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I will praise the Lord according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the Lord most high. Psalm 7:17

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Christian Servant “Country For The Good Life Top 100” No. 1 Song, May, 2016

MY VERY FIRST 'ONE' I am so proud to say that my new single "A Different Light' is now the #1 Christian Country song in the nation in the May issue of CASHBOX Magazine and Christian Servant “Country For The Good Life” Top 100 chart, as well as #4 in CHRISTIAN VOICE. It was written by Dianne Wilkenson and my brother Rusty and features my friends The Freemans singing along with me. God is good!. Thanks to radio for playing it, to the ones who have requested it, and to Perry Edge and the Double E staff for all they do to help promote my music. Look for my new single 'SUNDAY SHOES' coming soon to a radio dial near you.

Chris Golden Music, PO Box 1147, Hendersonville, TN 37077 Tel: 615-479-6101 Email: Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 2

Congratulations Rodney Morss

Christian Servant Country For The Good Life top 100 Number 1 Song, June, 2016

Born In America Keep up to date with Rodney on:

from his latest release

almost home

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CONGRATULATIONS John Randolph on your #1 charting song,

I Choose Now Christian Servant Magazine “Country For The Good Life” Top 100

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"Just A Thought" with Gayla Earlene Visit Gayla Earlene at

Sticks & Stones When I was a young girl, I learned the old saying that Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. Well that's not entirely true......................sticks and stones do hurt but words really can do major heart damage!! I do have good news for you today though, we have a protector! Could be that if you are not a Christian, these words may seem futile but I'm living proof that God is my protection through all storms. As a kid, I was in a few fist fights, oh yes really, though not by my choosing, and my heart has been hurt deeply, but I’m still here, stronger and more in Love with my Lord. God’s protection is sure and faithful because He promises this to His people: Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them; for the Lord thy God, He is the one that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. (Deuteronomy 31:6) Isn't this awesome, he will NEVER leave us? Not in good times or in bad. But we must pick up His shield of protection by faith and USE IT!! Our faith is grown through Bible study, fellowship with other Christians, hearing the Word, and prayer, prayer, prayer. Pain is pain but all pain can bring us closer to needing God's love. I think of the Christians, who are being persecuted through terrible acts of murder and simply for loving our Lord, and it is unspeakably mean, but we do have a peace in knowing that as Christians, those people are now rejoicing in heaven. Hallelujah!!! In the gospel of Matthew 5:10 Jesus says, “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.” Now that's straight from our Jesus, so Hallelujah and Praise His Name!! May you be encouraged and strengthened by the Word of God today. Featuring Gene Crain on Steel Guitar

NEW RELEASE! from Gayla Earlene My prayer is that as you listen to this album, you will feel the presence of God and realize that there is nothing this world can offer that can compare to the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your heart through Christ.” Includes both the break out hit, “A Miracle On His Mind” and the chart climbing release, “King Of My Heart”. You can preview and purchase this CD on Gayla’s website at: Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 6

Thank you! Thank you to all the radio stations and fans for playing and requesting my new release‌

ALL THE WAY The song is charted at #64 for July, 2016. And thank you to the International Country Gospel Music Association (ICGMA) for the nominations for Male Vocalist, Songwriter, Song, Album, and Living Legend of the Year Awards. I am humbled, thankful, and so so blessed!

Old Glory Flaps in the Breeze By Irvin Rozier

I woke up this morning way before dawn I sat on my bench by the edge of the lawn I meditated on the Lord and his goodness to me I am blessed to live in America where I am free I have a tall flag pole by my little white shed I just raised a new flag, it is white, blue and red I saw Old Glory whipping around in the breeze For years it has flown over the land and the seas As a young child I held my hand over my heart I learned the Pledge of Allegiance, part by part I recalled that day when I raised my right hand I promised to support and defend our great land As I watched Old Glory gently flapping in the wind I prayed to the Lord and asked that he would mend Our great nation so it would not be divided and fall I believe the Lord heard me as on His name I did call The red of Old Glory reminds me of the soldiers' blood Shed on foreign desert sands and in the jungle mud The 50 white stars set against the blue background Reminds me of God's grace that is spread all around God Bless America is a phrase that we often hear Repeated on many lips day by day, year by year Indeed God has blessed America in a mighty way Because of the many that to Him do kneel and pray Copyright 2008 Irvin L. Rozier, author of My Walk with the Lord, US Army, Chaplain of American Legion Post 181 Website to song and video:


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From the Desk of Dr. Terry D. Davis by Terry Davis

With so many negative stories in the news today, it's great to see a positive story that reminds us that Christian Love still exists. Matthew 25:40 "And the king shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren , ye have done it unto me. " You can't say you love the Lord and not love his people. We need to keep an eye out for Opportunities to let Gods Love shine through us! The story below was taken from Fox News; "KTRH connected with Rachel Estrada" The story was sent in by Nicole Marie Heintz. Heintz's Facebook post is transcribed below: "So I was just on my way to work and I had to stop for gas so I allowed myself some extra time to get to work. When I pulled up to the pump I shut my car off and saw this middle aged man crying looking at the gas pump. I began to wonder what happened with this man and as I got out of my car and looked at him my heart felt like it stopped. In Apple Valley, Minnesota it is 10 degrees and freezing cold with the wind. This man was wearing flip flops with socks covered in holes. I look at his car and see his wife in the front seat covering her face in her hands and the 2 teenage girls both cuddling under a blanket in the back seat. I didn't even think and I went up to the man and said 'sir is something the matter?' He looked at me and I could tell he was on the verge of giving up because he didn't even try to conceal his tears when he said 'I can't even provide for my family.' Without even thinking I put my card in his machine and told him Jesus Christ the Son of God died to provide for you. Fill up. Something, something came alive in him. He was in shock and it was like he forgot how to pump gas. In that same moment his wife got out of her car, she asked her husband what was going on and he told her I just paid for their gas she started to cry and came around the corner to shake my hand when I saw her pants dirty and torn. I asked her to come to my car. The airport lost some of my luggage on my way to Minnesota from California and I had to clean out my closet to find stuff to wear and get rid of a lot of stuff all of that stuff that I had yet to give away was sitting in the back seat of the car and in the trunk. I opened up my car and told the lady to take what she wanted. This lady RAN back to her car. I was so afraid I had just embarassed her but a moment later her and her two girls were digging through those clothes layering my sweatshirts and shirts and sweat pants over the worn out clothes they had been wearing.

