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CONGRATULATIONS Jim Sheldon for your #1 song on the Christian Servant Country For The Good Life music chart!

“EVEN AFTER” #1 Song April, 2015

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# 1 Song Country For The Good Life, April, 2015 2 Table of Contents Eyes On Jesus! by Terry Davis

HOPE! by Randy Gunn


Chaplain Pamela Wiebe by Tommy Smith




Faithful, Kind, Humble, Servant: Jimmy R. Price, A man after God’s own heart by Tommy Smith 20

Country Gospel / Christian Country Radio Guide 5

Myra Rolen, Hooked On Jesus by Tommy Smith


"Just A Thought" with Gayla Earlene


On The Air with Tim Livingston


"Something To Think About" by Marty Smith


God said, “Mike build Me an Ark!” by Tommy Smith


Agape Love by Jimmy R. Price


Gospel News From New York & Canada by Bob Terry 25

Never Give Up (Prevenient Grace) by David House


Melanie Walker, “One of God’s Chosen” by Tommy Smith 26

Christian Servant “Country For The Good Life Top 100” 10 DJ Spotlight On The Air, Movers and Shakers of the Country Gospel Music Industry by Tommy Smith 12 There’s Peace in His Presence by John Randolph

Appointments With Heaven by Brad Wilson


One Life by Dr. Doug DeRamus



Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 3

EYES ON JESUS! by Terry Davis

Hebrews 12:2 ESV “Looking to Jesus, the Founder and one who has perfected our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the Right Hand of the Throne of God.” Proverbs 4:25 ESV “Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.”

Life can be Beautiful! Life can also be Ugly! Yes, life has its ups and downs, and we all sometimes face different challenges. Sometimes it may seem like it’s just one thing after another, difficulties on every side! Sometimes we face challenges that seem too great to overcome! When going through hard times, we may be tempted to think God has abandoned us. My brothers and sisters in Christ, nothing could be further from the Truth! Going through hard times does not mean that God has abandoned us, or that God doesn’t love us, or that God doesn’t care about us. Absolutely Not! God has promised He will never leave or forsake us. As long as we have God with us we have nothing to fear! The road may be tough, rough and disappointing. Sometimes, you may feel you’ve been deserted, that you can’t go on, that the burden is too hard to bear. Friends Hang On! By God’s Grace we will experience God’s Peace as we travel our unique paths “if we fix our eyes on God”! (Proverbs 4:25 ESV) Yes, God is with us through it all. It may not seem like it at the time, but looking back you will see He was always there. On September the fourth 2012 (my daughter Georgias’ birthday) we lost our only son in a car wreck. An irresponsible driver turned into his lane and ran him into the ditch, killing him. The events of that day were the worst thing I’ve ever experienced! My family’s life changed that day! There are 4 things in life you don’t want to lose: 1. You don’t want to lose your relationship with your Savior Jesus Christ. 2. You don’t want to lose your relationship with your family members. 3. You don’t want to lose your health. 4. You don’t want to lose a “child”. I’m living proof that our God can and will get us through the valley! Psalms 23:4 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for Thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Believers have an ally, a support, a friend like no other. Daniel knew the valley, but he knew where his salvation lay. He knew to stay focused on God. I want to encourage you today. I don’t know what you are dealing with today. I don’t know what you are going through, but please don’t fix your eyes on your circumstances and what you see, which is only temporary. Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 4

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Fix your eyes on God, who is unseen, yet constant, permanent, eternal and unchanging. Fix your eyes on Jesus, God’s only Son, the author and the one who perfects our faith. Looking into Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith! It is well with my son! God is with us…it is well! 2 Corinthians 4:18 NIV “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” “What is seen?” Our circumstances, what we can see happening… “What is unseen?” GOD! God’s presence! God’s power! God’s steadfast love and our confident hope in Him! The valley is a reality, but it is temporary. We are called to go through the valley, NOT to dwell, or to stay in it. The valley will make or break you. Beloved let the valleys transform you unto the image of Christ. We believers have a hope unparallel to any other. We have the promise of Heaven, knowing we will see our loved ones again.

Country Gospel Christian Country Radio Guide Country Music For The Good Life Music for your listening pleasure! with Ricky Russ, Abilene, Texas - 24/7 with Joe Brashier South Bend, Indiana - 24/7 with Marty Smith - 24/7 Owner: Mike Carr Sundays 10:00 am CST with Tommy Smith San Antonio, Hondo, Texas with Tim Livingston Dayton, Ohio - 24/7 Sundays 8:00 am CST with Tommy Smith Tyler, Texas with Jim Tucker Roswell, NM - 24/7 with Hunter Logan Lake Charles, LA. - 24/7 with Jim Foster Columbus, GA - 24/7 with Gaylon King San Antonio, TX - 24/7 with Ken Iverson Chandler,Texas - 24/7 with Gene & Micki Farington Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. - 24/7 with Glorya Wilson Whitaker Arlington, Texas - 24/7 with Bob Terry Buffalo, NY - 24/7 Praise Radio w/ Bryon Fester Spruce Grove, Alberta - 24/7

Just knowing my son’s with Jesus is a comfort to me. God promised us Comfort, Heaven and Security. He promised He would never leave us. He never left me! My eyes are fixed on Him! Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you, He will never leave you or forsake you.” It’s no secret what God can do! Psalms 25:14-15 “The secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him; and he will show them his covenant. Mine eyes are ever toward the Lord; for he shall pluck my feet out of the net!” by Terry Davis

Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 5

"Just A Thought" with Gayla Earlene Visit Gayla Earlene at

NEED A PENNY, TAKE A PENNY! Have you ever eaten in a restaurant and found that when you went to the register to pay your bill, you were short a penny or two? I've noticed that many places have a small container sitting on their counter with a sign that says, Need A Penny, Take A Penny. Well if you needed one to complete your bill, I'm sure you obliged the need then went on your way. I got to thinking about this the other day and couldn't quite get it off my mind when I thought well, if I didn't need a penny, why not just give one instead? Ever thought of that? I don't really know why it was so heavy on my heart until the Lord slapped me and said, figure it out! LOL, not quite a slap, but I did know HE was talking to me. Sometimes we moan and groan wondering just how we are going to make ends meet. I think this penny thing was a way for God to remind me that he did tell me how to gain in all aspects of my life and my finances. Jesus said it this way: Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.....Luke 6:38 KJV That's pretty clear, GIVE. I'm thinking this. The next time I go to a restaurant or anywhere that has a little container for me to help myself to a penny, I'm going to GIVE A PENNY whether I need one or not. You might read that line again......... think about it now. Maybe I should change the title of my "Just A Thought" for this month and make it,

NEED A PENNY, GIVE A PENNY!! Hosea 6:3 King James Version (KJV) Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth.

