baptized, and now I see Jesus and that river every day. What would you like for folks to know about this single? I hope the public connects with my rendition of Let's All Go Down To The River. I don't think it's ever been recorded quite like this before. For the most part I feel that once a song is a hit by someone else, there's no sense in recording it again. It's been done...UNLESS you can bring something new to the table. When I hear this song I feel joy for The for the life I lead because of The Lord...and that JOY races through my fingers straight to the piano keys, and what I hope to convey in my version is my happiness—happiness knowing that I love Jesus, and Jesus loves me. So this song might groove more than you're used to, and it definitely swings at the end, but what I hope you hear is my passion and joy for God. What About “That Old Time Religion” (the album)? "I spent most of my life, (38 yrs), playing piano for country music's elite on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, but I grew up playing gospel music in little country churches," said Atwood, who was named Instrumentalist of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists (AWA) in 2016. "I know what talent I have is a gift from God. 'That Old Time Religion' is my gift back to God." "That Old Time Religion" includes 13 tracks of long-time gospel favorites, each featuring Atwood on piano and lead vocals with guest appearances by Country Music Hall of Famer Bobby Bare, Grammywinner Jeannie Seely, Jan Howard, TG Sheppard, Kelly Lang and The Tennessee River Boys. Atwood also allows the musicians to shine on the album, with Musicians Hall of Fame member Jimmy Capps and two members of the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame, Tommy White and Doug Jernigan. Tim, along with his wife Roxane, produced That Old Time Religion for Greg Irvin and 121 Records. With the exception of the first cut, a recitation titled Out of Tune Piano—written by Roxane especially for this project-- the album is a compilation of well known gospel favorites that take the listener on a spiritual journey destined to involve those on the receiving end to sing along and clap their hands with joy. All of the piano and keyboard parts on this project are played by Tim Atwood himself. Over the years Tim has played on thousands of album projects for other artists and has performed with a country music's “Who's Who.” On That Old Time Religion, Tim plays for the creator of all time. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 44

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Artists quotes about Tim Atwood... Bobby Bare: I've known Tim Atwood for longer than either one of us would like to admit. He's played piano on a zillion things I've done. He's my go to piano player when I'm in the studio. He shouldn't be able to sing as well as he does, because most piano players that I know can't sing. Floyd Cramer couldn't sing a lick. But Tim gets the job done. The boy is great, and I'm proud to be a part of this project. Jeannie Seely: As an artist Tim can do anything. He can get the crowd roused up, clapping and having fun, and just that quick go into a ballad or tell a story that puts a lump in your throat, a tear in your eye and applause in your hand. You just can't help it. What a great project That Old Time Religion Is. THIS music takes me back to a little Methodist church in Pennsylvania where I grew up. THIS music is real. The love we have for God and each other is real. That's what it's all about. Mandy Barnett: "I've known Tim for many years and have always loved and respected him," Barnett said. "When he asked me to do a duet on 'Let's All Go Down to The River,' I immediately said yes. This album is a must-have for country and gospel fans alike." Chip Bricker: I would encourage all of the true Country Gospel Music Fans to add this Album to your collection, Tim Atwood, “Lets All Go Down To The River” at If you ever get a chance to see him in concert or playing for another artist, please do so, it will be an event you won’t soon forget. This, coming from a once-scared piano player that needed his help. Tim Atwood is the “Real Deal”. (Chip Bricker has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Baylor University and a Masters in Consumer Behavior. Chip has also played for many music stars and produced or played on more than 20 #1 singles as well as more than 100 charting Singles in various genres of music, and is the Music Director and Tour manager for country legend, Gene Watson.) Contact: And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 45

Movers and Shakers of the Country Gospel Industry

Country Gospel Music Fans “Get ready for the ride!” with Riding Point Radio In June of 2016 God put it on the heart of Leighton Nunn to start Riding Point Radio, an Internet station formatted with the best Country Gospel songs and artists our industry has to offer. Leighton said he questioned God and asked “why me?” Like all of us, when God gives us a vision we start telling Him all the reasons why it is impossible for us to do it. The first reason for Leighton was, he didn’t have the finances to start the station. He brought this up in prayer to God and God said “I didn’t ask you to finance it.” Leighton said he simply put his trust and faith in God and did what He had asked him to do. Sure enough the blessings started pouring in. We started the station debt free. Friends, family, and folks we didn’t even know wanted to be a part of our vision and contributed all the funds it took to purchase the equipment needed. You see when God asks, and we say yes, He will bless, bless, bless. Leighton recalls how nervous he was when the station first aired on the net July 2016. We had about eight people listening that day and now we average around twenty thousand daily as we cover about ninety-five countries worldwide. We have three radio personalities who work at Riding Point, my son Lane Nunn, Amanda Edwards, and myself. All of us do this for the love of God. Then we have Raymond Delmar our engineer who also owns Ram Sports Television Network. Sylvia Castillo is our general sales manager and then there is my wife Karen who keeps the books and makes sure that all of us walk a straight and narrow path. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 46

