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Using social media to improve customer dialogue and generate leads

Marketing challenges

Competitive difference

We can help

All of the activities, platforms and practices that enable users to create and share knowledge, opinions and content.

A definition

Social media universe

Social media universe

Social media universe

Social media universe

Social media universe

Social media universe

Social media universe

1.6 million blog posts are written every day by over 180 million bloggers worldwide

57% of active online users have joined a social network and created a network of virtual ‘friends’

There are over 110M Facebook users

75% of companies surveyed said they were planning to maintain or increase investments in Web 2.0 technologies

81% of companies stated that in five years, they’d be spending as much on conversational marketing as traditional marketing

Consumers have replaced trust in advertising with trust in individuals - in particular friends, family and colleagues. Turning to communities and away from mass media, consumers will increasingly ignore messages, insist on involvement and resonance and prefer peers’ endorsements. Forrester Research, The Connected Agency 2008

New ways to engage audiences

To get involved in these consumer exchanges And to understand how to make these exchanges work in your favour

The challenge

People, place, points

Marketing that is not only more relevant and more targeted, but also more welcome

Social media advantage

1. High lead conversion rates 2. Protects brand reputation & improves brand

sentiment 3. Builds SEO 4. Cost effective

Social media advantage

9 Ways

social media can help

1. Facilitating customer dialogue

2. Engaging with customers

3. Creating advocates

Customer Retention

1. Customer dialogue

Bank of America: Small Business Network

2. Customer engagement

American Express: OPEN Forum

3. Creating advocates

4. As part of an integrated campaign

5. Social media direct marketing

6. Blogger relations

7. Blog & community commenting

Customer Acquisition

4. Integrated campaign activity

 7m engaged users  35k downloads  19k inbound links  No.1 SERP for ‘advert’ for 2 years  £0.01 cost per engagement


5. Direct marketing in social media

HR Block

6. Blogger Relations

Breakthrough Management Group

7. Commenting

B Sky B

8. Product development

9. Crisis management & prevention

Research & response

8. Product development

BBC Masher

9. Crisis management & prevention

UK Higher Education Institution

3 steps to happy customers

I can’t access my online account

Why are the mortgage rates going up?

What are the new small business packages?

Why is my branch opening hours changing?

My Danske Bank manager has changed What’s happening in Iceland?

I need to think about my pension

I need to find out my balance on the move

I’m thinking about changing my portfolio

1. Listen

I need to sell my house

I like the new website

I’m always on hold at the call centre

Can I put off repayments

How can I spend less money?

Why has this form changed?

I need to find a Danske Bank contact number

Talking point

2. Join the conversation

3. Keep talking‌

Iain MacMillan Ryan*MacMillan +44 7956 997 803


Social Media Presentation by RyanMacMillan  

Presentation of the notion of social media and some steps on how to navigate the new media landscape when you're a corporation

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