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Year Round | CAMBRIDGE | 2012 - 2013 ANNUAL REPORT

CHRISTIAN HERITAGE C.S. Lewis: Celebrating 50 years 2013 marks fifty years since the death of C.S. Lewis, the great writer, academic and apologist. We’re putting on a series of events to celebrate his life and work.

For decades, readers young and old have marvelled at the breadth and depth of C.S. Lewis’ literary repertoire. He has entertained children—and children at heart—with The Chronicles of Narnia, revealed literary scholarship in English Literature in the Sixteenth Century, proclaimed essential theological beliefs in Mere Christianity, carried imaginations from heaven to hell in The Screwtape Letters, and revealed his personal journey in Surprised by Joy. The early years C.S. Lewis was born in Northern Ireland on 29th November 1898. Although called Jack, his birth


names were Clive Staples – hence the initials C.S., by which he is best known today. When Lewis was only nine, his mother died. His griefstricken father sent him away to Malvern boarding school, where he turned resolutely against his Christian upbringing. Lewis went on to study at University College, Oxford. He arrived in the spring of 1917 having been awarded a scholarship to read classics. The war, however, interrupted his education. Lewis enlisted in the Army and spent time in France and Germany. In early 1919 Lewis returned to his college and excelled in Classics, Philosophy, Ancient History and Literature.

Thursday 31st October SCIENCE AND ITS PROPER BOUNDARIES: THE LEGACY OF C.S. LEWIS Talk by John West, followed by an open Q&A chaired by James Le Fanu.

Saturday 23rd November THE GREAT DIVORCE BY C.S. LEWIS Dramatization by Gordon Tett

Thursday 28th November C.S. LEWIS: THE BROADCASTER Colin Duriez will speak on C.S. Lewis' radio work, with broadcast extracts.

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In the autumn of 1924, Lewis began his first job at Oxford’s University College. Then, in THINGS May 1925, he was elected a ARE CH ANGIN Fellow of Magdalen G From Ja College, Oxford. Lewis nuary w e will b increasingly became regular e sendin newsle known as a lecturer. g our tter He accepted theism in the summer term of 1929. Two years later, after much mental struggle, he embraced faith in Christ.

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In 1930 Lewis purchased The Kilns, a home four miles from the centre of Oxford. While at Oxford, Lewis was famous for meetings with his literary group, The Inklings, at pubs such as The Eagle and Child. These gatherings were occasions for writers like J. R. R. Tolkien to share their works in progress. Twice at Oxford University Lewis had been passed over for promotion to professor. Campaigns against him seemed to be based upon the perception that a professor of English should not win acclaim as an amateur theologian. Cambridge University was not so concerned about Lewis’s religious ties. In 1954, the Council of the Senate of Cambridge University announced the need for a Professor in Medieval and Renaissance English. Tolkien, one of the three electors of this new chair, was influential in supporting Lewis as the choice for the position. Initially, Lewis rejected the position and it was offered to another candidate. When the second candidate also declined, Tolkien strongly urged Lewis to reconsider. The prospect of a shift from Oxford to Cambridge was indeed appealing to Lewis

from the social and academic viewpoints. He finally accepted, took up rooms in Cambridge’s Madgalene College and gave his inaugural lecture on his 56th birthday, in 1954. Lewis declared his move to Cambridge a grand success: his new job required half the work for three times the pay! He also wrote of his new College, “I think I shall like Magdalene better than Magdalen. It’s a tiny college (a perfect cameo architecturally), and they’re all so old fashioned, and pious, and gentle, and conservative – unlike this leftish, atheist, cynical, hardboiled, huge Magdalen.” During his time at Cambridge he married Joy Davidman. Joy was diagnosed with cancer but she and Lewis enjoyed a happy life together during her two years of remission, until her death in 1960. Cambridge was honoured to have Lewis for nine years, from 1954 until his death in 1963. These years reflected the happiness of his married life, the depths of grief after the death of his wife, and the adjustment to ageing and declining health. They were also academically productive years that included the publication of

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.” C. S. Lewis thirteen books, numerous poems, short stories, book reviews and forty-four articles. About one million paperback copies of his books were sold in the year that he died. Lewis, always a man of great emotion, rejoiced in the good things of life and grieved over the effects of sin and evil in the world. He did not have all the answers to life’s ups and downs, but he knew the God who does, and pointed us to him in many works of rare insight.

