Nashville Christian Family July 2017

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T eCh T alk What a novel idea and a worthy ideal to live by. Upon hearing these words, one probably immediately thinks of our health care professionals but shouldn’t these words apply to each and every one of us, regardless of our profession? Though written over two thousand years ago, The Hippocratic Oath was born as a vow from a dedicated professional to those whom he served. It is a timeless creation because it speaks to the heart of all ethical truths. It is a fact that when you have the knowledge, skills and abilities to be of help to someone, by proxy you also possess the means to commit unspeakable harm. The world has changed tremendously since 400 BC and will continue to change yet we must acknowledge that the truth then remains the truth today. All truths are eternal and indisputable; a fact that we, as a race, have tremendous trouble accepting. Let’s ponder some relevant situations and some questions that they give rise to. In the case of health care; the practitioners of today are using computers and robots in addition to their own personal God-given skills. The same can be said of almost every professional. To whom should society hold responsible for the ethical oath “to do no harm”? Would it be the health care practitioner, the computer, the technology company that makes the computer or robot or possibly the software manufacture of the programs being used? To complicate things further; we are approaching an era where computers are able to “think and act” independent of the operators. Will man’s truth apply to them? How shall we, the consumer or patient, be able to discern to whom responsibility rests? Can an “artificial intelligence” be held to the same human ethical truths? As you can see, our lives are getting much more complicated than our ancestors could have ever imagined. Even so, we must never lose sight of the fact that one thing remains constant and simple…The Truth! There will always be just one true solution to every problem and many non-truths or acceptable concessions. We must teach the truth every chance that we get, live our lives in adherence of the truth and speak out when the acceptable concessions begin to replace the “truth” in society’s perception. For when perceptions are viewed as reality the truth no longer matters. — Anthony “Tony” Boquet, the author of “The Bloodline of Wisdom, The Awakening of a Modern Solutionary”, your source for additional information about the Power of the Wisdom of Three.

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Do You Have A Tee Time With God? Pick your favorite professional golfer or other star personality. Phil Mickelson is one of mine. What if you’re favorite star sent you signed books and autographed photos, and wrote you regular letters and emails? That’d be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? But what if that person invited you to spend a week just hanging out and going to all his or her favorite places? That would blow your mind! The reality is that will never happen. That level of access just isn’t available to most of us. But unbelievably, and by God’s grace, Jesus grants to us that level of access. In every instance He welcomes us into His presence so that together we can stroll life’s fairways. Think about that. The Creator of the universe grants you unlimited personal access. However, you have to accept the invitation. He doesn’t force you it on you. He wants you to come because you want to be with Him. That is really what a daily quiet time or devotional time is with the Lord; access. People call it several things, but the bottom line is that it is time you set aside to connect with God on an intimate level. Reading your Bible is obviously important, but a devotional time is where your Bible intake begins to work itself out in the actions of your life. It is a significant cornerstone to the foundation of being one of Jesus’ disciples. I love this verse. “In the morning, O Lord, You hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait in expectation” (Psalm 5:3). Here’s my approach to golf. I love early morning rounds and being that first group off the tee. I’m focused, everything is pristine and fresh and often that early morning dew still blankets the course. It is just beautiful. But what if I didn’t show or was late? I’d miss the enjoyment and the fellowship the game brings to my life. It is the same with God. I set a daily “tee time” with God and I strive to always show and to never be late. I wouldn’t intentionally do that to my playing partners and I certainly don’t want to do it to God. With the expectation of that daily tee time already set, I can look forward to hitting the fairways of life with Him first thing, when the day is beautiful and fresh and when His spiritual “dew” can settle on my soul and refresh my spirit. So go ahead, book that daily “tee time” with God…then lock it in permanently. — Scott Lehman is President of In His Grip Golf Ministry and author of the popular book, “More than a Game.” Scott and his family live in Thompson Station, Tenn.

July 2017