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For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11 KJV

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December, 2015 Christian Servant Outreach Ministry, Inc. Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 1

Congratulations on your #1 chart topping song

“Praise Jesus” on the Christian Servant Country For The Good Life Top 100 December, 2015

You can purchase Jimmy’s music at CDBaby, the best independent music store on the web. And visit Jimmy’s Website at! Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 2

TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1 Cover Page 2 Number 1 Song Christian Servant Country For The Good Life Top 100 Page 3 Table of Contents Page 4 Just A Thought by Gayla Earlene Page 5 A-Way In A Manger by Pastor Dr. Doug DeRamus Page 7 On Time and On Target by Jimmy R. Price Page 8 Country Gospel Christian Country Radio Guide Page 9 Christian Servant Country For The Good Life Top 100 Chart Page 12 Rodney Morss - Born In America by Tommy Smith Page 13 Super Anointed, Super Star - Judy Bailey by Tommy Smith Page 14 His Name Is Jesus by Marty Smith Page 15 “Freedom in Christ” & “A Hoped For Righteousness” by Terry Davis Page 17 The Way I See It by John Penney Page 18 Joy, Joy, Joy Down In My Heart by Roger Barkley, Jr. Page 19 What Can We Give To The King by Randy Gunn Page 20 What A Wonderful Life by Brad Wilson Page 22 Tim Livingston: God’s Called, God’s Anointed by Tommy Smith

From The Staff Of Christian Servant Magazine

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"Just A Thought" with Gayla Earlene Visit Gayla Earlene at

The Little Bitty Cross

Recently Gene & I went out to eat supper in a small town. While he let me out to go on in, he parked the truck. I was walking toward the door when an elderly man hollered at me. I turned to acknowledge him as he said "Ma'am, Ma'am I'd like to give you something." I could tell he was genuine as he reached out to hand me a very small, rugged looking cross. I said, "Oh thank you so much sir that's so nice of you." He said, "Well it's not perfect but I enjoy making these and giving them to people." I replied, "Well sir you know when our Jesus was crucified, that cross wasn't perfect either, but the man was." "Yep you're right & he died for our sins," I agreed. He said "Well Ma'am I won't take up any more of your time." I told him, "Thank you again for sharing Jesus." I love that little bitty cross & I’ll never forget our conversation and the love it was made with. You see your ministry doesn't have to be a big production, it just has to be genuine. Even the smallest acts of kindness and love please God and we can change lives through Jesus, one by one. Never underestimate the power of the cross no matter what the size, it's the meaning that matters.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Whites

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A-Way In A Manger by Pastor Dr. Doug DeRamus You can visit Doug DeRamus at:

Luke 2:1-7 (1) And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed. (2) (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.) (3) And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city. (4) And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:) (5) To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.

(6) And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. (7) And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. KJV Luke 2:5 says that “Mary being great with child”. The word “great” here is the only place in the New Testament that word is used. This “great with child” has a meaning of “swelling inside”. Pat your tummy and say, with “Christ In Me” there is a state of expectancy. Luke 2:7 says that Mary laid him in a manger. Greek word says, “laid him back in a posture of rest“. The Word “MANGER” is only mentioned 3 times in scripture. In Luke 2:7, 12, 16. The Greek renders To eat, a crib for fodder. Now in Luke 13:15 it is translated a stall. THE MAIN THOUGHT HERE: A Manger was a feed trough, crib or open box in a stable designed to hold “fodder” for live-stock. I am not going to tell you that when man fell in the Garden that he went from being clothed with the image of God to being clothed with an animal skin. I am not going to tell you that man fell to the level of the animals that he once named. I am not going to tell you that Jesus came as food for fallen man that was now on the level of the beast of the field. However, if I did tell you that, and you comprehend it, it would totally change your understanding of being born again and receiving a NEW NATURE. You would never go around saying that “we are all children of God” and “we are all just sinners saved by GRACE”. To understand that you are saved by GRACE is to understand that you are NO LONGER a sinner. You might say you WERE a sinner. However, there was A-way in a Manger and you were born again and became a part of a NEW CREATION. The first CREATION had it’s Adam-race, The NEW CREATION has it’s Christ-race. JESUS was LAID in a MANGER. The LIFE of the MANGER is a LIFE of LOVE. A life WILLFULLY and UNSELFISHLY laid down for others. The MANGER is the PLACE of the FATHER’S WILL. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 5