This article is adapted from two booklets published by Christian Heritage in 2003 C.S. Lewis: A Brief Life History by Christopher Catherwood, and C.S. Lewis’s Cambridge: A Walking Tour Guide by Jacqueline Glenny. Both are available for purchase from the Round Church bookshop.

The first event in our C.S. Lewis series took place in May (left). Lez Loizides and actor John Carson introduced us to C.S. Lewis’ poetry. A recording of the event is now available on our website.

Introducing our new apprentices... PETER DUNNING I am Peter... I have just graduated after four years of maths in Cambridge. I have been interested in apologetics for a while and I think it is important that we learn how to understand non-Christians and to show them the truth of the Gospel. I am particularly interested in the areas of Islam and of science and Christianity. LOUSE ADAMS Hello! My name is Louise... I grew up in Hertfordshire, and have just graduated in English Literature from Exeter University. As is the case for many, my time at university was incredibly formative. I was struck by the realisation that the gospel or 'good news' of the Bible message is not only relevant in intellectual pursuit, but essential to it. It’s thrilling to see that

L-R: Peter, Amy, Louise

knowing Christ shapes, integrates and transforms every area of life. There are many things I want to explore through the apprenticeship. I am particularly interested in the place and theory of readership in a 'consumer' culture, and the way that this influences Christians. Please pray that, through God's power, intellectual knowledge would flow into practical outworkings and that 'knowing' and 'doing' would go hand in hand.

with Christian Heritage, as I had hoped to find a way to reach my fellow peers with the Gospel in a loving, logical, and rational way. I anticipate that the Lord will use this year as one for personal growth and restoration.

AMY PEACOCK Hello everyone, my name is Amy... I am from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I recently graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in history and a concentration in legal history. I enjoy writing, reading, travelling, volunteering, and learning new things. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to study apologetics

David Illman, Director of Apologetics, says: “Please pray with us, as we are extremely excited and blessed to have begun our third year of training apprentices in learning how to articulate the gospel to a sceptical society."

We’re also glad to report that apprentice administrator Leeann Moe will be taking on more responsibility, as will tutor Jon Thompson, who will be teaching additional seminars.

APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAMME This year our apprentices will attend weekly theology and apologetics seminars, with high-profile speakers covering a range of topics such as: Evangelism | Science and Faith | Suffering and Depression | Pop Culture, Media and Technology | The Reliability of the Bible The programme has already been endorsed by several local churches, who are sending their own interns along to the teaching seminars. For more information on the Apprenticeship Programme, see

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE YEAR Martin Lown, Director, says: “THE VISITOR CENTRE has been buzzing with activity throughout the year, hosting tens of thousands of guests from across the world.” August was particularly busy, with around 3000 paying visitors enjoying the exhibition and film. Ilona Greyling, Visitor Centre Coordinator, was delighted that there were plenty of chances for doorkeepers to share the reasons for their faith. Our new welcome desk has also allowed admissions income to increase by at least 50% over the summer. We’re grateful to our team of doorkeepers for their hard work and especially to Janice who faithfully mans the desk twice a week.

THE ROUND CHURCH TALKS have covered topics from Islam to chastity. We were especially delighted that the Round Church was packed for a talk on the resurrection in March. The first event in our C.S. Lewis series – a lecture and performance of Lewis’ poetry – was also a great success. Free recordings of these events are available throughout our website.

In July we continued with Art in the Round, welcoming the Romanian sculptor Liviu Mocan to launch his incredible ‘Vertical Libraries’ exhibition (below left). We’ve also collaborated on several exciting events this year. Our apprentice team were central in organising a Veritas Forum event called (UN)BELIEVABLE where atheist Dr Arif Ahmed and theist Prof. Keith Ward shared their worldviews. As part of our on-going relationship with the Cambridge University Christian Union, Jon, David and the apprentices worked as College evangelists during the mission week entitled ‘What Kind of God?’ In April we partnered with the Jubilee Centre to run ‘Forming a Christian Mind’, a conference for local postgraduates.

During the summer, we maintained our annual tradition of welcoming the Cambridge Scholars Network and Cambridge Leaders Network, working with the Communication Institute in Chicago. Our APPRENTICE SCHEME is a source of constant excitement. We were thrilled when the new website went live in mid-March. There was more good news for former apprentices: Jon, now a tutor, had a Cambridge Paper published in January, whilst Angeline began working for UCCF in the summer.

