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Red River Giant Softshell Turtle Most endangered turtle of all, with only four left alive in the world.

Myanmar River Turtle These turtles were thoughtv to be extinct from 1935 to rediscovery in 1993, and now only a dozen exist in the upper Chindwin River of Burma. Loss is due to hunting and habvitat destruction.


Annam Pond Turtle Due to intense hunting and collecting for the food trade in China in the ‘90s, only a handful of Annam pond turtles are left.

Coahuila Box Turtle It’s desert oasis habitat is under threat thanks to continued pumping of water for agricultural as well as residential use. In addition, much of the land is being converted to agricultural use .

Roti Snake Necked Turtle This turtle was only discovered in 1994 on the island of Roti in Indonesia. There was such a demand by the pet trade around the world that by 2000, it had been collected into near extinction.

Central America River Turtle Such a prized catch for food, especially during holidays, that collectors charter planes into Guatemala to get them and then fly out.

Bog Turtle This small turtle burrows itself like a mole to feed on insects and worms. Feeding has been increasingly difficul because 98% of its land has been converted for agriculture.

Yunnan Box Turtle Considered extinct until 2005 but then a small group was found in China’s Yunnan province. The location is still kept secret as scientists are hoping it will be the start of a conservation breeding program.

Southeast Asian Giant Softshell Turtle Endangered due to loss of habitat as a consequence of damming and pollution as well as collecting and hunting of the turtles themselves.

Red Crowned River Turtle Now only one viable population on the Chambal River in India. Eggs and adult turtles were collected for food and habitat changes have affected the turtle decline as well.

10 Endangered Turtles  
10 Endangered Turtles  

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