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Brother Larry Schatz, FSC Visitor/Provincial Brother Bede Baldry, FSC Auxiliary Visitor Brother Michael Kadow, FSC Auxiliary Visitor

As an old English teacher, I have a special fondness for words. Accompany is one of my favorites. It literally means, to walk with. Not behind, not in front of, but alongside one’s companion at the moment. A beautiful image, it is a word very much in vogue in the Christian Brothers world today. The beauty of the Lasallian family is its diversity. Brothers, alumni, teachers, Young Lasallians; all have a stake in continuing the work of St. John Baptist de La Salle. In this issue of Faith & Zeal we look at how different Lasallians have been, and continue to be accompanied.

Brother Joseph Saurbier, FSC Director of Administration and Operations Dr. Scott Kier, Ed.D. Superintendent of Lasallian Education

Robert L. Cummings Chief Development Officer Brother Thomas Dominic Vance, FSC Development Associate Paula Noreiko Administrative Assistant Alexander Vasiliades Communications Manager Samantha VenHuizen Assistant Director of Development Lea Dacanay-Rodriguez Assistant Director of Development

This past winter we remembered the 35th anniversary of the martyrdom of our own Brother James Miller and we look ahead to 2018 when the cause of his beatification will be considered by the Vatican. We also look ahead to 2019, the 300th anniversary of the death of our Founder. Live Jesus in our Hearts - Forever!


Brother Larry Schatz, FSC Provincial/Brother Visitor

On the Cover

Sheila Cusack, District Nurse, with (L-R) Brothers Richard Paszkiet, Richard Geimer, and Rob Veselsky

Accompanying our Alumni & Friends By Alex Vasiliades, Communications Manger

When Saint John Baptist de La Salle

accompanied his Brothers, he urged them to ‘walk along God’s path’ and as they did, so must we. Since the beginning of our young District, the Brothers have established and fostered ministries all over the Midwest. They are rich in the Lasallian tradition and our students and alumni continue to live out the charism that De La Salle originally set forth. But along any path, no matter how good the intentions of those involved, loss is sometimes inevitable. In 1969 and 1970, due to unfortunate circumstances, we lost St. George and St. Mel High Schools and in 2009 we lost Driscoll Catholic High School. These closings were heartbreaking for students, staff, alumni, and Brothers alike but it didn’t sever our connection or our ability to accompany them. Today, the St. George and St. Mel alumni are extremely active and with the help of District communications and events, remain connected to one another and the Brothers. The Driscoll Catholic High School Alumni Association is developing and our hope is that it will be as successful as St. George and St. Mel. This marks the final year for Archbishop O’Hara High School, after 52 years of serving young people. The Diocese has decided to open a new high school in a nearby suburb. Just as with other schools that have closed, our pledge to the alumni and friends of O’Hara is to stay connected. They will always be part of our Lasallian Family. 3

Accompanying our Senior Brothers By Sheila Cusack, RN, BSN Midwest District Health Coordinator

Much of what it means to accompany our

Senior Brothers is simply to be present to them. It means to listen. The Scripture, ‘Be still and know that I am God,’ is with me on this journey with our Brothers. I used to think that I knew the answer for our Brothers. Often they would ask questions and I was quick to answer with a response from my nursing background. The above Scripture reading has taught me to listen with my heart first and foremost. Now, in many cases, I ask the question, ‘Brother, what comes to your mind with this question?’ I have learned that each person has a story and I keep the word, ‘dignity’ in my conscious mind to know that the answer lies within each of us. Working with the Brothers these past thirteen years has taught me that Jesus lives in our hearts. The answer lies within us because of Jesus being right here with all of us. I am given the privilege to accompany the Brothers, not to know the immediate answer, but to walk along the journey with each Senior Brother so that we may find the answer together. I live in the state of gratitude for the invitation to accompany our Senior Brothers on their health journeys. 4