SPRING Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 6

"Something To Think About" by Marty Smith

“You may not think it's that big of a deal, but after my experience, I am convinced that we all need to back up our sites regularly."

My website was hacked last week. It totally caught me by surprise. Most of you know I have two websites. One for my radio station, Heaven's Country ( and one for my syndicated radio show, "Today's Cross Country" ( Every Thursday morning I email my radio station affiliates and let them know that the show is ready for download. They can then go to the site, download the show and then play the show on their stations. When I went to the Today's Cross Country website, a picture that I had never seen before came up. It had Arabic writing on it, pictures of people with guns, some people were wearing burkas, and some weird music playing in the background. I thought I was on the wrong site so I closed the site and re-entered the Today's Cross Country address. The same picture came up. I looked at the address bar and it said in capital letters, "YOU'VE BEEN HACKED". I was shocked! I called my web server and they stated that I had indeed been hacked and that the offenders had deleted all of my files. They wiped out everything! According to the offenders, my website was hacked by a terrorist group from Turkey. The I.P. address confirmed that it was from Turkey. They even left their names as if to brag about what they had just done. Crazy, I know! So, I called the FBI and filed a report. I then called my Webmaster and he got to work on it. Fortunately we had backed up the site. We were able to get the offenders page off of my site and get the Today's Cross Country website back up and running. It's not yet fully functional but we're working on it. After spending all day working on it and finally getting the site back up, a thought had crossed my mind. What if we had not backed up the site? I remember a conversation I had with my Webmaster in December of last year when he asked me, "Do you have the site backed up?" I told him I didn't think I needed it and he told me, and I'll never forget this, "You should ALWAYS back up EVERYTHING"! So, in January of this year, we backed up the website. I'm so glad we did! I want to encourage you to back up your website. You may not think it's that big of a deal, but after my experience, I am convinced that we all need to back up our sites regularly. Make sure your Malware, or whatever system you use to protect your computer is up to date. I was then reminded of the Bible verse in Matthew 6:8 that says, "Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him." Isn't that amazing?!?!? God knew what I needed before I actually needed it! He knew this cyber attack would come and He prepared me for it. Not only did He prepare me for it, He protected me. The same applies to you. God knows your need before you need it. He knows what you will go through, what you will encounter, the trials you will face and the victories as well. Do you trust Him? Something to think about.

Marty Smith is the owner and morning host of Heaven's Country (, and host of the syndicated weekly radio show, Today's Cross Country ( 719-216-9370

Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 7

Agape Love by Jimmy R. Price

The word Love is used many times and many ways in our society today to describe our “feelings” toward someone or something. We may say, “I love my wife and children,” “I love my car,” or “I love banana pudding.” These examples and others cover a wide variety of expressions about Love. The world’s definition of Love can even include lust and perversion, and usually revolves around selfish desires being met. The Biblical definition and perception of what real Love means is very different. Jesus taught that Love really has to do with our relationship to God and also to others. When asked what the greatest commandment of all was, He answered, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind…Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” (Matthew 22:37-39) Love is really a verb (action) and the focus is on the object of it. In other words we must act toward God and others in such a way that blesses and brings honor to them. The Apostle tells us in 1 John 4:7-8; “Beloved, let us love one another; for love is of God; and everyone that loveth is born of God; and knoweth God. He that loveth not, knoweth not God; for God is love!” Since God is love, we must know Him to be able to love! Verse 19 says, “We love Him, because He first loved us.” God acted with love. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) “Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God.” (1 John 3:1) Also Paul reminds us in Romans 5:8 – “But God commendeth (demonstrated) His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” The New Testament word for God’s love is the Greek word Agape, also translated “charity.” Paul tells us (1 Corinthians 13) that love is: patient, kind, selfless, not proud, not easily provoked, thinks no evil, rejoices in truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes in all things, endures all things. Love never fails! A classic popular song says this: “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.” I would dare say that this is true. However, not just any kind of love, but God’s love, Agape Love! Do you love God and others? Only if you know God. The way we know God is through His Son Jesus, God’s gift to us! Let us Love one another! 1 John 4:16 King James Version (KJV)

And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 8

Never Give Up (Prevenient Grace) by David House

We all have family members or friends of whom we have concerns about their salvation. For many of us, we had family and friends who were concerned about us. We should not despair when the response we are looking for, does not come as quickly as we would like. My Mother and Dad finally saw their prayers for me answered when I was 45 years old. Alone in a motel room I met Jesus. Remember how life changing that miraculous experience is? How can He desire to claim us, when we think and say that we want nothing to do with Him? Grace, unmerited favor. I am sure that you have considered events in the past that should have and could have taken your life, or at least would have some awful result. Some memories still bring fear and regret when we recall them, and then we wonder how did I escape that? This is prevenient grace. Prevenient grace is defined as, divine grace that precedes human decision. My sister faithfully took her kids and attended church. For 50 years she prayed for her stubborn, hard headed husband. He was doing just fine being in control of his own life. Finally a few years ago, he began to have some serious health issues. I am not sure exactly when, but he had an encounter with a loving God. I do know that he was alone on the back porch at a niece’s house. There was a totally unbelievable transformation. After that all he wanted to talk about were things of the Lord. I would think, wow, this is so different from all the conversations we’ve had in the past. He did not know it had a name, but he knew he had received and experienced prevenient grace. About a year ago he moved on to be in his eternal life. A cousin in Oklahoma had a very similar life with her husband. He would even attend church with her, but informed her and the two daughters, that he had no feeling or need for God. He used one of the standard comments when asked about his salvation. “I have lived a good life. I have always been a good person, so that should be good enough for God.” My cousin’s church had an Easter play Sunday night. One of his daughters and grandkids were in the cast. She played one of the demons in the Hell scene. This Easter Sunday night I got a text from my cousin. It simply read “Dub got saved tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!”. She too had waited for about 50 years to see this come to be. She told me that when she saw him walking forward, she was in shock. She did not know what to do, so she just fell to the floor and cried. She said, “I didn’t go to bed until about 3 am. I was afraid that when I woke up that it was just going to be a dream.” Praise God for His “Prevenient Grace.”

