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Faith & Zeal the Magazine of the Christian Brothers of the Midwest

AUTU M N 2012

Inside this Issue of Faith & Zeal:

Emily Vogel, De La Salle Institute, reflecting on her participation in the Lasallian Women’s Symposium in Thailand: page 8

“In the back of my mind, I’m wondering if there wasn’t some divine guidance on that ball.” DeLaSalle H.S. (MN) Boys Head Basketball Coach Dave Thorson, on the state championship game: page 12

“They are Christian Brothers, heroes of the Catholic Church.” Monsignor Dan Mayall, pastor/rector of Holy Name Cathedral, writing about his celebration of Mass at the “Called to Be Brothers” conference: page 9

Cover Photos: Brother Larry Schatz, FSC, at the Jubilarian Mass.

“There are many reasons why I’ve allowed the Lasallian Mission to guide my life, and one of them is the innovation and the spirit of Association that is alive in the Lasallian family.”

“Brother, please watch over us and continue to clear the path for me – and each of us – once in a while.”

Jeff Radecki, student at St. Mary’s University, from the eulogy of Brother Jerome Rademacher: page 30

“It is all about touching the hearts of young people and transforming their lives, which ultimately makes our crazy world a better place, and of course builds the reign of God.”


Men presently in discernment with the Christian Brothers of the Midwest: page 6


Brother Larry Schatz, Visitor/Provincial: page 5


Total bequest from the estate of the late Bernice Decowski to the Midwest Christian Brothers: page 29

1,100+ Memorial gifts in six months to the Midwest Province: page 15


Christian Brothers who celebrated their Jubilee Anniversary this year: page 10


Friends, It is a pleasure to welcome you to this inaugural issue of Faith and Zeal, our new name for the magazine of the Christian Brothers of the Midwest. Faith and zeal – words used by our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle to describe the mission of the Brothers and our Lasallian partners in the schools and many other ministries in which we engage today. “Faith and zeal” beautifully describes the spirit of La Salle, a spirit that is alive and well. There is so much to share with you in this issue! Monsignor Dan Mayall’s reflection captures the wonderful energy of “Called to Be Brothers,” our Regional gathering of Christian Brothers from across the United States last month. Emily Vogel speaks passionately about her experience at the Lasallian Women’s Symposium last April in Thailand, and Brother Stephen Markham shares with you the strong advances we have seen in our Vocation Ministry. I succeeded Brother Frank Carr as Provincial/Visitor a little more than a year ago. As the title says, my primary responsibility as Visitor is to visit! By this fall I will have met with very nearly all 153 Christian Brothers in the Midwest District. They serve in California and Bethlehem, in Montana and Rome! It is a privilege to support these men in their ministry and service. A year ago, in my opening address to the Brothers, I outlined the three components of the vision I am focusing upon during my term as Visitor. Today I can tell you that we’ve made great strides in Vocations; inviting more young men to join us, and in other expressions of Lasallian vocations. In future issues I will speak to the Vitality of our communities and ministries, and how we intend to ensure Viability in both going forward . For the past number of years Mrs. Cheryl Garrigan managed the production of our Magazine. I want to salute Cheryl for the love and expertise she lent to this effort and thank her for all she continues to do for us here in the Provincial Office. Live Jesus in Our Hearts – Forever!

Brother Larry Schatz, FSC Provincial/Visitor


A Conversation with the Provincial

Editor’s Note: We sat down with Brother Larry Schatz, FSC on the one-year anniversary of his appointment as Visitor/Provincial of the Midwest District. Brother Larry shared a little of his background and his vision for the District.

Q Where did you grow up? A Dickinson, North Dakota; I’m a proud prairie boy! Q When did you discern your vocation to religious life? A During my third year of teaching; I saw a brochure for the Christian Brothers and was intrigued by this order of

Brothers committed to teaching (1979).

Q You travel a great deal; all over the country and the world! What’s the best part of that? A Connecting with Brothers and Lasallians, first of all; experiencing new cultures and sights; and the time traveling

affords me to catch up on reading and reflection.

Left Photo: Brother Larry

and Representatives from the Midwest District visiting with Brothers Fabio and Diego, and the students of Colegio De La Salle in Bogota, Colombia.


A Conversation with the Provincial

Q You have been Provincial/Visitor for a year now. Thoughts? Reflections? A All in all, I’m very encouraged by what is going on around the Midwest District---so many dedicated educators who

genuinely care about each young person they encounter; Brothers who are active, despite their age or “retirement” status. I am encouraged also by what appears to be a genuine renewal of interest in the Brothers’ vocation by young men. The recent Called to be Brothers national assembly at Lewis was also a wonderful celebration of shared brotherhood across Districts. Clearly, the Brothers are hope-filled men who are happy and proud that their shared mission is growing and thriving.

Q Young and old, in all walks of life, people continue to support the vision and the mission of St. John Baptist de La

Salle. Why do you think this is so?

A Because it is so compelling; it is all about touching the hearts of young people and transforming their lives, which

ultimately makes our crazy world a better place, and of course builds the reign of God.

Q What’s on your agenda for the year ahead? A To be present to the Brothers and our Lasallian partners as much as possible, to deepen my relationship with Jesus,

and to keep moving our District forward.

Q Any last thoughts? A I am so grateful to be a Brother; there is no doubt in my mind that this is what I am called to be, for I am constantly

challenged to grow and serve in ways I never dreamed possible. And the story of St J ohn Baptist de La Salle is a constant source of inspiration. Ever onward!

Bottom Photo: Brother Larry on his visit to Bethlehem University, touring the Judean Desert with St. George’s Monastery in the gorge.


Vocation Report

by Brother Stephen Markham, FSC Director of Vocation Ministry

Brother Postulant Anthony Elfering Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jonathan Emanuelson Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mark Engelmeyer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Timothy (TJ) Buckley Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Christian Brothers of the Midwest remain grateful to you, our cherished friends, for your prayers for vocations over the years. Those prayers are being answered. In this issue of the Magazine, we are pleased to share with you a report on our Vocations Ministry and introduce you to those men now joining us on this journey. The first step toward a vocation as a Christian Brother is participation in the Contact program. The Midwest District’s Contact program is intended primarily for male teachers or aspiring educators, graduate students and older college/university students. It is designed for men who want to experience and learn about religious life, especially the De La Salle Christian Brothers and who are open to the possibility of being called by God to the vocation of a Brother. At the present time, 10 men are active participants in the Midwest District’s Contact program and 3 men are Postulants. Johnathan Emanuelson from Downers Grove, Illinois and Mark Engelmeyer from Minneapolis, Minnesota will enter Jeremy House in Philadelphia this month as Postulants. Jeremy House is the Brothers’ house of formation for Postulants from across the United States/Canada Region. Time spent at Jeremy House may vary according to age, academic background, and/or other circumstances as determined by the Director of Postulants along with the Postulant’s Brother Visitor. The Postulant is invited to wear the Brothers’ shirt and collar and uses the title “Brother.” Brother Postulant Anthony Elfering is beginning his third year as a teacher of religion and campus minister at Bishop Kelley

Michael Phipps Romeoville, Illinois

Matt Lehman Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jerry Brocky Omaha, Nebraska


Vocation Report High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Brother Tony spent two and a half years as a postulant at Jeremy House while he completed a degree from La Salle University. We anticipate Brother Tony becoming a novice in August of 2013. The Novitiate is a full year of spiritual training under the direction of a novice master. The novices have considerable time for prayer and reflection in a contemplative setting, input from Brothers and others on spiritual life, the history of the Institute, liturgy and the vows. It is expected that prior to entering the Novitiate, a novice will have a professional degree, have completed twenty-four hours of theology study and have experienced life in community and ministry with the Brothers. The Brother Novice is invited to wear the Brothers’ robe as well as the shirt and collar. The Lasallian Region of North America supports a Novitiate in Napa, California. Following the Novitiate, newly professed Brothers take temporary vows for at least five years before they profess final or perpetual vows. The Midwest District also supports programs intended for the cultivation of our Lasallian associates and colleagues. Two programs that are very helpful to our Vocation Ministry are the Lasallian Volunteers and the Lasallian Teacher Immersion Programs. Both provide wonderful training in Lasallian Mission and experience, and insight into living in community. Please continue to pray for the men presently in our Vocation Ministry and for others to join them.

John Owens Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sam Olsem Winona, Minnesota

Thomas Iven Winona. Minnesota

Matthew Kotek Alicante, Spain

Marc Vega Romeoville, Illinois

Jon Fincher Atchinson, Kansas

Michael A. Beauregard Memphis, Tennessee

Ricky Laylong Conyers, Georgia 7

The Spirit of Association

Excerpts from a reflection on the Lasallian Women’s Symposium, April 2012-Thailand by Emily Vogel, De La Salle Institute, Chicago. It was March 26th and an unusually blah Monday-until I was stopped in my tracks with an invitation to go to Thailand. I practically said yes before even knowing what the trip was for, and after soaking in the words “Lasallian Women’s Symposium” I began to teem with excitement. The rush to finalize travelling plans haltered my ability to even imagine the impact this gathering might have on my personal life or the Lasallian Mission as a whole. As I took my steps on the plane to depart Chicago, I started to realize that something big was about to happen. On our way to Pattaya, we picked up a number of women from the airport. The two-hour ride was filled with typically first conversations about where we were from, our positions in our schools, and a lot of giggling-the kind that only women are able to share. We were also entertained by the enthusiasm of our driver, Br. Stephen, who was more than elated to have the honor of accompanying a vanload of women on our journey! We joined 48 women from around the Pacific-Area Region and five Christian Brothers. In Br. Alvaro’s opening address, his words sent goose bumps to my skin when he affirmed the role of women by speaking of the maternal behavior of God found in Scripture, noting that over 50% of the adults currently serving in the worldwide mission are women.

Trish Carroll, Director of Lasallian Educational Services for PARC, and the Foundress of the Symposium, gave a riveting presentation on the role women played in St. La Salle’s life. As she spoke of his grandmother, mother, sisters, the women of the Scripture, and the various religious women he befriended along the way. How was it that in my 20 years of Lasallian education (as student and professional) have I barely heard these profound stories of such wise, strong women?

gathering with these Lasallian women and the support of the Brothers present gave me a much needed jolt of hope-for our Church, for our Lasallian Mission, and for society as a whole

The women and Brothers were all smiles as we learned new songs and dances, and marveled at the beautiful and various traditional dress from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Africa, and the Philippines-just to name a few. Alisa, Br. Charlie and I shared the American pastime of baseball and “Take Me out to the Ballgame” (legend attributes the “Seventh Inning Stretch” to Br. Jasper from Manhattan College). There are many reasons why I’ve allowed the Lasallian Mission to guide my life, and one of them is the innovation and the spirit of Association that is alive in the Lasallian family. Gathering with these Lasallian women and the support of the Brothers present gave me a much needed jolt of hope-for our Church, for our Lasallian Mission, and for society as a whole.