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A-WAY IN THE MANGER He went AWAY from Heaven, was lowered into the place where He condescended to men of lower estate. It was a place of small beginnings and a place of humiliation. It was also a place of Hope. Christ was in the Manger. Pat your heart and say “THIS IS A MANGER”. Say, “CHRIST, IS IN THE MANGER”, “CHRIST, IS IN ME. And HE is the HOPE of Glory” (Col.1:27). HERE IS THE QUESTION??? Are you in the Manger of the Father’s choosing? Are you in the will of God? IF YOU ARE…, It’s a PLACE of SMALL BEGINNINGS. It’s a PLACE of HUMILIATION. It’s a PLACE of HOPE. ( It’s the world’s ONLY HOPE). Acts 2:36 …that God hath made that same Jesus, whom ye have crucified, both Lord and Christ. KJV WOW - Christ in the manger, Christ in you. The HOPE of GLORY. He is your Hope and Christ in you becomes the Hope of others. What lay in the Manger? THE IMAGE of the INVISIBLE GOD (Col.1:15). In the Manger was the first time the angels ever seen God. There He lay, 8 pounds of MANIFESTED LOVE. The one who flung the universe, moon, stars and sun out of the ends of His fingers. The FULLNESS of GOD laid in the Manger. In Col. 1:19 it reads, “it pleased the Father that in Him all fullness dwell….” The fullness of God laid in a Manger. It was a small beginning, however, it grew. When you received Christ, it is just a small beginning but the fullness of God dwells in you. In Christ, in the small beginning, God created a NEW HEAVEN and a NEW EARTH. The FATHER and the SON THROUGH the HOLY GHOST are IN YOU. Christ in me. A - WAY in the Manger. ALL this has one purpose. THAT MY LIFE MIGHT BECOME A MANGER (A place of feeding). Welcome to the Manger, It’s SAFE.

A big thank you to DJ’s for charting my new song on Canyon Creek Records Volume 33,

“Just The Way I Am” Contact me on Facebook:

Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 6

On Time and On Target by Jimmy R. Price

I am always excited this time of year as we get ready to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Christmas to many folks is just a Happy Holiday in which we look forward to receiving the “stuff” we think we need. For some, Christmas is no more than a shopping-frenzy month-long season beginning on “Black Friday” and continuing through Christmas Eve. People spend money they don’t really have, on things they don’t really need. Many times the “true meaning” of Christmas is lost in the commercialism and pageantry of the society we now are a part of. Some retail companies want to make tons of money off the holiday but tell their employees not to say “Merry Christmas.” The Apostle Paul described the First Christmas in Galatians 4:4-7, “But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth His Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons. And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father. Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God, through Christ.” NOW, THAT’S THE REAL MEANING OF CHRISTMAS!!! Here Paul answers these questions: WHEN? “The fullness of the time was come (vs. 4).” At the exact perfect moment in history, Jesus was born! About 400 years had gone by since the Old Testament prophets spoke about the messiah who would come to save his people. Then John the Baptist came to “prepare the way of the Lord.” Finally, Immanuel (God with us) was born in Bethlehem, wrapped in rags, placed in a food trough, in a barn. No other place would be humble enough! No other time in the history of humanity would be right! God’s timing is never early, never late, but always RIGHT ON TIME! HOW? “God sent forth His Son (vs.4).” Jesus the Son, was sent by God the Father, conceived by the Holy Spirit. Mary was the mother of Jesus, but Joseph was not the biological father of Jesus. “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14). God came down to us because we couldn’t reach up to him. Deity and humanity came together in the virgin-birth of Christ our Lord! WHY? “To redeem them that were under the law (vs. 5).” A price had to be paid for the debt of the sin of man. Jesus’ substitutionary death on the cross, paid that price for us. “He paid a debt, He did not owe, I owed a debt, I could not pay!” “For He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him (2 Cor. 5:21).” “For God so loved the world (that’s us), that He gave His only begotten Son (that’s Jesus), that whosoever believeth in Him (anyone who will), Should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).” WHAT? “That we might receive the adoption of sons (vs. 5) We are adopted children of God! God has put His Spirit in our hearts! We now call Him, Abba, Father (daddy)! We are now Heirs, not just servants! All this is possible only through CHRIST! God is ON TIME and ON TARGET!!! Do we have something to celebrate or what?