Article by David House

Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 9

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SONG TITLE Even After I Just Miss You Love Is Making A Comeback If She Only Knew Don’t Tell Me He Can’t (I Know He Can) Good Hands Now No Wound Too Deep Changed By Your Grace Time Time Will Tell How Sweet The Name I’m A Rock When My Room Is Ready The Church By The Side Of The Road This I Know Unclouded Day Friends In High Places Can I Get An Amen God Walks The Dark Hills It’s Gonna Be Alright Some Things Never Change God Will Roll The Water Back Everybody’s Going Through Something The House Of The Risen Son I’m Already Healed Back Page News Jesus Is My Rock Praise Jesus Didn’t I Walk On The Water You Are Love God Loves The Cowboy In Me No One (Ever Loved Me Like Jesus) God Is Easy Lovin’ Detour My Father’s House Thank God For A Mama Let Me Live He Came Down Brand New Angel Wings How Much Do You Love Him Now

ARTIST Jim Sheldon Tim Livingston Jayne Carter Mike Manuel Terry & Debra Luna John Steed Mary James Michael Wayne Smith Cindy Hughlett Jimmy Grayson Aven Grace Kristina Craig Band Jamie Lynn Flanakin Tommy Horton Sunday Drive Tommy Brandt Marla Ratliff Mike Sanford Myra Rolen David House Terry Collins Walt Mills Karen Peck & New River Kinfolk Alberta Chick Jones Chuck Day Joy Roberts Jimmy R. Price Kenny Gardner Cassidy Taylor Ricky Russ Terry Davis Freddie Hart Mike & Doris Merritt Peter Christie Band Rene Jones & Joanne Cash Yates Gena Roberts Hamilton Brian Cagle The Parish Family Donny Richmond Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 10

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SONG TITLE Ain’t It Just Like The Lord Pray It Away Creed Without The Cross Lean On The Lord Hooked On You First Day In Heaven All Aboard The Jesus Train Good Things I Know That Jesus Loves Me At The End Just Might Be Going Home Sunshine, Rain & Roses Crazy World It Starts Down On Your Knees God’s Will Help Me Remember Bring Me Your Love Rescued Me What He’s Done For Me Remember The Day Hang On My Lord Has Gone My Work Is Done It’s Coming To Me It Won’t Be Today Hold The Light A Little Higher Broken Road Crossing Over Daddy The Preacher Man What This World Needs The Storm Is Over A World To Believe In The Kid, Isaac Cole His Blood The Wretch A Little Bit Of Good News That’s When You Shine Southern Style Don’t Be Discouraged

ARTIST Gordon Mote Clinton Gregory Miles Pike Jon Dameron CrossFire Gospel Band Jayc Harold Band The Woodalls Dale Friedrich Tammy Vice Carla Jones Mike Rimmey Psalm 100 Debbie Bennett Reed Brothers The Waycaster Family Kali Rose Steve Shirey Red Letter Band Southside Drive Frankie Wilson Brandon Poole Megan Woods Joanne & Tommy Cash Daniel James Tom Dolen The Porter Family Greg Crawford Lance Stone Pony Express McKay Project Taylor Hope The Gregory’s The Downs Family Johnny Jones The Helmsmen Mark Carman Rick Patterson Pastor Joe Bucky Thomas Randle Jeter Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 11

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SONG TITLE I Think Myself Happy The Best I Can How To Love Like Jesus On Eagles Wings Safely In The Arms Of Jesus You’re My Moma Don’t Forget To Pray Prescripted Addiction Love Without Strings There He Is New Again I Will Bless Him He’s Still Doing Miracles Today Jimmy Got Saved Don’t Give Up On Me When I Got Saved That’s Where You Brought Me From You’re The Only Bible Crayola Skies Smile


ARTIST Jerry Branscomb Family Bible Trio Featuring Eddie Gordon True Heart Russ Murphy Bruce & Betsy Mullen Carol Barham Wade Hammond The Parish Family with Marty Raybon Mo Howard Dennise Ditman Jim Sheldon with Rachel Taylor Tina Wakefield Marty Raybon Randy Gunn Julie Reese Charles Scarlette Jamie Coulter Dean Krell Cindy Lee Alden Bev McCann

Movers and Shakers of the Country Gospel Music Industry


by Tommy Smith


This month I’d like to write about a few D J’s and radio stations that have worked very hard to introduce this format to the public. So many of them work tirelessly with very little compensation and very little support from the industry. Why do they do it? Once again, it’s simply their calling, they do their part in life to serve Christ.


Meet D J Wayne Nault - WYKX Let’s start with D J Wayne Nault, a forty-four year veteran of radio, twenty-one of those years in the Christian music field. Wayne proudly hosts his show on WYKX, Escanaba, Michigan. He’s been behind Today’s Country Gospel and Christian Country since it’s early years. Wayne loves his Country music traditional, as do most true Country music lovers. Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 12

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I first talked to Wayne fifteen years ago promoting my first single in the Christian music industry. I was very nervous and unsure that I belonged in the industry after spending over thirty years in the secular music field. I knew that God had called me to serve, but wasn’t sure if Christian’s would accept me. Wayne was very encouraging, he played and reported my first release to radio “I’ll Speak Out For You Jesus”. He was easy to talk to and I could tell it was not all about just the music to him but the ministry behind the music. It was and still is about Christ to him. Wayne is honest. If he does not hear the song and it does not minister to him, he will tell you right up front that it will not work for his format. He will also tell you it may not fit his format, but keep on pushing because it may fit the format of many other Christian music D J’s. Artists, this is very good advice. When it comes to Christian music, what is played in Ohio might not fit the audience in Alabama. If you are truly called by Christ, He will make sure that your music will minister where it is needed most. Forget about the numbers on the charts. It’s how many lives you’re blessing and leading to Christ that counts. Those are the numbers Christian recording artists should worry about. When you get a chance, call Wayne and introduce yourself to him and thank him for all he does, and WYKX Radio does to keep Country Gospel alive and well.

