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February, 2015 Christian Servant Outreach Ministry, Inc.

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Congratulations on your number one song

I’M a believer February 2015 Christian Servant Country For the Good Life Top 100

Nick Reed, Boo Reed, Ray Reed, Jeff Reed

The Reed Brothers The Reed Brothers, from Louisville, Mississippi, are four brothers who over the years have brought gospel music to the local churches around Mississippi and beyond. They bring a home grown and incredible talent to the stage with energy and excitement. From the time they were young they have been in and around music. The brothers have dedicated themselves to spreading the gospel through their songs. This has been passed down for generations along with a strong belief in Jesus Christ. Their parents always made sure they were raised in a Christian home and truly blessed them with a legacy of faith. Over the years, they have penned many testimonial and love filled songs where God receives all the glory. Their music has one main goal...showing the love of Jesus as the true path to heaven. "It's all about Him" has become the battle cry, prayer and mainstay of everything they do. Visit The Reed Brothers at:

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In this issue… COVER


#1 Song Country For The Good Life


Hollywood or Holy Word

Table of Contents

When I See The Blood


Doug DeRamus


by Jimmy R. Price

On The Air…


by Tim Livingston

Doug & Judy DeRamus A Valentine Love Story



Cindy Hughlett

Gene Crain & Gayla Earlene

by David House


Gospel News NY & Canada

A Country Gospel Love Story

by Bob Terry


by Brad Wilson


by John Randolph


Cody The Horse by Randy Gunn


A True Love Story… by Miles Pike

Country for the Good Life TOP 100


Crossfire Gospel Band by Tommy Smith


Ricky Russ & The 180 Band

Kristi Miller

Why Should Christians Go To Church?

Marla Ratliff

by Tommy Smith

by Tommy Smith

by Terry Davis

by Tommy Smith





A Week Full of Sundays




The Heart of An Artist

Country Gospel Christian Country Radio Guide

Joy Roberts by Angela Rowe


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WHEN I SEE THE BLOOD By Pastor Dr. Doug DeRamus

Gen 1:1 - In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth. KJV "In the beginning". The Hebrew word for "beginning" is the word meaning "firstfruit. Sounds little odd to say, "In the firstfruit"....God created the heaven and the earth. However, when you consider that Christ is the FIRST -FRUIT (1 Cor. 15:20) and that all things were created by Him, then it does not sound so strange. Rev 13:8 - And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. KJV LAMB PER HOUSE: In the 12 chapter of Exodus you read about the lambs sacrificed on the tenth day of the month as the Lord brought the Hebrew children out of Egypt's bondage. When the Hebrew slaves were delivered from Egypt they were told to take a lamb for each household keep it for four days and kill it in the evening. (Ex. 12:3) Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel, saying, In the tenth day of this month they shall take to them every man a lamb, according to the house of their fathers, a lamb for an house: (Ex. 12:7) And they shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses, wherein they shall eat it. Each household had to take a lamb, kill it, apply the blood on the two side post and on the upper door post and were to roast it with fire and eat it. The BLOOD on the door provided a PROTECTION and an IMMUNITY. The Lamb's blood SEALS the door just as the pitch sealed NOAH'S ARK. The word translated as "pitch" is the same Hebrew word translated in the King James Bible as "atonement". The ARK was sealed with "pitch" inside and outside. The blood of Jesus Christ applied, atones us inside and outside. We see this in the application of the blood applied to the door post. The reason the Blood was applied to the DOOR POST - The reason it was NOT applied to the THRESHOLD, IS because you don't trample on the BLOOD. Ex. 12: 12 - For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the LORD. Ex. 12:13 - And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt. (KJV) The angel came to bring death to the FIRSTBORN of each house. Every house that had a FIRSTBORN in it that did not have the BLOOD of the LAMB (type of Christ, the First Born) would die. If the angel saw the lamb's blood, he passed over that house. Why? Because that house had already had judgment. The blood on the door said that this house has already experienced a death of the FIRSTBORN. The firstborn has already died here. This identification with death caused the death angel to PASS OVER. Jesus did not die to give you life, he arose from the dead to give you life. His death was your death, his DEATH was to give you a DEATH. Christian Servant Magazine - February, 2015 - Page 4

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Hollywood or Holy Word by Jimmy R. Price We are truly living in times of great turmoil and confusion today in our country. There are riots in the streets and buildings burned in many of our cities. Relations between the races of Americans are being reported by much of the news media as being strained or broken. Prime time TV shows such as “Modern Family” take traditional marriage and throw it in the trash can. Sex, violence and profanity fill most homes, including those with young children. Most movie stars are being the worst possible examples for our young people as role models. The problem – we are looking to Hollywood as the standard for what’s acceptable and what’s not. The solution – we should be looking to the Holy Word as God’s instruction book for our lives. Hebrews 4:12 – “For the word of God is quick (alive) and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” The Holy Word tells us that all of our problems stem from sin (missing the mark) and that the source is the hearts of people. The Holy Word also has the solution, Jesus Christ, the Living Word. If we allow Him, He will do the necessary surgery on our hearts that will bring about real “Hope and Change.” Hollywood by and large tells us that there is no real God; that we are our own gods, and that real truth is whatever is truth for you. Therefore, whatever you believe is right, is ok, and that we must accept what others believe as right, too. Hollywood tells us that we are our own master and we can be anything that we want to be. The Holy Word reminds us that there is ONE God, that we are His creation, and that Jesus is “The Way, The Truth and The Life.” (John 14:6) The Bible says that “We are not our own” (1 Corinthians 6:19), Jesus is “Master” (John 13:13) and “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). Paul encourages young Timothy that “all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” (2 Timothy 3:16) The Holy Word is our road map to what is best for us! Hollywood is leading us down a slippery slope to destruction. God’s Holy Word leads us to life, abundant and eternal. Which will you follow?


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On The Air… With Tim Livingston

Have you "thanked a DJ" lately? The guys and gals that fill our cars and homes with sounds of joy from lonely studios. Many of which don't do it for the money but because they love doing it. And there are lots of us tuning in too. More than 240 Million Americans listen to radio every week. That's 92% of the population. 63% of adults tuned in to an AM/FM radio station today. Ok, enough of the numbers. However when we realize that more than 9 out of 10 people are being reached every week with the turn of the radio knob it is exciting, but also a big responsibility.

As I said in the last article, that 3-4 minutes of time during the spin of a Gospel song can change a day or a life in a desperate soul. Over the years I've heard from so many listeners that testified of special moments in their life when the flip of a switch turned on a light in their soul. From sinners to sickness and everything in between, when a song about Jesus on the radio was just the "good news" they needed to interrupt their chaos. Singers and Songwriters now more than ever don't be ashamed to proclaim the name that's above every name. And let's thank a DJ today for being on the air. And artists let's give them something awesome to play. Until we meet in the air or On The Air.