Merry Christmas! Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 7

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From the Terry and Lynne Davis Family Terry is proud to announce the release of his brand new CD, "Sweet Child Of Mine". This CD is filled with love songs for Christ, family and friends. Terry has two guest artists included on this project, his grand-daughter Lizzie Harris and his close friend Ronnie Weiss, lead singer and lead guitar player of the group Mouse and The Traps, one of RCA Victor's hottest rock groups in the 60's. The "Sweet Child Of Mine" CD is dedicated to Terry and Lynne's son who went home to be with the Lord after a tragic accident. This is a must have CD you can order from Terry's website or it will soon be available on CD Baby,, CD Universe or you can simply pick up the phone and order it from Terry at 903-520-6120 or 903-566-4366. Terry's website can be found at You can also visit him on facebook.

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SONG TITLE Praise Jesus Love Is A Cross Was That You Lord I’m Gonna Fly Away On Angels Wings The Way Clean Slate Take Me Away From You They Wouldn’t Forgive Me Jesus I Believe Didn’t I Walk On Water Lean On The Lord Hills Of Glory Bring Jesus Back To School I Know House Of Good News I Know He Hear’s Me They Know Me Hear He’s Coming Cowboy Church Loving Arms Take This Bible Heaven Come Down Better Man The Promiseland Ten Thousand Angels Cried Again Prescripted Addiction Who Loves Me More Love Held My Savior To A Tree Crayola Skies The Work Of A Carpenter I Will Bless Him A Different Light Trophy Of Grace Remember The Day Kids Born In America Sweet By & By The Wheel In The Middle Of The Wheel I’m From The U.S. Of A.

ARTIST Jimmy R. Price John Berry Lonnie King Kelton French Russ Murphy Cindy Hughlett Arkin Terrell Mary James The McCray Dove Band Chuck Hancock Kenny Gardner CrossFire Gospel Band The Waymasters Tommy Smith Terry & Debra Luna Mike Leichner Steve Richard & Laura Dodd Kristi Miller Kevin Rowe & Prodigal Sons Marlon Sharp Terry Davis Dan Duncan Kenzie Bruce Hedrick James Payne Gena Roberts Hamilton The Parish Family with Marty Raybon

Jamie Lynn Flanakin Del Way Cindy Lee Alden Greg McDougal Tina Wakefield Chris Golden with The Freemans Mike Manuel Brandon Poole Kali Rose featuring Gary Chapman

Rodney Morss Gina & Jimmy White Rusty Gilliam Roger Barkley, Jr. Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 9

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SONG TITLE Your Word Will Be The Last Word Heart That Will Never Break Again Every Step Of The Way WWJD-Good Nough For Me Let Your Rain Fall 44 Crazy World Hell Bound USA Down On Your Knees New Again Broken Just Might Be Going Home Today Shall We Gather At The River Raise Up Your Hands Don’t Give Up On Me Out The Window Fly On When I Pray Butterflies And Hummingbirds My Jesus Saves Gideon Walk To Him The Truth Is Not Another Day What’s Still Left Of Me He Knows The Way Home I Know That Jesus Loves Me On The Other Side Of This Be With You Entertaining Angels Unaware I’ve Got A Mansion That’s Him Let The Light Shine On When Tribulation Enters, I’ll Be Gone Wake Me Up When It’s Over I Choose Now I Choose To Be A Christian It’s In Your Hands Lord Bread Of Life Carry Me Stand Up

ARTIST Tammy Norris Kim Pike Mary Fay Jackson John Penney Jan Harbuck Reed Brothers David Lemons Judy Bailey Jim Sheldon with Rachel Taylor Tommy Brandt Psalm 100 Joan Gregory Kelly Southerland Julie Reese Kinfolk Kathy Treat Jimmy Jack Whitaker Lawana Blevins Ron Hughes Robert Upton Randy Gunn Johnny Rowlett David Livingston Lance Stone Ashlen Jackson Carla Jones Weston & Christy Hinson Tom Dolan Dennise Dittman Dallas West Paul Winchester John Henry Harvey Walt Mills Vanessa Feltner John Randolph Micki Farington Glorya Wilson Betty Jean Robinson Ladonna Capps Chuck Day Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 10

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SONG TITLE Are You Ready Glimpses Calvary Nail Scarred Hands Only Christian Country It’s Gonna Be Alright Tougher Than Nails If It Satisfies You Lord Don’t Forget To Pray Governor Of Mercy Detour Jesus Is My Rock When I Got Saved This Old Church Stimulus Package Bread And Water Just The Way I Am I Found It All In The Cross Don’t Forget To Thank The Lord Jesus I Love You, I Really Do