Meet D J Alice Kissiar - WBCE Alice has been a Christian D J on WBCE 1200 AM Wickliffe, Kentucky for the last seventeen years. Rev. Wendell Gray owns the station. It is a listener supported radio station. As a promoter I would send Alice a tracking sheet out with each Canyon Creek compilation that I have released to radio for the last ten years. She has faithfully filled them out and sent them back. I know that she has not only done this for Canyon Creek but for all of those who have worked hard to make sure this great music makes it to radio. I was driving from Texas to Illinois last year searching on my truck radio the entire way, for stations that carried today’s Country Gospel music. I entered the great state of Kentucky and hit the jackpot. I caught WBCE and as God would have it Alice was on the air. She played one after another Country Gospel songs. She also would minister after each song and I’ve got to tell you she touched me. I thought to myself “This is what it’s all about”. This is our purpose, to reach the lost and to comfort all that we can through our music and God’s written word. I hope all of you that serve Christ with your talent realize what an honor it is to serve. Never forget it is not about you but it is all about Him. We thank you Alice and WBCE, for letting all of us share our ministry with your ministry. You can listen to them at & or contact them at 270-335-5171.

Note from Tommy Smith: So many of the stations that carry our music depend on the financial gifts from their listeners. If you find that you have a little extra left after you’ve taken care of your monthly budget, be apart of blessing those radio stations that are out there blessing so many others. Each month I will write about many more Radio Stations, D J’s, Promoters, Television Media personalities and a little history about those that started back in the mid 1990’s working hard to bring God’s message of grace and salvation through Country Gospel Music.

Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 13

There’s Peace in His Presence By John Randolph

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, "my refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!" - Psalms 91:1-2 Regardless of how long I serve Christ, I'm still captivated by the peace that is found at the foot of the cross; peace and rest that only come in the presence of our Heavenly Father. Satan is the master of unrest, deception, lies, worry; he is the one that causes us to question our worth, our ability to be used by God. He brings about the chaos that exists in our lives and we allow him this control when we question, doubt and/or give others in our life the ability to pull us away from the cross and distract our view. Speaking for myself, this is something that is all too easy to let happen as I run around the country serving and ministering to others and many times forget that I need to keep my eyes on Him and not on all the stuff around me. In Matthew 14 we see Peter stepping out of the boat when Jesus called him - "Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” “Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus." At this point Peter knew there was safety in the presence of Christ and had no doubt that he could walk on the water. But in an instant Peter did what we do so often and took his eyes off The Master and focused on the wind and the waves vs. The Lighthouse - "... When he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” With so much fear and trembling going on in the world today – from the persecution of Christians around the globe; the growth of the evil known as ISIS in our midst; wars, famine, earthquakes, disasters, to the simple day to day fears we all face wondering how we are going to provide for our families – we can easily lose sight of His peace and His presence. If we truly trust in Christ, then we should be the stabilizing forces - the rocks that the rest of the world sees and asks "why don't you seem to be worried or afraid?" We should be the perfect picture of what Peter called us to when he said "but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you..." 1 Peter 3:15. Too many times though, I hear Christ say to me "You of little faith, why did you doubt?” Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 14

My constant prayer is that God will grant me the tunnel vision I need to stay focused on Him when the waves toss and turn around me; to be the beacon He uses to show another the peace that is found in His presence. Then, when questioned about the hope and peace that seems to be present, I pray that He will give me the words to point the inquisitor to the cross and show them what it means to live a life filled with Christ. As the words to a great Fanny Crosby song say...

Jesus, keep me near the cross, There a precious fountain Free to all, a healing stream Flows from Calv’ry’s mountain. In the cross, in the cross, Be my glory ever; Till my raptured soul shall find Rest beyond the river.

Production, Recording, Distribution, Compilations Radio Promotion by Jessica Huddleston We are accepting tracks for our next compilation NOW! CALL US TODAY! (903) 566-3347 We at Canyon Creek Records, Inc. and The Christian Servant Publishing Company, BMI, strive to help artists that believe with all their hearts that GOD has called them to use their talents for HIS glory. We work with singers, songwriters and instrumentalists. Our purpose is to take forty years of recording industry experience and put that knowledge into action to produce a project for the artists. The final result being a project the artists will be proud of and one that will be a true blessing to all that hear it. We take the vision of the artist and create for them a music ministry that will glorify CHRIST. They will become a part of a family of servants with one united goal, "To lead the lost to the Cross". We produce a project from its beginning stage, all the way through to a completed CD or DVD and then promote it to radio and other music media. We help assist the artist with distribution and sales. If being a Christian artist is your heart’s desire, then contact us at (903) 566-3347, or e-mail us at

Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 15


HOPE! by Randy Gunn

Hope is a powerful word and represents different meanings to each of us. It is such a strong mindset that it keeps people from doing drastic things and brings success to the most incapable of humans…and without it many have given up on their dreams, relationships and even their lives. Many have put their hope in wrong things or in people or in institutions or in government or money or relationships. Others have put their hope in statues, or leaders, whether they be religious or not, in false gods, astrology, horoscopes, luck, superstitions and the like. The outcome is usually the same, when these things do not produce the expectations that the hope longed for, depression, destruction and even death is the alternative. However, there is one source of true hope. One all powerful, all loving, all merciful, all knowing, all caring, all seeing, all forgiving being, who is Lord of all lords, King of all kings. He is the only true and living God, and besides Him there are no other gods. His name is Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Savior of the world, the redeemer of mankind and the lover of men’s souls. He created all we see and know. Jesus is the only God who came to us, lived with us, and loved us so much that He was willing to take the punishment for all that you and I have done wrong, and die for us so we could live forever. However, the greater story is about His rising from the dead. We recently celebrated Easter, which is the greatest story told, the greatest day ever, because Easter is all about hope! I saw a bumper sticker once, it read; “My God’s not dead…sorry about yours.” No other mythical gods, no other religion’s god rose from the dead…but Jesus did; and that is the great story of hope. Because He now lives to constantly plead and pray to the Father for you and me. The Bible states that “If Christ is not raised, then our faith is in vain, or futile.” 1Co 15:17. That simply means that if we don’t believe the truth about the resurrection power of God, then our faith in His ability to save our lives, both in this world and the world to come is useless…in essence we have no hope that God is real or powerful enough to change our lives and our circumstances. However, if we can believe that God did raise Jesus from the dead, and that Jesus is alive today, caring for us, then we not only can be saved from an eternal punishment, but we have hope in this life that God can do anything we need Him to do for us. WE HAVE HOPE! No matter what we are going through, no matter how desperate our situation, no matter what we need, no matter how bad we’ve messed up, no matter how big our sin. 1Peter 5:7 tells us to “Cast all your care on Him because He cares for you.” Jesus not only cares for our soul in eternity, He cares for our life now. When we ask Jesus to be our Savior and forgive us for our sins, He not only saves our soul but He saves our very lives. He is living right now, and looking at our situation and praying and pleading to the Father for us so that we can be delivered from whatever mess we have gotten ourselves into. Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 16