Pictured: Br. Johnathon Emanuelson Photo Courtesy of De La Salle Institute

Accompanying our Brothers in Formation By Br. Johnathon Emanuelson, FSC

In my journey with the Brothers, which has now reached five years,

accompaniment has been a constant theme. It is one of those terms, much like association, that seems always present in the background. But what does the term actually mean in a Lasallian context? When I think of the word ‘accompaniment’, the first image that comes to my mind is of people walking on a journey together. I feel this is an image fitting for the life of the Brothers because, according to our Rule, the Brother ‘recognizes that his life is a dialogue with God, which enables him to grow continuously in fidelity (Rule 80)’, and it is through dialogue with others that we begin to encounter the living God. Accompaniment is also critical for sustaining a vibrant community life, which is rooted in a sense of connectedness. We all have an inescapable need to feel we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. The Institute seems well-aware of this need, urging Brothers to ‘show they are willing and ready as intermediaries of the Lord to invite and accompany young people and adults who feel called to the various Lasallian vocations (Rule, 84).’ In the communities of which I have been a member, I have experienced the overwhelming openness of the Brothers to welcoming a younger Brother. There are also times when I have the opportunity to serve as ‘older Brother.’ I refer here to my ministry as a teacher at De La Salle Institute in Chicago. I have long believed there is something immensely rich and timeless in the image of the Brother as ‘older brother.’ I believe Robert Massa, SJ, captured the meaning of the image marvelously when he referred to the Brother’s vocation as a ‘…tradition built on a non-hierarchical understanding of Church witness.’ Although I am a little farther along on the journey than my students, I think it is valuable to know we are walking much of the same journey together.



Pictured: Molly Nocera, Lasallian Volunteer Photo Courtesy of Lasallian Volunteers

Accompanying our Young Lasallians By Molly Nocera, Midwest District Young Lasallian Coordinator

Part of my role as a Lasallian Volunteer, serving as the

Young Lasallian Coordinator, is to present to students about Lasallian Vocation and ways they can remain connected to the mission. I spent the past year traveling with Br. Michael Kadow to various Lasallian high schools in the Midwest District. We have had the opportunity to present to over 100 classes at the 13 high schools. Each high school has a different culture and atmosphere that brings the Lasallian charism to life but what they all share, however, is how they begin each class period by saying, Let us remember we are in the holy presence of God. Being asked to call to mind God’s divine presence resurrected memories from when I was a student at La Salle Academy in Providence, RI, and at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Winona, MN. I was accompanied by teachers and the Christian Brothers who not only reminded me that I was in God’s holy presence, but also encouraged me to find His presence amongst my peers, my community, and the people I serve. My years of Lasallian guidance have encouraged me to discover ways I can accompany others, especially during my current service year as a Lasallian Volunteer, working with other Young Lasallians. This year has been a reminder of my own personal formation. Being in the classroom, I have witnessed students receiving the same support I had as a student from teachers, staff, and administrators. My passion for sharing the mission continues to be fueled by those who have impacted my Lasallian experience. 9

Accompanying our Ministries & Lay Partners By Br. Michael Fehrenbach, FSC & Dr. Scott Kier

Formation always begins and ends with the person and is intensely

personal. The model is the life journey of our Founder, De La Salle. Beginning with his family, his call developed over time. He experienced the confusion that comes with radical change and the need to adjust. He experienced challenging input from trusted friends and advisors that caused him to rethink his life. Through it all, he attempted to remain faithful to his own belief and what he knew to be good. The basic elements of all our lives can be found in his journey. We help form one another. This is why we believe formation is all about accompaniment and association. The relational dimension of our lives is critical to how we grow in a deepening understanding of who we are. The Midwest District understands the call and vocational journey of each person as central to our Lasallian community identity. Through this lens of accompaniment, several initiatives that will be a benefit to individual persons and might strengthen us as a network of committed ministers to the young – especially the poor – are being implemented. In the past year, Brothers Dennis Galvin and Mike Fehrenbach have developed the ‘St. Yon Retreat,’ which is a busy person’s retreat. The retreat is based on the writings of De La Salle and the individual is accompanied throughout by Brothers. This format is designed to fit busy participants and has been completed at De La Salle Institute in Chicago and Totino-Grace High School in the Twin Cities.


Dr. Scott Kier, Superintendent of Lasallian Education, and Brother Chuck Gregor, together with Brothers Mike and Dennis, are developing an online accompaniment program that could become a model for creating a Lasallian formation community from one end of the Midwest District to the other. The intent is to create a flexible program built around five basic themes that emerge from a reading of St. John Baptist de La Salle’s life. The goal is to assist ministry leadership and those charged with being leaders in formation, to engage and accompany in ongoing personal transformation as well as ministry/District transformation.