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Am I doing this right? by Roger Barkley, Jr.

In ministry there are many obstacles we all must face. Finding the right mixture of our talents with Godly wisdom of what to say to a crowd of people at any given time to some may seem as an insignificant thought process , but to me It’s something I take very serious. You wonder, pray and cry to God to ask the question, “Am I doing this right?” I used to tease my dad that he was my second favorite story teller (Jesus of course being the first) They both had a way of taking a story and tying it together to make a point in ways that only they could do. I always strive to say what God wants and not what I want to say. Never use the time allotted to grandstand or soapbox political issues but instead biblical principles with stories of growing up on the farm. Some people, even friends, say that sometimes I get a little preachy between songs or that talking between songs gets a little long. I take comfort in the fact that it puts me in good company with my dad, Jesus, Jim Hamill, Wendy Bagwell, and others that have gotten God’s Word out without people realizing they were even receiving a word from God. We must reach the world by any means necessary. I just happen to be a musical evangelist that utilizes technology in my ministry and tells stories through spoken word and song. Some people like it and some people do not. That is the great thing about freedom of choice. You are free to choose to listen or not. The great thing to me is, as just recently from personal response after services, those lives that say they have been encouraged, those attitudes that have been changed, those spirits that have been lifted, because of the story that was shared between the songs of the concert. I think maybe that is God letting us know the answer to the question we asked Him earlier with an astounding yes.

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Soon the father had finished pumping the gas and came over. This attracted a little crowd at the gas station. And some older man gave the family a gift card and another middle aged man gave away his jacket to the father. Never in my life did I think I would see this kind of thing happen at a gas station with a handful of complete strangers. But it gives me hope, that the love of God can be so contagious. That we are not alone in being the change we want to see in the world. God's love is greater than anything and we get to be a part of that love changing lives. And HE always provides!" Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 9

Country Gospel Christian Country Radio Guide Country Music For The Good Life! Music for your listening pleasure! with Ricky Russ, Abilene, Texas - 24/7 with Joe Brashier South Bend, Indiana - 24/7 with Hunter Logan Jennings, LA. - 24/7 with Marty Smith - 24/7 Owner: Mike Carr Sundays 10:00 am CST with Tommy Smith San Antonio, Hondo, Texas with Jim Foster Columbus, GA - 24/7 with Tim Livingston Dayton, Ohio - 24/7 Sundays 8:00 am CST with Tommy Smith Tyler, Texas with Jim Tucker Roswell, NM - 24/7 with Ken Iverson Chandler,Texas - 24/7 with Gene & Micki Farington Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. - 24/7 with Bob Terry Buffalo, NY - 24/7 Arlington, Texas - 24/7 Praise Radio w/ Bryon Fester Spruce Grove, Alberta - 24/7 with Gaylon King San Antonio, TX - 24/7 with Billy R. Douglas Livermore, KY - 24/7

WHAT’S WRONG WITH BEING OLD FASHIONED?? In the America of yesterday you paid your debts as quickly as possible, and went without things to do it. You disciplined your children, but disciplined yourself, first. You spent less than you earned, and demanded that your government do the same. You went to Church, your children to Sunday School and you had daily prayers. No court would have dared to interpose any law into your private religion. You would have been horrified at (and quick to change) men in high places who made “deals”. You expected to prosper by individual initiative – by doing a better and better job. You obeyed the law but took an active enough part in government to see that the laws were just. You “walked softly but carried a big stick”. And that was the character, which brought this country victory in two World Wars, built it back from a shattering depression and fed and saved the civilized world. If all this is “old hat”, then so be it. IT NEEDS RESURRECTION!! Reprinted with permission of Cathedral Press

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Way Out West by Terry & Debra Luna

May 28, 2016 – Norwalk, CA The auditorium was virtually filled with long-time fans and friends of the Legendary Country Music Icon. Regardless of the fact that on his next birthday, Freddie Hart will be ninety-years-old, the singer/songwriter graced the stage and performed a collection of Country Gospel songs, including his most recent chart-topping single, “This Old Church,” which he says actual events near his hometown of Loachapoka, Alabama inspired him to write. Hart was one of three artists on the roster for the Memorial Day Celebration Concert at Pioneer Baptist Church in Norwalk, California hosted by Rev. Billy Brisendine. We were honored to also be included on the program along with The Regents of Southern California. We had the opportunity to sit down with Freddie after the concert to talk with him for this edition of “Way Out West.” Freddie Hart and his wife Ginger, live in nearby Burbank, California where he has lived for over forty years. We asked him how he chose to settle down in Southern California after being born to sharecroppers in Alabama. Joining the Marines at the age of 15 with permission from his parents, Freddie served his country in World War II. He later followed his dreams and found himself in Phoenix, AZ where he met many of the top artists of the day including Waylon Jennings and Marty Robbins performing at the Riverside Ballroom; he was soon introduced and subsequently landed a spot touring with Lefty Frizzell. After a few years with Frizzell, Hart, always having a passion for songwriting, had moderate success of his own, charting several singles including “Loose Talk,” peaking at #10. Carl Smith heard Freddie’s version, recorded it himself and it quickly reached #1, pushing Freddie’s single off of the charts. With Frizzell’s help, Freddie eventually landed a contract with Capitol Records in Hollywood, where he recorded many tracks including his signature mega-hit “Easy Lovin’.” Freddie’s list of accomplishments both as an artist and a songwriter is impressive. He is the recipient of almost every major award including his Grammy for “Best Male Performance,” Country Music Association’s (twice) Continued on next page…

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award for “Song of the Year” and “Male Vocalist of the Year,” The Academy of Country Music’s “Song of the Year,” “ Male Vocalist of the Year,” all for “Easy Lovin’” The International Country Gospel Music Association’s “Living Legend of the Year” and according to Freddie, his most treasured award, the induction into the “Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame.” Enjoying the success and fast-paced life as a Country Music Star, Freddie realized that his life was lacking. He began to read the Bible, pray and seek the heart of God. Always having a love of Gospel Music he has recorded several Gospel projects, the latest being “Heavenly Wonderful, Heavenly Beautiful” which has spawned several chart-topping singles. Freddie Hart loves the Lord, serves in his local church as a deacon, and loves to sing his songs proudly proclaiming his faith. As Freddie’s set that evening was coming to a close, and as a tribute to Veterans that were present at the concert, Freddie asked the other artists on the program to join him onstage to perform his last song of the evening, the patriotic-themed “I Wouldn’t Trade America (For the World,”) which turned out to be the highlight of the evening. At the invitation from the emcee, Billy Brisendine, fifteen veterans, including Freddie himself, gathered at the front of the auditorium where those in attendance paid tribute to some of America’s finest. Many friends and fans were waiting after the concert to meet and greet Freddie; he disappointed no one, signing autographs, posing for snapshots and shaking hands, staying until the last person left the auditorium, the evening was truly “Heavenly Wonderful, Heavenly Beautiful.” Until next time from “Way Out West.” Happy Trails!