ARTIST Shelia Arnold Keith Irwin Gina West Tamatha Hurst Marvell David House Bridge Of Faith Wyatt Nations Wade Hammond Terry & Teresa Baker Mike & Doris Merritt Joy Roberts Charles Scarlette Freddie Hart Johnny Jones John Conlee Gina Marie Pam Blackstock John Anderson Darlene Jennusa

Production, Recording, Distribution, Compilations, Radio Promotion We are accepting tracks for our next compilation NOW! CALL US TODAY! (903) 566-3347 We at Canyon Creek Records, Inc. and The Christian Servant Publishing Company, BMI, strive to help artists that believe with all their hearts that GOD has called them to use their talents for HIS glory. If being a Christian artist is your heart’s desire, then contact us at (903) 566-3347, or e-mail us at Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 11

Born In America by Tommy Smith

Rodney Morss has a new release on Canyon Creek Records titled “Born In America”. It is one of the best message songs released this year. Like a lot of other DJ’s, I quit playing so many patriotic songs. There had been hundreds released since 911 and most of them with the same message. Rodney’s song is not only about the good America but also the America that has lost sight that God has blessed this country for years with great wealth, prosperity and most importantly protected our freedom. Our forefathers were not afraid to honor and give Him his due glory as they established our Constitution and built it around the Judeo-Christian faith. Our country has always lived by the commandment to love one another and be your brother’s keeper. It guaranteed the right to life, liberty and happiness. We believed and honored God’s Ten Commandments. We put His name above all when we said in God we trust and God bless America. Our Government is trying to wipe out “In God We Trust” from our constitution. They have removed the right to have the Ten Commandments posted in schools. We do not believe in the right to life anymore. We kill millions of babies in their mother’s womb just because many American’s think it is wrong for a baby to be born into poverty or out of wedlock. I am so glad that Jesus was not put to death in His mother’s womb. The world would have lost the greatest gift it would ever receive, “Grace.” Rodney talks about being born in the America when it’s people were kind and loving. They lived a life of faith, and were satisfied with what God blessed them with and not always asking for more but giving thanks for the plenty they had already been given. They worked hard for what they had, but they were blessed for that. I thank God everyday that I was raised as a child in that kind of America, not the America we have today. I am ashamed sometimes of the fact I now live in an America that teaches the young should not listen to their elders for they are old and don’t know anything, that it is alright to live beyond your means and be in bondage for the rest of your life because you are never satisfied with what you have. Rodney Morss I congratulate you for reminding us of what a blessing and honor it is to be born in America and at the same time noting the curse’s we can expect if we continue to remove God from our way of life. We can no longer afford to straddle the fence. Rodney sings this song from his heart and everywhere he sings he gets multiple standing ovations. DJ’s if you don’t have a copy of “Born In America” by Rodney Morss please go to Canyon Creek Records website and let us know. We will make sure you get a copy. This should be the song of the year, it speaks out for all God loving Americans. After all isn’t that what Christian radio is about? Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 12

Super Anointed, Super Star Judy Bailey by Tommy Smith

Once again God has placed another extremely talented and anointed female Country Gospel artist in my path. Her name is Judy Bailey and I’d like to start off by telling you all about where she came from, where she’s been and where she is headed. First, let’s talk about her roots. Judy was one of twelve kids born to Floyd and Nelly Martin in Winchester, Kentucky. She was raised in a low-income housing project known to the tenants as “Hungry Holler”. Judy grew up listening to her mother sing and play guitar to those old-time country songs and Hymns, as well as many of her own original compositions. Soon Judy started singing to the neighborhood kids on her front porch making up songs and using a spoon to pose as a microphone. Judy recalls her desire and dream to be a singing star started in those front porch concerts. She would tell her friends that someday she would be a Country star and they would hear her songs on the radio and see her perform on TV. When she was sixteen years old her father and mother packed up their family and things and moved to Lacoochee, Florida. It was there in Lacoocche in 1971 that Judy got her first singing “Gig” performing at the Lacoochee Fire Station. It didn’t take long for the word to get around about the talented Judy Bailey. She started fronting for artists like Mason Dixon, who at that time was the house band for a large club in Tampa, Florida. There she became acquainted with Country stars like Narvel Felts and Hank Williams Jr. Judy went to a well known recording studio in the area and cut two songs that she had written. The songs were “I Never Stopped Lovin’ You” and “Life Is What You Make It”. That was back in 1978 and back then everything was released to radio on 45’s and if the songs were good, you could still get airplay on local and regional radio and she did, lot’s of it. When Nashville Country Music producer Ray Baker heard Judy, he knew she had that special voice that he had been looking for to team up with Moe Bandy to cut a duo on the song “Following The Feeling”. He made the right choice. The song was released in 1980 on Columbia records and soon charted at number 10 in Billboards November Top 80 Country chart. Soon Ray Baker and Darrell Glenn, one of Judy’s mentors and friends, talked Columbia into signing Judy to a personal recording contract. Her first single release to radio “Slow Country Dancing” charted at number 60 in Billboard Magazine. Judy was nominated by the Academy Of Country Music as one of the Top 5 “New Female Vocalists of the Year” in 1981. The show was broadcast on a major Television network all over the world and Judy’s name became a household word in Country Music. When Judy told her childhood friends on her front porch that one day they would hear her on the radio and see her on TV, she wasn’t kidding. Her childhood dream did come true. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 13