We give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for using our ministry this past 2014 in such an awesome way. He allowed us to plant seeds, and made it possible through the Holy Spirit to lead hundreds to CHRIST. We thank and praise HIM for letting our first release to radio, “I’m Going To Have A Little Talk” receive the great response that it has from DJ’s and listeners across America. Charting at number 15 in February’s edition of Christian Servant Magazine’s “Country For The Good Life Top 100”, we believe with all our heart and soul that Christ is going to bless our ministry in a more powerful way than He ever has for this new year of 2015. We would also like for all, who are ministering either through music or the written Word to know that we are praying that mighty and great works for the Lord Jesus will manifest because of your perseverance and dedication to present His name to a lost and dying world. Kevin and Angela Rowe and the group Prodigal Sons

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The year was 1956, she was born in Oregon and he was born in Oklahoma. The book of Ecclesiastes says, “To every thing there is a SEASON, an appointed time, a time to be born.” The year 1956, only four months apart, God’s purpose for two lives entered the earth. Dorthy Wilkins almost did not make it to the hospital as a mudslide brought the traffic to a stand still on Highway 101 along the Oregon coast. Dorthy was having labor pains as they sat waiting for the road to be cleared. Looking out over the Pacific Ocean she watched as the ocean’s waves carried the driftwood to unknown destinations. While sitting in the car the Lord placed a song in her heart that she began to write, “Are you like a piece of driftwood, out upon a raging sea? Or has your course been charted, by the man from Galilee?” A song that this little one in her womb would record many years later. The mudslide was finally cleared and Dorthy made it to the hospital in Gold Beach just in time to give birth to her little daughter. They named the baby girl Julia, however, no one ever called her Julia but the name Judy seemed to be the name that stuck. Judy was three months old and the Wilkins family moved from Oregon to Oklahoma. Since their roots were from Oklahoma, they were going home. Continued next page… Christian Christian Servant Servant Magazine Magazine -- February, February, 2015 2015 -- Page Page 8 8

Continued from previous page. It was about the time that the Wilkins family moved back to Oklahoma another family was welcoming the arrival of their ninth child, a son that they named Douglas. In a sense, a miracle baby because just a few years earlier, Daddy Frank had a stroke and was bed fast for a long period of time. Like so many Okies, the DeRamus family was also living in Oregon. The doctors gave Frank up and he was not expected to live. The family took him to an Oral Roberts tent meeting in Gresham, Oregon. He was carried in a bed and placed in the second tent where they placed only the critically ill. After Oral Roberts finished the meeting in the main tent he made his way over to the critically ill tent. There he prayed for Daddy Frank and God miraculously raised him up from the doctor pronounced deathbed. The DeRamus family moved back home to Oklahoma. The two families did not know that they were actually following the heart of God with His plans to one day bring their two children together as husband and wife which together would reach the world that cost the Blood of Jesus. Doug was brought up in church and attended the local Assembly of God in Broken Bow and Judy and her family lived in a little logging camp of Clebit, Oklahoma about 45 miles north of Broken Bow in the Kiamichi Mountains. There Judy attended a little Pentecostal church where she would sing specials as often as the Pastor requested. Doug grew up playing music in church and traveled as lead guitarist for a little Southern Gospel group. After Judy graduated from High School she signed a recording contract with a small country label. The label formed a band and Judy was on the road performing. However, she was no longer singing her beloved Gospel music instead was pushed more and more into Country music. Sam Phillips out of Memphis, Tennessee who first recorded Elvis Presley was helping book Judy into venues and some of the venues were paying up to $5000.00. Judy was a part of the Tommy Collins show on tour. Tommy wrote Merle Haggard hits like “Carolyn” and other hits like, “If You Ain’t Lovin’, You Ain’t Livin”. While Tommy was a talented and kind man, there were many times he wasn’t able to do the show and Judy had to carry the show, herself. One night in Cheyenne, Wyoming during Judy’s performance she slipped a song in that she had privately had worked up with the band that afternoon. A Marijohn Wilkin song she had heard on the jukebox recorded by Marylyn Sellers. Judy began singing “One Day At A Time, Sweet Jesus, that’s all I’m asking of You”. The dance floor stopped. People gathered to the stage. Upon completing the song, her manager came to her and grabbed her by the arm and said, “Don’t you ever sing that song again”. Judy returned that night to her hotel room and cried. She called her Mom crying and her mother said, “baby you come home”. Her small label had just negotiated the sale of her contract to a major label in Nashville and things were looking very promising for Judy with a recording career in Country music but Judy’s heart was not in that life style. Her heart was sadden that they refused to allow her to sing a Gospel song. She left Cheyenne that next morning and came home under threats of being sued. The first thing Judy did when she came home was to go to church. And the first song she sang at church was “One Day At A Time”. Judy went to work at the local hospital and her old family doctor, Donald Whitaker (TBN, Calling Dr. Whitaker) asked her to attend a Bible study conducted by Ron Short the man who had lead him to the Lord and prayed for him when he received a miracle and was raised from the death bed. Judy followed the good doctor to the meeting and he introduced her to the Short family and left. Doug who at this time was working for the State of Oklahoma as a Forest Ranger was searching for new direction. He found his way to the Bible study conducted by Ron Short. Doug not only heard a word from the Lord that night, but also saw a lady that caught his eye. Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - February, 2015 - Page 9

Continued from previous page. After attending the Bible study a few times and finding himself more and more interested in the young lady, Doug one night followed Judy out the door as she was leaving, desiring to strike up a conversation with her. Judy was clearing snow off of her Volkswagen Beetle preparing to head to the hospital where she worked the night shift. Doug walked up to Judy and instead of have some small talk with her, he blurted out, “I am going to marry you”. Judy, unsure of what to say, did not say anything. All that night, all she could think of was, that crazy guy that said he was going to marry her. Doug began to come to more Bible studies. Of course just for the spiritual value. Doug’s Dad asked him, “Son are you going after salvation or Sally Gooden?” Doug and Judy began seeing each other occasionally and mostly at bible study. Judy started receiving warning from Christian friends not to get serious about that guy. They even prophesied and told her that it was not God’s will and she needed to get far away from Doug DeRamus. Desiring to do the will of God and being influenced by those that seem to be spiritual, Judy told Doug that she did not want to see him again and for him to stop coming around. This left Doug lost in his feelings and unsure of what to do to solve the situation, he was in desperate need of direction. The following week while at home, his Dad that rarely gave advice about this sort of thing said, “Son, I think if I wanted that gal I would just go get her”. That was all Doug needed. He got direction from someone he trusted and he headed out to speak with Judy. Judy was living with a family that had converted a portion of their home into a guesthouse. This family while they were good Christian folks, they were also against Judy seeing Doug as well. Doug knocks on the door and the lady of the home opens the door and informed him that he was not welcome. She demanded that he leave Judy alone and she at this time was a sleep from working the night shift. Doug tells the lady to step aside and walks in and goes to the guest area. The lady of the house once more asked Doug to leave and this time threatened to call the police. Doug opens the door, flips the light on, and Judy who had fallen asleep across the bed in her nurses uniform sits up without a clue to what was happening. Doug said, “Judy, you get up, get your things together and you leave with me or I will never come back again”. To his surprise, Judy gathered her things together and got into her Volkswagen Bug and followed Doug. She has followed him now for 38 years, they have three married children that along with their spouses all minister, play music and sing. Four grandchildren and counting. They received a special Recognition from the Governor of Oklahoma for being Founders and Pastors of Good News Fellowship Church for 35 years. The Governor of Kentucky made Doug a Kentucky Colonel and The Governor of Tennessee gave Judy Special Recognition to be an Ambassador for the State of Tennessee. Hoyt Axton talked Judy into going back to Nashville and recording again. She finally got to do what she loved to do, sing Gospel music with a fiddle and a steel guitar. The Jordanaires (who recorded with Elvis Presley) joined Judy in recording over twenty songs. One of those songs was “One Day At A Time”. Judy and Doug became close friends with the writer, the late Marijohn Wilkin and Judy and The Jordanaires sung “that song” at Marijohn’s funeral. By the way, Judy still sings “One Day At A Time” and Doug is her producer. You can visit Doug DeRamus at: and visit Judy DeRamus at:

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CODY Notice the dove on his forehead... a gift from God he was!