Production, Recording, Distribution, Compilations, Radio Promotion We are accepting tracks for our next compilation NOW! CALL US TODAY! (903) 566-3347 We at Canyon Creek Records, Inc. and The Christian Servant Publishing Company, BMI, strive to help artists that believe with all their hearts that GOD has called them to use their talents for HIS glory. If being a Christian artist is your heart’s desire, then contact us at (903) 566-3347, or e-mail us at Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 12

…the way I see it by John Penney The Christian Outlaw Take time to know Jesus…heard it all my life and just never thought I needed to know anymore than I had already learned from Sunday School and my Grandma Gussie. That`s mostly what we knew about Jesus, I don`t think I ever gave it a whole lot of thought one way or the other. My Granddaddy was an old time Preacher and I was really young when he passed but I can see him plain as day when I have a problem and need a little pick me up. I do not remember much about my Granddaddy but I feel him near me a lot. That was the way I felt about Jesus when I was growing up. I didn`t have a personal relationship with Him but I knew Him through the Bible and lessons that were taught to us young’uns. So I rocked on down life’s highway for a bunch of years thinking I was doing just fine and seeing myself as being a pretty good old boy. Well, not the pretty part but you can see where I`m heading. Looking back at my yesteryear I can see that even though I was doing good things and trying to be a good person I was slowly being rode hard by the Devil. Some people don`t think that there is a Devil but I can assure you that the Devil is real and working hard to gain a toehold in every Christian that`s living in our great land. The Devil is to be rebuked at every turn and especially in this world that we are living in today. The way to fight the Devil is to know Jesus. So, take time to know Jesus. It`s not hard to do, just ask Him into your heart and pick up the Bible. It is a simple thing and I will promise you, when you take time to know Jesus your trials will all be over. Maybe not the ones that don`t matter in the first place because it`s your soul that matters not the things of this world. Seems like a lot to give up but it`s not, because you get Jesus. I`m not gonna beat you over the head with the Bible but if I get the chance I`m sure gonna tell everyone the good news. Take time to know Jesus. As I travel around this country of ours I see things. Folks, we need Jesus more today than yesterday. I am humbled by His presence in my life. I try every day to take a little time to know Jesus.

John’s latest recording, “A Miracle Tonight” GET IT AT:

That`s the way I see it …. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 13

TITLES by Mike Merritt

Seems like in this ole’ world “titles” are very important to us. We just need to be somebody. It is hard to accept who we really are, people spend a lot of time, energy, and resources to be somebody else. “We need to be who we were created to be, that other person is already here.” There is a big difference in having the desire to do something in life and having the resources to be whatever we want to be today. I talk with folks a lot and it doesn’t take long to figure out that some folks have an identity problem, they became lost as to who they are, trying to be somebody else. Ego’s and pride are dangerous and destructive. I was talking to a fellow this week and he made a statement; He said he knew George Strait. I thought that is cool so I began to ask him questions about George Strait. He really did not know George Strait, he had been to a concert once and owned all of George’s music. I guess he was thinking that made him special. Sometimes it seems everybody in the world are bullriders, you know, they got on a calf at Granpa’s house once when they were young, so for the rest of their lives, they are bullriders!! Wonder what Ty Murray thinks about that? I was blessed like a lot of folks to have grown up in the country, farming and ranching all around me. I wanted to be a cowboy so I got my hat and boots, I am in!!! One day an ole timer asked me are you a cowboy or did you just find that hat. That hurt my feelings and pushed me to be the best cowboy I could be, learning the law of the land, don’t mess with a man’s hat, don’t try and pet his dog, don’t mess with his horse, never ever ask a man how many cows he owns, how much land does he own and can I borrow your horse. I worked hard learning to ride, rope, how to read cattle, taking pride in who I am. The cowboy look is cool and lots of folks spend a lot of money for the look, the ole timer also told me “ the hat don’t make the cowboy”. Being a cowboy, working on ranches, feed lots, or arena is a culture in itself, not a fad. I thought I was a purty good hand until I met JESUS and realized I am nothing without HIM, and HIS word gave me the drive to be the best I can be. Colossians 3:23-24 reads: Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the LORD, not for men. Since you know you will receive an inheritance from the LORD as a reward. It is the LORD CHRIST you are serving. My passion has turned from just being a cowboy to reaching the cowboy culture with the gospel. In my adventures over the years I see folks standing behind a hat calling themselves cowboy’s, to folks sitting in pews calling themselves Christians. Chairs, pews and bibles don’t make Christians, it is fighting the battles, wearing your bible out, living up to GOD’S word, not depending solely on the pastor to do all the work. Folks seem to be confused as to how this country got in the mess it is in. I blame it on identity issues. Evil has overpowered good partly because Christians focus more on the world than the word and try to blend it together. Oil and water don’t mix. Christians wanting to be somebody they are not called to be so we can attain titles breaks down the effectiveness of who we are. Trying to fit in this world is not what Jesus expects us to do!! He said go into the world spreading the good news. I heard a statement recently that really ties it up, “ Go spread the gospel and use words when necessary.” We should live up to what we represent so the world is not confused. We are in this world as Christians, but we are not of it. Do you know JESUS or do you just own the book? Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 14

Join us August 4th, 5th, & 6th for The Granddaddy of all Music Award Shows as we Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the ICGMA by Tommy Smith

