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Christian Games and Crafts At one time or another, most of us have been faced with the prospect of taking over a children's Sunday school class at the last minute. In the panic of the moment, you look at the group of eager faces, expectantly waiting for you to yank a rabbit out of a hat, and wonder how you are going to pull this off. You say a quick prayer, open the supply cabinet and try to figure out how to put together a lesson with a Bible, a coloring book, glue, construction paper and some orange yarn.

Quick and Easy Access Search site by subject, category or age group. Easy access via computer, tablet or smart phone. No more searching through endless books, CD’s and websites for what you need, it’s all there at Christian Games and Crafts!

Flexibility Use our materials as stand alone or to supplement your current curriculum. Great resources for large and small ministries. Tailor programs for Sunday school, children’s church, youth groups and more. • Materials for preschool through teens.

Value Get full access to Christian Games and Crafts for a whole year for only $60.00. That’s it! You get it all for one low price! Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on a VBS program? Your yearly subscription gives you access to ALL of our VBS programs. All of the lessons, craft ideas, games, decorating ideas, snacks, music, assembly skits and more! Churches can subscribe as a church and share the account with all their teachers.

Bible Boot Camp VBS Kids get back to nature as they learn about walking with God at Bible Boot Camp. Camp guides lead campers to campsites at Raging River, Sleepy Mountain and Hidden Cave to make awesome nature crafts, play games, and go on the Great Adventure Hike as they make discoveries about God. With the story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus explains how we as Christians should treat others and the path we should take if we are walking with God. Even as Christians our walk will not always be easy, and we will have many challenges along the way, but if we stay on God’s path, we will find our way to be with him in Heaven.

The Farmer and the Seeds Bible Lesson Jesus teaches us that we must open our heart to God’s word. This Bible lesson emphasizes the message as the teacher uses a picture of the farmer’s field and scatters real seed. The children then can use the picture to play the Sowing Seeds Game.

Inspiring Children about God With Christian Games and Crafts, you will never be faced with that situation again. As a member, you will have a wealth of ideas and resources at your fingertips. Our site is about creative, fun, interactive learning. It is about getting children of all ages inspired about God. It is a source for quick, easy ideas you can grab and go, as well as VBS-style themes that can last multiple days.

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Bible lessons  

Ants On A Log RecipeAnts On A Log is a fun nutritious snack with celery and peanut butter that children can make themselves. This snack is g...

Bible lessons  

Ants On A Log RecipeAnts On A Log is a fun nutritious snack with celery and peanut butter that children can make themselves. This snack is g...