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Congratulations to the Blue Baggers on becoming the 2013 Stradbroke Shield champions after a titanic Grand Final tussle. Commiserations must go to FOF who did everything in their power to get over the line, only to be beaten by the third highest score ever recorded in a Shield match. As expected, this season has been a triumph on all fronts and continues the extraordinary ability of my administration to keep producing quality seasons, year after year. My fact-finding mission to Africa at the end of the season, whilst not ideal timing, proved fruitful and many new initiatives will be brought in for season 2014 including the compulsory drafting of Majak Daw by all participating teams and the ‘Survival of the Fittest Round’, where winners will be decided by which mascot would prevail if the teams were to meet in the middle of an African savannah. Whilst all Coaches are now enjoying a well earned rest and are waxing lyrical about what could have been, you can trust that planning is already under way for next year, in what will no doubt be the best season yet. Interest is ever growing in the Shield, so ensure you do the right thing over the Summer to guarantee your licence for the 2014 season, because there are plenty of teams lining up to fill any vacancy that may occur. Merry Christmas.

D Dr Dunwich Demitriou CEO, Stradbroke Shield

GRAND FINAL REVIEW GRAND FINAL REVIEW Baggers 2,647 def Fellows 2,583 It took the season’s highest score for the Baggers to win the flag against a gallant Fellows in a worthy grand final match up.

GUMBY FINAL Crawfs 2,315 def Dazzlers 2,179 Crawfs proved too strong for the Dazzlers to claim the most unwanted prize in the Shield.

GRAND FINAL SCORES 1. L. Montagna 165 2. G. Ablett 164 3. J. Ziebell 161 4. T. Liberatore 159 5. S. Mumford 159

OVERALL SCORES 1. S. Pendlebury 2,786 2. G. Ablett 2,706 3. J. Selwood 2,605 4. D. Swan 2,580 5. W. Minson 2,515

HOME & AWAY REVIEW Final Ladder 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Hangovers Mudcrabs Blue Baggers Hammers FOF Ax Pulsating Pies Wolfpak Tomsies Crawfs crew Dazzlers Pollys Saints Tiger Mate Danks Peptides Manly Bulls Franga's Guru's CHOOSE 1982 Tigerland

17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17

13 13 13 12 12 11 11 11 10 9 8 8 6 4 4 3 3 0

0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0

4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 7 8 9 9 11 12 13 13 13 17

36102 36430 35521 35432 35392 35625 36214 36135 35435 35184 33705 32653 32585 32608 32391 31802 31875 18316

32301 33494 33378 32448 33476 33889 33573 33948 33606 33641 32821 33511 33262 33727 34215 33711 33852 34552

111.77 52 108.77 52 106.42 52 109.20 48 105.72 48 105.12 46 107.87 44 106.44 44 105.44 40 104.59 36 102.69 32 97.44 32 97.96 24 96.68 18 94.67 16 94.34 14 94.16 14 53.01 0

Highest Season Score: 2,506, Wolfpak (round 13) Lowest Score: 66, Tigerland (round 9) Highest Combined Score: 4,878, Wolfpak d Dazzlers (round 13) Longest Winning Streak: 8, Mudcrabs (rounds 10-17) Longest Losing Streak: 17, Tigerland (rounds 1-17) Highest Player Score: 195, T. Cloke (round 2) Lowest Player Score: -4, E. Wood (round 1)

2013 ‘STRADDIES’ SHIELD CHAMPIONS: Blue Baggers DAC CHAMBERS MEDAL: Brett, Blue Baggers. Second consecutive top 4 finish and ended the year by winning the premiership with the season’s highest score. Trained his side to the minute. Special mentions to Robert (FOF) for almost snatching the flag from fifth spot, Jason (Hangovers) for scoring his first Minor Premiership and Stuart (Mudcrabs) for producing the highest scoring team over the course of the season. MAL MICHAEL ‘ROOKIE’ TEAM OF THE YEAR: Ax, by virtue of being the only new side in the comp. MUST HAVE PLAYER SELECTION: Gary Ablett – despite a slowish finish to the year, the Little Wizard just keeps getting better. NEVER AGAIN AWARD: Aaron Sandilands—footy has gone past the big guy.