The International Country Gospel Music Association convention and award show will be celebrating it’s 60th year of existence this August 4th, 5th and 6th 2016. Billy Holcomb and Lindsey Thompson gave “birth” to the ICGMA in 1956. Many Country Gospel award shows have popped up over the last 60 years but most have already come and gone. The ICGMA has enjoyed it’s success because of it’s dedication to keep it country but most of all about Christ! That is why some of the biggest names in the Country Gospel music industry have attended our conventions and been presented with the prestigious Gold Cross award. Artists such as: Walt Mills, Judy DeRamus, Willie Nelson, Del Way, Chuck Day, Fox Brothers, Dottie Rambo, Dr. Joe Price, Billy Walker, Barbara Fairchild, Jimmy Jones, Kenny Hinson, LaVerne Tripp, Jimmy Fautheree, Roland Wright, Stewart Hamlin, Jody Miller, Shelia Lewis, Tommy Smith, Betty Jean Robinson, Claude Gray, Joe Paul Nichols, Otha Geeslin, W C Taylor, Barry Wayne, Johnny Mathis, Light Crust Doughboys, Dolly Parton, Gina and Jimmy White, Clifton Jansky, Gene Reasoner, James Marvell, Lawton Williams, Wanda Jackson, Gary R. Smith, Margo Smith, Mary Faye Jackson, Gayla Earlene, Gene Crain, Mike Manuel, David Patillo, Susie Luchsinger, Cal Denison, Bruce Haynes, Cross Country, Morgan & Morgan, The Singing Nichols, Family, One A Chord, Steve "Rabbit" Easter, The Babcocks, Red Foley, Ken Holloway, Pete Whitebird, Steve White, The Texas Girls, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Billy Jack Davis, Melanie Walker, The Chuck Wagon Gang, Marla Ratliff, Jimmy R. Price, Freddie Hart, Terry Davis, Chuck Hancock, Terry Beene, Mike Culpepper, Tommy Brandt, Dan Duncan, James Payne, Miles Pike, CrossFire Gospel Band, Kevin Rowe and The Prodigal Sons, Porter Wagoner, Sunday Drive, David House, Gena Roberts Hamilton, Kristi Miller, The Jordanaires, MariJohn Wilkerson, Doyle Dykes, Dirk Johnson, Milo Deering, Mike McClain, Buddy Jewell, Marty Raybon, Billy Holcomb, Bob Wilson, Glorya Wilson, Joann Cash Yates, Gene Breeden, Gene Bradley, Dr. Harry Yates, and just too many more to list. The first ICGMA award show I had ever heard about was in the year 1993 when Billy Walker was on Ralph Emory’s Nashville Now show sporting his Gold Cross Award and talking about the great attendance of artists and audience at the venue in Sherman, Texas. The convention drew several thousand people that year. The ICGMA has always had one of the smallest membership and booth fees of all the organizations. They’ve worked hard at serving their artists and members. Never having discriminated against age and constantly reminding us all that God gave us our gifts and they are to be used to glorify Him. I have been a past president, member and board member and have found it an honor to work closely with all of those who have made the ICGMA the great organization that it is. Speaking for all the board members, we would love to see everyone attend this year and be a part of the celebration. To become a member or for more information you may contact President Dan Duncan or his lovely wife Marilyn at (417) 372-1129. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 15

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2016 NOMINEES in no particular order



Gena Roberts Hamilton Beverly Crocker Lawana Blevins Tammy Bogle Jamie Lynn Flanakin Darlene Jennusa Carolyn Dement Tina Wakefield Megan Woods Jo Fox

Kevin Rowe Rodney Morss Brandon Poole John Randolph Jesse Reece Tommy Brandt 2nd Chris Golden Lance Stone John Webster Jerry Branscomb



Ava Kasich Marla Ratliff Gena Roberts Hamilton Joy Roberts Doris Merritt Bev McCann Mary James Debbie Bennett Tammy Bogle Kristi Miller

Chuck Hancock John Penney Chuck Day Tommy Brandt Jim Sheldon James Payne Mike Manuel Terry Davis Steve Shirey John Randolph



Joy Roberts Keisha Parish Mary Faye Jackson Gayla Earlene Ava Kasich Cindy Hughlett Nikki Headley Melanie Walker Joan Gregory Marla Ratliff

Terry Davis John Penney Chuck Day James Payne David House Tommy Smith Tommy Brandt Rene’ Jones Mike Manuel Jim Sheldon

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Barry McGee Marty Raybon Tim Livingston Hinson Family Jesse Reece Chuck Hancock Chris Golden Sunday Drive Terry Davis John Webster

Terry & Debra Luna Rene’ & Edie Jones McKay Project Heart To Heart Mike & Doris Merritt Jimmy & Gina White Bob & Alta Courtney Lewis & Lewis Weston & Christy Hinson Chuck Day & Linda Davis



The Parish Family Psalm 100 The Waymasters Reed Brothers Crossfire Gospel Band Weston & Christy Hinson McKay Project McDougal Kids Kevin Rowe & The Prodigal Sons Living Water

Crossfire Gospel Band Reed Brothers Kevin Rowe & The Prodigal Sons Waymasters McKay Project Joe Arview & Thunder Finley River Boys Weavers Believers Cowboys At The Cross Sammy Glass Family



Chip Headley Tommy Brandt 2nd Chewey McMahan Jimmy Jack Whitaker Doyle Dykes Chris Golden Brad Allen Dennis McKay Gene Crain Greg McDougal

Chuck Day Terry Davis John Penney James Payne Kristi Miller Tommy Brandt Mike Manuel Jimmy R. Price Cindy Hughlett Chuck Hancock



Jesus I Believe - Chuck Hancock Hills Of Glory - Waymasters Broken - Tommy Brandt Your Are The Rock - Tamatha Hurst Take This Bible - Dan Duncan Love Held My Savior To A Tree - Del Way House Of Good News - Mike Leichner Jesus Is My Rock - Joy Roberts A Different Light - Chris Golden They Know Me Here - Kristi Miller

Detour - Mike & Doris Merritt Smokey Mtn Gospel - Waymasters Lean On The Lord - Crossfire Gospel Band Crossover - Chuck Hancock Given Love - Marla Ratliff My Ships Coming In - Kristi Miller Sunday Shoes - Chris Golden The Country Side of Me - Mike Leichner Sacred Ground - James Payne Positively Free In Jesus - Jim Sheldon Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 17

Continued from previous page. PRODUCER OF THE YEAR


Tommy Smith Ron Short Chuck Hancock Doug DeRamus Perry Edge Adrian David Payne Barry Wayne Shane Roark Chuck Day Dennis McKay