Emily Vogel at the Lasallian Women’s Symposium playing an icebreaker game with a Sri Lankan nun.


There is much work to be done in our Church and in our Lasallian Mission, but the Spirit will no doubt continue to guide us in ways that we can’t even imagine right now. I’m eternally grateful for the open arms of the Christian Brothers who have truly become “Divine siblings” for me and I’m certain that our celebrated Association as Lasallians will continue to foster positive change and growth in our church and our world.

Oh, Brother!

Monsignor Dan Mayall is Pastor/Rector of Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago. This is excerpted from Monsignor’s Message in the Holy Name Parish Bulletin, July 22nd, 2012. Last Sunday evening, I offered a Mass unlike any other Mass in my priesthood. The Christian Brothers of the United States met last week at Lewis University, southwest of Chicago. At the opening Mass were 350 dedicated Catholic men from all over America. I peeked at the name tags while distributing Communion. They were from all over the continent. It was the first time they had gathered collectively in twelve years.

So I was in a unique setting. Until I got there, I had not digested the fact that this would be a 95% male congregation. The singing was moving. Imagine 350 men singing like they wanted to sing! Here were 350 brothers present. In that room, I was the only one ordained to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Seven guys came up to help distribute Communion. They are Christian Brothers, heroes of the Catholic Church. I felt like genuflecting when I presented the Body & Blood of Jesus to the Extraordinary Ministers/Brothers, fellows who make me, you, and the rest of Christ’s Catholic Church look good. A religious brother is a member of a Catholic community of men following Christ in a consecrated life under the normal vows of poverty, celibacy, and obedience. French Father John Baptiste De La Salle (1615-1719), a saint, dedicated himself and a band of lay brothers to education of the common Catholic boy. To this day, the Brothers of the Christian Schools primarily are educators dedicated to secondary schools and to the fight against illiteracy. There are 800,000 students enrolled in Christian Brothers Schools in 80 countries spread across every continent. (Where are they not?) Joined by 73,000 lay colleagues, 6,000 Christian Brothers administer and sponsor those institutions. Globally, there are more Christian Brother’s schools than Jesuit schools. In the United States, Christian Brothers sponsor schools steeped in the Lasallian model in 22 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. In the Chicago metropolitan area, they are associated with De La Salle Institute on Chicago’s south side, Montini HS in Lombard; St. Joseph HS in Westchester; Lewis University in Romeoville; and St. Patrick HS-the oldest boys’ high school in Chicago-still successfully and strongly operating on the city’s northwest side. Thanks for last week’s invitation, Brothers. For the first time in 35 years of priesthood, I experienced a vision of my identity with a new understanding. At the beginning of Sunday’s Mass, the Penitential Rite, I violated the strict prohibition of “adlibbing” when I invited the Brothers into the “holy presence of God” to ask His forgiveness. Those are the words they regularly use in beginning prayer. At the end of Mass, I blessed them in the Name of the Trinity. Then I proclaimed outside the text, “St. John Baptiste De La Salle”. They resounded, “Pray for us”. I was on the collective page of their holy script; so I added, “Live Jesus in our hearts”. With character and charisma, they Christian Brothers thunderously proclaimed, “Forever”!



News from the Midwest District The Sangre de Cristo Spiritual Center has closed. Located in the mountains just north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Center was a place of renewal for thousands of religious and priests in their service to Jesus and the Gospel. The 50th anniversary celebration also saluted those who have ministered at the Center.

Following his transition from Visitor Provincial in July 2011, Brother Francis Carr, FSC has enjoyed a sabbatical year during which he embarked on a pilgrimage retracing the steps of St. John Baptist de La Salle. Brother Frank visited several historical sites of St. La Salle including the Church of St. Sever in Rouen where St. La Salle was interred before the French Revolution, the Rheims Cathedral where St. La Salle was ordained, and his childhood home in Rheims. In the upcoming year Brother Frank will be residing in Winona, Minnesota and working at St. Mary’s Press as the Administrative Director of Editorials.

The Midwest District Office is delighted to welcome its first Lasallian Volunteer. Megan Davison. Megan’s year with the Midwest District is part of a pilot program to train future development professionals for Lasallian schools and ministries. The Lasallian Volunteers program was created with the purpose of providing recent college graduates the opportunity to serve in a Lasallian ministry and live in intentional communities with the Brothers.

From June 25-29, sixty-five students and fifteen moderators gathered at Lewis University for the Midwest District’s Lasallian Youth Gathering. This gathering of high school students from across the District provided an opportunity for young people to discover the fullness of life through the experiences of faith, service, and community that is the foundation of the Lasallian Mission. Students were able to engage with their spirituality through a variety of workshops and also enjoy some of Chicago’s best eats and sights!

Brother Konrad Diebold, president of St. Patrick’s High School in Chicago, received the Outstanding Service Award from the Chicago Archdiocese on March 11th. Brother Stephen Markham, Director of Vocation Ministry for the Midwest District, received a papal honor for his years of service in schools and parishes serving as a pastoral associate and as a parish life coordinator for the St. La Salle Pastorate.


Tidbits Lasallian regional leadership advocated for children’s rights by signing the public statement “Standing for Children” in Washington, D.C. The public signing of the statement in late 2011 symbolized the commitment that the General Councilor, the Provincials, and all Lasallian educators have made towards ensuring that all children are treated with full human dignity. This document comes as a response to the global public support for the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, which urges political and religious leaders to work towards the progression of children’s rights. A key component of the statement calls us to actively provide children with opportunities to succeed.

The United States and Toronto Region is celebrating the addition of French-speaking Canada. The restructuring of Regions became a priority in order to reduce isolation among certain sectors of the Institute and to address financial challenges that could arise. The new region is now formally called Région Lasalliene de l’Amérique du Nord, (English: Lasallian Region of North America), or RELAN. The Region is now enriched with two languages and the unification of the two will continue to strengthen and invigorate the Lasallian Mission in Canada and the United States.

Brothers of the Midwest District gathered on July 14th to celebrate the Jubilee Anniversaries of twelve dedicated Christian Brothers. Shown below are the Brothers who were able to attend the Mass at St. Charles Borromeo Church in Romeoville, IL. Top row, from left; Brothers. Phil Johnson, Stephen Markham, Paul Grass, Frank Carr, and Stan Sobcyzk Bottom row, from left; Brothers. Michael Callahan, Finbar McMullen, Tom Power, Jim Roszak, and Joe O’Malley. Brothers Norman Wray and John Wozniak were not able to be present. A reception followed at Lewis University.


Around the District

News from our Universities, Schools, and Ministries

The Power of Skype!

The students taking theology at Montini Catholic High School wanted to connect with the students at their twin Lasallian school in Ethiopia. Skype was the answer! They learned that the Ethiopian students were raising funds for the care of hundreds of street children in their city. Touched by this giving spirit, the students at Montini raised $1,000 from a penny war and sent the funds to Ethiopia!

Divine Guidance in State Basketball Finals

This spring, both the boys and girls basketball teams at DeLaSalle H.S. in Minneapolis MN, won the state championships, which is unprecedented. The initials on the boys’ teams jerseys represented the loss of one of the school’s most beloved Brothers and school President, Brother Michael Collins. Throughout the intense game, DeLaSalle was able to prove that defense wins championships, perhaps with a little divine guidance from their beloved President. The DeLaSalle Basketball Coach, Dave Thorson, spoke of how the team got through the news of Brother Michael’s passing, “in the back of my mind I’m wondering if there wasn’t some divine guidance on that ball.”

San Miguel Tulsa

Last January, Cathy Moore was welcomed as the new principal at San Miguel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Moore has a Masters Degree in Education Administration from the University of Oklahoma and has been teaching math to middle school students since 2004.

Archbishop O’Hara High School

At Archbishop O’Hara H.S. in Kansas City, Missouri, the OPTIONS program provides a Special Education program that allows students to attend private school and receive the attention they need, combined with the foundations of a Lasallian education and tradition. OPTIONS also has a Mentors program that allows outstanding and involved junior and senior students to work in the program.


Around the District

LTIP Cohort 3 Graduates Four Young Men: Saint Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota had the honor of graduating four young men who were participants in the Lasallian Teacher Immersion Program. This program encourages young men to discern the call to educate others by enriching their college experience. Shown at the graduation ceremony last May are, from left; Brother Pat Conway Director of LTIP, Cullen Gibbons, Tom Thielen, Brother Larry Schatz, Visitor/Provincial, Steve Schmidt, Jon Delwiche, and Brother Francis Carr, former Visitor.

Brother of Invention

Over the years, Brother Finbar McMullen, a beloved Christian Brother at Saint Mary’s University, has developed new ideas and prototypes that have proven to be innovative and problem solving. They range from a sleeping bag hood to a gun that shoots nets in efforts to catch waterfowl. These inventions, as well as beautiful wood carvings of Brother Finbar’s, were on display at a gallery in Winona, MN.

Barry Lieske, AFSC named President

The longtime principal of DeLaSalle High School in Minneapolis, MN was named President after the death of Brother Michael Collins. Lieske has served in an interim capacity since the death of Brother Michael last January. DeLaSalle High School in Minneapolis was founded in 1900.


In Memory

Please remember in your prayers the lives and blessings of those Christian Brothers of the Midwest District who have recently passed away.

Brother Gary Smith, 67, died at home in Manitowoc, Wisconsin on

December 24th. A De La Salle Christian Brother for twenty-six years, he was born in Union City, Pennsylvania. Brother Gary was a teacher and administrator at Pacelli High School in Stevens Point, Wisconsin from 1981 to 1997 and for the last fourteen years was a religion teacher at Roncalli H.S. in Manitowoc.

Brother Michael Collins, 75, a Christian Brother for 56 years, died on January 8th. Brother Michael was the first co-principal of the newly merged Cretin-Durham Hall H.S. in St. Paul. He was named President of DeLaSalle H.S. in Minneapolis in 1991 and was the longest tenured chief administrator in the 112-year history of the school. A member of the Board of the National Catholic Education Association from 1996-2004, Brother Michael received the NCEA’s 2007 Sister Catherine T. McNamee, CSJ Award for his leadership in promoting diversity in Catholic education. Over 2,000 people attended his Mass of Christian Burial at the Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis on January 14th. (See related story Divine Guidance in Basketball on page 12.) Brother Jerome Rademacher, 75, died on February 15th in Winona, Minnesota. He was a Christian Brother for 57 years. He taught at Cretin H.S. in St. Paul and at Christian Brothers College in St. Louis. He also taught physics at St. Mary’s University from 1965-1969 and, after receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, from 1974 until his retirement in 2008. (See excerpts of Brother Jerome’s eulogy on page 30.)