Cody The Horse. A Christian’s and Minister’s Example by Randy Gunn

As a horseman and cowboy, I have been blessed to have a couple of “once in a lifetime” horses. This message will be about my first and overall best horse, Cody. He was 16 when I started competing with him in the Mounted Shooting arena. Yet, he not only took me to the highest level you could achieve at that time in the sport, but rode me to a World Championship and 3 National Championship titles; and this black wonder horse helped me win the Grand Champion Overall Cowboy. Cody is no longer with me. I had to make an unfortunate decision and put him down a few years ago. Cody was always a gift from God. I purchased him when he was 4 years old. I had him ever since. Cody was always one of those horses that made me look like a much better cowboy than I really am. No matter what I asked him to do, he did it with all his heart and to my glory. I have roped, hunted, packed, drug game up snowy hillsides with just a lasso tied to the saddle horn, branded, gathered, herded, cut and so much more off the back of this amazing horse. I have done the "Man from Snowy River" steep rides down the sides of mountains, jumped large ravines, chased down loose scared pack horses on a dead gallop in the mountains and the list goes on and on. Each time, Cody has made me look so good. With all of Cody's efforts and accomplishments, I'm the one who always got the praise and the glory. I was the one who shined while Cody remained faithful to me and did what I asked him to do with perfection. One day, I realized that this gift from God was also in my life to show me a living example of how I should conduct my life for the glory of God. I began to understand God was showing me through Cody, that if I did all God asked me to do with all my heart as unto Him, that my service and actions could focus people's attention on God. I quickly learned that I had the ability to make God look good to this world. The 3 elements that made Cody a great horse were; 1) He always did what I asked him to, and did it with all his heart. 2) He never hesitated to do the task. 3) He was content to pasture in solitude and let me receive the glory until the next job was asked of him. The real success to Cody is that he did his job so well, and with such an admirable spirit, that he pointed everyone's attention to me. What an example! So, what are the elements that can make us great Christians and even better Ministers? We can take Cody's examples and apply them to us: (continued next page) Christian Servant Magazine - February, 2015 - Page 11

(Continued from previous page)

1) Always do what is asked of us, and do it with all our heart. Eccl 9:10 - Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. This will take some effort on our part to establish a relationship with Jesus Christ. Cody was always willing to learn from me. That is one of the elements that made him such a great horse. We formed a bond and a trust for each other through time spent with each other. Our relationship with Christ is no different. We may know about Christ, but we may not know Christ. There is a big difference. Only through time spent with God will our trust in Him and His will for our lives become solid. 2) Never hesitate to do the task. 2 Cor 6:2 - Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation. Cody learned through time that I would never lead him into a place, or ask him to do a task, that would hurt him or put him in a dangerous position. God will never ask us to do something that will hurt us or put our lives in a dangerous position. God is a good God. He cares for His own. Just as I quickened Cody with a cue or a touch of the spur and he responded, so we should respond when God quickens our hearts. If God should spur us to repentance, we shouldn't hesitate. We will never be hurt by turning to God will all our heart. We should learn to trust God and His word, and we will never regret it. 3) Be content to pasture in solitude and let God receive the glory until the next task is asked of you. Matt 5:16 - Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. The real success to us as Christians and especially ministers is that we do our job so well, and with such an admirable spirit that people can't help but see Jesus and glorify God. Cody was a proven and faithful companion and showed me real commitment over the years. In closing, I give you a verse that reminds me of Cody's service to prayer is that I can fulfill this verse before God as I live out the rest of my life for Him;1 Cor. 10:31 - Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. You can contact Randy Gunn at:

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SONG TITLE I’m A Believer Straight And Narrow God Loves The Cowboy In Me No One (Ever Loved Me Like Jesus) A Little Bit Of Good News I Just Miss You Brand New Angel Wings What Have I Done To Deserve This If She Only Knew When My Room Is Ready Back Page News The Church By The Side Of The Road God Is Easy Lovin’ Jesus Broke That Bottle I’m Gonna Have A Little Talk Time Daddy The Preacher Man Love Is Making A Comeback He’ll Take Care Of You Don’t Tell Me He Can’t (I Know He Can) The Big House Time Will Tell I’m A Rock The Wretch Beautiful Lady Thank God For A Mama Even After Something In The Water Good Hands Now To Meet Jesus In The Air Just Stand Can I Get An Amen Unclouded Day No Wound Too Deep Some Things Never Change Beauty For Ashes Telling The Story Broken Road Blown Away My Work Is Done

ARTIST Reed Brothers Joy Roberts Ricky Russ Terry Davis Rick Patterson Tim Livingston The Parish Family Marty Raybon Mike Manuel Jamie Lynn Flanakin Chuck Day Tommy Horton Freddie Hart Chuck Hancock Kevin Rowe & Prodigal Sons Cindy Hughlett McKay Project Jayne Carter T Graham Brown & Vince Gill Terry & Debra Luna Brandon Poole Jimmy Grayson The Kristina Craig Band Mark Carman Jada Hite King Rene Jones & Joanne Cash Yates Jim Sheldon Carrie Underwood John Steed Darlene Jennusa Charles Scarlette Mike Sanford Tommy Brandt MaryJames Terry Collins Russ Murphy The Sneed Family Lance Stone Laura Dodd Daniel James Christian Servant Magazine - February, 2015 - Page 13

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SONG TITLE Thank You For The Father You’ve Been He Came Down How Much Do You Love Him Now Just Whose Hands It’s In Pray It Away I Believe In Miracles Please Take A Message Jesus You Mean More To Me Headed Home Changed By Your Grace Lead Me Home My Father’s House At The End Hold The Light A Little Higher So Much To Thank Him For God Will Roll The Water Back What This World Needs The House Of The Risen Son King Of The Road It Won’t Be Today It’s Coming To Me Tell Mother I’ll Be There I’m Already Healed Bring Me Ain’t It Just Like The Lord Help Me Remember Will You Follow Me Your Love Rescued Me You Can’t Point Without The Cross How Sweet The Name Crossing Over 3 Chords And The Truth Hooked On You I Know That Jesus Loves Me My Lord Has Gone That’s My Covenant Softly & Tenderly What He’s Done For Me It’s Gonna Be Alright

ARTIST Kali Rose & Dennis Agajanian Brian Cagle Donny Richmond Snuffy Smith Clinton Gregory Dan Duncan Gayla Earlene Mike Leichner Levi Riggs Michael Wayne Smith Mark Houser & BGI Featuring Rhonda Vincent Peter Christie Band Mike Rimmey Greg Crawford Tina Wakefield Walt Mills Taylor Hope Kinfolk Roger Barkley, Jr. The Porter Family Tom Dolen Betty Jean Robinson Alberta Chick Jones Red Letter Band Gordon Mote Steve Shirey The Morris Brothers Southside Drive Johnny Jones Jon Dameron Aven Grace Pony Express Isaac Cole Jayc Harold Band Carla Jones Joanne & Tommy Cash Chris Johnston Andrew Greer Featuring Sonya Isaacs Frankie Wilson David House Christian Servant Magazine - February, 2015 - Page 14