Tommy Smith Perry Edge Jesica Huddleston Ralph & Diane Parton Randall Wilds Tommy Brandt Rob Patz Gene & Mikki Farrington Terry Beene Micah McCarley



Heavens Country WGNZ - Dayton, Ohio WVBD - Fayetteville, MV KKUS - Tyler, TX Inspirational Country Radio - Abilene WBIP - Booneville, MS WSWV - Pennington, V WTVY - Dothan, AL WBCE - Wickliff, KY KWFX-Spirit Country Radio - Woodward, OK

Marty Smith Gene Reasoner Tommy Smith Hunter Logan Micah McCarley J.R. Pittsenbargar Jim Foster Scott Perkins Mary Jane Holt Ricky Russ



Jim Sheldon Terry Davis Mary James Reed Brothers Joy Roberts Chuck Day Marla Ratliff Tommy Smith Parish Family Tommy Brandt

The Isaacs Waymasters The Roys Reed Brothers Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver Living Waters Weaver Believers Baker Family Southern Raised Marty Raybon



Broken - Tommy Brandt I Believe - McKay Project The Old Mustang - Johnny Rowlett They Know Me Here - Kristi Miller Grandpa’s Fiddle - James Payne That Old Screen Door - Mike Manuel New Again - Jim Sheldon I Know Jesus Loves Me - Carla Jones Crazy World - Reed Brothers Reason To Live - Jesse Reece

Music City Show - Jim Sheldon Larry’s Country Diner Texas Country Gospel Sessions - Melanie Walker Great American Gospel All Aboard Gospel American Gospel On Stage Cowboy Church RFD A Christian Talk Of The Town Ozark Tradition

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Continued from previous page. COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR


Bob Courtney - “Pastor Pudge” Aaron Wilburn Bruce Walker Peggy Inks Barry McGee - “Harvey Tater” Kenny “Cornbread” Robinson Tim Lovelace Tommy Frizsell & Chewy McMahan Chonda Pierce Tim Hadler

Judy DeRamus Mike Manuel Mary Fay Jackson Chuck Day Freddie Hart Tommy Smith Del Way Gene Reasoner Gayla Earlene Chuck Hancock

CONVENTION & AWARDS SHOW VENUE: West Plains Civic Center, 110 St. Louis Street, West Plains, MO 65775

We hope to see you there! *ICGMA 60th Annual Award Show * 2016 Convention and Awards Show August 4th, 5th, & 6th, 2016 ICGMA Celebrates it's 60th Anniversary!

Dan Duncan, President of the Board of Directors, ICGMA

Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 19

COUNTRY GOSPEL MUSIC Glory Train Records Compilation #93 is a real winner. My picks from the comp are: “Jesus Is My Lifeline” by Stonewall Jackson and Donny Richmond, both are veterans and pros in the music industry. “If I Could Have One More Tomorrow” by Marvin Morrow. Marvin has always been one of the most well respected and most played artists by Country Gospel radio. This song will be no acceptation! There are three more songs that I have picked from this comp. First “In The Presence Of You Lord” by Vernell Morrow. “Walk This Jesus Way” by Dennis Thompson. “Take Me Home” by Waymasters. One of my favorite Country, Bluegrass Gospel Groups. Millennium Music Group Compilation #60. This is another great comp featuring Country and Southern Gospel. My picks for Country Gospel are: “Don’t Drown” by Sunday Drive. “When My Time Comes” by Peter Christie. “From The Third Day On” by Debbie Bennett. “Too Far From Home” by Lear Family. “Is That Footsteps On The Clouds” by Dallas West. “The Writing On The Wall by Perry Sisters. Gospel Jukebox #35. If you love Country Gospel music, you’ll want to play this comp. “If The Statue Of Liberty Could Cry” by James Payne. This is an excellent song. “Be There Too” by Del Way. “All The Way” by Chuck Hancock. “I’m Bound For That City” by Shirley Carter. “Nobody Sang Amazing Grace” by Dan Duncan. This is one of the best songs I’ve heard by Dan. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 20

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“American Pride” by Mike Leichner is really a great patriotic song and America’s proud of Mike for serving his country as a Marine. “Shuffling Of The Dishes” by Anita Stahl. “Everybody Needs A Little Love” by Terry and Teresa Baker. A really good song. “Where’s The Family” by Mike Manuel. As always excellent! “Praying For The Angels” by Loretta Hummel. “When My Street Turns To Gold” by The Ishmaels. “Can Anybody Hear Me” by Jo Fox. A little on the Contemporary side but it’s one one my favorites. Power Source Music Compilation #218. My picks are: “Jesus On The Jukebox” by Kali Rose. “If I Fall” by Mary Fay Jackson. A really good song from a very talented artist. “Where He Needs Her” by Mikayla Lynn and Isaac Cole. They are both so young and yet so polished and national sounding. The choice of song is fantastic and it really grabs the heart. This song is a real winner “Heaven Knows” by Tom Dolan. To me, Tom is a sleeping giant in this industry. He has such a great smooth voice and always writes exceptional songs. I guess you could say I’m a fan. Continued on next page…

Wyatt Nations

Thanks to radio for charting our latest release "Guiding Light" at #50 in Christian Servant Magazines July 2016 Country For The Good Life Top 100 chart. Also a big thanks to PowerSource magazine for charting Our previous release "If It Satisfies You Lord" at #40 for July 2016 in their Inspirational Country Top 100 chart. We give God all the glory and are so proud that He lets us serve Him with our music ministry. Also Mike McClain, thank you for working so hard for us in your studio not only as an engineer but also with your great musicianship. The same goes for you Trish Hawkins for the great back-up singing on our project. To contact our ministry go to Cassie Nation’s Facebook page or email us at: May God Bless all of you, Wyatt and Cassie Nations Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 21

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Volume 36

Canyon Creek Records Compilation #36 has some of the best artists in the industry. “King Of My Heart” by Gayla Earlene. This is a brand new song written and recorded by Gayla along with her husband Gene Crain on Steel Guitar. A true “Oklahoma Texas Swing” sound with great Gospel lyrics. Should be a chart topper.