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She became a frequent guest on Ralph Emery’s “ Nashville Now” television show, a must see each and every week, if you were a true Country Music fan. Now, that being said about her tremendous Country music career, Judy also loved God and loved to hear the Gospel songs her mother used to sing. She also spoke to God as a young girl and told him that someday she would sing and write songs for His glory. She kept that promise and now has a new Country Gospel release to radio called “Down On Your Knees” released on Canyon Creek Records. The song has already charted at number 48 for December in the Cashbox Magazine “Country Christian Top 100” and at number 48 for December’s Christian Servant Magazine “Country For The Good Life Top 100”. The response to radio has been great and it looks like this song is headed for the Top 10. The first time I talked to Judy she told me she was proud that God had given her the gift to be able to write and sing. Judy said that He had looked after her the whole time she was in Country Music and that He was the reason she had not fallen into the same trap as many others had done, by getting mixed up in drugs and alcohol. He allowed me to meet people of all walks of life and gave me the heart to love them all. I have always known that Jesus walked by my side daily. It is my hearts desire to spread the good news through my music that Jesus loves you. He did not come to condemn the world but to set us free from the bondage of sin. She said, “I have spent my time living for the world and by the world’s standards, but now and forever I want to live for HIM in all that I do”. You can reach Judy and learn more about her on her facebook page.

His name is Jesus By Marty Smith

Christmas is here! I’m so excited! It’s my favorite time of the year. This is the time of year when hearts change, people give from the heart and there is hope. But it’s even bigger than that. This is the time of year that we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. You see, without Him, there would be no Christmas. Without Him, there is no hope. As I sit here reflecting on the events from the past year and listening to Heaven’s Country on the radio, I’m reminded that without Christ, we are nothing. I am so thankful for a Savior who died for you and me even though we didn’t deserve it. You see, He loves you so much He died for you. Don’t let the cares and worries of this world consume you. Don’t think about the bills and wonder how you’re going to make ends meet. Let us focus on the Reason for the Season. His name is Jesus. Merry Christmas. Marty Smith is the morning host of Heaven’s Country ( and host of the internationally syndicated radio show, “Todays’ Cross Country ( You can email him at: Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 14

“Freedom in Christ” & “A Hoped For Righteousness” (Galatians 5:1-6 (NIV)) by Terry Davis

▪ It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. ▪ Mark my words! I, Paul, tell you that if you let yourselves be circumcised, Christ will be of no value to you at all. ▪ Again, I declare to every man who lets himself be circumcised that he is obligated to obey the whole law. ▪ You who are trying to be justified by the law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace. ▪ For through the Spirit we eagerly await by faith the righteousness for which we hope. ▪ For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. “Young’s Literal Translation – In the freedom, then, with which Christ did make you free – stand ye, and be not held fast again by a yoke of servitude.” Friends, we have been liberated! We have been set free! Matthew Henry’s commentary says it well (Galatians 5:1-6). “Christ will not be the Savior of any who will not own and rely upon him as their only Savior. Let us take heed to the warnings and persuasions of the apostle to steadfastness in the doctrine and liberty of the gospel. All true Christians, being taught by the Holy Spirit, wait for eternal life, the reward of righteousness, and the object of their hope, as the gift of God by faith in Christ; and not for the sake of their own works. The Jewish convert might observe the ceremonies or assert his liberty, the Gentile might disregard them or might attend to them, provided he did not depend upon them. No outward privileges or profession will avail to acceptance with God, without sincere faith in our Lord Jesus. True faith is a working grace; it works by love to God, and to our brethren. May we be of the number of those who, through the Spirit, wait for the hope of righteousness by faith. The danger of old was not in things of no consequence in themselves, as many forms and observances now are. But without faith working by love, all else is worthless, and compared with it other things are of small value.” Trust & Obey Verses 4 & 5 contrast the difference between trying and trusting. “For we through the Spirit”, The Spirit replaces the law in the life of the Christian. The function of the Holy Spirit is to: ● Blow conviction upon the heart ● Regenerate or give life ● Indwell in the believer ● Guide the believer into all truth ● Protect the believer from things which are not pleasing to the cord. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 15

