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May, 2015 Christian Servant Outreach Ministry, Inc.

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"I Just Miss You" by Tim Livingston was filmed on location at the historic Dayton Memorial Hall. This heartfelt song was written by Tim Livingston. For more than 25 years Tim's Dad & Mom promoted Gospel Concerts (Norm's Gospel Sing) that helped shape & make Southern Gospel Music history. For more info about this latest CD go to or Music Video Produced by Big Merlin Productions. Album produced by Les Butler.

Congratulations Tim Livingston On your # 1 Song

I Just Miss You May, 2015 Christian Servant Outreach Ministry, Inc.,

Country For The Good Life Top 100

Or visit Tim on the web at: Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 2

Let us resolve not to let their sacrifice be in vain, but rise up in their stead and continue the fight for Liberty and Justice for all…for our FREEDOM, remembering all those who have served.

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Page 20 - Women of Country Gospel Music: Nikki Headley by Angela Rowe

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Page 22 - Choose Now. What Are You Waiting For? by John Randolph

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Page 24 - What Is A Music Producer and Why You Need One? by Chip Bricker

Page 4 - Second Chance by Marty Smith

Page 26 - “Palomino” by Brad Wilson

Page 5 - The Right Stuff by Jimmy R. Price

Page 27 - Movers and Shakers of the County Gospel Industry by Tommy Smith

Page 6 - The WOW Factor by Gayla Earlene

Page 28 - HLE Radio C4 Revival by Hunter Logan

Page 8 - The Right Relationship by Randy Gunn

Page 30 - A Mouse With A Microphone by Dr. Doug DeRaumus

Page 10 - Jan Harbuck by Tommy Smith

Page 31 - Gospel News From New York and Canada by Bob Terry

Page 11 - A True Man of God, John Randolph by Tommy Smith Page 13 - The Seed Planter, Gena Roberts Hamilton by Tommy Smith Page 14 - Country Gospel Christian County Radio Guide Page 15 - The Anointed Ministry of Tommy Brandt and Family by Tommy Smith

Thank a Soldier today for risking his all for you!

Page 17 - Country For The Good Life Top 100

And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free, and I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me and I’ll proudly stand next to him to defend her still today, ‘cuz there ain’t no doubt I love this land, God bless the USA. -Lee Greenwood Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 3

Second Chance by Marty Smith He was a pretty popular D.J. A lot of people knew him, he was a nice guy. However, he had a reputation as being arrogant. He was convinced he knew it all. He was convinced that God couldn’t do anything without his help let alone radio. He believed he was better than everybody else and his “empire” was built exactly the way he wanted it. After awhile, though, it wasn’t enough. He needed more. He needed more praise from people, more people to tell him how wonderful he was, more people to call him and brag on him. When that wasn’t enough, he tried other things to make himself look good thinking that that would make things better for him. He didn’t realize that this wasn’t the answer but he was secretly hoping that it would satisfy his need for popularity and to fill an empty, gaping hole. Nothing worked. And then one day, the Lord took it all away and he was alone………..all alone. In his arrogance, he was convinced that God couldn’t do it without him. And just like that, God showed him He could do it without his help and it was taken away from him. His popularity was gone, his friends, his radio career, everything was gone. Even the friends he thought he once had, turned out to be acquaintences, just like he was to them. The friends he thought he could turn to were nowhere to be found. “It’s just as well”, some would say. “He brought it on himself”. He became angry and bitter. He ran away from God, thinking that it was all God’s fault, never realizing that he was to blame. And then one summer day in 2004, after fighting with the anger and bitterness for so long, he cried out to God, pouring out his heart and telling God how angry he was. The Lord listened, then said something that the man would never forget. God said, “You’re angry because you think everyone left you”. The man said, “Yes, I am! Everyone left me! All of my friends, everyone!” GOD said, “I never left you”. That moment changed my life. As I look back on this time in my life, the one thing that sticks in my mind more than anything else is this, there is no better place to be than broken before God. That’s the time when you are willing to change. That’s the time when He can mold you and shape you to be what He wants you to be. I’ve been given a second chance. Another chance to share the Gospel with the music I love so much! Another chance to tell someone what God has done for me when I didn’t deserve it. The Chuck Day song says it all, “…You’ve just discovered the God of a second chance”. Each one of us has been given a chance. Some of us have experienced a second chance. Not because we deserve it, but because God loves us enough to give us a second chance. The ministries that we’ve been given are not about us, it’s about Him. Something to think about. Marty Smith is the morning host of Heaven’s Country ( and host of the internationally syndicated radio show, “Todays’ Cross Country ( You can email him at:

And they who for their country die shall fill an honored grave, for glory lights the soldier's tomb, and beauty weeps the brave. ~Joseph Drake

Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 4

The Right Stuff by Jimmy R. Price Several years ago a popular movie was made called “The Right Stuff.” It was about astronauts who went through intense training and sacrifices so that they would be prepared to blast off into space. To do this would definitely require that they have “the right stuff.” The Bible gives us a wonderful example in Acts chapter 16 of two men who I believe also had “the right stuff.” Their names were Paul and Silas. One way they showed “the right stuff” is that they were in “the right place.” This would seem odd to some people because they were actually in prison. The reason they were there however, is because they were sharing the gospel and doing God’s will. In fact, they cast out a “spirit of divination” from a young lady who was a soothsayer, by commanding “in the name of Jesus Christ, come out of her” (vs. 16-18). They were beaten and thrown in jail. They were right where God wanted them. Another reason they had “the right stuff” is because they had “the right posture.” They were down on their knees praying (vs. 25). Not praying for God to get them out of there, but for God to use them for His glory while in there. Paul and Silas also exemplified having “the right stuff” by having “the right attitude!” It was midnight in a dark jail cell, yet the Bible tells us that they “sang praises unto God” (vs. 25). Most people would probably be singing, “Gloom, despair and agony on me” like in the song on Hee Haw. No matter what, Paul always thanked God in every situation. Finally, they had “the right stuff” because they had “the right message.” When God sent an earthquake to open the cell doors, the prison guard drew his sword to take his own life. Paul cried out to him, “do thyself no harm” (vs. 26-28). Then the guard asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” Paul and Silas said, “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved” (vs. 30-31). That is the Gospel message! Because they had “the right stuff,” the prison keeper and his whole family were saved and baptized! (vs. 33) Do you and I have “the right stuff?” Are we in “the right place?” (the center of God’s will) Do we have “the right posture?” (down on our knees) Do we show “the right attitude?” (praising God always) Do we share “the right message?” (believe on the Lord Jesus Christ) “The right stuff” comes from a “right relationship” with Christ! Let’s get right!

