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Young Brothers in their robes on the grounds of the Novitiate, now La Salle Retreat Center in Glencoe, MO

On the Front

A restored photo of Brother James Miller, FSC

Provincial Notes D ear Lasallians---Brothers and Partners,

As we approach the 300th anniversary of Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s entry into eternal life and celebrate the global impact of his mission, it’s important to look back and reflect on the rich Lasallian history that we have been so blessed to be a part of. As the title suggests, this issue of Faith & Zeal is all about understanding where we’ve come from and where we’re headed. Inside, you’ll find a story about a Lasallian relic, once forgotten, now restored and proudly displayed at one of our Lasallian ministries. You’ll also get a glimpse into the archives of the Brothers and learn what happens to each of our Lasallian artifacts. I’d like to draw your attention to our cover, which features our soon-to-be Blessed Brother James Miller, FSC. This past March the cause for Brother James Miller’s beatification was unanimously approved by the group of nine theologians in Rome. The next steps towards his beatification are outlined inside. Follow along with us as we patiently wait the official announcement from the Vatican. Live Jesus in Our Hearts – Forever!

Brother Larry Schatz, FSC Provincial/Brother Visitor


Unearthing a Lasallian Treasure A Lasallian relic recently made its debut at Bishop Kelley High School in Tulsa, OK. A 150-year old statue of St. John Baptist de La Salle was discovered at an antique store in Dallas, TX, by Connie Sullivan, former Director of Christian Service at Bishop Kelley, and her husband and alumnus Deacon Tim Sullivan. The couple was able to negotiate with the store owner and brought the statue home for $1500. The origin of the statue dates back to the late 1850’s. A sculptor by the name Olivia was commissioned by the Christian Brothers in France to create a statue of the Founder. Four hundred of the statues were ordered and placed in schools throughout France and various other countries where the Brothers taught. In January of 2005, the statue, in its original form, was presented to the Bishop Kelley community at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony for Brother David Poos, a former President of Bishop Kelley.

Several years after it’s original debut, thanks to the generosity of two alumni parents, the statue was restored and placed into a display cabinet on the school’s campus this past October. Father O’Brien, a former President of Bishop Kelley, commented, “This Statue deserves a place where it will be free of elements. We owe De La Salle everything; without his example, Bishop Kelley would not be the school that it is today.” The statue of De La Salle will serve as a physical reminder of the Brothers’ commitment, as well as that of the Bishop Kelley community, to education of youth in the past, in the present, and in the future.

Statue of De La Salle during restoration process 4 Photos courtesy of Bishop Kelley High School


Q &A With Amy Surak, Director of Archives & Special Collection, Manhattan College

The archives for the Midwest District as well as the legacy New York District and Long IslandNew England District, the Christian Brothers Conference, the District of Eastern North America, the Lasallian Research Collection and, of course, the Manhattan College are housed at Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York. Archivist, Amy Surak, manages these collections, which include all forms for recorded information like documents, photographs, slides, LPs, CDs, DVDs, VHS, digital items, ephemera, books, artwork, relics, maps, blueprints, etc. 6


Tell us about yourself & what it’s like to be the Manhattan College Archivist.

I have been an archivist for over twenty years. I was a history major and Italian literature minor at Bryn Mawr College for undergrad and I received a Master’s Degree in history, archival description, historical editing and museum studies at New York University. Before coming to Manhattan College, I worked at a handful of New York institutions including New York University Archives, New York Public Library and the New York Historical Society. I have been at Manhattan College for about fifteen years. In that time, the archival collections have not only grown exponentially in size, but usage of the collections has flourished. Students, faculty, administrators, Lasallians, Catholic historians as well as scholars interested in social, urban, ethnic and educational history have conducted research using our collections. I have assisted researchers on everything from dissertations, books, documentaries, genealogical studies, to even a criminal cold case file!

What has been your favorite or do archived items come from Q: Where Q: most interesting discovery so far? and why are they archives so important? Materials come from the provincial offices, from individual Brothers, from communities and schools, from interested parties, alumni and friends. I recently received a donation of 19th century materials related to the New York Catholic Protectory that were unearthed in the walls of a building under renovation in midtown Manhattan! Archives are repositories for primary source materials and serve as the institutional memory of an organization. Our Lasallian Archives function as important internal information resources for the Lasallian community as well as a treasure trove of materials related to social, educational, and religious history for interested scholars. The Archives enhance a general awareness of the unique history, tradition and culture of all aspects of the Institute. Plus, I think it’s exciting to experience the tangible documentary connection to the past, the evidential primacy of original records and the sense of discovery that comes from working with materials in the Archives.