Our regular GUIDED WALKS have gone from strength to strength. We’ve done a particularly large number of specially arranged walks this year, for Chinese businessmen, Polish visitors (via an interpreter), local churches, University students, and even primary school children. In just three weeks during sunny August, Peter Greyling, Ian Cooper, Ranald Macaulay, and our other guides led over twenty walks! This year our three SUMMER SCHOOLS – theology, apologetics and counselling (below) – were held in the stunning Downing College.

Those who joined us were able to learn from expert speakers Greg Koukl, Dr Richard Winter and Dr Carl Trueman. Courses and Events Administrator Pete Atkinson is glad to report that we’ve already had plenty of great feedback from the 100 participants who attended. APOLOGETICS is at the core of what we do and spring was a time to spread the word. Some of the team visited New Word Alive in Wales to speak about Christian Heritage. In May, Ranald was also interviewed about our vision on Premier Radio. We also went global, attending the European Leadership Forum in Hungary. Jon and David spent the summer touring America, whilst the Greylings visited Greece and South Africa.

Cambridge Summer Schools This year we return to the beautiful Westminster College for our annual summer schools, with three world-class lecturers covering theology, counseling and apologetics. Participants from 2013 said: ‘Intellectually challenging, spiritually enriching.’ ‘Drinking deeply of God’s word, alongside God’s people. Highly recommended!’ ‘Well worth the time and money.’ ‘A must for the thinking Christian. ’ ‘A great opportunity to learn from quality teachers.’ ‘Fun. Engaging. Encouraging.’ Taster lectures from previous years are available on the website at

Summer 2014 courses booking now:




The Doctrine of the Unity of Scripture

A Biblical Approach to Counselling

Apologetics in Contemporary Culture




Mon 30 June - Fri 4 July

Mon 7 - Fri 11 July

Mon 14 - Fri 18 July

More information and booking details at

Finances In 2012 we had a full programme of training and outreach. This was matched by available funds, which included a carry forward of £9,625 from 2010. The resulting balance was £1,865 at the end of the year.

Income 2012 | £218K

Income 2012 £218 K (2011 £164K) Expenditure 2012 £229 K (2011 161K) 2013 projected Although we had a £4k deficit at the end of June we do anticipate to 'break even' at the end of the year. Income Jan-Jun 2013: 119K Deficit Jan-June 2013: 4K

We would love for you to partner with us in our ministry, and we so much appreciate the gifts of our friends who already give.

Expenditure 2012 | £229K Your support allows us to keep the Round Church open and also benefits the activities of our apologetics ministry. This allows us to challenge the secularism of our culture and to train new leaders for the Church. A pledge to support us regularly is especially helpful, no matter how small the gift. You can give by:

 Online giving via  Bankers standing order. Please fill in the enclosed form, or set up a standing order through your online banking.

 Cheque, made payable to Christian Heritage and sent to us in the enclosed envelope.

THE ROUND CHURCH TALKS AUTUMN 2013 ‘Human Rights: Problem or Solution?’ Dr David McIlroy Thursday 17 October ‘Comets and the Star of Bethlehem’ Adrian Umpleby Thursday 5 December Both events are held at the Round Church. Join us from 5.45 - 7pm. Doors open at 5.15 for light refreshments. These events are offered free of charge, but donations are welcome.

C.S. LEWIS - CELEBRATING 50 YEARS See the front page for details of the three upcoming events.


HOW TO SUPPORT US IN PRAYER PRAISE for:  The arrival of our three new apprentices - Louise, Peter and Amy  Relationships developing with similar centres across the UK  The Illman’s successful trip to – and safe return from – America  Strengthened connections with local churches as their interns attend apprenticeship lectures

CH USA FOUNDATION PO BOX 11651 | Montgomery AL 36111 | UNITED STATES Tax Id: 200460192

PRAY for: Team members as they take on new roles this year Our financial situation – that God would provide more regular givers to help sustain the ministry Wisdom and direction for the members of our board Annie and Andy Liggins as they settle down to life in London THANK YOU

CHRISTIAN HERITAGE The Round Church Vestry | Bridge Street Cambridge | CB2 1UB | UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 01223 311602 | Reg. Charity No: 1076750

Christian Heritage 2013 Annual Report  

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