Pictured: Students at mass at De La Salle Blackfeet School Photo Courtesy of the school


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Support for Vocations Growing the engagement of our Lay Partners and especially, Young Lasallians, in our schools and other ministries The Senior Brothers Fund Special projects at our high schools, San Miguel schools and retreat centers Where the need is greatest Members receive exclusive updates twice a year from the Provincial/Brother Visitor and complimentary invitations to District events. To learn more about joining The Visitor’s Club please contact:

TheHeritage Society Lea Dacanay-Rodriguez, Assistant Director of Development

honors those alumni and friends who have included the Christian Brothers of the Midwest in their will or estate plan. Often called “the ultimate gift,” planning a bequest preserves your assets for your lifetime and creates a legacy in your name to continue the work of the Brothers. For more information, including language to include a bequest to the Christian Brothers in your will or trust, please contact: Rob Cummings, Chief Development Officer


F I N D U S. F O L L O W U S.




Around the District The Midwest District Welcomes New Contacts Recently, the Midwest District welcomed three new Contacts to the FSC Vocation program. Michael Thiele is a junior at Viterbo College in La Crosse, WI. He met the Brothers at Roncalli High School in Manitowoc, WI, and he graduated in 2014. He is a Religious Studies major with minors in Business Administration, Psychology and Philosophy. Kevin Kuehl is a graduate student at Creighton University in Omaha, NE. He met the Brothers at CBHS in Memphis, TN, and he graduated in 2007. A Culture and Politics major, he graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, in 2011. Farai Zvidzwa will begin his graduate studies in Social Work in the Twin Cities. He is a native of Zimbabwe and earned his undergraduate degree in South Africa. He currently resides in St. Paul, MN.

13 Jubilarians to be Honored

Brother Ryan Anderson at the 2016 Jubilee


This year the Midwest District will honor twelve jubilarians for their years of service. Those honored include the following: 75 years – Brother Finbar McMullen; 70 years – Brothers Alfred Marshall and Raymond McManaman; 60 years – Brothers Konrad Diebold, Leon Leba, Leonard Stoffel and Louis Rodemann; 50 years – Brothers Bede Baldry, Steven Schonhoff, Michael Schmelzer, Michael Rivers, Dale Mooney and Walter Schreiner. The Jubilee is part of District Days 2017 and will be held at Lewis University. District Days will also feature an assembly. In addition to all invited Brothers, up to one hundred Lasallian Partners will be invited for a process of responding to the Institute theme of 2016-2017 of One Call, Many Voices. The participants from around the Midwest District will gather to share their input to the ongoing discernment of how to best live out the Lasallian Mission in the near future.

Around the District Bethlehem University Celebrates 30 Years of Partnership with Lewis University

Over the past 32 years, Bethlehem University and Lewis University have quietly built an extraordinary relationship. The Bethlehem University Fellows Program is a phenomenal example of collaboration between two Lasallian institutions of higher education, and a testament to Lewis University’s commitment to Palestine. Since 1984, eighteen Bethlehem University graduates have traveled to Illinois to earn degrees at Lewis, then returned to Palestine to join Bethlehem University’s faculty. Every fellowship recipient commits to return to Bethlehem to serve as a full-time faculty member for at least three years, and eight former Bethlehem University Fellows currently teach full-time at Bethlehem.

Brother Peter Bray at Lewis University Commencement

This spirit of Lasallian community is the cornerstone of the relationship between Bethlehem University and Lewis University. As Brother Neil Kieffe put it, “While the financial contribution, the number of persons, and the length of service are impressive, what I find even more important is the quality of service which this group of young people have displayed.”

CBU Listed Among Best Universities for Latinos

A combination of Institutional information provided by universities, along with independent sources like the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, and data by U.S. News and World Report served as the basis for the research methodology in compiling the top 50 U.S. universities for Latinos. The list includes institutions that have excelled in their performance, outreach and academic level in relation to the Latino student population. CBU’s Latino Student Success Program is a multi-faceted approach to assisting Hispanic students during their time at CBU. The LSS program is made possible by a private grant that will fund the program over the next seven years.


Around the District Saint Mary’s Dedicates Science and Learning Center

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Saint Mary’s University

On May 12th, the dedication ceremony for the new Science and Learning Center on the Winona Campus of Saint Mary’s University took place. The completion of the $19.7 million project was the culmination of a long-time dream of the university. The 50,000-square foot facility is the largest building Saint Mary’s has built on campus in more than 100 years.

Brother James Miller Chapel dedicated at Lewis University

On February 15th Lewis University dedicated a chapel to Brother James Miller who was martyred in Guatemala in 1982 while serving at a Lasallian school in Huehuetenango. The dedication was part of a two-week series of events marking the 35th anniversary of his death. Eleven members of the family of Brother James Miller, including his four siblings, attended the blessing and dedication. Before the chapel dedication members of the Miller family participated in a panel reflecting on his life.