Good question. Okay, this happened recently. About a year ago I had received a large, flat enclosure. I had been waiting for a large, over-sized photograph and so I assumed that was it. Since I thought I knew what was in the enclosure, I shelved it for several months until I had a student who could enter the details of the photo into our database (essentially identifying hundreds of people in the photo.)

Our Lasallian Archives function as important internal information resources for the Lasallian community as well as a treasure trove of materials related to social, educational, and religious history for interested scholars. I finally got the opportunity and when I opened the package last month, much to my shock and joy, it was not the photograph, but 19th century documents and broadsides about the Civil War, an 18th century land grant, and several other amazing early American history documents. I was so surprised and delighted!


Q:How did the Christian Brothers archives develop? Q: Why Manhattan College? Early efforts were made to establish the New York District Archives, dating all the way back to 1884, when all were urged to send graduation programs and other material of interest to La Salle Academy, NYC. When the novitiate was relocated to Barrytown, NY in 1930, the Archives were relocated as well. Over the years, without a firm collection policy or a designated archivist, the collection languished until about 1950 when Brother Basil Leo Lee took charge. Concerned over security and a lack of use, in 1953 he moved the Archives from Barrytown to the library at Manhattan College. The College Archives seems to have been officially established during this time as well.

Right before I came and while the College was building its new library, the Brothers determined to relocate the LI-NE District Archives from the Provincialate at Narragansett, RI to Manhattan. Around the same time, the Lasallian Archivists decided to officially establish the Lasallian Research Collection at the College. The collection of publications by and about the Brothers and the Institute has been amassed over decades and highlights include the libraries of Brother Luke Salm and Brother Leon Aroz. We decided concentrate all these types of publications in one location, the College, and enter them into our database. This process is nearly complete, but we add to this collection monthly, when new items are published. And finally, in the summer of 2014, the Midwest District collection and the Christian Brothers Conference Archives was moved from Christian Brothers University in Memphis to Manhattan College.

I really believe Manhattan College serves as an important Center for Lasallian Research. Not only does the Archive promote the mission of the College, but here we provide the necessary resources and upkeep to protect, preserve and make these collections available to scholars. As an academic institution, we have active and interested researchers—we even have specific courses conducted using our materials to keep the next generations engaged with the Institute. The Archives effectively supports the research of Brothers, faculty, students, and other scholars by providing more thorough access to information about the Institute and the Lasallian world.

next? Are there any Q: What’s new developments or projects? Of course! We want to highlight our collections and spark interest in the Institute, so we are working on a series of online exhibitions. These will convey brief histories on significant topics and will include visually stimulating images and artifacts. We are also working on a comprehensive interactive timeline that features information, images and videos documenting the history of the Institute, the Districts and the various apostolates of the Brothers. For those interested in the Archives, please visit our website at: https://archives.manhattan.edu/ or for specific information on all of the North American Lasallian Archives, including the Districts of San Francisco, Baltimore, Santa Fe-New Mexico and San Francisco-New Orleans, are searchable at: https://archivesspace.manhattan.edu/


Amy Surak carefully inspecting an artifact Photos courtesy of Manhattan College


A Dash of Zeal I recently read Linda Ellis’s “Dash Poem”. If you’re familiar with it, you come to understand the meaning of the ‘dash’ engraved on a headstone as a representation of all the time spent between the moment you are born and the moment you die. It’s not the dates that are so important, but the stories and experiences about our lives – the dash – that really counts. The last line of this verse asks us, “Would you be proud of the things they say, about how you spent your dash?” Throughout our lives, there are particular experiences and stories we all remember that are set forever inside our souls, as if they were engraved in stone. Those special moments of significance leave a lasting impression, teach us something invaluable and remain in our memories because they’ve changed us.