People will get saved! The story of America's quest for freedom is inscribed on her history in the blood of her patriots. ~Randy Vader Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 5

"Just A Thought" with Gayla Earlene Visit Gayla Earlene at

The WOW factor!! Be prepared to be WOWED.... ever heard that?? Music award shows, music concerts, fashion shows, sporting events, ballets, just to name a few, are something people will sometimes pay big money for and wait in great anticipation for because hey, they all have one thing in common, WOW!! In so many cases, the Wow factor has more to offer than the actual talents of the people performing. Flashing lights, giant puffs of smoke, jumping flames, shiny dancers, and people running back and forth across the stage, WOW, WOW, WOW!! Let me ask this, how long does that WOW stay with you and does it fill your heart daily with Love and Life and give you everlasting Peace? I know a man who was born of a virgin, WOW, who died an unimaginable death on a cross for ME so I could have eternal life in heaven, Double WOW, who was raised from the dead in three days, Triple WOW, ascended to heaven leaving the Holy Spirit behind to live in my heart and comfort me through all kinds of things and get this ... get ready ... anticipate ... HE'S COMING BACK AGAIN, WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! His name is Jesus, do you know him? It costs you nothing to ask Him into your heart and you will never lose the WOW Factor with Jesus. He WOWS me everyday I live and breathe. His love is amazing, His peace and joy is simply indescribable, until you have it, and then you know. Have you been truly WOWED? · Accept Jesus Christ into your heart today. ·   Believe that He is the living Son of God. ·   Confess your sin and receive His forgiveness and promise of Life everlasting.

If you do this, prepare to be WOWED!!!!


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Dan Duncan CEO of the Christian label Gospel Jukebox is excited about their new radio releases on Gospel Jukebox Volume 34. It is loaded with some of the best artists in the Christian Music field. Dan and his wife Marilyn work hard to introduce those who do not know Christ, by offering the message of Christ through all forms of Christian music media. They are the owners of a 24/7 Christian Television station in West Plains, Mo. Dan is president of the oldest convention and award show in America, the International Country Gospel Music Association. Dan is also full time pastor of a church in West Plains. I have met many of the church congregation members, and they let it be known, that they love their pastor and his wife Marilyn. When you work hard for others and you do it with the highest integrity possible, your ministry will produce good fruit and God will be honored. After all, what father is not made proud by his children’s good work? Music directors for Christian radio please give this compilation a listen. Let the Holy Spirit lead you to play those songs on the compilation that will bless your audience. Check out this lineup of blessed and talented artists. 1. THE PROMISELAND – JAMES PAYNE, 2. LOVE HELD MY SAVIOR TO A TREE – DEL WAY 3. TAKE THIS BIBLE – DAN DUNCAN, 4. TROPHY OF GRACE – MIKE MANUEL, 5. THAT'S HIM – PAUL WINCHESTER 6. BIG BLACK HEART – KEN ANDERSON, 7. RAISE UP YOUR HANDS – KELLY SUTHERLAND 8. GOVERNOR OF MERCY – TERRY & TERESA BAKER, 9. SILENT PARTNER – CARL TRANTHAM 10. THE TRUTH IS – JOHNNY ROWLETT, 11. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS – WESTON & CHRISTY HINSON 12. I CAN FEEL HIS HAND IN MINE – CAROLYN DeMENT, 13. WHEN I PRAY – JIMMY JACK WHITAKER 14. SECRET PLACE – JO FOX, 15. GOD BLESS THE SOLDIERS – LORETTA HUMMEL 16. THANKS TO CALVARY – BUBBA SWEETIN

You can contact Dan Duncan at:

Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 7

GunnPoint The Right Relationship! Written by Randy Gunn

Many people have a fear of horses. For some, their perception and limited understanding of the animal keeps them in fear of it. The size or “bigness” of a horse causes intimidation. For others, there was a bad experience with a horse, maybe the horse reared up and they fell off, or a horse ran off with them. Like anything in life, I have found that most of the fear in people about horses is either unfounded or because they had the wrong relationship with the wrong horse from the start. Basically they did not get the right horse from the beginning, even though they honestly searched and were genuine seekers for one. I know so many people who have a horse whose personality, ability, spirit and stage of training is way beyond their experience. I have often heard phrases like; “I wonder what he is going to do today”, or “I wonder what horse is going to show up this morning.” Many times, because of pride, I have seen folks insist on keeping the horse and “seeing it to the end” even if it “kills” them…often times I have seen that almost happen. For some reason, even though they don’t trust the horse and know the relationship is not working, they continue to try and make it work; otherwise they would have to admit to themselves that they are not the horse people they would like to think they are, and would like others to think they are. You know the whole “Definition of Insanity thing...doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” So many come to the conclusion that this is the way it is with all horses and none can be trusted. Over the years I have been blessed to be able to help many overcome their fears just by introducing them to the “Right” horse. The logic is simple, start from the beginning. The non-horse people, who would like to become horse people and have little experience with a horse need a horse that will teach them how to ride. They need a horse that will be patient, long-suffering and gentle with them. A horse that will walk them along and help build their faith in horses, a horse that will be still and calm when they mount, when mounted, and when riding. Beginners need a horse with no agenda of its own, and it should prove itself trustworthy and help the rider become the best rider he or she can be. I have seen these same traits with people and God. Their perception and limited understanding of Jesus Christ keeps them from Him. Some may even have tried “Religion” and have had a bad experience with an organization or maybe even someone they trusted who let them down. Others think the “Size” of God and His mighty power can be intimidating. But, like the horse, many people’s fear of God is unfounded because they had the wrong relationship with the wrong god. They looked at a person or an organization or something else like, nature or a philosophy and confused these things with God. So, when those things don’t work out for them they conclude that “Religion” doesn’t work and God (whoever or whatever they perceive Him to be) can’t be trusted. Basically they did not get Jesus from the start, even though they were sincere seekers.

Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 8

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Some folks try to complicate God. They read books about theology. They get involved with religious things and conversations and philosophies and try to exercise their faith in ways that are way beyond their experience. I have often heard such phrases as; “I wonder if God hears my prayers.” Often, because of pride, many don’t want to start at the beginning; because they would have to admit they are sinners and then they would have to ask Christ to forgive them. Admitting such things would cause them to see themselves for what they are and recognize their need to invite Him to live inside them and thereby, allow Him to live His life through them. All too often people continue to live their life the way they think is right and continue in heartbreak and problems with no end in sight. They will keep trying to get it right by doing it their way even if it kills them…and it will; “For the wages of sin is death.” Ro. 6:23. As I have been blessed to introduce beginners to horses, I have been amply blessed to introduce many to Jesus. The way to God the Father, is through Jesus Christ, His Son; “For there is only one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and people. He is the man Christ Jesus” 1 Tim 2:5. In fact, Jesus Himself told us; “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” John 14:6. God is not a pastor of a church, He is not an organization. You will not find Him through books of theology or philosophy. You can only find Him through Jesus Christ. The logic here is just as simple, take those who really want to know God and introduce them to the One who will teach them how to ride through life. Give them The One who will be patient, long-suffering, gracious, merciful, gentle and understanding. A person who will guide them along the journey of life and help build their faith in God the Father. One who will be still and calm always pointing the way as they go through life. Someone whose only agenda is their best interest and will prove Himself trustworthy and help them be the best they can be. When it comes to horses, there are so many people who don’t want to start with a slower more docile horse. They like the idea of running fast and free. However, the faster the horse gets the more fear it produces and too many times so many get hurt because they can’t handle the pace. It is the same way with God. So many don’t want to give their lives to the Great Teacher and learn. They like life fast and free. But the faster life gets the more fear it produces in the heart and all too often the injuries are too much to bear because they couldn’t handle the pace. Turn to Jesus. He will teach you all the basics to ride through this journey of life. He is real and He stands wanting to teach you how to have life and have it more abundantly. Turn to His Word He left for all of us, the Bible. It has all the instructions to help you know how to do it correctly from the start. Save yourself fear and heartache and injury. Start with the right relationship. No matter what your experience in the past, start with the “Right” and only God and He and you will be running through life straight and free before you know it. You can contact Randy Gunn at:

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Psalm 30:12 To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks unto thee forever. These few words of scripture were written thousands of years ago by King David. They are kept alive and well in the heart of Christian singer, songwriter and musician

Jan Harbuck by Tommy Smith

I met Jan a few years back at one of the annual Agape Fest conventions held in Texas. She was there not only to perform for all of us but also as a representative for the International Cowboy Church Alliance Network. Jan is a founding member of the organization. When it was Jan’s time to get up and sing I immediately felt the love and compassion she had for Christ as she delivered her song so beautifully. Her well-trained voice and stage presence were positive, sure in Christ. It was obvious that she had been a minister of music for a long time. As I searched for information on Jan, before writing this story, I found that she had studied piano since the age of six. By the age of twelve she was playing both piano and organ for the church she and her family attended. She attended Stamps School of Music and Jeffress School of Music and was mentored by some of the legends of Gospel music. In her teens, she formed a trio with her sister Lisa and girlfriend Debbie. They called themselves “The Christianaires”. Soon they found themselves ministering all over Northeast Texas and North Louisiana. Performing on radio and television shows many times with The Happy Goodmans, The Blackwood Brothers, The Cathedrals, Dottie Rambo and many others. God soon gave Jan a Godly husband, Dr. Henry Harbuck. Together they serve Christ with a strong drive in their spirit to help others. They became overseers of the worldwide Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies formed in 1976. They have traveled the world as missionaries, evangelizing and bringing Christian Education to those that would have never had a chance to know Christ if not for the dedication and hard work of the Harbucks. Jan holds Doctorates in Church Music and Office Administration, as well as Church Tax & Law. She is a very accomplished musician, songwriter, and outstanding Christian vocalist. Most of all she is a proud mother and grandmother. She has one son Jeremy, one daughter Tanya, and two awesome grandchildren, Jimmy and Cassey and let’s don’t forget the spoiled ones, their two dogs, Mindy and Mia. Jan and Henry make their home in Monroe, La. When you get a chance Google Jan on the web. You will find her CD’s there and great testimonies of how God has blessed her and the whole family. To contact Jan by phone: (318) 801-0204 or Email her at or visit her website at: Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 10

A True Man of God, John Randolph by Tommy Smith

The first ten years of John’s life were spent growing up in Kingsville, Texas. Kingsville is the home of one of the largest cattle ranches in the America’s, The King Ranch. Then John’s family moved to Ricardo, Texas which is about fifteen miles south of Kingsville. Both towns are next to the Texas Gulf Coast. The town of Ricardo consisted of a cotton gin, grain elevator, a Baptist Church, Catholic Church, School through the eight grades and the equivalent of a Stop & Go store. A town just right to keep a boy out of trouble and yet give him the desire to conquer and see more of the world when he grows up. John had a love for music. He recalls that his dad was the musical influence in his life and mom was the Godly influence. He said his dad didn’t go to church as they were growing up, but mom made sure we were there every time the doors opened. She would spend every night on her knee’s praying for my brother, my sister, my dad, and me. John excelled at the game of baseball and played all through high school. John was offered a scholarship to play baseball and major in music for Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas. John had other plans and turned the scholarship down. He did graduate from college and majored in journalism. He then worked as a sportswriter in Brownsville and played semi-pro baseball in Mexico. Brownsville is on the border of Mexico. He soon realized that writing and baseball were not going to pay his bills for very long. He and Cindy met and dated for three years. During that period of time, John moved to Houston and took a job in the corporate world. They transferred him to Dallas in 1995 and in December of 1996 he married Cindy. Within a year their first daughter Lacie was born. Then came Alyse, their second daughter. Cindy became a stay at home mom and home schooled both of the kids. John and Cindy both wanted the girls to grow up with strong Christian ethics and felt like peer pressure in a public school could hinder the process. In 2005 the family along with Noah and Titan, their two dogs, moved to East Texas. They felt like God had led them to move their family to the Bible Belt. Here they would dedicate and spend their life serving him faithfully. Johns mothers prayers sure did pay-off. Earlier we talked about John’s love of music coming from his father. He was an accomplished singer, songwriter and great guitar player. He played with both Ray Price and Hank Thompson. He taught John how to play guitar. Christ gave John a beautiful singing voice. The Bible tells us that Christ knows us in our mothers womb and for all of us he has great plans, all we have to do is let Him lead, believe, and walk in His will. If we do that, He will fill our life with purpose and contentment. John and Cindy did just that. They joined a church in East Texas and dedicated time, energy, and finances helping the church do Gods work. John took the talent his father here on earth and his Father in heaven gave him and applied it to the church music ministry. Cindy helped with Sunday school classes and used the gift Christ had given her to teach, with love. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 11

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I met John about five years ago. I heard him sing at a Christian music competition. It was obvious that Christ had been preparing John to take his talent and share it with the world. John and I became friends and we worked together on his first Christian Country album. We released his first single to radio “Call Me Old Fashioned” on our label, Canyon Creek Records. He immediately received strong positive reviews and tremendous national airplay. The song stayed on the charts for months. His second release “Take This Country Back” was released in April of 2014 and it is still out there blessing and at the top of many of the charts in May 2015. That is a God thing.

I ask you, how many Christians do you know that have removed the television from their home not only because so much of the programming is anti Christ but because he and his family are willing to cut back on the cable cost as well as many other costly luxuries so that all extra funds can be used to help advance the ministry. Now that is dedication! If you have not heard Johns music, please take the time to visit his website. Better yet, ask your pastor to invite him to sing at your church. Johns website is: or His email address is:

Production, Recording, Distribution, Compilations Radio Promotion by Jessica Huddleston We are accepting tracks for our next compilation NOW! CALL US TODAY! (903) 566-3347 We at Canyon Creek Records, Inc. and The Christian Servant Publishing Company, BMI, strive to help artists that believe with all their hearts that GOD has called them to use their talents for HIS glory. We work with singers, songwriters and instrumentalists. Our purpose is to take forty years of recording industry experience and put that knowledge into action to produce a project for the artists. The final result being a project the artists will be proud of and one that will be a true blessing to all that hear it. We take the vision of the artist and create for them a music ministry that will glorify CHRIST. They will become a part of a family of servants with one united goal, "To lead the lost to the Cross". We produce a project from its beginning stage, all the way through to a completed CD or DVD and then promote it to radio and other music media. We help assist the artist with distribution and sales. If being a Christian artist is your heart’s desire, then contact us at (903) 566-3347, or e-mail us at Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 12