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All we need to do is turn to Him and call on Him to save us. He promises us this in 1John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Each time we sin we can turn to Him, ask His forgiveness and trust and hope in Him to rescue us in our desperate situations. In a recent hunting trip, a friend came to hunt Elk with me. He had never shot an Elk, but had heard of my hunting stories and wanted to experience a hunt with me. It was an 8 day hunt and for 7 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes my friend didn’t even see an Elk. I was praying earnestly for God to help my friend get his Elk. I wanted it so bad for him. At the end of each day I was slightly disappointed because not only had my friend not shot his Elk, he didn’t even see one. Each day brought new hope though for me. I believe in a God who is alive and real and genuinely cares for us. At the end of each day, my hopes for my friend seemed in vain. However, on the last day, at the end of the day, coming back to camp from the last trip out to shake the woods, with less than 5 minutes left of legal shooting time, right in front of us, about 200 yards, a 6 point bull Elk crossed our path on the trail, walked up the side of the hill and stood broadside and looked at us. My friend got off his horse, rested his rifle, took the shot and killed his Elk. As simple as this story is, God proved to me again that even though I might think it may be too late for help, it is never too late. Even with less than 5 minutes left in my need, I can always hope in God to help because Jesus is alive and is pleading with God, for me! As long as we have breath, as long as we can pray, there is always hope in God because He is alive and He cares for His children. I don’t know what you are going through right now. I don’t know how bad you have sinned or messed up. I don’t know what you need God to do for you. I don’t know how desperate you are. I don’t know what you are facing…but God does. Turn to Him, because there is hope in Jesus Christ. No matter how impossible the situation is, no matter how impossible the solution seems, “With God all things are possible.” Mark 9:23. Your mind might tell you it is over, others may tell you there is no help or hope, but remember this verse; Mt 19:26 "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." So, I want to give you hope. Not just any hope, but hope in God almighty. Psalms 31:24 “Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalms 130:7 “Hope in the Lord; for with the Lord there is mercy, and with Him is abundant redemption.” Jeremiah 17:7 "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord.” Lamentations 3:24 "The Lord is my all," says my soul, "Therefore I hope in Him!" Lamentations 3:26 “It is good that one should hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.” Never forget Jesus is alive and because He lives we have hope in any situation. Call on Him today. No matter what you have done, no matter what you need from Him. He is alive and will help in any situation; and can change any circumstances; and can provide any need; and is able to do what we think is impossible. He cares for us. Hebrews, 7:25; Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them. You can contact Randy Gunn at: Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 17

by Tommy Smith

Country music from it’s beginning has always been split up in various formats and styles. Western, Country & Western, Honkytonk, Traditional Country, and Contemporary or Pop Country. Here are a few examples of each. Western - Gene Autry and Roy Rogers Country and Western - Bob Wills, his big band sound brought Country and Swing together as did Earnest Tubb. Honkytonk - Jerry Lee Lewis, Conway Twitty in his early days, also George Jones did many songs that would fit in that category. Traditional Country - Lefty Frizzell, Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Loretta Lynn and on and on. Contemporary or Pop Country - Jim Reeves, Eddie Arnold, Kenny Rogers and Crystal Gayle to name just a few. The reason I bring this up is that some of you younger people believe that Country is all about cowboys, horses, pickups, and tailgate parties. It is a part of Country music but just a small part of the big picture. Now this leads me to tell you about a young lady that comes from a musical family that has at one time or another incorporated all of these different styles of music into their shows. Aunt Connie, Mary Fay Jackson, The Jones Family, Carla Jones and then there is Pamela Wiebe. Pamela writes and sings Country Gospel in a very classy way. I would have to put her in the Contemporary, Pop Country sound. She has a rich, smooth low tone, bluesy voice like Crystal Gayle or Patti Page. Pure class, that’s right “class”, something the world does not know much about these days. Every song that Pamela has released has shot up to the Top 20 and higher in charts like Cashbox, HMG, Christian Voice, Country For The Good Life Top 100 and Christian Music Weekly. Her songs will touch and lead you to the presence of the Holy Spirit. They make you feel good about being a Christian. Most of all they soften the hearts of the non-believer and open the way for them to be led to Christ. Pamela not only sings and writes songs for and about Christ but she was a juvenile correction Chaplain for the State of Texas for many years. She and her husband, Garry also served as CPS foster parents for 14 years, working with troubled youth (and adults). Pamela has a Master’s degree in counseling but she will tell you that there are not enough degrees in this world that can do what the Great Counselor can do. (Is. 9:6)

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There is something I read, that Pamela said, that grabbed me. She said, “We don’t assemble together on Sunday to BE a church - we assemble because we ARE the church”. Here are just a few of Pamela’s anointed releases to radio: “Where I’m At”, “I Cry”, “Amaze Me”, “When I Remember”, “Give Me Compassion” and “Let It Reign”. If you do not have a copy of her CD, go to her website and order it. The CD is titled “Pamela Wiebe It’s A New Day”. You will be blessed. To contact Pamela go to: or email:

Tommy Horton One of America’s Favorite Country Artists If you love Country music and you do not have a Tommy Horton CD, then you truly are missing a blessing. Tommy is considered to be one of the all time greats of Country music. For many years he has been admired by his peers and loved by Country music fans not only here in America but all over Europe. When he sings a ballad you feel it, when he sings an up-tempo Western Swing you can’t help but get a smile on your face. True Country, that’s Tommy Horton. You will recognize his love for Christ the first time you play one of his Country Gospel CD’s. Songs like, “It’s Not What You Know”, “Just Over The Tide,” and of course his current Top 10 hit in Cashbox Magazine ”The Church By The Side Of The Road”. You can book him or order Tommy’s CD’s by calling, 325-998-3789 or email him at: Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 19

Faithful, Kind, Humble, Servant Jimmy R. Price, A man after God’s own heart by Tommy Smith