P.J. Thompson, Saint Mary’s Press we accept the responsibility to continue to build the charisms of DeLaSalle all over the world. Like other Lasallian women of history – Madeleine Lamy, Sister Louise and Dorothy Day, we need not have wealth or carry a certain status in the community or our place of employment to make a difference. As Lasallian women, we are called to share every day stories of faith and our rich Lasallian tradition. We find occasions at both large events and in individual interactions to begin crucial conversations to fight against injustice, encourage educational opportunity, stand up for the vulnerable and touch the lives of others with what we know. As Brene Brown once said, “Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the

“Throughout our lives, there are particular experiences and stories we all remember that are set forever inside our souls, as if they were engraved in stone.” They become a part of our own individual history, our ‘dash’, and they impact our daily walk of faith. These encounters offer a well-spring of gratitude and learning that feeds the zeal in our hearts, so we can touch the lives of those we come to know in a new way and help us remember we are in the holy presence of God.


Last July, Lasallian women from different parts of the globe, etched new stories into our lives and breathed in an experience that forever changed us. The Lasallian Global Women’s Symposium 2017 was held in Auckland, New Zealand. We gathered as changemakers to dialogue about the ways we can help carry on the mission of John Baptiste DeLaSalle for the next generation. Knowing that we currently make up 56% of Lasallians world-wide as female partners,

extraordinary.” Listening to and telling stories allows us to act as agents of change, enriching the work of the founder and laying the seeds of promise that our mission will live on and continue to grow beyond the end date on our own personal memorials. As DeLaSalle reminds us, we are together and by association. To truly be together by association, our voices must be a part of the critical dialogue of today, included in decision making and actively impact the mission we proclaim. Our own Circular 461 tells us that such participation is essential and that we cannot sit idle and remain on the sideline. There is an urgent need to find new roadmaps that encourage creativity and innovation in the pursuit of the common good.

Photos courtesy of P.J. Thompson, Saint Mary’s Press

The culminating work for the symposium was the creation of such a roadmap through specific outcomes, to present to the Superior General and his council. Our aim is to empower Lasallian women, through their confident collective voice, to promote ways women and girls can further the Lasallian vocation and recognize their distinct role and identity in this important work. Through increased awareness and the development of new roles for Lasallian women, we can provide a solid foundation for future sustainability of the Lasallian mission. Since those July days, we’ve honored our commitment to continue to connect and share stories with one another and our local communities. We’ve spoken at seminars, at the Huether

Conference, company and campus presentations, local meetings and one-to-one, to show others that Jesus is alive in our hearts! We look forward to continued dialogue and the implementation of change to enable greater communication among all Lasallians; the assurance of inclusivity in leadership and representation; consideration of global, regional and district mentoring programs tailored to meet the needs of a variety of locations and cultures; and the acknowledgement that we must engage the voice of students, clients, and young Lasallians in our Mission planning and the promotion of our vocation so it may thrive. As we take on this important work, we can all be proud to say – “This is part of how I spent my dash and I invite you to join me!”


“We are touched by a zeal no one could fully capture in words, we smiled and laughed, voiced our passion and desire to do good in our world, to be the good we wish to see. I shall never be the same! And as I left Aukland this afternoon, riding with new friends from ‘across the pond’ to see more of New Zealand, we talked about the many things that touched us…the many ways we grew and appropriately, the scenery along the way showed us the Hand of God reaching down as He did all those days together.” - P.J. Thompson


Editors Note: This photo and excerpt come from the blog P.J. kept during her time at the Women’s Symposium. To read more of her blog as well as other blog postings, visit www.cbmidwest.org/districtnews/


Lasallian Pilgrimage to France 2019 Join Brother Larry Schatz and Brother Michael French to “Walk in the Footsteps of the Founder� REIMS BROUILLET LIESSE ROUEN PARIS The Pilgrimage will be Sunday, September 22, to Sunday, September 29, 2019. We are blessed to have Lasallian historian, Brother Michael French, join us on this trip as our personal guide. Throughout this trip, we will be visiting locations in Reims, Brouillet, Liesse, Rouen, and Paris that have special meaning to Lasallians. We will be visiting the home of the Founder, Reims Cathedral, the Church of Joan of Arc, and many more. Join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity to deepen your connection to our Lasallian Heritage, the work of De La Salle, and the founding Brothers! For more information or to sign up please contact Samantha VenHuizen at (630) 323-3725, ext. 218 or svenhuizen@cbmidwest.org

Total Cost: $4,000 double occupancy (pp) $5,300 single occupancy (pp) (Payment plan available) *Airfare not included Travel accomodations and itinerary organized through IME Connect in New Jersey 14