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SONG TITLE Mama’s Prayers His Blood I’ve Got A Bottle Praise Jesus This I Know That’s When You Shine The Road Is Long Serve God With Me Creed Everybody’s Going Through Something Lean On The Lord Hang On Detour The Storm Is Over Friends In High Places Didn’t I Walk On The Water You Are Love God Walks The Dark Hills A World To Believe In Let Me Live

ARTIST Tammy Bogel The Helmsmen Gail Cogburn Jimmy R. Price Sunday Drive Pastor Joe Kelly Southerland Sandie Dickey & Randy Reeves Miles Pike Karen Peck & New River CrossFire Gospel Band Megan Woods Mike & Doris Merritt The Gregory’s Marla Ratliff Kenny Gardner Cassidy Taylor Myra Rolen The Downs Family Gena Roberts Hamilton

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

~Leta Stroud

John 15:12 Christian Servant Magazine - February, 2015 - Page 15

Cindy was born and raised around Lubbock, Texas. Her father was pastor of a small country church. She survived living with three brothers, who picked on her a lot. She experienced some hard life lessons, but through her strength and relationship with God, Cindy overcame victoriously. She has the gift of encouragement. She sees the positive in people. She can pick you up and make you feel proud of yourself. Once shy and frightened to perform her music, she would get physically ill at the thought of public performance. She was finally freed from the load of hurtful criticism from some of her family. Considering the scared and nervous girl she was when I first met her, the courage and confidence that she has now is very surprising. Cindy’s greatest fan and supporter is her husband Kirk. Kirk does not sing or play an instrument. He does have a good ear and insight for what is good music. He is a greatly talented and organized person. He goes about a task with patience and determination. With a full time job, he can still put together a concert or some other event, with all the necessary elements to make it work right. The Cindy Hughlett Ministry is only complete with Kirk working alongside of Cindy. Cindy is an excellent singer, musician, and songwriter. She recorded her first record in Lubbock in 2000. She is continuously on the Country Gospel radio charts. Her music has touched hearts, and ministered to many people. She is a multi award winning artist and songwriter. She has Grammy consideration in seven categories for “Time” and “Sweet Hour Of Prayer” from the "Something Old/Something New" album. Cindy serves as board member of The Artist Music Guild, and is Artist Relations Director for MCM World Media. As an Emissary Artist for International Cooperating Ministries, Cindy has funded the construction of churches in the Philippines, Egypt and Honduras. She has shared the concert stage with Richie McDonald, Marty Raybon, T Graham Brown and Mark L Carman. She signed with MCM World Media in 2012. Cindy just completed a third album under MCM World Media, to be released soon. I am blessed to have them as great friends and fans.

Article by David House

Christian Servant Magazine - February, 2015 - Page 16

Gospel News From New York & Canada by Bob Terry

Well January has come and gone in Western New York. Not much is going on in the way of Gospel Music. For some reason the Gospel Groups and Artists just don’t get invited into this area by the local Churches. Now if you go east out of Buffalo toward Rochester New York you can always find a good Gospel Concert in the area.

Southern Gospel NY is doing their first concert of 2015. Their 1st Concert is Heading Home, and they are a group out of Canada. We will be setting up an interview with them on WDC Radio Sunday Singalong as a lot of people from Canada and New York listen to the program.

True Heart from Milton PA is staying busy. Joe Kantz and Scott Bordner make up True Heart. They are now booking dates for 2015. If your church has a special event coming up this year, why not have life changing Christian Country Music as part of your event. Joe Kantz says they love to witness and share the message of Jesus' love at fairs, carnivals, conferences and retreats. Call and let them share the message of God's love through music. Their number to call is (570) 898-4930.

Another group that is doing real well east of Buffalo is Final Harvest. They just finished up a tour down in Florida and they have done a tour out west which was a real blessing to them. They cut the song "Hold on Tight" and some radio stations down south are loving it. God has moved in their lives in a big way and we are so thankful for all they have done for the Lord.

Of couse let us not forget our groups in Canada. They are gearing up for a busy 2015. They are the Chapelaires from Mount Brydges, ON Canada, The Heading Home Trio - St Jacobs, ON Canada, Masters Four - Orangeville, ON Canada , Proverbs - Westport, ON Canada, The Tonettes - Mississauga, ON Canada, The Watchmen - Kitchener, ON Canada, Torchmen - St Catharines, ON Canada, Masters Four - Orangeville, ON Canada, Ashlynne Vince - Welland, ON Canada and Marlene O'Neill - Mississauga, ON Canada.

If you would like to have any of the Canada groups for a concert give me a call at (716) 580-3727 or email me or and I will put you in touch with them.

It looks like the old clock says its time to get out of here, so, until next month, remember God loves you and so do we. Let others see Jesus in you.

Christian Servant Magazine - February, 2015 - Page 17

A Country Gospel Love Story…

On January 31, 1954 Earl & Betty Dyer, who lived in the very small town of Inola, Oklahoma got the call from nature to quickly fire up their old Ford pickup and drive 15 miles north to Claremore. After reaching their destination, which happened to be the Franklin Hospital, in a matter of minutes new life arrived. Their daughter, Gayla Earlene Dyer was born at 6:00 pm, weighing 6 lbs. 12 ozs. and with a set of lungs that could be heard throughout the building. Little did Gayla know the influence that her Daddy's love of Hank William's music and Momma's piano music would have on her life. As a youngster, she loved to sit at the boots of her Daddy and listen to him play his guitar and sing "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" as well as others. At age 15 she got a guitar for her birthday and soon they were singing and playing together. Momma's playing "Red River Valley" and "Little Brown Jug" on the piano sparked her interest as well and soon she was playing piano by ear. She began writing poetry around the age of 11 and by age 16, poetry had taken a back seat to songwriting. Music would play a big role in Gayla meeting the love of her life. Although Lee & LaRue Crain of Skiatook, Ok had already celebrated three lovely children, their upcoming trip 20 miles south to Tulsa, would bless them once more. At about 5 pm in the afternoon on Dec. 6, 1948, a brand new 7 lb. baby boy was born to the Crain's at the St. John Hospital. His name was Roger Gene Crain and his brother and two sisters were as happy and proud of him as their parents. Gene's parents were big fans of the western swing music of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. At age 9 and watching steel guitarist Leon McAuliffe on television, Gene was fascinated and knew he wanted to learn to play steel guitar himself. His Uncle had a lap steel guitar and amp that Gene borrowed. As a birthday gift from his parents, Gene got to take lessons. Gene caught on quickly and soon had his own steel guitar. He learned to pick with the best of them and since his brother was learning to play electric guitar Gene's parents would take him and his brother Jerry to town festivals across Oklahoma and enter talent shows with their music. They won so often that other contestants would want to know ahead of time if the "Crain Boys" were entered in the competition before they would decide if they wanted to take a chance on winning. Gene's love of music would one day lead him to meet the love of his life. Gene met his wife, Gayla Earlene in 1968. Gayla was the reigning Inola, Oklahoma Roundup Club Queen. Gene and the band he was a part of, called The Fugitives, would be playing the dance following this particular Rodeo. As the band was setting up their instruments, outdoors on a concrete slab, Gene says he looked up and, “Here came the most beautiful… I’d ever seen”. Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - February, 2015 - Page 18