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“For we through the Spirit, on the ground of Faith.” It is on the ground of faith, not on the ground of the law or works. We are “eagerly awaiting a hoped for righteousness.” Those who observe the law, cannot await a hoped for righteousness. They would be weighed in the balances and might be found waiting in the end. Those who walk in grace as a result of their relationship in Jesus Christ have a righteous standing before God that never changes. Therefore, Paul states those who are on the ground of faith are eagerly awaiting a hoped for righteousness. I’m reminded of the wonderful hymn “The Solid Rock”. “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness, I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus’ name. On Christ, the solid rock, I stand; all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand.”

It’s all because of Him! Thank you Lord Jesus for your love and grace! Watch for Sheree Gailey’s new release to radio on Canyon Creek Southern Country Gospel Volume 34,


Luke 2:14 KJV Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 16

…the way I see it by John Penney The Christian Outlaw It seems almost like Christmas now, the tree is up, got a few presents under it and the weather here is beginning to cool off just a little bit. I wonder if any of my friends and neighbors have started to feel the change in the air here in South Georgia? There is just an exhilarating fresh feel good feeling going on around my house as Carlene and the girls are decorating and laughing at absolutely anything that crosses their minds. Yes, there are a lot of things going on in this old world. A good bit of it is not really good at all. When you turn on the radio or television and listen to the news of the day, it seems like it is all bad. Yes I too, worry about what is going on and I`m not too happy about the direction or the path that our country seems to be headed in. Yet, here I am Lord, and most of the time just in the nick of time I remember all of the good news that is still here in our lives today. Jesus is the one that has control of our lives in whatever comes our way. I choose Jesus. Just like the old time hymn says “Trust and Obey “. Well, I am guilty of trying to do it all by myself and so much of my life has been about me not trusting in Jesus. My friends, the only way that we, as Christians can live our lives and face the earthly trials before us is to trust in Jesus and obey what He has proclaimed. Not to say that we should live in fear from anything or anyone. I say all of this in the spirit of love and in sharing what I believe to be the way to keep our Christian wits about us in the coming times. I performed this past week at a Christmas Concert and had the opportunity to sing a good many of the Christmas songs that we all cherish and love so much. It was such a wonderful thing for me and it touched me in a very special way. As I was singing the song “ Silent Night “ I was struck by the thought of not having Christmas. It really had me thinking all of a sudden that, what if we all lived in a world where we did not celebrate the birth of Jesus? It would mean that we, as Christians who proclaim that Christ was born of a virgin and lived among us as a man, and that He told us this wonderful truth about His Father and the Kingdom of Heaven and also was crucified and died upon a bloody cross, only to rise again three days after death to give us eternal life, would mean nothing to us. Nothing at all. So, as the time draws near to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I am so glad that Mary held Jesus and the Angels rejoiced at the sight. Take the time to say I love you to someone. Merry Christmas! That`s the way I see it.

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6 King James Version

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JOY, JOY, JOY DOWN IN MY HEART by Roger Barkley, Jr.

A young lady was attending an event where I was performing a service. She made a remark that I had heard before but never really took the time to address in a public forum. She said, “You guys have way too much fun doing what you do to be Christians.” I rebutted by telling her the usual thing you will hear most preachers say; Christians oughta be the happiest people on the face of the earth! I know it sounds very cliché but it is the truth. However, I will have to go a few steps farther in that there is a difference in happiness and joy. You can be happy about a team winning a game. You can be happy about the sale at the local market and the list goes on. Happiness is a state of mind. Joy is a state of your heart. It is a very simple realization. Jesus first. (J) Others second. (O) Yourself last (Y). JOY – The true fullness of what is inside you has to show outward. If you have things inside you or have people around you that make you unhappy, negative, derogatory, and condemning in nature most likely they will pull you down rather than you pull them up. So yes. I probably have more fun in some of the weirdest places because of a joy inside me that cannot truly be explained but rather experienced. The joy of a person coming to know Christ for the first time, the feeling inside when your child witnesses to the person that everyone else would shy away from, the depth of emotion cannot be imagined and yet cannot even compare to the joy in knowing Jesus as my best friend. So once again, Yes, in my sad times there is still Joy, in my happy times there is Joy and when I am around other people that are as joyful as me because of Him….. you better watch out.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Gregory Family!