8 days, 7 nights Experience Reims, Brouillet, Liesse, Rouen and Paris Included meals (gratuities included): daily buffet breakfast, 2 group lunches, and 6 group dinners Hotel accommodations, group tours, guide, and transportation (except Sept. 28) Opportunities for reflection and half-day retreat Free time to explore independently Pre-trip materials: travel wallet, custom agenda, emergency information card, and Lasallian readings 15

Join us for Lasallian Day Chicago This year’s Lasallian Day Chicago will be held at De La Salle Institute. All three of our current Midwest District Novices will be in attendance and will share with us the stories of their vocation. This is an event not to miss! When: Wednesday, June 20, 2018 11:00am - 1:00pm Where: De La Salle Institute 3434 S Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60616 For more information & to RSVP call the District Office at 630-323-3725 or go online to www.cbmidwest.org/WP1/lasallian-days Live Jesus in our Hearts...Forver!


F I N D U S. F O L L O W U S.




Naming Opportunities

Leave Behind a Legacy.

Naming opportunities are a unique way to be permanently recognized at our District Headquarters.

We encourage our donors to take advantage of these opportunities, either through an outright gift or through one that is pledged for a number of years. A naming opportunity also provides the ability to honor a family member or friend in a truly significant way. The Brothers of the Christian Schools, Midwest District, are pleased to share our current roster of named gift opportunities to recognize those leadership gifts that are monumental in advancing our mission. Detailed information about these and other naming opportunities in support of the Christian Brothers of the Midwest is available upon request. Please contact Samantha VenHuizen at (630) 323-3725, ext. 218.

YES! I am interested in a Naming Opportunity. Please clip this form and return it to the Midwest District Office.

Area of Interest: Name: Address: Phone: E-mail: 18


Christian Brothers of the Midwest 7650 S. County Line Road (630) 323-3725 cbmidwest.org


. Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Donor Spotlight T

he Christian Brothers of the Midwest have been fortunate for many years to have received a number of impactful gifts. As we approach the 300th anniversary of Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s entry into eternal life and celebrate the impact of the mission he started, we would like to extend a special thank you to our donors who continue to impact our mission today! As we look back at moments of extraordinary generosity, the Brothers offer their heartfelt gratitude to: Betty Kabara of Galena, Illinois, who this past year donated the largest gift ever by a living individual to the Midwest District to endow the Kabara Challenge. In recognition of the gift the Provincial headquarters building in Burr Ridge, Illinois will be permanently renamed the Dr. Jon and Betty Kabara Provincialate Center. Thomas E. McElyea of Fort Worth, Texas, for his gift of $50,000 to name the Front Lobby of the Provincialate Headquarters in Burr Ridge; Vincent Paschke, Jr. for his generous bequest to name the Alumni Office of the Provincialate Headquarters in Burr Ridge; And the thousands of alumni and friends from around the country who donate each year!

Permanent Naming Opportunities The District Office Board Room Brother Visitor’s Office The District Office Peace Pole The De La Salle Alcove Brother Auxiliary Visitor’s Office An endowment to support retired Brothers in residence at retirement or healthcare facilities

$100,000 $75,000 $15,000 $10,000 $30,000 $1,000,000

Annual Naming Opportunities Holy Week Triduum Retreat $10,000 Lasallian Day Events $1,000 - 5,000 Three District Council meetings $8,000 Annual meeting for Secondary School Admins $15,000 The Brothers’ Jubilee Mass celebration $3,500 District Day Brothers convocation $10,000 Nurses Gathering $5,000 19


Intercapitular Assembly 2018 The 2018 Intercapitular Assembly of the Brothers of the Christian Schools took place from March 4 through 17 at the Generalate in Rome, Italy. This midpoint gathering between General Chapters, brought together the Superior General, General Councilors, Visitors, and Auxiliary Visitors of the Institute for a series of discussions, presentations, and work sessions. This year’s Assembly focused on reviewing the progress made in implementing the vision of the 45th General Chapter, which was held in 2014, and attention to emerging priorities leading up to the 46th General Chapter in 2021. The Intercapitular Assembly was not legislative, but rather an opportunity to share success stories and identify shortcomings, in order to continue the momentum initiated by the Chapter. At the beginning of the Assembly, Brother Robert Schieler, Superior General, shared these words from the Rule of the Brothers: “We are the principal Brothers responsible for the vision and direction of the Institute. During these two weeks, we are ‘a community of faith in which we share our experience of God, encountered in daily commitments and in listening to the Word of God, in personal and community prayer, in reading the signs of the times and in the discernment of the will God’ (Rule: 46).” For more information about the Intercapitular assembly, visit www.lasallian.info. 21