Continued from previous page. Of course he laughs when he says that and gets a gasp and gentle slap from Gayla. He actually saw the prettiest Rodeo Queen ever and fell in love with her on the spot. He says under his breath at that time, “She’s gonna be mine someday”! Gayla says she thought he was pretty cute, brown-eyed and tall yet fell in love with his steel guitar music first. Soon the picker stole her heart in a huge way! They were married on July 30, 1971 and have been in both country and gospel music throughout their married life. “I’ve always loved cooking, says Gayla but it did take me a while to perfect my craft”. One of Gene’s favorite foods is fried chicken. One day I wanted to surprise my new husband and make the whole fried chicken dinner with all the fixins. He came home and wow it smelled so good and the chicken had such a nice brown crispy look. It was all going great, even candles lit for the little bitty table, barely room for two when following the prayer, Gene bit into a big chicken leg and it was……..raw! He really wanted to brag on it, as he didn’t want to hurt my feelings, but I knew he couldn’t. I had cooked it too fast and while the outside was pretty, the inside was way UNcooked. After I got over the tears, I learned real quick how to fry chicken and it’s still his favorite. In 1990, on a hot evening in June, Inola was holding their annual Hay Day celebration and Gene and Gayla's band was hired to play the street dance. About halfway through the show Gayla says she had a deep conviction that she should not be playing this type of music anymore. Gayla was saved and became a Christian at age 11 and knew that familiar tug when God was getting her attention. God said keep your style but do it for MY GLORY and to lead others to come to know ME. Just as soon as the show ended Gayla nearly ran across the stage to grab Gene and tell him what had happened. Gene looked at her and said, "Honey you aren't going to believe this, but I had the same conviction." At this point they both knew what to do, start a Country Gospel music ministry. That night 3G Music Ministry began and Gene and Gayla have been traveling, sharing their testimony, writing, playing and singing around the world. Many have come to know the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior simply because they said "Yes" when God called. Gene and Gayla have won more awards than imaginable for their musical talents and worked with, and alongside numerous stars, but they choose to magnify and glorify God above all men. God gave them their talent for HIS glory and to give away to others to be blessed, in Jesus Name. God has blessed them in wonderful ways, including one beautiful daughter, Gaylene, who is a great singer and drummer in her own right, two wonderful grandchildren, Olivia and Nate and a super son in law, Jimmy. Gene and Gayla have been married 43 years and plan on 43 more!! Visit Gayla Earlene at or Gene Crain at

It was in 2006 that I saw my Martha for the first time. Four years of negotiations later, I asked her to marry me. Neither of us had ever dated or been in love, and we saved our first kiss for our wedding day. We were married on December 19, 2010 in my hometown of Jacksonville in East Texas. Martha spent the majority of her life in the Atlanta, GA. area, but was born a Yankee up in Michigan. Since our marriage, I’ve been so blessed to travel with not only the prettiest girl living, but my best friend, pianist, website designer, chauffeur, joke-tester, shrewdest critic and wisest counselor. Written By Miles Pike about his precious Martha

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Crossfire Gospel Band

from our cover…


There is nothing that puzzles me more than listening to artists give me testimony on how Christ called them to spread the Gospel message through their talent. The story is always the same, they feel so honored that Christ would call them and they just want to serve Him with all that they have. Then they release a song to radio and it comes in very high in all the charts. Soon everyone is talking about them. Now they are absolutely sure they were called. So many times these artists came out of working in the secular music field making seventy-five dollars or less, per man a night, working two to three nights a week. They leave their spouse and kids to play those gigs and have to perform from 8:00 pm till 2:00 am in the morning. At that time in their life they truly believed that was the good life. All is really great until they divorce, or bad health gets them, either from drinking, drugs or smoking too much. Now they think they don’t have to worry about it. They have entered a higher calling. They are willing to wear the Cross and tell the world about JESUS. Then about six or seven months in, you start hearing a different story from many of these artists. It goes like this, “Brother can you believe I was asked to minister at the “First Church of Heaven” and they only gave me a love offering of one hundred fifty dollars and I only sold ten CD’s at fifteen dollars each? Three hundred dollars, was all I received, that was it. They surely didn’t know I have had several top 20 hit songs in the Christian Country music field and was given three “Greater Than Thou Awards” this year. I had to drive seventy-five miles to get to the church, and then back home. That cost me sixty-five dollars in gas. I had to minister for forty-five minutes and I’ve got to tell you, my new wife and kid’s really didn’t like the pastor that much.” This comes out of the mouths of many that tell me they were “Called”. Soon they simply fall by the wayside. You see if you are truly called, then you will not only wear the Cross, but you will bear the Cross. You will tell the world about Jesus and serve Him no matter the cost or hardship you may incur. This leads me to tell you about a group of guys that worked for years in the secular music field. Each has paid their dues and each is extremely talented. Their calling to serve Christ has been tried and tested many times. They have been true to the calling. This group of guys is known as “Crossfire Gospel Band”. They are a great example of what serving Christ is all about. Let me introduce the members to you. Ron Pardue - lead guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, mandolin, and vocal. David Brooks - drums and vocal. Albert Garcia - bass guitar and vocal. Brad Allen - lead guitar, acoustic guitar and vocal. Randy Reeves - lead vocal, songwriter extraordinaire, minister of the Gospel. Stephen Freeman - sound engineer. They work together as an army against Satan. I have never heard one of them say anything bad about another member of the group. That in itself shows their willingness to work as one, with one goal in mind, to reach the lost and introduce them to the Cross. They know a house divided will fall and dishonor God. Every dollar they bring in goes into a ministry fund. They use this fund to travel, to buy necessary equipment, to pay for their recording sessions and to make sure that they will always be able to go at anytime, anywhere they are called to minister. They are not necessarily looking to minister to those that already know Christ, but to those who may never get to know Him unless someone is willing to do street ministry, go to the homeless, to the drug addicts and alcoholics, those who live on reservations, those who have mental problems and those who have been abused. Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - February, 2015 - Page 20

Continued from previous page. They do all these things and more. You see they are not worried about how much offering they will receive every time they go out to minister. They have faith and know without a shadow of a doubt that God will provide as long as they are true to His calling. These guys play great Country Gospel, Christian Rock, and Southern Rock. They play it all in the name of the Lord. The musicianship of this group is tremendous and Randy Reeves, the lead singer is versatile and has his own very unique style. They have had two top ten songs and one number one song in the charts over the last three years, and have been honored with numerous awards from our industry. You don’t hear them brag about these accolades constantly. They feel honored that their peers respect the musical craftsmanship and hard work they put into their ministry, but they will let you know quickly, it is all about Christ and only because of the calling of Christ that their ministry has been fruitful. They would be the first to tell you “It is not all about wearing the Cross, it is about being willing to bear the hardships that come along with the Cross.” If you’re willing to do that you are truly “Called”.