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GunnPoint What Can We Give To The King by Randy Gunn

As we approach this wonderful time of the year, when we celebrate the birth of the only Lord and Savior of the world, Jesus Christ; we should always try to remember to seek His desire in what it is that He would like to receive from us. We make sure each of our loved ones receive gifts and we seem to be willing to do whatever it takes to bring that smile to their face on Christmas morning, but too often we forget to bring something from our heart to the One who is the reason for the season. When my children were little, I used to play them a song from a children’s Christmas album. It seemed so simple to me then, but the more I listened to it the more it got into me…maybe even more than them. I have sung this song at many Christmas concerts. It is a reminder to us and to the audience, that we can’t forget Jesus during all the giving and receiving. It is because of Him that we even have anything to give. My Christmas message to all of us this year, are the words to a song that will hopefully cause us to reflect, and at some point, take a moment during this Christmas season and be alone with Jesus and ask Him what He would like to receive from us this year.

WHAT CAN I GIVE TO THE KING Words written by Barry McGuire What can I give to the King? Give to the One who has everything What can I give? What gift can I bring? What can I give to the King? Give Him a heart that’s opened up wide. Give Him a life that has nothing to hide. Give Him a love that is tender and true, and He’ll give it all back to you. Give Him all glory, His people on earth. Give Him all praises this day of His birth. Give Him all honor in all that we do, as He’s given His life for you. What can I give to the King? What can I give to the King?

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What a Wonderful Life! by Brad Wilson

On a young man’s high school graduation night he is excited about his life that lies ahead. He discusses his dreams to build things and travel. Suddenly, he is told that his father had a stroke which leads to his death. Following his father's death, the young man had to postpone his plans in order to sort out his father’s business affairs. He talks the board of directors into rejecting a proposal to dissolve the company, but they agree only on the condition that the young man run it. Instead of going to college and following his dreams the young man gives his college money to his younger brother for his education. The younger brother, brings home a wife after college. The wife’s father has offered him a job. Although the young man vows to decline the offer for his brother's sake, the older brother cannot deny him such a great opportunity and keeps running his father’s family business. He marries, and is forced to use the money saved for their honeymoon to weather a recession of sort. The young man starts an affordable housing project. Meanwhile he is offered a job by an unsavory man and at only 28 years old to take a huge salary and the promise of business trips to Europe, appealing to his yearning to travel, a dream he never got to live out. He follows his instincts and rejects the offer. On Christmas Eve morning the town prepares a hero's welcome home for the younger brother who had been off defending his country. Meanwhile a family Uncle who has been working for the older brother goes the bank to deposit $8,000 for the housing project. He absentmindedly leaves the money behind. When the Uncle remembers, he and the young man frantically search for the money. After berating his uncle for endangering the housing project, the young man goes home and destroys his corner of the living room. He apologizes to his frightened wife and children, then leaves. Desperate, the young man appeals unsuccessfully to the local banker for a loan. The banker tells him his life insurance policy makes him worth more dead than alive. He then gets drunk, gets into a bar fight, and crashes his car into a tree. He staggers to a nearby bridge to commit suicide. Unbeknownst, to him a guardian angel has been watching him. Before he can jump, the guardian angel jumps in the river and pretends to be drowning. The young man rescues him, but does not believe his claim of being his guardian angel. When the young man wishes he had never been born, the angel shows him what life would have been like without him. The town would have been filled with cocktail bars, casinos, and gentlemen's clubs. The old druggist went to prison for manslaughter (because the young man was not there to catch his mistake), and his father's business had failed due to the Uncle’s incompetence. The young man then attracts police attention and flees to his embittered mother's home, now a boarding house. She reveals that his Uncle was institutionalized after the stock market crash. In the cemetery where the park would have been, the young man discovers the grave of his brother, who drowned without his intervention. Consequently, the hundreds of servicemen his younger brother would have saved are also dead. His wife is a timid spinster working at the library. The young man runs back to the bridge and begs for another chance. His prayer is answered, and he runs home joyously, but the authorities are waiting there to arrest him. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 20

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! God Bless You! Thank you to radio for playing and charting my song

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His wife and Uncle Billy rally the townspeople, who donate more than enough to cover the loss of the money. His younger brother toasts "the richest man in town." A bell on the Christmas tree rings, and his daughter recalls the story that it means an angel has just earned his wings. Wow! What a story! Sounds like it could happen just today although it all happened in 1946! Wouldn’t that be a GREAT movie to see now at Christmas time? Many of you know the film has already been made. Many don’t know. Do yourself a favor and find “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE” which stars Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. It’s a true classic that never gets old. Watch it with your family and people you love and have a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year!

