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Good Books with the real message of hope This is an important imprint because it has such a wide subject range of books including Bible teaching and biography (look at our contents list below for a complete list). While you will find a variety all have the common focus on our Lord Jesus Christ. We are glad to have authors such as John Piper, R. C. Sproul, D. A. Carson, Alec Motyer, J. I. Packer, Ligon Duncan, David Robertson, Diana Lynn Severance, Willie Mackenzie Director of Publishing Dorothy Patterson, David Cook, Irene Howat and others contributing to the strength and depth of the books featured here. We hope these books will both inspire you and equip you in your daily walk with God.

OUR MISSION Staying Faithful – In dependence upon God we seek to impact the world through literature faithful to his infallible word, the Bible. Our aim is to ensure that the Lord Jesus Christ is presented as the only hope to obtain forgiveness of sin, live a useful life and look forward to heaven with him. Reaching Out – Christ’s last command requires us to reach out to our world with his gospel. We seek to help fulfil that by publishing books, which point people towards Jesus and for them to develop a Christ-like maturity. We aim to equip all levels of readers for life, work, ministry and mission. Some of our books are now available in ebook form. These are marked “also in ebook” and are available to download from our website. You can get these books through your local bookstore. If you have any difficulties purchasing books please go to our website: Table of Contents


NEW TITLES Teaching and Biblical Studies.............................. 2-4 Pastoral and Church Life....................................... 4 Mission and Evangelism,....................................... 4 Devotional............................................................ 5 Books for Women.................................................. 6 Christian Life..................................................... 7-8 Helen Roseveare Books.......................................... 8 Biography & History..........................................9-10 Apologetics......................................................... 10 CORE TITLES Teaching and Biblical Studies...........................11-14 Teaching the Bible (PT resources)......................... 15 Geared for Growth.............................................. 16 Focus on the Bible .............................................. 17 Devotional.......................................................... 18 Biography & Revival........................................18-19 History Makers.................................................... 20 Pastoral and Church life....................................... 21 Christian Life..................................................22-23 Mission and Evangelism,.................................24-25 BACKLIST Teaching and Biblical Studies...........................26-27 Devotional.......................................................... 27 Pastoral and Church life....................................... 27 Christian Life..................................................27-28 Biography........................................................28-29 Mission and Evangelism...................................... 29 Books for women................................................. 29 AUTHOR INDEX DISTRIBUTORS

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NEW TITLES A Christian’s Pocket Guide Would you be able to explain a key Christian Doctrine if you had to? Also in eBook

Mark Jones - Minister of Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church (PCA), Vancouver, Canada. If we are to understand this subject we need to know the person of Christ; not just what he did (his work) but who he is (his person). Through this book we get to know the Son of God who indeed is God and not just a superman! He is the one who came from above and became fully human having a human body and soul. Being God enabled him to pay the debt owed for sin and being man enabled him to stand on man’s behalf for their sin. In straightforward and simple layman terms this book will explain the interconnectivity of the work and person of Jesus Christ and dispel any misconceptions you may have. ISBN 978-1-84550-951-4 | Mass Market | 96 Pages | PB | £3.99 $6.99

Also in eBook

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Baptism

The Water that Unites Robert Letham – A Presbyterian Minister and Senior Tutor, Systematic & Historical Theology, Wales Evangelical School of Theology, Bridgend, Wales What is Christian baptism? Is it, as many believe, a mere symbol? When should someone be baptized? In A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Baptism, Robert Letham answers such questions from Scripture. He reflects sensitively on historic Christian teaching and avoids the extremes that often mark discussions of this subject, making this a book for everyone. Letham’s plain talk will not leave beginners bemused, nor will it frustrate those who want to make real progress in their theological understanding. It is a ‘tragedy’, says Letham, that Christians should think of baptism as ‘the water that divides’. The sign of our union with Christ should unite Christians, not least because it does not focus on our actions, but on God’s mighty deeds. Baptism belongs to him. It must always be administered in connection with faith, yet that does not mean Christians do anything to receive or to earn baptism. They are to be baptized solely because of God’s gracious promises. ISBN 978-1-84550-968-2 | Mass Market | 128 Pages | PB | £4.99 $7.99

Also in eBook

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Justification

Being made right with God? Guy Waters – Associate Professor of New Testament at the Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson We often struggle with the thought of justification because of human pride; "I can't be that bad" and so justification is often undermined, wrongly presented or just plain ignored. Scripture though, is extremely clear, we have a real problem - the prospect of our lives marred by wrong-doing being laid out before an almighty God who is pure and will not forever let wrong go unpunished. We can't earn our way out of our predicament - as this is just "rubbish" according to the apostle Paul. We need something else, someone who can take the punishment ’we so richly deserve - leaving us to be declared innocent instead. This little book will help you grasp a truth that when understood correctly is explosive, transformational and utterly liberating. ISBN 978-1-78191-109-9 | Mass Market | 96 Pages | PB | £3.99 $6.99

Expected late 2012: A Christian's Pocket Guide to Sanctification, J.V. Fesko ISBN 978-1-84550-810-4


A Christian's Pocket Guide to Jesus Christ

NEW Teaching and Biblical Studies

r . c . SPROUL

Respected teacher, theologian and pastor

Study questions included Also in eBook

A Walk with God

Luke Are you at home in the company of Jesus? Through over 100 meditational passages, respected theologian, R.C. Sproul helps us walk with Jesus as our mentor and friend. Learning to live with Jesus at the centre of our world is the secret to a meaningful life. Jesus is the pre-eminent character of history - even time is divided by his birthdate. He encouraged people from all walks of life to spend quality time with him. We cannot afford to ignore his compassionate, but firm invitation to become his friend and disciple. With this book your heart will be stirred by arresting insights and your mind refreshed by helpful teaching. Sproul divides Luke's account of the life of Jesus into devotional sections that help us to understand his profound impact and re-evaluate our response to it. ISBN 978-1-84550-731-2 | Large Trade | 400 Pages | PB | £14.99 $22.99

Also in eBook

The Gospel of God

Romans R. C. Sproul expounds the book of Romans which clearly sets out a theological framework for us to understand the Christian faith. Romans is a comprehensive description of the way that God offers salvation to humankind – and it is ‘Good News’ indeed! “I used The Gospel of God extensively when preparing for my year-long sermon series on Romans. Own it. Read it. Return to it often.” Daniel Montgomery, Senior Pastor, Sojourn Community Church, Louisville, Kentucky “R C Sproul and Christian Focus have done us a great favour in making the content of Romans more available to a wider audience. You will find this book a great tonic for your Soul.” David Cook, Retired Principal, Sydney Missionary and Bible College ISBN 978-1-84550-637-7 | Large Trade | 320 Pages | PB | £11.99 $19.99

Also in eBook

The Purpose of God

Ephesians A fresh look at the Apostle Paul’s understanding of the Christian Faith. Sproul looks at the main issues raised in Ephesians. These include how to overcome idolatry, God’s sovereignty in ALL things and the importance of fellowship and commitment to the church for healthy spiritual growth. There are many areas in the epistle, which have occasioned real dispute in the Christian church, and these are dealt with in Sproul’s customary style – deeply profound and with the ability to communicate illuminating truth. “Combining lucid exposition, theological reflection and contemporary application, this commentary makes the majestic teaching of Ephesians accessible and engaging for church life today.” David Jackman, Past President of the Proclamation Trust ISBN 978-1-84550-638-4 | Large Trade | 176 pages | PB | £9.99 $15.99

Also in eBook


Also in eBook


New Edition


Trusting the True Hero Sean Michael Lucas – Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi Lucas suggests rather than daring to be a Daniel, we should dare to trust in Daniel’s God. This book will help us as we learn more about Daniel’s God and why we too can trust him in every circumstance. Daniel was called to be a blessing even in exile and to avoid defilement in a pagan world. Such is God’s call to us today so that we may honour God and put him first in our heart and life. “Those who read it will become aware of the riches of the gospel and the Spiritfilled, Jesus shaped lives that ought to be the pattern of all who, like Daniel, love the gospel and live as though they do.” Derek Thomas ISBN 978-1-84550-732-9 | Trade | 144 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Navigating a God-Centered Life Colin S. Smith – Pastor at The Orchard Evangelical Free Church, Arlington Heights, Illinois. Tempted to run away from it all? Fed up with the constant battle between selfinterest and God’s agenda? Struggling to understand painful circumstances? There is nothing new under the sun. Even a mature believer and prophet like Jonah experienced these things. Hope is rekindled through the message in this book – God uses flawed messengers who have experienced His patience and forgiveness. God’s passion and concern for the world and for you, outstrip your failures and even secret resentments. God’s relentless, vast love in your life may not mean bizarre marine experiences or thousands coming to faith, in your case, but the fact remains that He loves you. ISBN 978-1-84550-639-1 | Trade | 160 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Also in eBook

The Hidden Hand of God Liam Goligher – Senior Minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Although no tribe is named after him, and the Messiah is not descended from him, Joseph nonetheless occupies a crucial role in the Bible's drama of redemption. Ultimately Joseph's story is about God's intention to save, not just Joseph's family, but bringing through Judah a saviour for the world. Jesus taught us that the key to unlocking the whole Bible is to see it as a book about himself. Every story whispers his name. “Liam Goligher is a gifted communicator with a passion for God’s Word, including the stories of the Old Testament. This practical, Christ-centered exposition of the Joseph narrative celebrates the Sovereignty of God, who shapes our lives for his service.” Philip Ryken, President, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois ISBN 978-1-84550-368-0 | Trade | 240 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Other teaching books due late 2012: Bible Words Paul Wells ISBN 978-1-84550-969-9

See page 10 for details of Unseen Realities & page 12 for The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

Blessed Assurance Frank Retief ISBN 978-1-84550-970-5


NEW TEACHING TITLES FROM PROCLAMATION TRUST A Pocket Guide Version of the Teaching series featured on page 15. Includes an introductory study. Will equip you for your own study of a Bible book. 150x105mm | PB | £2.99 $4.99 each

Introducing Acts David Cook ISBN 978-1-84550-824-1 96 Pages

Introducing Ephesians Simon Austen ISBN 978-1-78191-059-7 80 Pages

Introducing 1 Timothy Angus Macleay ISBN 978-1-78191-060-3 80 Pages

Also in eBook

Hearing the Spirit

Knowing the Father through the Son Christopher Ash – Anglican minister & director of Cornhill Training courses How does the Spirit relate to the Bible? This book is for those who are ‘thirsty for a deeper experience of the Spirit of God’. There is much confusion about how Jesus relates to the Holy Spirit, how Jesus the Eternal Word relates to the Bible. Whatever our background, we tend to fall back on untested prejudices or worry about unexamined doubts. This careful biblical argument, drawing mainly from John’s gospel, helps us to see the answers to these questions in a firmly Trinitarian understanding. Hearing the Spirit is the way we know the Father through the Spirit. By asking where the Bible fits in this process, helps us listen more deeply to the words of God. ISBN 978-1-84550-725-1 | Trade | 192 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Please see pages 14 & 15 for more Proclamation Trust titles

NEW Pastoral and Church Life Also in eBook

Pastoring the Pastor

Emails of a Journey through Ministry Tim Cooper - Senior Lecturer in the History of Christianity in the Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Otago. Kelvin Gardner - has pastored churches in New Zealand, the Philippines and the US. Daniel Donford is a new pastor: excited, filled with bright dreams, anticipating a big future for him and his new church, Broadfield Community Church. However opposition and obstacles lie just ahead and both may end his journey into pastoral ministry before it has really begun. But Dan has an Uncle Eldon, if anyone can see Dan through his trials and disasters, Eldon can. The wisdom he offers, via a series of emails, might just be enough to see Dan transformed into the mature, selfless, loving pastor God wants him to be. "…earthy and attractive page-turner of a book” Richard Bewes ISBN 978-1-84550-784-8 | Trade | 208 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Also in eBook

Planting for the Gospel

A Hands-on Guide to Church Planting Graham Beynon – has experience of church planting having planted the Avenue Community Church in Leicester, UK This guide to church planting recognises that no churches start out the same. There will be important things to decide upon such as leadership, decision-making processes, outreach, and community involvement. This book gives you the tools to consider the principles and practicalities of church planting with case studies and questions to work through at the end of each chapter. “Graham Beynon has done us all a huge favour in writing this, and I very much hope it helps provide an effective way into one of the most pressing and urgent needs of our day - the littering of our world with communities of light, aka Churches!" Stephen Timmis, Director of Acts 29 Network in Western Europe ISBN 978-1-84550-636-0 Mass Market | 128 Pages | PB | £5.99 $8.99

Firm Foundations

Over 200 Examples of how to Structure a Sermon. Peter Grainger – directs “2 Timothy 4” Trust and former Senior Pastor of Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh. A New Extended Edition. There is still a hunger for and an appreciation of expository preaching. Here Peter Grainger includes over 200 examples of how to structure a sermon. Drawn from the Old and New Testaments these include introductions on preaching a whole book, a verse, a topical series, a psalm, and recommended books for further study. It is designed to help experienced and new pastors alike, and could also be used in personal bible study. "Peter Grainger's Firm Foundations sounds a loud and clear note for lively, imaginative, Bible-based, Christ-centered preaching. These principles and patterns will prove as helpful to the seasoned expositor as they will to the fledgling pastor. I commend it enthusiastically." Alistair Begg, Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio ISBN 978-1-84550-728-2 Large Trade | 288 Pages | PB | £11.99 $17.99 Due Later 2012

God Redeeming His Bride Robert Cheong ISBN 978-1-84550-719-0


Also in eBook

NEW Mission and Evangelism Who is Jesus?

Roger Carswell – Former School Teacher, now an itinerant evangelist What do a teenager, an American journalist and a German reformer all have in common? Like so many others they have heard the original, authoritative and godly words of Jesus and in this book you will find out how. Let Roger (who was the teenager) introduce you to this same Jesus so that you can meet him for yourself and find out who he is and what he has done for you. This book is a suitable gift for a non-Christian, family or friend or colleague or to use at an evangelistic event. ISBN 978-1-84550-635-3 Mass Market | 80 Pages | HB | £4.99 $7.99

NEW Devotional Facing a Task Unfinished

A Personal Devotional for Evangelism Roger Carswell – Itinerant Evangelist • 52 Devotional Readings • Will help you to cultivate a soul winner’s passion • Beautifully presented gift edition Evangelist Roger Carswell has a burden to reach the lost with the good news of the gospel. He is also deeply concerned that Christians should have a love for those without Jesus. In this carefully crafted devotional journal of 51 readings he has brought together a selection of Bible passages, prayers and hymns designed to help us all cultivate a soul winner’s passion. There is also space for your own notes or written prayer. ISBN 978-1-84550-730-5 160 x 110mm | 256 Pages | £9.99 $15.99

Isaiah by the Day

A New Devotional Translation Alec Motyer – Well known Bible expositor and commentary writer As a man who loves the word of God, Alec Motyer presents these daily devotionals from Isaiah. For him, daily devotion is not a mere habit but a real desire to be transformed by the challenging word of Isaiah. These devotionals reassure us that the Lord can restore what sin has robbed us of. These daily devotionals are birthed from a lifetime of study on the prophecy of Isaiah. Day by day you will be provided with passages from Isaiah and an opportunity to explore the passage further. Take time to acquaint yourself with these passages from God's Word and treasure them in your heart. ISBN 978-1-84550-654-4 216 x 170mm | 320 Pages | HB | £14.99 $22.99

Letters with Love

Flexible Soft Cover Gift Edition Cecil Bewes – was involved in establishing churches in Kenya and in coordinating the work of CMS across the African continent. • Short, straightforward devotional thought for each day • Covers topics such as worship, guidance, Bible Study and Christian service • A delightful and attractive gift edition 365 personal and practical readings which reflect the wide Christian experience of the author. The readings and prayers were written to encourage a young person during illness. Through these readings you will learn more of the truths of Scripture. “Prayer...and the life of the Bible can open your horizons to the ends of the earth!” Richard Bewes ISBN 978-1-84550-739-8 | 160 x 110mm | 384 Pages | £11.99 $19.99

Also in eBook

A Devotional on the Song of Solomon Malcolm Maclean - Minister of Greyfriars Free Church of Scotland in Inverness, Scotland. The Songs of Solomon provide beautiful cameos of the intimate relationship between the King and his lover and reminding us of God’s love towards his chosen people. The songs point to Christ (Bridegroom) and his love for his own ransomed and redeemed people (Bride). "Malcolm Maclean takes us up into the rarefied heights and gives us new vistas of the beauty and excellence of Christ." David Meredith - Chairman of Affinity and Minister of Smithton Free Church of Scotland, Inverness “… everything he writes is true to the full biblical revelation of God in Christ, of the marvel of his love for us, and of our often faltering walk with him." Alec Motyer - Well known Bible expositor and commentary writer ISBN 978-1-84550-718-3 | Large Trade | 240 Pages | PB | £9.99 $15.99

NEW Inspirational and Motivational Just the Way I am

God’s Good Design in Disability Krista Horning – lives near Minneapolis, Minnesota where she works at a clinic that meets the needs of children with disabilities. A beautifully produced coffee-table style book with inspirational verses and pictures of those who have a disability. You will see God’s providence and sovereignty in lives affected and impacted by disability and see there is a positive message for us all. ISBN 978-1-84550-806-7 | 10 7/16" x 8" | HB | £9.99 $15.99

Royal Company

Charles Spurgeon Devotional Morning and Evening C. H. Spurgeon A special gift edition of Spurgeon’s classic devotional containing a wealth of biblical teaching from two portions of scripture each day.


ISBN 978-1-84550-183-9


ISBN 978-1-84550-015-3


ISBN 978-1-84550-013-9


ISBN 978-1-84550-014-6 768 Pages | Diary Format £14.99 $22.99 each

Gloss Black

He is in control of everything he made, including me.