De La Salle Christian Brothers from all over the world gathered for discussions and presentations. Photo courtesy of the Christian Brothers Institute


Brother James Miller: The Road to Beatification 1982


Brother James was killed in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, on February 13, 1982, while repairing a wall for the De La Salle Indian School. The beatification process opened in Huehuetenango in September 2009 in a diocesan process that later concluded in 2010. This diocesan investigation collected available documentation regarding Miller’s life as well as a series of witness testimonies from those who knew Miller. The formal introduction to the cause came in December of 2009 under Pope Benedict XVI after the Congregation for the Causes of Saints (C.C.S.) declared “nihil obstat” (nothing against the cause) and titled Miller as a Servant of God. The C.C.S. later validated the diocesan process July 2010 in Rome while later receiving the Positio dossier for assessment.


The current Postulator for the cause is Brother Rodolfo Cosimo Meoli. Nine theologians that consult the C.C.S. met to discuss Miller’s cause in March 2018.


On March 21, 2018 the cause for beatification of Brother James was approved in Rome by nine theologians. Once the beatification is approved by Pope Francis and the official ceremony takes place, he will be declared Blessed Brother James Miller. Brother James will be the first De La Salle Christian Brother from the United States to be beatified.


Brother James Miller’s Casket being carried through Huehuetenango, Guatemala.


Around the District Nine Jubilarians will be Honored this Year

This year the Midwest District will honor nine Brothers for their years of service in Christian education. The celebration will take place on July 21st at Lewis University with details to be announced later. Those honored include the following: 70 Years – Brother Frederick Oberrieder; 60 Years – Brothers Neil Kieffe, Frederick Dillenburg, Thomas Geraghty, Kevin Brutcher and Leo Jones; 50 Years – Brothers Robert Werle, Philip Jones, and Paul Ackerman. District Vow Chapter met in March

The Vow Chapter of the Midwest District met in March to consider those men who have requested admission to vows. The Chapter members reviewed the application letters of the three novices – Brothers Matthew Kotek, Mark Engelmeyer and Dylan Perry – to profess their first vows this summer. Brother Martin Montoya, who recently transferred from the District of ARLEP (Spain), requested to profess his perpetual vows. The Vow Chapter met during Triduum Retreat in Mundelein, IL. All were approved by the Vow Chapter.

SMUMN Broke Ground for Brother William Hall

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Winona broke ground on March 13th for the construction of a new residence hall, which will be named in honor of Brother William Mann, who will be stepping down in May 2018 as President of the university after ten years of service. The funding of this building was made possible by anonymous gifts, totaling $6.9 million. With Brother William’s announcement of his departure, several families wanted to recognize all that he has accomplished.


Around the District

Brother Javier Hansen Serves as Brother Delegate at Pre-Synod in Rome

A Pre-Synodal Gathering of Young People took place March 19–25. Conceived as a preparatory step for the October 2018 Ordinary Synod of Bishops, the Gathering aimed “to listen directly to the voices of young adults around the world.” Accordingly, it included approximately 300 inperson delegates and guests with close to an additional 15,000 young people participating via social media and other online platforms. Among the delegates in attendance was Brother Javier Hansen from the District of San Francisco New Orleans. Selected as a representative from the United States to the Pre-Synod, Brother Javier was its only De La Salle Christian Brother delegate. With the theme, “Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment,” the Pre-Synod Gathering focused on input and conversations around fifteen key questions posed to participants, which addressed in various ways the issues impacting the faith life of young people, vocation discernment, and young people’s pastoral experience of the Church.

Dr. Jeanette Mines affiliated to the Institute

In February, Dr. Jeanette Mines, Academic Associate to the Provost at Lewis University, was approved to be affiliated to the Institute by Brother Robert Schieler and his Council in Rome. In 2017 she was honored by RELAN with the Distinguished Educator Award as part of the annual Lasallian Huether Conference. In her more than 25 years of service to Lewis she made many significant contributions to the Lasallian character of the university and was the founding Dean of the College of Education.