The Seed Planter Gena Roberts Hamilton by Tommy Smith

Medical science tells us that our bodies are made up of thousands of genes. A gene is the molecular unit of heredity of a living organism. You hear it said over and over again that we all inherit the genes of our mothers and fathers. No truer statement could be said about Gena Hamilton. Her father, the late Rev. Dr. J. L. Patillo was a well known preacher in the Ark-La-Tex area. Dr. Patillo not only pastored a church there but also had a well received weekly radio show. He would preach, then always feature some good ‘ole Gospel singing with the help of the entire family. Gena recalls how young they all were. Mom, Betty Patillo, sang beautifully, Gena’s brother Jack played the steel guitar, brother Jimmy on bass guitar, brother Gene on lead and rhythm guitar, brother David Patillo was lead singer, songwriter, and then Gena was also a featured vocalist of the family. The radio show was taped in advance and her dad would have her sing on the show at the early age of three. All the family attended church, and all used their talents for the Lord. Gena said “I’ve sang in church so much of my life, I know and can sing just about every hymn and praise song written.” Gina’s vocal talent is anointed and when you are around her you realize that music is her life. She is a true soul singer. No matter what she sings it comes from deep within her spirit. LOOK OUT!! She’s gonna grab your heart and you will become a Gena Roberts Hamilton music fan. Gena’s husband Joe Hamilton has been a musician for years, working with some of the great Country bands from Texas to Tennessee. You don’t have to be around him very long to know that one of Gena’s biggest fans is Joe. He manages her career and makes sure she has a top notch band behind her at all times. They both love the Lord and work hard to bring the good news message through their music that Jesus loves us all. Gena loves to sing clean lyric Country Music and I think she is one of the best female Country Gospel singers we have in music ministry today. Gena, like her brother David Patillo, will tell you they were brought up to go and reach the lost, not just to minister to the already saved. They make no apology for singing a good mix of Country and Country Gospel music at fairs, opry’s and rodeo’s. I once heard a preacher say, “If you would walk out into the church parking lot and look inside each car to see where the radio dial was set, you’d find the largest number of them set on secular radio stations.” Jesus went where the sinners’ were. He also sent His disciples out to do the same. He taught us that none is without sin, but all deserve His grace. How can you get that message of hope out there if we who are called, separate ourselves from the lost. Christ came to give us life abundantly. The Bible tells us that Christ went to most of the celebrated events of his time. It was at a wedding celebration that he performed His first miracle. Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 13

Continued from previous page. Gena’s new Country Gospel CD “Trophies Of His Grace” has a great down to earth traditional Country sound. It’s filled with songs that will make you want to stomp your feet and clap your hands. Then she’ll melt your heart and bring tears to your eyes as she sings a beautiful anointed ballad. Just like Gena, the album is truly a seed planter, which is the purpose of the Gospel Music Ministry, we plant the seed, and Christ takes care of the rest. You can contact Gena and see the many awards she has received by going to her website: or you can call her at (903) 826-4184.

Country Gospel Christian Country Radio Guide Country Music For The Good Life Music for your listening pleasure! with Ricky Russ, Abilene, Texas - 24/7 with Joe Brashier South Bend, Indiana - 24/7 with Marty Smith - 24/7 Owner: Mike Carr Sundays 10:00 am CST with Tommy Smith San Antonio, Hondo, Texas with Tim Livingston Dayton, Ohio - 24/7 Sundays 8:00 am CST with Tommy Smith Tyler, Texas with Jim Tucker Roswell, NM - 24/7 with Hunter Logan Jennings, LA. - 24/7 with Jim Foster Columbus, GA - 24/7 with Gaylon King San Antonio, TX - 24/7 with Ken Iverson Chandler,Texas - 24/7 with Gene & Micki Farington Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. - 24/7 with Glorya Wilson Whitaker Arlington, Texas - 24/7 with Bob Terry Buffalo, NY - 24/7

MEMORIAL DAY by C. W. Johnson

We walked among the crosses Where our fallen soldiers lay. And listened to the bugle As TAPS began to play. The Chaplin led a prayer We stood with heads bowed low. And I thought of fallen comrades I had known so long ago. They came from every city Across this fertile land. That we might live in freedom. They lie here 'neath the sand. I felt a little guilty My sacrifice was small. I only lost a little time But these men lost their all. Now the services are over For this Memorial Day. To the names upon these crosses I just want to say, Thanks for what you've given No one could ask for more. May you rest with God in heaven From now through evermore. Praise Radio w/ Bryon Fester Spruce Grove, Alberta - 24/7

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TOMMY BRANDT and Family I have been in the music industry for over fifty years. The one thing I have learned from these years of experience is that success in the music field has many common denominators. A strong drive to succeed, working hard everyday to be the best that you can be at your craft, always being able to change and accept change, believing in yourself when others don’t, willing to take advice knowing that you can learn from the success or the mistakes others have made, never giving up. Most important know your limitations, all of us have them. God gives special gifts to each and everyone of us. For some it may be many gifts, for others just a few. When we reject our own and try to do what others were called to do, that is the same as telling God he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Those that do that will fall flat on their face every time. The young man you are about to read about has practiced all of the fundamental foundations mentioned above and so many more. He measures success not by the fame or wealth he may or may not receive, but by how much he is able to give. Tommy Brandt prays daily that Christ will meet his family’s needs so that they can continue to give the greatest gift all. “JESUS” ~Tommy Smith

Tommy Brandt Livingston was born the son of a carpenter, who owned and operated a bar in the small town of Lebanon, IN. He found his passion for country music listening to the jukebox. He jokes, “That was our full time babysitter”. Tommy recalls his favorite song at 5 years old was Charlie Rich’s classic “When We Get Behind Closed Doors”. Later the family sold the bar and moved to Florida. His Daddy still frequented the local watering holes and at twelve years old Tommy was nearly six feet tall and could walk into most bars with no questions asked along with his Dad. Through his teenage years the music he listened to took a turn to outlaw country. Influences like Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and Hank Williams Jr. kept this rough and rowdy teenager living on the edge most of the time. At the age of sixteen Tommy moved out on his own, lived and worked on a large cattle ranch where he learned the cowboy way of life. During this time he also joined a local country band as their sound and lighting engineer. Tommy’s passion for music continued to grow stronger as he began writing songs for the band and learning to play the guitar. The band continued to grow in notoriety and became a popular draw for the locals wherever they played. Little did he know how these experiences would play a role in his future career and life. The lead singer of the band decided to move to Nashville to pursue his own music career. The band was in a fix now and one evening at practice, Tommy offered to fill in until they could find someone. Too everyone’s surprise including the young 25 yr old Tommy, he was pretty good. He had already learned the lyrics to all the songs from traveling with them for years and so he became the new lead singer. His musical influences soon began to show as he entertained the crowds with high energy and running through the audiences. The band sky rocketed into one of Florida’s best known country bands known as “New South”. His down home humor and pure country voice melted the hearts of the listeners and soon found its place on country radio. The self penned song “Why, Why, Why” put the band on the charts and opened the doors for larger opportunities. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 15

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Just about the time the band was about to peak Tommy met his future wife Michelle. This beautiful preacher’s daughter rocked his world and began teaching him a Godly way of life. For the first time in Tommy’s life he had some sort of guidance and surprisingly liked it. They began going to church together, having bible study and he began to pull away from the bar and club scene. Tommy eventually left the band because he didn’t want to hold them back from pursuing other bookings and opportunities in the clubs, and began pursuing a new direction for his own life. In 1998, Tommy and Michelle got married and his career as a solo artist began. Using the country sounds that he grew up on, he started penning lyrics that would inspire others to live a good life, a life filled with family values and having Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. His venues changed from bars and clubs to churches, rodeos, fairs and outreach concerts. It was like he finally put a square peg in a round hole! His rich country voice, honest delivery and smile like none you’ve ever seen, communicates well with his audience. This down home country boy with real life stories, a heart for God and redneck humor has captured the hearts of fans all over the world. After all He is performing over 200 dates a year. With all that said don’t think that any of this success has gone to his head. Tommy is one of the most humble, helpful and ministry driven artists in the country. He and his wife Michelle have started a promotion company called “Beyond the Music Promotions” that helps mentor inspiring new artists get started in the music industry. Following up his “Faith Family & Country” Tour and “NUFF SAID” Tour, you can see him currently on his “Make a Difference” Tour which includes several Beyond the Music artists that he refers to as the Next Generation of Christian singers that will impact the world. The mission of this tour is to give Hope and Inspiration to a world discouraged and in need. Tommy and the other artists desire to make a difference one heart and one song at a time. As Tommy would say, “It don’t get no better than that.”