ISBN 978-1-85792-125-0 | £14.99 $24.99

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. Matthew 10:29, 31


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NEW Books for Women Also in eBook

The Envy of Eve

Finding Contentment in a Covetous World Melissa B. Kruger – serves as Women’s Ministry Coordinator at Uptown Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Envy of Eve guides readers to understand how desires grow into covetousness and what happens when this sin takes power in our hearts. Covetousness chokes out the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, allowing discontentment to bloom. The key to overcoming this is to get to the root of our problem: unbelief—a mistrust of God’s sovereignty and goodness. This an ideal resource for deeper study or group discussion. “…grounded in the Scriptures, the Reformed confessions, and her own wise diagnosis, reflections, and helpful treatment ... I commend this fine, new book.” Michael A. Milton, Chancellor, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina ISBN 978-1-84550-775-6 | Large Trade | 256 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

Also in eBook

Fighting Fear with Faith

Also in eBook

I am my Sister’s Keeper

Weathering the Storms with God’s Promises Denise George – author, teacher and speaker Some fears are healthy-gifts from God to protect us. Many fears, though, are pretenders which are tools of the enemy to harm us. Fighting Fear with Faith helps readers to discern the difference, to remember God’s promises and to appropriate God’s great power. Stories of people from the Bible and from Christian history inspire courage and strength. A life connected to the strong root of Jesus can withstand the storms! A complete Bible study guide included. “I feel that this book would be an excellent study book because fear is such a strong emotion and affects every person in life at some point or other and I will certainly be using it in our own study group and would recommend it to others.” May Nicholson, Author and founder of Preshal Trust ISBN 978-1-84550-716-9 | Trade | 224 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Reaching out to Wounded Women Denise George – author, teacher and speaker “As Christian women, our hearts ache with a world that suffers,” author Denise George cries. “Our love for God compels us to put our love into action.” I Am My Sister’s Keeper tenderly addresses issues like broken relationships and divorce; un-forgiveness; loneliness; spouse abuse; and loss and grief. Through biblical stories and contemporary stories of wounded women, George’s advice guides readers in how to pray, offer a listening ear, share from their own experiences and encourage others with God’s promises. A complete Bible study guide included “This book is faithful in portraying the reality of intense suffering in a fallen world, but equally faithful in presenting the resources for healing available to all in Christ.” Sharon James, Conference speaker and writer ISBN 978-1-84550-717-6 | Trade | 192 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Also in eBook

Feminine Threads

Women in the Tapestry of Christian History Diana Lynn Severance – A historian with broad experience teaching in universities and seminaries. From commoner to Queen, the women in this book embraced the freedom and the power of the Gospel in making their unique contributions to the unfolding of history. Wherever possible, the women here speak for themselves, from their letters, diaries or published works. The true story of women in Christian history inspires, challenges and demonstrates the grace of God producing much fruit throughout time. “What women these Christians have!” exclaimed Libanius, the fourth century teacher of rhetoric. His words are amply underscored and vividly illustrated in this deeply researched and highly readable survey of the last 2,000 years - an appraisal that Diana Severance invariably places against the enduring touchstone of Scripture.” Richard Bewes ISBN 978-1-84550-640-7 | Large Trade | 336 Pages | PB | £9.99 $15.99

Also in eBook

Touched by Greatness

Women in the Life of Moses Dorothy Kelley Patterson – Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies, South Western Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas Many women impacted upon the life of Moses. The woman who bore him, the young girl who shadowed him and the foreigner who raised him are just three of the key influencers on his life. Their actions meant that a Hebrew child was reared as a prince of Egypt and became one of the greatest leaders of all time. Each woman who influenced the life of Moses was guided by God to bring his plans to pass. As you read about their lives you will discover the unique role women have to be mightily used of God too. “Dorothy Patterson is a born Bible teacher and a marvellous mentor for Christian women everywhere. I highly recommend this book.” Denise George ISBN 978-1-84550-631-5 | Trade | 144 Pages | PB | £6.99 $10.99

Also in eBook

Women of Faith and Courage

Susanna Wesley, Fanny Crosby, Catherine Booth, Mary Slessor and Corrie ten Boom Vance Christie – author of missionary biographies, Aurora, Nebraska Through some of the best-loved heroines of the Christian faith, God’s glory is manifest as He accomplishes significant things through imperfect people. In Women of Faith readers discover the remarkable stories of Susanna Wesley, Fanny Crosby, Catherine Booth, Mary Slessor and Corrie ten Boom which spanned across three centuries. “He has written each life story in such a vibrant way, truly making each of the five women come alive.” Helen Roseveare, Author & conference speaker “This fascinating book, Women of Faith and Courage, shows in a beautifullywritten and fascinating style, the faithful devotion of these women for Christ, and allows us to look deeply into their lives and ministries.” Faith Cook ISBN 978-1-84550-686-5 | Large Trade | 288 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

Expected Late 2012: Radical Dating ISBN 978-1-78191-058-0 6

NEW Christian Life Also in eBook

The Life of God in the Soul of the Church

The Root and Fruit of Spiritual Fellowship Thabiti Anyabwile – Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Great Joy… God’s glorious intention for the fellowship of his people. In this transformational book, trusted pastor Thabiti Anyabwile repositions our thinking about spiritual fellowship. Extending the concept of Divine life presented in Henry Scougal’s classic The Life of God in the Soul of Man, Anyabwile contends that union with Christ is not individualistic, but is discerned in the soul of the local church. “Jesus took people who otherwise had nothing in common and made them one with himself,” Anyabwile explains, “…to delight in Him above all things and to show His all-surpassing glory.” This vision of spiritual fellowship is not centered on external activities and programs, but on our shared life in Christ. ISBN 978-1-84550-923-1 | Large Trade | 256 Pages | £8.99 $14.99

Also in eBook

A Cord of Three Strands

Also in eBook

Different by Design

Three Centuries of Christian Love Stories Diana Lynn Severance – A historian with broad experience teaching in universities and seminaries. A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12) Follow the love stories of those who served in public positions such as soldiers; martyrs, and pastors through the letters they wrote to their loved ones. However, marriage is not purely about the husband and wife; there is another strand which is vital. Marriage is a gift from God and a most important factor in the strength of that marriage is the love we have for the giver of that gift. Read in this book love letters which encourage us to stick close to Christ and the importance of having him as the third strand in our relationships particularly in the face of life-threatening adversity! ISBN 978-1-84550-950-7 | Large Trade | 224 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

God’s Blueprint for men and woman. Carrie Sandom – Associate Minister for Women and Pastoral Care at St John’s Church, Tunbridge Wells, UK. Just as relationships in the Godhead are equal yet diverse, working together in unity and order, so are these characteristics to be reflected in the way men and women relate to one another. Scripturally grounded, Different by Design presents a biblical context for roles of men and women in marriage, the church and the workplace, with present-day implications for each. “Different by Design is an impressive outline of the Bible's teaching on the sensitive subject of gender. Carrie's faithful handling of the Biblical text and its application today combines depth and clarity with simplicity and grace.” Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbe's, Oxford and Director of Proclamation Trust ISBN 978-1-84550-782-4 | Large Trade | 240 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

Also in eBook

Table Grace

Also in eBook

Walk Worthy

The Role of Hospitality in the Christian Life Douglas Webster – mentors future pastors at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama. Jesus used simple hospitality and meal time conversations to share some of the most profound truths of the gospel. We can follow his example. “...a thoughtful and biblical explanation of the value of hospitality and the importance of ‘table grace’. The relevant questions that conclude each chapter help the reader understand why meals with meaning matter. We warmly commend this timely book.” Ian and Ruth Coffey "A biblical tapestry of hospitality, revealing its connection to worship, prayer, and the renewal of the church today. A wonderful introduction to a major theme of Scripture. Readable, wise, and engaging." Timothy and Denise George ISBN 978-1-84550-752-7 | Large Trade | 160 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

Guidelines to the Christian Life Peter Jeffery – from Port Talbot, South Wales engaged in an itinerant writing and preaching ministry before his retirement. As a new Christian it is such a relief to know that your sin has been forgiven. But it doesn’t stop there as you will want to continue to grow in your faith in Christ. Peter Jeffery suggests that in order to understand the fullness of your salvation you must first understand what Christ has done for you. Peter acknowledges that in this Christian life, there will be obstacles to overcome and he provides you with clear Scriptural guidelines for helping you as a new believer to establish your faith. Subjects covered in this helpful book include: The local church, worship, the value of the Bible, witnessing, assurance, backsliding, guidance, work, marriage, money, drugs, and peer pressure. ISBN 978-1-84550-642-1 | Trade | 144 Pages | PB | £6.99 $10.99

Also in eBook

Dealing with Depression

Trusting God through the dark times Sarah Collins was a teacher and student worker at St. Ebbes, Oxford & Jayne Haynes part-time GP based in Oxford Depression is a common complaint in the doctor's surgery and 1 in 5 of the population. But how do Christian’s deal with this? It is so easy for us to be riddled with guilt but in this book the Christian is reassured that God knows and deals with us by grace, He helps us move from guilt to grace. “I encourage every church leader and member to read this booklet so that they will see how the gospel feeds the soul, enflames hope, and enables perseverance in the darkness of life, all through the grace of Christ.” Robert Cheong, Sojourn Community Church ISBN 978-1-84550-633-9 | Mass Market | 128 Pages | PB | £4.99 $7.99


Also in eBook


Helen Roseveare What is our motivation for serving Jesus? Is it so that we might have good health and be wealthy? Galatians 1 tells us that the wealth and health prosperity gospel is no gospel at all! However what we can find is fullness in Christ and in him we find that indeed God is enough for us! This easy to read book addresses key themes that span global cultures. It counters the view that material abundance is the sign of God's blessing and that poverty is a sign of God's curse. It teaches that contentment cannot be found in earthly possession, achievement or position, outside of God but can only be found in the fullness of Christ for every believer. We find in Christ that we have fullness and purpose. ISBN 978-1-84550-751-0 | Mass Market | 80 Pages | PB | £2.99 $4.99

Helen Roseveare Books Helen Roseveare was a missionary doctor in Congo, now an author & internationally respected conference speaker. Her ‘Living’ series – instant classics that inspire faith! Trade | PB | £7.99 $12.99 Also in eBook

Living Faith

Willing to be stirred as a Pot of Paint Helen tells stories of faith from her experiences that help us to understand faith’s role in our lives and how to strengthen it. ISBN 978-1-84550-295-9 224 Pages Also in eBook

Living Fellowship

Willing to be the Third Side of the Triangle Helen Roseveare describes the true Biblical meaning of the dynamic relationship between God, others and us. ISBN 978-1-84550-351-2 240 Pages Also in

Expected late 2012: Whole-Hearted, A Call for total discipleship ISBN 978-1-78191-061-0

Also in eBook



Getting your Faith off the Ground Jose Zayas - Lead Pastor of the Sunset Campus of Solid Rock Church, Portland, Oregon. “Without jargon or complicated phrases, Airborne is your guide to understanding the journey of following Jesus. It’s your guide to change your perspective from wondering about God’s value to valuing God’s wonder! That type of passionate, intimate relationship can be yours, if you’re willing to pursue it.” Jose Zayas Here the Christian faith is compared to an airplane journey. Following Jesus is a great adventure-taking you to places you’ve never seen or could even dream of. Here you will meet real people who answered that Jesus call and to come and follow. This could be your story too. So take a seat, buckle up and get ready for the flight of your life. ISBN 978-1-84550-653-7 | Trade | 160 Pages | PB | £6.99 $10.99

Living Holiness

Willing to be the Legs of a Galloping Horse With deep humility Helen shares with the reader her faltering steps in the process of learning what it means to be holy, as God is holy. ISBN 978-1-84550-352-9 | 224 Pages Also in eBook

Living Sacrifice

Willing to be whittled as an Arrow The Bible says that sacrifice is a vital key to the future. Helen skilfully weaves stories, in this case countercultural ones of sacrifice, with Christian teaching. ISBN 978-1-84550-294-2 | 144 Pages

Tracing Helen’s life … a life of faith Large Trade | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Also in eBook Also in eBook

The Last Word

Jesus’ Teaching in the Upper Room Wallace Benn – Conference Speaker and the Bishop of Lewes in the Church of England. A New Edition. Take a look at the important last words which were spoken by Jesus to his disciples, who were called to be his witnesses and take the gospel into the whole world. The wonder is that Jesus knew exactly what was going to happen and so carefully prepared his church for what was going to come. "When the head and the heart and the passions of the expositor are fully engaged in opening the biblical text, a fine commentary will result. That is what this book is."  R. Kent Hughes  was Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois "Simply but faithfully explained; warmly but carefully applied” Adrian Reynolds, Director of Ministry, The Proclamation Trust & Associate Minister, East London Tabernacle. ISBN 978-1-84550-777-0 | Trade | 200 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Christian Life Expected Late 2012 Uprooted Rebecca VanDoodewaard

ISBN 978-1-84550-964-4


Give me this Mountain

Helen tells her story in a down-to-earth way - from playing cricket for the ladies’ university team (a liberated women even then!) to her return to Britain after five months as a hostage in rebel terrorist hands. ISBN 978-1-84550-189-1 | 160 Pages Also in eBook

He Gave us a Valley

Helen returned to the Congo in 1966 to assist in the rebuilding of the nation. This book is the story of the joys and adventures of re-establishing the medical work, the growing church programme and the work of forgiveness amongst suspicious peoples. ISBN 978-1-84550-190-7 | 192 Pages

Digging Ditches

Also in eBook

The latest chapter of an inspirational life Helen investigates why God gives us the valleys in our experience, where we are to dig the ditches (2 Kings 3:16) trusting that they will be filled with life-giving water at God’s appropriate timing. ISBN 978-1-84550-058-0 Large Trade | 224 Pages | PB See CF4K Children’s Resource catalogue for the Little Lights and Trailblazers Biographies on Helen Roseveare.

New Biography & History Love Oliver

The Story of a Short but Inspirational Little Life Andy & Jennifer Gill – set up ‘Love Oliver’ to help make a difference to other families affected by cancer. This book follows the journey of joys and sorrows, recognising that there is an allpowerful and loving God who is in control, even in such circumstances of baby Oliver who braved Congenital Rhabdoid Tumour for five and a half months with a gorgeous smile. "I feel incredibly privileged to have been part of this journey, and trust that you will find this story immensely thought provoking, up-lifting and, indeed, truly inspirational." Mark Brougham, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh "It was, and still is, a source of amazement at how well Andy and Jennifer managed during those difficult months."  David Robertson  Pastor of St Peter's Free Church of Scotland, Dundee ISBN 978-1-84550-807-4 | Trade | 128 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Also in eBook

A Housewife’s Adventure with God

This is the continuing story of Jessie McFarlane and Prayer Chain Ministries. Jessie McFarlane & Irene Howat This book tells Jessie Mcfarlane’s story of the international movement, “Prayer Chain Ministries’’. ”You cannot fail to be inspired and encouraged by this story of dedicated prayer, or to be challenged to make a difference for God in your surroundings and experience and to do all for the glory of God. “thought-provoking and easy to read.”  Evangelicals Now "If you are an ordinary person desiring to know what an extraordinary God can do with your life, then you need to read this book."  Sammy Tippit  International Itinerant Evangelist “It is a privilege to recommend a book written by a virtuous woman. I, too, look forward to immersing myself in this account of a 'valiant woman of God' and learning from her example."  Kay Arthur ISBN 978-1-84550-786-2 | Trade | 256 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Also in eBook

Finding God in the Darkness

Twelve Accounts of God’s Care Through Difficult Times Irene Howat – award winning author of adults and children’s books These twelve highly personal accounts tell of disabling illness, marital betrayal, a child murdered, a spouse imprisoned, difficult working situations and loneliness but… “I think there is a kind of ‘undertow’ one feels when reading through this book; one feels caught by a quiet assurance that all we’ve heard about God’s strong grace is true.” Dale Ralph Davis “One after another, they share how God spoke to them through their regular reading of his Word, as particular verses of Scripture took on a new reality for them. A lesson to us all perhaps, that it is the habits of listening to God established in our everyday routines that enable us to hear his voice clearly when we are in greatest need."  Evangelicals Now ISBN 978-1-84550-785-5 | Trade | 160 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Also in eBook

The Yankee Officer and the Southern Belle

A journey of love across Africa Nell Chinchen It began like a fairy-tale—amidst mint juleps and magnolias in Mississippi. But as their love grew, its fruit flourished and spread to a most unlikely place—across the mission fields of Africa. The Yankee Officer and the Southern Belle is the vivid recollection of how God called Nell and Jack Chinchen from the comforts of their “perfect” life to a risky, lifelong journey they would never regret. More than forty years ago, the Chinchens arrived in Liberia, West Africa, as missionaries. They had left family, thriving ministries and a successful business. Their new life in the jungle would bring perils: tropical diseases, witch doctors, fire and even rebel invasion. Yet joy overflowed in their faithfulness to God’s call—training pastors, teaching children, pioneering medical ministry. ISBN 978-1-84550-921-7 | Large Trade | 184 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

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Is there Anybody out there?

