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FALL 2019


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Brother Michael Fehrenbach, FSC Visitor/Provincial Brother Chris Englert, FSC Auxiliary Visitor Brother Joseph Saurbier, FSC Director of Administration and Operations Dr. Scott Kier, Ed.D. Superintendent of Lasallian Education

Anthony C. Chimera, M.B.A. Director of Development Brother Thomas Dominic Vance, FSC Development Associate Alexander Vasiliades, M.B.A. Communications Manager Samantha VenHuizen Manager of Development Services Joanna Wagner Assistant Director of Development


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On the Front Christian Brothers and Sisters of the Resurrection gathered for a special Mass as the Christian Brothers begin sponsorship of Resurrection College Prep High School.

Provincial Notes D ear Lasallians---Brothers and Partners,

As this is my first note to you in our Faith & Zeal magazine, I thought I would share with you some things that we all have to look forward to. The 2019-2020 Liturgical Year will begin on December 1, 2019 and the theme selected for this year is "Great Things are Possible." As Lasallians, we are engaged in and committed to a vocation by which we intend to change the world. We know we live in a time that is divisive, in which people encamp in tribal group-think. Hate speech and bullying are things many suffer every day. Lasallians disavow a way of life that is exclusive, disrespectful, lacking spiritual roots, and where the poor and oppressed are ignored or treated as less than human. Our core values — FAITH in GOD, RESPECT for ALL, INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY, EXCELLENCE, AND COMMITMENT TO A JUST WORLD, speak of the “Great Things that Are Possible.” When we instill a love for these values in those entrusted to our care, no matter their particular faith background, economic status, gender, or any other thing some might use to divide and separate us, we are changing the world. It is our educational mission. We are instruments of salvation and sacraments of love. As you read this issue of Faith & Zeal take time to reflect on all the great things that have been possible and all the great things that still are because of Lasallians--Lasallians, like you. Also, at the end of this issue take note of our Honor Roll of Donors. These kind and generous people help keep our mission alive and well. Enjoy! Live Jesus in our Hearts...Forever!

Brother Michael Fehrenbach, Provincial/Brother Visitor


Q &

A with the Auxiliary Visitor


Brother Chris Englert, FSC, was appointed Auxiliary Visitor of the Midwest District by Brother Superior General Robert Schieler, FSC. Brother Chris’ four-year term began on July 1, 2019.

Prior to becoming Auxiliary Visitor, Brother Chris was president of Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, Tennessee. He completed his service as president in December 2018. Over the course of his teaching career, Brother Chris has taught at La Salle High School in Cincinnati, Ohio; Newport Catholic High School, Kentucky; and Archbishop O’Hara High School in Kansas City, Missouri. He serves on numerous Boards and also serves as a trustee of Christian Brothers University in Memphis.

Q: Who or what inspired you to become a Brother?

I was taught by the Brothers at La Salle High School in Cincinnati. They were good teachers, very involved in the school, and occasionally had us over to the house. They enjoyed what they were doing. Even though many of those Brothers never professed final vows, I am still in contact with some of them today. I felt a vocation to religious life early on. That, and the desire to be an educator led me to the Christian Brothers. When I was a senior, Brother Robert Werle invited me to consider being a Brother. Brother Stan Sobczyk was the recruiter at the time and my vocation took off.


How do you view your role as Auxiliary Visitor?

My primary role is to support the Visitor, Brother Michael Fehrenbach. In the assignment letter from Brother Superior Robert Schieler, FSC, he says “In your role as Auxiliary Visitor you will be Michael’s closest collaborator.” Consequently, Brother Mike has asked me to serve on numerous Boards, work with the Lasallian Volunteers, and continue to be of support to the Brothers. I also serve on the District Council, the Lasallian Education Council (LEC), and the Regional Council of Christian Brothers (RCCB). In addition, Brother Mike and I are often asked to represent the Brothers and their legacy in ministries and public events, especially at those where there are few or no Brothers involved. From our newest Lasallian school, Resurrection College Prep High School in Chicago (though nearing its 100th birthday!) to our oldest, Christian Brothers College High School in St. Louis, it is an honor to represent such a storied history.


If you could share one thing with the Lasallian family, what would it be?


Where can you find the best BBQ in Memphis?

The Lasallian Mission is much broader than I imagined. Having spent two weeks at our Generalate in Rome, I was able to connect with Brothers from around the world. The creative ways they deal with their challenges is inspiring. I’ve been a Brother for 46 years and the Institute has continued to evolve to meet the educational needs of young people. God’s hand has guided us through our history, and so many people have responded with the zeal that our Founder often wrote about.

Any answer to that question are “fightin’ words”. For someone visiting Memphis for the first time, you basically cannot go wrong with Corky’s, Leonard’s, One & Only BBQ, Blues City Café, the Rendezvous, Central BBQ, The Commissary, The Bar-B-Q Shop, Tops BBQ, and numerous other places. But ribs are my favorite….. served wet! Over the years I have ordered ribs in other cities only to be disappointed. Wait until you get to Memphis! (I do have a favorite place for ribs but it’s not for publication.)


What is one thing you would like to accomplish during your term?

Planning for the future of the District, the Region, and the Institute is imperative to ensure the vitality of the Lasallian Mission. While this may seem a daunting task, I’m not sure there has ever been a period in our 300-year history that has escaped difficult challenges. The Brothers are fortunate to be associated with generous and talented lay colleagues who share the same passion and commitment to the mission. Together we are creating a vision to respond to the needs of young people. are your hopes and aspirations Q: What for the Midwest District? How can our

ministries, alumni, and friends make that a reality? The senior Brothers, those Brothers serving in ministries, and the Brothers in Formation need to be supported and well-taken care of. We have been blessed by the generosity of many of our friends who have helped to ensure that this happens. Lay leadership must continue to emerge. What a blessing our administrators and formators have been over the years, but the need for others to commit to the Lasallian Mission is only growing stronger. Our schools must continue to blend innovation with tradition. However, celebrating the past and anticipating the future cannot cast a shadow on what happens each day in our work with children. “Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God” has kept me focused on the present.


What do you miss most about CBHS and Memphis?

The people! Having served there for 30 years, I have many friends----colleagues and alumni--who shared their lives with me. Fortunately, my role as Auxiliary Visitor allows me occasional visits to Memphis where I can schedule a few extra days to see friends (and doctors!). Facebook has been another source of staying connected.



In 1926, property in Evanston, Illinois was purchased from the Sisters of St. Francis for the purpose of constructing a Catholic High School for boys of the North Shore district of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Ground was broken on February 15, 1927 and on September 12, 1927, St. George High School opened with 152 students. The school building, located at 350 Sherman Avenue, was a three-story structure containing thirty classrooms, including a library, cafeteria, gymnasium and swimming pool. The Christian Brothers had been selected for the new school. This body of religious, which dedicated their lives to the teaching of young men, won the hearts of the students who entered St. George from the start. Alumni still speak with affection and admiration of these men who instilled in them the Christian Brothers’ spirit. The first faculty was made up of Brother Justinus Elzear as the Director, and Brothers Hermes Michael, Josephus Bertram and Joachim Michael. William R. Maher was the first Athletic Director. During Brother Justinus Elzear’s six-year term (1927-1933), many activities and organizations were started: the Mothers’ Club, the Fathers’ Club, The Georgian (yearbook), The Dragon (school paper), school band, dramatic society and the debating society, to name a few. Athletic teams in football, basketball, swimming, boxing, baseball and track were also formed, and the enrollment grew to more than 600 boys at that time. When Brother Lawrence David became Director in 1933, the economic devastation brought on by the Depression created a decrease in the enrollment, resulting in a severe financial problem


for St. George. Fortunately, Brother Lawrence was an experienced administrator and with solid management skills he capably and successfully directed the school during this difficult period. By 1939, the economic condition of the country stabilized. A new director, Brother Hillary Bernard, further developed the scholastic and athletic departments of the school. Under his guidance, St. George’s enrollment began to increase. Graduates of St. George were accepted at many prestigious institutions and at these respective colleges, they reflected academic glory on St. George and the Christian Brothers. During the years of World War II, Brother Ignatius Patrick took over the direction of St. George. His strong hand was greatly needed in those days of educational uncertainty and anxiety. He introduced several classes which aided students when they were called to serve in the United States Armed Forces. Many seniors who took examinations for Officer Candidacy did so well that St. George gathered new honors. Of the 900 St. George alumni who served in the Armed Forces, 44 of them never returned from the war. In August of 1945, Brother Julius Edgar became the Director of St. George. During the next two years, the student body grew from 700 to 1,100. Four new classrooms were added and many new improvements and repairs were begun. Until its closure in 1969, St. George took its place among the other mature, leading secondary schools of the Archdiocese. Today, the St. George Alumni are as active as ever.




ames (Jim) Philip Beaumont was born in St. Paul, MN on November 1, 1920, and was the youngest of eight children. Jim graduated from St. Ita School, St. George High School (class of 1938), and Carleton College. He got married before going overseas to Germany during WWII. Luckily, he was in officer candidate school or he would have been on the front lines for the Battle of the Bulge. Jim served as a 1st lieutenant in the U. S. Army and was celebrated in an Honor Flight in 2015. After a long career in the insurance industry, Jim volunteered many years in the RCIA and PADS programs, Vitas Hospice, as a Eucharistic Minister at St. Isaac Jogues, Hinsdale, and usher at St. Joan of Arc, Lisle. Jim enjoyed cross country skiing, bike-riding, canoeing, and dancing. Jim was also an avid Cubs fan since 1927, and he road-tripped to see the Cubs win game 2 of the 2016 World Series in Cleveland.

Jim turned 98 years old in 2018, and was still working for Avis and Budget driving rental cars where they needed to go. As the sole St. George Alumni Banquet attendee from the 1930's for many years, Jim's presence reminded us all of the pre-Max Burnell Dragon football graduates achieving - for reasons other than their pigskin prowess - national acclaim, among them Broadway critic Walter Kerr ('31), personal injury lawyer Phil Corboy ('42), and Washington, D.C. House of Representatives Henry Hyde ('42). Let's never assume that the Saint George claim to fame was built solely on athletic accomplishments. Jim passed away September 1, 2019 and will be dearly missed and remembered by all he knew.


A Chance Encounter It was in Reims, at the Motherhouse of the Sisters of the Child Jesus, St. John Baptist de La Salle first encountered Adrian Nyel, a layman establishing schools for poor boys, upon the doorstep. It was this chance encounter with Nyel, that set De La Salle on a new life path. Instead of continuing his rise in Church hierarchy, he found himself gradually becoming more involved with Nyel in opening schools for the poor. When Nyel left Reims to open more schools, De La Salle assumed leadership of the “teachers,� who were rough and barely literate men. In 1680, he invited them into his family home for meals, which is considered the founding of the Institute. Much like De La Salle, many Chrisitan Brothers Alumni attribute their successes in life to their own"Chance Encounter" with the Brothers. We invite you to share your story of how the Brothers have impacted your life.


! y r o t s r u o y e r a h S


Around the District Nine Jubilarians Honored this Year

This year the Midwest District honored nine Brothers for their years of service in Christian education. The celebration took place on July 20th at Lewis University. Those honored included: 70 Years – Brothers Louis Althaus, Arnold McMullen, Edwin Dupre; 60 Years – Brothers William Clarey, Michael Flaherty, Bernard Brungardt, Michael Lee Anderson; 50 Years – Brothers Raymond Bonderer, David Kuebler.

Pope Names Brother Robert Schieler, FSC, to Vatican Congregation

This past July, Pope Francis appointed Brother Superior General Robert Schieler, FSC, and seven female religious leaders as full members of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. The announcement came on July 8, 2019. In the past, the positions were all filled by men and included cardinals, bishops and priests. The Congregation is responsible for everything which concerns institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life regarding their governance, discipline, studies, goods, rights and privileges.

