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ESSEX CFA NEWSLETTER The CFFO staff and executive board wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!




n November 4, 2013 a district meeting was held via conference call on the future of the Essex district and its activity as

part of the Federation. It was discussed that the district should be part of the C-K district. This dicision will be decided by the executive board this month. If it is approved than the Essex district will be led by an active board in the C-K district. This will allow members to be part of Federation Activities and gives them the opportunity to participate in events and meetings. We hope this will allow us to serve our members better.



able top display units for each district have been purchased with CFFO panels

to attract attention at local events. These display units are to be used by district members at local Ag fairs and events to help promote the organization in the communities. Each district will now have a display unit readily available for use, even on a short notice. District presidents will be given these to store and so anyone who would like to make use of one needs to contact the district president for its use. Staff will regularly update the panels for the display and districts may request specific graphics when required. CFFO material


can also be requested so that there is good material available to give those interested in knowing or learning about the federation.

• Provincial Council Meeting in February 2014 at EastGen in Guelph • S&P COMMITTEE WEST MEETING, Dec. 2, 2013 in Woodstock • S&P COMMITTEE EAST MEETING Dec 5, 2013 in Arnprior • S&P COMMITTEE EAST MEETING

Contributions to the newsletter may be sent to, mention which district newsletter it is for.

Dec 6, 2013 in Cobourg



he recent CFFO Convention and Leadership Summit held on Nov. 12 & 13 in Waterloo

were two successful events, enjoyed by all who at-

The Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario (CFFO)

tended. On Tuesday evening district board mem-

wishes to thank the committee for considering the

bers and the CFFO executive and staff listened

comments of our organization on Bill 36, Local

to presentations by Crystal MacKay from Farm &

Food Act, 2013. The Christian Farmers Federation

Food Care, and to Cathy Jo Noble, a public affairs

represents over 4,300 farmers across the province

specialist, on messaging our story. Both presenta-

of Ontario. The CFFO supports the approach on

tions contained good instruction for us as an or-

being fostered by the current draft that seeks to

ganization to market our message to media and

encourage education, awareness, and promotion

people. The emphasis was on “writing” our story

of Ontario grown food over a regulatory approach,

and taking efforts on getting it to the right people,

yet we see the opportunity for the Local Food Act

people who have influence and who will use it.

to do more to help create sustainable local food

The Convention on Wednesday also featured two

systems in this province.

speakers, J.P. Gervais from Farm Credit Corpora-

To read the entire document, go to the CFFO web-

tion who gave some of his thoughts and hopes for


the future in agriculture. The second speaker was Dr. Nelson Kloosterman who spoke about animal welfare and how important it is to respond to the message from those who are opposed to raising


Ce l

animals for human consumption. ting ra b e

CHRISTIAN FARMERS CFFO President Lorne Small……….519-848-6418 CFFO GM Nate Stevens……………..519-820-9637 CFFO staff Paul Bootsma…………….519-820-6856

Federation Of Ontario


CFFO is celebrating 60 years as a farm organization in 2014

Essex December Newsletter  

December 2013

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