“Make It To The Mountain” by Cindy Hughlett. This is one of the best ones yet. It seems every song Cindy releases, she could not do better, but somehow she does! “Forever In The End” by Lonnie King. Lonnie is one of my favorites in the industry, not only because he’s a great singer, songwriter but because of his heart for God. I personally love this song. “All The Way” by Chuck Hancock. This song is going to do just that, go all the way reaching souls for Christ. Chuck wrote this song and it’s headed all the way to the top with this heartfelt message! “In The First Place” by Kristi Miller. I’m sure this song will receive the same tremendous amount of airplay that her last two releases to radio have. Kristi sings this awesome Christian message with a whole lot of soul. The quality of this recording is top notch Nashville. “Pass Me Not” by Melanie Walker. This hymn performed by Melanie has that classic Melanie Walker style that only she can do. She brings new life into this song and yet keeps it traditional. I’m sure as always this song will do tremendous for Melanie. “Heaven Bound” by Margie Singleton. What a great song by this veteran Country star. Since 1962 she has been recording “hit” Country songs not only as a single artist but along with such greats as George Jones and Faron Young. She knows how much God has blessed her life and is very grateful to Him. She’s aware that should her life on earth end today she would be “Heaven Bound”. It’s her hearts desire that all would come to know Christ as their Saviour. “Wildfire” by Ben Anderson. There is a new kid in town and his name is Ben Anderson. This young man is a very talented, gifted singer, songwriter. His music is a little on the contemporary side and is sure to reach thousands of young people. DJ’s please give this song a listen and a lot of spins. “Let Me Live” by Joy Roberts. This is a song speaking out for all the unborn children being slaughtered all over the world each and everyday through abortion. This song has already been well received by radio and the public. Joy would like to thank you all for standing up for what is right. “In That Old Country Church” by Dale Friedrich. This is another great song released by Dale and as always he’s such a joy to listen to. For those of you who do not know, Dale is also a great preacher. You can catch his TV program every Saturday at 9:30 AM CST on the UAN network on Roku or Internet.

Freedom In Christ Galatians 5:1 “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery.” 2 Corinthians 3:17 “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” Galatians 2:4 “…our freedom that we have in Christ Jesus…” John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Romans 8:2 “For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.” Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 22

McKay Project would like to thank radio for playing our latest release "Get Saved". The song has moved up to #69 in the Christian Servant Magazine "Country For The Good Life" Top 100. We would also like to thank all our fans and peers in the music industry for nominating us in these categories for the International Country Gospel Music Association 2016 Award Show. Gold Cross Duo of the year. Gold Cross Group of the year Gold Cross Band of the year We feel honored that you voted for us and our ministry. We love you all, Dennis and Leslie McKay


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Visit Brad Wilson and Higher Purpose Entertainment at:

It’s hard to believe but Summer is here! Many of you grab a hand full of books to read on any lazy day you can find or while you are on vacation. I was thinking that another thing you might want to add to those days are some good faith based films to watch. Below are some suggestions of some current faith based films that might be of interest. “RISEN” - Film director Kevin Reynolds directs this epic film about Pontius Pilate appointing a Roman Centurion to investigate the disappearance of Jesus from the tomb. “MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN” - “All things are possible in Christ” are words that will resonate more than ever after watching this touching family film. “YOUNG MESSIAH” - A rare glimpse into the childhood of Christ. “GOD IS NOT DEAD 2” - Melissa Joan Hart stars as a public school teacher who gets into trouble for quoting the Bible. On a personal note I would like to thank all of you who have been praying for our latest film “THE MEANEST MAN IN TEXAS.” What an incredible true story of redemption! We have been so very excited to get the film into production and as you are reading this article we are actually in production on the film. People who have read the script have been touched in such a big way and it’s amazing the people we have with us that have signed on to this journey. This is a very different kind of faith based film than I have ever produced. It’s real life and at times not very pretty just as life is. But audiences around the world will see the great power of love and God and what can happen if one has great faith. We will keep you posted as things progress and about the release date in the future. Speaking of release dates we are very blessed to report that our film “MY MANY SONS” will be released in October of this year. This is the true story of the legendary Basketball coach “that no one knew”, Coach Don Meyer.” Coach Meyer became the most winning NCAA Basketball coach in history after passing Bobby Knight’s record. Well Go America is releasing the film and they are very excited about it and happy to have it as part of their film family. We are thrilled and blessed! Have a great and blessed Summer and please keep us in your prayers as we continue our film ministry around the world. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 24

Do These 3 Things While You Wait For Your Miracle By Pastor QT Nyathi

Waiting on the Lord for a miracle or breakthrough is not what many people think it is; just staring blankly into the sky expecting God to split the heavens open and come to your rescue. Awaiting the Lord to move on your behalf is not a passive exercise or just ceasing from all activity. Here are three things you should do while heaven is processing your miracle. Actually this threesome combination also acts as a catalyst that releases your miracle much faster. Activity #1: Do some word exercises. God responds to His word not your wails. Doing word exercises like studying, meditating, and confessing scripture will not only strengthen you but it will attract heaven's attention as well. God always follows His word. In addition to general study, zero in your focus on your area of need. For example if you need healing study, meditate, and confess healing scriptures. Activity #2: Join a support group. A support group is a group of people who support each other in a bid to overcome a problem they all share. Somebody somewhere is going through what you are going through. Take this a step further by linking up with people who have overcome what you are facing; they will inspire you to fight on. In the Bible, pregnant Mary visited Elizabeth who was also expecting. Activity #3: Deepen your walk with God. There is something more important than a miracle; your relationship with Jesus. While heaven is processing your order, strengthen your relationship with Jesus through deeper worship, prayer, and pursuit. If you do, you will smile when you ought to be crying and help others when you have greater needs yourself. You'll become a miracle as you wait for your miracle. In conclusion there are two ways God delivers us. In most cases, He delivers us from stuff, but in a few instances He delivers us through stuff. When He delivers us from stuff, He removes the problem, when He delivers us through stuff He sustains us in the problem. Either way it's still a miracle if you ask me.