Jane Campbell with Brother Stephen Markham

Lasallian Volunteers Named Among Programs that Change the World

The Center for Faith and Service announced its annual list of Service Programs that Change the World. Service Programs is a collection of faith-based young adult volunteer programs that provide leadership training, job opportunities and career development for young people. The Service Programs Class of 2017 comprises twenty-nine organizations, including the Lasallian Volunteers, who feature a commitment to social justice, intentional community life, simple living and spiritual exploration.


Around the District New Regional Statistics Released

Recently the Personnel Bureau in Rome released the current statistics for the Institute. The report showed that as of December 31, 2016 the Brothers of the Christian Schools had 3,829 Brothers with vows and 657 communities worldwide. During 2016 the report noted that 158 Brothers died, 15 with perpetual vows departed, and 29 with temporary vows departed. In addition, 54 Brothers made temporary profession, 40 Brothers made perpetual profession, and the Institute had 86 novices. The Midwest District had 23 communities and 131 Brothers with an average age of 72.5. Three Midwest Brothers died in 2016, two Brothers made first vows, and the District had 10 postulants and contacts.

Brother Terence Creates Memorial at CBU

In an effort to commemorate a large oak tree located outside the Stritch Hall Chapel at CBU that needed to be cut down, Brother Terence McLaughlin led the creation of a memorial. Brother Terence instructed the tree-removal workers to leave the stump in the ground and to cut it at an angle, so that a memorial plaque could be mounted and displayed on its face. He counted the rings and knew that this particular tree was over 150 years old. It was growing on that spot before the Brothers arrived in Memphis in 1871. He asked Bob Moats (shown above with Br. Terence) of the CBU staff to create a plaque.

Bethlehem University Receives $1.5M gift

Bethlehem University, the only Catholic/Christian university in the Holy Land, received a $1.5 million gift from the Middle Atlantic Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem for the university’s current Institute for Community Partnership (ICP) Expansion Project. Once completed, the building will be named in honor of the late Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, John Patrick Cardinal Foley. The funds come from a bequest to the Lieutenancy from the Estate of Lady Rose Bente Lee Ostapenko. She was known for her lifelong dedication to Catholic and other philanthropic works. The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem is the only lay institution of the Vatican State charged with the task of providing for the needs of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and of all the activities and initiatives to support the Christian presence in the Holy Land.


Around the District St. Joseph High School Coach Sets Record

On February 11th St. Joseph H.S. boys basketball coach, Gene Pingatore earned his 1,000th career victory when his team defeated St. Rita H.S. in the first round of the Catholic league playoffs. In his 48th season at St. Joseph’s, Gene is the first boys’ coach in Illinois and the fifteenth boys’ coach in the U.S. to reach that milestone. The 80-year- old was awarded a game ball with an inscription and spoke to the crowd for a few minutes. Many of his former players were in attendance for the historic event. He joins Marshall H.S. girls coach Dorothy Gaters in the state’s 1,000 win club. Michael Brennan Appointed as President of Holy Family Catholic High School

Michael Brennan has been appointed as the new president of Holy Family Catholic High School. Brennan will succeed Kathleen Brown, who has served the high school in a dual role as president and principal since 2010. A product of Catholic education, Brennan has a bachelor of arts degree from Boston College, a Master of Education and a Master of Educational Administration from the University of Notre Dame. His career in Catholic education includes five years as a teacher, four years as a principal, and, most recently, six years as the Director of Catholic Schools in Rochester, MN. Jim Franz Named Bishop Kelley High School Principal Jim Franz, who has been Principal for the past nineteen years at Bishop Thomas K. Gorman Catholic High School in Tyler, TX has been named the new principal of Bishop Kelley High School. A graduate of Union High School in Tulsa, OK, Jim was chosen from a number of candidates to lead and support Bishop Kelley’s faculty, staff, and students. Bishop Kelley President Rev. Brian O’Brien introduced Jim Franz as the school’s new Principal at a press conference held April 20th in the school’s library.


