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No it’s not a typo, an error. It’s actually a vitally important statement. To fully explain – what we are actually saying is Jesus. (fullstop) That is Jesus is both the beginning and the end of our message. He is the beginning and the end also of our method. If we had nothing else to share with people but Jesus we have more than enough. As a result of our recent week of Prayer and Fasting I have been profoundly inspired by the thought of discovering and experiencing more of Jesus. I’ve spent ALL my life hearing His name sung and spoken. I grew up with stories about Him, prayers to Him and sermons celebrating Him. But what I want now is not to know more about Him but to know more OF Him. I am passionate about exploring what it means to have Jesus at the centre of our church. To model the principle and the practice of Christ centredness at Christian Life Centre. I am asking God to show me more clearly in His word how this should affect, even change, our church. I want it to be more than a preaching series or an opportunity to learn some new songs but a way to LIVE out our relationship with Jesus in the most powerful way. Will you join the journey? Let’s together ask Father to show us even more clearly the magnificence of Jesus and to give us the courage to make decisions, individually and as a church, that place Jesus at the centre of EVERYTHING! Stuart Blount


new series coming soon


CLC launces 2012 with Jesus at the centre.