I would imagine that a number of the people reading this magazine are artists. Singers, songwriters, producers, actors etc…. The one thread that runs through all of us in this category is that we have the heart of an artist. God put this heart into us. It’s not easy having an artists heart. In fact it’s downright hard and lonely at times. Not everyone has this kind of heart. The people that don’t have it sometimes have a hard time understanding OUR hearts and drive. It’s very important to understand that. I think once you do then the journey will be a bit better. You won’t get your feelings as hurt as much if you understand that! It’s interesting to note that most of the time it’s the people closest to us like our family members that don’t understand this specific drive in us. I’ve chosen, probably like you, to use this gift of an artists heart to try and do the Lord’s work while still working in a very secular world. Because of this the Lord seems to put things in my life that I can do or be involved with that will glorify Him.Recently someone suggested I read the book “ROARING LAMBS” written by Bob Briner and published by Zondervan Publishing House. I’m still in the early pages but what I’ve read so far rings true to me. This is a book written for people in “Show Business.” This book will hit home to the people with that heart of an artist. One of the chapters I have read deals with the salt of the earth scripture which we all know. However Mr. Briner takes it far beyond thinking of A PERSON being “the salt of the earth". We who have accepted Christ in our life ARE the salt of the earth. He talks about how salt is used for seasoning as well as to preserve. As he says, “sitting in the shaker, it does no good.” So we need to shake it up! Pour it out! He goes on to say “Christians must penetrate key areas of culture to have a preserving effect.” What better way to reach these areas but through magazines like this, music, radio, television, movies etc…These artists hearts that God placed in us is not by accident. He placed them in us for a reason. It’s sad to say that many Christians are keeping safe in a box. But there are others like us that have been given the need personally to reach every corner of the earth with the good news of Jesus Christ through our personal art. WE are the ones that have been dealt that responsibility through whatever art form we have been given.

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from our cover…


Marla’s ministry roots began long before she was born. In the 1800’s her great-great-grandfather, Rev. Amory Nelson Chamberlain served as a missionary to the Cherokee Indians, in Brainard Mission, TN. (now known as Chattanooga). He was the first to translate the Bible and hymns into the Cherokee language. He led their tribes through dangerous and difficult times. He even had to cut off his own frozen feet without anesthetic medicine or doctors. In spite of overpowering obstacles he faced, he never allowed circumstances to discourage or stop his work for the Lord. He was a man of faith, and diligently persisted to move forward with God’s calling on his life. There is no way he could have known the positive effect that would take place so many years later in Marla’s ministry life, because of the stories she had heard and read about her great-great-grandfather. You can learn more about Amory Nelson Chamberlain by reading articles written by Lon H. Eakes as recorded in the Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume12, Number 1. Marla’s musical roots go as far back as she can remember. Beginning with her grandmother’s family and their passion for music. They had a natural ability for singing and playing instruments. That’s how they would pass the time in those days. They sang beautiful harmonies together and played guitar, piano, and organ. Marla’s great aunt and uncle also had a Sunday afternoon radio program in Ponca City, Oklahoma in the 1940’s titled, “Turn Your Radio On”. Marla was born the third of six children. Her mother could sing beautifully, but chose to devote her time to her family. She recognized Marla’s God given talent and encouraged her to develop it. The family made sure that Marla would be at all the Gospel singings that came to town. Marla would learn songs and perform them in concert in her own family living room and her mom was her biggest fan. Marla recalls that her dad really loved music too. He was a truck driver by trade but when he was home he’d turn on the radio and listen to Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, and Mother Maybelle Carter. He loved that old style picking and it influenced Marla as well. With the family history of music and ministry that Marla was raised up in, it’s easy to understand why she has had such a successful, anointed Christian music ministry. Marla has gained respect from her fans and peers alike. She has done this by working hard, and always striving for excellence whether it is her recording sessions, concerts, or using the gift that Christ gave her to minister the written word. She has a wonderful out going personality and can be quite a jokester when she wants to be. Marla and her husband Daryl are a good ministry team. Continued next page... Christian Servant Magazine - February, 2015 - Page 22

Continued from previous page. She is very small and petite and he is very tall and lean. When she gets the big head, he gets out the big belt. (Ha!) Let’s just say he tries to keep her grounded. Needless to say she doesn’t get the big head very often, although with all the accolades and honors our industry has bestowed on her, that would be easy to do if she did not have the Christ like attitude she has. Marla’s Chart Topping songs: One on One Syndicated Radio Ministries, Top 5 most played song “Heaven’s Got A Well” 2008 One on One Syndicated Radio Ministries, Top 3 most played song “Angel Wings” 2009 New Christian Music Chart (United Kingdom) “We’re Not There Yet” #1 for the year 2009 Christian Voice Magazine, (Country Gospel Top 100) “Old Time Religion” # 1 November 2012 Christian Servant (Country For The Good Life Top 100) “Old Time Religion” # 1 November 2012 Cashbox Magazine (Country Gospel Top 100) “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” # 1 October 2014 Christian Servant (Country For The Good Life Top 100) “ You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ # 1 October 2014. Awards: ICGMA Awards Female Horizon of the year 2010, ICGMA Awards Female Vocalist of the year 2011, ICGMA Awards Gold Cross Female of the year 2012, ICGMA Awards Gold Cross Female of the year 2014. When you serve Christ with all your heart and soul and you make Him number one in all that you do, then He enjoys seeing those that He called, receive recognition for their faithfulness to Him. Good fathers love to brag on their children because they are proud of them. Marla and Daryl Ratliff minister for Christ full time and never look back at the cost. I believe one day the greatest honor they will ever receive is when he says, “Well done my good and faithful servants, come on in”.

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from our cover… Ricky Russ and The 180 Band As I start collecting my thoughts on what I am going to write about an artist, band or vocal group, it is usually pretty simple for me. I keep up with the songs they release to radio, video’s they release, and awards that they receive, with honor, from their piers and industry leaders. With Ricky Russ, it is a little harder for me to know where to start. You see as an artist, he represents much more to me than what I have afore mentioned. He is not just a friend, but a good friend, not only to me, but to most everyone in the industry. He, like a few others I know, started in this industry as a singer, songwriter and a music minister for Christ. He is not only good at his ministry but one of the best. His heart was, and still is on fire for Christ. He believes whole heartedly that Country music mixed with strong Christian lyrics can and does plant seeds, that will guide thousands down that narrow pathway to salvation. Before Ricky entered the Christian Music field, he had been in the secular Country music field for many years. He was also a Country DJ for years. Like so many others, Ricky was raised up going to church and knew the Lord. He married at a young age. Life to Ricky was good until he encountered divorce, something that no one thinks will happen to him or her. He then turned to the ways of the world, and chased after the fast lane as hard as he could. Remember, Ricky was raised in church and he knew Christ, and Christ knew him. Christ would only let Ricky slip so far. Ricky was getting gas at a convenience store in West Texas one day, when he met Leon Joplin. Leon is a well-known Christian Country Singer, also a well-known medical Dr. in West Texas. Leon took the time to be a good Christian mentor to Ricky and eventually encouraged him to use his talents for Christ. Ricky started the Christian Country Group known as Ricky Russ and The 180 Band. The Lord then led Ricky to the Christian record label Hope Street Music Group. Gene and Micki Farington encouraged Ricky to release some of the newly recorded material that he and The 180 Band had just finished cutting. God had his hand on it, those releases were being heard not only across the United States but also all over Europe. Leon Joplin and Ricky started talking one night about Ricky’s past history as a DJ. Leon mentioned that it would be so great if the people of West Texas had a radio station that could play this anointed music full time. Leon knew there was a station for sale in the area and told Ricky he would purchase it if Ricky would manage it for him. They would call it “Inspirational Country Radio”. Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - February, 2015 - Page 24