You can visit and purchase any of Tommy Brandt’s music on the web at: Also visit Tommy’s YouTube channel at: Contact Tommy at: Beyond The Music Promotions, P O Box 3835, Sebring, FL, 33871 Phone: (321) 239-0349 Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 16

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SONG TITLE I Just Miss You This I Know If She Only Knew No Wound Too Deep Good Hands Now Love Is Making A Comeback Time Don’t Tell Me He Can’t (I Know He Can) How Sweet The Name God Is Easy Lovin’ Unclouded Day Time Will Tell Friends In High Places It’s Gonna Be Alright God Walks The Dark Hills Jesus Is My Rock Praise Jesus First Day In Heaven Without The Cross Detour Let Me Live The Church By The Side Of The Road Changed By Your Grace You Are Love When My Room Is Ready Even After How To Love Like Jesus Back Page News Everybody’s Going Through Something The House Of The Risen Son Creed All Aboard The Jesus Train My Father’s House Lean On The Lord Jimmy Got Saved God Will Roll The Water Back I’m A Rock God Loves The Cowboy In Me Good Things Some Things Never Change

ARTIST Tim Livingston Sunday Drive Mike Manuel Mary James John Steed Jayne Carter Cindy Hughlett Terry & Debra Luna Aven Grace Freddie Hart Tommy Brandt Jimmy Grayson Marla Ratliff David House Myra Rolen Joy Roberts Jimmy R. Price The Woodalls Jon Dameron Mike & Doris Merritt Gena Roberts Hamilton Tommy Horton Michael Wayne Smith Cassidy Taylor Jamie Lynn Flanakin Jim Sheldon True Heart Chuck Day Karen Peck & New River Kinfolk Miles Pike Dale Friedrich Peter Christie Band CrossFire Gospel Band Randy Gunn Walt Mills Kristina Craig Band Ricky Russ Tammy Vice Terry Collins Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 17

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SONG TITLE Didn’t I Walk On The Water Thank God For A Mama Pray It Away I Know That Jesus Loves Me He Came Down Just Might Be Going Home Crazy World God’s Will It Starts Down On Your Knees Sunshine, Rain & Roses What He’s Done For Me Safely In The Arms Of Jesus Hang On Help Me Remember Remember The Day Crossing Over Prescripted Addiction A World To Believe In On Eagles Wings Broken Road The Kid, Isaac Cole The Storm Is Over Crayola Skies His Blood I Think Myself Happy The Wretch Don’t Give Up On Me Don’t Forget To Pray He’s Still Doing Miracles Today What This World Needs I Will Bless Him Don’t Be Discouraged When I Got Saved My Lord Has Gone He’s Coming You’re My Moma That’s Where You Brought Me From You’re The Only Bible The Best I Can Smile

ARTIST Kenny Gardner Rene Jones & Joanne Cash Yates Clinton Gregory Carla Jones Brian Cagle Psalm 100 Reed Brothers Kali Rose The Waycaster Family Debbie Bennett Frankie Wilson Bruce & Betsy Mullen Megan Woods Steve Shirey Brandon Poole Pony Express The Parish Family with Marty Raybon The Downs Family Russ Murphy Lance Stone Johnny Jones The Gregory’s Cindy Lee Alden The Helmsmen Jerry Branscomb Mark Carman Julie Reese Wade Hammond Marty Raybon Taylor Hope Tina Wakefield Randle Jeter Charles Scarlette Joanne & Tommy Cash Kevin Rowe & Prodigal Sons Carol Barham Jamie Coulter Dean Krell Family Bible Trio Featuring Eddie Gordon Bev McCann Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 18

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SONG TITLE New Again There He Is Love Without Strings House Of Good News Southern Style They Know Me Here I Know He Hear’s Me Nail Scarred Hands The Work Of A Carpenter Sweet By & By The Truth Is Loving Arms Less Traveled Fly On Let Your Rain Fall Clean Slate The Wheel In The Middle Of The Wheel WWJD-Good Nough For Me If It Satisfies You Lord It’s In Your Hands Lord

ARTIST Jim Sheldon with Rachel Taylor Dennise Ditman Mo Howard Mike Leichner Bucky Thomas Kristi Miller Steve Richard & Laura Dodd Tamatha Hurst Greg McDougal Gina & Jimmy White Johnny Rowlett Terry Davis Mike Sanford Kathy Treat Jan Harbuck Arkin Terrell Rusty Gilliam John Penney Wyatt Nations Glorya Wilson

The Country Gospel song “Nail Scarred Hands” is sure stirring up a lot of attention with Christian radio and its listeners. This is the first release to radio by new artist Tamatha Hurst on Canyon Creek records Volume 31 and she is excited and excited she should be. Jessica Huddleston, with our radio promotions, is saying that the comments we are getting from DJ’s about the song have been overwhelmingly positive. She’s debuting at #88 for May in Cashbox Magazine. This song blesses the listener with Tamatha’s excellent heartfelt vocal work and its strong message of the price Jesus paid for us on the Cross. Thank you DJ’s for taking the time to review the song and adding it to your play list. If your station has not received a copy of Canyon Creek Compilation Volume 31 with Tamatha’s song on it, please contact us at: (903) 566-3347 or if you would like to interview Tamatha please call Jessica Huddleston Promotions at: (615) 346-9175. To book Tamatha or order her CD call (406) 546-8622. May God Bless each and every one of you, Tamatha Hurst

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Throughout the year in each issue we will spotlight different women of Country Gospel Music, such as Joy Roberts, Beverly Mosley-Crocker, Melanie Walker, Tammy Bogel, Kristi Miller, Gena Roberts Hamilton, Ava L. Kassich, Mary Fay Jackson, and many, many, more . Stories of the many blessings, strifes, joys, sorrows, and general ups and downs of female artists in our industry. Being a woman of Christ includes being a wife, mother, business woman, choir leader, nurse to children and husbands alike. A Godly woman has to wear many hats a day, even so, they find time to use their anointed gifts of talent to glorify Christ. These special ladies, God has allowed to touch our hearts, and deliver a message of his love, hope and grace through Country Gospel Music. Between all of the above mentioned, they find time for booking Churches, special events, and traveling from one place to the next, keeping a Christ like attitude at all times. To say the least it is all very rewarding, and tasking all at once. So please follow along as we take our journey through the lives of some very special women of Christ. Blessings, Angela Rowe

