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• I’ve been using an expensive umbrella well, since I bought it. I used to meet rains without an umbrella, but after the ultra compact umbrella, I’ve never gotten wet. (In this changeable weather condition, I always carry the umbrella. The mobility is very important for a product like an umbrella.) •   • The Samsung ST80 I’m reviewing now is a great camera having great mobility, cute design, Wi-Fi, Smart Crop, Touch screen, and Smart Gesture UI. (Unique functions are supported for more interesting usage of the camera, I think.) •   • I’m wondering the quality and performance. Let’s take a closer look at it through the review.

The body, power adaptre, USB cable, hand strap, battery, stylus pen, user manual CD, and quick manual are included. (It’s a good package.)

It has 92 x 55.4 x 18.5 mm of size and 108g of weight, so for those who want a compact and portable camera, it will be a wonderful camera. (The compact size was the most impressive. It supports all the things with the great mobility, so it will appeal to a lot of users who want a camera having both performance and mobility.)   The design is so satisfactory as much as the mobility. Like I mentioned, as a cute and pretty camera, two tone colors and rounded body were very impressive. (I liked the minimized buttons by adopting the touch

It’s the front and has the 35105mm (On 35mm equivalent) protruding 3x optical zoom lens, and it supports F3.0(W) – 5.6(T). (Unlike other high level products, the angle is not that wide. For those who want wider angle, it might be insufficient, I think.) In the center on the top, a flash is located and beside the

It’s the top of the product and on the left side, a speaker and play button are located and in the center, a power button and microphone are attached. On the right side, a zoom lever, shutter button, and LED are installed. (Like previous Samsung cameras, it has a

It’s the left side of the body and universal 20 pin port (USB cable for recharge and data transfer and A/V cable are available.) is attached, and in the center, a strap ring is located. (It’s so light that it can be hung

It’s the bottom of the product and there’s a mount hole for a tripod and on the side, a battery and memory chamber is located. (It supports Micro SD memory. Since up to 8GB of MicroSDHD is

It’s the back of the body and the 3� touch display is attached. WQVGA resolution non glare type display allows users more convenience with less diffused reflection, and a stylus pen can be used because of its resistive touch screen. (Because users need more detailed operation like Smart Crop, they will

Like I mentioned, it has great mobility. It’s smaller than an MP3P or smart phone, it can be carried anywhere.

The package includes the power adapter, USB cable, battery, hand strap, touch pen, user manual CD, and quick manual, while the Case, A/V cable, recharger, and memory card are not included.

samsung st80  
samsung st80  

This is my presentation about SAMSUNG ST80.