Pastor QT is a published author, copywriter and speaker. His sincerity, wit and candid style have endeared him to many hearts. His book DELIVERANCE UNPACKED has been warmly received globally. He conducts spicy marriage and singles seminars with his feisty wife Bonani. Article Source: CHRISTIAN WRITER

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Soldiers and Soul winners for Christ

The McDougal Family by Tommy Smith

I always tell people, when asked, that I didn’t choose to be a Singer – Songwriter. I was born to be a Singer – Songwriter. I was given those gifts from God. After hearing the songs of Greg McDougal and keeping up with his Christian music career it is obvious that Greg is also one of Gods chosen. He has a special destiny for all of us. He did however create us with a freewill spirit and gave us the right to choose or reject our destiny. Most of us choose to go the way of the world, instead of the way of righteousness. That is why we see so many lives unfulfilled and living in depression without hope. Greg like so many of us tried to use his gift of talent to bring self-glory. He wanted to see his name in neon lights all over the world. He was a self-starter and worked very hard to see that dream come true. He and his wife Diane moved to Nashville, TN. home of the greatest Songwriters and Country singers in the world. After six years and two publishing deals later, Greg had one of his songs recorded by John Michael Montgomery. Then Greg teamed up for a record deal with producer and lead singer of the Country group BlackHawk. They recorded a project and they shopped it around to labels. Gary Overton of EMI and Tim Dubois of Arista Records liked what they heard. Greg and Diane were soon to enjoy the success that they had worked so hard for and dedicated their lives to. When record deals take place it takes a year or longer sometimes for things to get into full swing. During that period of time God in all of His wisdom showed Greg he had what it took to make it in the worlds music industry, but that was not the plans that He had for Greg and Diane. He sent to them seed planters. Most of us that have crossed over from the world’s side to the side of Christ know what I am talking about. Greg and Diane had moved next door to a couple that started talking to them about going to church and rededicating their lives to Christ. You see Greg and Diane both knew the Lord but they had slipped far away from Him while chasing that Neon rainbow. Greg and Diane started going to Sunday school with the couple but didn’t frequent the main sanctuary much. They just didn’t like the music. But the Holy Spirit kept on tugging at both Greg’s and Diane’s heart and soon they both started asking the Lord “whatever you would have us do Lord we will do it”. They were willing to make a commitment to serve Him and trust Him. Shortly after they surrendered to Christ they were blessed with their first child Jeffrey. Now you would think that everything was going to be perfect for the McDougals, well it wasn’t. Jeffrey had been born with a hole in his intestinal tract. The Doctors weren’t sure if Jeffrey was going to make it. Greg and Diane felt all alone in that delivery room, and I’m sure, questioned why God would let this happen. You know that Sunday school class we mentioned and the church sanctuary they never attended much well in just a matter of minutes after hearing about Jeffrey’s, need all the members of that church started praying without ceasing for the McDougal family. Greg and Diane now understood what Jesus meant when He said, “They would know you are my disciples by the love you have for each other”. That is what church families do. Jeffrey pulled through and was later diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. The McDougals had three more children and three out of the four had the same thing. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 26

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Back when Jeffrey was in the hospital Greg decided to give his talent back to Jesus and start using it for Him and not the world. He and Diane both decided to be disciples for Christ. They wanted to be seed planters and lead others to God just like their next-door neighbors did for them. They have been working for years now evangelizing through music and the written word. Their kids have been in and out of the hospitals for years now and their medical bills have been phenomenal. God has provided and made sure the family’s needs and the kid’s medical needs are taken care of. The McDougal kids now travel on the road with Greg and Diane and just like mom and dad they are very talented and can’t wait to tell everyone what a loving, miracle working friend they have in Jesus. The whole family are soldiers for Christ. If you know that your gifts were God given, use them to glorify the giver. Take the path that leads to “the way, the truth and the life”. We are God’s children not Lucifer’s children. Lucifer will try to steal and rob your glory in Christ, but take it from the McDougals and fight back by quoting the scriptures and telling Satan no matter what you bring against our family I will always give God all the praise and glory. He is my King. Lucifer you are not. Now go back to hell where you belong and leave us alone. When you go to the McDougals’ website and purchase a CD or two, maybe even make a donation, it will help them to keep their ministry going and also help with their on going medical bills. Pastors if you would invite the McDougal family to come to your church and praise God through their music and touch hearts through their testimony, you will be blessed while blessing them. Contact the McDougals at: (615) 668-3908 or

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Movers and Shakers of the Country Gospel Industry

Billy R. Douglas VOTL Radio When God calls one of His children to be a Servant for Him there will be good fruit produced. He does not make mistakes. His anointing will not go void. A good example is the calling He put on the life of Billy Douglas at the young age of nineteen. Billy will tell you not only did he receive the gift to preach but also at the same time the gift of his beautiful wife, friend and partner Deresa. Together they have been in some form of ministry since 1986. They started working for their home church in any capacity they could serve. In just a few years they started an evangelistic ministry with a thirty-minute preaching radio program that aired once a week on a local AM radio station. The show is still being aired on that station to this day. In 1996 the Lord led Billy to another church where he became assistant pastor for two years. At that same church, Billy also helped, when needed, to lead the music worship service and still operates in the ministry of music today singing Country Gospel & Southern Gospel at different events in the community. Billy and Deresa also started a one-page newsletter for the church called “The Trumpet”. They send it out on a monthly basis. “The Trumpet” is still being sent out today, only now it is eight pages of ministry info, articles, and recipes. By 1999 Billy and Deresa went into full time evangelism. Preaching in churches, tent meetings, street meetings and where ever else the Lord would open the door. Then in 2001 they opened a small church in Island, Kentucky. That little church was just up the road from where Billy had given his life to the Lord and was baptized at the age of five. Once again after serving that church for two years, the building was sold and they went back to evangelizing full time. In 2006 they were lead by the Lord to open up a little store front Full Gospel Church. “Voice of the Lord Tabernacle”. They are still there ten years later. They started a 24/7 Country Gospel and Southern Gospel Internet radio station, VOTL (Voice of the Lord Radio), as an outreach of the church. They are still going strong today. The format also includes teaching and preaching programs. For many years Voice of the Lord Radio has led many to Christ from all over the world. “The Old Gospel Ship” radio show was added to the stations format and has now been syndicated and aired on over twenty radio stations once a week in America. Billy says we are always looking for ways to spread the Salvation message to the lost and will do so whenever and however the Lord leads. Billy and Deresa are truly anointed Servants of the Lord and we hope you will listen to Artists, you can send your projects to be reviewed to: VOTL Radio, P. O. Box 541, Livermore, KY. 42352 or call 270-313-8753. Remember to follow and obey the voice of the Lord when He calls you to serve. If you do that, you can expect many blessings! Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 28