Brother Joseph Zastrow, 72, a Christian Brother for 55 years, died on March 8th at Resurrection Life Center in Chicago. He served in retreat ministry from 1980 to 1991 at Stritch Retreat Center in Memphis, Tennessee and worked in the business office at La Salle Institute in Glencoe, Missouri from 1968 to 1977 and again from 1992 to 2009.

Brother Dominic Bedor, 77, was a Christian Brother for 60 years. He died April 1st. Brother Dominic was a very well-known teacher in Illinois and Michigan and for years served as the devoted moderator of the Mothers Club at Bishop Gallagher H.S. in Harper Woods, Michigan. From 1992 until 2009 Brother Dominic was a teacher and volunteer at Driscoll Catholic H.S. in Addison, Illinois.



News •

The Midwest Province received a bequest of $30,000 from the estate of Leo Donaghue, a great friend of the Brothers from Ramsey and St. Paul, MN.

Due to historically low rates in the federal gift tax, that are assured to be in effect only through the end of 2012, donors across the country are finding the charitable lead trust to be a highly effective way to create a significant charitable gift and transfer assets to future generations of their family. We encourage you to discuss this opportunity with your financial advisors.

The late Bernice Decowski, a friend of the Brothers and of Totino-Grace High School, named the Midwest Province as beneficiary of three annuities, a bequest totaling more than $166,000.

• A reminder that, as in recent years, donors age 70 ½ can authorize a distribution to charity of up to $100,000 from their IRA account, and have it count as their mandatory withdrawal. The donor avoids paying tax on the withdrawal. As always, we encourage you to contact your financial advisor for more information.

Numbers 3/15/5/4: Universities, high schools, middle schools and retreat centers in the Midwest Province 5:

Provinces in the new RELAN Region of the Christian Brothers in the United States and Canada


Christian Brothers in the Midwest Province

$31,000: Cost to support one Postulant at Jeremy House for one year.

The Midwest Province has two Postulants in 2012-2013.

Quote “I went into St. Mel High School as a boy and came out as a man. The Brothers devoted their whole lives to teaching us. These great men should be remembered.” Jim Wyza, St. Mel Class of ’58, on why he has made a provision for the Midwest Christian Brothers in his will.

Question From a friend of the Brothers in Florida, this question: “I would like to include the

Christian Brothers of the Midwest in my estate planning. What legal name should I use?”

Answer: For estate planning purposes, you may use the name “Christian Brothers of

the Midwest, Inc.” And thank you!


Memorial Cards

Memorial Gifts are a meaningful way to Express Sympathy on the loss of a friend or loved one. Memorials are also a dignified way to Remember a loved one, friend or neighbor on their birthday, anniversary, in time of sickness or grieving, as well as on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a special occasion or any day. Please Note: Memorial Cards gifted after December 31st, 2011 will now be recognized on our website, www.

“In Memory of ” Lucille LaRoque Adams

Rovert Arenz, SJ

Charles R. Belvo

Richard Adams

Regina “Jeanne” Artz

Florence Bené

Mary Vavrosky

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William & Dolores Woodrow

Br. Bede Baldry, FSC

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Thomas W. Marchese & Joanne Cirringione

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Lena Anzelmo

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July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011

Mike Arendt

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“The Westsiders”

Paulette Banks

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Paul Borgmann

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St. George Alumni Assn

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Chris & Mary Twar

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Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Cretin Class of 1953 Michael & Jeannie Scott

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Edna Behring

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Sandra J. Bingham Jim Bird

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Rory & Mary Smith

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Br. Gilbert Blum, FSC Thomas E. Wilson

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Christian Brothers-HMSR Christian Brothers College HS

Joe Brady

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Robert Bridges, SG’70 Robert L. Cummings

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Christian Brothers College HS Robert & Susan Renz, Jr.

Geraldine M. Boland

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Leonard Boever Mike Boland

Virgie Brown

Dominick Bruno

Kamaal & Judith Khazen Ralph J. Mirro

“In Memory of ”

July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011 William B. Buckie

Mary Chocola

Sally Cowhey, (Bob, SG’55) Albert DelPico

Sylvia M. Bulkley

Latanya Chotoosingh

Joan Cox

James & Rita Beaumont Steve Murray & Rebecca Stumbaugh-Murray

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Honorable Robert P. Cahill, John J. Coffey, Jr. SM’54 Edward & Mary Coffey, Jr. Robert L. Cummings

Daniel Calacci

La Salle Retreat Center Board

Ann M. Callahan

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Dr. Gilbert & Laura Cyr

Carol Cann

Thomas & Del Hannigan

Justin & Whitt Cannle

Clifford & Barbara Karchmer

Josephine Caporale

Ronald & Patricia Vlk

Dick Carle

Margaret Coleman

John & Georgiana Leen

Dan Collins

Mary Vavrosky

Morris Collier

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Charles L. Connor, SJ

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Roy Edward Conry, O. Carm.

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Kathleen Shaughnessy Conway

Scott & Susan Persby

Theresa A. Hammer Terrance & Kathleen Russell

John & Georgiana Leen

Donald & Norine Kapicak

Leroy Carvso John D. Casa

Mary Cook

Anthony & Carol Rupsis

Sr. Mary Ruth Coopman, OSF

George & Patricia Gow

Amy Corbett

Gerald Cavanagh

James Cavanough

Rimantas & Aristida Parakininkas

Raymond A. Cellitti

James & Rita Beaumont

Irene Cempffin

Dominic & Margaret Caminiti

Geraldine Chapin

Carolyn L. DeGrave

James Chavoen

John & Lynn Finneke Family

William Childress

Richard & Jean Howe

Norman Choate, CR

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Christian Brothers-HMSR

John & Suzanne Stockmann

The Cornnell Family Kathleen T. Larson

Sr. Mary C. Costello, FSE Christian Brothers-HMSR

Terrence J. Costello Jeanne M. Costello

Marcelo Coto Leandro Brea

Doris Coulter

Daniel C. Miller

Orma Coutre Rita L. Kelley

Paul G. Coutre Rita L. Kelley

St. George Alumni Assn

Dr. Gilbert & Laura Cyr

Thomas & Nancy Mines

Gerald & Winifred Lyons Fred & Linda Stumbaugh, Jr.

Victoria Mary Cox

Christian Brothers Midwest District Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Steve Coyne

Janet R. Darovic

Br. Patrick Craine, FSC

Mariclare Barrett Marjorie A. Carey Christian Brothers Midwest District Patrick McShane D. Patrick & Nancy O’Shea Chris & Mary Twar Louise M. Varnes

Robert Demers

Eileen Dempsey

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Sr. Jane Desaulniers, SSND Christian Brothers-HMSR

George Burdeau Desloge Stan & Paula Teabeau

Michael J. Devaney, OMI Christian Brothers-HMSR

John D’Gama

Andrew & Judith Prieboy

Charles Dicaro

John & Cecelia Donato

Mary Crets

Inez DiDonato

Jeanne Cronin

Marla DiNatale

Deb Cummane

Richard Dittmer

Sally Cunag

Patricia Doane

Brookview/StoneBridge Home John & Lynn Doyle Thomas & Gerry Cappello


Joan E. Murphy

Br. Lawrence Humphrey, FSC

Marie Cusamano

David & Maureen Kopp Dr. Nan Russell-Yancey Sandy Schuh

Barbara Czerniak

Paul & Kathleen Manning

Jerome & Carol Pawlak Edward & Kathleen Schaeffer Thomas & Joan Bondi John T. Millard

Alice Dabko

Barbara Dojutrek

James Dolan, SG’56

St. George Alumni Assn

David & Virginia Anderson

Robert Dolan

Walter & Carol Gavin, Jr.

Sr. Mary Maurice Dolan, RSM

Amelia Dahly Br. Dan

Timothy Delrose

June Daniels

David & Cheryl Pipitone

Br. David Darst, FSC Joseph & Joanne Forgue

Denis Dartt

Helen M. McGrath

Leroy Daunis

John & Kathleen Collins

Anna F. DeDera Janet R. Darovic

Fred A. Dehart Anthony Dolce

Margaret Dekeyser

Skip & Christine D’Orazio

Robert R. Del Ciello

Richard & Patricia Wier

Sr. Mary Julia Delaney

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Ronald DeLisi

Clarence & Lois Telkes

Jack & Caroline Zachary

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Evarista Dominguez Br. Francis Carr, FSC

Leo Donaghue

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Mr. Donahoe

Lois A. Warner

Grace Donofrio

Susan Fosco Richard & Michele Pitello

John R. Dove, SM’63 Anthony H. Sacco, Jr.

George Dowling Nicholas A. Stein

Rose Downey

John & Sandra Bennett

Eileen Doyle

John & Rita O’Leary

Joan Doyle

St. Mel Alumni Assn.


“In Memory of ” Br. Theodore Drahmann, FSC

Edward E. Everitt, OP

Draudt & Kozik Families

Raymond F. Fabbri

Joseph Forshaw III

Martin & Mary Beth Mersch

Benedetta S. Frachella

A Friend

Wayne & Mary Ann Draudt

Frank Drawe

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Kay Vaughan Driscoll Brian & Linda Savage

James Drummond

Br. Bede Baldry, FSC

Judy Drury

Daniel P. Drury

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Bruno & Alice Fabbri Murphy Fabian Donald Fagan

Joan M. Gismondi

William B. Faherty, SJ

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Cora Fair

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Andrea Fanelli Joseph R. Ducibella, SM’63 Enzo A. Mion Anthony H. Sacco, Jr. Patricia Cosette-Thomas Anna Duffner Faricy Robert & Rosanne Ripper

John & Marguerite Blake

Richard J. Gay

Brian & Mary Sue Faust

Barbara Duffy

Paul Duffy, OMI

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Ruth Faust Don Fay

Martha B. Rivers

Br. Gerald Duncanson, FSC Rita Fenlon Christian Brothers-HMSR

Gerald & Rita Fenlon

Leonore M. Messina

Br. Alan C. Parham, FSC

Mary Dunfee

Donna L. DuSold

Martin C. DuSold, Jr.

Charles J. Dusselier

Brian K. Ferrell

Sr. Mary Clement Fine

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Florence N. Dusselier

Br. Michael A. Finnegan, FSC

Kazmer Dworzycki

Doris Finney

Jacqueline Dworzycki Virginia Dwyer

Robert & Lori Dressel Daniel & Michele Malone

Ann Edel

Lawrence & Shirley Dieterman

Edward Egan

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Delores Eike

Mark & Jean Lee

Roy Ema

John & Suzanne Stockmann

Joe Erbrick

Fred & Maureen Hoffman, Jr.