Around the District Rev. James P. Burns Named 14th president of SMUMN

The Rev. James P. Burns, IVD, Ph.D., dean of the Woods College of Advancing Studies and Summer Session at Boston College, has been named the 14th president of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Father Burns will officially begin his presidency Monday, July 9. Father Burns holds a doctor of philosophy degree in counseling psychology from Northeastern University in Boston, a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of St. Thomas, and a master’s degree from St. Paul Seminary’s School of Divinity. He received his undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of St. Thomas School of Business.


Two Members Affiliated in Tulsa

This past December, Bishop Kelly H.S. in Tulsa, OK, held a special mass to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and to witness the affiliation of Gary Oberste ’70, AFSC, and Marianne Stich, AFSC, into the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. For many years Gary and Marianne have been dedicated to Lasallian education and have helped to make Bishop Kelley the community that it is today. Those individuals affiliated to the Institute are recognized as being persons who have been significantly active for a number of years in the mission of the Christian Brothers and whose lives are inspired by Lasallian spirituality. Affiliation is approved by Brother Superior and his Council in Rome. The Brothers show great appreciation for these people and welcome them as Affiliated Members (AFSC).

Around the District Roger Carter named President of San Miguel Middle School

Saint Mary’s Press Released a Study on Disaffiliation in Young Catholics

Saint Mary’s Press in Winona, MN, has released Going, Going, Gone! The Dynamics of Disaffiliation in Young Catholics. The twoyear national study, done in collaboration with the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University, examines why young people are leaving the Catholic Church and shares their reasons in their own voices. The report revealed that disaffiliation is a process that happens over time, typically prompted by a series of events or unresolved questions. To release the study and start a discussion, Saint Mary’s Press hosted a symposium in January at the Maritime Conference Center near Baltimore, MD. Two days of discussion with nearly 65 national leaders in the Catholic Church followed the symposium. Brother Timothy Coldwell, General Councilor for the Lasallian Region of North America, gave the closing address.

San Miguel Middle School in Tulsa announced that Roger Carter will become its new President in July 2018. Currently he serves as Cascia Hall Preparatory School Headmaster. He has almost forty years of experience in secondary education with thirty years of experience in Catholic education. Roger has served as Cascia Hall’s Headmaster since 2010. Roger earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tulsa and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Southern Nazarene University.

Photo courtesy of Bishop Kelley High School


Around the District Kevin Beirne Appointed as Principal of Montini Catholic HS

Montini Catholic High School in Lombard announced Kevin Beirne as their new Principal beginning with the 2018-19 school year. Mr. Beirne is replacing Maryann O’Neill who announced her retirement earlier this year after 32 years at the school, fourteen of which she served as principal of the Lasallian college preparatory high school. Mr. Beirne joined the Montini Catholic family in 2008 as an English instructor. From there he was promoted to the Director of Digital Learning Initiative and was instrumental in rolling out the school’s 1-to-1 iPad program in 2014. In 2015 he became Assistant Principal for Student Services, taking over the role vacated by Kathy Filipiak.


Jill O’Brien to Retire from the District Office in June

After more than twenty-seven years of dedicated service Jill O’Brien has announced that she will retire in June. Currently, Jill is the Administrative Assistant to the Finance Office in Burr Ridge. She first began working with the administrative team of Brothers of the legacy Chicago District back in 1991, and like a few others she continued with the Midwest District when it came into being in 1995.

La Salle Manor Celebrated 60 Years

In February, La Salle Manor celebrated its 60th anniversary. The Retreat Center was established in 1958 to serve Catholic high school students with staff led retreats. Since that time, they have served more than 250,000 people. While continuing the tradition of leading staffed retreats for high school students, many religious and other organizations utilize La Salle Manor to facilitate their own retreats and conferences. The retreat center is located on 47 acres in rural Plano, IL and is owned by the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Around the District Dr. Stephany Schlachter, AFSC, to Retire from Lewis University

After nearly four decades of leadership in various university roles, Dr. Stephany Schlachter, AFSC, announced plans to retire as Provost of Lewis University effective June 30, 2018. She will continue to serve the University as Special Assistant to the President until June 30, 2019. She has served as Provost of Lewis University for the last seventeen years and was affiliated to the Institute of the De La Salle Christian Brothers in 2014.