Continued from previous page. They added a full time Internet station to the FM airwaves station and soon, not only was West Texas being blessed with this great Christian Country, Country Gospel sound, but also the world as it is being broadcast through the Internet, simultaneously. Ricky has a new release to radio that has worked it’s way up to the # 3 spot for Feb. 2015 in one of the worlds oldest music trade magazines, Cashbox Magazine, “Country Gospel Top 100 chart”, and also The Christian Servant Magazine, “Country For The Good Life Top 100”. The song,“ God Loves The Cowboy In Me”, was released by Canyon Creek Records and promoted by Jessica Huddleston Promotions, to radio. Like Ricky, The 180 Band, are all great musicians, and equally love and serve Christ with their talents. I have heard them live and after working with bands myself for many years, I can tell you that they are accomplished musicians. They can play any style of music and combined with Ricky’s singing, they have their own unique style and are a blessing to listen to. David Fuentes plays lead guitar, Melissa Berlanga on rhythm guitar and vocals, Mike Lujan on drums, Danny Berlanga on bass guitar, and last but not least Greg Garcia on rhythm, sax, and vocals. Ricky and his band are just another example that if you will give your life to Christ and let Him be in control of it, and are willing to serve Him, no matter where He leads you, He will bless you and give you the desires of your heart. You should also know that your desires will not be the same as they were when you were chasing after those worldly dreams. Your desires will be to serve Him faithfully with all your heart and soul. You can get in touch with Ricky and The 180 Band at or visit their website at

McClain’s Recording Studio The Studio Of Texas More Top 20 charting songs in the last 15 years than most recording studios have in a lifetime! Just a few of the artists we record!

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Rusty Quisenberry Jimmy & Gina White John Randolph Psalm 100 Tommy Smith Kevin Rowe Marcia Hudson Keith Caldwell Ken Iverson

Mike McClain

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Kristi Miller

from our cover…

Kristi Miller One of God’s Chosen by Tommy Smith

She was born in Seattle, WA and moved to KY when she was a child and was raised in the small town of Berea. Her father, Doug Miller, is a BMI award-winning Gospel songwriter. Kristi’s mother, Marti, and she sang in church. People compared them to The Judds, but Mom would correct them and say, "We are really more like Thelma and Louise." In high school, although she was co-captain of the cheer leading squad, she never considered herself to be popular. She said “I had a lot of friends, but was never one of the "cool kids", as I so longed to be. I even had a list of hip phrases and witty one-liners that I would jot down in hopes of fitting into that sought after social clique. It was entitled, "Cool Things to Say." The irony in that is funny because anyone with any concept of what is "cool" would never need a list! So I didn't get a lot of votes for school queen, etc. The first time she was invited to sing, it was with Blue Grass Female Vocalist of the Year, Dale Anne Bradley. She was so excited and so nervous! She went to her house and wanting so much to make a good impression and not be late, she ran in the door and exclaimed, "I'm here and I'm ready!" A girl walked into the living room of the house and said, "I believe you are looking for Dale Anne. She lives next door." Kristi definitely made an impression. Her mom was very sick with Crohn's disease and she spent a lot of the time in the hospital. Through the struggles with Mom's illness, she and Dad managed to start The Seeker Christian news. Mom passed away shortly after Kristi graduated high school. She assumed the responsibility of publishing The Seeker each month. Her dad has remained extremely supportive and has offered guidance every step of the way. In 2010, she was discovered by Bruce Elrod at Nashville Station, in Nashville, TN. Bruce is owner of Cashbox Magazine and Cashbox Records. He released the song "My Ship's Coming In" on his Cashbox label as a single to the secular music world. Bruce called me and asked if I would consider releasing Kristi on my Christian label, Canyon Creek Records. I knew the song would be a Christian Country hit so we released to Christian radio and the rest is history. “ My Ship’s Coming In” charted high in five major Christian music charts. Power Source magazine “ Inspirational Country top 100”, Christian Music Weekly “Country Top 20”, Christian Voice Magazine “Country Gospel Top 100”, she charted at # 4 in the Christian Servant “Country For The Good Life Top 100” and also at #4 in Cashbox Magazine’s ”Country Gospel Top 100” all in the year 2014. Kristi’s new song “They Know Me Here” will be released to radio March 2015, and I am sure it will be another chart topper. The music video of “My Ship’s Coming In” is available at Continued next page…

Christian Servant Magazine - February, 2015 - Page 26

Continued from previous page. On average, Kristi and her band will play 150 dates a year. When music slows down for the winter, she focuses on writing and recording for future projects. Kristi also is an actress. Not only does she perform on stage, she has had several large parts in Faith based movies. In November of 2013, she was cast in a Christian film called "Foster Home," and last year she was cast as Ginger Tompkins in the Christian film, "Where Was God?" Both movies featured some of her music. She is currently studying the script for the lead role, Ruth, in an upcoming Christian film called "Red Letters." They are scheduled to shoot in Hamilton, OH in February 2015. Her new video of her next single “They Know Me Here” will also be released in March of 2015. Kristi not only is a great singer, songwriter, actress, she also plays guitar, mandolin, and banjo and last but not least she is a comedian on stage. In other words God has blessed her with a lot of gifts. I would like to share with you an example of her humor. When Anna, and I were at the ICGMA in West Plains, Mo., we asked Kristi if she would like to go grab a bite to eat after the concert. She and several other artists joined us, and as we were all sitting around the table Anna asked her if she had ever been married? Kristi replied “three times”. Anna asked her what happen? She answered that they all had gone on to be with the Lord. There was a silence that went around the table. My wife once again asked what happened to them. Kristi said that the first died after the two of them had eaten a nice meal together. It turned out the mushrooms he ate were poisonous and he died immediately. She said that her next husband also had shared a meal with her that included mushrooms and he died shortly after eating them. They too had been a bad bunch of mushrooms. Everyone was waiting to hear what happened to the third husband, when Kristi with a sad and serious look on her face, went on to explain that the third husband had died from blunt force trama to the head because he wouldn’t eat the mushrooms. It took a second for that to sink in, then everyone that was listening to her story realized she had just pulled our legs in a mighty way and we all had a real good laugh. If you get a chance to see Kristi in concert you will love the way she mixes humor with heartfelt messages. Kristi is eagerly waiting to see what new door God will open next. She knows that He will open special doors for her, because in Him she places all her trust, not in man. Visit Kristi’s website at