Gloria Ernstberger

Norbert & Dianne Dybas

William & Phyllis Eubank Christian Brothers Midwest District Dr. Mary C. Fox Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC Br. Lawrence Humphrey, FSC Maryann O’Neill

Randy Eugene


July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011 Robert & JoAnn Piram Br. Michael Rivers, FSC La Salle Institute Community Thomas W. Marchese & Joanne Cirringione

Paul J. Frank, OMI

Cecelia Frost

Bruno & Irene Mroczkowski

Rita Fuller

Leonore M. Messina Paul & Eileen Monteil, Jr.

Brookview/StoneBridge Home Thomas M. Herschbach

J. Daniel & Anne Brady John & Sally Mayne

Robert Gierut Joyce O’Neil

John Gillio

Anthony & Linda Jania, Jr.

John & Kathleen Collins James & Jacqueline Dolan

Michael J. Gilmartin

Donald & Norine Kapicak

Lauretta Giloth

Fred & Maureen Hoffman, Jr.

Bernadine Gimenez

Kenneth & Lynne Gotsch

Sr. Edward Mary Gira, CR

Dale Gotceitas

Henry Glafcke

Ronald & Barbara Kucera

Arlene Gleason

Andrew S. Gantner, Jr.

James T. Gleason, CSSR

Daniel & Eileen Kuzniar

Jerry Gleason

Mark & Jean Lee

Gerry Gloriod

Christian Brothers-HMSR

John Gobel

Frank & Jami Gattuso, Jr.

Evelyn Goedeker

Jack Fultz

Matthew Futterer Kevin Gabel

Br. Anthony Gajewski, FSC

Mark Garamoni

Gerald & Kathy Fitzgerald

John Garbo

Chris & Mary Twar

John F. Garvey, SJ

Frank Gattuso, Sr. The Gazzi Family

Eileen M. Grady

Daniel & Karen Wagener Bernard & Claire Keating Mary W. Riesmeyer

Christian Brothers-HMSR Marikay D. Boraca

Donald & Walkiris Raineri Christian Brothers-HMSR St. George Alumni Assn Dr. Mary C. Fox Carol Z. Gobel

Thomas & Jean Drazen

Gene & Anna Gazzi

Lucila Retrepo de Gomez

George & Karen Kosinski

Peggy Gordon

Armando H. Florio, OFM

Lucille Gecan

Pauline Fonsino

Leonard Geimer

Marilyn Fontana

Roger Geimer

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Sam Gianino

Br. Hilary C. Gilmartin, FSC

Thomas Fuller

Paul & Eileen Monteil, Jr.

Christian Brothers Midwest District James & Marilyn Kavanaugh Rory & Mary Smith

James J. Capparelli

Grace Giebe

Avelina Gantner

Barbara Flood

Edna Giangreco

Patricia H. Woodring

William Frier

Christian Brothers-HMSR

George Flicek

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Edwin Schade Gibson

Isabel Lyman Gallagher

The Fitzgerald Family

Sr. M. Ruth Gerlach, RSM

Rory & Mary Smith

Our Friend

George & Mary Simon

Pat Fitzgerald

Agnes A. Gerlach

Jim Gibbs

Alfredas Galinaitis

Br. Clarence Fioke, FSC

Br. Richard Gerlach, FSC

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Br. Francis Carr, FSC

Br. Joseph Saurbier, FSC

Br. Richard Geimer, FSC

Raymond Gorski

Mary Eilean Grace

Donald & Walkiris Raineri

Christian Brothers Midwest District Br. Richard Geimer, FSC

Samuel & Majorie Cassato

Christian Brothers-HMSR

John & Patricia Michaels

Richard & Marianne Drogosz

Margarite Fonzino

Joseph & Eileen Daquilante

Jean Ford

Daniel & Michele Malone

George Evans

Joseph Forliti

Emile Gentile, TOR

Thomas & Joan Bondi Walter & Audrey Cleff, Jr.

MaryLu Butler Grace

James & Florence Bingham Martin & Patricia Magee

Larry Graham

Lawrence & Julie O’Brien

July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011 Sr. Joan Ann Granzeier

Patrick Hammer

Sue Graume

Madalene Hancock

Christian Brothers-HMSR Stanley & Helen Rzasa

James Graves

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Barbara K. Greco (Anthony, SG’59) Anthony J. Greco

Lenny Gregory III

Daniel & Linda Bersett

Joan Griffin

Edward & Kathleen Schaeffer

James Griggsby, Sr.

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Sr. Janet M. Grim, SND Christian Brothers-HMSR

Victor F. & Beulah Groos Victor E. Groos

F. Gail Gros

St. George Alumni Assn

Arline Grossmann

Marianne B. Crosson

Roberta Gross

Christian Brothers College HS

William E. Grow Barbara Brunner

Barbara G’Sell

Stan & Paula Teabeau

Barbara S. Guagenti Frank L. Guagenti

James Guarrine

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Sage

Michael Gubitosi James J. O’Connell

Patricia Guccione

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

John E. Guignon, Jr.

Christian Brothers College HS

Dolores Guilo

Thomas & Susan Rauch

Lee Gunty

Annamae Pierce


Renee Marsh

Robert Hackett, SG’61 St. George Alumni Assn

George Haliday

James J. O’Connell

Marlene Hamill

Edward & Barbara Mackey

Jeffrey Hammer

Theresa A. Hammer

Jon Hammer

Theresa A. Hammer

Theresa A. Hammer

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Martha Haraldson Wayne L. Haraldson

June Hardin

Esther Alfirevic

James Hargrove

Thomas & Del Hannigan

Richard Harlow

Arthur & Virginia Boyd

Leta Harms

Andrew & Judith Prieboy

Robert L. Harness

James & Constance Finger, II

Barbara Harns

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Mickey Harrison

Ron & Connie Norstrem

Ryan Hart

Melbourne Central Catholic HS

Lois Hartje

Thaddeus & Paula Sochacki

Marilyn G. Hausel Nicholas A. Stein

Margaret A. Hay Bonnie Fritz

Helen M. Hayes

Lester & Katie Quinlan

James Hazen

Joseph Heppe

“In Memory of ”

Christian Brothers Midwest District De La Salle Community

Patricia Herrmann

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Sharon Jeske

Paul & Eileen Monteil, Jr.

Arthur Jesse

De La Salle Institute

David W. Johnson, SJ

Timothy & Donna Hobart

Harvey Johnson

Christian Brothers College HS

Jerry Jorgenson

Richard & Elizabeth Kosciolek

James Joyce, SM’59

Christian Brothers-HMSR

George A. Jungkunz

Eileen M. Grady

Manny Jura

Howard A. Pettinger

Dorothy Justrow

Dolores Hooper

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Maxine Kammeier

Russell R. Hoormann

Elaine Kasprizyk

Jacqueline Hertel Bill Heydon

Evonne “Lulu” Hill The Hobart Family

Sarah Ferguson Hock

Connie Hodgon

Paul A. Hoemeke, OMI

Br. I. Emery Hogan, FSC Geraldine Holtgreve

William & Ann Klaas

Anita Hoover

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Joyce Hrovatin

Frank Heiberger, SM’48

Joan M. Hruby

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Irene Heidenreich

David & Cheryl Pipitone

Gene Heineman, SG’32 St. George Alumni Assn

Thomas J. Hruby Brandon Hsueh

LaSalle Retreat Center

Julia Marie Hughes

Mark & Serena Boulanger

Br. James Hurley, FSC

Nettie Jeanne Potter Heiwig Eileen M. Grady Br. Lawrence Humphrey, FSC James A. Imhof, SM Christian Brothers-HMSR Everette “Bud” Helmer Leonard & Carol Kosiek Darius Izokaitis Rimantas & Aristida Henry F. Hendel, CBC’36 Christian Brothers College HS


Marikay D. Boraca

Mary Vavrosky

June Henicki

Julie Jahnke

Sr. Rosalie Hennessey

Margaret Janku

Patrick Henry

Ted Janoski

Christian Brothers-HMSR Crusaders Council Knights of Columbus

Thomas M. Herschbach


George F. Healy, CSSP

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Gary Jenson

Robert & Kathleen Hams

Steve Murray & Rebecca Stumbaugh-Murray Fred & Linda Stumbaugh, Jr.

Clifford & Barbara Karchmer

Alice Jensen Werner & Patricia Schmidt

Brookview/StoneBridge Home Christian Brothers College HS

Laverne Janushek

Phillip & Jean Balsamo

Bonnie Fritz

Janet R. Darovic Joan E. Murphy

Christian Brothers-HMSR Brookview/StoneBridge Home Richard & Sally Parenteau St. Mel Alumni Assn. Joan M. Jungkunz Gerald Erazmus

Robert & JoAnn Piram

Brookview/StoneBridge Home Richard & Diane Andrews

Lambert J. Kaye, III

Dr. Gilbert & Laura Cyr Albert & Margaret Toczylowski

John “Jack” Kearney

Brian & Linda Savage

Patrick Keeley, CM

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Alice Keenan

Thomas F. Keenan

Br. Leo Keindel, FSC T. William Coughlan

Mr. Kelley

Bonnie Fritz

Judge Timothy W. Kelly, Sr.

Stan & Paula Teabeau

Hazel Kendall

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Thomas Jeffrey Kendzior Richard & Frances Mersch

Megan L. Kenealy

Clifford & Barbara Karchmer

Kevin F. Kennelly, Jr. Daniel J. Kelley

Jude Kenny

Daniel & Michele Malone

Eugene R. Kerr

John & Lynn Doyle


“In Memory of ” Nancy Kertz, (Jake, SM’47) John Lamon, SM’51 St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Robert L. Cummings

Thomas & Sheliah Mulvaney

Sr. Mary Paul Mazzorana, OSF

Martin & Mary Beth Mersch

Theodore & Anne Peloquin

John & Lynn Doyle

Robert McAdoo

Edwin Kestler Mrs. Keyes

Bernard & Sheila McDonagh

George Kindler Nicholas A. Stein

Anne King

Br. Alan C. Parham, FSC

Edward Kirk

Frank & Margaret Basile

Walter Lampinen Helen Lance

Anthony & Linda Jania, Jr.

Adolph F. Lang

John & Lynn Doyle

Edna Langan

Edward & Suzanne Schubert

John Latta, SG’48

St. George Alumni Assn

James Klepsa

Verlene Lawrence

Alice E. Kneib

Margaret Leahy

John & Melissa Wilcox Francis A. Kneib

Lester Kobier

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Elizabeth Kochanny

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Elizabeth M. Konar

Brian & Linda Savage

Joe Koopmann, Jr.

Eugene & Jean Fabbri

Richard & Jane Trainor

Charles Lempa

Joseph & Mary Ellen Lempa

Richard J. Leon

Mary Lou McDonnell

Sarah Malin

Frank Malley

Br. Michael Rivers, FSC

Lorraine Mallo

Timothy & Maureen Nolan

Terry Malone

Ray Lepsche

Jeanne F. Lepsche

Carl LeVander, SM’48

Dolores Kramer

Irene Lombardo

Jeanette Betty Krause

Br. Raymond Long, FSC

Kay Kraus

David Looby

Joan M. Hruby

Brookview/StoneBridge Home Brian & Linda Savage John C. Phelan, Sr.

