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Christian Garnadi

Hello! My name is Christian Garnadi. I am a Graphic Design student at Bina Nusantara University. Currently i’m on my 7th semester. I am a Graphic Designer from Indonesia living in Jakarta. This is my portfolio. Please enjoy!


Name Date of Birth Address Email Phone Number

: Christian Garnadi : 16 December 1993 : Jln.Palmerah Utara III no. 12 : : 08164840055

Adobe Illustrator Photoshop Dreamweaver Muse Indesign Flash Lightroom OS

High School of Social Major Regina Pacis Jakarta

Committee “Mandiri Jakarta Marathon” 2015

Binus University Jakarta Visual Communication Design

Head of Sound and Lighting “Olaho” Regina Pacis Jakarta

Committee “TKH HIMDKV” Binus University

2 Years Buddy Coordinator Binus University


OS X Windows

Ability Branding Packaging Photo Manipulation User Interface User Experience Typography Cinematography Advertising Editorial Layout

Redesign Death by Chocolate The original logo design from Death by Chocolate is somehow meaningless for its brand. Thus the new logo will be more friendly to look at and can be accepted by all people. The supergraphic also shows chocolate as a major design from death by chocolate.



Redesign Pantene Transform Pantene packaging into a simpler and more elegant design. Current packaging are showing too much information.



Explore Toraja A social campaign that promotes

“Explore Toraja�. There is also a

The Toraja as tourist attaction venue.

companion app that you can use to share

The main idea is to enhance The

achievements while you are exploring

Toraja towards a Challenging

The Toraja.

Exploration, because there are large amount of people who also enjoy taking challenges while LOVE travelling. Hence, by combining the ideas, the title of this project is



Typography Poster A poster which promotes Adobe Caslon Pro typeface. Infusing its history and its characteristic into the grid system.


Typography Poster Creating a poster with an existing quote. Adapted from another artist/ designer style and altered to make my own style.


Quotation Poster Using Adobe Photoshop to make a quotation poster with the theme of “Photo Manipulation�. The idea is to make a pleasurable paradise which looks like a perfect place to be lazying around.



Creating a vector image with a theme ‘Movie Heroes’. The requirement consist of caricature style which the size of the head is much more bigger than the real proportion. The Semi-Realist vector is made using Adobe Illustrator with pen tool, and took 3 days to be done.


A photo with theme ‘Moving Object’. Using a photography technique Rule of Third.

A photo with theme ‘Levitation’. Capturing the moment of the object, a leaf, falling to the ground with a perfect flatness/line creating a ‘floating’ impression. 14

A photo with a theme of ‘Jakarta at Night’. Using the golden rule technique.

A photo with Theme ‘Portrait’. Achieved using One-Point lighting technique and a softbox. 15

Magazine Cover A Newsletter which picking up ‘Eco-Design’ as the theme. The cover was designed with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign for its contents. Prioritising the grid system.


*available on youtube

Video Tutorial : Type of Shot

Short Film : Greet Me


watch?v=UmM8-GMK0D0 17



Christian Garnadi's Graphic Design Portfolio 2016  
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