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A Message from Dr. Ritzenhoff When I founded Carus my mission was simple: To create products that were simply exceptional. I wanted the Carus customer to experience a sense of beauty and the unique inspiration that good design brings to everyday life. While the Carus line of home accessories continues to grow, we never innovate without cause. All our products are developed and manufactured here in Germany, and each is designed to delight the senses and deliver years of pleasure. We continue to challenge ourselves to create intuitive offerings of the highest quality; we want nothing less than to deliver exceptional experiences to our customer. So whether you’re enjoying our classic Candelas or eagerly exploring our newest Esencia home fragrances, please keep in mind that we consider it a privilege to be a part of your world. We appreciate your patronage, and promise to continue to build products that surpass your expectations. Sincerely, Dr. Andreas Ritzenhoff

CARUS CANDELA. Our modern classic. Designed and made exclusively in Germany, our all-aluminum candleholders offer a premium design aesthetic that sets new standards in home decor.

CARUS HURRICANE SHADE. Made from scratch-proof borosilicate glass, our hurricane shades can be used in conjunction with the Candela candleholders, and are available in either crystal clear or frosted finishes.

ESENCIA HOME DIFFUSOR MAESTRO. Made in Germany, our straightforward fragrance diffusors are beautifully crafted from aluminum and glass. Our diffusion system guarantees consistent fragrance dispersal for up to six weeks or longer.

ESENCIA HOME FRAGRANCES. Our home fragrance library is comprised of five nuanced and multi-faceted fragrances expertly crafted to deliver an extraordinary olfactory experience.

“Cariflora” Exotic, glamorous and full of rich layers just like an outdoors flower market. This bright floral scent possesses top notes of juicy fruits (grapefruit and orange blossom, for instance) with a hint of pink cyclamen. A voluminous base of natural florals and unexpected fruits, such as apple, tempers the high-notes and provides a wellrounded aromatic background for any room. “Estrella” A feminine, alluring fragrance worthy of Old Hollywood. This playful scent, a fine mixture of floral and fruit ingredients, begins slightly sweet with notes of vanilla and golden honey, but then opens and mellows with time. A creamy fragrance that blooms with hints of rose, raspberry and even ylang ylang, “Estrella” mysteriously envelopes and softens as the day goes on. “Vivencia” A gently tangy fragrance that conjures visions of wide, sunny orchards and cloudless blue skies. Esencia “Vivencia” is a fresh, spirited scent with citrus-based notes of tangerine, orange and lemon. Underlying notes of hyacinth and sandalwood are further rooted with classic ingredients such as bergamot that ground this fragrance and adds a subtle touch of sophistication. A scent ideally suited to refresh and enliven your interior. “Cortesia” A Carus original. “Cortesia” takes its lead from the indigenous and fragrant beauty of Africa. An earthy, profound scent full of unusual yet complimentary notes such as leather and cedar, gerania blooms and grapefruit. Patchouli and a touch of vetiver add spicy edge to the mellower head and mid-notes. Such rare pairings provide a wonderfully unique and rich scent, worthy of the mystery of the Dark Continent. “Mirada” Spicy and sophisticated, “Mirada” takes its cue from the bustling and colorful markets of the Far East. Rich notes of sandalwood, tobacco and leather mix with lighter, fruitier ingredients such as lemon, geranium and even ambergris to deliver a fragrance with depth, presence and personality. An aromatic tour de force, “Mirada” brings the exotic home.

At Carus, we understand that quality and personalization are the hallmarks of individuality. That’s why we’ve elegantly crafted our products to the highest possible design standards and offer each in a dazzling array of rich, lustrous colorways. Candela candleholders are available in 19 sophisticated colors, are stackable and can be mixed and matched to create fully customized color schemes for any room or office. Candelas were our very first Carus product, and considered by many to be a modern design classic. Candelas can also be combined with Carus’ elegant Hurricane Shade for a more occasional effect. Made from scratch-proof borosilicate glass to exacting standards, our Hurricane Shades were designed to expand the appeal and uses of the popular Candela candleholder, and are available in either crystal clear or luxuriously frosted finishes.

prime black

Esencia Home Diffusors are subtly crafted aluminum and glass vessels created to compliment any interior. Our diffusors are available in nine different colors and designed to last a lifetime. In addition, our diffusion system guarantees consistent fragrance dispersal for up to six weeks or longer. For those looking to further combine our program offerings, Candelas can easily be used as an integrated, modular base for any Esencia diffusor. This simple yet effective system allows our customers to marry Candela and Home Diffusor colors, finishes and silhouettes to suit their individual tastes, thereby opening up a world of customized opportunities. As always, Carus products are designed and manufactured in Germany.

prime silver

pure white

prime gold

natural maroon

natural hazel

eclectic orange

The Carus Wax Story Not all waxes are created equal. True to the Carus ethic of innovation, Candelas utilize candle wax made from regional and renewable raw materials. Devoid of fossil-fuel-derived ingredients, Candela wax burns so cleanly it can be considered “carbon-neutral�. Carus creates sustainability.

prime red

eclectic pink

eclectic purple

eclectic apricot

eclectic violet

prime blue

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotion.” Pablo Picasso

Color is so much more than light, wavelengths or biology – it is a lyrical part of life’s aesthetic experience. Color can represent how we feel, our state of mind or even an emotional destination. At Carus we know that well-chosen accessories in unique colors can change the way a room looks, and the way one feels upon entering that room. This is why we dedicate ourselves to offering products in a diverse panoply of hues. Every color we develop is done so in house, specifically for our Carus programs, and designed to compliment any interior or occasion. So allow your imagination to roam free as you browse the Carus Collections.

eclectic ocean blue

eclectic sky blue

eclectic turquoise

eclectic green

eclectic lime

eclectic yellow Brochure English  

Our Carus brochure for you. It offers information about our products, their use and the reason why we started the brand Carus.

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