Crusaders Council Knights of Columbus

Joan E. Murphy

Louis & Farmer Families

Andrew & Joan Chandler

Harry Lucas

Dr. Gilbert & Laura Cyr

Mary Luna

Michael & Linda Laak

Anthony Luzecky

Donald & Mary Geimer

Margaret Lachance

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Fred & Linda Stumbaugh, Jr.

Diane Leonard

Irene Loefer

Veronica Laak

Br. Hilary McDonald, FSC

Andrew & Sandra Arellano

Jeanne Kowols

Mary Kwasnik

Leonore M. Messina

Rev. James F. Maloney, CMF

Mary Grace Locker

Marilyn Kubes

Harry McCollum

John & Theresa Kelly

Theodore & Anne Peloquin

Sr. Eleanore McDonald, RGS

Mary Ann Kostelz

Sophie F. Kravjalis

John & Margaret Gladbach

Br. Kevin Mackey, FSC

Gerald & Pamela Clark

Daniel & Michele Malone

Christian Brother Community

Christopher McCarthy, MD

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Thomas & Joan Bondi

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Thomas W. Marchese & Joanne Cirringione

Peg McDonough

Dorothy Libner

Marianne B. Crosson

Irene Mack

Christian Brothers College HS Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC Br. Joseph Saurbier, FSC

Edward & Kathleen Schaeffer

Elenore Kosiba

Gerard & Barbara Paszkiet

Dennis & Patricia Boy

Irene Malinowski

Christian Brothers-HMSR

David & Marty McGinnis

Ed Lysaught

Michael E. McAlone, Sr.

Christian Brothers Midwest District

Br. Leonard Leduc, FSC

William & Helen Galliani Grace LeVander

Joseph Korabik, CR

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Daniel J. Poppelreiter

John K. Mahoney, OMI

Shirley Lelo

Alice Komosa

Sr. Mary J. Lynch, CSJP

Christian Brothers-HMSR

William & Carolyn Leahy

Eugene & Judith Guthrie Michael & Marie Mourek

Edward & Barbara Komac

Patrick J. Lynch

Mary Mackin

Dolores Lehr

Mom, Dad, Dennis, & Jerry Komac

Isabelle Lynch

Richard & Patricia Wier

Annamae Pierce

Nancy Kohl


July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011

Edward & Phyllis Louis

Br. Michael Flaherty, FSC Dorothy Lynch

Mark & Jean Lee

Maureen M. McDonald Ronald & Patricia Vlk

Donald & Mary Geimer

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Dorothy McElwrath

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Michael T. McGee

John & Dianne Maul

John & Lynn Doyle

Delores McGehee

Scott & Susan Persby

Charles McGinty, SG’57

Orville Mann

Alan & Diane Zeithamer

Br. Donald Mansir, FSC Christian Brothers-HMSR


Gene & Anna Gazzi

William Maring, SJ

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Mary Marne

Joan E. Murphy

Joseph Marsh Renee Marsh

Ronald Marten

Werner & Barbara Giebel

George Martin

Victor & Graciela Dufour Roger & Barbara Seppi

Mike Martinez

Gene T. Wisniewski

William R. Martin, OMI Christian Brothers-HMSR

Feliciano Matheus

Fernando & Teodorina Saez

Jim Mathiesen

Kathryn Plencner

James & Jacqueline Dolan

Robert & Catherine Bosshart St. George Alumni Assn

George McGlone

Dr. Michael J. Bland

Burt J. McGlynn, AFSC Christian Brothers Midwest District

Stephen McGrady

John & Catherine Summers

Diane McLain

Joan M. Gismondi

Kathleen McMahon

Thomas & Catherine Riley

Mary Kay McMahon Mary Jo Wiltgen

Br. Kieran D. McMullan, FSC Eileen M. Grady

Sr. Elizabeth McNamara, SHCJ Christian Brothers-HMSR

Jeannine Clare McNulty Robert & Mary Hauwiller

Henry McTigue

Robert & Mary Hauwiller

John J. Meagher, SSE

Christian Brothers-HMSR

July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011 Frank Meallo

Gerald & Christine Saccomanno, Sr.

John Meceli

Howard A. Pettinger

Br. Owen Meegan, FSC Vincent & Cathleen Walsh

Susan Meier

Robert L. Bobbett

Nicholas Meine

Arthur & Pamela Oliver

Ken Mellow

Lisa A. Bennick

Antoinette Mensik

Andrew & Sandra Arellano

Diane Mergle

Sheila A. Walsh

John & Ann Merkle

William & Ellen Merkle

“In Memory of ”

Lucille E. Moore

Emily Nefeldt

Fred Moorhouse

Sr. Valorie M. Nehl, FSE

Janet R. Darovic

Robert & Carol Prosek

Lawrence “Matt” Morgan

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC Peter & Monica Quattrocki, Sr.

Patsy Ann Bommarito Morrell

Christian Brothers College HS

Harold Morris

Leonore M. Messina

Milton L. Morris

William & Ann Klaas

Don Morse

Richard & Marianne Drogosz

Gloria Morton

Norbert & Dianne Dybas Mr. & Mrs. J. Kargol

Thomas W. Nefeldt

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Joseph A. Nejman

Lawrence & Julie O’Brien

Bob Nelson

Michael & Eileen Casey

Helen Zamore Nelson Br. Francis Carr, FSC

Mary Nerger

Donald & Norine Kapicak

Eugene Neumayer, Cretin’45

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

James P. O’Laughlin Mary Vavrosky

Kelli O’Laughlin

Frank & Margaret Basile

Janice O’Leary

John & Juanita Rappold

Mary L. Olson

Frank & Florence Suess

Ann O’Neal

Richard & Jean Howe

Eugene T. O’Reilly

James & Rita Beaumont

Joan O’Reilly

Thomas & Del Hannigan

Joseph F. Orlando

John & Georgiana Leen

Thomas W. Marchese & Joanne Cirringione

St. George Alumni Assn

Mark & Serena Boulanger

Thomas Nevoso

Daniel Nicholson, SG’55

Gertrude E. Orlowsky

Gerald P. Nichols

Jerry O’Rourke

Mary Lou Farrow

Willard Niehoff

Mary Kay O’Rourke

Howard A. Pettinger

James & Nancy Nolan

Mary O’Rourke

Ronald & Joan DiOrio

John Nolan

Tracy M. Orr

Robert & Judith Mical

Nancy Nolan, (Jim, SG’44) St. George Alumni Assn

LaSalle Retreat Center

James Noonan

Br. Richard O’Shaughnessy, SM

James & Constance Finger, II

James O’Shea

Nancy M. Hannon

Lucy Nowicki

James & Kathleen Christensen

Carol A. Martens

Chet Nygaard

Jim Ossell

Br. Bede Baldry, FSC

Aidan & Cynthia Murphy

Br. Patrick O’Brien, FSC

Richard O’Toole

Charles E. Mertensotti

Claude Mottram

John Meyer, SG’50

Anton Motz

Br. Martin Michuda, FSC

Eugene P. Mroz

Raymond Midlo

The Mueller Family

Sr. Elsie Mier, O.Carm

William Mueller

Bernice Mikolajczyk

Roy Mullen

Bill Milholland

John A. Mulvihill

Bradley Milley

Margaret Mundel

George Miller

Aiden Murphy

William Milon

George A. Murphy, SJ

Dr. Michael & Beverly Karbowski

Maurice F. Ouellet, SSE

Jay Mirabile

Marty Murray, SG’65

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Florence N. Dusselier

Robert & Sharon Meekin Family Frank & Margaret Basile St. George Alumni Assn Eileen M. Grady

Greg & Teri Eidem Family Christian Brothers-HMSR Michael & Kim Geraghty James & Jacqueline Dolan Michael Mullery Janet R. Darovic Richard & Marianne Drogosz Leonore M. Messina

Debbie Moen

Everett & Julie Arnold

Veve Mogrey

Scott & Susan Persby

Rocco Molfese

Judy H. Szatkowski

Anna Molka

Dominic & Margaret Caminiti

Max & Irene Molock

Lawrence & Shirley Dieterman

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Robert L. Cummings Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC Thomas & Catherine Riley St. George Alumni Assoc. Fred & Linda Stumbaugh, Jr.

Jerry Muth

Br. Alan C. Parham, FSC

John Nangle, SG’61

St. George Alumni Assn

Joseph Nasca

Gerald & Christine Saccomanno, Sr.

Amparo Mondrajon

Doris Naumann

John T. Moore

Karen Nave

Daniel J. Poppelreiter Thomas K. Moore

Brookview/StoneBridge Home Mark & Janel Sedevic

James T. Nichols

Brookview/StoneBridge Home The Nolan Family

Robert & Mary Therese Galka

Richard O’Brien, CM

Robert & Doris Kunkel Br. Kevin Fitzgerald, FSC Joan E. Murphy

Thomas & Jean Drazen

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Brookview/StoneBridge Home Br. Patrick Conway, FSC

Michael & Jeannie Scott

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Gus Oxler

Sr. Dorothy O’Brien, SHCJ Donald Pabst Christian Brothers-HMSR

Marieannette Baumert

The Zitzer Family

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

James & Kathleen Reding, Jr.

James & Dorothy Porter

Catherine Maher O’Connor David Padden Jim O’Connell

Helen Pado

Sr. Grace O’Connor, SSND Lt. Col. Harold Paetzel Christian Brothers-HMSR

Robert L. Bobbett

Christian Brothers-HMSR

T. William Coughlan

Dr. Michael J. Bland

Leonore M. Messina Paul & Eileen Monteil, Jr.

Terrence K. O’Connor, SM Br. Cyril Pahl, FSC Elizabeth P. O’Flaherty Richard O’Hara

Bennie Palmentere

Richard & Jane Trainor

Anthony E. Papen, CSC

St. George Alumni Assn

John “Jack” O’Keeffe

Christian Brothers-HMSR


“In Memory of ” Florence Parham

Charles Prass, OMI

Jim Rogers

Doris Ryan

William E. Parham

Jeanne Hart Pratt

Charles Roggemann, SM

Eugene Ryan

Br. Alan C. Parham, FSC Br. Alan C. Parham, FSC

Annette Parise

Michael & Mary Vrabac

Fr. Samuel Parsons, OP

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Charles Payer, Sr.

Daniel & Linda Bersett

Mary Pekarek

Christian Brothers-HMSR Patricia C. Peterson

Katherine E. Prichard LaSalle Retreat Center

Helen Prochut

John W. Prochut

Joseph J. Ptacin, Sr.

Dale & Sheryl Markay

Trudy Purcell

Paul & Eileen Monteil, Jr.

