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Samsung SM X-F 50 ser ies camcor der

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[CES 2011] Samsung intends to mak e a statement w ith their new SM X-F 50 ser ies of camcor der s, w her e it w ill come in a compact for m factor and yet cr amming in enough technology to mak e Aver age Joe on the str eet happy w ith their pur chase – on paper , at least. T his camcor der w ill boast a pr etty impr essive 65x zoom lens w ithout sacr ificing on quality, as it incor por ates other featur es including an SD memor y car d slot as w ell as the fir st Smar t Back gr ound M usic (BGM ) ever in a family camcor der , just in case you think you’ve got a budding dir ector gig going on. Want to k now mor e about the budget-fr iendly SM X-F 50 ser ies? We definitely have mor e to tell in the extended post.

Samsung SMX-F50 series camcorder