Why Should Christians go to Church? by Terry Davis I grew up attending church. The church was an extension of my family and a center for activities in our life. Statistics show that believer’s commitment to regular church attendance is declining. So I pose the question; why should Christians attend church? When you become a Christian, you are called into a relationship with God (1 Corinthians 1:9) but 1st John 1:3 makes it clear that we enter a fellowship that goes two ways: with God and with other Christians. The Bible says that believers must not keep apart from other believers (Hebrews 10:24-25). It is true that we are influenced and become like the people we associate with. Also, by getting together, common beliefs are affirmed and ways to overcome problems are shared. There are three spiritual pillars to have a strong Christian life: 1. Personal Prayer, 2. Bible study (Isa 55:11) (2 Tim 2:15), and 3. Fellow believers (1 John 1:3) (1 John 1:7) We need all three to be properly grounded. Active local church membership is imperative to living a life without compromise. It is through the ministry of the local church that a believer can receive the kind of teaching, accountability and encouragement that is necessary for him to stand firm in his convictions. Luke 14:6 says “Jesus went back to Nazareth, where he’d been brought up and as usual he went to the meeting place on the Sabbath.” The Bible tells us that “as usual or another translation of the Bible says “as was his custom” Jesus went to the place of worship. This is in keeping with obeying one of the Ten Commandments which is “observe the Sabbath by keeping it Holy”. What would Jesus do? The Son of God went to Church. ~Terry Davis

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A Week Full of Sundays By John Randolph Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Him, “Teacher, rebuke Your disciples.” But Jesus answered, “I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!” – Luke 19:39-40 The ministry that God has called me to is a bi-vocational ministry. For those in any ministry – be it pastor, worship leader, Sunday School teacher or evangelist - you understand when I say it IS NOT a part-time is BI-vocational. Monday through Friday - or any time that business calls - I get to change people's earthly lives in a very tangible way. For a quarter of a century I have worked in the recruiting, staffing or some may call it the headhunting business. Whatever you call it, I call it one of the greatest jobs on the planet. We are hired by companies to find employees that are critical pieces to their success. Many times a company's strategic plan sits idle till we successfully find that missing piece to the puzzle. The passage in Luke above has always caused me to stop and put into perspective how necessary – or unnecessary – we are in God’s ultimate strategic plan. Unlike many of the companies that my firm has helped over the years, The Great I Am is not sitting on the sideline waiting for someone to come along that is the piece to His plan getting accomplished. Christ told the Pharisees in Luke that if the people didn’t cry out/worship/exalt Him that the rocks would do just that. In the grand scheme of things it seems like rocks would be a lot easier to deal with than some of the arguing, complaining Christians that we’ve all encountered – or been – at times in our lives. Whether it is done full-time or on a bi-vocational basis, one thing that is clear is that God doesn't NEED me or you to complete His perfect plan for mankind… He didn't need Adam, Abraham, Noah, Joseph, Esther, David, Daniel, Jonah, Peter, John, Matthew, Luke or Paul. He didn't NEED a single one of these folks to complete His plan. He's never hung out a "Help Wanted" sign. In each and every case these folks CHOSE to serve God; they chose to answer the call that God placed on their hearts. And in each case they allowed God to shine brightly in their lives. The other thing is that many of these people also had other "jobs." Their worship and service to God was an everyday part of their lives even though they held other positions in the business market. It wasn't compartmentalized into a Sunday or Wednesday church service or Thursday small group setting. They understood that they were created to worship God with all they had, and all they did ALL THE TIME – whether making a tent, herding sheep, running a kingdom or serving in full-time ministry. A business mentor in my early life used to say integrity is what you do when no one is watching. Put into a Christian, biblical, daily walk context - "worship is what you do, what you say and how you respond to the world that clearly demonstrates that you understand you are a blood-bought child of The King. It is the way you shine your light and point others to Christ when no one –OR EVERYONE - is watching." It's not a BI-vocational thing, it's a 24/7/365 attitude in all you do.

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Throughout the year in each issue we will spotlight different women of Country Gospel Music, such as Joy Roberts, Beverly Mosley-Crocker, Melanie Walker, Tammy Bogel, Kristi Miller, Gena Roberts Hamilton, Ava L. Kassich, Mary Fay Jackson, and many, many, more . Stories of the many blessings, strifes, joys, sorrows, and general ups and downs of female artists in our industry. Being a woman of Christ includes being a wife, mother, business woman, choir leader, nurse to children and husbands alike. A Godly woman has to wear many hats a day, even so, they find time to use their anointed gifts of talent to glorify Christ. These special ladies, God has allowed to touch our hearts, and deliver a message of his love, hope and grace through Country Gospel Music. Between all of the above mentioned, they find time for booking Churches, special events, and traveling from one place to the next, keeping a Christ like attitude at all times. To say the least it is all very rewarding, and tasking all at once. So please follow along as we take our journey through the lives of some very special women of Christ. Blessings, Angela Rowe

Women of Country Gospel Music Joy Roberts by Angela Rowe

Let’s introduce everyone to a very talented, beautiful, and devoted woman of Christ, Joy Roberts. Reading her biography really says how much she loves and trusts the Lord. The first words on the page are: Phil 4:19 “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.” Then Jeremiah 29:11-13 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come pray to me and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all heart.” When you talk to Joy, the passion for her family, music, horses and her days in the rodeo put a sparkle in her eye, but nothing puts a sparkle in her eye like talking about The Lord. When you grow up with four brothers you have to be tough! Isn’t it amazing how God prepares us even from birth? Growing up in a Christian home and family who loved music she was surrounded, just about all the time, with music. In saying so she explains, “ From the time I can remember, music motivated me.” Being shy and timid Joy couldn’t ever imagine standing in front of people and singing. Although she loved riding horses and competing in rodeos, there was still that burning passion for music. After 11 yrs. of marriage and having two beautiful children her husband passed away suddenly. Terrified and not knowing what to do, Joy put all of her faith in Christ and began another journey in life. She says, “I still had that burning passion for music, but my first allegiance was to my children.” Continued on next page…

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Continued from previous page. A few years later she met and married her husband, known as “Cotton”. The next journey was “praying Cotton into the Kingdom”, putting her desire to have a music ministry on hold once again. After about ten years God sent an “Angel” and turned their life completely around. If you have never met Cotton then you can’t imagine how much he loves and adores her. God gave Joy and Cotton the greatest gift of all, their granddaughter “Micah”! Born with many medical problems along with the right side of her brain not being there. At that time her mom and dad had to work so Joy quit her job to stay home with Micah, praying day and night, and standing on every promise from God. Wow, God is so good! Twenty years later Micah is doing well and is a true inspiration with her smile, hugs, and a radio talk show on Monday mornings with Heaven’s Country, she touches lives worldwide. The desires of Joy’s heart was always, and still are, serving the Lord, whether it be as a wife, mother, grandmother, ministering to people through their business’, and finally music. I know we can all relate to the many plates we may juggle at one time. Getting a “late start in her music ministry” as she says, God rewards those who diligently seek Him. Joy has won many awards and just recently has had her first #1 hit “Straight and Narrow”, and was presented with “Female Vocalist of The Year” at the ICGMA. What an honor to know she is able to touch so many lives and be so humble about it all. When asked, she just plainly says “ It’s all about doing God’s work”. Finally she is very grateful to Chuck Hancock and Terry Beene for working so hard, helping pick the songs and producing her album. Terry and Chuck have been such good friends, mentors, and awesome examples of being true men of Christ. One quote she has sewn into my heart is “Sow where you can't go”. Even though she is out doing the Lords work, she and Cotton sow seeds into many other ministries hoping lives are touched and changed for the Lord. You can check out her website at -

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