Editor Note—Last year’s winner was Travis Cloke, who managed to record the season’s highest individual score and finished the year with a 95 average, so use this suggestion for any future planning at your own risk)

MATCH OF THE YEAR: Has to the be the Grand Final. Highest combined total of all time with both sides recording their highest scores of the year on the day that matter most. Special mention to the two draws. HIGHEST ROUND SCORE: 2,647 - Blue Baggers (Grand Final) LOWEST ROUND SCORE: 66 - Tiger Land (Round 9). HIGHEST COMBINED TOTAL: 5,230 - Baggers 2,647 def Funny Old Fellow 2,583. PORT ADELAIDE ‘MOST IMPROVED’ AWARD: Hammers. Finished in the top 4 at the conclusion of the Home and Away after missing out altogether last year. WARWICK CAPPER (39) AWARD FOR WORST TEAM: Tiger Land. Unless they want to hold onto this permanently, they need a new recruitment and trading strategy. HAROLD HOLT ‘GONE MISSING’ AWARD: Tomsies. Looked all set to defend their title, then fell in a heap over the last third of the season to miss the finals (first reigning premiers to do so). VIAGRA ’BIT STIFF’ AWARD: Funny Old Fellows. Any number of contenders here, including the Mudcrabs for their Preliminary final loss, but you’ve got to be unlucky to pump out 2,583 in a grand final and get beaten.


BRETT, BLUE BAGGERS After guiding the Baggers to their maiden Stradbroke Shield, their coach — Brett ‘Frag’ Fragiacomo (right) - has been named the Dac Chambers medal winner for 2013. Stradbroke Shield journalist Christi Whorehouse caught up with the triumphant coach in the wake of his historical victory.

CW: What is it like to be finally able to call yourself a Premiership coach—it must

make the sacrifices all worthwhile? BF: It’s an amazing feeling and it hasn’t sunk in yet., There has been plenty of backslapping around the club and everyone is on a high after our famous victory, but it didn’t really hit home about what we had achieved until a reporter from the Charleville Times rang me up for an interview.

CW: You were ‘Rookie of the Year’ in 2011, Minor Premiers in 2012 and now Shield champions—what

has been the secret to your success? BF: I think my team balance is what sets me apart. Having guns across all lines is so important nowadays and I’ve been happy with my ability to pick the right rookies who develop into premiums throughout the season (I work for AFLQ, so I have plenty of time to do my research). I’m just annoyed that the Carlton champion from the 1980’s Stuart Glascott isn’t playing anymore, as I can only imagine what his scores would have been like with all the hardball gets he used to rack up.

CW: How important was this win to you? BF: I’m still traumatised by our straight sets exit last year after finishing as Minor Premiers, so my whole

existence has about gaining retribution. I’ve had many a sleepless nights thinking about those losses, so this victory will finally put last year to rest. I can also tell Coach Wolfpak to stop wearing his “I’m the only employee to have won a Shield’ t-shirt around the office.

CW: No side has won back-to-back Shields - how will you ensure there is no Premiership hangover? BF: I couldn’t care less about next year right now. Mad Monday is about to stretch into its third week and I still haven’t got my fill of strippers in the dressing room. We’ve decided we’ll start thinking about when the pre-season will commence once Gazza breaks the beep test record.

CW: Well there is nothing like living in the moment, so good luck to you, Gazza and Chastity.

The Dac Chambers Medal is awarded to the year’s Best Coach and is named in honour of Daryl ‘Dac’ Chambers who passed away in 2010. Dac was a Morningside AFC Life Member, classic Story Teller and inaugural Stradlympic Beer Drinking Champion.

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