A Journey from Despair to Hope Mez McConnell – Pastor, Niddrie Community Church, Edinburgh, Scotland Mez’s early life involved abuse, violence, drugs, thieving and prison – do you like happy endings? Mez still suffers from his experiences but you’ll be amazed at how far he has been restored by God from such a terrible beginning. “This is a compelling, gripping, heart-wrenching, you-can’t-put-it-down story of sin and grace. Read this and thank God that, as Psalm 136 says, ‘His love endures forever.’”  Mark Dever,  Senior Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC “In the chaos of people's lives that have been devastated by drugs, alcohol and the neglect of society Mez comes boldly and sometimes brashly with the message of the love of Christ that can bash down any barrier. His story, the story of how Christ worked and continues to work in his life will inspire and humble any reader."  Al Barth,  Global Network Coordinator for Redeemer City To City, New York ISBN 978-1-84550-773-2 | Trade | 144 Pages | PB | £6.99 $10.99

Also in eBook

Radical Love in a Broken World

Ron Nikkel – President of Prison Fellowship, International Ron like many in Prison Fellowship, shares the message that God cares even in the place of conflict such as a civil war. He seeks to present a message to them that Jesus had gone through suffering but yet did not retaliate. Read the story of how these radical believers dare to make a difference in a broken world. “I found myself increasingly captivated by the examples of men and women who, even amid extreme difficulty and danger, followed Jesus in the way of justice, mercy, and truth regardless of personal cost and threat of opposition”  Ron Nikkel “Ron sees life through God’s eyes and writes elegantly.”  Chuck Colson “I have known Ron Nikkel as a friend and ministry companion for thirty years and I marvel at his service"  Philip Yancey ISBN 978-1-84550-702-2 | Trade | 224 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99


Also in eBook

His Life and Influence Allan Harman – Research Professor of Old Testament at the Presbyterian Theological College in Melbourne, Australia. From his life-long interest, Allan Harman offers us a closer look in to the highly valued commentator Matthew Henry (1662-1714). He was the son of a Puritan pastor who had been silenced by the government of the time. Nevertheless Philip Henry, a godly man reared his family on Christian principles and Matthew followed the Lord from an early age. Although it was difficult to find suitable ministerial training, Matthew Henry eventually studied for the ministry. With government opposition relaxing, he became a Presbyterian pastor in Chester in 1687 and later in London from 1712. It is astonishing to note the amount of preaching and writing that he accomplished despite suffering from ill-health and knowing intense sorrow in his family life. "Allan Harman's biography puts in our hands a wealth of information about Matthew Henry.” Joel Beeke, President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary ISBN 978-1-84550-783-1 | Large trade | 208 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

Also in eBook

Also in eBook

Matthew Henry


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Carl R. Trueman – Professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr Trueman traces how Reformation heritage has shaped and transformed the intervening period, he then describes some of the major challenges being faced by the evangelical church at the present time and suggests ways of responding which remain faithful to the Scriptures and the theology of the Reformers drawn from it and points towards a future that embraces and disseminates these wonderful doctrines of grace. “A great introduction to the present-day meaning of this world-changing event." Michael A. G. Haykin, Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. ISBN 978-1-84550-701-5 | Trade | 128 Pages | PB | £6.99 $10.99

Churches, Revolutions and Empires

1789-1914 Ian J. Shaw - the Director of Langham Scholarship programme in the UK. 1789 to 1914 was a time of momentous and often violent change religiously, socially, politically and economically in the western world. The revolutions in the churches and the powerful empires of the day were to have a profound effect upon society at large both then and in the years that followed. In this detailed yet fascinating study, Ian Shaw gives context and understanding to this legacy which has been passed on from that era by providing an expert analysis of the period with a focus on the key leaders, influences and issues. "The book is clear, well arranged and up-to-date in its absorption of recent research.” David Bebbington, Professor of History, University of Stirling ISBN 978-1-84550-774-9 156x234mm | 576 Pages | HB | £19.99 $29.99

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What the Bible Means to me?

Testimonies of how God’s Word imparts lives. Edited by Catherine Mackenzie From all backgrounds, nationalities and cultures, people are remarkably different but also intriguingly the same. God's Word has something to say to all mankind and in this book 44 people summarise in testimony, what the Bible means to them. See examples from a bus driver to a theologian, missionary to a midwife, army chaplain to an artist. We know how different they are but we also see their similarities ... their search for truth; their need for love; their quest for faith. Contributors include: J.I.Packer, Alec Motyer, Colin Buchanan, Douglas Kelly, Dale Ralph Davis, Fiona Castle, Helen Roseveare, Iain D. Campbell, Richard Bewes, Rico Tice and Harry Reader. ISBN 978-1-84550-723-7 | Large Trade | 144 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

NEW Apologetics Also in eBook

Unseen Realities

Heaven, Hell, Angels and Demons R. C. Sproul – respected teacher, theologian and pastor. “I believe that if we are to be consistent Christians, believing all of the Bible rather than portions of it, we must recognize that the supernatural places and beings described on its pages are real.” R. C. Sproul The concept of the invisible spiritual realm is so often something which is difficult for us to grasp. If we can see, hear, and feel it we can take it on face value that it is a reality. But what about things that are unseen? Scripture speaks about Heaven, Hell, Angels and Satan which are a part of the invisible spiritual realm. Bible teacher R. C. Sproul helps us glean a better understanding of these issues and come to a realisation that in fact all four are realities. ISBN 978-1-84550-682-7 | Large Trade | 160 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99


What Christian’s Believe

Jonathan Gould – Minister, St John’s, Downshire Hill, Hampstead. These are commonly asked questions by new Christians. Hearing the Christian message for the first time can mean that we may have already begun to formulate our own set of views and convictions on life. Here Jonathan Gould helps us think through ‘What Christian’s believe’. With each chapter based upon a Bible passage, this book helps determine biblically what Christians believe in. The author calls us to believe that the Bible is reliable and hear the message of truth. With the help of two new believers, ‘Jack’ and Jill’, we will be able to reflect and interact with what has been discussed within the chapters. ISBN 978-1-84550-922-4 | Trade | 240 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Core Teaching & Biblical Studies Also in eBook

Finally Alive

Also in eBook

From the Resurrection to His Return

John Piper – Senior Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis The term ‘New Birth’ has been devalued both in the society and the church. Those claiming to be ‘born again’ live lives that are indistinguishable from those who don’t; they sin the same, embrace injustice the same, covet the same, do almost everything the same. Being ‘born again’ is now defined by what people say they believe. The New Testament however defines Christians very differently. John Piper defines it biblically and helps us to value again the importance of the new birth by providing an answer to the contradiction of ineffective churches. “I hope that showing that the new birth is not in our control helps make pastors and Christians desperate for the supernatural in their ministries” John Piper ISBN 978-1-84550-421-2 | Large Trade | 208 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

Living Faithfully in the Last Days D. A. Carson – Research Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois Based on Paul’s teaching in 2 Timothy 3, Don Carson gives wise council to today’s church to avoid false teaching and to seek good mentors that will lead us in truth. We must cling to the Bible as the source of our council, guidance and help. More than that he shows that by holding the Bible out to a needy world we take its message to where it is needed the most. “a very engaging, but brief, exposition of some very important verses about how we should live in what the Bible calls "the last days," i.e. the time before Jesus' return...” Adrian Warnock, Blogger ISBN 978-1-84550-577-6 | Mass Market | 64 Pages | PB | £2.99 $4.99

Also in eBook

The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life

Psalms 1-12 Dale Ralph Davis – Old Testament scholar and pastor of Woodland Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Trusted theologian Dale Ralph Davis leads readers through a careful study of Psalms 1–12 with clear application for daily life. As the first 12 Psalms continue, we see basic principles unfold with great clarity. Much like our troubles today, the Psalmist endured wickedness all around, a world hostile to the true God - and on a very personal level - deceit and persecution from his enemies. Readers are pointed towards the glorious rule of the Messiah, to whom the whole world belongs. In light of this realization, we are prepared to face all kinds of troubles that cause despair. The righteous rely on God, and the Psalms teach us how. ISBN 978-1-84550-581-3 | Trade | 144 Pages | PB | £6.99 $10.99

Also in eBook

Singing the Songs of Jesus

Revisiting the Psalms Michael LeFebvre – Pastor, Christ Church Reformed Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis. The Psalms were originally composed for singing, not just reading. In both Old and New Testament congregations and through much of Church history, the primary use of the Psalms was singing. Today there is a renewed interest in Psalmody, but few books explain how the Psalms function as hymns or how they can be sung in Christcentred worship. Singing the Songs of Jesus fills that gap. This book does not shy away from those elements, which might initially make Psalm-singing seem difficult -like the doubts and curses interspersed with the praises. Instead, this study shows why the Psalms are perfectly suited for Christian praise and how to use them for powerful, reverential, relevant Christ-centred worship. ISBN 978-1-84550-600-1 | Trade | 160 Pages | PB | £6.99 $11.99

Bible Answers

Questions about the Christian Faith and Life Derek Prime – Author and former pastor of Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh Many people want to know what the Bible has to say about God and other pressing issues. To meet that need Derek Prime has provided a helpful guide that anyone can use. If you have ever wondered what the Bible really says, then this book will provide a well-balanced guide to what the Bible really says about various issues. "Here are questions on the Christian faith answered from the Bible, clearly, succinctly and helpfully. I have worn out more than one copy. Simple enough for the beginner and comprehensive enough for the serious student, this updated version should sit beside the Bible of every eager learner." Alistair Begg ISBN 978-1-85792-934-8 Mass Market | 416 Pages | PB | £6.99 $10.99

Shorter Catechism Edited & Notes by Roderick Lawson Well known manual of doctrine for all those requiring an introduction to the Christian Faith. This edition contains the addition of scripture proofs in full & notes by Roderick Lawson. The Westminster shorter catechism has been an effective tool for teaching the Christian faith to young and old for over 300 years and is still used in Presbyterian and other reformed churches to this day. This is one of the most popular editions as it contains proof texts to aid a parent or teacher in their instruction. ISBN 978-1-85792-288-2 | 150x100mm | 80 Pages | PB | £2.50 $3.99 Available in our Christian Heritage imprint,

An Exposition on the Shorter Catechism Alexander Whyte ISBN 978-1-85792-250-9 | Large Trade | 402 Pages | £17.99 $29.99


Also in eBook

Mystery of the Holy Spirit

R. C. Sproul – a world-renowned teacher, theologian and pastor. He is the founder and chairman of Ligonier Ministries. Do you want to know more about the Holy Spirit? Bible teacher, R. C. Sproul deepens your understanding of the Holy Spirit as he explores the many different roles the Spirit has in our lives. Sproul deals with some of the most perplexing and frequently discussed issues with sensitivity. While the mystery surrounding the Holy Spirit is not dispelled – we are challenged to get to know him better and to look for signs of his work in our life. “This outstanding resource, newly available, will bless many lives as Christians learn of the person and work of the Holy Spirit.” R. Albert Mohler President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky ISBN 978-1-84550-481-6 | Trade | 160 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Also in eBook

Fear Not!

Death and the Afterlife from a Christian Perspective. J. Ligon Duncan III - Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi With J. Nicholas Reid, foreword by. Are you not sure what happens after death? Using his pastoral experience, Ligon helps us shed light on the subject. "Such a man is Ligon Duncan who is both a scholar and a pastor. With a scholar’s mind and a pastors heart, Dr Duncan has given us this excellent book, Fear Not, which covers extensively all aspects of death, including what happens to believers immediately after death, the resurrection, the final judgment and then the eternal state...This is a book to inform and encourage every Christian. All of us will be edified by its pages. It is my pleasure to commend it to every Christian reader." Jerry Bridges in the foreword ISBN 978-1-84550-358-1 | Trade | 96 Pages | PB | £6.99 $10.99

Bible Overview

Steve Levy – Pastor, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Swansea, Wales - with Paul Blackham – Associate Minister, All Souls, London, England Foreword by Richard Bewes. This book will give you a brilliant introduction to the Bible! It is written with young people and new believers in mind. Steve helps us get to grips with the structure and the meaning of God’s Word. In fact it is Steve’s desire that we delight after God’s Word and hopes that desire to devour God’s Word and enjoy it, would be birthed in us. Each chapter includes study questions. “Steve has a fever for the Bible and is desperate to infect you! Let him.” Dale Ralph Davis “If you want more joy in your Bible reading, if you want to love Christ more, read it!” Mike Reeves, Head of Theology, UCCF ISBN 978-1-84550-378-9 | Trade | 336 pages |PB | £6.99 $11.99

The Unheeded Christ

Jesus Demands Serious Obedience David Cook – Principal & Director of the School of Preaching, Sydney Missionary Bible College, Australia. Popular speaker at Conventions - including the Keswick Convention. Jesus Christ is a provocative, uncompromising teacher. Yet it is easy to become so accustomed to Jesus’ words that they become like old friends – comfortable, familiar - and often unchallenging. We get so used to him that we don’t take notice of what he commands us to do. Jesus demands serious obedience from his people in all areas of life. Here he challenges us about crucial contemporary issues – loving enemies, forgiveness, sex, ambition, adultery, wealth accumulation, revenge, the impending judgement, resolving tension between Christians and self-delusion. Rediscover Jesus’ words as fresh, wise authentic and discerning - and listen to him again - but this time don’t let him go unheeded! ISBN 978-1-84550-369-7 | Trade | 176 Pages| PB | £6.99 $10.99


St Helen”s – Bishopsgate, London, England

The ideal series to follow up an initial evangelistic or discipleship programme (e.g. Alpha or Christianity Explored). Read/Mark/Learn is a small group Bible study series that is designed to equip people to study God’s Word for themselves – and in studying it, know God’s purpose for their lives. Each study establishes the context, aim and structure of the passage; links with the Old Testament; draws lessons from each part of the passage and highlights key issues, practical applications and suggestions. It includes conversation starters, questions for leading a Bible study and a photocopiable section for group members (these are also downloadable from our website). Read/Mark/Learn has been established for over 30 years and is a successful way to hold satisfying and enjoyable group Bible studies. It has been developed by one of London’s leading churches, St Helen’s, Bishopsgate. “Read/Mark/Learn has taught hundreds of us over the years to know our Bibles and our God better” Hugh Palmer “The art of simplification is not an easy one, but here it is at its best” Don Carson


Read/Mark/Learn: John

“These [things] are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” St. John the Apostle, John 20:31 ISBN 978-1-84550-361-1 | Trade 304 Pages | PB | £8.99 £14.99

Read/Mark/Learn: Romans

“Supremely beneficial for clarifying the message of Romans, providing quality training for Bible study leaders and planting deep missionary convictions in young Christians.” Richard Coerkin, Senior Minister, COMISSION Initiative ISBN 978-1-84550-362-8 | Trade 320 Pages | PB | £8.99 £14.99

Also in eBook

18 Words

Also in eBook

A Faith to Live by

The Most Important Words You Will Ever Know J. I. Packer – Time magazine calls him one of the top 25 most influential evangelical leaders alive! We have an enormous increase of words flying around the planet that has seemingly been accompanied by a decrease in our understanding of them. The church hasn’t been faultless – many times it has fudged the meaning of words to maintain superficial unity. J. I. Packer clarifies things. He is a master wordsmith, also gifted with the ability of showing where truth lies in complicated reasoning. These skills combine to make 18 Words a fascinating read – and a life-changing one. (NB the 18 words are Death, Devil, Election, Faith, Fellowship, Grace, Holiness, Justification, Lord, Mediator, Mortification, Reconciliation, Regeneration, Revelation, Sanctification, Scripture, Sin & World). ISBN 978-1-84550-327-7 | Large Trade | 208 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

Understanding Christian Doctrine Donald Macleod – Retired Principal of Free Church of Scotland , Edinburgh People are sometimes daunted by the size of the Westminster Confession of faith. This book helps to show that the confession was always intended to be a practical summary of belief, one that ordinary people could apply to their daily lives. It is a comprehensive examination of Christian doctrine, practically explained - The Inspiration of Scripture, the Trinity, sin, the Incarnation, the Atonement, Justification, Christian Liberty, Baptism, the Church, the Lord’s Supper, the Second Coming, the Resurrection, Hell and Heaven. It equips the reader to present their faith intelligently to others. ISBN 978-1-84550-585-1 Large Trade | 320 Pages | PB | £12.99 $19.99

How To Study The Bible

Richard Mayhue – Senior Vice President and Dean, Professor of Theology and Pastoral Ministries, The Masters Seminary, Sunny Valley, California. An image-centred world is always looking for shortcuts to answers. We don’t have time to study scriptures. Let Richard Mayhue help. He has a good grasp of Biblical interpretation and is able to provide our generation with a simple way to understand what the Bible says and avoid the errors that are commonly made. Topics include: Teaching a basic Bible study method; Warning about interpretation mistakes; Exposing current theological errors; providing right steps to avoid wrong doctrine; emphasizing truthfulness and trustworthiness of Scripture. “An excellent book from the pen of an able scholar, an experienced pastor and a gracious Christian.’ It is intended for all types of Christian people who are serious about studying the Bible carefully… I warmly commend it.” Eric Alexander ISBN 978-1-84550-203-4 | Trade | 208 Pages | PB | £6.99 $11.99

Also in eBook

The Trials of Theology

Becoming a ‘Proven Worker’ in a Dangerous Business Edited by Brian S. Rosner &Andrew Cameron – Moore College Studying theology can be a time of strengthening and renewing for anyone. But along the way we will come across trials. Through this reader you will learn how to handle such trials from Augustine, Martin Luther, C. H. Spurgeon, B. B. Warfield and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. There are also contemporary contributions from Don Carson on Biblical Studies, Carl Trueman on Church History, Gerald Bray on Systematic Theology and Dennis Hollinger on Christian Ethics and John Woodhouse on seminary life. “May the Spirit of truth make this book a means of true thinking about God, deep affections for God, and beautiful obedience to God, through Jesus Christ who is God.” John Piper, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota ISBN 978-1-84550-467-0 | Large Trade | 192 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

The Westminster Confession of Faith Study Book

A Study Guide for the Churches Joseph A. Pipa – President and Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in South Carolina The Westminster Confession is a foundational document for countless churches worldwide. Churches of all sizes claim it as their confession and hold to it with varying degrees of closeness, being an integral cornerstone of Reformed Christianity. However, how many people actually have any real knowledge of the Confession or feel it is only of relevance to their church leaders? Pipa has produced an accessible, user- friendly study aid, which illuminates the Westminster Confession for all Christians, showing it is not just a document for intellectual theologians, but is as relevant in our own lives today, as when it was written. ISBN 978-1-84550-030-6 Large Trade | 416 Pages | PB | £12.99 $19.99

Just Love

The Christian’s Radical Answer to Life’s Problems R. T. Kendall – former minister of Westminster Chapel, London, author and international speaker based in Hendersonville, Tennessee The cult of independence has broken down society into factions that focus on rights and creates battling self-interest groups. The postmodern society does not recognise that there can be such a thing as right or wrong, just convenient or inconvenient. Kendall takes 1st Corinthians chapter 13 and shows how it should permeate every aspect of our life. He explains to us what is meant by love, a word stolen from its true meaning by our society, and how to practice it in our church, home and workplace. The central thesis of the book is that we have to show a unity of spirit in the church in order to be effective in the world, but one that is not based on compromising God's word. ISBN 978-1-85792-273-8 | Trade | 192 Pages | PB | £7.99 $11.99