Women of Country Gospel Music Nikki Headley by Angela Rowe

The Nikki Headley I have come to know and love is a woman full of divine grace and an exceptionally talented artist. She and her husband, Chip, travel singing and spreading God’s word wherever God opens doors. Something she feels blessed about is being a National Recording Artist with Chapel Valley Studios of Sharps Chapel, Tn. She has been recognized in radio as well as television. The songs Nikki writes are often a reflection of the people she encounters, divine appointments along the way, trials, tribulations, and overflowing blessings. Little does she know, how just speaking to her, you know and feel the love and passions she has for the Lord. Being recognized and nominated for many achievements and awards, Female Vocalist of the year, Female Song Writer of the year, Trail Blazer/Evangelist of the year, Female Horizon, Outstanding Achievement of the year, 2014 Female Gold Cross, 2013 Female Vocalist and the list just goes on and on. These are all wonderful achievements, but for Nikki it is safe to say, if asked, she would say her greatest achievement is having her music and ministries change lives and help others find Christ. Nikki Headley Ministries consist of way more than just having several great hit songs. This ministry stretches far and wide. Nikki and her family share it in many different venues and churches nationwide. Occasionally their two younger children, Lexy and Zane, share their talents of violin and bass guitar as well. To hear Chip and Nikki speak of their many travels can be pretty entertaining. If you know anyone in this industry they will tell you it is sometimes very interesting, the predicaments you find yourself in. The saving grace is you’re never alone. God is in control and things always turn out way different than you could ever imagine! Nikki and Chip have been called to music ministry full time, which is no small task to take on. What really helps Nikki stand out is when I asked about down times and tribulations. She didn’t skip a beat saying, “ It’s not about us, it’s all about doing the Lord’s work”. Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 20

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I have come to realize just how strong her faith is and that nothing is too big or small when doing God’s work. As she says, they are “Spreading God’s Word One Song At A Time”. Nikki would love to hear from you. If you would like more info, CD’s, booking info, etc., here’s how you may find her. P.O. Box 212 Sharps Chapel, TN 37866 (804) 221-2491

In Flanders Fields by John McCrae, May 1915

We Shall Keep the Faith by Moina Michael, November 1918

In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below.

Oh! you who sleep in Flanders Fields, Sleep sweet - to rise anew! We caught the torch you threw And holding high, we keep the Faith With All who died.

We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields.

We cherish, too, the poppy red That grows on fields where valor led; It seems to signal to the skies That blood of heroes never dies, But lends a lustre to the red Of the flower that blooms above the dead In Flanders Fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.

And now the Torch and Poppy Red We wear in honor of our dead. Fear not that ye have died for naught; We'll teach the lesson that ye wrought In Flanders Fields.

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Choose Now. What Are You Waiting For? by John Randolph

"Then the LORD appeared to Solomon at night and said to him, "I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for Myself as a house of sacrifice. If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people, and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to the prayer offered… As for you, if you walk before Me as your father David walked, even to do according to all that I have commanded you, and will keep My statutes and My ordinances, then I will establish your royal throne as I covenanted with your father David, saying, 'You shall not lack a man to be ruler in Israel.' " - 2 Chronicles As I sit here and write this, today is a great day in our nation. It's a day where those that proclaim God's name have the opportunity to fall on our knees, cry out to Him, seek His face and begin to turn our country back into the hands of other Godly men and women in leadership. Today is our National Day of Prayer which was officially put in place by President Harry S. Truman in 1952 when he signed a bill stating that each subsequent U.S. President should establish a National Day of Prayer at an “appropriate date of his choice.” The impetus for this was started early in the same year during the heart of the Korean War when the Reverend Billy Graham stated, "What a thrilling, glorious thing it would be to see the leaders of our country today kneeling before Almighty God in prayer. What a thrill would sweep this country. What renewed hope and courage would grip the Americans at this hour of peril." Driven by a desire to answer the call, Percy Priest, a congressman from Tennessee, introduced a joint resolution that was ratified by both houses of congress for an annual National Day of Prayer "on which the people of the United States may turn to God in prayer and meditation at churches, in groups, and as individuals." Can you just imagine what our land would look like today if we – THE PEOPLE – returned to His call to humble ourselves, pray, turn from our wicked ways and seek his face? Here’s the good news, we don’t need to wonder! His word is clear. His promise is there for all to see – He will hear our prayer; He will forgive our sin and heal our land. As Christians we have stood by way too long and given ground inch by inch by inch until the country we live in today has no resemblance to the Christian nation that was founded over 200 years ago. Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 22

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God's word is very clear and it tells us to submit to those in governmental authority, it tells us to pray for those in leadership, but it also tells us to stand firm and test and judge against God's word and His commands. In my opinion, it is clear to see that we are being led and governed by those that are telling us to live our lives in direct opposition to God's laws and commands. As Joshua told the nation of Israel, today is the day that you must choose which god you will serve. As Joshua said, “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.� I choose now! They've taken Christ out of Christmas And God out of schools We laughed and said they're crazy But we were the fools We didn't stand up For what we knew was right But time has now come For God's people to fight So choose now this day Whose side you'll be on The ones left behind Or the ones taken home I choose now!

Memorial Day From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Official name: Memorial Day Observed by: United States Type: National Observances: Remembrance of American war dead Date: Last Monday in May Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces. The holiday, which is observed every year on the last Monday of May, was formerly known as Decoration Day and originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the war. By the 20th century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who died while in the military service. It typically marks the start of the summer vacation season, while Labor Day marks its end.

The gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery are decorated by U.S. flags on Memorial Day weekend.

Many people visit cemeteries and memorials, particularly to honor those who have died in military service. Many volunteers place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries.

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What is a Music Producer and Why You Need One by Chip Bricker

As a music marketer and Producer, I am often asked, “ Why do I need a producer?” “ What does one actually do?” Well, in this article I will give you a brief description of several of the jobs a producer does and give you the opportunity to make the decision if you need one for your ministries next project.

By definition A music producer oversees the artistic, financial and technical demands of a recording project. A broad knowledge of musical styles is essential for success. Producers also must be able to consistently elicit outstanding vocal and instrumental performances from the featured artists. At the major label level, the producer may also work in shaping songs deemed to have commercial potential. In other words.. The producer keeps the album in line with what the project needs to hit the desired target market that is being targeted by the artist or record label.

Coordination and Pre-Production Whether he's self-employed or works for a record label, the producer is usually expected to coordinate a recording project's logistics before the recording sessions begin. I usually begin that process by choosing the songs with the featured artist, hiring the musicians and working out arrangements. I am also responsible for developing the album budget, and scheduling the recording and mixing studios that the artist will use.

Engineering and Sound Mixing Once an album gets under way, it's the producer's job to supervise the recording, overdubbing and mixing sessions -- within the budget that the label has outlined. Producers typically gain that experience by starting out as recording engineers or studio assistants. Sometimes, the producer is more of an artistic arbiter, while the engineer oversees the actual recording. At the independent level, it's more common for producers to handle the engineering and producing roles themselves.

Songwriting Collaboration Sometimes, a producer is asked to improve an album's commercial prospects by collaborating with the band's members on songwriting.

Post-Production Mastering An album isn't finished until it undergoes post-production mastering, which requires working with an engineer who specializes in that role. Essentially, mastering engineers ensure that the record has consistent tonal and volume levels, so that one song doesn't suddenly sound louder than another one. The mastering engineer does his job in a special room dedicated for that purpose. Some producers handle their own mastering, while others collaborate on the process with a favorite mastering engineer.

ALSO In most cases the music producer is also a competent arranger, composer, musician or songwriter who can bring fresh ideas to a project. As well as making any songwriting and arrangement adjustments, the producer often selects and/or gives suggestions to the mixing engineer, who takes the raw recorded tracks and edits and modifies them with hardware and software tools and creates a stereo and/or surround sound "mix" of all the individual voices sounds and instruments, which is in turn given further adjustment by a mastering engineer. The producer will also liaise with the recording engineer who concentrates on the technical aspects of recording, whereas the executive producer keeps an eye Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 24

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on the overall project's marketability.

