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Cielo y Tierra Films

Christian Forero Steadicam Operator / 2nd Camera Assistant / Colorist



Specialized Steadicam Operator and Colorist. With producing and editing skills.

Over 2 years of experience in: Film, Advertising, Documentaries, Music and corporate video. ”Consumo Cuidado” (2018) Filmink - Cinematographer / Colorist “Lenguaje de los muertos” (2018) UMB - Cinematographer / Colorist “La Gema de Nithoan” (2019) Filmink - Steadicam OP / Camera OP “Último Bolero” (2019) Ley de Murphy - Cinematographer

Education Bachelor in Directing and Producing of Cinema and Television. Universidad Manuela Beltrán, Bogota, Colombia. 2015- Present

Black Magic Davinci Resolve Color Grading intensive train.

Bogotá, Colombia 2018

Cielo y Tierra films STEADICAM WORKSHOP Bogotá, 2019

Experience Colorist Junior Estudio Roco

Steadicam Assist & Movi Tech Cielo Y Tierra Films



Freelance Cinematographer

Freelance Steadicam & Camera Operator

La Cucina (2016) Lenguaje de los Muertos (2017) Consumo Cuidado (2018) Último Bolero (2019)

Frenia (2016) Imagina el Día de Rojo (2017) Cuanta Tierra (2018) Vámonos de Parche (2018) Cleotilde (2019) La Gema de Nithoan (2019) 1998 (2019)


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http: //www.cieloytierrafilms.com

Freelance Colorist Miradas (2017) Perro Muerto (2018) Cuanta Tierra (2018) Game On (2018) Pétalos Blancos (2018) El Viaje de Memo (2018) Ardidas (2018) Pase Gol (2019) Campaa UMB Virtual (2019) Para Que Sepas - Puro Love (2019) Caficosta (2019) La Gema de Anthony (2019) MANUEL (2019)

Christian Forero - Cinematographer Alejandro Bermúdez cinematographer I ,DPDVWRU\WHOOHU am a cinematographer I ,VWDUWHGRXWDVDZULWWHUDQGSKRWRJUDSKHUVR,vYH started out as a cameraman and photographer, so I’ve always loved the cameras and lights.´’ DOZD\VORYHGFDPHUDVDQGWHOOLQJVWRULHV I :KHQ,Æ“UVWGLVFRYHUHG7KH6WHDGLFDP always had the impulse to learn by myself. In that way I learn to be +($#*"#'$#$&" an operator with my own knowledge. ()#!$ ( In& 2019 IPRYHPHQW started to work with one of the # greatest LV FRQVFLRXVQHVV &"# ' steadicam &$" operators in Colombia, Alejandro Bermudez. All my professional life turn around the camera ) !*(+'#.#".%#  department, as cinematographer, camera operator,  

&)*- )$#'#-*(( 2nd assistant, steadicam operator, etc. !#&+&($&$(("*DUUHW%URZQ The color grade appears in my life like one way to /HDUQLQJWKHWHFKQLTXHIURPWKHPDVWHUVDQGLQYHQWRUV understand the digital cinema. I learn to use $(&(*'"#$%##.)*.*)'1!%)$#"(1 Davinci Resolve, and I’am a certified colorist by BMD OLIHLWGHÆ“QHGLW,WLQVSLUHGPH



Kl]Y\a[Ye>j]]ÛqEgnaGh]jYlgj Camera Operator & Colorist As#  '(&(*$& camera operator I have#*($!$"##"($&%& over than 3 years of experience in shortfilms, comercials, documentaries, videoclips, etc. Actually I´ve been working $QGU«V*XWLHUUH]$#$$!$",'($%(" as Steadicam assist and 2nd camera assistant in Cielo y Tierra Films, 2SHUDWRUVZLWKRYHU\HDUVRIH[SHULHQFHZRUNLQJLQ one of the best company for steadicam an Movi solutions in Colombia. Æ“OP79VHULHVFRPPHUFLDOVDQGGRFXPHQWDULHV As colorist, in 2018 I became a colorist assist in Estudio Roco, later than 1 ,EHFDPHDFUHZPHPEHURIKLVFRPSDQ\029,&$0$# year I improve my skills and I obtained the BMD colorist and Resolve User. Actuallu I’m a colorist junior with 2 years of experience in diferent RIWKHELJJHVWVXSSOLHUVRI6WHDGLFDPDQG0RYLVROXWLRQVIRU kind of products, feature film, shortfilm, comercials, videoclips, documeÆ“OPDQG79LQ&RORPELD ntaries, and other audiovisuals. I had the chance to be the colorist of some projects with a very impres,Q*#( ($ ($(&#*(#$(&VWHDGLFDP sive distribution. Some of these had over 5 official selections in national PDVWHU*UHJ6PLWK#$(*$&!,'($%$%&($&'*$ cinema festivals, even one of them was exhibed in the BIFF 2019. KHOSHGPHHOHYDWHP\WHFKQLTXHDQGJDYHPHWRROVWR FRPPXQLFDWHFOHDUO\RQVHWDQGSHUIRUPXQGHUSUHVVXUH




All Around Camera Operator As camera operator I started working on documentaries and music videos, which helped me connect with my instincts, follow the beat and to be present in the moment. As my carreer developed I decided to go for New limits, learning of the best camera operators in colombia, working in high budget sets around the country, getting experiencies and new knowledge.

Color Grading Specialized in workflows with Davinci Resolve, at present I´ve working in Estudio Roco, with Diego Yhama, Black Magic Davinci Resolve Master Trainer for LATAM. The color grade is for me a big opportunity to increase the visual value for the visual pieces, I like to thing that the color is an extension for the cinematographer, the final step to create an amazing look in a movie, videoclip, documentarie, and others. Behind the technical aspects, color is an universe of artistic concepts designed to create armony and boost the material filmed on set.

Thank You forerochristiang@gmail.com

Profile for Christian Forero

Portafolio 2019 (Christian Forero)  

Portafolio 2019 (Christian Forero)