Around the District New President Started at Benilde-St. Margaret

On February 1st, Dr. Adam Ehrmantraut started his term as the new President of Benilde-St. Margaret’s School in St. Louis Park, MN. He is not new to the school. He began his teaching career in 1999 and served as a social studies and business teacher, advisor to the Youth in Government program, hockey coach and dean. During his last year at BSM in 2006 he was the interim Principal. He earned his B.A. in Business from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, his M.A. in Teaching from the University of St. Thomas, and his Ed.D. from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Dr. David Livingston Installed as Lewis University President

On April 7th, Dr. David Livingston was installed as the 10th President of Lewis University on the feast of St. John Baptist de La Salle. A Mass of Thanksgiving and the inauguration ceremony was held at the Field House in the Student Recreation and Fitness Center.


Karen Siston Joins Midwest District Office

Karen Siston joined the Midwest District Office on March 1st as the new Accounting Manager. Karen’s most recent position was the Director of Finance at Healthcare Solutions Team in Lombard, and she spent seven years at McGraw-Hill Higher Education in Burr Ridge as a Financial Analyst. Later she was promoted to Finance Manager. She has her BBA degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology and studied for one year in the taxation program at DePaul University. She is joining the District following the retirement of Len Suhadolc.


From The Rule of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, page one: The Purpose and Spirit of The Institute: The Brothers, in fidelity to the call of the Spirit and the charism of their Founder, consecrate themselves to God in order to exercise, by association, their apostolic ministry of education. By association. In other words, the mission of the De La Salle Christian Brothers is not a solitary enterprise. That spirit of association guides the work of the Brothers today, and it’s what our Lasallian Days are all about. Once a year, in 8-12 cities around the country, the Christian Brothers family gets together. The gathering may be a morning of recollection. A talk by a Brother on a current topic of interest. An update on the work of our schools in that city. Whatever it may be, Lasallian Days provide the chance for us to be Together and By Association, as St. John Baptist de La Salle intended. If you’re an alum of our universities and schools, a faculty or staff member, or whatever your connection to the Brothers may be, we hope you’ll join us for these family reunions. We want to stay connected to our family.

Save the Date Stevens Point, WI - September 15, 2017 Twin Cities - September 27, 2017 Winona, MN - September 28, 2017 Memphis, TN - October 25, 2017 Kansas City, MO - November 2, 2017 Chicago 2018 “Summer Speaker Series” May 16 June 20 July 18 20

I hope this finds you well... Notes from a Christian Brother A heartwarming new web series featuring stories from Christian Brothers all over the world. To read the latest edition visit


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Brother Robert Staub, FSC

1923 - 2017

Come to me all you who are weary and tired, and I will give you rest. These familiar words, taken from the Gospel of his funeral mass, are so very fitting for Brother Robert. Robert was the Dean of the District when he passed away a few weeks shy of his 95th birthday. In 1939 young Joseph E. Staub left his home and family in Chicago and, like so many other young men from all over the upper Midwest, headed to tiny Glencoe, MO, to resume his high school education in the La Salle Juniorate and begin his lifelong commitment as a Brother of the Christian Schools. That commitment of 77 years ended in the early hours of January 10 at Lambert Hall, in the midst of the community of which he was a member for most of his life.

Brother Michael Schain, FSC

1943 - 2016

Brother Michael, as we look back upon your rich and varied list of apostolates and listen to the tributes and memories of those whose lives and hearts you touched, it is clear that your initial desire to serve both God and young people has been realized on two continents---and that you did so, not only through teaching and leading a school, but especially by sharing the gift of music with so many. Well-done, Music Man! And thank you, my Brother, for your 52 years of gentle service and commitment. Live Jesus in our hearts.


As we go to print, we regret to inform our readers that Brother David Barth, FSC, passed away peacefully in his sleep on May 11, 2017. His full obituary and eulogy may be viewed online at

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The Brother Armand Project There aren’t many things more important in life than family. As we get older we realized how important it is to preserve the history of our family and to pass on that history. We are proud to share with you an important project being undertaken by our own Brother Armand Alcazar. “One Call, Many Voices: Brothers Tell Their Stories” is an ambitious effort to preserve our history for the next generation of Lasallians. In Brother Armand’s words: “Every life makes a contribution. For the Brothers of the Christian Schools there is an entire organization in jeopardy of being forgotten. ‘One Call, Many Voices’ is an attempt to glean the importance of the role of Brothers in general and the contribution of individual lives. “Brothers continue to pass away and with them, a record of their spirituality, educational principals and attitudes. A record of what it means to be a vowed Lasallian Brother.” To learn more about how you can support The Brother Armand Project, contact Rob Cummings, Chief Development Officer:

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