In Reality Lots of times a band will go into the studio with the general idea of an album and a notebook full of songs. The producer’s job in that situation is to help select the best songs and determine which songs best support the overall concept and idea of the album. To bring an artist’s vision to life and the songs to their full potential, additional musicians may be needed. Maybe the chorus of a song would benefit from a horn section…but none of the band members play any horn instruments. Or maybe a band member’s part needs to be replaced. It’s the producer that’s responsible for making these tough decisions, which can ultimately make or break the album and keep it from appealing, or make it more appealing to the desired target market. The Advice Guy Once the musicians and songs are selected, the producer then becomes the coach in the studio. The producer is now responsible for getting the musicians to come together and create their ideas. A producer might help a drummer find his “groove” or help a guitarist find a different approach for his solo. A producer may also provide spiritual support, giving a vocalist or musician the confidence they need to give their best vocal performance. Choose your Producer carefully. Make sure they have like interests to you and your desired target market. Make sure the producer is of a like belief as you spiritually. I won’t comment further on that, but trust me, it is important.. Until next time, God Bless,

Chip Bricker - CEO S.M.A.R.T. Productions/Marketing 903-792-8590

(Chip Bricker has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Baylor University and a Masters in Consumer Behavior. Chip has also played for many music stars and produced or played on more than 20 #1 singles as well as more than 100 charting Singles in various genres of music.)

These heroes are dead. They died for liberty - they died for us. They are at rest. They sleep in the land they made free, under the flag they rendered stainless, under the solemn pines, the sad hemlocks, the tearful willows, and the embracing vines. They sleep beneath the shadows of the clouds, careless alike of sunshine or of storm, each in the windowless Place of Rest. Earth may run red with other wars - they are at peace. In the midst of battle, in the roar of conflict, they found the serenity of death. I have one sentiment for soldiers living and dead: cheers for the living; tears for the dead. ~Robert G. Ingersoll On Memorial Day, Monday, May 25 all Americans should observe one minute of silence at exactly 3

p.m. on Memorial Day, as Taps plays, to honor those who sacrificed their lives for us. To listen to TAPS, Click HERE. Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 25

“PALOMINO” by Brad Wilson So many times over the years of making films I’ve had to pinch myself over the people I’ve met and the interesting film projects that continue to come my way. One of those people is the former Welter Weight Boxing Champion of the World… Carlos Palomino. I met Carlos back in 1985. Over the years I have run into him and on those occasions he could not have been nicer. Since leaving boxing Carlos has become a very accomplished actor appearing in TV series and films. In fact he and I worked together on a film in 1993 called “GERONIMO: AN AMERICAN LEGEND” starring Robert Duvall, Gene Hackman and Matt Damon. So it’s always been a great blessing to run into Carlos. On one of those “bumping into” occasions not long ago Carlos told me that he had decided to develop and do a film about his amazing life. He said “I’m going to call it PALOMINO.” Well right then and there I told myself that I MUST be involved with this film! After much hope and prayer things worked out and of all the people in Hollywood, Carlos decided that my company HIGHER PURPOPSE ENTERTAINMENT would be the company to tell his story. I knew Carlos and I knew his story. If you think of boxing films you don’t necessarily think of a “faith friendly” film. But in this case I knew better. Carlos’s life is a true rags to riches story of dealing with the abusive hands of his father, legally immigrating to the United States from Mexico and being the first boxer in US history to hold a college degree while wearing a title belt. But with all the success came great tragedy when his younger brother Paul was Carlos Palomino with the Championship Belt killed in a plane crash in 1980 along with the entire boxing team headed to Poland to compete in the Olympics. Carlos and Paul were very close and Paul was on the road to becoming a champion himself. Carlos Palomino is a true champion in every sense of the word. He has used his celebrity in the most positive way. To date, he has been a speaker to young people at over a thousand schools across the country. Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 26

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He continues to work with young people setting them on a good path for their life. He trains future champions and is a true legend. His story is a true rags to riches story and I can’t wait to get this film into production. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind, especially Carlos himself, that “PALOMINO” will touch people on a very positive level around the world just as he has done and continues to do. As things progress I will update you on the film through my articles. Please keep all of us in your prayers as we move forward. Carlos Palomino is a true champ and blessing! Visit Brad Wilson and Higher Purpose Entertainment at:

Movers and Shakers of the Country Gospel Industry by Tommy Smith

Gaylon King True Country FM From 9 AM to Noon Central Time Monday Thru Friday

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you Gaylon King, founder of True Country radio in San Antonio, Texas. I have known Gaylon since he was a young boy. His dad Jerry and I have been great friends for years. Our families would spend weekends together. Anna and I have three sons and a daughter. Gaylon was just like a fourth son to us. Jerry has been a Country DJ for many years. He has been at one of the largest Country radio stations in San Antonio, “KKYX” for forty years, not only as a DJ but Music Director. Jerry has received the Prestigious DJ of the year Award for a major market several times from the Country Music Association in Nashville, TN. That is one of the highest honors you can receive as a radio host. Gaylon has followed in his dad’s footsteps and has one of the best DJ voices out there today. The entire family Jerry, his late wife Carolyn, and Gaylon love Country music, and also good Country Gospel music. They are all born again believers. Gaylon and I have talked often about his strong desire to bring Country music radio back to its true Country roots. That includes playing a Country Gospel song every half hour. He is very open minded about playing independent Country and Country Gospel recording artists. He has one requirement, quality production. If you have never listened to True Country do yourself a favor and pull it up on the web at: If you like real Country music you will love the station. For those of you trying to get your Country Gospel music out to radio I suggest you call Gaylon. You’ll find he is one of the nicest station owners out there and is always willing to help others. or (210)322-1187. Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 27

HLE Radio C4 Revival by Hunter Logan

Every once in a while you have to step back and let God do what he said he would do. That is exactly what happened with our C4 Revival. C4 stands for Crankdown Christian Country Concert but with that many artists together over a 3 day period, you end up with a revival. 15 artists over 3 days just uplifting the name of Jesus!! I could tell you the many things that happened, the fun jam sessions at the radio station all hours of the day and late at night to the crawfish boil to the absolute ministering of the body to the body, but I will let some of the folks who attended share about all of that.

