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How do you describe a year like 2011?

I could easily say that you have given more donations than any other year in the history of CRF. Or I could say that you have helped more people than ever before this year. But when you are a disaster relief ministry, and you are getting a lot of money, it is because a lot of bad things have happened in the world. Yes, 2011 provided some of the greatest disasters of our lifetime. And you responded with incredible compassion to help the hurting.


We prepared this annual report to give you a look at what CRF is doing so you can see how your support is changing the world. We are very thankful for your belief and participation in the mission of CRF! - Milton Jones-President/CEO

Famine Relief

CRF has always been known for helping children. This year it also became known for being a relief agency. As refugee camps filled up in the Horn of Africa, we started sending in huge truckloads of food. We helped in Dadaab where hundreds of thousands of Somalis sought refuge. But we found Turkana even more desperate. An all-African team led the way and fed literally thousands of starving people and is still doing so. CRF is always ready to help in times of disaster and catastrophe around the world. Whether it is Haiti, Japan, or the Horn of Africa—we will try to help for the long haul.

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Child Sponsorship Sisi Margoth Urbina from Tegucigalpa, Honduras (left) comes from a very poor family. She lives with her mother and 13 other family members in her grandparents' small mud brick home. Sisi is in the 6th grade and is incredibly smart. Because of her high grades and great attitude, she was elected “President of Honduras” for a day and was able to sit at the President's desk. In addition to the activities at school, Sisi is very active in her church. Her dream is to study medicine and become a doctor so she can help her family and the members of the church. Worldwide, children like Sisi are accomplishing their dreams and breaking free from the cycle of poverty because of the support they receive through CRF Sponsorship.


Before CRF drilled this well in Barwessa, Kenya, people had to walk nearly fifteen miles to get water. Children could not go to school because they spent their days carrying water for the family and community.


When they finally got the water, the water was polluted giving people typhoid. But fresh water is flowing now. You can see how your gift was worth it by the smiles on their faces. In 2011, you helped bring water to thousands of people by funding well projects through CRF.

Short-Term Missions

The Sovereign School in Cap Haitian, Haiti that educates hundreds of our CRF children just opened up their new building. We are so thrilled that our children will finally have enough room to get some good academic training. Moise Toussaint (pictured left) does everything from directing the school to constructing the school buildings to preaching at the church to leading the school’s marching band. What a blessed place! Because of CRF, schools are being provided all over the globe for children who would otherwise not have an opportunity for an education.

An excited team of college students from Ole Miss, Pepperdine, and Texas Tech left the U.S. to go to Cap Hatian, Haiti to build a school, teach a Vacation Bible School, and put in water purification units in this area where so many children were suffering with cholera. Other teams went to Kenya, Nicaragua, India, and Liberia. Maybe you will be on the next trip. You will never be the same.

Medical Care

If you need care in the Nyalenda slum in Kisumu, Kenya, there is only one place to go. It’s the Ring Road Community VCT and Jones Clinic. At this clinic, CRF gives treatment for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, cholera, and many other diseases. By supporting CRF, you are truly providing the only health care clinic in the most diseased place on earth. Around the world, CRF is helping people who would otherwise have no access to medical care.

Board of Directors Imogene McAnulty Linda Purdy Julie Rawlins Scott Sager Ken Vaughn Larry Wu

Milton Jones - President Ashley Hunter - Vice-President Alison Taylor-Brown - Secretary Danny Troublefield - Treasurer Dan Bouchelle Scott Gage

Exectutive Director & Board Member Linda Purdy on a recent trip to visit CRF programs in Honduras

Financial Information - Fiscal Year 2011 91%

programs & reserves

In Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2011, total donated income was $4,466,003.

5% 4% administr ati fun





$4,043,753 was designated to relief projects and reserves; $228,331 to administrative costs, and $193,919 to fundraising. *From and independent audit by Johnson & Sheldon, P.C.

Accountability At CRF, we are accountable before God and before you to use your gifts in the best way possible to help the hurting around the world. We are a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and abide by all of its strict reporting standards. Our audited financial report is available upon request.

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A Letter from the President Serving in my second year at CRF, I learned to fall in love with our donors. This year has been a time of travel for me. I have preached at over 40 different churches from Delaware to California to Washington to Florida. I have had the privilege of talking to at least a dozen campus ministries too. I cannot say enough about the hearts and generosity of the committed people who give to Christian Relief Fund. You are the best. I hope that 2012 takes me to even more places that honor and help the mission of CRF. When I think of 2011, I will always remember the drought in Africa. The famine in the Horn of Africa was the biggest disaster in my lifetime. We were “perfect” to help in this “perfect storm.” Before this disaster, CRF had already been helping for decades. We had 15 different works already helping in the Horn of Africa. But last year, we encountered a new level of poverty. Twelve million people were without adequate food and water. Refugees from Somalia flooded into Kenya into camps of up to 600,000 people. A war erupted. It was terrible. But CRF under the leadership of Francis Bii began a relief team that took hundreds of thousands of dollars of assistance to Dadaab, Turkana, Eruli, and Barwessa. I don’t know if we’ve ever seen anything worse. I don’t know if we’ve ever done anything better. Once again, our donors came through with unbelievable help. 2011 was the year that CRF really got into water. Whether it was water purification in Haiti or drilling wells in the Horn of Africa, we got pure water to thousands of people who either didn’t have water or were drinking polluted water. The wells we drilled in Barwessa, Kenya were said to be at a place where it was impossible to get water. People had tried again and again. And they had given up. But there is water flowing there today. The people of Africa call it “the miracle in the desert.” The bread and butter ministry of Christian Relief Fund is still what it has been in the past—sponsoring children. We now have more children sponsored than at any time in our history. Around 5000 are fully sponsored, and thousands of others have been fed this year. Last year we appealed to you to re-sponsor children who had lost their supporters during the recession. Hundreds of these children now have new sponsors. We hope to be completely caught up on this in just a few months.

Great changes have happened around our headquarters in Amarillo. We asked you to help us make some technological changes at CRF so we would have a better foundation to expand our informational systems in order to sponsor more children and communicate better with our donors. It was an incredible amount of work to make these changes, but now we are positioned for the future. Our thanks go out to all who believed and understood how good administration is needed to manage the growing number of children we are helping. In this process, we were able to hire Glen David not only to help me but also to take our information technology to the next level. We are incredibly blessed to have not only a great programmer and IT leader but also a great person who fits so well into the mission of CRF. Our great news of the coming year is that Larry Wu is moving to Amarillo to become our director of global operations. Larry has served on the board and helped to develop our works in Kenya. He is known all over the world for his work in the food and beverage industry—especially Starbucks. Yes, he is the one who picked most of those wonderful coffees you enjoy. He recently comes from another non-profit that is waging a war against human trafficking. Larry is a longtime friend who will help immensely by developing and overseeing CRF’s works on the field. What an answered prayer this is! We don’t have too many new works that were started in 2011. We were mainly trying to get children at our established works re-sponsored. Our one big new work is with Emmanuel’s Kids in Eruli, Kenya. We have about 400 orphans there with about half of them sponsored. We have also built new school buildings in Monrovia, Liberia and Cap-Haitian, Haiti. We did some remodeling in Kisumu and Eldoret, Kenya. In the upcoming year, we hope to build a great school and orphanage in Croezerville, Liberia. Most of what I will cherish in 2011 is the great encouragement I have received from our donors. I knew so many of our sponsored children, but to meet the people who have sacrificed to save them has truly made my year.

Milton Jones President/CEO

2011 Annual Report  

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