2019-2020 Lasallian Theme Announced: “Great Things are Possible”

Lasallians are invited to explore and celebrate the theme in their ministries and communities. Lasallian Reflection 5 accompanies the theme and encourages Lasallians to respond to the challenges facing the world today. “Great Things are Possible” is the sixth in a series of seven annual themes that the Brother Superior and General Council developed following the 45th General Chapter. Each one supports the overall theme of “Living Together Our Joyful Mission.” 10

Around the District

KabarA Challenge Hits All-Time High This year’s KabarA Challenge hit an all-time high with a record number of donors and total amount donated. This time last year we celebrated a $1 million gift from Mrs. Betty Kabara that endowed her gift to the KabarA Challenge. This year our alumni and friends took that gift to heart and met it with an outpouring of support. This year’s challenge ended on August 31st with a grand total of over $160,000 in support of our Senior Brothers. Thank you to all who participated in this year’s challenge!

Lasallian Volunteers Begin 30th Service Year

Lasallian Volunteers kicked off its 30th service year with the Brother Charles Kitson Institute for Formation of Lasallian Volunteers. The gathering took place at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, July 19-27 with 20 first-year and 15 returning LVs. They attended daily presentations and workshops, which were both practical and reflective. This year’s LVs are serving at 18 ministries as teachers, tutors, mentors, social workers and more. The official 2019-2020 kickoff event was held after the commissioning ceremony. It is the first in a series of events marking the anniversary year. Since the LV program began 30 years ago, more than 750 young men and women have volunteered in this program of faith, service and community. 11

Resurrection College Prep H.S. Joins the Lasallian Network On May 15th, Dr. Scott Kier, Superintendent of Lasallian Education, and Sister Donna Marie Wolowicki, C.R., President of Resurrection College Prep H.S., announced that beginning August 2019, the Christian Brothers of the Midwest will manage the operations of Resurrection College Prep High School in Chicago, IL and shortly thereafter will assume the sponsorship of the school. Resurrection College Prep High School is the largest Catholic college preparatory high school for young women on the northwest side of Chicago. Established by the Sisters of the Resurrection in 1922, Resurrection has a long history of encouraging young women to discover their true potential and prepare them for success in college, career, and life.


Papal Audience Celebrates 300th Anniversary On May 16, 2019, Pope Francis welcomed Lasallians to an audience where he called De La Salle “a pioneer in the field of education, who created an innovative education system for his time” and said De La Salle’s legacy is “still remarkable today for its vision of the school, the concept of the teacher, and innovative teaching methods.” The audience occurred as part of the Lasallian Jubilee Year. Brother Superior General Robert Schieler thanked Pope Francis for declaring the jubilee year and for joining in the celebration. He said that the pope’s witness “inspires all of us to create a culture of encounter and to bring the Good News to those who are different, despised and ignored.”

Midwest District Hosts Lasallian Youth Assembly The Midwest District’s 2019 Lasallian Youth Assembly (LYA) was hosted on June 17-21 at the Illinois Institute of Technology and De La Salle Institute. After a two-year hiatus, the Assembly gathered 100 Lasallian attendees from around the Midwest District for a five day crash-course on Faith, Service and Community instilled. The Brother David Darst Center shared social justice programming and students were able to select from five “burning issues” of injustice to focus on for the week: Incarceration and Immigration, Education and Segregation, Housing and Homelessness, Food Access and Care for Creation, and Advocacy and Organizing. Each track set out to visit partner sites of the Darst Center that related to their burning issue. At each site, students learned first-hand how people in the Chicagoland area are affected by injustice. Students also engaged in a “What Now?” planning session, where they worked in teams to come up with an action plan for the future. The objective of LYA was not only for students to learn about social injustice, but to act upon it. These action plans were presented at the closing ceremony followed by words of affirmation from Lasallian Youth alumni and a candle-lighting service.


Bethlehem University Students Intern in U.S. As part of the Student Ambassadors program at Bethlehem University, senior Sera Maraka interned this summer at Christian Brothers Conference in Washington D.C. Sera and seven other students from Bethlehem University interned in the United States at different Catholic institutions, churches and organizations, such as Georgetown University, EWTN, the Archdiocese for the Military Services and Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. The purpose of this internship program is to provide students with opportunities to gain valuable work skills and experience different cultures.

Updated Biography of Br. James Miller Available In preparation for the Beatification of Brother James Miller, an updated edition of Hermano Santiago: The Life and Times of Brother James Miller, FSC, is now available. This book tells the story of Brother James, a De La Salle Christian Brother who died a martyr while serving the poor in 1982 in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. This updated edition, published by Christian Brothers Conference, is available through Saint Mary’s Press for $9.95.


Beyond the Borders Initiatives Announced The Institute of the Brothers has announced a new response to reach those in need, one that is rooted in mission and history, influenced by Pope Francis, and grounded in calls from the 45th General Chapter. The Beyond the Borders initiatives, promoted by the Institute’s Solidarity and Development Secretariat, are projects that serve those most in need. This response encompasses projects in each Region approved by the Brother Superior and General Council. The project general criteria is that they in some way (1) are part of the project of the local Church dealing effectively with the mission needs of immigrants, refugees, the homeless, unemployed youth, and all vulnerable people, especially children and youth that are found on “the borders”; (2) include a mixed community of Brothers, lay volunteers and/or members of other Religious congregations; (3) are open to include vocation ministry and discernment in the context of a community life dedicated to the service of the poorest; (4) ensure an enriching community life and proper accompaniment of its members; and (5) ensure their own sustainability.

CBU Celebrates 23rd Presidential Inauguration During the week of September 29 - October 5, Christian Brothers University celebrated the inauguration of Jack Shannon as its 23rd president. Members from all parts of the CBU community joined together to welcome him. Shannon is a distinguished higher education leader with many years of experience directing academic and student-centered initiatives as well as public/ private partnerships focused on economic development in some of the most economicallychallenged communities.

Young Lasallian Come Together at Regional VEGA Young Lasallians from across the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) and one from the Lwanga District in Africa gathered together at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee, July 22-26, 2019, for the Regional VEGA program. VEGA is an Italian acronym for the words Vedere, Giudicare, Agire meaning See, Judge, Act.  Throughout the five days, presentations were given on the life of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, including turning points and providential moments in his life.



Br. Leonard Stoffel, FSC 1939 - 2019

Brother Leonard Stoffel, 80, died on June 27, 2019 in Chicago. A De La Salle Christian Brother for 61 years, he was born Joseph Edward Stoffel in St. Louis on January 3, 1939. After graduating from Du Bourg HS in St. Louis, he entered the novitiate in 1957 in Glencoe, Missouri, and professed his final vows in 1964. Brother earned a bachelor’s degree from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and a master’s degree from St. Louis University. Brother served in a variety of capacities at high schools in Chicago, Minneapolis, Tulsa, Galesburg, St. Louis, Jefferson City, Washington, DC, Cincinnati and Kansas City. He also served the refugee community in St. Louis and the overseas apostolate in Ethiopia and Thailand. A lover of the arts, Br. Leonard very much enjoyed a trip to the theatre or an art museum. An adventurous traveler, he never passed up an opportunity to explore new venues. He is survived by his sister-in-law, Rose Stoffel of Nevada. He was preceded in death by his two brothers, Lawrence and Robert.



Br. Stanislaus Sobczyk, FSC 1944 - 2019

Brother Stanislaus Sobczyk, FSC, died on July 22, 2019, at the age of 74, having been a Christian Brother for over 55 years. Brother Stan taught at high schools in Galesburg, Illinois, Jefferson City, Missouri, Memphis, Tennessee, and Omaha, Nebraska, where he was also Principal of Roncalli High School. He had been the President of Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee on two occasions. He also served as President of the School of Applied Theology in Berkeley, California. He spent many years at Saint Mary’s College of California as a teacher and Vice President. Over the years, Brother Stan earned a bachelor of arts degree from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, as well as masters degrees from St. Louis University and the University of Memphis and earned a doctorate from the University of San Francisco. His parents, Mary and John Sobczyk, preceded him in death. He is survived by his sister, Lucille Ratcliff; his brother, Jim and Jim’s partner Rubin Rodriguez; nieces, Suzanne (Tim) Brown, Becky (Phil) Todd, and Katie (Justin) Erspamer; and many grandnieces and nephews.


All Souls Day Dear Friends, In celebration of All Souls Day, throughout the month of November, the Midwest District Brothers will be remembering the intentions of our alumni and friends in a special way, in our prayers. As we join in prayer together, with you and for you, our call to be “Together and By Association� takes on special meaning. I invite you to share your intentions on the provided envelope and return it to me. This is our gift to you. Sincerely, Brother Michael Fehrenbach, FSC Visitor/ Provincial

Eternal Rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen





HONOR ROLL OF DONORS As of August 31, 2019 Dear Friends, With heartfelt gratitude and appreciation we are pleased to share the complete 2018-2019 Honor Roll of Donors representing all donations received on behalf of the Christian Brothers and our ministries beginning September 1, 2018 through August 31, 2019. This report, also listed on our website at www.cbmidwest.org, is part of “Our Promise” to be good stewards of your gifts and to celebrate you and your inspiring generosity to others. Thanks to you we are able to adequately provide for the needs of our Christian Brothers as they retire and age, to foster a culture of vocations, especially on inviting and accompanying men interested in the Brothers' way of life, and to strengthen our Lay Lasallian Formation program for those women and men associated with the Brothers and involved in continuing the charism in Lasallian ministries. Importantly, your support ensures our oversight of mission formation and the expansion of mission-related activities and ministries through our Lasallian Education programs. Thank you! The names in this report are listed in alphabetical order and by giving level. While we have made every effort to maintain an accurate listing, errors or omissions do sometimes occur. In the event a mistake has been made, please accept our apologies and contact Samantha VenHuizen in our Development Office at (630) 323-3725, ext. 218 so that we can make the correction and update our records. On behalf of all the Brothers, active and retired, our lay Lasallian partners, and those students and families entrusted to our care, THANK YOU. You are appreciated and we are all blessed because you are one with us. Live Jesus in our Hearts – Forever! Sincerely,

Anthony C. Chimera, M.B.A. Director of Development

DONOR STATS FY 2018 - 2019

$1.5 million DONATED BY 1,968 DONORS



OVER FY17-18



155 1st TIME



45 / 50 STATES


Gifts of $50,000 +

Anonymous † Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Joette Gostomski Mrs. Betty Kabara Mrs. Theda Rice, AFSC †

Gifts of $25,000 + Anonymous Dr. Stuart Bintner † Mrs. Edith Nowicki †

Gifts of $10,000 +

Anonymous Adeline and Bernard LoCoco Charitable Fund Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. The GE Foundation Mr. Bill Coughlan, AFSC Mr. Richard Flaherty Mr. & Mrs. John & Eleanor Langhenry, Jr. Mr. Peter Lococo Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Deborah Waechter

Gifts of $5,000 +

Anonymous Mr. John Atz, Jr. † Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Isabel Curley Dr. James Harty Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Ann Howe, Sr. Mrs. Carolyn Parmer Mr. & Mrs. Wayne & Laura Ripienski Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Barbara Ross Mr. Lowell Stahl, AFSC Mr. & Mrs. Bernie & Janet Wagnild

Gifts of $1,000 +

Anonymous Christian Brothers Alumni Association c/o Bishop LeBlond High School Philip H. Corboy Foundation Premier Bank Thomas W. Dower Foundation Turano Foundation, Inc. Mr. Robert Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Roberta Bell Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Barbara Berens Mr. and Mrs. Joseph & Robyn Birch, Jr., AFSC Mr. Vincent Braband, Jr. Mr. Albert Braggs III Mrs. Joyce Byron Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Cathy Cassato Mr. Henry Coleman Dr. & Mrs. Dan & Caroline Collins, M.D. Dr. & Dr. William & Vicky Crittenden Mr. John Deleonardis Ms. Lynn Divis

Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Claudia Dooley Mr. & Mrs. Wayne & Mary Ann Draudt Dr. & Mrs. Gregory & Peggy Duick, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Rita Eischen Mr. & Mrs. Jerry & Frances Fallon Mr. & Mrs. H. James & Aimee Farrell Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Barbara Feeney Ms. Mary Foley Mrs. Joan French Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Jane Friel Mr. & Mrs. Donn & Wendy Fullenweider Mrs. Jolene Graham Mrs. & Mr. Maureen & Louis Guillou Mr. & Mrs. Jerome & Patricia Hammes Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Patricia Heffron Mr. Michael Hickey Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Diane Hora Mr. & Mrs. Johannes & Kathleen Huyen Mr. & Dr. Samual & Siham Ibrahim Mr. Erwin Jedrzejczyk Mr. & Mrs. Craig & Pat Jilk Fr. Michael Johnston Mr. Robert Joyce Mr. Dudley Joyce Dr. & Mrs. Hugo & Alicia Keim Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Mary Laliberty Mrs. Florence Larkin † Mrs. Geraldine Lawhon, AFSC Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Marcia Leonard Ms. Joan LeRose Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Margaret Lesiak Mr. & Mrs. George & Betty Lombard Mr. & Mrs. James Michael & Nancy Lord Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Joan Maas Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & Judith Mackie Mr. & Mrs. John & Catherine McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Arthur & Anne McGivern Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Phyllis McLean Mr. & Mrs. Sean & Millie McWeeney Mr. John Meade, Sr. Br. Richard Merkel, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Carol Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Martha Mihajlov Hon. Gregory O'Brien Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Suzanne Plummer Ms. Fran Raus Mr. Donald Regan Mr. Michael Ross, AFSC Mr. John Ryan Mr. & Mrs. William & Jane Rybak, AFSC Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Suzanne Sana Ms. Mary Jean Saunders

Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Linda Savage Mr. David Savickas Dr. Stephany Schlachter, AFSC Mr. Mark Schulte & Ms. Mary Holcomb Mr. & Mrs. John & Sophie Schutz Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Jeannie Scott Mr. & Mrs. Wayne & Jeanette Shust Mr. Robert Skemp Mr. & Mrs. John & Nan Steger, AFSC Mr. Len Strauch Mr. & Mrs. William & Kathleen Streff, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Phyllis Strong Ms. Rose Mary Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. David & Marlys Thies, AFSC Ms. Patricia Tilghman Mrs. Patricia Tinucci Dr. & Dr. Robert & Ann Trauscht Mrs. Marion Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Vincent & Cathleen Meegan Walsh Mr. Michael Walton Ms. Nancy Wilkins Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Barbara Wojnicki Dr. & Dr. Leslie & Margo Wolf Mrs. Mary Wolfe Mr. Robert Woods Mr. George Wray

Gifts of $500 +

Anonymous Lewis University McCahill Painting Company, Inc. Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Shirley Affrunti, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John & Catherine Agee Mr. John Alogna Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Sandra Barretto Mrs. Patricia Baudendistel Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Dorothy Beattie Mr. Robert Beaulieu, Esq. Mr. Allen Berry Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Ann Boberschmidt Mr. Robert & Sharon Bock Judge William Borah Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Joan Bourne Mr. Paul Bruemmer Mr. & Mrs. Walter & Betsy Bryce, Jr. Mr. Thomas Burns Dr. & Mrs. William & Kathryn Byer, Ph.D. Mr. & Mrs. James & Susan Ceplecha Mr. & Mrs. James & Judith Cooney Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Barbara Cummane Dr. Michael Curtin, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Ernest & Catherine Dawson

Mr. & Mrs. Pascal & Mary DeLuca Mr. & Mrs. Carlo & Tammy DiCarlo Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Sheila Egan, Ed.D. Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Lynne Finnicum Mr. & Mrs. John & Irene Gaffney Mrs. Helen Galliani Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Terry Gimbel Mr. Thomas Gornick Mr. Wayne Haraldson Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Beverly Herbig, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Clark & Wyleen High Mr. & Mrs. Leo & M. Patricia Hirsch Mr. Robert Hoffmann Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Barbara Hutchins Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Nancy Ireland Mr. & Mrs. William & Jeanne Isbell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John & Mary Ellen James Mr. & Mrs. James & Patricia Johnson Mr. Michael Jordan, AFSC Mrs. Joan Jungkunz Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Nancy Kempf, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Linda Laak Mr. Richard Lee Mr. & Mrs. John & Georgiana Leen Mr. Thomas Lunney Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Jeanne Maday Mr. & Mrs. John & Kay Mallon Mr. John Maul †Msgr. John McArthur, AFSC Ms. Maureen McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Helen McDermott Mrs. Margaret McEnery Mr. Peter McManamon Mr. & Mrs. John & Sue Moran, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Morrow Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Sheliah Mulvaney Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Catherine Mysliwiec Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Beatrice O'Connor Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Mary Pat Ortbal Mr. Robert Orth, Sr. Mr. Thomas Pacholl Mr. & Mrs. John & Nancy Phelan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Linda Pluth, Jr. Mrs. Carol Rizzie Mr. & Mrs. John & Jo Robinson Mr. Frederick Rohrer Mr. & Mrs. James & Barbara Sarazin Mrs. Patricia Ann Sauer Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Barbara Scelsi, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Margaret Schneider Dr. & Mrs. Peter & Debra Seiler Mrs. Bernice Sevenich

Mr. & Mrs. Greg & Sandy Shilakis Mr. Henry Thumann Mr. & Mrs. Kent & Cindy Varner Mr. John Ventura Mr. Thomas Vetter, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. William & Louann Voss Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Mary Beth Wejman Mr. John Welch Judge & Mrs. Charles & Connie Winkler Mr. & Mrs. Jerome & Arlene Wittstock

Gifts of $100 +

Anonymous Baird Foundation, Inc. Catholic Order of Foresters Cretin Class of 1953 Glenview State Bank Hackney's on Lake Montini Catholic High School O'Neil Funeral Home Saint Patrick High School The Benevity Community Impact Fund Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Ann Abbate Mr. & Mrs. Raymond & Roberta Abbott Mr. & Mrs. James & Sophia Abenante Mr. & Mrs. John Adamson Ms. Sandra Adelman Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Diane Ahearn Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Donna Albers Mr. Gregory Alexander Mr. & Mrs. George & Deborah Allaire Mr. & Mrs. George & Mary Allie Mr. Robert Alt & Mrs. Paula Stec-Alt Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Alice Andrus Dr. John Ansbro, MD Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Suzanne Anton Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Sandra Arellano Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Patricia Arnold Mr. & Mrs. David & Kathleen Baer Mr. & Mrs. Rodney & Marcia Bailey Mr. & Mrs. James & Linda Bailey Mr. Edward Bales Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Gail Baryl, Sr. Mr. Anthony Bauman Mr. & Mrs. F. Stephen & Ann Bax Mr. James Beaudry Mrs. Karen Begg Mr. & Mrs. Adelbert & Sue Bell Mr. James Belland Mr. & Mrs. Ken & Mary Ann Bergquist Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Maria Bernacchi Mr. & Mrs. Manuel & Maria Berriozabal

Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Dianne Berthold Judge & Mrs. Paul & Judy Biebel, Jr. Mr. Robert Bishaw Mr. Martin Blake III Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Nancy Blanford Mr. Frank Bleers Mr. Philip Bobzin Mrs. Colette Bodenbender Mrs. Geraldine Boland Mrs. Frances Boles Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Mary Bonamarte, Jr. Mr. Phil Bonk Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Anne Borek Mr. & Mrs. George & Phyllis Bouckaert Mr. Robert Bowen Mr. & Mrs. James & Jaclyn Boyle Mr. & Mrs. Raymond & Paula Brady Mrs. Sue Ann Brander Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Kathleen Brown Mr. & Mrs. John & Victoria Brueck Mr. Russell Brumbach Dr. & Mrs. Peter & Maureen Brusca, M.D. Mrs. Janet Buczek Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Cathleen Burke Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Mary Burton Mr. & Mrs. Manuel & Marijo Bustos Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Pamela Butler Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Mary Ann Cahill Ms. JoAnn Cambruzzi Mrs. Jane Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Margaret Capilupo Mrs. Elizabeth Caponi Mr. & Mrs. Craig & Margaret Cardwell Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Alice Carey Br. Francis Carr, FSC Mr. & Mrs. William & Karen Carr Mr. John Carrara, Jr. Rev. Michael Carroll Ms. Margaret Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Eleanor Carroll Mr. Ronald Carsella Dr. Samuel J. Cascio, DDS Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Kay Casey Mr. & Mrs. John & Antoneea Casey Mr. Andrew Caster Mr. Joseph Castonguay Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Barbara Cavalenes Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Diane Cayemberg Mrs. Mary Norine Ceplecha Mr. & Mrs. John & Carole Cervetti Mr. & Mrs. Chad & Celeste Chiasson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Joan Church

Mr. Gaspare Ciaravino Ms. Camille Cici Mr. & Mrs. Casimir & Jeanette Cieniawa Dr. & Mrs. Salvatore & Betty Cirone, DVM Dr. & Mrs. Sal & Patricia Cirrincione, D.C. Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Deidre Clingen Mr. Matteo Coco Mr. Edward Coffey Mr. & Mrs. John & Patricia Coffey III Mr. Laurence Coffey Mr. & Mrs. Rocco & Margaret Colletti Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & April Collier Mr. & Mrs. John & Kathleen Collins Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Nancy Connolly Ms. Margaret Connors Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Lillian Corazza Ms. Nan Corboy Mrs. Mary Corcoran Mr. & Mrs. J. Patrick & Arlen Craddock Mr. George Cradick Mr. & Mrs. Guy & Glenda Crimaldi Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Stella Crone, AFSC Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Joanne Cullnan Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Raima Cunningham Mrs. Margaret Cuny Mrs. Andre Cushing Mr. & Mrs. Theodore & Patricia Cychosz Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert & Laura Cyr, DDS Dr. & Mrs. Roman & Jan Daczkewycz, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph & Donna Dangelmaier Mr. & Mrs. Bernard & Marilyn Dansart Mr. Robert Daraskevich, AFSC Dr. & Mrs. William & Sue Darrington, DDS Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Judy Davies Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Janet Debilzen Mr. Robert DeChristopher Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Patricia Deckelmann Mr. & Mrs. David & Carla DeForest Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dehlinger Mr. Michael Del Giudice Mr. John Delgado Mr. & Mrs. Philip & Elsie DelMastro Ms. Katrina Denegri, MSN Ms. Connie Derango Mr. & Mrs. James & Regina Ann DeRose III Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Jeanne Devine Br. Konrad Diebold, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Helena Diederich Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Patricia Disch Mr. & Mrs. James & Maureen Doessel Mr. Thomas Doetsch Mr. & Mrs. James & Jacqueline Dolan