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It would have been impossible for me to do this without her. Our home church, The Ellis County Outdoorsman Church, in Midlothian, Texas supports our ministry each and every month. Pastors Don and Brenda Lott are wonderful heaven sent people and I am so thankful for their friendship. We have a goal to make it to the ICMA and other County Gospel Music conventions so that we can meet all the great folks that we’ve had the pleasure of airing their music on our station for the past year. If you have a project you would like us to review for airplay, please feel free to send it to the station in care of our music director Lane Nunn. Our vision is to spread the Gospel to the world by playing the best there is in Christian Country and Country Gospel music. Please contact us, we’d love to hear from you. Always remember God loves you and so do we. Our mailing address for the station is: Riding Point Radio, 5364 Kingsknowe Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76135 or email us at: Our phone number is 214-499-6807. You may listen to us by clicking on this link,

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Movers and Shakers of the Country Gospel Industry Get Ready For A Good Ole “Camp Meeting” with Camp Meeting Radio

The Bible tells us of many gifts that the Holy Spirit gives us. I know that I have many, but the one that I rely on the most is the gift of discernment. It doesn’t take long when you have that gift to size up whether someone who has recently joined our music ministry family came to glorify their name or the name of Jesus. You see if you joined our family because you believed you were truly called by Christ to be a disciple and He commissioned you to use your gift to go out and tell the non-believer that there is still power in the name of Jesus then you would do as the Son of man did. He never exalted His name but always His Fathers’ name. Too many times someone will call me and say they came into this industry to serve Jesus and then out of their mouth will come, “I’m not going to play or sing one of those slap it in your face Jesus songs, after all that might run the listeners off”. When I hear that, then the discernment kicks in and I want to say “Get thee behind me Satan you are a liar”. Christ would never call anyone that thought He did not have the power to change a life forever. No one comes to Christ without first having the Holy Spirit reaching out to them, touching their soul with messages of “it’s time to change your wicked ways”. He may send a close friend who has already changed or maybe even a Christian entertainer or Christian DJ playing or singing a song that will cause the non-believer to let go and surrender. The only reason that Christ uses some of us is because we are willing to make ourselves available at anytime and in anyway that the Holy Spirit decides to use us to finish the job he has already started in someone. That is to share testimony that Christ still cares, forgives and Salvation is theirs if they are ready to accept. The first time I had a conversation with Greg Dodson, owner of Camp Meeting Radio, it was obvious that he and his family were true servants for Christ. Not then, or any other time during the many conversations we’ve had, has he ever bragged on or exalted his own name, only the name of Jesus. He has programmed his station with songs that glorify, praise, and offers hope through the blood of the Lamb. His format is simple “Jesus”. It can be Country Gospel, Black Gospel, Southern Gospel, or Praise and Worship songs. The entire family works hard to bring the Good News to their listeners and are very active in the community. Greg is an ordained minister and as though he didn’t have enough to do already, Greg, his wife Mary and their thirteen-year-old daughter Madeline, hit the streets holding Revivals sharing the love of Christ with not only the Churched but also the Non-Churched. Greg had a good Godly mentor, Evangelist Steve Warren. It was under Steve Warren Ministries that Greg received his ordination. You can hear Steve Warrens syndicated radio show “The Gospel Sound Radio Show” on Camp Meeting radio at 12:00 PM central time each Thursday. My discernment tells me that Greg Dodson and family are real deal servants for Christ. Definitely Christ called. To Contact the Dodson’s, call the studio at 931-520-7395 or email them at: and send product to Camp Meeting Radio, P. O. Box 3063, Cookeville, TN 38502. The Dodson’s invite you to listen to the station by simply clicking on or you can listen to them on Facebook. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 48

When you’ve got it, you’ve got it and Melanie Walker is proof of that. Her music and style are timeless. She can sing a Southern Gospel style song like “Walking In Jerusalem” or do a very Contemporary style song like ”Come and Dine” then hit you hard with a Traditional Country song like “Great Speckled Bird” and sing it the way Tammy Wynette would have sung it. All these songs have been huge hits for Melanie over the past 18 yrs. and here she goes again with a #1 song that’s a Traditional Classic Hymn “Pass Me Not” for April 2017. Melanie is truly one of Country Gospel’s great female vocalists and is so loved by all. “Pass Me Not” on Canyon Creek Records Volume 36. You may contact Melanie at 618-937-4274.

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The Reed Brothers are one of the very best in the Country Gospel Music Industry. Audiences all over the country love their Christian Music sound. These Mississippi boys do it right for Christ. So many of the concerts they do are to raise money for people in real need of help. For example they just did a community benefit that raised $34,000.00 for a young lady that has cancer. Anyone who faces that battle knows how great the out of pocket expenses can be. The Reed Brothers live by the teachings of Christ, that we should love one another and that all who know Him should take to heart the Great Commission, “to go out and teach the Word and bring the lost to Christ”. The Reed Brothers carry boxes of Bibles with them everywhere they minister and give them out at no expense to those who don't own a Bible. Not only do they offer them the Salvation Message but also give them the written Word so they can study the power of Christ daily. The Reed Brothers new single "The Creek" has charted at #24 in both the Christian Servant Magazine’s Top 100 and Cashbox Magazine’s Country Christian Top 100. Nick Reed wrote the song and it is just one of ten great songs on the "Holding On" project produced by Chuck Day for New Step Records. It was released to radio on Canyon Creek Records Volume 38. Every song on the “Holding On” CD is anointed. To contact the Reed Brothers go to or you can email them at or call for bookings 662-803-1155. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition II, 2017 - Page 50

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