Also in eBook


The Reality of Encountering Jesus Peter Dickson with David Gibson – serve at Trinity Church, Aberdeen, Scotland as minister and Associate Minister respectively. What does it mean to belong to God’s family? Consider the gospel of Luke, which introduces us to Jesus the most important man who ever lived. The Gospel of Luke is applied to today’s audience using contemporary illustrations including the recent financial crisis. This book will help you know how to have a relationship with the living God. “Peter Dickson has succeeded in transporting his readers from twenty first century Aberdeen to the first century shores of Galilee in this vivid account of Dr Luke’s impeccably researched biography of Jesus. But I must confess that this journey comes with a health warning - as we look at Jesus we’ll discover much more about ourselves.”Rico Tice, Author, Christianity Explored. ISBN 978-1-84550-607-0 | Trade | 160 Page | PB | £6.99 $11.99


Let the Old Testament Speak Alec Motyer – a well-known Bible expositor & former principal of Trinity College. Edited and preface by John Stott, a comprehensive survey of the Old Testament organised around its authors and major characters and pointing to Christ as its fulfilment. “If people think that we don’t need the Old Testament today, they don’t realise the extent to which the New Testament is incomprehensible without the Old. For example, the epistle to the Hebrews cannot be understood unless one goes back to the Old Testament and learns the theory and practice of sacrifice. That is but a very small example. Remember how Matthew begins. He says the beginning of Jesus is Abraham.” Alec Motyer “There can be no doubt that this book benefits greatly from Alec Motyer’s lifetime of Old Testament study.” John Stott(1921-2011), was Rector All Souls Church, London ISBN 978-1-84550-506-6 Large Trade | 416 Pages | PB | £11.99 $19.99

Also in eBook

Bible Delight

Psalm 119 for the Bible Teacher and Bible Hearer Christopher Ash – Anglican minister & director of Cornhill Training courses. This is the first in a series looking at the culture of preaching and teaching. Psalm 119 places joy in God’s word at the centre of our experience. The series editors hope that this book will “stimulate Bible delight in teachers and hearers of God’s Word.” David Jackman/Robin Sydserff “Christopher Ash opens up Psalm 119 so that heart, mind and will are touched with the result, which he intends, that we can understand it, feel it and sing it.” Jonathan Fletcher, Emmanuel, Wimbledon There are personal response questions at the end of each chapter, grounding what you learn in your own experience. Use them for personal use, small group study or training. ISBN 978-1-84550-360-4 | Trade | 224 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Priority of Preaching

Christopher Ash – Director of Cornhill Training Course, London “This little book is written for ordinary ministers who preach regularly to ordinary people in ordinary places... Most of us preach in gatherings that are smaller than we would wish and tougher than we might have hoped when we entered pastoral ministry... There is a voice on our shoulders who whispers as we prepare, and then as we preach, ‘Is it really worth it?” From The Introduction A charter for preaching is set out drawn from the roots of the Old Testament. Nothing is more important as preaching in God’s strategy to rebuild a broken world. Christopher Ash gives a resounding yes to the question ‘Is preaching worth it?’ It will be an encouragement to those who are involved in regular weekly ministry. ISBN 978-1-84550-464-9 | Trade | 128 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

A Man after God’s own Heart

God’s relationship with David - and with you R.T. Kendall – former minister of Westminster Chapel, London, author and international convention speaker based in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Twice God says that in King David he has found ‘a man after my own heart’ (1 Sam. 13:14: Acts 13:22). David was one of God’s favourites - despite the fact that David had sinned so deeply. Our encouragement is that the Lord continued to use him, even after his time of backsliding. David wrote that ‘the Lord confides in those who fear him’ (Psalm 25:14) and David was one that God chose to confide in. If you wish to know what it is like to be close to God then this book will help you to discover what such a relationship is like. ISBN 978-1-84550-422-9 Large Trade | 512 pages | PB | £12.99 $19.99


From Proclamation Trust

Inspiring super role models to follow! Books for 9-14 year olds £5.99 $8.99 each Also in eBook

John Stott

The Humble Leader Find out about 'Uncle John' who was recognised across the world as a pastor, friend and leader. ISBN 978-1-84550-787-9 Also in eBook

Billy Bray

Saved from the Deepest Pit Michael Bentley Billy was saved from the deepest pit - and went on to tell others that they can also be saved from their sin. ISBN 978-1-84550-781-4

For more details of Trailblazers and Children’s books see our CF4K Children’s Resource

Proclamation Trust’s Teaching The Bible’ Series This series is for those who have the privilege and the joy of teaching or preaching a particular book or theme from the Bible. Whether you are a small group leader, preacher or a youth worker, it will help you to communicate the message from a Biblical theme or book. This book will provide a useful launching pad for biblical exposition planning and executing a lesson or sermon in particular with background, structure, key points and application. They are all geared to teach you the truth of Scripture. This series is published in conjunction with Proclamation Trust Media whose aim is to encourage ministry that seeks above all to expound the Bible as God’s Word for today. Trade | PB

Biblical Themes

Old Testament

Teaching the Christian Hope

Teaching Isaiah

David Jackman The world lacks any real hope and so doesn’t bother looking but God is omniscient, he knows what will happen! David shows us how the future can be faced with authentic hope. ISBN 978-1-85792-518-0 144 pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

David Jackman The people of God had a choice - to follow their own human policies or to follow the promises of God. They chose to be unfaithful. The prophet breaks in and calls them to repent asking them to stop violating the covenant. ISBN 978-1-84550-565-3 120 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

Spirit of Truth

Teaching Amos

David Jackman This book clarifies the Holy Spirit’s character and work, enabling the person leading a bible study, or preaching, to teach authoritatively about him. ISBN 978-1-84550-057-3 176 pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Robert Fyall This volume will improve your preaching on Amos and serve as a timely reminder of its striking relevance for today. ISBN 978-1-84550-142-6 160 pages | £7.99 $12.99

New Testament Teaching Matthew

Teaching Acts

Teaching Romans

David Jackman You will be shown a wonderful way of explaining the New Testament Gospel in continuity with the whole Old Testament, and with the fulfilment of God’s covenant promises in Jesus Christ. ISBN 978-1-84550-480-9 240 pages | £7.99 $12.99

David Cook Acts has a vital message to teach to every generation that seeks to live an authentic Christian life. David will give you confidence to handle God’s Word in a variety of contexts. ISBN 978-1-84550-255-3 160 pages | £8.99 $14.99

Teaching John

Teaching 1 Peter

Christopher Ash Romans bring’s us face-toface with the wonderful glory of God’s grace – grace to unify our churches and to inspire us to reach our world with the “barrier-breaking message of Christ”. The sheer scale and depth of Romans makes it a challenge to teach, but with these two volumes Christopher Ash will help you teach this challenging and lifechanging book

Dick Lucas & William Phillip This book will you help you to teach the importance of life eternal through belief in the son of God. This is the message of John’s Gospel. ISBN 978-1-85792-790-0 144 pages | £7.99 $12.99

Angus Macleay – Anglican Minister from Sevenoaks, England This is a vital message for Christians living in any generation. “Provides shrewd insight into the details of the text and also offers much helpful advice about how to apply and present its material.” Vaughan Roberts ISBN 978-1-84550-347-5 288 Pages | £7.99 $12.99

NEW Summer 2012 Teaching Ephesians

From Text to Sermon Simon Austen Ephesians paints for us a glorious picture of who we are and what the church is meant to be as we seek to teach others with these timeless truths. ISBN 978-1-84550-684-1 272 pages | £8.99 $14.99

Teaching 1 Timothy

From Text to Sermon Angus Macleay Like Timothy was to teach the Ephesians, this book help you teach others how they can navigate a godly life even in today’s culture. ISBN 978-1-84550-808-1 272 pages | £8.99 $14.99

Vol 1 Chs. 1-8

ISBN 978-1-84550-455-7 320 Pages | £8.99 $12.99

Vol 2 Chs. 9-16

ISBN 978-1-84550-456-4 288 Pages | £8.99 $12.99

“The task of moving from the text of Scripture to clear and faithful exposition is challenging. This series of excellent guides aims to help the Bible teacher to observe what is there in the text, and prepare to convey its significance to contemporary hearers.” John Woodhouse Moore Theological College, Sydney “North India desperately needs men and women who will preach and teach the Bible faithfully and PT’s Teaching series is of great value in encouraging them to do just that.”  Isaac Shaw Executive Director, Delhi Bible Institute


Brought to you by WEC International Inexpensive, straightforward Bible Studies that work!

‘Geared for Growth’ Bible study books have been proven as a very useful format for home study groups and personal devotions. Each book introduces the context of the study and then gives questions for the group leader or individual. There are also points for reflection and prayer. Daily questions allow meditation on each topic for the week leading up to meeting together. The series comes in four ‘flavours’ – Old Testament studies, New Testament studies, Characters and Themes. There’s always something interesting to move onto when one study is finished! These can be used as a tool for evangelism and spiritual growth. Each booklet: A5 | PB | £3.99 $5.99 Title Amazing Love

Author Russell Dorothy

Beginning of Everything, The Comfort and Encouragement

Dinnen Marie Trice Graham

Cost of Obedience, The Russell Dorothy Faith, Courage & Perseverance Word Worldwide Focus on Faith Dinnen Stewart & Drew Nina Hypocrisy in Religion: Dinnen Marie Messenger of Love Dinnen Marie Old Testament These studies are based on Old Testament books of the Bible, but pick up one key theme and help you to learn practical lessons for life. (In Bible Order)

New Testament These, as with our Old Testament series, all take one book of the Bible and again develop one key theme. There are lots of fascinating questions to help you think through the issues raised by each book. (In Bible Order)

Characters Although all these people are pivotal to the story of redemption that runs through the Bible, they are also fallible - you and I can identify with them. Each character study helps us to re-examine our own lives and characters, and challenge us to grow as believers.

Our Magnificent God Saviour is Promised, A Throne and Temple, The

Priddle John Priddle John Russell Dorothy

Triumphs Over Failures Unshakeable Confidence

Russell Dorothy Bakes A

A Message For Today, A

Deelen Marion

Born to be Free

Dinnen Marie

Controlled by Love Drama of Revelation, The Early Church, The

Russell Dorothy Russell Dorothy Cardinal Esma

Entering by Faith Faith that Works

Dinnen Marie Dinnen Marie

Get Ready Glimpses of the King Heavenly Living Jesus Christ, who is he? Made Completely New Only way to be Good, The People and Problems in the Church Walking in Love

Dinnen Marie Russell Dorothy Drew Nina Priddle John Russell Dorothy Russell Dorothy Cardinal Esma

World’s Only hope, The

Russell Dorothy

Worldwide Evangelization Abraham

Cardinal Esma Dinnen Marie

Achieving the Impossible

Russell Dorothy

God Cares

Drew Nina

God Plans for Good

Russell Dorothy

Grace and Grit Highly Esteemed Man after God’s own Heart, A

Drew Nina Russell Dorothy Cardinal Esma

Man God Chose, The Man with a Choice, A Meek but Mighty Men of Courage

Russell Dorothy Russell Dorothy Russell Dorothy Russell Dorothy

Serving the Lord Discovering God’s Glory

Russell Dorothy Cubit Leah

Finding Christ in the Old Testament Finding Life’s Purpose

Russell Dorothy

Freedom Freely Forgiven Future and Hope God’s heart, my heart Love and Respect Themes Do you need help facing real-life issues? These thematic studies are not confined to one particular Bible book as they find answers to issues that we face in our dayto-day lives


Pattern for Prayer, A Problems of life, The Saints in Service Understanding the way of Salvation

Dinnen Marie

Jones Carol

Description What is right? Like us, Israel chose to go their own way - but the message points to a solution in the Messiah. Discover the impact for our lives found in first few chapters of Scripture. Learn to treasure the Psalms with its outstanding variety of issues that are dealt with in a beneficial manner! Jeremiah’s courageous stand for truth against the culture that surrounded him. Learning how to carry on when faced with defeat & discouragement. From a single mother, to a spy, to a king – lessons from 10 Old Testament saints to strengthen your faith. Learn from Amos, the ‘burden bearer’ as he speaks out against sin, greed and injustice. Malachi’s message was one of love to get the people back to God and re-establish their covenant with him. Find out the Lord’s provision, comfort and deliverance in redemption. Isaiah means ‘God is salvation’ – discover the lasting impact of ‘The Fifth Gospel’. A Study in 1 & 2 Chronicles. Understand the history of Israel and at same time a spiritually encouraging message for today. In midst of chaos we find that repentance and loyalty to God are the only good answers. Faced with national disaster and personal problems, Habakkuk and Joel put their unshakeable confidence in Jehovah. This action-packed gospel, Mark will show you more about the life and work of Jesus Christ His identity; his teaching; his works; his death; his resurrection. Legalism and licence are the two extremes we need help with. Galatians will help you get the balance right. There is a way back for a failing church – and good leadership is one of the keys. All in heaven worship the one who sits on the throne - and the Lamb who triumphs over evil. The beginnings of the church (Acts 1-12) as we now know it! Take courage, God will build his church! A Stuidy in Hebrews. The best things God has provided are through Christ. The book of James helps us in dealing with riches, being wise, bearing fruit and applying spiritual principles. To live for Christ we must expect his return – are you ready? Get a glimpse of the king – one who has fulfilled Jewish prophesies from the Old Testament. Ephesians offers a complete picture of Christianity and how it connects with Judaism. John tells you of his friend to deepen your understanding of his nature and purpose. How to live the life of a Christian – with a new perspective on Christ and not our selfish desires. What’s the point of being good when only perfection will do? Romans gives you the answer. Conundrums, problems, issues and encouragement – it’s all going on in Corinth!

ISBN 13 Scripture 9781845500047 Hosea

In this age, how can we be certain? How can we be sure? Discover the certainties of faith with John. Luke, An able historian teaches us about a period that turned the world upside down through the significance of the life of Jesus. Follow with excitement as the early church (Acts 1-13) spreads the good news of Jesus Christ. Abraham walked closely with God, his humility and trust in God brought him through many awkward situations and offer us many useful lessons. What did Nehemiah do with a problem? It’s a secret that when you learn it, will help with your problems too! Jonah was a great man of faith. Yet he thought he knew what God should do – the boss always wins! Joseph faced many tests – how he dealt with them teaches you how to act with your problems. Inspirational studies on Ruth and Esther - who put their faith in God on the line. Daniel’s example is one of whose life is in complete reliance on a God who is in control. David’s dramatic life has more twists and turns than any adventure novel – but without the neat ending! Jacob was not the brother you wish you had. He was God’s choice. Maybe there is hope for you? Solomon made choices – both good and bad. Learn to avoid the bad ones! He was only an organiser; pioneer; prophet; lawgiver; literary and spiritual genius. Through this dynamic duo, Elisha and Elijah, we learn that faithful believers can make a difference. Problems? Fears? Joshua had them too but he could rely on God taking the initiative. Turn you to Scriptures to explore the theme of God's glory and to discover more about His Honour, Goodness, Power, Authority, Capacity, Character and Beauty. How does the Old Testament relate to the arrival of Christ?

Through this study you will see that God is taking a hold of us individually, moulding, changing and placing us as living stones in his church. Dinnen Marie Freedom through obedience brings freedom from bondage, fear and circumstances! Dinnen Marie Redemption - A life-changing truth that changes our outlook on life – and God. Potter Marie Louise Learn about the unchanging character of God, and the eternal nature of His Word. Bowden Ivan The early Christians knew a thing about mission, how can you learn from them? Amotivating study! Potter Marie Louise This will help discover the Biblical view, of singleness, marriage and families and to keep your focus on Jesus who is your role model for life. Word Worldwide A study in the Lord's Prayer Dinnen Marie People face problems every day – here are real answers from the Bible. Dinnen Stewart & Introduces you to 12 New Testament characters who had flaws and strengths – lively and Marie informative! Jones Carol Why does the human race need to be saved? Discover what God’s answer is!

Studies Pages 12 64

9781845507046 Gen. 1-11 9781845504083 Psalms 1-50

10 10

48 56

9780908067619 Jer. 9781857929492 Ezra 9781857928907 various

10 10 10

48 56 56

9780908067060 Amos 9781857928853 Mal

10 10

48 48

9781857929096 Isa. 40-66 9780908067558 Isa.1-39 9781857929102 1 & 2 Chron.

10 12 11

40 56 48

9781857928884 Judg. 9780908067510 Hab. & Joel

10 9

56 48

9781845504137 Mark



9781845500191 Gal.



9781845500221 2 Cor. 9781845500207 Rev. 9781845508166 Acts 1-12

10 10 10

56 64 48

9781857929140 Heb. 9780908067015 James

10 10

48 48

9781857929485 9781845500078 9781857929119 9781845506995 9780908067213 9781857929508 9781845500214

1 & 2 Thess. Matt. Eph. John's Gospel Col. & Philem Rom. 1 Cor.

9 11 10 10 10 10 10

56 64 48 44 48 64 64

9781857928914 John's Epistles



9781857928860 Luke



9781845500054 Acts 13-28 9781857928877 Gen. 12-25

10 10

64 56

9780908067077 various



9781845500245 various



9780908067008 Gen.



9781857929089 various 9781845500061 Dan. 9781845506971 1 & 2 Sam., Pss

10 12 11

48 64 64

9781845500252 9781845500238 9781857929515 9781857929133

12 12 10 11

72 64 56 54

9781857928891 Num., Deut., Josh 9781845504106 various

12 12

56 64

9781845506988 various



9781845504090 various



9780908067022 9780908067206 9781845504113 9781857928921

various various various various

10 10 9 10

48 56 56 56

9781845504120 various



9781845508173 various 9781857929072 various 9781857929126 various

8 9 11

40 48 64

9781845507138 various



Gen. Kings, Chron, Eccles Exod., Deut., Num. Kings

Readable, Reliable, Relevant! Focus on the Bible commentaries are popular level commentaries especially useful for pastors and small group leaders. They are also useful for personal devotions and spiritual growth. Many of the authors of the commentaries are leading expositors of God’s Word on their speciality subjects. The series holds to the inerrancy of scripture and the uniqueness of Christ in salvation. Includes Study Questions. All books: Large Trade |PB

“They will not only help you to more effectively minister to God’s people, but they will also minister to your own soul. I commend them to anyone who is called to preach God’s Word.” Rev. Anthony T. Selvaggio, preacher, author and Visiting Professor of Biblical Studies at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA.