Mr. & Mrs. John & Cecelia Donato Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Patricia Donnelly Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Jean Doran Mr. Richard Doyle Mr. & Mrs. William & Kathleen Drennan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Allan & Judith Dressel Mr. & Mrs. James & Catherine Droy Mr. Daniel Drury Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Karen Duellman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Kathleen Duffy Mr. & Mrs. Samuel & Lily Duggan, AFSC Mr. Patrick Dunlap Mr. John Duslack Mr. & Mrs. John & Barbara Dvorak Mr. & Mrs. Joel & Jennifer Dziedzic Ms. Mary Egan Mr. & Mrs. Francis & Mary Ehmann Mrs. Goldie Einecker Mr. Carl Eisenstein Mr. Richard & Bridget Engler, AFSC Br. Chris Englert, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Christina Ernst Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Kristen Falese Mr. & Mrs. Laurence & Catherine Fallon Mrs. Mary Lou Farrow Mr. Anthony Fasano Mr. & Mrs. Terrence & Mary Ellen Faust Mr. Edward Felton Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Jeanette Fieberg Mr. John Fiegen Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Judith Filippelli Mrs. Isabella Fiore Mr. & Mrs. Stanley & Suzanne Fiorito, Jr. Mr. Gordon Fitzsimmons Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Rosemarie Fitzsimmons Dr. & Mrs. Albert & Marcia Fivizzani, Ph.D. Br. Michael Flaherty, FSC Mr. & Mrs. James & Mary Ellen Flynn Rev. & Mrs. Joseph & Nancy Fontana Mr. Edward Forner Mr. H. Lance Forsdick, Sr., AFSC Mr. & Mrs. David & Ann Forster Mrs. Marilyn Francesconi-Johnson Mr. & Mrs. James & Jean Frankard Mr. Steven Frattini Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Mary Freres Br. Michael Fugger, FSC Mr. & Mrs. W. Michael & Ellen Funck Br. David Galinski, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Carmen Gallagher Mr. Robert Gamboney Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Jami Gattuso, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. James & Nancy Gazdziak Mr. & Mrs. George & Georgiana Geimer-Messler Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Roberta Geisel Mr. Robert Geist Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Cathy Getz, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Gloria Gezing Mr. & Mrs. Albert & Adeline Giannoni Mrs. Barbara Giebel Dr. & Mrs. Joseph & Joan Gigante Mr. & Mrs. William & Geraldine Gillund Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Jill Ginocchio Dr. & Mrs. Roger & Peggy Giroux Mr. & Mrs. George & Dorothy Giroux Mr. & Mrs. John & Margaret Gladbach Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Kathleen Gleason Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Sandra Glodek Mr. Steven Gloeckle Mrs. Carol Gobel Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Carolyn Golden Mr. Christopher Gorlinski Mr. Robert Granahan Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Rosina Grande Mr. James Grant Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Nancy Gray Mr. Lawrence Grisham Mr. & Mrs. Terrence & Mary Ellen Grisim Mr. & Mrs. Mario Fabian & Doris Guarderas Mr. & Mrs. Gregory & Rose Guarrine Br. Mark Gubbels, FSC Fr. Agustin Guzman, C.O. Mr. Wayne Haag Mrs. Lucille Hahn Ms. Kathy Halloran Mr. Jerry & Linda Halverson † Mr. Paul Hampel Mrs. & Mr. Mary Ann & William Hannon Mrs. Camilla Harding Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Georgian Harris Mr. & Mrs. James & Phyllis Hartford Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Sandra Haupt Mrs. Mary Hauwiller Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & Mary Haywood † Mrs. Wilma Healey Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Nancy Heezen Mr. & Mrs. William & Planaria Heffernan Dr. David Hegg, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Mary Heidenrich Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Margaret Henrick Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Patricia Heraty Mrs. Patricia Herman Ms. Barbara Herring Mr. & Mrs. William & Mary Hetland

Mr. & Mrs. William & Janet Kronschnabel Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC Mr. John Kropf Dr. Jeffrey Highland, AFSC Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Nancy Kufner Mr. Robert Hinckley Mr. Daniel Kummer Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Donna Hobart Mr. & Mrs. Lee & Eileen Kummer Mr. & Mrs. Jerome & Mary Ann Hoffman Mr. Timothy Kuntz Mr. & Mrs. Roy & Ruth Holm, Jr. Mr. Robert Kurek Mr. Thomas Horan Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Dorothy Labuda Mr. John Horbacz Dr. & Mrs. John & Joan Lane, Ph.D. Mr. Ray Hoven Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel & Denise Beatty Howard Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Janice Langer Mrs. & Mr. Nancy & Tony Lanigan Mr. & Mrs. Arthur & Mary Indelicato Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Alice Ann LaRocca Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Nancy Inserra Mr. & Mrs. William & Carolyn Leahy Mr. Bryan Jakovcic Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Karen Lee Br. Roman Jarosz, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Lambert & Frances LeLoup Mr. & Mrs. Jerome & Carol Jeslis Mr. Mark Lenz Mr. & Mrs. Gregory & Nancy Johnson Mrs. Grace LeVander Mr. & Mrs. Robert Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Jerome & Mary Patricia Libit Mr. John Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Virginia Lindsey Br. Leo Jones, FSC Dr. & Mrs. Daniel & Marlene Lischwe, M.D. Ms. Mary Kaye Jones Mr. Robert Loalbo Mr. Lawrence Jostock Mr. & Mrs. Norman & Margaret Jungmann Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Linda Loos Br. Anthony Lopez, MM Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Mary Ellen Kadleck Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Phyllis Louis Mr. Yee Kai Ms. Agnes Love Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Linda Kanamueller Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Beverly Karbowski, M.D. Mr. Jim Lucas Mr. Thomas Lund Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Margaret Kassen Mrs. Dorothy Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Michael Keenan Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Barbara Mackey Mr. Thomas Keenan Mr. Mark Madsen Mr. & Mrs. David & Susan Keenan Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Margaret Mahony Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Karen Keener Mr. & Mrs. Silvio & Renee Maiorana Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Regina Kelley, Jr. Mr. Raymond Majesty Mr. Robert Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Patricia Mangelsdorf Mrs. Sharen Kenn Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Cathleen Marpe Mr. Patrick Kenny Br. Alfred Marshall, FSC Mr. Jacob Kertz Mr. & Mrs. James & Barbara Martin Mr. & Mrs. Kamaal & Judith Khazen Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Carol Mayian Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Patricia Kilmartin Dr. Paul McAvoy, M.D. Dr. James King, Jr., M.D. Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Noreen McCormack, DDS Mr. & Mrs. William & Christine King Fr. Daniel McCotter, CSP Dr. D. Randall King Ms. Maureen McDonald Mr. Robert King, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Mary McGinnis Mr. & Mrs. James & Virginia Kintz Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Mary Elizabeth Kirchoff Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Janet McGivern Dr. & Mrs. Joseph & Paulette McGrath Mr. & Mrs. Chester & Patricia Kirk Mrs. Helen McGrath Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Adele Kisicki, Ph.D. Br. Joel McGraw, FSC Mr. Donald Klein Mr. Thomas McHugh Mr. John Klein Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & Susan McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Knapp Ms. Judith McMasters Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Ellen Kolin Mr. Harold McNeil Mrs. Barbara Komac Mr. James Meagher Mr. & Mrs. William & Shelley Kritek

Mr. Josef Meditz Mrs. Adele Meehan Mr. George Mendell Mr. William Menzel Mr. & Mrs. William & Ellen Merkle Mr. & Mrs. Martin & Mary Beth Mersch Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas & Alma Meshes Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Susanne Meyer Ms. Susan Meyer Mrs. Patricia Michaels Mr. Edward Michalak Mr. Edward Michuda Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Mary Mihajlov Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Katherine Miley Dr. Jeanette Mines, AFSC Mr. & Mrs. John & Anne Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Sharon Mohler Mr. Tim Molak Mr. Isaac Monroe Mr. & Mrs. James & Lori Montana, Jr. Mr. Alfred Moretti Ms. Jacqueline Morgan Mr. Andrew Morgret Dr. James Morman, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Wade & Darlene Mozal Mr. & Mrs. Ron & Marilyn Muench Dr. John Mulcare Mr. Nick Mungari Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Laurie Munns Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Diane Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Hank & Patricia Murphy Hon. & Mrs. James & Carol Murphy II Mr. & Mrs. Donald Musil Mr. Chester Nails, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William & Joanne Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Barry & Lisa Nelson Mr. Robert Nemec, Jr. Mr. James Nemec Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Joyce Nemecek Mr. Roger Newinski Mr. & Mrs. Kevin & Jacqueline Newquist Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Arlene Newton Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Linda Newton Mr. & Mrs. James & Mary Ellen Nichols Mr. Melvin Niemiec Mr. Joseph Nix Mrs. Carolyn Noone Mr. Joseph Noto SMSgt. & Mrs. Patrick & Carolyn Nugent Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Kimberly O`Connor Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Kathleen O'Brien Mr. Raymond O'Brien

Dr. Orest Ochrymowycz Mr. James O'Connell Mr. Dennis Ohler Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Georgiana Oken Mr. William O'Leary III Mr. John Omischl Mr. Edward O'Neil Mrs. Maryann O'Neill Mr. & Mrs. Raymond & Paula Orsolini Mrs. Beatrice O'Shaughnessy Mr. & Mrs. D. Patrick & Nancy O'Shea Mr. Phil Paiser Ms. Mary Kay Parisi Mrs. Judith Parr Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Jane Paterala Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Maureen Patton Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Nancy Paulin Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Mary Ann Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Theodore & Anne Peloquin Mr. & Mrs. Jerry & Sandra Pero Mr. & Mrs. Derald & Susan Peters Mr. Lee & Jeanne Petrillo Mr. & Mrs. Sam & Mary Pettineo, Jr. Mr. Howard Pettinger Mr. & Mrs. George & Cecile Pfaff Mrs. Kathy Phelan Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas & Sibyl Piediscalzi, Ph.D. Mr. Gene Pingatore † Dr. & Mrs. Robert & Penelope Pirsein, Ph.D. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Kathy Piscitiello, AFSC Mr. Albert Pisterzi Dr. & Mrs. Joseph & Jean Prieboy, M.D. Mr. John Prochut Mr. John Prosia Mr. James Prybylo Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Kathleen Quinn Mr. Thomas Quinn Mr. Tony Quinones Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Walkiris Raineri Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Sandra Rapp Mr. Thomas Rapp Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Debra Rappold Mr. Gregory Rataj Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Janice Redfearn Mr. Timothy Reichart Mr. & Mrs. Vernon & Ann Remiger Mr. Kenneth Repholz Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence & Rill Ann Reuter Mr. & Mrs. Leonard & Diane Ricco Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Kimberly Richmond Mr. & Mrs. Louis & Diane Richter Mr. & Mrs. Leo & Helen Rieke

Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Susan Riley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Linda Rinella Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Barbara Riordan Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Rosanne Ripper Br. Michael Rivers, FSC Mrs. Maura Robertson Mr. & Mrs. John & Joan Rodemann Mrs. & Mr. Theresa & Leland Romo Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Nancy Rostowsky Mr. Joseph Rostowsky Mr. Richard Rotunno Mr. & Mrs. Dan & Ann Russell Mr. & Mrs. Rocco & Teresa Sapienza Mr. & Mrs. Mel & Jeanne Sauve Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Melissa Savage, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Annette Savino Mr. Ronald Scacco Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Pamela Scelsi, CFA Mr. David Schaffer Mr. & Mrs. David & Sandra Schenk Mrs. Partricia Schermerhorn Mr. & Mrs. Edwin & Sandra Scherry Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Nancy Schissel Mrs. Marguerite Schmid Mr. Robert Schmidt, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Martin & Sandra Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. William & Karen Schmidt Mrs. Mary Katherine Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Stanley & Joan Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Mary Schmit Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Karen Schmitt Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Dolores Schoeneck Mr. Richard Schranz Mrs. Elaine Schueler Mr. & Mrs. Phil & Rebecca Schumacher Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Camille Schurer, CPA Mr. & Mrs. John & Marilyn Schutt, AIA Mr. Rick Scott & Ms. Deborah Schreiber Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Joan Sebastian, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Janel Sedevic Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Rita Sevenich Mrs. Kathleen Shannahan Mr. & Mrs. James & Mary Beth Sheahan Mr. Joseph Sheehan † Mr. Roman Shorobura Mr. & Mrs. Loras & Rosemary Sieve, AFSC Mr. Fred Simon Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Roberta Skrip Mr. & Mrs. Franklin & Ina Sladek Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Charlene Slater Mr. Chester Slome Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Marilyn Slusarski

Mr. & Mrs. James & Nancy Smessaert Br. Robert Smith, FSC Mr. Howard Snodgrass Mr. & Mrs. Phillip & Lynette Sobey Mr. Mark Sobota Mr. & Mrs. James Sover Mr. & Mrs. William & Gerry Sowinski Mr. William Spillane Mr. John Stachura Rev. Robert Stamschror, AFSC Mr. & Mrs. John & Sharon Stenglein Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Geri Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Yolanda Strama Mr. John Stucky Mr. & Mrs. Frederick & Linda Stumbaugh, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Stanley & Connie Suchta Mr. & Mrs. Raymond & Margaret Suerth Dr. Terence Sullivan, M.D., SC Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & Christine Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Diane Sullivan Ms. Julie Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Barbara Svachula Dr. Walter Szalajka Mr. Clarence Telkes Mr. Earl Teteak Mr. Timothy Toyen Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Jane Trainor Mr. George Trapp Mr. Thomas Trauscht Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Kay Trebatoski, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. James & Catherine Tribo Mrs. Karen Triezenberg Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Cynthia Tutera Mr. David Ueding Ms. Concetta Vacco Mr. Dennis Van Mieghem Mr. & Mrs. John & Margaret Ventura Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Laura Villa Mr. John Vitek Mr. Ronald Vossen Mr. & Mrs. Kurt & Cynthia Wachtler Mr. John Wallace Mr. & Mrs. William & Patricia Walsh Mr. Edward Ward Mr. James Ward Mr. & Mrs. Vernon & Bonnie Wegener Mr. & Mrs. David & M. Elizabeth Weidner Mr. & Mrs. James & Jean Welter Br. Robert Werle, FSC Dr. & Mrs. Philip & Marion Weyna Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Lucy Whalen Mr. & Ms. John & Antoinett Murphy White