Father Gary Kastl Appointed as President of Bishop Kelley HS

Bethlehem University Welcomed New Chancellor

Bethlehem University announced the appointment of the Most Reverend Leopoldo Girelli as the new chancellor. In September Pope Francis appointed Archbishop Girelli as the Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem and Palestine. The Apostolic Delegate is Pope Francis’ personal representative to the people of Palestine. It is in this role that Archbishop Girelli serves as chancellor of Bethlehem University. Archbishop Girelli is also Apostolic Nuncio to Israel and Cyprus.

Bishop David Konderla and the Board of Directors of Bishop Kelley H. S. appointed Fr. Gary Kastl as President of Bishop Kelley High School. He began his new role as President on December 22, 2017. Fr. Kastl recently served as Pastor of St. Anne Catholic Church in Broken Arrow, a position he will retain until this June. At St. Anne’s, he helped grow the parish by 33% and led the completion of a major building project. He has also served as Pastoral Administrator of All Saints Catholic School since 2013.


Brother Denis Murphy, FSC


There is so much to admire about this truly humble but passionate Brother who never gave up, never settled in, and always remained joyful and upbeat even as he treaded into war-torn Iraq or to the gates of the School of the Americas. I was struck by Father Arthur Sauer’s words. Father Sauer was his childhood pastor at St. Peter’s Church in Skokie. In his letter of recommendation for young Denis, he says: “It is my opinion that there is reason to believe that Frank will become an exemplary religious Brother.” Prescient words, aren’t they? And so, here we are, 68 years later, celebrating a religious Brother who never hesitated-- as we Brothers have been called to by our last General Chapter---to go “Beyond the Borders”.

“The world is hungry not for busier people but bigger-hearted people. They seek not only people who work for God but people who are so at home with God that they become a doorway into God.” Here’s to our Brother Denis, who was as big-hearted as they come and provided a doorway for so many into God. Isn’t it good to know that he’s now waiting at that doorway, beckoning all of us to join him?


Brother Nick Geimer, FSC


I will always recall him with that youthful energetic stride. He was a man with a purpose-- -and that usually involved a project to help others! I recall a quote by Francis De Sales: Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength. How sad that our noisy combative world has lost a truly gentle man who possessed such an obvious inner strength and faith. Fortunately, because of his recycling so many pieces of discarded wood, he has also left us a lovely legacy of art and craft, done with such loving attention to detail.

Oh Nick, we will miss you, but what a journey you have had in your 71 years as a Brother! Thank you for saying “yes” so often and for inspiring all of us to what seems to have come so naturally to you: to be gentle and kind, with a smile and good word for all. 33

Brother Michael Callahan, FSC


In 2014, the American Contract Bridge League awarded Michael J. Callahan the “Life Master Certificate in recognition of outstanding achievement in bridge competition.” Now, I realize this may seem like a rather unusual way to begin a eulogy for a Christian Brother. After all, Brother Michael, originally, Brother Hugh Mark, was a Brother for 65 years. That in itself is an achievement.

Michael also proved himself over and over again as a “life master” ...in the art of being a Brother. For anyone who knew him and spent time with him, Mike was always easy to be around. His ready smile and welcoming presence was a true sign of his fraternal spirit. Like so many Brothers, he touched the lives and hearts of countless young people.


This poem comes from Brother Fred Oberrieder, FSC. This year, Brother Fred will be celebrating his 70th Jubilee as a De La Salle Christian Brother. Born in Kansas City, MO, he worked in various schools in Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio. He currently resides in Chicago, IL, and in his free time, he enjoys attending the opera, symphony, and writing poetry.

“Ah, youth thy beauty gone Yet, placidly life flows youthfully on. Why soul does an anomaly seem to be: Beauty diminished, life unfinished? Cosmetic superficial magnificence Fails to swell the human heart’s persistence, Our desiring for wisdom and spiritual significance, In the heart’s depths is where beauty thrives and survives Not for human pretentious praise and popular adulation. Beauty ever alluring is God’s gift to earthy creature need, That of the heart to first self and neighbor love, Foremost to offer thanks, praise, worship to God above.” - Brother Frederick John Oberrieder, Jr., FSC

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Faith & Zeal Spring 2018  

Faith & Zeal Spring 2018