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Gloria Romano

Thomas & Joan Bondi

Annabelle Ronssell

Mark & Janel Sedevic

Joy A. Rosati

Thomas W. Marchese & Joanne Cirringione

Daniel & Michele Malone

John J. Rose, MSC

William J. Hendle

Anita Rosi

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Martin & Mary Beth Mersch

Alma Ross

Andrew & Sandra Arellano

Larry & Nancy Arendes

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Anna Peldiak

Barbara Brunner

Frank Pusateri

Sr. M. Eugenia Pellin, RSM Louis J. Rabbit Dave Perry

Richard Rabbitt, CBC’54

Br. James Leonard Peterson, Jean Radice Edward & Kathleen Schaeffer FSC Janet C. Peterson Robert J. Ragsdale Christian Brothers College HS Judge Duane Peterson Patricia C. Peterson Louis Raia Enzo A. Mion George Pexa Mary Vavrosky Ted Rajzer John & Georgiana Leen Samuel Phelps Martin & Carine Acks Mary Rakestraw William & Ellen Merkle Br. Phil Timothy Delrose Kent Rau Brookview/StoneBridge Home Br. David Pieters, FSC Daniel & Judith Neubauer Dolores Rdenski Robert & Sharon Meekin Family Steve Pilla LaSalle Retreat Center Dr. Joseph Reagan Howard & Suzanne Trudeau Br. Dominic Pitagora Timothy & Donna Hobart Mary Jo Rearden, Henry Planell (Don, SG’50) Rory & Mary Smith

St. George Alumni Assn

John & Georgiana Leen

Mary Jo Wiltgen

Aldrich Podlesak Willie Poe

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Marluel Pohrer

Roberta R. McNulty

Donald A. Polak The Zitzer Family

Grace E. Polder Peter Bikulcs

Angelo Posno

Eugene & Elizabeth Eckert

Nicholas Potte

Nicholas A. Stein

Anita Povilus

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Roy Powell


July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Br. Edward Salgado, FSC

Harold Ross

St. George Alumni Assn

Evelyn Rossi

Walter & Audrey Cleff, Jr.

Joyce Ryband

Gene T. Wisniewski

Barbara Saliba Frank Salva

Melvin Sanquist

Ed & Carol De La Hunt, Sr.

Rachelle Sartori

Gloria Lence Bernard & Geni Olejniczak

Steve Murray & Becky Stumbaugh-Murray

Michael J. Savio, Sr.

Br. Michael J. Callahan, FSC Christian Brothers Midwest District Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Robert & JoAnn Piram Mary Vavrosky

John Roszak

Edward P. Rotchford

Michael & Bonita Crivolio

Nora Lee Scanlan

Joseph D. Scelsi, SM’61

Andrew & Barbara Scelsi, Jr.

Howard A. Pettinger

Betty Jane Schaefer

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

James F. Schaefer

Peter & Monica Quattrocki, Sr.

Blaine Schatz

Grace Roth

Mary Rose Donovan Roth Col. Thomas F. Royals, SM’44 St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Mary Beth Rozanas

James & Marilyn Kavanaugh

Frances Catherine Reis

Arlene Rukavina

Leo Rengers

Br. J. Richard Rush, FSC

Leonard & Diane Ricco

Marie Santa Ryan

Howard & Suzanne Trudeau

Florence Ruffino

Mary & Russell Ricco

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Rev. F. Joseph Reilly

Louis & Jacqueline Cuddy

Kenan Ryan, ST

Armand & Rose Amidei Eugene & Jean Fabbri

Dr. William Ruff

Michael & Bonita Crivolio

John & Georgiana Leen

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Eugene Regan Mary E. Gatti

Daniel & Michele Malone

George & Karen Kosinski Andrew & Sandra Arellano Chris & Mary Twar

Bernard & Marilyn Dansart John R. Nemanich

Mary Maxine Russell

Terrance & Kathleen Russell

James & Jacqueline Dolan Howard A. Pettinger Karl & Caroline Schatz

Ava Brooke Scheckel

John & Georgiana Leen

Charles Schmidt

Dr. Michael J. Bland Br. Kevin Fitzgerald, FSC Bonnie Fritz Timothy & Maureen Nolan Maryann O’Neill Eddie & Anna Perez Br. Joseph Saurbier, FSC Charles & Veronica Shallcross St. George Alumni Assn

Marie Schmidt

Michael & Mary Vrabac

Mary Schmitt

Fred & Linda Stumbaugh, Jr.

Cretin Class of 1953

Stephanie Russell

Patricia Schmitt, (Richard SG’47)

Christian Brothers-HMSR

John C. Ruther, SG’59

Br. H. Vincent Schumacher

Robert Richards, Cretin ‘53 Brice E. Riordan, O.Carm. Lystra Roberson

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Marie H. Rodemann

Christian Brothers Midwest District

Frank & Anne McFadden

Gail A. Ruther Family & Friends St. George Alumni Assn Mary D. Steele

Richard J. Schmitt

John & Margaret Gladbach

“In Memory of ”

July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011 William J. Schwab, SM’54

Michael & Erin Burke Barbara Fitzpatrick Corinne A. Greene-Poor Craig Lubratovich Michael & Jeannie Scott St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Sandra Schwenke

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Marilyn Scott

Robert L. Bobbett Christian Brothers College HS

Patrick Scott, SG’49

St. George Alumni Assn

Br. George P. Searles, OFMConv

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Barbara Sedevic

Mark & Janel Sedevic

Eleanore T. Segredo

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Jorge Seijo

Leandro Brea

Al Semling

Mary Jo Wiltgen

Irene Senorski

Br. Michael J. Callahan, FSC St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Paul Siudzinski

William Steiner, CSSR

Frank A. Tomsich

Henry Skiba

Angelina Stender

Margaret A. Tomsich

James & Rita Beaumont Maryann O’Neill

Bob Skocz

Frank & Karen Tobola

Walter Slattery

Greg & Sandra Parker

Adeline & Fletcher Smith

Richard & Marianne Drogosz

Br. Gary Smith, FSC

Winnie DeBauche Christian Brothers Midwest District Christine Gajdostik Katherine Mahlik Michelle Mahlik

Dorothy Smith

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Thomas & Jacqueline Palmisano

Justina Sharlow

Brian & Linda Savage

Emma Shea

Richard & Jean Howe

Thomas E. Sheehan Judith Carone

Mary Shenk

Dr. John & Regina Tesk

Mark Shepard, Cretin’53 Cretin Class of 1953

Dorothy Sherwin

Lawrence & Julie O’Brien

Patrick Shupryt

Peter & Barbara Ledebuhr

Angelo Siani, OMI

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Cherokee Sieber “The Westsiders”

Rita F. Siefring

Robert & Linn Cummings

Stanley Siemrzuch

Walter & Carol Gavin, Jr.

Br. Robert A. Simms, SJ

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Joan Speck

Thomas H. Spelman Edna Spoerl

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Brad Sporny

Greg & Teri Eidem Family

St. Mel’s Class ‘52

John & Nancy Gilhooly

Joseph & Mary Stamschror Rev. Robert P. Stamschror

Josephine Stanislawski William & Ellen Merkle

Cecelia Stauber

Ronald & Patricia Vlk

Thomas J. Staunton

Thomas & Catherine Riley

Roger K. Stavig

Robert & Ellen Murphy

Jerry Stawiery

Andrew & Sandra Arellano

Russell W. Steger

William & Ann Klaas

Charles Steinke

James & Jacqueline Dolan

Margaret Stein

Nicholas A. Stein

Joe Toner

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Joseph & Kathleen Eterno

James Stevens

Luke D. Stone, TOR

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Mary Storino

Andrew & Sandra Arellano

Paul Straub

Fred & Mary Freres

Rose Marie Strebeck

Herbert & Carole Bernsen Stan & Paula Teabeau

Gary Strock, Sr.

Lois Sullivan

The Sochacki Family

Chester & Frances Boles Joseph & Rita Welsh

Christian Brothers Midwest District T. William Coughlan

Phyllis Snodgrass

Chester & Frances Boles

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Bill Sullivan

William John Shannahan Andrew & Joan Chandler

John Stephen, CR

Eddie & Anna Perez

Thaddeus & Paula Sochacki

Christian Brothers College HS

Edward & Kathleen Schaeffer

Sr. Madeleine Smith, SHCJ Anthony & Linda Jania, Jr. Christian Brothers-HMSR Marcella Stumbaugh St. George Alumni Assn Ed Smolinski

Loretta Servia

Richard & Marianne Drogosz

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Mary Vavrosky John & Georgiana Leen

Joseph L. Sydloski

William & Ann Marie Dunn

Robert Sylvester

Robert & Deanne Bernacchi

Helen Szafranski

Rory & Mary Smith

Theodore T. Taheny, SJ

Ron Tonietto Terri Toston

Paul & Eileen Monteil, Jr.

Jean Trainor

Harold & Gloria Trainor

Richard Tufo, SG’49

St. George Alumni Assn

Mrs. Tuminia

Stephen D. Tichacek

Susan Ukleja

Douglas & Maria Cullum

Irene Ulrich

Chris & Mary Twar

Elizabeth Unger

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Carol Urbancik

Louis & Jacqueline Cuddy

Rosa Mae Urban

Michael & Eileen Casey

Sr. Claudia Urbank, CR Christian Brothers-HMSR

Samuel Vainisi

Peter & Jean Lococo

Philip Valala

Christian Brothers-HMSR

John & Cecelia Donato Rose M. Mirro

Roberta R. McNulty

Paul & Eileen Monteil, Jr.

William Talleur

Br. Bernard Tally, FSC Eileen M. Grady

Andres Tapia, Jr.

De La Salle Institute

Mr. & Mrs. Anton Tarizzo

Bernice Van Pelt

Steve & Mary Vatch Steven J. Vatch

Virginia A. Vatterott

Christian Brothers College HS Greg & Sandra Parker

Dr. Richard & Marilyn Tarizzo Henry Vaughn Chris & Mary Twar

Loretta Terbrock

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Louis Thomas

Robert & Joan Wilhelm

Joseph Tierno

Andrew Vollmer

Edward & Kathleen Schaeffer

Sr. Joyce L. Volpini, SND Christian Brothers-HMSR

John & Georgiana Leen

Ruth Vosicky

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Br. Mark Wagner, FSC

Doris Tobey

Frank Tomasik

James & Rita Beaumont

Edward & Barbara Bales Lynn Shunk

Christian Brothers Midwest District Clara Waldoch Maloney & Company Office Staff Howard & Suzanne Trudeau

Richard A. Tomasek, SJ

George Waletzko

Christian Brothers-HMSR

Mary Vavrosky


“In Memory of ” Joseph Walkosz

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Richard & Jane Trainor

July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011 William Wilson

Edward E. Yancey

Adolf M. Windisch, SM

James Yetzer

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

John Wallenberg

Mary Jean Wendell, (Marty,SG’44)

Patricia Wallenberg

Artie Westfall

Robert Wing, SG’51

Mary Whitaker

Larry Wisdom

Carol Whiteman

Robert A. Wish

Thomas Whitford

Donald G. Wojtal

Vern Whitner

Margaret Wood

Roy Wiedow

William L. Wood, Jr.