All of us want to see good in our brothers and sisters, especially when they air themselves to be Christians. Many times though, we are so disappointed when we see a side of them that backbites others, always bragging on themselves, and coveting what their neighbor has rightfully earned. This can destroy a new Christian and it always gives the world a chance to say, “I told you those Christians are a bunch of hypocrites.” This is why it is so refreshing when we meet and know a brother or sister in Christ that practices what he or she preaches. Brother Jimmy R. Price is one of those Christians. Not only is he a gifted songwriter and vocalist in the Country Gospel music field, but Jimmy also pastors “Noble Baptist Church” in Noble, Louisiana. You will see the light of Christ in a Christian by the way he loves his fellow man and especially by the way he loves his family. The Bible teaches us that a man that does not love his family is an infidel. You cannot be around Jimmy without him telling you how God has blessed him by giving him Ann, his best friend, partner and mother of his children. Jason and Katie, his son and daughter-in-law, Kylie and Rick, his daughter and son-in-law and he’s especially proud that they have blessed him with five grandchildren. Karmyn, Lexi, David, Jase, and Max. I don’t know if I have ever met a man that was born in Louisiana that didn’t love to hunt and fish. Jimmy is no exception. Christ has taken Jimmy’s passion to fish and made him a fisher of men. Jimmy does this with a joyful heart. Christ has blessed Jimmy’s faithfulness by allowing him to have many top ten songs across the nation, most in the top five. My favorite being his new release “Praise Jesus”. I believe that this one will make it to #1 in the Christian charts, which means that it will be out there blessing people’s hearts. When God passed out the gift of talent to Jimmy, he blessed him abundantly with one of the smoothest voices your ears will ever hear. Every note Jimmy hits is perfectly on pitch and you will get caught up in the message of the song as he sings them straight from his heart. He writes everything that he records, except when he does one of the old hymns. Jimmy will tell you that he does not write the songs, God writes them through him. When you listen to the words you will have to agree. The best way to describe Jimmy is, he’s faithful, kind, humble, always willing to serve others, simply put, a man that loves his fellow man the way Christ commanded. I believe he is a man truly after God’s own heart. If you want a real blessing from his CD’s, or are in need of prayer, you may contact Jimmy at: (318) 567-3553 or visit his website at Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 20

Myra Rolen Hooked On Jesus by Tommy Smith

Myra gave her life to Christ at the age of thirteen, one summer while attending vacation bible school. She recall’s that summer she truly learned the meaning of “LOVE” and the depth of what our Lord and Savior did for us. Myra said she started singing at an early age. “Mom, Dad, and a lot of my aunts and uncles were all musically inclined. Mom was a great singer and Dad was really a great songwriter.” She remembers the good times when the whole family would get together and sing those good old Country Gospel Hymns. Myra would join right in and sing her favorites like “I’ll Fly Away” and “Amazing Grace”. She felt really blessed to be raised in a home filled with love. Mom and Dad were married for over forty years. Her Dad has gone on to be with the Lord and she’ll tell you she misses him very much. She said, “I was and always will be a Daddy’s girl. Both of my parents tried to instill in me, to live a life with honor, faith, and a strong love for CHRIST.” She is now a proud wife and mother, doing her best to raise her kid’s up with those same Christian values. Myra did not start singing publicly until her early twentys. Her family talked her into entering a local singing competition where she sang David Patillo’s song “Ten Thousand Angels Cried”. Myra received second runner up in that competition. After that there was no holding her back. She sang at every church that would have her. She performed at fairs, festivals and local opry houses. Then an opportunity opened up for her to be music director for a small church.

You can purchase any of Myra’s music at CD Baby!

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Serving in that position for two years she learned the great responsibility that a music minister has, to always be a good role model and leader for the youth and elderly alike, and to be true to God and serve Him with a joyful heart. After all it is God that gives us our talent. Shouldn’t we be willing to give it back to Him. Myra has had many mentors in her life. One of those mentors was Susie McEntire, younger sister of Reba McEntire. Susie invited Myra to be the opening act for a fund raiser in Fruitvale, Texas. That show had a tremendous impact on Myra, spiritually, because she got to witness firsthand , the power of what a song can do. Susie gave Myra some great advice that she still refers to today. “Always be true to yourself and keep God first in your life, everything else will fall into place.” Myra cut her first Country Gospel CD at Chip Brickers, Smart Production Studio in Nash, Texas. The song “In His Light” was written by Myra’s sister Rosine Leffel. It was chosen as the CD title. Rosine also played accustic guitar on the CD along with Jeff Easter and many other great pickers. This project is very well produced. Myra’s national release to radio “God Walks The Dark Hills” is getting great spins at radio and is on the charts at number nineteen for April 2015 in Cashbox Magazine and The Christian Servant Magazine “Country For The Good Life Top 100”. Myra said that there is not a day that goes by that she does not give God praise and joyful thanks for not only the talent He has blessed her with but also for her wonderful husband, family and friends. Contact Myra at: Myra Rolen <> or visit her website at

On The Air… With Tim Livingston

I'm sure you are familiar with the story from Mark chapter 2 about the man carried on a bed by four men to get to Jesus. I've often marveled by the abundant lessons from this one story when Jesus went to Capernaum. Verse 1 says, "it was noised that he was in the house". I love that statement! I truly believe that when the worldwide Church realizes that Christ, in operation inside of us, is greater than anything around us. We must have Jesus as the center of everything we do in Church ministry and activity. Too many modern churches have "Laodecia" above the door. The emphasis church in Revelation when Jesus is viewed as locked out of His own Church and is knocking to

have someone open the door and let Him inside. That is a sermon all to itself in our day today. Next, verse 2 reveals what Jesus did with a house full of people and himself in the middle of the crowd. "He preached the word unto them". Praise God, that's so simple we don't need to get our Greek or Hebrew Lexicon out to figure what Jesus did. He didn't give a code or a secret. Jesus preached the Word! Proclamation brought cooperation: people came "bringing one sick of the palsy, which was borne of four" (verse 3). Cooperation brought Reconciliation: "Thy sins be forgiven" (verse 5). Reconciliation brought Confrontation: "Who can forgive sins but God?" (verse 7). Confrontation brought Manifestation: "Arise, and take up thy bed and walk" (verse 9). Manifestation brought Glorification: "They were all amazed, and glorified God" (verse 12). When Jesus is in the house there will be no room to receive the crowds and there will be no room to contain the blessings. Until next time when we meet On The Air or in the air… Tim Livingston Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 22