C4 was a great time of fellowship and very refreshing. I received several Blessings from meeting so many folks sold out for JESUS and everyone in one accord and one mind. I received such a Blessing from helping Hunter and Brian and getting to spend time fellow-shipping and lifting up the name of JESUS. To GOD Be the Glory! I look forward to seeing GOD move till we all meet again next year. I want to Thank GOD for each of those who allow JESUS to use them for HIS Glory and Honor at C4 and every single day. May GOD Bless Y'all. In HIS Service, David Ray

C4 was a breath of fresh air for this heart. The road in which you follow Christ is extraordinary and beautiful, yet not one of ease. As we gathered to minister together to the city of Jennings, Louisiana, we found Christ had a deep heart intent to also minister to us. Christ has equipped His body, even in the same gifting of music, with various testimonies and uniqueness meant to reach more people with His love and to encourage each other! In this coming together His fullness was more evident to the onlooker…and to us. The heart of C4 was revival..and that is what it shall always be. Revival is meant for the body of Christ to awaken to His heart, a deeper knowledge of Him, and to hear more clearly His desire for each life walking with Him. You see, we were meant to make profound impacts on the world. But you cannot give what you do not have or what might be dimming in passion. C4 was a magnificent time of renewal in our own hearts and a beautiful time of fellowship amongst artists with only one goal in mind…exalting and worship Christ Jesus. In this I can align myself..for it too is where my heart is. Shelly Wilson President & Founder Shelly Wilson Ministries International

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This was the best experience I ever had with musicians that we all felt like family. There was excitment in every song and lives were touched and ministered to, especially mine. I went seeking for answers in my own music ministry and praying for God to open the doors and ask for his guidance in everything I do. When I first walked through the radio station door that Wednesday night and met Peter MacDougall, it was amazing to see him in person and to be part of the Wedensday night worship service and to sing and play with my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Then Thursday was awesome to be able to jam with Hunter and Peter Mac and Epp Walls and Steve Shirey. The spirit of receiving and telling and sharing what God has done in each others lives and where God has brought them from. When you’re around people with the same desires for reaching the lost, I felt right at home where music becomes family and God shows up on the scene. For instance, on Thursday night when Crossfire came in and sang their song and Peter telling his testimony then the rush of Gods spirit flows through the studio where everyone is in one mind and one accord. Then the concerts were such an uplifting blessing. I really needed to be fed and the spirit of the Lord was there to minister through every musician and singer and people behind the scenes. I actually told everyone this, that the Gather Homecomings couldn’t even scratch the surface of the experience C4 has on an individual. Then there was a jam that Saturday night and there were two rooms of music being played in. Songs being played that you cut your teeth on and being a part of that moved me so much in everyway. Can’t wait for next years C4 where Christian Country music becomes family under one roof. All I can say is don’t miss out on a great move of God and come expecting, because my cup runneth over. David Jordan From the Thursday night jam session and Friday HTO, the Saturday concert and Sunday service, the level of talent and musicianship was spectacular. Getting to see old friends and make new ones was like coming home. But what was really the most special was the constant presence of the Lord felt by all. Each artist not only had the opportunity to minster but to be ministered to. Everyone I spoke to during and after the event said the same thing. "We are leaving here refreshed and renewed, and ready to go back into the harvest field for the Master. Myself and the whole band are looking forward to next year. See ya there!! Blessings, Brad Allen Crossfire Gospel Band C-4 was an opening into John and our lives to some wonderful Christian artists. We made so many friends that we find ourselves getting on Facebook more and more to see what is going on in the lives of these Christian artists. I just want to thank you and HLE Radio for all you do to further the Gospel. And HLE Radio is surely a family but a family that loves the Lord and serves him. God Bless you. Love, John and Retha Dear C4 was a huge success and blessing to all of the ministers and artists that attended! The ministry, fellowship, and home style jam sessions were incredible!! It was great seeing artists that we do not get to see for long periods of time, meeting new people that live the same life that we live, being able to offer encouragement as well as being encouraged by fellow ministers! Thank you HLE Radio, for creating a FAMILY ATMOSPHERE that all of us were deeply blessed by! Looking forward to next year! Steve Shirey Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 29

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As you can tell, revival happened and a refreshing or renewing which seems to be the recurring theme. I am just blessed to have been a small part of it. Looking forward to C4 2016. If you would like to know more about C4 you can go to

HLE Radio is a ministry first radio station dedicated to bringing the gospel forth through song in a Christian Country format. It is their desire to reach the lost, touch lives and change people’s way of thinking who think that serving God can’t be fun. Quite possibly, God was a Cowboy!! (Psalms 50:10 KJV) “For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.” All of their DJ’s are volunteers and do not get paid for their time on the radio. They do it as a ministry unto the Lord and have a love and passion for radio and reaching the lost. It is their wish at HLE Radio that you get to know God in a close and personal kind of way so that he may make a way for you in eternity. Before HLE Radio, Hunter worked for several secular radio stations as a DJ, Sales Executive and in production. He still produces specialty shows, does voices, and writes commercials as well as produces them for several radio stations that he is affiliated with. At HLE Radio it is his desire to put the word forth through song as well as spoken. HLE Radio is a ministry first and foremost and the morning show is real and lite-hearted. They are just real people being real Christians. Visit them on the web at: or email Hunter Logan at:

A Mouse With A Microphone by Dr. Doug DeRamus

Matthew 28:18, (NIV) Then JESUS came to them and said, "ALL AUTHORITY in heaven AND on earth has been given to ME." Colossians 2:15, (NIV) - having DISARMED ("spoiled" - KJV) the powers and authorities, HE (Jesus) made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the CROSS. The DEVIL has NO real AUTHORITY. Jesus STRIPPED him bare! Our Savior vanquished him at the Cross! Satan is a defeated foe, a mouse with a microphone. The word for "AUTHORITY" in Matthew 28:18 is "exousia", and it means, "executive privilege, capacity, delegated influence; the liberty of doing as one pleases." Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 30

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Don't mistake me. If you do not know the Lord, the devil will chew you up and spit you out. But if you are a child of the living God, then “GREATER is He that is IN YOU, than he that is in the WORLD.” Ephesians 4:27 says to give no PLACE or opportunity or foothold to the devil. You are not to even give him a chance. I John 3:8, (KJV) - For this PURPOSE the Son of God was manifested, that He might DESTROY (loosen, undo, dismantle; do away with) the WORKS of the devil. Stop praying the problem; prophesy the answer! Stop worrying about the devil. He has to FIND you first! We are so high up in Christ that our adversary gets a nose-bleed trying to search out our "HIDING PLACE" (Psa. 32:7; 119:114). You have died, and your life is "HID with Christ in God" (Col. 3:3). When you think that you hear the devil knocking, send Christ that is in you to the door! Let HIM fight your battles. He already has fought and won! You can visit Doug DeRamus at:

Gospel News From New York & Canada by Bob Terry - (716)580-3727 - Well it looks like May is here. I don’t know if April rain or April snow brought May flowers but anyway, we welcome all the green and bright colors we can get. No more white. Not much going on in Western New York as for Gospel Concerts but Canada is a different story. Praise Fest is coming up this May. Three days of Gospel Music by the best groups in the U.S and Canada. Let’s see, that date is May 21 through the 23rd with a Friday and Saturday morning matinee. Maybe in the near future some of the top Country Gospel artists will be invited to come and sing. Let’s give the people that buy the tickets a chance to hear all kinds of Gospel Music. Like I said last month, WDCX Radio, Buffalo, NY program Sunday Singalong is beginning to attract a younger group of listeners. We are getting a lot of calls from men now, where as in the past, the callers had been mostly ladies. Speaking of ladies, let me introduce you to a young lady by the name of Wendy Lynn Snider of St Catharines, ON, Canada. Wendy is mostly Country but she has a new project out with several Gospel songs on it. If you are ever in the St. Catharines, Toronto Ontaraio, Canada area, check around and see where Wendy is singing and go hear her. You’ll get a real blessing. Her singing dates are listed on her website So until next month, I’m Bob Terry reminding you that God loves you and so do we, be a witness, let others see Jesus in you. Christian Servant Magazine - May, 2015 - Page 31

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May, 2015 Christian Servant Magazine  
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