Mr. Alfred Wieczorek Mr. & Mrs. Giles & Jacqueline Wilborn Mr. Jack Wilborn LTC & Mrs. Robert & Joan Wilhelm Mr. John Willenborg Mr. & Mrs. Gregg & Susan Williams Mr. David Wilmot Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Darlene Wilson Mr. James Wing Mr. Charles Wiser, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James & Sue Wisniewski Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Susan Witry Mr. & Mrs. Gregory & Elfriede Wolfe Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Patricia Worth Ms. Rosemary Wray Mr. James Wright Mr. Thomas Yocis Mr. Raymond Young Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Carol Zachary Mr. & Mrs. Sebastian & Gloria Zangara Mr. & Mrs. F. Anthony & Jean Zell Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Mary Ann Zemla Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Pamela Zenzola Mr. & Mrs. Philip & Susan Zera Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Nancy Zielonka Mr. & Mrs. James & Geraldine Zilinsky Mr. William Zimmer

Gifts of $1 +

Anonymous AbbVie Employee Engagement Fund Congregation of Divine Providence, Inc. Dunn, Martin, Miller & Heathcock, LTD The Francine Greco Family John Brust Funeral Home LTD. LaSalle Manor Retreat Center, Inc. LaSalle Retreat Center Madonna Council #1135 Montini Catholic High School Saint Mary's Press Stringini & Garvey P.C. VFW Town of Lake Post 5216 Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Carole Abraham Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Gloria Accetta Mr. David Adamson Ms. Linda Adelmann Mr. & Mrs. Barton & Theresa Adrian Mr. Patrick Agnew Ms. Rosemary Albee Mrs. Elaine Alberts Mr. & Mrs. Guy & Jan Alessia Mr. Frank Alexander

Ms. Esther Alfirevic Mr. & Mrs. William & Carol Altieri Mr. & Mrs. David & Virginia Anderson Mr. James Anderson Ms. Loretta Anderson Ms. Mary Andrea Ms. Francesca Andretta-Pulera Mrs. Mary Andrichik Mr. George Angelos Dr. Nada Anid Mr. & Mrs. James & Laura Annerino Mr. Richard Anton Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Louise Anton, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Nancy Arendes Mr. Donald Ariano Mrs. Kristina Arko Mr. & Mrs. John & Susan Arndt Mr. & Mrs. Kurt & Terry Arthur Mr. & Mrs. John & Barbara Atterberry Ms. Christine Atterberry Mr. Richard Augulis Mr. William Axley Mr. Dzung Ba Le Sr Mr. Roman Bach Dr. & Mrs. Richard & Mary Baginski, DDS Mr. & Mrs. Chester & Daiva Baksys Br. Bede Baldry, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Phillip & Jean Balsamo Mr. & Mrs. Lorry & Deborah Bannes, AFSC Mr. Thomas Bannon Mr. Sam Barbaro Mr. & Mrs. Eric & Kathleen Barr Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Jean Barry Mr. & Mrs. Sam & Anne Bartolotta Mr. & Ms. Robert Bartuce & Karen Ramanauska Bartuce Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Christine Basile Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Phyllis Bassett Mr. & Mrs. John & Joyce Bauer Mr. Joseph Bauer Mrs. Marieannette Baumert Ms. Shirley Bautista Mr. James Beaumont †Mr. & Mrs. Louis & Anne Beccavin Mr. Bernard Beck Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Susan Becker Mr. & Mrs. William & Julia Beckley Mrs. Elizabeth Becvar Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Joanne Behr Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Sheila Behrens Mr. Kevin Beirne Mr. & Mrs. Reno & Diane Bellan

Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Charlotte Bellina Mrs. Sandra Bennett Ms. Lisa Bennick Mr. & Mrs. John & Jean Benson Mr. & Mrs. Ernest & Rosemary Beran Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Deanne Bernacchi Ms. Alex Bernero Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Marianne Bero Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Nancy Berra Ms. Luella Berry Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Linda Bersett Sr. Ramona Bezner Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Margaret Bialka Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Joan Biebel Mr. Peter Bikulcs Mr. & Mrs. Gregory & Jeanne Billo Mrs. Diane Biondo Mrs. Diane Biondo Mr. Michael Blanchette Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Fran Bleers Mr. & Mrs. William & Patricia Blencoe, Jr. Ms. Mary Jo Boehm Mr. & Mrs. John & Kim Bokowski Mrs. Shirley Boland Mrs. Alice Boland Mr. Thomas Bondi Ms. Christine Bonk Mr. & Mrs. Allen & Judith Boone Mrs. Marikay Boraca Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Jo Ann Bour Mrs. Veronica Boylan Mr. & Mrs. William & Mary Brady Mr. Allen Brady Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Yvonne Braglia Mr. & Mrs. James & Linda Brandt Ms. Linda Brazil Mr. Leandro Brea Ms. Margaret Breslin Dr. & Mrs. Timothy & Sharon Bresnahan, M.D. Mr. Charles Bricher Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Cynthia Brieske, Jr. Mrs. Mary Brod Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Margaret Brogan Br. Ignatius Brown, FSC Ms. Kristin Brown Ms. Nancy Bruch Mrs. Barbara Brunner Mrs. Judith Brush Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Gerry Buchenot Msgr. Peter Buchignani, AFSC Mrs. Eugenia Buchmann Rev. Daniel Buck

Ms. Sharon Buckles Mr. Kenneth Budzik Mr. & Mrs. Terrance & Carol Buerger Mr. & Mrs. George & Mary Ann Buhrfeind Mr. & Mrs. William & Vicki Burns Mrs. Sheila Burns Ms. Joan Busch Mr. & Mrs. Harold & Rose Bush Mr. Richard Buti Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Barbara Ann Butzen Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Barbara Byrne Mr. & Mrs. William & Susan Byrnes Mr. & Mrs. John & Karen Cabanski Mr. & Mrs. Roy & Carole Cadek Mr. & Mrs. George & Kathleen Cady Mrs. Julia Calcagno Ms. Colette Calcaterra Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Charlene Calderone Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Suzanne Callinan Mr. Michael Campion †Ms. Aimee Campodonico Mr. Victor Cangelosi Mr. & Mrs. Leonard & Betty Cannata Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Gerry Cappello Ms. Alice Caputo Mr. Bruce Carlevato Ms. Kathleen Carlin Mr. James Carlsen Ms. Diane Carlton Mr. & Mrs. James & Mary Carozza Ms. Christine Carpenter Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Diane Carr Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Margaret Carroll Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence & Carlotta Carroll Mr. James Carroll Ms. Marlene Carroll Mr. & Mrs. James & Janet Casacchia Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Jeanne Casey Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Diedre Castaldo Mrs. Patrice Cavallo-Stark Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Mary Cavanagh Mr. Andrew Cavanaugh Ms. Marie Jeanne Cayot Mr. Jeff Cerisier & Family Mr. & Mrs. David & Rose Cerrillos Ms. Rosemary Charboneau Mrs. Rita Chase Mr. Marion Chrusciel Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Doris Ciavarella Ms. Janice Ciccarelli Ms. Dena Ciccone Mr. & Mrs. John & Deborah Cicero

Mrs. Barbara Cieslak Dr. & Mrs. Ronald & Florence Ciskoski, M.D. Ms. Eleanor Clark Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Deborah Clemens Ms. Christine Clementi Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Susan Coffey Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Mary Cogozzo Mr. & Mrs. David & Carole Ann Colby Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas & Mary Kay Colletti Mr. & Mrs. George & Helen Colwell III Mr. Michael Comella Mr. & Mrs. S. J. Condotti Ms. Susan Connors Mr. John & Colette Conroy Mr. Donald Conway Ms. Karen Coon Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & Florence Corcoran, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John & Sylvia Corcoran Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Patricia Corso Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Patricia Cosentino Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Marilyn Costa Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Teresa Costabile Mr. Joseph Costanza Dr. & Mrs. H. Patrick & Joan Costello Mr. Robert Cowhey Mr. & Mrs. James & Bonita Cox Ms. Heather Cox Mrs. Rose Cranley Mrs. Mary Creed Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Bonita Crivolio Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Peggy Crohan Ms. Annette Crovo Mr. & Mrs. Louis & Jacqueline Cuddy Mr. Luis Cuevas Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Diane Culhane Ms. Margaret Cullotta Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & Maria Cullum Mrs. Edna Cunliffe Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Shirley Curtin Ms. Sheila Cusack, RN Mr. & Mrs. Philip & Katherine Czerwinski Mr. & Mrs. Kevin & Donna Dahill Ms. Catherine Dahl Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Leslie Daigle Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Patricia Daily Mr. & Mrs. John & Nancy D'Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Russ & Loalane Daly Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Susan DaMario Mr. & Mrs. James & Suzanne Dann Mr. & Mrs. Eugene & Sylvia Dannecker Mrs. Marilyn Dano Mrs. Eileen Daquilante

Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Cathy Davies Mr. & Mrs. Reid & Theresa Davis Ms. Judith De Angelo Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Jolene De Keyser Mr. Ed De La Hunt, Sr. Mrs. Rita DeAngelis Mr. & Mrs. Don & Jeanne DeAngelis Ms. Mary Dease Ms. JoAnne DeBarbera Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Janet DeBartolo Mr. Thomas Dedin Mr. David DeLong Ms. Francine Delorenzo Mr. Timothy Delrose Mr. Daniel DeNapoli Br. David Deradoorian, FSC Ms. Angela Deriso Mrs. & Mr. Barbara & Nicolas DeRosa Mr. & Mrs. James & Darlene DeSalvo Mr. & Mrs. James & Jeanette Devereux Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Andrea DeVience Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas & Lynne DiCarlo Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Mary Dietz Mr. & Mrs. A.J. & C.D. DiFranco Mr. Joseph Dillmann Ms. Lynette DiMaggio Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Jean Dineen Ms. Lorraine Dittrich Mr. Rick DiVito, Jr. Ms. Patricia Dokman Mrs. Mary Dolce Mr. Joseph Donnelly Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Mary Donofrio Mrs. Audrey Doody Mr. & Mrs. John & Ann Dorgan Dr. & Mrs. Peter & Carole Doris, M.D. Ms. Eileen Dougherty Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Deborah Downs Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Ellen Doyle Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Linda Doyle Mrs. Bernadine Dressel Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Lori Dressel, AFSC Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Marianne Drogosz Mr. & Mrs. John & Antonia Dubnicek Mrs. Patricia DuBrock Mr. Michael Duffy Mr. & Mrs. John & Donna Duffy Mrs. Jacqueline Dupon Mrs. Dorothy Durkin Ms. Frances Dust Mr. Norbert Dybas Mr. & Mrs. James & Nancy Dziekan

Mr. & Mrs. Merrill & Lorraine Eastman Mr. & Mrs. William & Elaine Ebeling Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Merlicita Eberhard Mr. & Mrs. James & Lois Edfors Mr. & Mrs. Gregory & Teresa Eidem Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Joyce Elder Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Denise Elfering Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Marilyn Emigh Mr. & Mrs. Leroy & Susan Endre Ms. Rachele Esola Mr. Harry Everett Mr. & Mrs. Eugene & Jean Fabbri Ms. Patricia Faillo Mrs. Norma Fang Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Denise Fanucchi Mr. & Mrs. John & Melissa Farrell Mrs. Mary Katherine Feeney Mrs. Mary Ann Feeney † Deacon & Mrs. Michael & Mary Jo Fekete Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Carly Felicetta Mr. & Mrs. Eugene & Honor Ferretti Mr. & Mrs. Mario & Karen Ferrici Ms. Marilyn Ferris Mr. Leon Fialek Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore & Evelyn Fiandaca Mr. Thomas Filippo Ms. Diana Filpi Mr. & Mrs. James & Constance Finger II Mr. & Mrs. Vincent & Maureen Finnegan Ms. Mary Karen Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Linda Fitzgerald Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Arthur & Ruth Fitzgerald Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald Ms. Carolyn Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Jerome & Patricia Flanagan Mr. Robert Flanagan Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Betty Fleming Mr. Paul Fleury Mr. & Mrs. John & Mary Florent Hon. Anna Forder Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Mary Forecki Deacon & Mrs. Douglas Joseph & Joanne Forgue Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Judith Forrest Dr. Mary Catherine Fox, PhD, AFSC Mr. and Mrs. Richard & Debra Fox Ms. Mary Fox Ms. Frances Franchek Ms. Sandra Franzen Mr. & Mrs. William & Susan Frazer Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Mary Freid Mr. Patrick Frendreis

