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Who We Are and What We Do First of all many of you do not realize who we are or what we do so I thought we should start our first ever newsletter by telling you all who we are and what we do. Coleg Gwent Students’ Union are a group of learners who volunteer to do a variety of things for you, none of the officer are paid except for the full time Sabbatical President who is employed by the college to work for you all year round before going onto a full time job or continuing their studies at a higher level. The Union is primarily the representative body of all the learners across the college, along side representing

you all we also organize various events, fundraise for charity, campaign for your rights and to raise awareness of a variety of things and last but certainly not least we are now primarily responsible for your Learner Voice!

You may think that the Union is not doing anything for you a lot of the time as most of their work is done behind closed doors. When learners have a complaint about the toilets not being cleaned enough, EMA payments being late, tutors

not starting their lessons on time or not having enough time for lunch we generally don’t need to do a full scale campaign but just the right words in the right ear, one thing we forget to do a lot is celebrate and advertise when we do things for you, but you can always come along and tell us what you want from your union. So far this year officers have worked hard to raise money for Children in Need with their variety show, attended NUSW Winter Council and FEstival as well as working on comments made by class representatives in their school forums and the Principles Learner Forums.

Our Chosen Charity of the Year This year your campus union has chosen The British Heart Foundation (BHF) as their Charity of the year.

At their first CEC Meeting, they had a choice of three, but decided that the chosen charity was the best out of three. The BHF have sent various merchandise so that they can sell them to raise money. Badges, balloons

and tops are all on sale! They are hoping to raise lots of money to make as big a difference as possible for the charity and those they support.

Jan 2011 Volume 1, Issue 1

Inside this issue:



Learner Involvement Strategy


Clubs & Societies


Health & Well- 3 being Group Diversity Group 3 What Has Your 3 President Been Up To

Special points of interest:  The future of the Learner Involvement Strategy (p.2)  How to set up a club or society (p.2)  Have your say on diversity in and around the college (p.3)  Tell us your views on Health & Wellbeing (p.3)

Eisteddfod Back in your primary or secondary schools you probably played some part in an Eisteddfod, well now you can get involved again!

available for you to learn, practice or improve your Welsh skills.

We will be running a great competition looking for the best article to publish online and in future publications, we will be organizing a prize of £30 worth of High Street Gift Vouchers!

The Students’ Union has been asked to put on an Eisteddfod to promote literacy and the Welsh language. We will be holding various competitions, organizing guest speakers and getting you involved in all different ways! We will be working with the college, this is also a great opportunity for you to find out more about Y Clwb and the great opportunities

news or reviews interest you and write it online.

As part of our Eisteddfod we are also looking for Learners to write articles for us on our online newspaper the “Verbal Vomitus”, as a writer you can decide what kind of stories,

You will have the opportunity to get involved with the union and to write for us throughout the year, to get involved with us or send your suggestions just email CJ at

Learner Involvement Strategy The Learner Involvement Strategy (LIS) was the first implemented in Wales back in 2008, it was made law that colleges had to implement a LIS in 2010.

the college and you can in turn expect from your Union.

In England some unions have been writing their colleges LIS for a few years, well now CGSU are going to lead the way in Wales and take over our LIS! The LIS sets out the basics a learner can expect from their institution, our LIS also sets out the very minimum the Union can expect from

well as so much more.

Back in May 2011 Coleg Gwent won the Colegau Cymru award for “Innovation in Responding to the Learner Voice” with us getting Wales first ever FE Sabbatical President as

The next steps was for the Union to take over the LIS, now we have a Governor with responsibility for Learner Voice and are implementing a Learner Involvement Strategy Sub-Committee to look at and review the LIS each year.

In May’11, Coleg Gwent became the first College to win the Colegau Cymru award for “Innovation in Responding to the Learner Voice”

The LIS Sub-Committee will be made up of 10 Union officers, the SSUP, SLO, Governor with responsibility for Learner Voice and the manager for Learner Services.

Clubs & Societies There are a few simple steps to setting up your own club or society: 1.


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port you in setting up a constitution which will set out the basic principles of how the club/society will run,


If your club or society has been denied then you can ask for feedback on why you were denied and possibly try and reapply once you have worked on what ever went wrong the last time.

The first one is to come up with a really good idea and put together a petition with at least five Learners who would be willing to join,


Once you have your supporters you can come along to the Students’ Union who will sup-

When your constitution has been written your constitution will need to be submitted to the CEC,


At the CEC the Union officers will approve or deny your

club/society, That’s it now you have/don't have your club or society


Verbal Vomitus

Diversity Group Being a learner at Crosskeys campus you are part of a student body from wide and varying backgrounds, as such it is important to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get involved and have their voices heard. At the diversity group on Friday 24th February (14.00—15.00) in the Private Study (X-Block) Learners will get the opportunity to tell us about their experiences in the college and how we could promote and improve equality within the college. Diversity covers all groups and minorities so feel free to join in whether your disabled, a woman, someone of black or ethnic minority,

whatever your sexual orientation or background we want to hear from you. We want to know the good, the bad and the ugly of your experiences in and around the college so that we can improve the quality of your student experience.

the end of the week. Don’t forget to check out our website for more details on this and many other meetings as well as to stay up to date on all the latest news and events!

If you would like to come to any of our meeting but have a lesson then contact CJ at

and he will write you a letter to excuse you from lessons, if you are claiming financial support (EMA/ALG) you will still be eligible for full payment at

Health & Wellbeing Group sexual health and everything in-between. The Health & Wellbeing Group is designed to promote all aspects of Learners welfare as well as giving them the opportunity to have their say on how they think it should be done and how the Union could work on things as well.

On Friday 10th February (14.00—15.00) in the Private Study (X-Block) Learners will get the opportunity to have their say on everything from healthy eating to

Soon the Health & Wellbeing Road Show will be coming to Crosskeys Campus, at this meeting you can suggest what you would like the Union to campaign on or get the support you need to set up and run your own stall.

comment or just get more info visit “Whats Going On! at Crosskeys Campus” (links on our website). If you would like to come to any of our meeting but have a lesson then contact CJ at and he will write you a letter to excuse you from lessons, if you are claiming financial support (EMA/ALG) you will still be eligible for full payment at the end of the week.

If you would like to make a

What Has Your President Been Up To Your Sabbatical President is the leader of the union, since election back in May 2011 CJ has been busy representing you and setting up a range of different things including your office on campus. The main thing you should probably be aware of is that all of your officers on and off campus have now undergone a basic induction so they should all know what they are doing,

Volume 1, Issue 1

he has also been busy setting up the groups you can see above. In this role CJ will act as chair in a lot of meetings such as the Cross-Campus Executive Committee which recently happened back in December, this is where each of the campuses come together to discuss what they have been doing and plan for the year ahead.

check out the website for more details of what your president has been up to so far this year!

This is only a short space so

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Your Campus Executive

Vice President Sophie George

Welfare Officer Rebecca Howe

Secretary Sean Ryan

Treasurer Rhys Williams

Entertainments Officer Jamie-Rhys Edwards

Charities Officer Lauren Meredith

Your Liberations Team

Gay, Bi, Trans Officer

Lesbian, Bi, Trans Officer

Adam Smith 10099060

Katherine Leahy 10106948

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Verbal Vomitus - CK Edition  

This is Coleg Gwent Students' Unions first ever newsletter!

Verbal Vomitus - CK Edition  

This is Coleg Gwent Students' Unions first ever newsletter!