Brookview/StoneBridge Home Dr. Joseph & Joan Gigante

St. George Alumni Assn Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Barbara Walsh

Janet R. Darovic

Leonore M. Messina

Br. Patrick Walsh, FSC Eileen M. Grady

Br. Bede Baldry, FSC

Nora Walsh

Joan E. Murphy

Kathryn Plencner

Virginia Walsh

Richard & Jane Trainor

Brookview/StoneBridge Home

Jack Walters

David & Regina Koebbe

Richard & Jane Trainor

Peter E. Wandmacher

Br. Joseph Wilhelm, FSC

Robert & JoAnn Piram

Christian Brothers-HMSR St. George Alumni Assn

Brookview/StoneBridge Home Judith Carone

Gilbert & Mary Kay Wojtal La Salle Retreat Center Board Elaine E. Wood

Donald J. Woodburn

Donald & Joan Woodburn

James Webster

Elizabeth A. Becker Christian Brothers-HMSR Christian Brothers Midwest District Philip & Mary Ciafardini Ronald & Joan DiOrio Michael & Ann Holland Charlton & Helen Jones Mary C. Laker Michael & Loretta Whalen

Br. Jerome Wegener, FSC

Nancy M. Hannon

Barbara Wyza, (Jim, SM’44)

George Warfield

Howard A. Pettinger

Henryk Wawalc

Brian & Linda Savage

Marie Weber

Christian Brothers College HS Brookview/StoneBridge Home Vernon & Bonnie Wegener

Edward Welsh

Therese Willig

Virginia Williams

John & Georgiana Leen

Ted Wratkowski

Thomas M. Herschbach

Jerome Wray

Robert Millard

William D. Wright

Br. Lawrence Humphrey, FSC

Mrs. Wrobel

Norbert & Dianne Dybas

Edward & Kathleen Schaeffer Mary Vavrosky

Suzette York

Br. Alan C. Parham, FSC

John Zable

John & Georgiana Leen

Br. Bernard Zachies, FSC James J. Barrett

Therese Rose Zanardi

James & Patricia Johnson

Mufid Zayed

Robert & Carol Dylla, Sr.

Br. Larry Zeman, FSC

Donald D. Blake Christian Brothers Midwest District T. William Coughlan Patrick A. Felicetta Br. Belayneh Medhanit, FSC Sr. Karen Mohan

Mary Zilla

Steve Murray & Becky Stumbaugh-Murray Fred & Linda Stumbaugh, Jr.

Shirley J. Ziomek

Edward J. Michuda

St. Mel Alumni Assn. James J. Wyza, Jr.

Please Note: Memorial Cards gifted after December 31st, 2011 will now be recognized on our website, www.


July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011 Frank Allseits, SG’44

James Bishop, SG’54

Dominique Anderson

Kendall Bishop

St. George Alumni Assn St. George Alumni Assn

Gail Anderson

Robert & Susan Bythell

James Anderson, SG’56 St. George Alumni Assn

Lisa Anderson

Martin & Mary Beth Mersch

Patrick Anderson Carol A. Martens

Aaron Andrews

Kathryn Plencner Nicole F. Plencner

Anne & Jack

John & Judith Meade, Sr.

Linda Applewick

Kathleen C. Ratcliffe

Br. Kenneth Arnold, FSC, SG’66 St. George Alumni Assn

Ethan Ashcraft

John & Sharon Chudzik

Greg Athas, SG’61

St. George Alumni Assn

Br. Chris Baker, FSC

Br. Alan C. Parham, FSC

Harry Baker

James & Margaret Cubbage

“Healing Prayer for”

St. George Alumni Assn John & Sharon Chudzik

James Blagado

William & Mary Hetland

Robert Boller, SG’46 St. George Alumni Assn

Ernie Bomacino, SM’52 St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Harold “Butch” Borgmann, SG’52 St. George Alumni Assn

Jack Carrigan, SG’46

Ernest Dawson

Fred & Linda Stumbaugh, Jr.

Sandy, SG’64 & Mary Carrigan

Astrid DeBuhr

Fr. Tom Botheroyd Margie Braband, (Skip SG’65)

Robert L. Cummings

Vincent “Skip” Braband, SG’65 St. George Alumni Assn

Angela Braun

Br. Bede Baldry, FSC

Thomas Brennan, SG’53 St. George Alumni Assn

Tom Brennan

George & Joan Wray

Donald Breskey “The Westsiders”

St. George Alumni Assn St. George Alumni Assn

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC Roberta R. McNulty

William Carrigan

Dennis, Mary, Kyle, & Jennifer

Mary Cassella

Kathleen Denton

St. George Alumni Assn Bonnie Fritz

JoAnn Cerqua

Dennis & Mary Czech

Ronald & Christine Basile

Colette A. Bodenbender

Robert, SG’61 & Deborah Derendal

Clarence & Lois Telkes

George DeRoeck, SG’51

Edward Cetinske Sally Cherre

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Loretta Chestnut Esther Alfirevic

St. George Alumni Assn St. George Alumni Assn

Kathrine Dierker

Rory & Mary Smith

Philip Disparte, SG’63

Kevin Brogan

Arthur Chiappetta

St. George Alumni Assn

Gloria Barry

Mary Ellen Brumbach, (Russ, SG’55)

Christian Brothers who are ill

St. George Alumni Assn

Dave Barski

Nadine Brunner

Dianne Bala

“The Westsiders” Mary Vavrosky John & M. Jane Bojan

Dayle Bauer

Jerome & Dayle Bauer

Sr. Connie Bauer

Larry & Nancy Arendes

Richard Baum, SG’56 St. George Alumni Assn

Ginny Bell

Mary Vavrosky

Kirk Benjamin

Timothy & Donna Hobart

Marc Benson

Howard A. Pettinger

Br. Dominic Berardelli, FSC FSC Foundation

Brian Bergeron

Nancy L. Hennecke

Andrew Betz, SG’56

St. George Alumni Assn

John & Georgiana Leen St. George Alumni Assn

Richard & Marianne Drogosz

Gene Buchanan

Martin & Mary Beth Mersch

Stacey Budke

Timothy & Donna Hobart

Edward Burke, SG’52 St. George Alumni Assn

Patrick Burke, SG’55 St. George Alumni Assn

Gracie Byczynski “The Westsiders”

William Byrne, SG’59 St. George Alumni Assn

Jeanne Caplice

Norine Ceplecha


Jerome & Dayle Bauer

Joanne Carlsen, (Jim, SM’56)

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Lawrence R. Sorce

Jerome & Dayle Bauer

Joan Ciani, (Paul, SM’58) St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Anthony Coco, SM’51 St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Geri Cole

Howard A. Pettinger

Mary Coleman

James & Marilyn Kavanaugh

Kelly Colston Renee Marsh

Richard Conklin

Andrew & Joan Chandler

Beverly Dittmer, (Paul, SG’55) Jeff Dougherty

James & Kathleen Slattery

Joan Doyle

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Michael J. Doyle

John & Georgiana Leen

Dr. Stanley Drab, SM’61 St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Abbie Leah Drzwiecki John & Georgiana Leen

Sunny Egan

Fred & Linda Stumbaugh, Jr.

Chuck Eitz

Richard Corpolongo, SM’59 Lawrence A. Juracic St. Mel Alumni Assn. Carl Ekman, SG’53 St. George Alumni Assn Julie Cozzi Kenneth & Cheryl Cozzi Jim Fesler Greg & Sandra Parker Ellie Cribbin Christian Brothers College HS Donald Fix, CBC’48 Christian Brothers College HS Mary Cunningham Esther Alfirevic Dan & Amy Flammang Daniel & Judith Neubauer James Cushing, SG’54 St. George Alumni Assn


“Healing Prayer for” For those with no one to pray The Heldmann Family Donald & Mary Heldmann for them Thomas & Joanne McCarver Helen Rory & Mary Smith Joe Forshaw III LaSalle Retreat Center Carol Henke Paul & Eileen Monteil, Jr. Gloria Fournier Paul & Eileen Monteil, Jr. Bill, SG’47 & Walter Furtner Kay Hillenbrand

George Knollmeyer

Albert & Margaret Toczylowski

Vivian & Bill Markham Family

Allan & Mary Bavolek

Greg Maruszak

Mildred Gajcak

Gerald Hinders

Thelma Kowal

Jerry Hinders

Debbie Lake

Norma Holmes

Jane LaMarre

Major Joel Huelsmann

Nancy Langton

Bob Hughes

Robert Lavine, SG’60

Bob Huntoon

Bev Lenaghan

Joe Knovak

Nancy Kohl

Robert & Carol Prosek

Claire Kopfman

Joan E. Murphy

St. George Alumni Assn

Clarence & Marguerite Malinger

Walter & Ellen Gajcak

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Raymond & Sandra Ihde

Kathe Gale

Kathryn Plencner

Cheryl Garrigan

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC Fritz & Tina Masur

Bryant Gentry

Gerald & Pamela Clark

Bob Gilligan

John & Georgiana Leen

Patrick Glass, SM’57 St. Mel Alumni Assn.

John Goetz

Nicholas A. Stein

Lisa Gow-Urban

George & Patricia Gow

Susan Grace

Harry & Susan Grace

Clay Granacki, SM’56 St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Brett Greble

Paul & Eileen Monteil, Jr.

Jim Greenwalt Mary Vavrosky

Joseph V. Guido, Jr. Kathleen Y. Guido

Denise Hahney

John & Georgiana Leen

Roseann Hal

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Patricia Halm

Robert & Doris Kunkel

Msgr. Val Handwerker Kathleen T. Larson

Mrs. N. Hanel Pearl K. Will

Barbara Hanner

Emil & Barbara Hanner

Denny Hartley

James & Jacqueline Dolan

Rene Hartnett

John & Georgiana Leen

Pat Hartwig

Herbert & Mary Lischwe


July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011

Frank Heiberger, SM’48 St. Mel Alumni Assn.

LaSalle Retreat Center Robert & Joan Wilhelm

Albert & Margaret Toczylowski Richard & Marianne Drogosz

James & Marilyn Kavanaugh Rory & Mary Smith St. George Alumni Assn Fred & Linda Stumbaugh, Jr.