Philippians Rejoicing and Thanksgiving David Chapman - Associate Professor of New Testament and Archaeology at Covenant Theological Seminary in St Louis, Missouri It is in the book of Philippians that we see the Apostle Paul’s focus on Christ and his pastoral concern and spiritual feeling for the people at Philippi. Paul’s life exemplifies what it means to live a Christ-like life full of devotion and joy. David Chapman skilfully unpacks the book of Philippians and provides us with some personal reflection questions which help us to apply it to our lives. ISBN 978-1-84550-687-2 | 288 Pages | £9.99 £15.99

Amos An Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary Message T. J Betts – Assistant Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, School of Theology, Southern Baptist Theological, Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. Amos was called to speak at the time of national disunity; military superiority; economic prosperity and religious activity. Amos brings home the idea of a famine. However it is not food the people lack, there is a famine of the Word of God. Through this commentary we are reminded of the importance of the Word of God in our lives. ISBN 978-1-84550-727-5 | 224 Pages | £9.99 $15.99

Judges Such a Great Salvation Dale Ralph Davis –.lives in rural Tennessee with his wife. Prior to that he was pastor of Woodland Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi. Judges is a book full of characters such as Samson, Gideon and Deborah, but the key person in this book is Yahweh who offers such a great salvation to the Israelite people. He shows such grace even when they choose to turn away from him and when there is no human leadership placed over them. If you have found Judges difficult to stomach in the past then Ralph Davis makes Judges digestible by providing a ‘theocentric’ exposition. ISBN 978-1-84550-138-9 | 240 Pages | £9.99 $15.99

Galatians God’s Proclamation of Liberty Joseph A. Pipa - President, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Greenville, South Carolina The glorious doctrine of justification by faith far exceeds even the great charters of freedom and liberty which we have seen throughout history. This doctrine is expounded by the apostle Paul whose letter this is and in it we see the key themes of his theology expounded. Joseph Pipa, an able Biblical expositor committed to the inerrancy of Scripture, brings this important letter with practical lessons for the church of every age alive for us. ISBN 978-1-84550-558-5 | 272 Pages | £9.99 $15.99

Ecclesiastes The Philippians of the Old Testament William D. Barrick – Professor of Old Testament and Director of Th.D studies at The Master’s Seminary, Sun Valley, California. The preacher in Ecclesiastes, just like many today, is in search of life's meaning. All the preacher can find is "vanity, vanity". Pure emptiness! He discovers that man is powerless, yet God has a design and purpose for all things. He is the giver of all life. Ecclesiastes gives teaching on doctrines such as man, salvation and future judgment. ISBN 978-1-84550-776-3 | 240 Pages | £9.99 $15.99

I Samuel Looking on the Heart Dale Ralph Davis “This is an excellent example of how to make good quality exegesis accessible to the ordinary Christian. The style is informal and certainly user-friendly. The commentary is full of idiom, imagery and illustrations while never straying far from the essence of the text itself ” Mary Evans, Northwood Anvil “… the most practical expository work that this reviewer has ever encountered.” Southwestern Journal of Theology “A great feast of biblical truth made so digestible, garnished with so many apt illustrations.” Alec Motyer ISBN 978-1-85792-516-6 | 336 Pages | £9.99 $15.99

Deuteronomy The Commands of a Covenant God Allan Harmon ISBN 978-1-84550-268-3 320 Pages | £8.99 $14.99

Proverbs Everyday Wisdom for Everyone Eric Lane ISBN 978-1-84550-267-6 432 Pages | £8.99 $14.99

Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk & Zephaniah God’s Just Commands John L Mackay ISBN 978-1-84550-345-1 | 420 Pages | £11.99 $17.99

Romans Revelation of God’s Righteousness Paul Barrett ISBN 978-1-84550-269-0 384 Pages | £8.99 $14.99

James Wisdom for the Community Christopher W. Morgan & B. Dale Ellenberg ISBN 978-1-84550-335-2 272 Pages | £8.99 $14.99

Song of Songs Richard Brooks ISBN 978-1-85792-486-2 224 Pages | £8.99 $14.99

Haggai, Zephaniah, Malachi God’s Restored People John L Mackay ISBN 978-1-84550-618-6 368 Pages | £11.99 $17.99

1 Corinthians Holiness and Hope of a Rescued people Paul Barrett ISBN 978-1-84550-721-3 320 Pages | £9.99 $15.99

1 Peter Derek Cleave ISBN 978-1-85792-337-7 176 Pages | £8.99 $14.99


Joshua No Falling Words Dale Ralph Davis ISBN 978-1-84550-137-2 224 pages | £9.99 $15.99 Judges & Ruth Steven Dray ISBN 978-1-85792-323-0 160 Pages | £6.99 $12.99 Ruth & Esther God Behind the Seen Boyd Luter & Barry C. Davis ISBN 978-1-85792-805-1 384 Pages | £8.99 $14.99 2 Samuel Out of every Adversary Dale Ralph Davis ISBN 978-1-84550-270-6 336 Pages | £9.99 $15.99 1 Kings The Wisdom and the Folly Dale Ralph Davis ISBN 978-1-84550-251-5 352 Pages | £11.99 $17.99

2 Kings The Power and the Fury Dale Ralph Davis ISBN 978-1-84550-096-2 352 Pages | £11.99 $17.99 1 Chronicles God’s Faithfulness to the People of Judah Cyril J. Barber ISBN 978-1-85792-935-5 256 Pages | £8.99 $14.99 2 Chronicles God’s Blessing of his Faithful People Cyril J. Barber ISBN 978-1-85792-936-2 352 Pages | £9.99 $14.99 Psalm 1-89 The Lord Saves Eric Lane ISBN 978-1-84550-180-8 416 Pages | £10.99 $17.99 Psalms 90-150 The Lord Reigns Eric Lane ISBN 978-1-84550-202-7 320 Pages | £9.99 $15.99


Isaiah A Covenant to be kept for the sake of the Church Allan Harman ISBN 978-1-84550-053-5 480 Pages | £11.99 $17.99 Daniel A Tale of Two Cities Robert Lyall ISBN 978-1-84550-194-5 208 Pages | £8.99 $12.99 Hosea Michael Eaton ISBN 978-1-85792-277-6 208 Pages | £7.99 $12.99

Matthew Can anything good come out Nazareth? Charles Price ISBN 978-1-85792-285-1 304 Pages | £8.99 $14.99 Mark Good News from Jerusalem Geoffrey Grogan ISBN 978-1-85792-905-8 304 Pages | £8.99 $14.99 Acts Witnesses to Him Bruce Milne ISBN 978-1-84550-507-3 | £11.99 $19.99

2 Corinthians The Glories and Responsibilities of Christian Service Geoffrey Grogan ISBN 978-1-84550-252-2 336 Pages | £9.99 $15.99 Ephesians Encouragement and joy in Christ Paul Gardner ISBN 978-1-84550-264-5 192 Pages | £8.99 $14.99 1 & 2 Thessalonians Triumphs and Trials of a Consecrated Church Richard Mayhue ISBN 978-1-85792-452-7 224 Pages | £8.99 $14.99

1, 2 & 3 John Michael Eaton ISBN 978-1-85792-152-6 240 Pages | £7.99 $12.99 Revelation The Compassion and the Protection of Christ Paul Gardner ISBN 978-1-84550-344-4 320 Pages | £8.99 $14.99 Expected Late 2012: Genesis The Beginning of God's Plan of Salvation Dick Belcher ISBN 978-1-84550-963-7


Core Devotions Also in eBook

The Goodnight Book

Richard Bewes – Formerly Rector of All Souls, Langham Place, Experienced Broadcaster and Conference speaker It’s said by psychologists that the last thing we think about at night tends to stay with us, and becomes a part of the subconscious, thus affecting our mental and emotional make-up. The action-packed day that makes ‘winding down’ difficult, the fear of what ‘tomorrow’ may bring; pressures on our marriage, in the workplace or family; decisions looming ahead, the heaviness of grief - or the trauma of moving house. So here is help for such concerns one page at a time - one page of truth per evening! “a priceless little collection of encouraging insights that will shape your nighttime dreams and enhance your evening reflections. It’s just the sort of thing you want to read before you pillow your head.” Joni Eareckson Tada ISBN 978-1-84550-465-6 | Large Trade | 128 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

The Family Worship Book

A Resource Book for Family Devotions Terry Johnson – Senior Pastor of the Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah, Georgia. Let The Family Worship Book equip you for leading your family in worship with the help of some key questions: What is family worship? What have other people done? Why should I do it? How can I start? This will help you provide enjoyable, meaningful and spiritual times of family devotions? “In a day and age when family worship is a rarity, and in which parents who are called to lead in it are not likely to have had personal experience of it in their own upbringing, Johnson’s book will prove to be an invaluable aid. May the Lord use this book to bring about a revival of family worship in our land.” J. Ligon Duncan ISBN 978-1-85792-401-5 | Royale | 208 pages | HB | £11.99 $19.99

Your Journey with Jesus Get ready to Change your life this year Ron Nikkel – President of Prison Fellowship International Ron Nikkel has visited prisons in over 120 countries. There he has witnessed the transformation that can take place in people's lives when they finally face up to reality. He has seen the transforming power of a compassionate, loving Heavenly Father. You may not have reality hit you in the face in the same way but here are 52 devotional lifechangers that could transform you in a year one week at a time. Ron has seen life stripped bare of pretence so what you read here will have an authentic ring of truth for your life. They will challenge, yes, but they will also strengthen you too! ISBN 978-1-84550-152-5 | Trade | 224 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99


Core Biography & Revival Also in eBook

Timeless Stories

Also in eBook

Johnny Cornflakes

God’s Incredible Work in the Lives of Inspiring Christians Vance Christie – pastor and author specialising in missionary biographies and experienced in Chinese Missionary Service. He lives in Aurora, Nebraska. The powerful words of testimony and transformative ideals portrayed in this collection continue to instruct believers across the globe and through the ages. These stories of day-to-day living reveal human frailty, emotion and struggles common to man—all undergirded by an unshakable faith that fuelled great passions. There are tales of love, family, broken hearts, regrets and survival. Lessons of forgiveness, adversity, stewardship, prayer and service light the way for followers through the ages. An exceptional collection of narratives from the daily lives of Christian heroes like George Muller, Charles Spurgeon, Dwight Moody, Corrie ten Boom, Billy Graham and others. ISBN 978-1-84550-557-8 | Large Trade | 224 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

A Story about Loving the Unloved Denise George – A lecturer in writing, and prolific author from Birmingham, Alabama. Denise, a young pastor’s wife, had moved from the south with her husband Timothy to work with street children and a run-down urban church near Boston. Struggling to settle in, she finds one person, in particular, hard to love as he gatecrashes her dinner party and seems determined to make life difficult. Based on a true story, this will warm your heart. “Johnny Cornflakes was the town drunk and he slept on the streets. He owned nothing. To see the street kids watching out for him and wanting to buy Johnny a new shoe (for his deformed foot) had an impact on me. We had so little money and they had no money and I just thought the money could be better spent, but they wanted to buy him a shoe when they saw the state of his foot. To see him so excited about something as simple as a shoe that actually fitted his foot was – just a different kind of Christmas.” Denise George ISBN 978-1-84550-551-6| Large Trade | 144 Pages | PB | £7.99 £12.99

Killing Fields Living Fields

Faith in Cambodia Don Cormack – has experienced the difficulties in Cambodia firsthand having lived there over 20 years. The camps are now closed; the Church is free, and the time is ripe for growth and development. In this revised edition you discover some of the recent developments in Cambodia’s story but yet it still remains the unfinished portrait of the church. This book will strengthen you in your faith as you see God at work in a country where terrible atrocities were once committed, making you ask, “what can I do for God”? The book includes a timeline of the history of Cambodia from 300 B.C. right up to 2009. “How I wish all Khmer Rouge leaders would read this book, weep in repentance, and find forgiveness in the Lord Jesus Christ.” Dr. Sorpong Peou, A survivor of the Killing Fields ISBN 978-1-84550-511-0 | Large Trade | 464 Pages | PB | £9.99 $15.99

The story of May Nicholson and how she helped others

Irene Howat – award-winning, best-selling and sought after biographer now staying in Ayrshire Each Book: Mass Market | PB | £5.99 $8.99 each Miracles from Mayhem

May Nicholson was a notorious fighting drunk in Ferguslie Park, Paisley until her conversion when she was 34. The last 22 years have been spend tirelessly working for the Lord as an outreach worker in Ferguslie Park, Church of Scotland Project Worker in Mid Craigie (a deprived area of Dundee) and now in Govan where she founded the Preshal (Gaelic for precious) Trust. ISBN 978-1-85792-897-6 | 144 pages

Flight Path

A biography of Frank Barker Jr. Janie Buck / Mary Lou Davis – mother/ daughter author team from Birmingham, Alabama Don’t think that a man’s man can be used by God? This biography will teach you spiritual lessons from the life of Frank Barker, fighter pilot, pastor, founder of Briarwood Presbyterian Church and humble dreamer. “I highly recommend this book because (you) will discover the central ingredients of the Christian life and how to have a missions program that will be a blessing to the entire world. I thank God for Frank Barker.” Bill Bright “This is the page-turning story of one of the most remarkable ministers of the gospel I have ever known. I wish that every young minister could spend a year under the tutelage of Frank Barker. A great read about a mighty man of God!” Timothy George ISBN 978-1-85792-918-8 | Trade | 192 pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Glory in the Glen

A History of Evangelical Revivals in Scotland 1880-1940 Tom Lennie – long held a passion for spiritual revivals worldwide, and owns one of the largest private libraries of revival literature in the UK. He currently resides in Edinburgh. This is the thoroughly absorbing and largely untold story of a nation, which has a longstanding heritage of evangelical awakenings. It includes the first comprehensive account of the 1930 ‘Laymen’s revival’ in Lewis. “an intriguing, judiciously balanced, and often inspiring account of movements of the Holy Spirit in Scotland in a period that we do not normally think of as characterized by revivals... It has encouraged me to pray with new expectancy for God to revive His work among us.”  Douglas F. Kelly ISBN 978-1-84550-377-2 Large Trade | 512 Pages | PB | £11.99 $19.99 For another Book on Scottish Revivals see:

More Miracles from Mayhem

Here are more remarkable stories, which will renew your hope as you read of those who have come through terrible times and have found faith and purpose for their lives. The book will move you to tears, to laughter and to prayer. “May’s story is one of courage and determination and belief in God that not only captivated me but inspired me in the knowledge that all ... who have experienced similar problems are in good hands”. Sir Alex Ferguson ISBN 978-1-84550-449-6 | 176 Pages

Mission to the Headhunters

How God’s Forgiveness Transformed Tribal Enemies Frank and Marie Drown – pioneer missionaries in Ecuador for thirty seven years. Suspicion, hatred and killing was what marked the Shuar and Atshuar Indians. The first missionaries in the Ecuadorian Rainforest Frank & Marie were committed to bringing about life changes in these tribes by seeking to communicate forgiveness of sin and new life which could be found in Christ. Frank and Marie Drown prepared the way for Jim Elliott, Nate Saint and their colleagues. Frank was the person who discovered their bodies. “straight forward and beautifully written...Read it – it’s full of cliff hangers.” Elisabeth Elliot “An incredible story of how God used this mid-west American couple who had simply responded to his call.” Dr. Jean Barsness ISBN 978-1-85792-721-4 | Trade | 384 Pages | PB | £9.99 £15.99

Sounds from Heaven

The Revival on the Isle of Lewis, 1949-1952 Colin and Mary Peckham – Mary (1932-2010) was converted during the revival, Colin (1936-2009) was the former principal of Faith Mission College, Edinburgh, Scotland. The Lewis revival was the last major revival to affect Britain. “I cannot recall any book on revival that I have read that has given me greater pleasure, held my attention more, and incited my longing for a new visitation from God more than this one.” Brian Edwards “Here you can read Duncan Campbell’s own reports, along with eyewitness records (including that of Mary) of those amazing days, and a description of the characteristics of the revival.” Peter Grainger “A blend of history, biography, reports and testimonies of those blessed on the Isle of Lewis. A primary and powerful resource for understanding God’s way in sending times of refreshing.” Ted S. Rendall ISBN 978-1-85792-953-9 | Large Trade | 288 Pages | PB | £8.99 £14.99

Children in Revival: 300 Years of God Work in Scotland Harry Sprange ISBN 978-1-85792789-4 | £8.99


History Maker biographies bring you the best classic biographies of important people and movements in church history together with important new biographical works of the same. They have gained a reputation as an important new resource for the church. Trade | PB Also in eBook

Also in eBook

The Cambridge Seven The True Story of Ordinary Men Used in no Ordinary Way John Pollock – award-winning biographer Harold Schofield, brilliant Oxford doctor and a missionary in China for many years, prayed, ‘Lord, give me missionaries from British Universities to help in China’. The day he died, Schofield’s prayer was answered as seven Cambridge students volunteered to leave behind cosy lives of wealth and privilege to serve God in whatever way they were led who turn inspired thousands of others to think about missionary service. ISBN 978-1-84550-177-8 |128 Pages | £7.99 $13.99

George Müller Delighted in God Roger Steer – writer, broadcaster, online tutor, author of twelve books and a leader in his local church in Devon, England. Müller’s name has become a by-word for faith throughout the world. Disturbed by the faithlessness of the Church in general, he longed to have something to point to as ‘visible proof that our God and Father is the same faithful creator as he ever was’. Praying in every penny of the costs for building of orphanages for children. ISBN 978-1-84550-120-4 |256 Pages | £8.99 $14.99