God said, “Mike build Me an Ark”

Mike Leichner was brought up going to church since he was a small child. His grandfather Jack Ledbetter was the pastor of the Baptist church he and his family attended. Mike recalls that music was a great part of the worship service. The singing Ledbetter Family was one of the biggest names in Southern Gospel music at that time. They were part of Mike’s family. Mike started playing lead guitar with the family at the age of thirteen. They did shows with the Happy Goodman family and most of the great Southern Gospel groups at that time. The Ledbetter’s were truly loved by loyal Southern Gospel fans and still are. Mike said, as he grew older his musical ability also grew. He not only played lead guitar but also learned to play bass, steel and became a very accomplished vocalist. His travels weren’t always just about music though. He was getting fed the word by some of the greatest evangelists in the world. God was laying the foundation for the minister that Mike would become. Mike married his beautiful wife Dee who also came from a strong Christian background. Her grandmother was a Sunday school teacher for the church they attended until she reached the age of ninety-six. Mike and Dee home schooled their kids and have always tried to maintain solid Christian values, and principles in their home. Something different happened to Mike and his wife at one of the revivals they attended. That particular night at the revival Dee was overtaken by the power of the Holy Ghost and started speaking in tongues, something that neither one of them ever expected. It became more and more apparent that there was a real spiritual change in Dee’s life. The more Mike saw of the change in his wife, the more he wanted that gift. He prayed and prayed but it just didn’t happen for him, like it did for Dee. Mike called on an Assembly of God Evangelist from California that he had met years ago in his travels. Mike asked him why, after praying and praying with an earnest heart, that he had not received the same gift of the Holy Ghost that Dee had received? The preacher told him to come to California and let him and others pray with, and for him. Continued next page… Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 23

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After making that trip, his life and spiritual beliefs where changed forever. He received the power of the Holy Ghost and just like Dee, he was on fire for Christ. Mike and Dee started attending a Full Gospel church. He was ordained as a Full Gospel minister. He was then given a commission by the Holy Spirit to “build an Ark”. Not the kind of Ark that Noah built, but one that would be a refuge for the weak, the downtrodden, and the lost in Christ. So Mike and his family did just that, they decided to move back to their hometown of Maize, Kansas. They built a church called the ARK. Mike has been the Full Gospel pastor of that church for over twenty-five years. He has a flock of over 700 and all of them have found peace and refuge at the Ark. The Bible tells us that the only unforgivable sin is to deny the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that guides and protects us on our journey down a long and narrow pathway. When you accept the Baptism of the Holy Spirit you are filled with spiritual powers and a burning desire in your heart to go and serve, without any hesitation or fear, where the Spirit leads you. Who knows, one day you may be asked to go and build an Ark for our Lord and Savior! Mike has released a brand new Country Gospel CD with the help of his friend James Payne. The CD is tilted “The Country Side Of Me”. It has already produced the top charting song, “Jesus You Mean More To Me”. He has just released a new cut off of the project titled “House Of Good News” written by James Payne. This one is getting a tremendous response from radio, already. To contact Mike to purchase a CD or for a special prayer need you can call him at: (316) 641-7081 or email him at or click one of the links below.

Article by Tommy Smith

usic to ift up od in song!

Mary Lu Gregg has been a Christian D J for years. She loved playing the Christian music she would receive from all the artists. She took notice that so many of the artists that would call her did not know how to promote their projects. Loving the music and the artists, Mary Lu, knowing she was a natural born promoter at heart, decided she wanted to try her hand at it. David Livingston of Lo Records took her under his wing and with his years of experience taught Mary Lu the ropes of promotion. By 2011 she developed her own company MLG Promotions. The MLG stand not only for her name but “Music to Lift up God” which she thinks is quite unique. Then in 2012 her company expanded by bringing in an assistant from Texas. Stephanie Haynes, handles all the radio calls and has been trained under Mary Lu’s direction. So between both of them the company of MLG Promotions has really been moving in the right direction at a quick pace. Mary Lu says “we work with new up coming artists, the one’s that would love to share their Gospel music with the world but just can’t afford high promotion costs”. Mary Lu says her rates are very affordable. She and Stephanie do everything possible to get your music out to radio through their Digital Compilation service and also verbal promotion about your project.

To inquire about the rates and services contact them at: 434-661-7893 or Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015 - Page 24

Gospel News From New York & Canada by Bob Terry

Well, Spring has sprung here in Western New York and Southern Canada. All though we are still having some lake effect snow but it doesn’t last. Let’s see what can I tell you about what is going on in Gospel Music this month of April. We here at WDCX in Buffalo, Sunday Singalong program play a little of all three types of Gospel Music. Southern Gospel, Christian Country or should I say Country Gospel. I don’t know what the difference is but the other day I got a couple of Compilation Discs, one said Southern Country Gospel and the other said Inspirational Country. I don’t guess I will ever know what the difference is in the names but this I do know, it’s Country music telling about Jesus. I was told the other day that Country Music was becoming big in this area just as Southern Gospel is in Canada. So if you are a lover of Country Music you will love Country Gospel. Country Gospel tells you about salvation, love, faith and how you can make you life happier than you have ever been. What other combinations can do this. It’s good for the heart and soul. Praise and worship is the big thing in Christian Music radio in this area because its what the young people say they like. If the radio stations that play Gospel music won’t play other types of Gospel, then what will the young people know about other types of Christian music? If you are a DJ on an all Country station, try this sometime, play a Gospel song by one of your best artists that you play daily or better yet, play a song or two from one of the many Country Gospel artists that are out there. You will be surprised at the feed back you will get from your listeners. Some of the biggest Country artists all have Gospel projects out. Try it. Until next time remember God loves you and so do we, let others see Jesus in you. Bob You can contact Bob by calling





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Melanie Walker “One of God’s Chosen” by Tommy Smith