Rev. Francis Fried Mr. & Mrs. Ray & Virginia Fugger Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Ellen Full Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Sharon Gadzala Ms. Joanna Gagliano Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Mary Therese Galka Mr. & Mrs. James & Margaret Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. James & Donna Galvin Mr. & Mrs. David & Gail Gandini Mr. Charles Garcia Mr. & Mrs. David & Anne Gardner Mr. Michael Garrity Mr. & Mrs. Jose & Mary Gato Mr. & Mrs. Walter & Carol Gavin, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gene & Anna Marie Gazzi Mr. John Gelasi Mr. Robert Genirs Ms. Cynthia Georgantas Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Kim Geraghty Ms. Kathleen Gerard Mr. James Gerdes, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. David & Patricia Gerke Mrs. Teresa Gerold † Mr. James Gettings Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Ellen Giammona Ms. Camille Gianatasio Mr. & Mrs. Dominic & Jennifer Giangrande Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Theresa Gibbons Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Deborah Gibbons III Mr. & Mrs. James & Eileen Gibbons Mrs. Leona Gibson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Deborah Gieske Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Sandra Gilbert Mr. & Mrs. James & Tracie Gildehaus Mr. Jerome Glenn Mrs. Lorraine Glodowski † Mr. & Mrs. William & Denise Glynn Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Gloria Gniadek Mr. & Mrs. Carmen & Denise Gnolfo Mr. Edward Gonwa Mr. Stephen Gonzalez Mr. Jerome Goodwin Mr. & Mrs. George & Lois Goss Mr. Dennis Gottrich Mr. & Mrs. Jerry & Patricia Gotway Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Jan Govenat Mr. & Mrs. George & Patricia Gow Mr. & Mrs. Harry & Susan Grace Mr. Lee Graczyk Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Mary Anne Graf Mr. & Mrs. Philip & Mary Jo Grana Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Andrea Greco

Mr. & Mrs. David & Brenna Greer Mr. Richard Grieco Mr. Joseph Griffin Ms. Rosemarie Griffin Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore & Barbara Grigola Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Rachel Grining Ms. Lorraine Grisko Rev. Alan Guanella Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Sandra Guiheen Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Mary Jo Gustafson Ms. Mary Guttello Mr. Grant Haffely Mr. & Mrs. George & Jeanette Hall Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Victoria Hallberg Mr. Del Halverson Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Sharon Hammer Mrs. Constance Hamot Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Kathleen Hams Mr. Michael Hams Mr. Robert Hanahan Mr. & Mrs. David & Cathy Hancock Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Patricia Hanley Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Jennifer Hanna Mrs. Delrita Hannigan Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Susan Hannigan Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Coby Hannon, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. A. James & Shannon Hanzel Mr. George Harig, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Nancy Harnett Mr. Mike Harrington Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Traci Harrington Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Patricia Harrington Ms. Helen Hartnett Mr. & Mrs. Ernest & Jody Hatchell Mr. Michael Hawkins Mrs. Shirley Haworth Mr. Louis Healy Mrs. Elizabeth Hebson Ms. Florence Heckenast Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Joan Heeg Mr. Bob Heisdorffer Mrs. Nancy Hennecke Hon. & Mrs. Donald & Genevieve Hennessy Ms. Jacqueline Henry Mr. & Mrs. John & Debra Heydt Mrs. Mary Hie Mr. Kenneth Hilb Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence & Gloria Hill Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & Mary Jane Hinders Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Janet Hinman Mr. Robert Hnatovic Mr. Henry Hoban

Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Eileen Hodgdon Dr. & Mrs. Bruce & Carolyn Hodges Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Wendy Hodowal Mrs. Mary Hoeppel Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Barbara Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Leonard & Andrea Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Maureen Hoffman, Jr. Ms. Nancy Holik Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Horne Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & Janet Horvath Mr. & Mrs. James & Jean Horvath, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Vincent & Kathy Hotton, Jr. Mrs. Kathleen Hotton Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Janice Hourihane Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Judy House Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Marie-Rose Hovany Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Antoinette Hudecek Mrs. Rosemary Huelsebusch Mr. & Mrs. William & Catherine Hughes Mr. & Mrs. James & Marilyn Huhn Ms. Jacqueline Huhtelin Rev. Thomas Hunstiger, AFSC Mr. & Mrs. William & Suzanne Hurley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Frances Hutson Mr. George Hyland Ms. Carolyn Ianieri Ms. Barbara Ichida Mr. & Mrs. Mariano & Giovanna Imbarrato Dr. & Mrs. Charles & Anny Jabbour, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Sue Jackowiak Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Darlene Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Madelynn Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. William & Mary Jaconetti Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Margaret Jados Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Gail Janezich Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Patricia Janik Mr. James Janisch Mr. & Mrs. John & Marianne Jankowski Mr. & Mrs. David & Noreen Janosz Mr. & Mrs. James & Margaret Jansen Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Elaine Jara Mr. & Mrs. George & Barbara Jaros Mr. & Mrs. Raymond & Matina Jauregui Mrs. Carol Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Jerome & Margaret Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William & Marilyn Johnson Mr. John Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Mary Ann Johnston Ms. Carol Jones Mr. David Josephitis Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Ann Julich Mr. Jerome Jungquist


Mr. Lawrence Juracic Mr. Dale Kaiser Mr. & Mrs. James & Nancy Kammer, Jr. Mr. Robert Kamper Mr. & Mrs. Clifford & Barbara Karchmer Mrs. Irene Karkoski Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Elizabeth Kauth Mr. & Mrs. James & Marilyn Kavanaugh Ms. Anne Marie Kavanaugh Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Kathleen Keane Mr. & Mrs. Martin & Susan Keane Mr. & Mrs. William & Mary Ann Kearns Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Sandra Kehres Mr. John Keller Ms. Jeanette Kellett Mrs. Rita Kelley Mr. & Mrs. John & Theresa Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Barbara Keltner Ms. Karen Kelton Mr. & Mrs. John & Elizabeth Kemper Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Jeanne Kempiak Mr. Edward Kenna Mr. Laurence Kennedy Mrs. Mary Kenny Mr. & Mrs. John & Fiona Kerley Mr. & Mrs. Ken & Terri Kersting Mr. Robert Kessler Mrs. Denise Ketchum Ms. Mary Kiefer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Jill Kienstra Mr. & Mrs. George & Mary Ann Kies, Jr. Ms. Sara Kincade Mr. & Mrs. William & Christine King Mrs. Kathleen King Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Barbara King Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Kathleen King †Ms. Jane Kinkaid Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Patricia Kirchens Mrs. Amada Klebba Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Margaret Klein Ms. Julie Klemp Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Marlene Klemp Mrs. Rozanne Klug Ms. Mariclare Kmiec Mr. Gregory Koch Mrs. Sylvia Koch Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Pamela Koch Ms. Helen Kochel Mr. Ronald Koehler Mr. Michael Koehler Mr. & Mrs. Alvin & Mary Jo Koering Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Marybeth Kogut

Mr. Joseph Kolaski Mr. Bernard Kolesar Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Margaret Koral Ms. Nancy Kornrumpf Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Colleen Korzin Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Elizabeth Kosciolek Ms. Carol Kosiek Mr. & Mrs. George & Karen Kosinski Ms. Carolyn Kozak Mrs. Nancy Kraft Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Judy Kratochvil Mrs. Patricia Kreja Mr. & Mrs. Walter & Carol Kroll Mr. Peter Kubala Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Barbara Kucera Mr. & Mrs. Jake & Jennifer Kugel Mr. William Kugelman Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & Deborah Kunzer Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kurak & Karen Mitchell - Kurak Mr. Daniel Kuzniar Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Virginia Kuzniar Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Barbara Laccabue Ms. Julia Laccabue Mr. Robert Lama Ms. Rebecca Lamanna Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Christine Lamar Mr. James Lamble Mr. George Lamoureux Mr. & Mrs. Alois & Susan Lang Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Maureen Lang Ms. Nancy Langeland Mrs. Bernadette LaRocca Mr. & Mrs. Rodney & Janet Larson Ms. Kathleen Larson Mrs. Shirley Laskowski Mr. & Mrs. James & Barbara Laskowski Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Ann Lassus Mr. & Mrs. William & Patricia Latourette Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Marylou Laurie Ms. Maureen Lawler Mr. & Mrs. James & Marybeth Lawshe Mr. & Mrs. Rodger & Susan Lawson Mr. Don Leadroot Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Patricia Leavy Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Diane Leber Mr. & Mrs. William & Marianne Lee, Sr. Mr. Terence Leen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Jill Leibold Mr. Carl Lekan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Mary Ellen Lempa Ms. Ruthann Lenon Ms. Marcia Leopold

Mr. & Mrs. Dana & Nancy Levar Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Janet Licciardi Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Diane Lindeen Mr. George Lindeman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Patricia Liss Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Anne Liston Mr. James Livingston Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Fay LoCicero Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Concetta Loeffl, PE Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Sally Loeffler Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Jana Long Mrs. Carol Lopez Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Karen LoPicolo Mr. & Mrs. Bryan & Catherine Lorr Ms. Marianne Loughran Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Mary Ann Lovinelli Mrs. Constance Luncsford Mrs. Stella Lundquist Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Sue Luther Mr. John Lux Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Joya Luzinski Mr. Jack Lydon Mr. Joseph Lyne Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & Winifred Lyons Mr. Joseph Lyons & Ms. Kiernan Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Suzanne Lysy Mr. Michael Maggio Ms. Judith Mai-Lombardo Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Lodovica Main Mr. & Mrs. John & Linda Major Mrs. Marilyn Makropoulos Ms. Evelyn Malocha Mr. John Malone Mr. Richard Mann Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Kathleen Manning Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Deborah Marcolini Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas & Mary Anne Marcucci Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas & Denise Marello Mr. John Markay Mr. & Mrs. Angel & Sandra Marrero Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Mary Ann Martin Br. William Martin, FSC Mrs. Carol Martin Mr. & Mrs. Eugene & Wendy Martin, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Dean & Mary Ann Martinelli Mr. & Mrs. John & Eleonore Martini Deacon & Mrs. Michael & Christina Martini Ms. Nancy Martorama Ms. Joanne Martorana Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Marilyn Mascari Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Janet Mascolino Mr. Willard Mathews