George Whitefield The Evangelist John Pollock – award-winning biographer John Pollock vividly portrays George Whitefield and his times. The story is told of how God worked in a remarkable way through Whitefield in Britain and the then Colonies of America. Traveling many miles by horseback, crossing the Atlantic on countless occasions, sometimes experiencing illness and fatigue, countless people were drawn to Christ through this man. Come and catch the drama and also the passion and commitment George Whitefield had for the gospel. ISBN 978-1-84550-454-0 | 272 Pages | £8.99 $14.99

Hudson Taylor and Maria A Match Made in Heaven John Pollock The story of Hudson Taylor is one of adventure and excitement - of improbable answers to prayer, opposition from the establishment and triumphs of faith. Discover the relationship at the heart of it all - the story of how Hudson and Maria Taylor relationship and short marriage flourished in the bitterest of circumstances because their lives were firmly rooted in their devotion to God, as well as each other. ISBN 978-1-85792-223-3 | 240 Pages | £7.99 $13.99

John G Paton Missionary to the New Hebrides James Paton – This is the abridged version of the material collected by John G Paton and was compiled by his brother Rev. James Paton an author and Presbyterian Minister in Scotland. This is the inspirational account of Scottish Missionary John G. Paton’s pioneering mission work among cannibals in the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu). Living among constant dangers and death threats, battling against illness and enduring great personal loss and sacrifice,. ISBN 978-1-84550-453-3 |368 Pages | £8.99 $14.99

John & Betty Stam Missionary Martyrs Vance Christie – pastor and author specialising in missionary biographies and experienced in Chinese Missionary Service. He lives in Aurora, Nebraska. This is a gripping story of missionary endeavour in China. The early church leader, Tertullian, said that ‘the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church’. This is just one story of the people whose witness is the cause of the spectacular growth of the church in China today. ISBN 978-1-84550-376-5 |208 Pages |£7.99 $13.99

David Brainerd A Flame for God Vance Christie David Brainerd lived a short life but in his four years as a missionary he was blessed with a period of revival amongst the Indians. ISBN 978-1-84550-478-6 320 pages | £8.99 $14.99 D. L. Moody Moody without Sankey John Pollock John Pollock captures this infectiousness of D. L Moody who was a towering figure whose influence of his evangelism is still felt; and the founding of institutions America. ISBN 978-1-85792-167-0 352 pages | £8.99 $14.99 A Fistful of Heroes Christians at the Forefront of Change John Pollock John Pollock's deft biographical pen sweeps over great reformers, liberators and evangelists of the 18th & 19th centuries such as John Newton, Earl of Shaftesbury, R. A. Torrey. ISBN 978-1-84550-346-8 | 256 Pages |£8.99 $14.99


F. B. Meyer If I had a hundred lives… Bob Holman Read more about the F. B Meyer, the preacher, pastor, writer, social activist, free church leader, Baptist president, advocate for missionary work and more. ISBN 978-1-84550-243-0 208 Pages | £7.99 $13.99

Gordon of Khartoum An Extraordinary Soldier John Pollock A fascinating and colourful true story of an extraordinary figure, who gained universal respect and affection in the slums of urban Victorian Britain fighting on spiritual battlegrounds. ISBN 978-1-84550-063-4 448 pages | £8.99 $14.99

John Owen Prince of Puritans Andrew Thomson – (1814-1901) Read about one of the defining theologians in the Christian era. His books have been continually in print and are still influential today. Educated at Queen's College, Oxford. ISBN 978-1-85792-267-7 192 pages | £7.99 $13.99

J. C. Ryle That Man of Granite with the Heart of a Child Eric Russell Superb story of a spiritual leader with a gentle heart who still stands as an example to church leaders today of how to combine leadership, a firm faith and compassion. ISBN 978-1-84550-387-1 256 Pages | £8.99 $14.99

Martin Luther The Man who Started the Reformation Thomas Lindsay The story of a passionate, flawed and courageous man who went further in challenging the status quo than any other in history. ISBN 978-1-85792-261-5 320 Pages | £8.99 $14.99

John Calvin Revolutionary, Theologian, Pastor Williston Walker – (1860-1922) Learn of a man whose theological stance and political philosophy has sharpened modern Western culture and continues to influence millions of people in the 21st century. ISBN 978-1-84550-104-4 352 pages | £8.99 $14.99

Richard Baxter Andrew Thomson Baxter's autobiography is fascinating because you can read the thoughts behind his plans, actions and concerns. Includes an insight into a Puritan mind a survey of the society. ISBN 978-1-85792-380-3 176 Pages | £6.99 $10.99

Robert Murray McCheyne A Burning Light Alexander Smellie Robert Murray McCheyne is an example of how God can used someone to the full, over a short period of time. ISBN 978-1-85792-184-7 £6.99 $10.99 Thomas Boston His Life and Times Andrew Thomson Few British pastors can claim to have written a book that is amongst the 'life-books of their generation', yet Boston is one. ISBN 978-1-85792-379-7 176 pages | £7.99 $13.99 The Way to Glory Major General Sir Henry Havelock John Pollock Henry Havelock was a respected soldier in the British army in India. He was a pioneer in the giving away of bibles to soldiers and organising bible studies. ISBN 978-1-85792-245-5 304 Pages | £8.99 $14.99

Core Pastoral & Church Life Also in eBook

Iron Sharpens Iron

Leading Bible-Oriented Small Groups that Thrive Orlando Saer – Senior Minister, Cranleigh Baptist Church, Surrey. He has been involved in leading small groups and training other leaders for almost twenty years. Meeting in small Bible study groups is a good place to interact with God’s Word as well as sharing our burdens and joys - a place to determine God’s direction for our lives. Orlando Saer provides a realistic and helpful guide for someone leading such a group. "It's the best material I've read on small group bible study leading and would be useful both for someone leading their first bible study and for someone who's been leading bible studies for decades."  9 Marks Blog “As someone with responsibility for small groups, I know this will come in very useful and so commend it warmly.” Mark Meynell  Director of small groups, All Souls, London ISBN 978-1-84550-575-2 | Trade | 144 Pages | PB | £6.99 $10.99

Speaking in Public Effectively

How to prepare, how to Present, how to Progress Richard Bewes - the rector of All Souls, Langham Place in the centre of London for many years and an experienced broadcaster, conference speaker and the author of more than twenty books. This is a book for anyone who has to speak in public, whether it is epilogues, meetings, and presentations to committees or preaching. Richard Bewes carefully divides up the subject into easily digestible sections in a way that is memorable, and sprinkles anecdotes about his own experiences to illustrate many points. If speaking in public is normally something that concerns you, or fills you with fear, then this book will leave a warm rosy glow on your cheeks and the irresistible urge to try some of the ideas out as soon as you can. ISBN 978-1-85792-400-8 | Trade | 192 Pages | PB | £6.99 $10.99

Pastoral Pocket Resources Pastoral Visitation

A Pocket Manual David Short & David Searle Visiting the sick, lonely or downcast is a duty we all have as Christians. It is not to be left to ministers or elders but is a responsibility for all those who seek to follow Christ's perfect example. Reading our favourite Bible passage might suffice once but it cannot be apt to every situation and what happens when you visit for a second time? This is where this book helps. Providing Scripture readings, a prayer and even a suggested hymn for a wide range of possible visits it is a wonderfully useful tool. Written by authors with long pastoral experience it will prove a real help to all those who seek to turn the routine visit into a time of real spiritual growth. ISBN 978-1-84550-016-0 Mass Market | 144 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99


A Pocket Resource Robert I. Vasholz - Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary in St Louis, Missouri. Benedictions are pronounced by ministers at the close of worship services as an expression of hope and encouragement to God's people to face whatever their future might hold. If you are involved with leading worship in the church or in the home your next question will be ‘Where do I go to find them?' Fortunately Robert Vasholz has done the legwork for you. He has collected in this one book the benedictions found in scripture along with some additional scripture enriched blessings for use during worship “Robert Vasholz has collected many of the Bible’s benedictions and constructed other scripture-enriched blessings for the use of ministers who lead worship.” David Calhoun ISBN 978-1-84550-230-0 Mass Market | 128 Pages | PB | £7.99 $14.99

Christian Focus Modern Classics for the pastor William Still – was minister of the Gilcomstom Church of Scotland, Aberdeen from 1945 until 1997. His ministry had a strong emphasis on Biblically based expository preaching Trade | PB | £5.99 $9.99 Also in eBook

The Work of the Pastor Gain an insight into the work of the pastor. It is based on the thesis that the pastor, being the shepherd of the flock, feeds the flock upon God’s Word; the bulk of pastoral work is therefore through the ministry of the Word. “The Work of the Pastor has one main idea: Feed the sheep the Word of God. If you need encouragement to do that, or a vision for doing that, then read this book and be challenged.” Thabiti Anyabwile, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands “A great little book by a remarkable missionary to whom I owe an immense personal debt. Every minister should read it once a year - at least!” Sinclair B. Ferguson ISBN 978-1-84550-573-8 | 119 Pages

Also in eBook

Towards Spiritual Maturity Overcoming evil in the Christian Life The Christian's greatest target is to glorify God and to enjoy glorifying Him. The path to this target of enjoying God is described as striving towards spiritual maturity. William Still describes that path through the three results of the death of Jesus - the removal of sins from the believer, the mastery of sin and the defeat of Satan, the motive power behind that sin. Living in the shadow of the Cross is living in victory, a victory which means peace with God and hope for eternity. “This book is small in size but seed-like in nature. From its teaching strong and healthy Christian lives may be developed." Sinclair B. Ferguson ISBN 978-1-84550-574-5 | 96 Pages


Also in eBook

The Obedience Option

Because God knows what’s good for us David W. Hegg – Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Santa Clarita, California Living righteously before a holy God in a broken world: this is no simple matter, and there is no instant formula for success. Instead, following Christ calls for a lifelong sustainable strategy. And that changes everything. The Obedience Option guides Christ’s followers through the book of Ephesians in the pursuit of an “overwhelming faith” - a life-dominating conviction that all God has for us through obedience is better by far than anything Satan can offer through selfishness and sin. In this state a passion for righteousness overwhelms all other passions. Such righteous living becomes our joy and God’s purposes are achieved in our lives as Christ is displayed consistently and conspicuously to a world in need. ISBN 978-1-84550-606-3 | Large Trade | 176 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Biblical Look at the Problem of Suffering Melvin Tinker – Vicar of St John Newland, Kingston upon Hull, England Why is doing ‘good’ no guarantee of an easy life? One of the most common objections to the Christian Faith is, 'If God created the universe, and is still in control of it, then why does he allow suffering and injustice?' Melvin Tinker considers the different opinions people have before investigating the biblical answers about a crucial topic that needs to be faced by an evangelistic church. He looks at the situations biblical characters faced, the opposition to Jesus himself, and the suffering of the early church. This book provides the key factors behind the benefit and purpose of suffering. ISBN 978-1-85792-322-3 | £5.99 $8.99

1-2-1 Discipleship

Helping one another grow spiritually Christine Dillon – Missionary, OMF International, Taiwan – where she is involved in discipling & training churches. 1-2-1 discipleship is often neglected in our churches, yet it can lead to real spiritual growth. Correctly practised it is tailor-made, flexible & communicates love and care with less embarrassment than a group setting. If we get the discipling part right then the church will grow and can become wide AND deep, giving life and refreshment instead of disappointment and frustration. This book aims to explain what discipleship is and give practical guidelines for discipling others. Christine felt compelled to write it because few seem to have been discipled themselves and good books on the topic are surprisingly scarce. ISBN 978-1-84550-425-0 | Trade | 160 Pages | PB | £6.99 $9.99

Shared life

The Trinity of God’s People and The Fellowship of God’s People Donald Macleod – Retired Principal of Free Church College, Edinburgh, Scotland What is the trinity and does it really matter? Donald Macleod tells us that it does matter as "it is the model for the way we should live, particularly in our relations with one another." The Bible teaches clearly about the relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Fully grasping the trinity will always be beyond us, after all it is a divine mystery, but we can understand it better and it is critically important that we do, for if our understanding of God is wrong, it follows that our other ideas may be wrong too. Donald Macleod teaches us about the concept and implications of the doctrine of the Trinity. ISBN 978-1-85792-128-1 | Mass Market | 144 Pages | PB | £5.99 $8.99

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How to Speak at Special Events Sam Chan, John C Chapman, David C. Cook, Stuart Coulton, Jonathan Dykes, Dudley Foord, Ray Galea, Sandy Galea Simon Manchester, Richard Newton, Jenny Salt, Sue Steele-Smith, Grant Thorp, Leigh Tevaskis Are you ever faced with public speaking and feel out of your depth? At last, a simple guide to prepare yourself and your material (it’s not just a case of throwing some jokes and Bible stories together you know!). These mentors will provide help for anyone, whether you are speaking at weddings, funerals, children’s talks, teens, evangelistic talks and Bible studies or about tackling sexual issues, money and current affairs. How to speak at special events is a step-by-step guide written by experts in their field. If you want to make an effective impact then this is the book to have! ISBN 978-1-84550-277-5 | Large Trade | 192 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

Teach Your Children To Pray

Denise George – internationally popular writer and speaker best known for creative Biblical application. In a nut-shell this book is a non-judgmental, practical, hands- on, I've been there approach to Christian parenting... with a wonderful, inspiring, get me started focus on prayer. Yet it doesn't compromise on the truth and the challenge of God's word. Once you start reading it you will realise the value of prayer, you will be itching to start it with your child, you will learn and your family will learn the importance of communicating with God. Read this book to be challenged by the call to teach your child to pray. You'll be encouraged by the honest "I've been there," approach of the author. ISBN 978-1-85792-941-6 | Trade | 304 Pages | PB | £7.99 $12.99

Aren’t they lovely when they’re Asleep?

Lessons in unsentimental parenting Ann Benton – mother, lecturer on parenting and marriage from Guilford, England. A parenting book with biblical authority and easy to understand application! Each short, punchy chapter will make you want to try out some of her ideas, they are that infectious! Ann takes six key concepts: accept, beware, communicate, discipline, evaluate, fear the Lord and expands on them and offers practical advice and understanding sensitivity. “Ann Benton brings a wealth of biblical wisdom, as well as a great deal of sound common sense to this subject. Over the past years I have learned a great deal from Ann’s seminars on parenting, and also from her example as a mother.” Sharon James “A welcome and stimulating addition to contemporary literature on parenting.” Sheila M. Stephen ISBN 978-1-85792-876-1 | Mass Market | 128 Pages | PB | £5.99 $8.99

One Thing

Developing a Passion for the Beauty of God Sam Storms –Pastor of Bridgeway Church, Oklahoma City & founder of Enjoying God Ministries, based in Kansas City, Missouri The goal of our creation wasn’t simply so that we might enjoy our own personal accomplishments or our own sensual appetites - but that we might be happy in appreciating God’s glory. We were made to glorify God and enjoy him forever. If we see God as beautiful then our lives will be reshaped. Enjoying God is the solution to our struggle with sin, the catalyst for lasting change and our soul’s satisfaction. There is no rival pleasure that can hope to compete with it. “Let Sam Storms guide you biblically and waken your heart to the Treasure of Christ who is the image of the Beauty of God.” John Piper ISBN 978-1-85792-952-2 | Large Trade | 192 pages | PB | £8.99 $13.99

If God already Knows, why pray?

Douglas F. Kelly – the Richard Jordan Professor of Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina. What we really want to know when we pray is who is it we pray to? - This book talks about God character, plans and why he wants us to pray. These are essential ingredients in helping us in prayer. Douglas Kelly is a distinguished theologian - he is well qualified to guide us both as a teacher and a fellow traveller, sharing his own setbacks and blessings. One of the biggest questions about prayer is not 'How do you do it?' but rather 'Do we know who we are speaking to?' ISBN 978-1-85792-146-5 | Large Trade | 176 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

Don’t They Make A Lovely Couple?

