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September 2013

East Central CFA Newsletter District News

Photo By: Annette Zekveld, East Central CFA

The East Central district summer picnic was held on Wednesday August 28 at the home of Steven & Carol Kelly. The day was warm and sunny, just the right kind of evening for a summer BBQ. Thank you to the district board members for organizing it and to everyone who contributed food. Special thanks go to Pete Peeters, who supplied the hamburgers, and to Walt De Lange and Willy Elyas who barbequed them. Over 35 people showed up for fellowship and to catch up on local news. CFFO president Lorne Small attended and gave greetings on behalf of the federation. Staff member Paul Bootsma updated everyone on some of the upcoming events, highlighting the Convention on November 13. Thanks to the Kelly’s for hosting the event!

CFFO Celebrates 60 Years!


Photo By: Hetty Bootsma, Dufferin Wellington CFA

In 2014, the CFFO will be celebrating our 60th anniversary! The federation would like to plan some special events during the year and ending with our 2014 Convention & Banquet. If you have a great idea, we would love to hear from you! If you would like to be part of a committee that would gather via conference call and email, please call Frances 519-837-1620 or email her at

District Boards

7660 Mill Rd. Guelph, ON N1H 6J1 E: P: 519.837.1620 F: 519.824.1835

It is time for district boards to prepare for the upcoming Provincial Council meeting (Oct. 23 in Guelph) by reviewing the agenda and the attachments on policy development. When everyone is prepared for the meeting we can make it a very productive day. Boards are asked to contact the CFFO office with the names of the delegates attending.

September 2013

East Central CFA Newsletter

Federation News Great News! We are pleased to announce that the CFFO has reached an agreement with Chrysler Canada Fleet Operations for a discount on new Chrysler models, (identified by Chrysler). This deal will give CFFO members an automatic discount when purchasing a new Chrysler product from an Ontario dealership with a Fleet department. This adds to the benefits of registering with the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario. When purchasing a new vehicle you need to show your membership card and give a FAN (Fleet Account Number) which was made by Chrysler. If you don’t have a membership card, you need to fill out and submit the membership application form you received with your FBR receipt. The FAN is G5303

Photo By: Lee-Ann Streutker, Thunder Bay CFA

Important Dates • CFFO Leadership Summit November 12, 2013 • CFFO Annual Convention & Banquet, November 13, 2013

To Do The CFFO needs you! If you haven’t already done so, please fill out a membership application. Watch for it in your in box or call the office today and ask about membership.


August 2013

East Central CFA Newsletter

Stray Voltage Working Group CFFO is part of a working group dealing with stray voltage or uncontrolled electricity. If you would like to give any information on this issue, contact Paul Bootsma.

Provincial Council At the June 26, 2013 Provincial Council meeting delegates from the districts dealt with a number of on-going policy issues. The first was a resolution on the long-term implications of placing full cost recovery regulations around Tire Eco-fees. There are a number of ways to reduce the cost to farmers and still have full cost recovery. The first is that the regulations be amended to remove the separation of road tires and other tires which will allow for a reasonable blending of costs between the large number of road tires and the small number of farming, mining, forestry and other heavy industry. The second is to allow the use of tires as a fuel source or leachate collector in adequately regulated situations to greatly reduce the cost of tire disposal; The third is to ensure that Canadian Revenue Agency considers Ontario Tire Stewardship to be a service from a taxation perspective allowing them to reduce HST costs and overall delivery costs. If you have issues or concerns, feel free to contact one of the district board members. If you would like to become more involved with federation activities, check the CFFO web site for upcoming events.

East Central District Board Members: Peter Peeters ...... 705-799-7064 Herman Kapteyn 905-342-3131 Stephen Kelly...... 705-786-2833 Pete Oussoren .... 705-799-7507 John Snider ....... 705-374-4828 Willy Elyas - ....... 905-851-9354

Upcoming Events Provincial Council Meeting: October 23, Guelph Leadership Summit: November 12, Courtyard Waterloo St Jacobs Annual Convention & Banquet: November 13, St George Banquet Hall

Also at Provincial Council Provincial Council also considered the issue of pollinators’ deaths due to neonicotinoid (neonics) pesticides in the province. The paper also raised concerns about wider environmental impacts from neonics. The paper recommends an emphasis on best management practices and cooperation between crop farmers and beekeepers and continued research to ensure that the issues are real. At this time the CFFO is not calling for a blanket banning of the use of neonics. However, the CFFO will reconsider this position if the trend continues and the pollinator losses accelerate, or if evidence of water, soil and plant contamination continues to grow. In the area of education, guest speaker at the Provincial Council meeting, Dr. Peter Sikkema of the University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus, shared his insights into the impact that research in the area of weed science has on the farmer’s bottom line. His research shows that there is an impact on yield when it comes to the timing of spraying herbicides. It also shows that with certain herbicides or type of weeds, the time of day when applying also has an impact on the level of effectiveness. Dr. Sikkema also presented information on the on-going research on glyphosate resistance in a variety of weeds in Ontario. All in all it was a productive day for the federation.

East Central September 2013  


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