Mr. Douglas Mathie Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Helen Mikulski Mr. Michael Matthew Ms. Roxanne Mildice Mr. Joseph Matulonis Ms. Renee Miller Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Virginia Maxted Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Millie Miller Dr. & Mrs. Edwin & Phyllis May, M.D. Mr. Sam Miller Ms. Susan Mayberry Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Patricia Miller Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Imogene Mazur Mr. Jules Miller Mr. & Mrs. Cole & Marie McAndrew Mr. & Mrs. James & Regina Minarcik Mr. & Mrs. Jean & Elizabeth McArthur, Jr. Mr. Enzo Mion Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Sandra McBreen Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas & Linda Mirabelli Judge & Mrs. Henry & Genevieve McCarr Mr. & Mrs. Geordie & Angela Mirecki Ms. Judy McCarthy Mr. Ralph Mirro Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Barbara McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Dominic & Dolores Misasi Mr. & Mrs. David & Kathi McCauley Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Diane Mistretta Mrs. Beverly McCormick Ms. Jo Ann Mistro Mr. & Mrs. John & Eleanor McCormick Mrs. Karen Moe Mr. & Mrs. George & Eleanor McCormick Ms. Jennifer Moe-McIntyre Mr. & Mrs. Louis & Margaret McCoy Ms. Sunday Mollica Mr. & Mrs. Bernard & Sheila McDonagh Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Deborah Molumby Mr. & Mrs. William & Karen McDonnell Mr. & Mrs. Ken & Rita Monaco Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Anne McFadden Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Donna Monco Ms. Colleen McGarry Mrs. Sharon Monson Mr. & Mrs. David & Marty McGinnis Mrs. Eileen Monteil Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Gayle McGuire Mr. Howard Moran Mr. & Mrs. Gerald McHugh Mr. Theodore Morgan Mr. Raymond McKenna Mr. & Mrs. Shaun & Maria Morrison Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & Donna McKoskey Mr. & Mrs. Sam & Veronica Mostacchio Mr. & Mrs. John & Michele McLellan Mr. & Mrs. James & Claudette Mostyn Mr. Joseph McMahon Mr. & Mrs. William & Nancy Moylan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Kathleen McMahon Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Linda Muehlberger Mrs. Barbara McMannis Mr. & Ms. John & Theresa Mularski Mrs. Susan McManus Mr. Daniel Muldoon Mrs. Jean Marie McNamara Ms. Mary Mullen Mrs. Roberta McNulty Mr. & Mrs. Aidan & Cynthia Murphy Mrs. Mary McTigue Mrs. Mary Lou Murphy Mr. & Mrs. William & Joan Meek Ms. Liz Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Clement & Mary Ellen Meier Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Rosemarie Murphy Ms. Susan Meiers Mrs. Joan Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Patricia Melei Mr. & Mrs. John & Karen Murray Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Marlene Mercurio & Family Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Sue Murray Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Frances Mersch Dr. & Mrs. James & Margaret Murray Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Patricia Mertzlufft Mr. & Mrs. Steve & Rebecca Stumbaugh Mrs. Dorothy Mescher Murray Mrs. Leonore Messina Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Kathleen Naatz Mrs. Eleanore Mestakovich Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Kathy Nagel Ms. Elaine Meyer Mrs. Patricia Najfus Mr. & Mrs. Bruce & Frances Meyer Mr. Robert Negri Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Susan Meyer Ms. Susan Nicholson Mrs. Carol Meyer Mr. David Nicolas Ms. Sarah Meyer Mrs. Diane Niehoff Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Judith Mical Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Anita Nix, AFSC Mr. & Mrs. Leon & Mary Mika Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Maureen Nolan


Mr. R. Nolan Mr. & Mrs. Kevin & Linda Noland Mr. Glenn Nolfi Mr. & Mrs. James & Maureen Noonan Ms. Evelyn Norton Mr. Joseph Novack Mr. Eugene Nowak, Jr. Mrs. Clare Nowak Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Nancy Nugent Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Helen Nugent Rev. James O`Brien Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Patricia O'Brien Ms. Lynda O'Brien Mrs. Paula O'Brien Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Lynda O'Brien Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Mary O'Byrne Mr. James O'Connor, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Mary Ann O'Connor III Ms. Erin O'Connor Ms. Susan Oczkowski Mr. & Mrs. Dallas & Gloria O'Donnell Mr. & Mrs. John & Katherine Ofenloch Mr. Michael O'Keefe Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Donna Oker Mrs. Rita O'Leary Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Deborah Olwig Ms. Patricia O'Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Eileen Orgo, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Michele Orzech Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Cindy Orzech Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Rena Oster Mr. & Mrs. Eugene & Arlene O'Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Bernadette Otke Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Christine Ott Mr. & Mrs. Francesco & Mary Pagano Mr. Joseph Palen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Jacqueline Palmisano Mrs. Alicia Panetta Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Marsha Panfil Mr. Leonard Paolucci Br. Alan Parham, FSC Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Joyce Parker Mrs. Mary Parnell Mr. & Mrs. David & Karen Pasciak Mrs. Yolanda Pasquinelli-Avery Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Christine Passarelli Mr. & Mrs. James & Lindsay Passe Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Christine Pastiak Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Linda Pastore Mr. & Mrs. Gerard & Barbara Paszkiet Mr. John Paulson Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Mary Pavlovich

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome & Carol Pawlak Ms. Kathy Pazdioch Mr. & Mrs. Eddie & Anna Perez Mr. & Mrs. Bernie & Pat Perona Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Susan Persby Mr. & Mrs. John & Patricia Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Heidi Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Francis & Mary Ann Petron Mr. & Mrs. John & Marge Piegari Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Ruthanne Piejko Mr. & Mrs. Gene & Micheline Piekarski Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Kathleen Piel Mrs. Gilda Piermattei Mr. William Pigati Mr. & Mrs. James & Heather Pigott Mr. & Mrs. John & Sandra Pikarski Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Joyce Pilarczyk Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Michele Pitello Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Irene Piwowarski Ms. Jean Placke Mr. & Mrs. James & Florence Pleitner Ms. Rita Plotzke Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Sandra Polit Ms. Beverly Polit Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence & Janet Pollastrini Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Betty Pontecore, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Jane Poppelreiter Mr. & Mrs. James & Dorothy Porter Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Maureen Post Ms. Charlotte Poulin Ms. Helen Power Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Joan Power Mrs. Pamela Prendergast Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Karen Prentice Mr. & Mrs. Laurence & Marilyn Presseller Mr. & Mrs. Meldon & Marlyne Preusser Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Peggy Preziosio Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Judith Prieboy Mr. David Priz Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Carol Prosek Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Inge Pudlowski Mr. Thomas Purtell Mr. & Mrs. James & Patricia Quinlan Mr. & Mrs. James & Agnes Quinn Mr. Gene Quirini Mrs. Patricia Raczek Mrs. & Mr. Diane & Norman Radford Ms. Cynthia Raethz Ms. Bridget Raggio Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Nancy Ragusa Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Roberta Raike Mr. Edward Ram

Ms. Maria Ramirez, AFSC Mr. & Mrs. Steve & Debbie Ramm Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Laura Rampetsreiter Ms. Paula Rancilio Mrs. Lillian Rapcan Mr. & Mrs. John & Juanita Rappold Ms. Cathy Rassatt Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Janice Ratkovich Mr. & Mrs. Eugene & Genevieve Ray Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Joan Ream Rev. Patrick Rearden, OP Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Josephine Reda Mrs. Jeanette Reda Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Eileen Reedy Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Debra Regan Ms. Maryann Regan Mrs. Sharon Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Greg & Lori Reinhart Mr. & Mrs. Marion & Lois Repeta Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Cathleen Restaino Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Lisa Reynolds Mr. & Ms. Peter & Lina Riccelli Mr. & Mrs. Regan & Donna Rice Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Concetta Richards Mr. & Mrs. William & Christine Richter Mrs. Mary Riesmeyer Mr. Patrick Riordan Ms. Carol Ripp Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Ursula Ritter Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Barbara Rizzo Ms. Sandra Roberts Mr. Kevin Roche Mr. & Mrs. Ralph & Judith Roge Ms. Alyssa Roge-Jimenez Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Carol Roller Br. Richard Roller, FSC Ms. Judith Rom Mr. Mitchell Roman, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Nora Romeo Ms. Loraine Ronkiewicz Ms. Teresa Root Ms. Jacqueline Roppo Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas & Diane Rosch Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Caryn Rossi Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Dian Roszak Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Mary Anne Roth Mr. & Mrs. James & Penny Roubion Ms. Carole Rubens Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Christy Russell Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Donna Russell Mr. Tim Russell Ms. Claudia Russo

Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Elizabeth Russomanno Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Chris Ryan Mrs. Helen Rzasa Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & Christine Saccomanno, Sr. Mrs. Marisa Saenz Dr. & Mrs. Ronald & Trisha Sage Mr. Robert Sales Mrs. Mary Jean Sandberg Mr. & Mrs. John & Janet Sands Mr. & Mrs. David & Susan Sangston Mrs. Rita Santen Br. Joseph Saurbier, FSC Mr. & Mrs. William & Barbara Savage Mr. & Mrs. James & Darlene Scales Mr. & Mrs. William & Patricia Schachner Mr. & Mrs. Kurt & Eileen Schackmuth Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Kathleen Schaeffer Mrs. Barbara Schaffhausen Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Patricia Schermerhorn, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Julius & Renee Schiesl Mr. Stephen Schlakman Mr. & Mrs. Kevin & Susan Schlomas Mr. & Mrs. David & Jeanne Schmauss Mr. Thomas Schmeltz Mr. & Mrs. Paul Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Nancy Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. William & Judy Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Walter & Mary Schmit Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Elaine Schmitz Mr. & Mrs. Harry & Rose Schneller Dr. Paul Schoenenberger Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Jill Scholtes Ms. Judy Schousen Mrs. Margaret Schramm Mr. & Mrs. Ken & Laurette Schramm Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Kim Schumacher Mr. Frank Schwab Mrs. Margaret Schwanebeck Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Joan Schwegel Mrs. Kristie Scriba & The Paul Family Ms. Linda Searfoss Mr. & Mrs. M. Tom & Sharon Sedevic Mr. & Mrs. James & Dorothy Self Mr. Louis Senatore Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & Geraldine Sepka Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Mary Sepper Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Barbara Seppi Mr. & Mrs. Raymond & Dorothy Seranko Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Ann Serb Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Amy Sessner Mr. & Mrs. Herman Seufert Mr. John Sheehan, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Walter & Barbara Sheldon Ms. Jeanine Shotas Mr. & Mrs. Jeff & Jill Siegfried Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Andrea Signa Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Mary Signatur Mr. & Mrs. George & Mary Simon Mr. & Mrs. John & Marianne Simon Sir Christopher Simonetti, KHS, OFS Ms. Justine Skarupinski Ms. Mary Jane Skeen Mr. & Mrs. James & Kathleen Slattery Ms. Corinne Sloan Mr. Timothy Slye Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Debby Smith Mr. Ralf Smith Mr. & Mrs. James & Jean Rausch Smith Mr. John Smith Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Mary Kay Smith Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Ellen Smith Mr. & Mrs. Rory & Mary Smith Ms. Bonnie Smolik Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Dawn Smolik Ms. Paula Smyka Ms. Sandra Sneider Ms. Wendy Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Sharon Sobolewski Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Estelle Soger Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Elaine Soltis Mr. & Mrs. Arthur & Sharon Solverson Mr. & Mrs. Wayne & Patricia Soprych Mr. Lawrence Sorce Mr. Joseph Soucheray Mrs. Carol Spano Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Monica Spatafore Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Bette Spilotro Dr. & Mrs. Milton & Sandra Lee Sprang, M.D. Mr. Don Spreadbury Mr. & Mrs. Tony Spreitzer Mr. & Mrs. Louis & Joanne Stachura Mr. & Mrs. William & Dianne Stains Mr. William Stanczak Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Anita Stasiak Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Jo Marie Stave Mrs. Dolores Steffens Mr. & Mrs. William & Cheryl Steffgen Mr. & Mrs. Ron & Rene Steigerwald Mr. & Mrs. David & Janet Stenglein Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Carol Stephan Ms. Marcia Stern Mr. & Ms. Frank & Janet Stipek Ms. Mary Stith Mr. Leo Stock

Mr. Paul Stockhausen Mr. & Mrs. John & Suzanne Stockmann Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Elaine Stockwell Mr. & Mrs. William & Donna Stoltzman Mr. Neil Stout Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Adrienne Stras Mr. & Mrs. Doug & Diane Streff Mrs. Roberta Stubing Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Ann Stubing Ms. Mary Stuparitz Dr. & Mrs. Thomas & Mary Susan Sullivan, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Sally Anne Susner Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Karolyn Swanson Ms. Rosemary Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Sigmund & Rita Swarczewski Ms. Jean Sweeney Mr. John Sweeney Mr. & Mrs. Randall & Lynn Szostek Mr. & Mrs. Allen & Mary Ann Szudarski Mr. & Mrs. Bruce & Phyllis Taistra Ms. Diane Tamagni Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Lorraine Targosz Mr. Thomas Taterka Mr. Darrell Taylor Mr. Daniel Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Stan & Paula Teabeau Mrs. Janet Tecza Dr. & Mrs. John & Regina Tesk Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Louise Thibault Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Maria Thomas Ms. Jacqueline Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Noreen Tierney Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Karen Tierney Mr. Edward Tierney Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Gail Tognarelli Mr. & Mrs. Sal & Vivian Tomaso Ms. Susan Tonry Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Susan Tracy Mr. & Mrs. Frederick & Sandra Tragemann Mr. Michael Trainor Mr. & Mrs. John & Georgina Traut †Ms. Mary Trentz Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Patricia Trimarco Mr. & Mrs. Angelo & Jacquelyn Troiola Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Debra Tuccori Mr. & Mrs. James & Jean Tufano Mr. & Mrs. James & Anne Tufo Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Deborah Turk Mr. & Mrs. Alan & Carolynn Turley Mr. & Mrs. James & Lauren Tvrdik Ms. Michelle Uher Mr. & Mrs. James & Mary Kaye Ulczak