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Movers and Shakers of the Country Gospel Industry by Tommy Smith

Tim Livingston: God’s Called, God’s Anointed

I often write about God’s anointing and God’s calling on those He chooses to use in ministry. I will always stick to my guns when I say few are truly called by God but millions are self called. You may say how do you know the difference? It’s easy, Christ tells us to judge a tree by the fruit it bears. A self-called ministry will only think of its self and what it can gain out of working for God instead of what it can give to God. When God calls you, you will be willing to work day and night not for yourself but for others. When you strive to help others you are doing what God called you to do. Be a good Shepherd over your flock. Make sure none are lost and always strive to bring in the strays. Never telling God no. He will lay a lot on you, but not more than you can handle. When I think of someone who works day and night for God and never seems to complain about the workload I think of Tim Livingston and his entire family. My first conversation with the Livingston’s was about fifteen years ago. I called their radio station WGNZ in Dayton, Ohio promoting my first release to radio. I spoke with Tim’s dad first, Norman Livingston, who was founder of WGNZ. He was very kind and easy to talk to. You could tell he had a heart for God. I was promoting a song that I had written called “Preacher Man” and it was my lucky day. Norman told me not only was he owner of a radio station but he was also minister of a church in Dayton and that “Preacher Man” reminded him of himself. While we were talking Tim got on another line and joined in the conversation and told me, though the station played a lot of Southern Gospel, he loved Country Gospel also. Continued on next page… Christian Servant Magazine - December, 2015 - Page 22

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Tim told me way back then that Christ had been giving him songs and also the voice to sing them. He had a vision to release his songs to radio as an artist himself one day. Since they were playing my song, I’d call to see how it was doing and Tim and I would talk about his desire to be a Gospel recording artist. I stopped calling the station for a long time because God had laid it on my heart not only to be a Country Gospel recording artist but also to use my knowledge of God’s music and become a Country Gospel DJ on a Country station here in Tyler, Texas. I lost contact with Norman and Tim and had not spoken to them in years. Then one day I get a song in on Double E records by Tim Livingston called “Here’s A Miracle” and I loved the message to that song and the voice that sang it. He had what I call a true Country sound and style. I then remembered Tim telling me years ago that someday he would release the songs God had given him to radio and share them with the world. I picked up the phone and called and congratulated him and told him how much I loved the song and I was sure it would climb up to the Top of the charts and it did. In December of 2012 the song charted #1 in the Christian Voice Country Gospel Top 100 and #1 in Cashbox Magazine Country Christian Top 100. Since then he has had six chart topping releases most #1’s and all of them charting not only in all Country Gospel charts but also all Southern Gospel charts including the Singing News. As I was talking with Tim I asked him how his dad was doing and his voiced cracked as he told me his dad had gone on to be with the Lord. Tim said, “There is not a greater man on this earth that I’ve known and I miss him. He was truly called and worked so hard to lead souls to Christ. I have taken over the church and radio station and now I am singing for the Lord and God has put plenty on my plate. I have my wife, kids and now my mother to take care of but God is faithful and makes a way for us to handle it all and we feel it is an honor and blessing to do so.” Tim and I have once again become good friends. I will call the station sometimes on a Saturday and he will be at the station working. I have called many times during the week and he is there working late hours. He ministers at his church on Sunday, which has now grown to twice the size it was. He is constantly out performing his songs every chance he gets. He told me the other day, while everyone in radio is losing advertisers because of the economy, he has no advertising time left to sell, and he feels so blessed to have the sponsors he has. He is adding on to the church and it will be twice the size it is. His music ministry is greater than he ever dreamed it would be. So you see when I say you judge the tree by the fruit it bears and if God called the ministry and put his anointing on the ministry it will bear not only good fruit but also bountiful fruit. Such is the case of Tim Livingston and his family. The King called them and they said, “I will” and they did. You can purchase Tim’s music at:

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Merry Christmas From Chuck and Cynthia Hancock. We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the fans, friends, & radio - TV personality's for making this such a blessed year for our ministry. It is my family's desire and prayers that God will bless each and every one of you abundantly this 2016. DJ's thank you so much for playing and making "Jesus I Believe" the fastest charting song we’ve ever had. Thank you Jesus for my gifts of talent but most of all your grace.

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