Six important questions you need to face about your marriage John & Ann Benton - have developed and run practical Marriage orienting and enrichment seminars to the benefit of numerous couples. Only half of today's marriages stick - why is that? The social revolution has made marriage fairer and unacceptable behaviour more 'frowned upon' so shouldn't our marriages be healthier and more long lasting? Why is it that an institution that forms the basis of society is in crisis? And what can we do to improve things? The 6 questions asked in this book will help you as you prepare for marriage: nature, partners, reasons, practicalities, timing and purpose. ISBN 978-1-84550-046-7 | Mass Market | 144 Pages | PB | £4.99 $7.99


Core Mission and Evangelism A Christian’s Evangelistic Pocket Guide to Islam Malcolm Steer “This is an invaluable book for any wanting to share their faith with their Muslim friends” Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo ISBN 978-1-85792-915-7 Mass Market | 80 Pages | PB | £3.99 $6.99

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Islam Patrick Sookhdeo This fascinating book provides Christians with a simple description of the origins of Islam, what Muslims believe and how it effects their attitudes, worldview, everyday life and culture. ISBN 978-1-84550-572-1 Mass Market | 112 Pages | PB | £3.99 $6.99

Jesus Christ or Mohammed? F. S Coplestone A Guide to Islam and Christianity that helps explains the differences. This is a unique analysis of Islam and Christianity making it an invaluable source of study for the serious Bible student. ISBN 978-1-85792-588-3 160 Pages | £5.99 $8.99

A Muslim’s Pocket Guide to Christianity Malcolm Steer An informative introduction for the Muslim to the Christian faith - looking at the origins, central beliefs and teachings of Christianity. ISBN 978-1-84550-107-5 | Mass Market 64 pages | PB | £3.99 $6.99

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Buddhism OMF International This guide will help you overcome the hurdles between a Buddhist and a Christian so that you might communicate to them the good news of a loving, God full of mercy and hope. ISBN 978-1-84550-526-4 128 Pages | Mass Market | PB | £2.99 $4.99

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Chinese OMF International This invaluable tool is designed to help you if you have regular interaction with people from China whether you meet them at work, socially or in education. ISBN 978-1-84550-315-4 | 64 Pages Mass Market | PB | £2.99 $4.99


Also in eBook

The Dawkins Letters

Revised Edition David Robertson – author, Minister of St. Peter’s Free Church of Scotland, Dundee, Scotland and editor of its denominational magazine, The Monthly Record. When Richard Dawkins published The God Delusion, David Robertson waited for an intelligent, robust, Christian response until, frustrated, he wrote an open letter to Richard Dawkins on his church website. This found its way on to Richard Dawkins’ own official website where it generated the largest response of any posting until then – and a reply from Richard Dawkins himself! Each letter from David addresses a chapter of Richard Dawkins’ book. ISBN 978-1-84550-597-4 Mass Market | 160 Pages | PB | £5.99 $8.99

Also in eBook

Connected Christianity

Engaging Culture without Compromise Arturo Azurdia III – Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology/Director of Pastoral Mentoring at Western Seminary, Portland Oregon Published in Conjunction with Bryntirion Press. Connected Christianity is a clarion call to Christians to robustly engage with the world we live in for the sake of the gospel. It calls us to be both Christian AND worldly surely, an unnerving tension when first considered, but absolutely necessary if we are to truly reach the lost of this world. But how do we engage the world meaningfully without compromising the integrity of our Christianity? Is it possible for a follower of Jesus Christ to be both “worldly” and Christian? These are the questions this book seeks to answer. ISBN 978-1-84550-468-7 Trade | 96 Pages | PB | £5.99 $9.99

The House that Jesus Built

A Welcome to the Church Dale Ralph Davis – Retired Pastor of Woodland Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi People are often curious about what the church is like. Wouldn’t it be great to have a non-threatening book to give to everyone who came through your doors? There is no need to look any further! “Biblical, succinct, clear, fun and, above all, brief.” William Philip, Minister, St GeorgesTron, Glasgow “This book will dissolve the prejudices which many people bring through our church doors and win them for Christ and his church” Evangelicals Now “Ralph Davis, in this small booklet, winsomely, clearly and most of all biblically reminds us that we have a designer of the church – Jesus Christ – and the glory and majesty of his design.” Harry L. Reeder III ISBN 978-1-84550-312-3 Mass Market | 64 Pages | PB | £3.99 $5.99

The Top 100 Questions

Biblical Answers to Popular Questions (plus 50 difficult Bible passages) Richard Bewes – former rector of All Souls, London - author, speaker and broadcaster. This book is a compilation of the Top 100 Questions Richard has been asked by people of all ages from all walks of life, in various stages of religious belief. They contain clear, biblical advice to give to genuine questions, helping you face a sceptical, spiritually curious world. An appendix deals with 50 difficult to understand Bible passages. ISBN 978-1-85792-680-4 | Large Trade 288 Pages | PB | £8.99 $14.99

Tracts to challenge and convict by Roger Carswell A6 | £0.75

The Dishonesty of Atheism ISBN 978-1-90617-309-8 On Being a Perfect Father ISBN 978-1-90617-316-6 Signs of the Times ISBN 978-1-90617-317-3 Take a Closer Look ISBN 978-1-90617-322-7

The Top 100 Questions REMIX

Trust In Christ ISBN 978-1-90617-318-0 Why Doesn’t God Stop the Trouble ISBN 978-1-90617-310-4

Spiritual answers to real questions Richard Bewes with Ian Thompson These have been remixed for younger people designed to help you develop meaningful conversations. ISBN 978-1-84550-191-4 Large Trade | 224 Pages | PB £8.99 $14.99

Blessed are the dead who die in Christ Roger Carswell A Booklet for Christian bereavement. ISBN 978-1-85792-894-5 20 Pages | £1.25 $NA

Things God Wants us to Know

Roger Carswell – former schoolteacher, now an itinerant Evangelist. A gift presentation of the gospel for someone you value enough to give it to! Everybody has an opinion about God - but have we ever asked the question ‘What does God want us to know about him?’ This is a guide to the things God wants us to know about: Who is he? Who are we? What has he done? What must we do? Roger has spent many years explaining the Christian message to people. His experience comes through in this gift book that gently opens up the Christian message to people. ISBN 978-1-84550-242-3 Mass Market | 64 Pages | HB | £4.99 $7.99

top-selling tract

Just Grace Evangelism Explosion An introduction to the Christian Faith ISBN 978-1-85792-341-4 A6 | 32 Pages | £0.80 $1.30

Guides Useful for any kind of Sport Outreach Steve Connor

A Sporting Guide To Eternity Devotional for sportspeople - whether active or just armchair experts. 978-1-85792746-7 £9.99 $16.99

Sports Outreach Shows us why sports ministry is a great idea for today's church. 978-1-85792-724-5 £10.99 $16.99

Sports Outreach Discovery Team Geared for people who have attended an outreach event or camp, and want to investigate Christianity. 978-1-85792-870-9 £2.50 $3.99

Sports Outreach Impact Team A thoughtful look at developing a carefully balanced approach as part of your church strategy. ISBN 978-1-85792-871-6 £2.50 $3.99

Sports Outreach Leadership Team shows you how to get the whole church ‘onside', develop the workers and make an impact in your area. ISBN 978-1-85792-872-3 £2.50 $3.99


Other Backlist titles in categorical order

The King has Come The Real Message of Christmas James Montgomery Boyce Marvel again as familiar stories are explored in a way that brings fresh insight and relevance to your life today. ISBN 978-1-84550-366-6 | £7.99 $12.99

Our Sovereign Saviour Roger Nicole "Our salvation, our assurance of it, and our consequent growth in grace depend, in large measure, upon our grasp of the subjects he addresses here. May you become more deeply rooted in God's grace as you read!" Ligon Duncan ISBN 978-1-85792-737-5 | £6.99 £12.99

A Better Way Jesus and Old Testament Fulfilment Simon Austen Simon Austen explains how the major events of the Old Testament pointed to a new era, a better way. ISBN 978-1-85792-867-9 | £6.99 $10.99

Lives Jesus Changed Simon Vibert Simon Vibert invites us to come and see the lives Jesus changed through a study of John’s Gospel. ISBN 978-1-84550-543-1 | £7.99 $12.99

The Parables of Jesus Entering, Growing, Living, Finishing in God’s Kingdom Terry Johnson “The expositor we have all been waiting for…a statement of Christian ethics as profound as it is readable.” Alec Motyer ISBN 978-1-84550-292-8 | £10.99 $19.99

Bible Boot Camp Spirit battles in the Bible and what they can teach you Richard Mayhue How do you develop real moral character? Richard Mayhue helps us achieve that goal by looking at character building examples in the Bible. ISBN 978-1-84550-105-1 | £7.99 $14.99

The Lamb Wins A guided tour through the book of Revelation Richard Bewes “Written in graceful prose… Revelation’s central lines of thought leap to life.” D. A. Carson Includes questions for group studies. ISBN 978-1-85792-597-5 | £6.99 $10.99

Partnership Concise, portable spiritual food - Philippians William Taylor This fresh and lively study book is ideally suited to the more interactive way we learn in today's church. ISBN 978-1-84550-231-7 | £6.99 $10.99

From Glory To Golgotha Donald Macleod Ten popular addresses on controversial issues in the life of Christ. Get it and read with joy about your Redeemer. ISBN 978-1-85792-718-4 | £5.99 $8.99

The Lord’s Day Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. An authoritative look at the ‘first day’ - the one set aside by the church for worship. ISBN 978-1-85792-201-1 | £6.99 $12.99

Revive Us Again Biblical Principles for Revival Today Walter Kaiser Read this book and help prepare the way for revival in your community, your church and most importantly your heart. ISBN 978-1-85792-687-3 | £7.99 $14.99

The Glory Of Heaven John Macarthur A thoughtful study about heaven, angels and eternal life that will help you gain a better understanding of these eternal issues. ISBN 978-1-85792-299-8 | £7.99 $NA

Meekness & Majesty Rediscovering Jesus + Changing your lives R. T. Kendall Based on Philippians 2:5-11, R.T Kendall helps us to understand how to be more like Jesus, and gives us the desire to do so. ISBN 978-1-84550-576-9 | £7.99 $12.99

Salvation’s Sign And Seal Rodger Crooks The author presents the biblical case for paedo-baptism, showing us the benefits and challenges of the covenant relationship with God through Christ. ISBN 978-1-85792-316-2 | £2.99 $4.99

Grief And Pain In The Plan Of God Christian Assurance and the message of Lamentations Walter Kaiser Discover a Sovereign and Loving God who works even through the most painful situations. ISBN 978-1-85792-993-5 | £6.99 $10.99

The New Thematic Concordance Geoffrey Stonier This topical concordance will help you explore what the Bible has to say on over 300 topics. ISBN 978-1-85792-931-7 | £7.99 $12.99

Sure I Believe! - So What? James Boice Learn from the Book of James to use your wealth; control your tongue; not to worry; reach out to the friendless. ISBN 978-1-85792-095-6 | £6.99 $10.99

In the Days of the Kings Michael Wilcock Find out here how Colourful characters and strange stories are all contained in the Old Testament but how do they fit into history? Includes a helpful timeline of the kings. ISBN 978-1-84550-508-0 | £7.99 $12.99

No One… When Jesus says it, he means it J.D. Wetterling Life is uncertain! Yet, the biblical statements examined here by Wetterling show that truth is absolute, and forever. ISBN 978-1-84550-153-2 | £6.99 $11.99

Tales of the Unexpected The Subversive Stories of Jesus Melvin Tinker Learn more about how parables become part of the means Jesus uses to secure faith in men and women's hearts - they put us in touch with his mind. ISBN 978-1-84550-116-7 | £5.99 $7.99

The Judgment Seat Of Christ R. T. Kendall Without softening the process of God's judgement Kendall shows that there will be many unexpected additions and omissions from God's book of life. ISBN 978-1-85792-997-3 | £7.99 $10.99

The Other Side Of The Good News Contemporary Challenges to Jesus teaching on Hell Larry Dixon Many of the current theories on hell are examined in order that we might take the Bible’s teaching on hell and tell people the Good News that we all need to know. ISBN 978-1-85792-804-4 | £7.99 $12.99

Tell me the Story The Carpenter Alex MacDonald Engage your imagination as Alex retells 1st century eyewitness stories of Jesus causing you to exclaim “Wow, so that’s why that happened.” ISBN 978-1-84550-285-0 | £6.99 $10.99

Teaching & Biblical Studies


Trials of Christ The moral failures of those who judged Christ John Gilmore A closer look at the people who tried Jesus? These were the people assembled to give Jesus a supposedly fair trial! ISBN 978-1-85792-647-7 | £7.99 $12.99

Understanding the Times Living in the Light of the Arrival of the King William Taylor Through a study of three key chapters in Matthew's Gospel (chapters 8-10), Taylor argues that Matthew wanted his readers to understand God's perspective on the times in which we live. ISBN 978-1-84550-438-0 £6.99 $10.99

Understanding Theology The Means of Developing a Healthy Church in a twenty first Century.

R. T Kendall If you want to work your way through a doctrine and its practical outcome then Understanding Theology has been designed for you.

Volume I ISBN 978-1-85792-429-9 | £15.99 $24.99

When Grace comes… Terry Johnson £8.99 $14.99

When Grace Comes Alive Living Through the Lord’s Prayer A profoundly accessible book, one that cleverly combines the theology of the Lord’s Prayer with down-to-earth application. ISBN 978-1-85792-882-2

When Grace comes Home How the ‘Doctrines of Grace’ change your life. Terry shows how the doctrines of grace can become, and should become, a part of your life so that God becomes real in every situation. ISBN 978-1-85792-539-5

When Grace Transforms The Character of Christ’s Disciples Put Forward in the Beatitudes Terry explains what the Beatitudes don’t mean, whilst also opening up what they do. His conclusions are strong, challenging, and immensely practical. ISBN 978-1-85792-770-2

Volume II ISBN 978-1-85792-537-1 |£16.99 $24.99 Volume III ISBN 978-1-85792-581-4 | £16.99 $24.99

The Mother who Seeks after God A Daily Devotional for Busy Mums Laura Martin A busy mum? Through these daily reflections you will discover that some of life’s answers are not what you expect them to be! ISBN 978-1-84550-274-4 | £7.99 $12.99

A Vision Of Jesus The Awesome Jesus of Revelation R. T. Kendall Consider the character of Jesus Christ as portrayed in Revelation as we are helped to understand him as Lord. ISBN 978-1-85792-394-0 | £6.99 $10.99

The Water that Divides Two views on Baptism Donald Bridge & David Phypers “This is an invaluable text for all involved, at every level, with Christian initiation and local church membership.” Bruce Milne ISBN 978-1-84550-308-6 | £8.99 $14.99

The Transforming Community The Practise of the Gospel in Church Discipline Mark Lauterbach Although this is a book about church discipline, it is also about a spirit-empowered community. Mark uses real situations from his experience to help us turn principles into practice. ISBN 978-1-85792-875-4 £5.99 $8.99

Christian Life Alien Nation Melvin Tinker "This book gives us courage to stand for what is right, good true and without flinching, and to win the hearts as well as the minds by showing selfish love in a selfish society." Fred Catherwood ISBN 978-1-85792-677-4 £4.99 $6.99

Devotional The Light Of The Psalms Deepening your faith with every Psalm. Michael Ross This thematic devotional will inspire you to delve deeper into the Psalms, a rich spiritual resource each day. ISBN 978-1-84550-150-1 | £8.99 $15.99

The Unexpected Jesus The Truth Behind his Biblical Names R.C. Sproul Ever wondered what Jesus’ names mean? R.C. Sproul, investigates them and teaches us life lessons from the answers. ISBN 978-1-84550-037-5 | £7.99 $12.99

Heroes and Heretics Pivotal Moments in the 20 Centuries of the Church Ian D. Campbell A lively and absorbing summary of history, one century at a time showing how God is at work in his Church. ISBN 978-1-85792-925-6 | £8.99 $14.99

Our Dear Child letters to your baby on the way Denise & Timothy George These short meditations make an ideal gift to anyone contemplating bringing a child into this world and who wants to give them the very best start in life. ISBN 978-1-84550-141-9 | £7.99 12.99

Pilgrim Psalms Kathy McReynolds Using her studies and experiences she has been able to explain spiritual depths and insights from these beautiful psalms of Ascent that will give you confidence as you complete your journey too. ISBN 978-1-85792-927-0 | £7.99 $12.99

D is for Depression Spiritual, psychological and medical resources for healing depression Michael Lawson This self-help book deals with depression in a credible way. The author gives advice biblically and holistically, from a spiritual, medical and psychological viewpoint. ISBN 978-1-84550-151-8 | £6.99 $11.99

Directions For Christian Living A spiritual action plan for growth Derek Prime This book provides a summary of these foundations of the truth of the church, essential knowledge for both new and established Christians. 978-1-84550-614-8 | £6.99 $10.99

Don’t They Make A Lovely Couple? John & Ann Benton Six important questions you need to face about your marriage. ISBN 978-1-84550-046-7 | £4.99 $7.99

Givers, Takers and other Kinds of Lovers Josh McDowell & Paul Lewis If you are looking for straight answers on God’s plan for love and sexuality then Givers, Takers, and other kinds of Lovers was written especially for you! ISBN 978-1-84550-254-6 | £5.99 $9.99

Pastoral and Church life

Called To Awaken The Laity John Oak Rediscover the biblical role of laity and how lay people are the best and greatest potential the church has. ISBN 978-1-84550-224-9 | £9.99 $15.99

God’s Prayer Program Passionately Using Psalms in Prayer Tim Moore An encouragement to develop the Psalms as a guide to our prayers using different approaches to praying the Psalms, which reinforces their diversity and power. ISBN 978-1-84550-061-0 | £6.99 $11.99


The Good Book Guide Exploring the Main Themes of the Bible Rodger Crooks Discover where the major points of Christian teaching appear in the Bible, and how these themes come together to make historic, biblical Christianity. ISBN 978-1-85792-534-0 | £5.99 $9.99

God’s Workmanship What happens to Christians? This book will engage your mind and feelings as you explore how God changes you throughout your spiritual journey. ISBN 978-1-85792-255-4 | £5.99 $9.99

A New Inner Relish Christian Motivation in the Thought of Jonathan Edwards. Dane Ortlund Motivation is essential to authentic Christian living ISBN 978-1-84550-349-9 | £8.99 $14.99

Good Christians, Good Husbands? Leaving a Legacy in Marriage and Ministry Doreen Moore The convicting account of John Wesley, George Whitfield & Jonathan Edwards, all of whom were passionate about glorifying God by serving him in their generation. ISBN 978-1-85792-450-3 | £6.99 $11.99

A New Kind Of Living Stephen McQuoid Written for today’s new Christian covering practical subjects that will be useful for church nurture groups. ISBN 978-1-85792-396-4 | £4.99 $6.99

Homeward Bound Building an Attractive, Christ-centred Family on Eternal Principles. Edward Hartman Explore what makes a godly home. This will serve as a wake-up call to raise their family with eternity in mind. ISBN 978-1-84550-348-2 | £7.99 $12.99

Our Covenant with Kids Biblical Nurture in Home and Church Timothy Sisemore “Here is a straightforward, readable, challenging and practical manual - just what parents are looking for.” Sinclair Ferguson ISBN 978-1-84550-350-5 | £7.99 $12.99

It’s Ok to Cry Finding hope when struggling with inferility and miscarriage Malcolm & Nick Cameron This book will help you whether you are going through a similar situation or if you have a friend or family member that is facing the heartache of longing for, or losing, a baby. ISBN 978-1-84550-077-1 | £5.99 $8.99

Praying the Saviour’s Way Let Jesus’ Prayer Reshape your prayer life Derek Thomas While the beauty of the Lord’s Prayer can be understood by a child it has profound lessons for all who investigate it more deeply. Let this refreshing book be your guide. ISBN 978-1-84550-436-6 | £6.99 $9.99

If it’s not too much trouble? The Challenge of an Aged Parent Ann Benton A Christian perspective on caring for an aged parent. Ann gives practical tools to help those who are in the same position and negotiate the difficulties more easily. ISBN 978-1-84550-302-4 | £5.99 $9.99