Movers and Shakers of the Country Gospel Industry

God’s Gift of Richard Frazier by Tommy Smith

One of the things that I love about our Heavenly Father is that He is just and fair. He created us all differently but with one purpose, to serve and love each other the way that God serves and loves us. It is always amazing to me when someone is born with a handicap or disability that close family and friends will say “Poor thing, he or she won’t amount to anything in life”. That to me is just telling God that He has no power. The Word says “ He knew you in your mothers womb” and He has great plans for all of us. The young man that this article is written about proves that there are no limitations when it comes to serving God and His children faithfully. This young man’s name is Richard Frazier. He’s a thirty four year old Christian Music DJ that all of us in the industry have come to love and respect. You can tell his heart and soul is in his work and he gives it his all. Richard was one of those that were born with several disabilities. He was diagnosed with visual and auditory perception problems and ADHD, making it difficult for him to read, memorize facts or learn basic math skills such as counting money. I’m sure that Richards friends and family, knowing his limitations, would not have dreamed that he would become one of America’s most loved Radio Personalities. Christ in all of His wisdom knew otherwise. After all, this is the gift that God gave to Richard! At the age of thirteen, Richard started working on a “DJ voice”. He started using special sound effects and music while he was making demo projects on his Boom Box recorder. He began sending the demo’s to friends for their input as he worked hard to perfect his gift. Three years ago Richard’s dreams came true. WURL Radio 760 AM started broadcasting a thirty-minute show hosted by Richard once a month. The audience and management of the station liked what they heard so much and soon they increased his show to one hour each and every Saturday of the month being broadcast between 1 – 2 PM CST. When I called Richard to tell him I was going to write this article, I found him to be so very polite and humble. God said all of us that serve Him should do it with a humble heart. I have been in this industry for over sixteen years now and have seen, in many cases, just the opposite. How refreshing to run across someone like Richard that still obeys the Holy Spirit! You can listen to the Richard Frazier Show on the Web each Saturday at between 1 – 2 PM. Artists you may send your projects to Richard at WURL Radio 2999 Radio Park Dr., Moody, Al. 35004. To God be all glory.

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Summer Storms By Jerry Ousley

Crash! B-b-b-b-oom! Then the rushing sound of a torrential downpour comes. These are the sounds of summer storms. They can blow up in an instant during a bright, sunny day. Sometimes they bring much needed rain and sometimes they bring disaster. The one thing they have in common is that they end. My son and I had gone to a ball game at Cincinnati one summer. When he was younger we tried at least once a year to go and see the "Reds" play. This particular time we had decided to make a day of it, going early enough to stay a few hours at the zoo, then, after a casual lunch go to the ball park early and get our seats before the crowd got there. It was hot. If I remember correctly when we got to the ballpark the temperature was around 102 degrees! But we "weathered" the heat and finally got to our seats. I don't remember much about the game except that as it went on, the sky in the distance was getting darker and darker. By the time the game ended the storm was almost on top of us. We hurried as fast as we could to get to the car. We had borrowed my Dad's car, a 1991 Geo Metro. It was great on gas but we were soon to discover something else about it. We got to the edge of the parking lot and the rain began. Actually it was more like the city of Cincinnati had decided to pour out an entire water tower over the stadium. And so we ran drenched to the car. We sat there for several minutes hoping that the rain would stop but it didn't. By the time we made the nerve-wracking trip through Cincinnati and got to Lawrenceburg, Indiana we were worn out from fighting traffic, trying to see in the rain and spectacular lightning, and we were ready to stop! We found out that the little car floated. As we drove through the torrential rain we could actually feel the car lift to the top of the water on the road, especially if we were going too fast. The rain did finally end and the lightning stopped except for occasional flashes in the distance. Everything was strangely calm after the storm. It reminded me of the time Jesus calmed the storm. When all with Him in the boat thought that death was surely eminent, He stood, said, "Peace! Be still," and the terrible storm was done (see Mark 4:37-39). It also reminded me of how "storms" come to us in life at the most in-opportune times. We don't need that extra tension and trouble but it comes anyway. As surely as we can't stop the rain and the lightning, we can't stop the "storms of life" either. At best we can only hold on tight and ride them out. But just like in the storm with the disciples, if we know Jesus as our personal Savior, He will do one of two things for us. He will either calm the storm, or calm us. We can get through these things. In fact as a believer, the Bible tells us that all things work for our good (to those called according to His purpose see Romans 8:28). So when the rain falls in life and the wind howls remember our Savior. He will get us through and it will work out for the best one way or another. Jesus is even Master of Summer Storms. Jerry D. Ousley is the Author of five books, "Soul Challenge", "Soul Journey" "Ordeal" "The Spirit Bread Daily Devotional" and his first novel "The Shoe Tree." Find out more by visiting or email us at Article Source: CHRISTIAN WRITER Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 30

A Piece Of The Puzzle By Marty Smith It took her months, but she was finally down to what she thought was the last piece of the puzzle. This was her masterpiece, the one project that she had been working on for so long and it was almost done. As she put in the last puzzle piece, she realized that she was missing a piece. Without it, the puzzle would not be complete. At a glance, one would hardly notice that a piece was missing. But without that last piece, the puzzle was not complete. As I thought about this story, the thought dawned on me….each one of us is a puzzle piece. Each one of us that are called by God are pieces of a puzzle, a master plan, that God has designed for His Glory. Without each piece, the work is not complete. You may have heard someone say, “We’re the only ones doing this” or, “I’m better than everyone else”. That’s not true. You are a piece of a big puzzle that God is putting together for His Glory. For the one who hardly gets any recognition, you are just as important as the one who seems to get all the kudos. We are all part of God’s plan, and each piece of this puzzle that He has designed is just as important as the other. Without each other, we are not a whole puzzle. If we are only missing one piece of that puzzle, it is still incomplete. The next time you feel that you aren’t important, keep this in mind; you are just as important as the next person who is spreading the Gospel. Your results may be a little different, but to God, it is no less important than anyone else.

Marty Smith is the morning show host of Heaven’s Country ( and host of the internationally syndicated radio show, “Todays’ Cross Country ( You can email him at:

Thank you, Marty Smith Morning Host Heaven's Country! Take It From The Top! 719-216-9370

Host of Today's Cross Country The Truth Is In The Music! 719-216-9370

Freedom From Sin Romans 6:6-7 King James Version (KJV):

Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin. For he that is dead is freed from sin. Christian Servant Magazine - Edition III, 2016 - Page 31

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