Melanie Walker is truly one of God’s chosen. She has a voice and singing style that touches and comforts not only those who know Christ but those who are seeking Christ. I have been in the music industry for over 50 years and I have worked with some of the greatest artists in the world, all of them have something in common. In the secular music field that something is called the “It” factor. The “It” factor is something that no one can explain but the masses of people can feel and see in an artist all at the same time. This “It” factor will take an artist all the way to the top of the ladder making him or her a mega star. The “It” factor has nothing to do with the Christian music field. First of all the artist is not the star, Christ is. The ‘It’ factor is replaced with the ”Anointed” factor, which you cannot create or develop yourself. It is something that God has chosen to place in the soul of the artist. When He picks a very special person to place His anointing on, He already knows that he or she will not be concerned about whether they are at the top or bottom of the ladder. The only concern anointed people have is to serve Christ and let the Holy Spirit do His will through them. I believe that Melanie is one of God’s chosen. Her countenance radiates the love of Christ. Her testimony is always humble. Being humble is a must to serve Christ. He does not choose the proud or boastful. I have known Melanie for years and I can tell you she does not even feel worthy to serve Him. When you are called and you answer that calling, it becomes your duty to serve as a soldier in Christ’s army. That is why we sing “Onward, Christian Soldiers”. Melanie has been one of the most requested artists on my radio show for the last fourteen years. Her CD’s touch and bless those who are ready to receive the Holy Spirit. She is also the host of ”Come On In”, on the TCT Television Network that is broadcast all over the world. Melanie’s face glows with the love of Christ when she is singing on her TV show or on stage at a Christian concert. Because of that you cannot help but love Melanie Walker. Anna and I love Melanie and her husband Gerald. They are truly soldiers for CHRIST. You can visit Melanie on her website at or watch Melanie on the TCT Network online at: (click one)

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Last year about this time a very dear friend of mine contacted me regarding a book called “APPOINTMENTS WITH HEAVEN.” He said that the author, Dr. Reggie Anderson, was a dear friend of his and my friend believed this would be a great movie. I told him the title alone interested me greatly! Soon the book arrived in the mail and I was enthralled! Right on the cover it said “the true story of a country doctor’s healing encounters with the hereafter”! I was hooked! This book will stir anyone who reads it right from their soul! It chronicles Dr. Reggie as a young boy who had a vision from God that came true. It went through the terrible tragedy of his best friends being brutally murdered and him turning his back on God and basically becoming a poster child for Atheists everywhere. After all, if there IS a God how could he have let that happen? Later in life Dr. Reggie met his future wife Karen who is a strong Christian. Of course she was not a bit interested in Reggie. Later armed with C.S. Lewis book “MERE CHRISTIANITY,” a bible and some camping gear, Reggie went alone on a camping trip. On that trip he had a very vivid dream. He dreamed of the family he loved so much that left this world all too soon in a most brutal way. They were happy and told him they were fine and he should move on with his life and let go of the tragedy of what had happened. He could see very vivid colors of Heaven and smell beautiful lilac flowers. Later Reggie turned his life around, married Karen and became a doctor. The first patient to die under his watch asked him if he would sit with her while she passed from this life. He did. Then as he held her hand “the veil between this world and the next parted.” He began to feel the temperature in the room change and he could vividly smell the lilac flowers from his dream. The patient gently looked up and to the right and passed through the veil. Over the years Dr. Reggie has sat with over 200 patients as they have passed over. One woman asked if he would be her “escort to Heaven.” You will be amazed as Dr. Reggie recounts many of these stories. This book is remarkable and helps anyone who reads it learn how to face the passing of their loved ones with courage and confidence that we will indeed see them again. My own dear mother passed away recently and having read Dr. Reggie’s book helped me so much to feel peace as she kept her own appointment with Heaven. Don’t you think this book would make a great movie? So do I. That’s why I’m so grateful and thankful that after much thought and prayer Dr. and Mrs. Anderson have chosen to go with our company to make the film. I thought it would be interesting to let you know about this early on. As things progress I will be writing about the progress so you will be able to enjoy this amazing journey ahead. In the meantime pick up this great book. You will love it! Click on the cover to view and/or purchase at!

Visit Brad Wilson and Higher Purpose Entertainment at:

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ONE LIFE by Dr. Doug DeRamus My wife and I have three children that God has blessed us with. I was not able to go into the delivery room when Joshua our oldest was born because they did not allow father's to come in the deliver room at that time. Matter of fact, the process was so drawn out that we were a couple of days in the hospital waiting. I worked the next day and back to the hospital I went to help "do something". After going about 36 hours without any sleep I sat in the room looking at Judy lying there in the bed. I have to admit I was a little envious. Don't get me wrong, only for the bed to lie down in. When her time came to be delivered and they came and took her out of the bed to the delivery room, I crawled up into the bed and went sound to sleep. It was the easiest delivery I went through. Five years later however I did get to experience being in the delivery room as my wife gave birth to our second child and son Caleb. When Caleb was born, his head came out first. The doctor said, "here is his head." When the shoulders came out the doctor DID NOT say we had twins. It is all “one life“. Jesus is the Head and we are the body, not twins, not separate lives, “one life“. It’s not me and Jesus, just Christ. It is His life. We as Christians are trying to be what we already are, get what we already have been given and get somewhere He has already brought us. We are more aware of MY UGLINESS in Adam than MY BEAUTY in Christ. Our focus is on sins and not the Lamb of God that took away "The Sin" of the world. This New Life in Christ that we live is not a separate life from Christ. Many times we as believers think that somehow there are two of us. There is Christ and then, there is me. Me and Jesus we got our own thing going. The realm of two or the realm of duality. It came with the eating of the forbidden fruit of the tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil. Most believers think it is sacrilegious, blasphemous and sinful to think of themselves on this side of Heaven as being “ONE” with the Father. If you are born again then you are “ONE” with Christ and He (the Head) is “ONE” with the Father. You are NOW “one“ with Christ, by Spirit. We don't have a different life; we don't have another life; we have the life He has. It's His life. "Christ, who is our life.” When you made Jesus Lord, you were terminated. You weren't fixed, you weren't repaired. God couldn't fix you. Adam couldn't get saved. He got killed and replaced by Christ. Christ is now living his life out through us. "It's no longer I, but Christ." (Gal. 2:20) The life we have is Christ's life. It's not some other life. It is HIS LIFE. Jesus did not die to give you life, He died to give you a death but He arose from the dead to give you a life. His death was your death, his DEATH was to give you a DEATH. There's only been one born from the dead. If you got life, you got it from the first born. He was resurrected into LIFE to give you a LIFE. So that you could get out of who you were in Adam and become alive to who you are in Christ. It is not what you turned from, it is what you turned toward.

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Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015  
Christian Servant Magazine - April, 2015  

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