Molly Hurley

Michael & Jeannie Scott

Barbara Jaworek

Donald & Elaine Wielgos

Thomas Jennings, SG’60 St. George Alumni Assn

Howard Jensen

Chris & Mary Twar

Larry Jensen

Theodore & Anne Peloquin

Kenneth Johnson, SG’61 St. George Alumni Assn

James Joyce, SM’59 St. Mel Alumni Assn.

John Joyce

Clarence & Lois Telkes

Margaret Jungmann

Norman & Margaret Jungmann

Christian Brothers College HS

Susan Keippel

Stephen & Rae Marie Keippel

Mark Kempe

Michael & Anne Johnson

Jim & Tina Kinzele

Dennis & Patricia Boy

Christian Brothers College HS

Susan McCahill

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Rita McCarthy

George & Joan Wray

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

John & Georgiana Leen

St. George Alumni Assn

Jack P. McGreemin

Rory & Mary Smith

Kathleen McMahon

Patricia Leonard

James & Florence Bingham

John & Georgiana Leen St. George Alumni Assn

McNamara Family

Beatriz Lepe

James & Mary McNamara

Sheila Lesiak

Roberta R. McNulty

Emily Vogel

Michael & Margaret Lesiak

Bob McNulty

Joseph Mendell, SM’46

Gerald & Winifred Lyons

George H. Mendell St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Richard W. Walsh

Joan E. Murphy

Barbara Livermore Jacqueline Lloyd

May Mesco

Sarala Madassery

Leonore Messina

Joan Magee

John J. Micelisi

Thomas & Judith Beecham A Friend Martin & Patricia Magee

Roseann Maher, (Phil, SG’59)

St. George Alumni Assn

Caitlin Maiden

John & Vicki Johnson

Raymond & Barbara Majesty John & Georgiana Leen

Robert, SM’48 & Donna Rae Malone St. Mel Alumni Assn.

John & Louise Mannebach Family John & Louise Mannebach

Jake, SM’47 & Nancy Kertz Paul Marchionne St. Mel Alumni Assn.

John & Johanna Mayes

Clark McDowell

Teryl Majszak

St. George Alumni Assn

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Ronald & Nancy Langton

Br. Pius Kamphefner, FSC Joan Karpinski

Fritz Masur

Dr. Thomas McCauley, SM’53

The Kadlec Family

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Walter & Patricia Herman

Robert & Carol Prosek

Raymond & Barbara Majesty Family

John & Georgiana Leen

William & Vivian Markham

Br. Roman Jarosz, FSC

Paul & Eileen Monteil, Jr. Howard A. Pettinger

Donna Miller

John & Suzanne Stockmann

Joshua Misicwicz, LCPL

Martin & Mary Beth Mersch

Carolyn Mitchell

Paul & Eileen Monteil, Jr.

Alvin Moman

Richard W. Walsh

April Montgomery

Br. Alan C. Parham, FSC

Ed Morgan

Michael R. Walton

Gary Moser

Richard W. Walsh

William Moss, SM’45 St. Mel Alumni Assn.

James Mostyn, SG’54 St. George Alumni Assn

Eugene Mroz

Howard A. Pettinger

“Healing Prayer for”

July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011 Bartholomew Murphy, SM’48

Roger Quagliano, SG’56

Earl Segerdahl, SG’61

Matthew Tschannen

Colleen Murphy

Donna Rakoski

Roger & Donna Russell

Maureen Seliski

Bruce Vance, SG’60

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Rory & Mary Smith

Jim Murray

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Jerry Myrick

Sam & Anne Bartolotta

Balagangadaran Nair Richard W. Walsh

Connor Namasivayam Mary Vavrosky

Joseph Napaniello

John & Cecelia Donato

Martin Napoli

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC Br. Joseph Saurbier, FSC

William Newton

Kenneth & Arlene Newton

Al Niehoff

Timothy & Donna Hobart

Fr. Ernest Norbeck

St. George Alumni Assn

Cecelia Ramirez

Roger & Donna Russell

Tom Rauch

Nicholas A. Stein

Marge Rauhut

Kevin & Linda Noland

Leonard Ricco, SM’59

Edith M. Nowicki

Pat Nunzio, DLS’46

John & Georgiana Leen

Mary Shanahan

Sam & Anne Bartolotta

Jack Sheehan

John & Georgiana Leen

Leon & Mary Shrake

Jan S. Waas

Donald Smith

Roberta Waiter

Ken Sorensen, SM’52

George Warfield

John Spellman

Vivian O’Connor Watman

Roger & Donna Russell

Carol Stephany

Nancy Weigelt

Roger & Donna Russell

Terry Stephens

Sally Wells

Mary Vavrosky

Rich Stovall

Nancy Whitlon

John & Georgiana Leen


Mary Jean Saunders

Maureen Rossini, (Ciro, SG’52)

St. George Alumni Assn

Danny Rowland

Bob Rudocki

Mary Vavrosky

Larry & Nancy Arendes Carolyn L. DeGrave

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Br. Martin Spellman, FSC Richard & Jane Trainor Michael & Jeannie Scott John & Georgiana Leen

Midge Saunders

Robert & Millie Miller

Pat Savage, SM’62

Jack, SG’41 & Kaye Summers

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Megan Scannell

Christine Sutich

David J. Seidenkranz

Joan Schermerhorn

Margaret Sutor

John Schmalz, SG’66

Jerry Swanson, SG’65

Richard Schmitz, SM’62

Robert Tallin

Rosemary Plencner

Jerry Schroeder

Rev. Joseph Taylor

Len Polk, SM’45

Virginia Thedinga

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Br. Nicholas Schumer, SG’51

John & Georgiana Leen

Elizabeth Schwindel

St. George Alumni Assn

Brian Scott

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Arthur & Virginia Boyd

Kathy Phelan, (Mike, SM’61)

St. Mel Alumni Assn. Kathryn Plencner

Eric Porter

John Pozdol, SG’56

Joseph Pudela, SM’56

Gerald & Christine Saccomanno, Sr.

Peggy Sinopole

St. George Alumni Assn

Michael & Eileen Casey

Priscilla Ann Pearson

Lenny Villafranko

Angie Singer

James Rogan, SG’63

Linda Silvestri

Johnetta Ryan

Paul & Jill

Norbert & Dianne Dybas

The Vrabac Family & Friends

Debbie Silva

Charles & Carol Ziebarth

Dennis Oster, SM’61

Russell Vann

Richard & Jane Trainor

Jerry Ryan

Steve Oris

Colette C. Calcaterra

Rose Marie Vollmecke

Christian Brothers of the Midwest Robert & Linn Cummings Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Patrick O’Malley

Sandy Vanderloop

Esther Alfirevic

Theda Rice

Roger Russell

Dr. Pat O’Flaherty

Laurie Shadrick

St. George Alumni Assn

George Voitik, SG’49

Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC

Eleanor Ochylski

Br. Michael Rivers, FSC

Theodore & Carol Bernaski

Joseph P. Shrake

St. Mel Alumni Assn.

John & Kathleen Collins Thomas & Marybeth Filiporoski Paul & Dr. Nan Yancey Evan Royer John & Georgiana Leen

Curt Nowicki

St. George Alumni Assn

St. Mel Alumni Assn. St. George Alumni Assn Robert F. Schermerhorn, Sr. St. George Alumni Assn St. Mel Alumni Assn.

Paul & Eileen Monteil, Jr.

Kenneth & Cheryl Cozzi St. George Alumni Assn Daniel & Michele Malone Howard A. Pettinger

St. George Alumni Assn

Gerald & Pamela Clark Clarence & Lois Telkes William & Virginia Thedinga

St. George Alumni Assn


Anthony & Nancy Inserra

Thomas Tobin, SG’68

Ronald & Doris Bigoness St. George Alumni Assn

Robert & Sharon Meekin Family Helyn Tortorello St. George Alumni Assn

St. George Alumni Assn Richard W. Walsh

Michael & Mary Vrabac

Gerald & Winifred Lyons St. George Alumni Assn Howard A. Pettinger Helen M. McGrath Bonnie Fritz

Mark & Margo Layton Steve Murray & Rebecca Stumbaugh-Murray

Don Wilde

Joan M. Hruby

Pearl K. Will Pearl K. Will

Judie Williams

William & Sue Ann Brander

Gunny Sgt. Ray Witt John & Elaine Alberts

Jerry Witte, SG’57

St. George Alumni Assn

Colleen Wracker

Margaret E. Sadek

George Wyatt

John & Georgiana Leen

Allen Zack

Thomas F. Keenan

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July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011

Br. Bede Baldry, FSC

John & Georgiana Leen

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John & Georgiana Leen

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Lowell Stahl

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Happy Trails

Excerpts from the Eulogy of Brother Jerome Rademacher, delivered by Brother Larry Schatz, Visitor/Provincial, at Saint Mary’s University on February 20, 2012. A few days ago as I was praying the readings of the day, I came across the following passage from the Book of James, which I don’t ever recall seeing before: James 3:1: Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers and sisters, for you realize that we will be judged more strictly, for we fall short in many respects. Let’s be grateful that Brother Jerome didn’t take that advice too seriously, because we all know him as a wonderful teacher. A quick review of his early days: he is a Minneapolis boy who went to DeLaSalle and as a high school student, followed the usual path of young men becoming Brothers in those days: he went to Glencoe, MO, and then was assigned as a high school teacher in a few places before landing at Saint Mary’s in 1965. And he’s been here ever since, except for four years when he went off to Tennessee to get his doctorate. We all know him as a superb physics teacher, of course, and his physics trips around the USA are legendary. Many more of us know Brother Jerome as the handyman, the ultimate “Mr. Fixit”. I think it’s fair to say that Brother Jerome never met a piece of scrap metal that he didn’t like---or couldn’t find a use for. And as we’ve heard already, he valued form over function: it may not have been pretty, but it always worked! But what he is perhaps most known for are the trails, those trails he spent countless hours on and loved so much. It is so fitting that his vehicles are outside as a sort of silent honor guard. The three things about Jerome that really stand out for me are: his walk. It always seemed so deliberate, so purposeful, as if he always had someplace to go and something to do and was probably a bit late getting there. And then his smile, always with that glint in his eye, which displayed a bit of mischief and a wonderful sense of humor. And then I was searching for a word to describe the sense of energy he always conveyed: and I came across the word “dynamo”, which as the informal meaning of: an extremely energetic person. That’s a perfect definition of Bro Jerome. We will end with what will most likely be Jerome’s lasting legacy here: the Trails. Several students weighed in on them and here are two: from Amy Chichanowski: “May there be ski trails in heaven. I will get there some day to try them out and see your smiling face.” Jeff Radecki says what might be all of our prayer: “Thank you for being part of my wonderful memories of Saint Mary’s. Bro, please watch over us and continue to clear the path for me---and each of us--- once in a while.” Bro. Jerome, we join so many of your former students in saying “Happy Trails” as you ride off over that last bluff into eternity.

Thank you, my Brother. Live Jesus in our hearts….Forever



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