Living With Depression Elaine Brown Elaine Brown’s account of her experience is a blessing, a message of hope and re-assurance to all those engaged in such a struggle, cutting through the isolation so many experience. ISBN 978-1-85792-186-1 | £2.99 $4.99

Stress Gaius Davies A book to encourage those suffering from breakdown or stress, prevent others from succumbing to it, and provide invaluable help to counsellors, and friends. ISBN 978-1-84550-028-3 | £8.99 $15.99

Leaving Yesterday Behind A Victim No More William Hines A profoundly practical book that can help you be released from the bondage of yesterday. It is the Biblical answer to living a full life. ISBN 978-1-85792-313-1 | £7.99 $11.99

The Truth & Nothing But The Truth Upholding the Gospel in a Doubting age John Macarthur A well rounded perspective that can help you gently and confidently give an answer for the hope you have in Christ. Includes Study Guide. ISBN 978-1-85792-538-8 | £7.99

Letters To A Student Encouraging Words from a Christian Mentor Donald Drew A series of letters from an old friend to a student giving advice on all sorts of issues, which a student may encounter in their years at college. ISBN 978-1-85792-866-2 | £6.99 $10.99

Why Do I Suffer? John Currid Biblical teaching on suffering. God does work in suffering and is not a worried observer unwilling or unable to intervene. Rather he has a purpose at work and is in control. ISBN 978-1-85792-954-6 | £5.99 $8.99

World-Proof your Kids Raising Children Unstained by the World Timothy and Ruth Sisemore “Excellent stuff for any thinking Christian parent or youth worker.” Ann Benton ISBN 978-1-84550-275-1| £8.99 $14.99

Biography, Revival & History 60 Great Founders So that's how they started Geoffrey Hanks 60 great founders tell the story of Christians who contributed to the setting up of organisations that changed people's lives. ISBN 978-1-85792-140-3 | £11.99 $17.99

70 Great Christians The Story of the Christian Church Geoffrey Hanks The Story of the Church is a story of people moved by God to achieve things for his glory. Some are from privileged backgrounds but the majority started out as ordinary people just like you. ISBN 978-1-87167-680-8 | £11.99 $17.99

The Apostle From Africa David Bentley-Taylor David Bentley Taylor gives us a thorough introduction to the life and thought of Augustine Hippo. ISBN 978-1-85792-471-8 £6.99 $10.99

Are there Horses in Heaven? Based on a True Story Mary Lou Davis Join Mary & Katy as they seek to find authentic answers for real life issues among the people, sights & smells of Heathermoor Farm. ISBN 978-1-84550-283-6 | £6.99 $10.99

Awakening The Life and Ministry of Robert Murray McCheyne David Robertson Was McCheyne for real?"; "Was he just famous because he died so young?"; "Does he have anything to teach us today?" Find out the answers here”! 978-1-84550-542-4 | £9.99 $15.99

Candles In The Darkness Stories of Faith in the Army and Royal Air Force Jim Eldergill These are stories of heroism, shame, anguish and jubilation - stories of men and women from Aircraftsman to General. ISBN 978-1-84550-093-1 £7.99 $9.99

Caught in the Crossfire One Woman’s Battle for Survival in World War II Mary Aitchison The courageous story of Janina Pladek, who as a schoolgirl witnessed first the Nazi, then Russian occupation of her country. ISBN 978-1-85792-149-6 | £5.99 $8.99

Five Leading Reformers Lives at a Watershed of History Christopher Catherwood Consider lives of key reformer players Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli, Thomas Cranmer and John Knox. ISBN 978-1-84550-553-0 | £7.99 $11.99

John Calvin - His Life And Influence Robert Reymond Discover John Calvin the man, a man of deep spirituality with a real love for his fellow man and God. ISBN 978-1-85792-966-9 | £7.99 $12.99

The Unusual Suspects 25 Jewish People Defy the Final Taboo Richard Gibson Richard compassionately writes about 25 Jews who have found spiritual fulfilment in Jesus. ISBN 978-1-84550-414-4 | £6.99 $10.99

Genius, Grief and Grace A Doctor Looks at Suffering and Success Gaius Davies We are shown how 11 people faced particular trials and how grace operated in each one of their lives. ISBN 978-1-84550-359-8 | £12.99 $22.99

Let God Arise Landmarks in Church History Sir Marcus Loane (1911-2009) Marcus Loane has that able biographer's touch of gathering all the essential information without swamping you with facts. These delightfully written biographical sketches enable us to see tipping points in our history. ISBN 978-1-84550-380-2 | £6.99 $10.99

What God Starts, God Completes Michael Milton “Mike Milton's story is challenging, stimulating but above all an encouragement which enables us to see the grace of God in the life of one individual. It is open, warm and realistic. Read and be encouraged." David Robertson ISBN 978-1-84550-823-4 | £7.99 $12.99

God’s Polished Arrow W. C. Burns; Revival Preacher Michael McMullen William Chalmers Burns was not only used by God in Scotland, Continental Europe and North America, but he was also a pioneer missionary in China. ISBN 978-1-85792-395-7 | £12.99 $19.99

My Beloved Russia A Story of God's Love for a Persecuted People Dimitry Mustafin Dimitry Mustafin tells his story of his beloved Russia with heart-rending honesty. You will never forget his story. ISBN 978-1-84550-062-7 | £7.99 $13.99

A Week In The Life Of MAF Mission Aviation Fellowship Irene Howat From the Ecuadorian jungle to the wetlands of Bangladesh to the Mongolian plains, prepare for take-off on an exhilarating and eye opening journey that you will never forget. ISBN 978-1-85792-940-9 | £8.99 $14.99

Gold From Dark Mines Irene Howat “It is surely true that the darkest mine from which believers take spiritual gold is the dark mine of their own pre-conversion experience.” Irene Howat ISBN 978-1-85792-943-0 | £5.99 $8.99

The Plain Mr. Knox Elizabeth Whitley Read about this most famous of Scots in a lively, flowing biography that tells you what motivated a great man of history to form a nation. ISBN 978-1-85792-683-5 £6.99 $10.99

Active Evangelism Derek Prime A guide through the book of Acts giving practical examples of how to do evangelism in the workplace, with our neighbours and our families. ISBN 978-1-85792-880-8 | £5.99 $8.99

GRACE ABOUNDING... The Life, Books and Influence of John Bunyan David Calhoun David Calhoun has brought together a beautiful book on the life, works and influence of a famous historical figure. ISBN 978-1-84550-031-3 | £8.99 $15.99

Preparing Your Church For Revival T. M. Moore T. M. Moore provides a book that will help us to refocus on revival, and will prepare our souls and our churches for the mighty work of a Sovereign and loving God. ISBN 978-1-85792-698-9 | £5.99 $8.99

Great Events In The Story Of The Church Geoffrey Hanks Several themes run through the book such as the collating of the scriptures into 66 books and centuries later the publishing of the King James Version of the Bible. ISBN 978-1-85792-383-4 | £11.99 $17.99

Streets paved with Gold Irene Howat The story of London City Mission is of men walking the poorest streets of London, getting their hands dirty as they reached out to people in need with the message of the Gospel and their unique brand of practical help. ISBN 978-1-85792781-8 | £7.99 $11.99

Heart Cry For Revival OLFORD STEPHEN What Revivals teach us for today and how we can pray for the same. ISBN 978-1-84550-075-7 | £7.99 $14.99

To The Extreme; Eddie Murison Story Anne Sutherland Anne Sutherland's inspiring biography of Eddie Murison reminds us all that whatever our situation in life, we have a God who welcomes home the prodigal. ISBN 978-1-84550078-8 | £5.99 $8.99

It is not Death to Die A New Biography of Hudson Taylor Jim Cromarty This biography will capture your imagination as you read of a life motivated by a love for God, and for his fellow man. ISBN 978-1-84550-367-3 | £9.99 $17.99

Unity and Diversity The Founders of the Free Church of Scotland Sandy Finlayson Discover ministers, theologians, missionaries and social reformers who were committed to the life of the church and the advancement of the gospel. ISBN 978-1-84550-550-9 | PB | £9.99 $15.99

Life Lessons Life Changing Stories for Christian Growth Edited by Glenn Myers Nine people, all of them Christian workers with the mission agency WEC International, describe lessons that have shaped and deepened their Christian lives forever. ISBN 978-1-84550-555-4 | £6.99 $10.99

Books For Women Extraordinary Women by Grace Stories of women like you Mary Whelchel “A book that can transform the life of anyone… If anyone doubts that God can redeem our failures, they should read this book” Erwin Lutzer ISBN 978-1-84550-176-1 | £7.99 $14.99

God's Gentle Whisper Developing a responsive heart to God Denise George Denise George, a successful journalist, author and public speaker, challenges us to seek an intimate dynamic relationship with God through three aspects of waiting on him in prayer. ISBN 978-1-84550-236-2 | £7.99 $12.99


Index Author Title Aitchison, Mary Caught In The Crossfire Anyabwile, Thabiti The Life Of God In The Soul Of The Church Ash, Christopher Bible Delight Hearing The Spirit Priority Of Preaching, The Teaching Romans Vol1 Teaching Romans Vol2 Austen, Simon Better Way, A Introducing Ephesians Teaching Ephesians Azurdia, Art Connected Christianity Barber, Cyril 1 Chronicles 2 Chronicles Barnett Paul 1 Corinthians Romans: Revelation Of God's Righteousnes Barrick, William Ecclesiastes; Philippians Of The Ot Baxter, Richard Richard Baxter Belcher, Richard Genesis Benn, Wallace Last Word, The Bentley-Taylor, David Apostle From Africa, The Benton, Ann Aren't They Lovely When They're Asleep If It's Not Too Much Trouble Benton, John & Ann Don't They Make A Lovely Couple Betts, T. J. Amos (Fotb) Bewes, Cecil Letters With Love Bewes, Richard Goodnight Book, The Lamb Wins, The Speaking In Public Top 100 Questions Remix Top 100 Questions, The Beynon, Graham Planting For The Gospel Boice, James King Has Come, The Sure I Believe! - So What? Bridge, Donald Water That Divides, The Brooks, Richard Song Of Songs - Focus On The Bible Brown, Elaine Living With Depression Buck, Janie Flight Path; Frank Barker Biography Calhoun, David Grace Abounding... Bunyan Cameron, Malcolm & Nick It's Ok To Cry Campbell Iain D. Heroes And Heretics Carson, D. A. From The Resurrection To His Return Carswell, Roger Blessed Are The Dead Who Die In The Lord Dishonesty Of Atheism, The Facing A Task Unfinished On Being A Perfect Father Signs Of The Times Take A Closer Look Things God Wants Us To Know Trust In Christ Who Is Jesus? Why Doesn't God Stop The Trouble Catherwood, Christopher Five Leading Reformers Chapman, David Philippians Cheong, Robert Redeeming The Bride Chinchen, Nell The Yankee Officer & The Southern Belle Christie, Vance David Brainerd; A Flame For God John And Betty Stam Timeless Stories Women Of Faith And Courage Cleave, Derek 1 Peter - Focus On Bible Collins, Sarah & Haynes, Jane Dealing With Depression Connor, Steve Sporting Guide To Eternity, A Sports Outreach Sports Outreach - Discovery Team Sports Outreach - Impact Team Sports Outreach - Leadership Team Cook, David Introducing Acts Teaching Acts Unheeded Christ, The Cook, David (ed.) How To Speak At Special Events Cooper, Tim Pastoring The Pastor Coplestone, F. S. Jesus Christ Or Mohammed Cormack, Don Killing Fields Living Fields


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It Is Not Death To Die Good Book Guide, The Salvation's Sign & Seal Why Do I Suffer? Genius Grief And Grace Stress 1 Kings; The Wisdom And The Folly 1 Samuel 2 Kings; The Power And Fury 2 Samuel House That Jesus Built, The Joshua; No Falling Words Judges; Such A Great Salvation Way Of The Righteous In The Muck Of Life Are There Horses In Heaven? Rich; Reality Of Encountering Jesus 1-2-1 Discipleship Other Side Of The Good News, The Judges & Ruth Letters To A Student Mission To The Headhunters Fear Not! 1st, 2nd And 3rd JOHN Hosea Candles In The Darkness Just Grace A Christian's Pocket Guide To Sanctification Grace Grit & Gumption Unity And Diversity Daniel; Tail Of Two Cities Teaching Amos Ephesians; Encouragement & Joy In Christ Revelation See Page 16 for full listing Fighting Fear With Faith God's Gentle Whisper I Am My Sister's Keeper Johnny Cornflakes Our Dear Child Teach Your Children To Pray Unusual Suspects, The Love Oliver Trials Of Christ Joseph What Christians Believe Firm Foundations 2 Corinthians Mark 60 Great Founders 70 Great Christians Great Events In The Story Of The Church Deuteronomy: Commands Of A Covenant God Isaiah Matthew Henry - His Life And Influence Homeward Bound Obedience Option, The God's Workmanship Leaving Yesterday Behind F.B.Meyer; If I Had A Hundred Lives... Just The Way I Am Finding God In The Darkness Gold From Dark Mines Miracles From Mayhem; May Nicolson More Miracles From Mayhem Streets Paved With Gold Week In The Life Of MAF, A Spirit Of Truth, The Teaching Isaiah Teaching Matthew Teaching The Christian Hope Walk Worthy Family Worship Book, The Parables Of Jesus, The When Grace Comes Alive When Grace Comes Home When Grace Transforms

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A Christian's Pocket Guide To Jesus Christ Grief And Pain In The Plan Of God Revive Us Again If God Already Knows Why Pray? Judgment Seat Of Christ, The Just Love : 1 Cor 13 Man After God's Own Heart, A Meekness And Majesty Understanding Theology - Ii Understanding Theology - Iii Understanding Theology - I Vision Of Jesus Envy Of Eve, The Proverbs: Everyday Wisdom Psalms Vol 1; The Lord Saves Psalms Vol 2; The Lord Reigns Transforming Community The D Is For Depression Shorter Catechism, The Singing The Songs Of Jesus Glory In The Glen Bible Overview Martin Luther Let God Arise Teaching John Daniel; Trusting The True Hero Ruth & Esther Glory Of Heaven, The Truth & Nothing But The Truth, The Tell Me The Story Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk & What The Bible Means To Me Royal Company Introducing 1 Timothy Teaching 1 Peter Teaching 1 Timothy Faith To Live By From Glory To Golgotha Shared Life Mother Who Seeks After God, The 1 & 2 Thessalonians Bible Boot Camp How To Study The Bible Is There Anybody Out There?

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Givers, Takers And Other Kinds Of Lovers Housewife's Adventure With God, A God's Polished Arrow New Kind Of Living, A Pilgrim Psalms, The Acts; Witnesses To Him What God Starts, God Completes Good Christians, Good Husbands? Preparing Your Church For Revival God's Prayer Program

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James; Wisdom For The Community Isaiah By The Day Roots: Let The Old Testament Speak My Beloved Russia Life Lessons Our Sovereign Saviour Radical Love In A Broken World Your Journey With Jesus Called To Awaken The Laity Heart Cry For Revival Christian's Pocket Guide To The Chinese Christian's Pocket Guide To Buddhism New Inner Relish, A 18 Words John G Paton Touched By Greatness Sounds From Heaven; Lewis Revival 49-52 Galatians; God's Proclamation Of Liberty Lord's Day, The Westminster Confession Study Book

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Piper, John Finally Alive Pollock, John Cambridge Seven, The D.L. Moody; Moody Without Sankey Fistful Of Heroes, A George Whitefield Gordon Of Khartoum; Man Behind The Lege Hudson Taylor And Maria Price, Charles Matthew Prime, Derek Active Evangelism Bible Answers Pb Directions For Christian Living Retief Frank Blessed Assurance Divorce Reymond Robert John Calvin; His Life And Influence Letham, Robert A Christian's Pocket Guide To Baptism Robertson, David Awakening Dawkins Letters, The Roseveare, Helen Digging Ditches Enough Give Me This Mountain He Gave Us A Valley Living Faith Living Fellowship Living Holiness Living Sacrifice Rosner, Brian Trials Of Theology Ross, Michael Light Of The Psalms, The Russell, Eric J.C.Ryle; That Man Of Granite St Helen"S Bishopgate Read Mark Learn: Romans Read Mark Learn: John Saer, Orlando Iron Sharpens Iron Sandom, Carrie Different By Design Severance, Diana Lynn A Cord Of Three Strands Feminine Threads Shaw, Ian Churches, Revolutions And Empires Short, David Pastoral Visitation Sisemore, Timothy Our Covenant With Kids World-Proof Your Kids Smellie, Andrew Robert Murray Mccheyne Smith, Colin S. Jonah; Into The Storm Sookhdeo, Patrick Christian's Pocket Guide To Islam, A Sprange, Harry Children In Revival Sproul, R. C. Gospel Of God Mystery Of The Holy Spirit, The Purpose Of God Unexpected Jesus, The Unseen Realities Walk With God, A Steer, Malcolm Christian's Evangelistic Guide To Islam Muslim's Pocket Guide To Christianity Steer, Roger George Muller; Delighted In God Still, William Towards Spiritual Maturity Work Of The Pastor Stonier, Geoffrey New Thematic Concordance, The Storms, Sam One Thing Sutherland, Anne To The Extreme; Eddie Murison Story Taylor, William Partnership Understanding The Times Thomas, Derek Praying The Saviour's Way Thomson, Andrew John Owen; Prince Of Puritans Thomas Boston; His Life And Times Tinker, Melvin Alien Nation Tales Of The Unexpected Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good Trueman, Carl Reformation: Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow Van Doodewaard, Rebecca Homesickness Vasholz, Robert Benedictions Vibert, Simon Lives Jesus Changed Waters, Guy Justification; Being Made Right With God Webster, Douglas Table Grace Wells, Paul Bible Words Wetterling, J. D. No One... Whelchel, Mary Extraordinary Women By Grace Whitley, Elizabeth Plain Mr. Knox, The Wilcock, Michael In The Days Of The Kings Williston, Walker John Calvin; Revolutionary, Theologian Woodhouse, John Colossians & Philemon Zayas, Jose Airborne

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