Mr. Thomas Underwood & Ms. Donna Drinan Mrs. Helen Van Duerm Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Carol Van Durme Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Janet Van Winkle Ms. Marita Varnes Mr. Steven Vatch Mr. Vincent Vece Mr. Bernard Venardi Ms. Maria Ventura Ms. Donna Verdugo Br. Robert Veselsky, FSC Mr. & Mrs. George & Genevieve Veselsky Ms. Rosario Vianzon Mr. & Mrs. George & Christina Vidmar Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Kimberly Vilimas Ms. Margaret Vitha Mr. Donald Vizard Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Maria Vlcek Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Patricia Vlk Ms. Joan Vogel Mr. & Mrs. George & Isabel Voitik Mrs. Frank & Lorraine Volante Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Karen Wagener Mr. Richard Wagner Ms. Jean Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Joanne Walczynski Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Norma Wall Ms. Lesa Wallace Ms. Marilyn Walls Mrs. Susan Walsh Mr. Travis Walters Mrs. & Mr. Teresa & John Ward Mrs. Carol Wassberg Ms. Leslie Wdowik Mrs. Mary Kathleen Weigel Mr. & Mrs. James & Deborah Weinmann Mr. & Mrs. James & Marie Wells Mr. Randall Welty Mr. & Mrs. Laurence & Mary Pat Wenshutonis Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Kimberly Werner Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Loretta Whalen Ms. Carolyn Wheatfall Gary Mr. & Mrs. Harry & Margaret Wheaton Ms. Maureen Whelan-Kapanowski Ms. Patricia Whipple Mr. & Mrs. David & Joan White Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Cathy Whittier Mrs. Elaine Wielgos Mr. & Mrs. John & Melissa Wilcox Ms. & Mr. Maureen & Edward Williams Ms. Delphine Williams Mrs. Mary Jo Wiltgen

Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Marianne Winsauer Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Patricia Wirth Mrs. Beverly Wise Mr. Gene Wisniewski Mrs. Marie Wisniewski Mr. Gary Wisniewski Ms. Cheryl Witzke Mr. & Mrs. Terrence & Marianne Wojan Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Pamela Wold Ms. Patricia Woodring Mr. & Mrs. James & Joan Woodrow Mrs. Dolores Woodrow Mr. & Mrs. James & Jane Woulfe Ms. Teri Wright Mr. & Dr. Paul & Nan Yancey Mr. Gregory Yersich Mr. Allen Young Mr. & Mrs. Gregory & Kathy Young Mr. & Mrs. Karl & Laureen Youtsey Mr. & Mrs. Emerick & Mary Yurkovich Ms. Joan Zacheis Mr. & Mrs. Jerome & Mary Pat Zacker Mrs. Geraldine Zahlman Mrs. Ann Zalak Mrs. Mary Zaloker Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Jacquelyn Zambreno Mr. & Mrs. Ron & Colette Zanko Mr. & Mrs. Dan Zaura Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Frances Zebig Mr. & Mrs. Gene & Merrie Zell Mr. Casimir Zell Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Emily Zemaitis Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus & Barbara Zielinski Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence & Mary Ellen Zielonka Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Delphine Zimich Ms. Mary Ellen Zimmer Mr. Frank Zimmerman Mr. Victor Zitzer Mr. Thomas Zitzer Mr. & Mrs. John & Patsy Zoccola, AFSC Ms. MaryBeth Zuhlke Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Janice Zurawski Mrs. Barbara Zurek

In-Kind Donations

Advanced Wellness Center Chicago Bulls Chicago Wolves Club Champion Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants DePaul University Lynfred Winery PRP Wine International, Inc.

Trader Joes Mr. Bill Coughlan, AFSC Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Julie Geist Mr. & Mrs. Robert Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William & Mary Ann Kearns Mr. & Mrs. James & Marybeth Lawshe Mr. Samuel Madonia Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Carol Zachary

In Lieu of Flowers Br. Leonard Stoffel, FSC † Mrs. Jayne Spellman † Mr. Cornelius O'Connor † Br. Stanislaus Sobczyk, FSC † Mr. John Sullivan † Mr. James Martin Crivolio †

Heritage Society

The Heritage Society recognizes those friends & benefactors who have included a gift to the Brothers in their will or estate plan. Mr. Frank Allseits † Mr. John Armitage † Mr. John Atz, Jr. † Mr. James Barrett † Mr. James Baudendistel † Dr. Richard Bealka, M.D. † Br. Marvin Becker, FSC † Dr. Stuart Bintner † Mr. Roland Boertitz † Mr. Robert Boller † Mr. & Mrs. George & Gertrude Borre † Mr. Albert Borrelli † Mr. John Bowman † Mr. Forrest Brown † Mr. & Mrs. Theodore & Mildred Bulinski † Mr. & Mrs. Earl & Nertha Carpenter † Mr. Donald Cerniglia † Mr. George Cleary † Mr. Edward Connelly † Mr. James Corrigan † Mr. Joseph Cresham † Ms. Bernice Decowski † Mr. Leo Donaghue † Br. Theodore Drahmann, FSC † Mr. Robert Dunne † Mr. James Dunneback † Mrs. Bernice Ferretti † Mr. George Gersten † Br. Hilary Gilmartin, FSC † LTC John Godar †

Br. Jeff Gros, FSC † Mr. Walter Hafner † Ms. Elizabeth Hanlon † Mr. Lawrence Hartlaub, Sr. † Mrs. Lorraine Hetland † Mr. Robert Jackwerth † Ms. Nora Kelly † Mr. Robert Kennedy † Mr. William Kieffe, Jr. † Mrs. Madeleine Kinney † Mr. William Kirven † Mr. Richard Klimes † Mr. & Mrs. Horatio & Marguerite Krause † Mr. Mark Krause † Mr. Edwin Kurland † Mrs. Adeline Lococo † Mr. Gerald Mahoney † Dr. Harold Manfredi, M.D. † Ms. Elinor McCarthy † Mr. Daniel McKasy † Ms. Dorothy Meegan † Ms. Mildred Mick † Mr. John Mooney † Mrs. Edith Nowicki † Mr. Dean Oberpriller † Ms. Helen O'Brochta † Mrs. Laverne O'Donnell † Mr. Lester Pakulski † Mr. Vincent Paschke, Jr. † Ms. Mildred Pike † Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Pauline Procter † Mrs. Theda Rice, AFSC † Ms. Anne Roach † Dr. Joseph Rost, Ph.D. † Bishop Daniel Ryan, AFSC † Mr. Vincent Salvino † Ms. Pauline Schain † Mr. George Schlegel † Mrs. Margaret Scrivner † Mr. John Shields † Mr. Paul Snyder † Mr. Robert Speeter † Mr. Edwin Theis † Mr. Robert Twohig † Fr. Mariano Vita † Mr. Bert Vuco † Ms. Helen Ward † Mr. Julius Wolff † Mrs. Dorothy Woodrich † Mrs. Bernadine Worland † Mr. James Wyza, Jr. † Br. Joseph Zastrow, FSC †

Honored Brothers

Blessed Br. James Miller, FSC † Brother Superior, Robert Schieler, FSC Br. H. Adren, FSC Br. H. Albert, FSC Br. Armand Alcazaar, FSC Br. Louis Althaus, FSC Br. Hilary Anselm, FSC Br. Joel Baumeyer, FSC Br. Marvin Becker, FSC † Br. Dominic Bedor, FSC † Br. H. Bernard FSC Br. Killian Bernardine, FSC † Br. James Bluma, FSC Br. Ray Bonderer, FSC Br. William Brynda, FSC Br. Christopher Buck, FSC Br. Michael Callahan, FSC † Br. Frank Carr, FSC Br. Bill Clarey, FSC Br. Michael Collins, FSC † Br. Pat Conway, FSC Br. John Mark Conway, FSC † Br Joel Damian, FSC † Br. I. Damian, FSC † Br. Jerome De La Salle, FSC † Br. Konrad Diebold, FSC Br. Fred Dillenburg, FSC Br. Thomas Dominic, FSC Br. L. Florian Donatelli, FSC Br. Dominic Dunn, FSC † Br. Edwin Dupre, FSC Br. Tom Dupre, FSC Br. James Ebner, FSC † Br. Dominic Ehrmantraut, FSC Br. Stephen Eibert, FSC † Br. Edward Everett, FSC † Br. G. Faber, FSC Br. Michael Flaherty, FSC Br. James Gaffney, FSC Br. Dennis Galvin, FSC Br. Mark Gault, FSC † Br. Eamon Gavin, FSC † Br. Nick Geimer, FSC † Br. Richard Geimer, FSC Br. Richard Gerlach, FSC † Br. LeRoy A. Grohocki, FSC Br. John Grover, FSC Br. Julius Herbert, FSC Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC Br. J. Hilary, FSC Br. Emery Hogan, FSC † Br. Tom Houde, FSC Br. Larry Humphrey, FSC Br. Michael Hyde, FSC †

Br. John Johnston, FSC † Br. Leo Jones, FSC Br. John Joseph, FSC † Br. L. Joseph, FSC Br. Michael Kadow, FSC Br. Charles Kelly, FSC † Br. Anthony Konrad, FSC Br. Gus Kossuth, FSC Br. Leo Kramper, FSC Br. David Kuebler, FSC Br. Robert Lane, FSC † Br. Bernard Lococo, FSC Br. Vincent Malham, FSC † Br. William Mann, FSC Br. Stephen Markham, FSC Br. Alfred Marshall, FSC Br. Hilary McDonald, FSC Br. Terence McLaughlin, FSC Br. Daniel McMullan, FSC † Br. Arnold McMullen, FSC Br. Finbar McMullen, FSC Br. Arnie McMullen, FSC Br. Owen Meegan, FSC † Br. Richard Merkel, FSC Br. John Michael, FSC † Br. John Pacholl, FSC † Br. Cyril Pahl, FSC † Br. Henry Pang, FSC Br. Alan Parham, FSC Br. L. Patrick, FSC Br. Lawrence Peter, FSC † Br. William Rhody, FSC † Br. Louis Rodemann, FSC Br. Joe Saurbier, FSC Br. Larry Schatz, FSC Br. Joe Seiler, FSC † Br. Ambrose Seiler, FSC † Br. Bud Seiler, FSC Br. George Seiler, FSC Br. Jarath Peter Seiler, FSC † Br. Joel Seiler, FSC † Br. Gary E. Smith, FSC † Br. Robert Smith, FSC Br. Stanislaus Sobczyk, FSC † Br. Robert Staub, FSC † Br. Damian Steger, FSC † Br. Leonard Stoffel, FSC † Br. Tom Sullivan, FSC Br. I. Terence, FSC Br. Robert Thomas, FSC Br. Robert Walsh, FSC Br. Robert Welch, FSC † Br. Norman Wray, FSC † Br. Bernard Zacheis, FSC †

Christian Brothers of the Midwest 7650 S. County Line Road Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Lasallian Education Touching Hearts and Teaching Minds




De La Salle Institute www.dls.org

Benilde-St. Margaret's School www.bsmschool.com

De La Salle Blackfeet School www.dlsbs.org

Montini Catholic HS www.montini.org

Cretin-Derham Hall www.cretin-derhamhall.org


Reurrection College Prep HS www.reshs.org

DeLaSalle HS www.delasalle.com

St. Joseph HS www.stjoeshs.org

Holy Family Catholic HS www.hfchs.org

St. Patrick HS www.stpatrick.org

Totino-Grace HS www.totinograce.org

San Miguel School Chicago www.sanmiguelchicago.org

Missouri Christian Brothers College HS www.cbchs.org

La Salle HS www.lasallehs.net

Oklahoma Bishop Kelley HS www.bkelleyhs.org San Miguel Middle School www.sanmigueltulsa.org

Tennessee Christian Brothers HS www.cbhs.org

To learn more about one of our Lasallian institutions contact Dr. Scott Kier at (630) 323-3725, ext. 205

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Faith & Zeal Fall 2019  

Faith & Zeal Fall 2019  


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